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Writer Info
NAME..............Gooble Greyhammer
ADDRESS...........Lok1jr (at)
Story Info
TITLE.............Quickie 1
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DISCLAIMER........This story contains sex. Don't read
                  it if you do not approve of sex.
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Quickie 1
Steve had started WebHack at 17 years of age, with a hacker friend of his.
They spent most of their time then doing web-applications and programs for
different types of web-based communication. Now -two years later- he had
just been in Tokyo for two weeks, demonstrating and selling his companys
knowledge to a quickly growing manufacturer of web-cameras and similar
equipment. He was happy to be home again, especially since he had missed his
girlfriend so...
Still being in school while running his own company made him rather busy,
and also rather popular amongst the teachers. So they were pretty lenient on
him when he had to go away. however, now this meant he had spent his whole
morning alone with a teacher he hated studying physics... He had come home
at three AM, and was really in no mood to study anything, but he forced
himself to follow the teacher through what he had missed. Finally the bell
rang. He thanked the teacher (being polite paid off, as he had learned) and
picked down his laptop in the briefcase. He was the only guy at the public
school to wear a suit, and many laughed at him for it. But to Steve, that
was of a minor considerance, as he knew he sometimes had to leave suddenly
and go to a meeting.
Like now...
He went over to the restrooms and knocked once on the first door. Only once.
A second passed, and a knock came back. He stepped in with a quick glance
around him and locked the door behind him. Linda threw herself in his arms,
kissing him and hugging him for all she was worth. Steve laughed and grabbed
her and pushed her away from him a bit.
"I've been missing you..."
Linda smiled back and kissed him passionatly. At the age of sixteen she was
drop dead beautiful with her red hair and her green eyes, her slender frame
and her firm pointy tits. The very short skirt and tanktop that she wore
today didn't make any effort to hide her beauty, quite the opposite,
Many people had asked how he could keep her happy since he was gone so
often... Most relationships simply dies out after a while when someone was
gone too much. The secret, he used to say, is sex. The two had come to an
agreement, quite unusual for people their age. They would base their
relationship on sex, and nothing else. She was never interested in what he
did, and he never understood anything of the drawings and paintings she did
in artclass. So they based it on sex. Some would then say, that how is that
possible when Steve is always gone? Well, Steve would simply answer, that he
was never gone for long, and their agreement was that since sex is only
pleasure, it will never be discussed if one of them had sex with anyvbody
else. This simply led mst people to the conclusion that both he and she must
be one hell of a fuck to get the other to go for that agreement.
And since this was realtionship business, the would have to have sex.. And
it ws not as if either of the was going to object. Linda pressed up close to
him and squeezed his fast hardening dick through his pants. He hugged her
close and pulled up her tanktop in the back far enough for him to unhook the
lacy brah. They kissed and touched all the time while they were opening his
zipper and lifting her skirt, lowering her panties and lifting the
protection of her breasts...
It didn't take many seconds before Linda was sitting on the sink, with her
legs around Steve's body, urging him forward. He pulled out the secret of
their relationship from his pants... His 10" cock... As every time he had
been away, Linda moaned and looked at it while she placed it between the
lips of her leaking pussy.
"Oh yeah, fuck me Steve, I want you to fuck me really hard.. fuck me for all
the days you've been gone.."
And Steve slammed into her to the hilt, making her gasp wioth surprise and a
bit of pain. Her pussy had grown to accomodate him a long time ago, and
there was no problems for him to go all the way in. He ground his hips
agains her a bit, feeling the head of his penis being brushed on the top by
the hard little knowb that was the opening to her womb. He had gone on there
once or twice, and she always loved it when he did. But this time he didn't
need anything special, he was very satisfied with what he had. Just a slow..
fuck.... He felt her warm walls massaging the length of his rod, and started
to fuck her slowly. Then he started to speed up, encouraged by her feet at
his butt and her arms that was around his neck. He laned down and nibbled
one of her pointed nipples, and she came woth a small gasp and a moan. He
felt her muscles twitch around him, and he pumped faster and faster and
harder and harder until he was pounding so hard the wall was shaking. Linda
came again and againa round his violent fucktoy going in and out of her,
creaming so much it dripped to the floor and in the sink, and some of her
come made a stain on teh backside of her skirt that she was stitting on...
"Oh yeah, right there, harder... Fuck me harder... Harder.. Put your cock up
my belly... Rape me... Take me..."
He came in a massive orgasm, freezing after pushing his cock as deep into
her as it would go, spurting string after string of sticky sperm deep inside
of her... After a short while of being very still, his dick was shrinking,
and he showed another secret weapon he had in the fight to keep his
girlfriend... His tounge... He let the cock slip out on the way down to the
floor, where he sat on his knees. Now Linda's legs were on his shoulders,
and he buried his head in her crotch, sucking out as much as he could of the
tasty mixture of him and her that was in her pussy. With his tounge
circling her clit, he pushed a finger up into her pussy. Then another, then
another, then another... He fingerfucked her hard and brutal as he sucked on
her clit and flicked it with his tounge. And then he stopped. Linda moaned
and pressed at him, but all he did was pull away a bit more... She knew what
he wanted to hear...
"Oh, fuck me.. put your whole hadn in me... make me come... please... make
me hurt.. fuck me with your fist..."
He didn't wait anymore, but kissed her clit, grabbed a hold of it with his
mouth and sucked as hard as he could while he brutally shoved his whole fist
up in her pussy... He could feel her spams around his arm as she came
They cleaned up the mess they had made, as good as they could. They couldn't
doo much about the stain that had ended up at the back of Linda's short
skirt, and they didn't really care. Nobody would say anything, since the
teachers had been bribed with used computers for the school. Before theyw
ent out of the bathroom Linda kissed Steve on the cheek. Steve smiled back.
"I am going to London next week. Be gone for a whole month..."
Linda just smiled even happier. She was already imagining the orgy they
would have when he came back from that one... But that, as they say, is a
different story...
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