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This story is of an erotic nature, I wouldn't dream of telling you what you can or can't read but if the law, in your part of the world, says you must not read this sort of fiction then please go read something that they'll let you.


                              Christmas Kisses

                               Duke of Ramus

                         A Piece of my Imagination

Sarah asked if I wanted a coffee and when I said yes she made it and bought it
over to my desk, it was fun to watch as she walked towards me, her almost 
transparent white blouse covered, but displayed her small, nicely formed tits,
displayed in their white lace bra. The very short, split mini skirt she wore
flaunted her legs, which were quite chunky, but incredibly sexy, for all to see.
Sarah had just turned thirty and it had worried here for some reason that I
couldn't understand, she was still as sexy as ever to me, in fact probably more
so. She had long blond hair that had a life of its own and she couldn't decide
whether it was better worn up or down, she had a giggly nature that made her
seem much younger than she actually was. She was also a flirt.
When she and my coffee got to my desk she perched herself on the edge of it and
said "There you are Keith, something hot and sweet to keep you going." Well I'm
willing to admit that it did keep me going, she let out a giggle, popped the
coffee on my desk and wiggled off, back to her own office. I watched, happily as
her bum wiggled and jiggled before disappearing around the corner.
In keeping with many offices we had a syndicate in the National Lottery, the
potential jackpot of nine or ten million every week had us all hoping for early
retirement, our syndicate consisted of Sarah, her assistant Gina, the Materials
Manager Brynn and me. I being greedy had two shares on the ticket so we had five
chances of winning.
Every week Sarah used to come around and take our stake money off us, she'd then
purchase our ticket when she went shopping on the Saturday. I must admit that I
didn't pay a lot of attention to the draw, trusting Sarah to tell me if we won.
So far we'd only had three or four number wins, I think the most we'd received
had been a hundred pounds which when shared out meant that I'd received forty
When Sarah came to work one Monday she was really despondent, she obviously had
a problem but she wasn't talking to anyone. She spent the whole day just doing
her job, or as Gina said when I asked "She's going through the motions, I don't
think she's actually finished anything she's started today." We all watched and
wondered, this was so unlike her.
She came to work the following day in exactly the same mood, by lunch-time my
curiosity had got the better of me, I bullied her into going for a drink with
me, and once she had her drink in front of her I asked what was the problem. It
didn't come out straight away but eventually she told me that her husband was
going to be losing his job as the company he was working for was being taken
over and their factory was being closed. As he had only been there for just over
a year he wasn't going to get a lot of redundancy money, and she didn't think he
was going to be able to find another job, so she was worried.
Well there wasn't really a lot I could do about this was there, I offered what
comfort I could but she didn't seem any happier when we went back to work. As
time went by his redundancy was confirmed and then happened, the next month was
spent with stories of all the jobs he applied for, and then the depression when
he didn't get them.
This had been going on for a while when it came round to the time that Brynn was
retiring, he was sixty-five and decided that he'd had enough, despite me telling
him that we wouldn't survive without him and shouldn't he feel guilty about
leaving us. We all had a laugh when he said we were only getting what we 
deserved. We had a party for him and wished him well.
That Friday when Sarah came around she said that the lottery syndicate was
folding as Brynn had left and she couldn't afford to play anymore, I wasn't
surprised as she hadn't seemed so enthusiastic about the draw for the last
couple of weeks, so I reckoned that Brynn was just a good excuse for her to give
it a miss.
On the way home that night I decided to put my two lines on, I'd bought the
money for them to work so it wasn't as if I was spending anything extra. I
stopped at my local garage and after I'd filled up with fuel I went over to the
lottery machine and got my ticket.
I went out that evening with a few of the lads and had a right skin full, Sunday
morning was not a pleasant experience for me, I felt sick, everything was 
throbbing, no not like that, and I didn't want to do anything. Eventually the
need to relieve myself took over and I staggered out of bed, once up I found
that I could still move so I had a shower and wandered downstairs and took
plenty of orange juice, well I'd heard that it was good for a hangover. The rest
of the day passed in a haze, relaxing and slowly recovering, of course I 
promised that I would never do it again, well not till next time anyway.
The Monday arrived and I went to work, expecting another week of engineering
design and problem solving, boy was I in for a shock. As I made my first coffee
of the day I head Sarah talking to Gina, she sounded very upset, "I'm sorry
Gina, I shouldn't have stopped us doing it, I'm sure Keith will kill me when he
realises what I've done, I mean it was his line that would have won.......".
Now I may not be the quickest guy in the world but even I managed to grasp what
they were talking about, we would have won the lottery if we'd kept doing it and
Sarah had made us stop, I could have been rich, talk about a downer. As I 
drifted back to my desk, shell shocked my brain kicked back in, come on Keith,
remember what Sarah had said, it was your line that would have won, and you had
put your lines on at the garage hadn't you. Where was that ticket, come on find
it, I emptied my pockets and wallet on to my desk, a quick rummage and there was
the pink ticket, now how did I find out what the winning numbers where. The net,
the lottery had to have a web site, I fired up the computer, logged on, and
pointed my browser at Yahoo.
Two minutes later the Lottery site was loading, with this weeks winning numbers
displayed for all to see, I checked them against the ticket in my hand, yes the
numbers were the same, I WAS A WINNER!!!
Then my evil side kicked in, I was going to tease Sarah, I wouldn't tell her
about me winning, I'd wait and see what she said to me, yes I know its cruel but
some of the tricks she'd pulled on me were just as wicked. Okay, if I'd thought
about it more I'd have realised that with all her money worries at the time this
was a pretty sick trick to play, but I didn't think of it, to me it was just a
continuation of our playing.
I didn't say a word to anybody, and that was hard, I think I was in shock, I'd
just won nine million pounds and I was tingling all over, but the thought of
teasing Sarah kept me quiet. I phoned the lottery at lunch time to stake my
claim and was told that I had to go to them and claim it, in person. When I got
back to work I told the boss that something personal had come up and booked the
next day off, I then went back to my office and day dreamed the rest of the day
Sarah didn't speak to me, in fact she didn't come anywhere near me all day, so I
never got the chance to tell her that I had won, which, as you will see was a
good thing for me.
For me the next day was memorable, I went to the regional centre to make my
claim, opting for no publicity. I was congratulated and then given several
lectures on investment and savings and the best ways to look after, and 
increase, my fortune. For once in my life I actually listened to what was said,
one of the first things I was told was that it was a good idea to stay at work,
just for a short time, until I was used to having that much money and for my
investments to start showing a return. Talking of return, how much did they
think I could earn, well without any risk I would be getting quarter of a 
million pounds a year, after tax, if I took a little risk and invested in the
stock market then I would be getting at least 7% on my investment, after tax, so
if I invested it all I would be getting six hundred and thirty thousand ponds a
year. To me, that would be twelve thousand pounds a week.
The rest of the week passed in a haze, just thinking about the numbers involved,
I'd even forgotten that I was supposed to be teasing Sarah, eventually she told
me all about it and I just smiled and said something bland like "Its just one of
those things, maybe we should start again". That weekend a new bank account was
opened, cheques were written to clear my debts, you know, mortgage, credit cards
and all those sort of things. I booked a two week holiday in the Caribbean and
decided that I was going to split the money, a third in good, safe investments
the rest to the stock market. I placed the phone calls to the people the lottery
had suggested and made the necessary arrangements. All I had to do now was wait
for the money to start to roll in.
I enjoyed my holiday immensely, I now realised that I was a millionaire, I had
felt very nervous when I arrived, most of the people in the resort had been rich
for an awfully long time, they were used to having this much money, at first I
tried to copy the way they acted but gave up in the end, it was to much like
hard work. In the end I just enjoyed myself and had a good time, it was the
flight over Angel Falls that finally convinced me that I was well off, it cost a
couple of hundred pounds and I didn't even flinch, I'd wanted to go so I went,
no worries, and an excellent trip as well.
Once I was back at work I knew that I could get up and leave at anytime I wanted
and this removed a great deal of stress. I sneaked in a couple of things to help
me with my job, things that the company had thought about buying but had decided
that the cost out weighed the advantages that it would bring, I had no such
qualms, so my job became easier and more enjoyable. I figured that I would stick
with it for another six months and then jack it all in, well that was the plan.
Once again time passed, I settled down to an enjoyable new lifestyle, as far as
the people at work were concerned nothing much had changed, I'd moved into an
old farm, I'd told them that it had very little land, in fact it had two hundred
and fifty acres, but I was renting it out to the real farmers who lived around
me. I'd always wanted a Porsche 911, so I'd bought a second hand black 
convertible, yes I know I could afford a new one, but when I bought it I still
hadn't got totally used to having that amount of money available and once I'd
got it I found I was happy with it.
One thing I did notice as time went by was that Sarah started to become slightly
worn in appearance, her clothes started to be worn in appearance where before
they had always been immaculate. She had stopped going out with the girls, in
fact the only reason she still came to the pub with us on a Friday was because I
bullied her into it. Gina was still her shy self, capable of being a lot of fun
once you'd bought her out of her shell.
One day it all came to a head, Gina had called in sick so Sarah was all alone in
her office, just before lunch time I had a question for Sarah so I wandered
along to her office. When I entered Sarah had her head in her hands and her
shoulders where gently shaking, I realised that she was crying, softly, she
hadn't even noticed that I'd entered her office. I stepped behind her and placed
my hand on her shoulder, she sat up suddenly, surprised by my touch, the tears
had left her face red and you could see the tracks the tears had left down her
face. "Talk to me Sarah" was all I said and she let it all poor out.
Her hubby hadn't found a job, money was getting tight and no matter how she
tried she could never save enough to do all the things that needed doing, and
the to top it all off her daughter had come home from school last night crying,
she was the only kid in her class who wasn't going on the school trip and it was
all down to the fact that they didn't have ten pounds to spare for the trip. I
just pulled out my wallet and gave her a twenty pound note, "Tell her happy
birthday from me", corny but I couldn't leave Sarah crying like that when I
could help so easily.
Her eyes lit up as she looked at the note, and then her whole face clouded over,
"No I can't take it, I'll never be able to pay you back" she said, I replied
"That's OK, you can give me a kiss at Christmas.", which raised a smile. Sarah
and I had a long running joke which was that come her birthday, my birthday or
Christmas, I was going to get a proper kiss from her, and not just a quick peck
on the cheek, it had never happened but we'd kept the joke running, I had just
added to it. Before she had time to say anything more I asked her the question I
had originally gone in there to ask. She seemed much happier that afternoon.
About a week later I was informed that her daughter had been on the trip and it
had been wonderful, she and Sarah thanked me very much, and I would get my kiss
at Christmas, I smiled at that and, I admit it, I blushed, I wasn't used to such
More time passed and I stayed with the company, I'm not sure why, I think I was
enjoying work now that I didn't have to do it, it was a challenge and fun at the
same time. I got a few things changed because I didn't have to worry about being
shown the door, so I said what I thought not what was expected.
One day I received a phone call from Sarah, her car hadn't started, could I go
and pick her up so I cleared it with the boss and off I went. She was stood
outside her house waiting for me, she was wearing a short red mini dress that
showed her body off nicely. I pulled up in front of her, "Come on, in you get, I
know you just want to pose in a sports car," I said, she slid in, giving me a
wonderful view of her legs as she did so. "No, its not that, its that heap of
junk of mine its falling apart." I looked at her old Rover, it was a bit past
its sell by date. That's when I realised that she probably couldn't afford to
have it serviced, let alone replace it. I had a sudden thought, and without
thinking to hard about it I said, "Its nearly your birthday and I've got a mate
who runs his own garage, why don't you let me get it serviced for you?"
She looked a bit stunned at that, I suppose it wasn't very subtle was it, but it
wasn't meant to be nasty, it just seemed like a good idea, so I acted upon it.
Eventually she replied, "No, its all right, I'm sure he will be able to sort it
out without to much trouble." What an idiot I am, her husband would be servicing
the car and I'd just put my foot in it, again!
I kept quiet for the rest of the journey, I didn't want to get myself in any
more trouble, so I concentrated on the road ahead, and Sarah's legs, which were
well exposed and with the hood down the breeze was improving the view all the
way to work. The rest of the day was uneventful, Sarah's husband had obviously
got the car sorted because he came to pick her up from work.
Unfortunately for Sarah it wasn't a permanent fix, two days later I got another
call asking me to pick her up again. When I got there she was almost in tears, I
didn't say a word. Half way to work she looked over and said, "Keith is that
offer still good." I tried to raise a smile, "Which of my many offers are you
referring to?" it was meant to be a light hearted comment but she didn't think
it was that funny, she looked slightly pained as she said "The offer to get my
car serviced for my birthday." I looked at her and felt my heart give a thump,
"Of course it is." "Thanks" she said, then she smiled and said "I'll give you a
kiss at Christmas." I had a giggling fit, and then made a silent promise to
myself, her car would be as good as it could get after this service.
It cost quite a bit to get the car sorted, it really was an old wreck, my mate
Graham, who ran the garage said it would be better to get a new one, but once
I'd pointed out to him that this wasn't practical he set about the car with a
vengeance. He'd stripped the engine down completely, they'd renewed most of the
brake system and just to finish everything off they'd had the car valeted. It
really looked good, I just hoped Sarah would be happy with it.
One thing that happened at the garage also got me thinking, Graham was 
complaining that his store room was a complete disaster, he knew he had a lot of
the bits that he needed to do the job but couldn't find them easily, so he was
buying new parts because it was quicker. Sarah's husband had worked in a stores
before he was made redundant, I wondered if the two of them could help each
other out. I asked Graham what he thought and he told me to get the guy to give
him a call, I passed the message on to Sarah at the same time as I gave her the
car back.
A couple of days later I was informed by Sarah that her husband was going to
sort Graham's store out for him, not a permanent job, but work none the less, oh
and her car was absolutely brilliant, thanks for both, if I kept this up I'd end
up as a do gooder and we couldn't have that......
So how were things going in my life, I hadn't got a long term girlfriend 
although I did chase a few girls when I went out with the lads into Manchester,
many a fun night was had there. The farm was being renovated slowly, I'd had a
pool dug ready for next summer, the barn had been converted into a garage 
downstairs and the upper floor had been split between a photo studio and a small
Money wise my investments had given me a steadily increasing income, so far I
had received just over two hundred thousand ponds after all taxes and fee's had
been taken out. When you consider that I had already spent about a million
pounds on the farm and my car and a few other things.
Back at work things were going along smoothly, Sarah was still flirting with me
and she seemed much happier with life, her husband was actually working for
Graham now, apparently having an efficient store meant he could get more work
done in the same time and all those missing bits were saving him money.
We were at the pub one Friday when Gina sat next to me, and while Sarah was away
in the rest room she said "Keith, I've got a question for you, could you please
lend me the money for a train ticket," she said, and then suddenly rushed on "I
need to go and see my mom, and I haven't got the money for a ticket and Sarah
said that I should ask you, so could you please...." What had Sarah been saying
to her, "What else did Sarah say about me?" I asked.
Gina blushed and looked down, "She said I'd have to promise you a kiss at 
Christmas." I looked at her and asked "Are you promising me that kiss?" she
slowly looked up and then, very quickly nodded, I just smiled and told her I'd
get her the ticket she wanted. Just then Sarah came back, "Well, did you ask
him, what did he say, Gina answer me." I looked at Sarah and said "Gina's 
promised me a kiss at Christmas." Sarah went all giggly and said "You are going
to be a busy boy at Christmas, aren't you." Well there was no answer to that was
Over the next couple of months I found the two girls were promising me lots of
'Kisses at Christmas', it started slowly, mainly with Sarah but eventually Gina
joined in. It wasn't for anything major and most of the time it didn't even
involve money. Would I please bring a box of paper up from the storeroom for
them, would I show them how to do this on the computer, did I want to make a
donation to their friends hen night, and no I couldn't go.
I was having a good time, Sarah was looking and acting a lot happier than she
had done in a long time, her hubby having a job had definitely removed a lot of
stress. Gina was slowly coming out of her shell, Sarah was a good influence in
that respect, I was really looking forward to Christmas.
The Christmas party was to be held in a function room at the local hotel, it
normally took the form of a disco and a buffet, which the company paid for, and
a bar, which was open until about two in the morning. I went down and had a word
with the manager and I agreed to pay for the drinks up until eleven o'clock,
that gave everybody three hours of free drinking, that should get every body in
the party mood. I also booked myself a room in the hotel at the same time, I
intended to have a good time so I wasn't going to be driving home that night.
As I was staying in the hotel I was one of the first to arrive that evening, I
set myself up on a table where I could see the dance floor and still get to the
bar and the entrance without to much hassle. I then waited for everybody else to
arrive. I must admit that I enjoyed watching them arrive, especially the wives
and girlfriends, it was also surprising how different a lot of the girls looked
when they were dressed up compared with how I normally saw them.
Gina was the first to arrive, she saw me and came straight over. Gina is quite
slim with blond hair cut into a bob, she had only put on a trace of make up,
just to emphasise her eyes. She was wearing a pale blue trouser suit under which
I could just see a white, lacy top, she was also wearing high heels, which for
her was a major change, okay they only had a two inch heel but Gina normal wore
moccasins. I'd already got a bottle of wine and the required glasses, so I
poured her one before she was seated.
We chatted away whilst we waited for Sarah and her hubby to arrive, she was
late, which was nothing unusual for her, I'd been and got a second bottle of
wine by time she showed up. She bounced through the doors, making a bit of an
entrance, she came over to us, waving and smiling as she approached. She was
wearing, nearly, a very short dark blue mini-dress in a shiny material, her
shoes had four inch heels and were the same colour as the dress, her hair was
blown up fully and surrounded her head like a golden mane. She dropped onto one
of the free seats and started to tell us why her husband wasn't with her.
Up until that point I hadn't realised that he wasn't there. It appeared that
their baby-sitter had phone at eleven o'clock today and told them that she
couldn't work tonight, they'd rung every baby sitter they'd ever used but hadn't
been able to get another one, her hubby had eventually told her to he would stay
at home, she would have to go on her own. So here she was. She didn't seem upset
that she was on her own.
I was having a wonderful time, I'd even been up and danced with both Sarah and
Gina, the single lads from the factory floor were all trying to smooth in on the
girls but it didn't seem to be working. One thing that did surprise me was when
Gina removed her jacket, the white lacy blouse turned out to be a very lacy
body, I could clearly see her nipples through it, she smiled at me when she saw
me looking.
Eventually eleven o'clock came and the manager came looking for me with a bill,
I had to go with him to sign my credit card receipt. When I came back I needed a
drink so I made my way to the bar, whilst I was stood there Gina came up behind
me "Keith can you get me a drink, please" she asked, I glanced down at her and
noticed that her nipples had perked up, she was also looking slightly flushed, I
was about to say yes when she continued, "and as its Christmas I'll have to give
you a kiss now."
I felt a shudder pass down my spine, it had been a bit of a giggle for so long
that it took me a moment to realise that she meant it, I couldn't get her a
drink quick enough. When I turned with our drinks she'd made her way back to the
table, I made my way over there and as I placed the drinks on the table she
moved off through the exit, she looked back at me and winked, I swallowed hard
and set off after her.
As I went through the doors she grabbed my hand and pulled me along the 
corridor, I was bundled into a small office, I was surprised, this was so unlike
the Gina I knew, as I turned to face her she came straight up to me and pushed
her lips to mine. I could feel her nipples through my shirt, her tongue forced
its way into my mouth, I just slipped my arms around her and kissed back.
When she finished the kiss I was surprised when she didn't step back, she leant
forward and kissed me again, more gently than the last time, I tackled her
tongue with mine, sliding mine between her lips. Gina released my mouth and her
head went backwards so I kissed her neck then worked my way around her throat,
enjoying the feel of her skin on my lips. At the same time I was running my
hands up and down her back, then onto her bum, massaging each cheek as my hands
passed over them.
I moved my head down her torso until my mouth was level with her enticing boobs,
I sucked her nipple through her top, rolling it around in my mouth, flicking my
tongue over its tip. As I moved towards her other breast I saw the wet patch
around her first nipple, the second was even stiffer than the first, I licked
the top of her tit before I took the nipple into my mouth, I tried to suck it
through the lace of her top, it was a wonderful feeling, the way her nipple grew
in my mouth. I lifted my head of her nipple and she dived straight back on my
mouth, her lips parted as I got a hot, passionate kiss.
Then another shock, her hand started to fiddle at the top of my trousers, 
struggling with my belt, I stopped the kiss and tried to look at her but she was
looking down, trying to see what her hands were doing. I breathed in, anything
to help her, my belt popped open and she pulled the button out of the way, the
zip just parted under her tugging, my prick was standing straight up, its head
clearing the waist band on my underpants. She dropped to her knees and ripped my
trousers and underpants down, prick sprang forward and tapped her on the nose,
she stopped dead still for a moment, staring straight at it, then her tongue
came out and gently stroked the underside of the tip before wriggling down
towards my balls.
Her mouth opened wide and she engulfed the head of my prick, her tongue still
tickling the underside. She then clamped her lips firmly on it and started to
bob her head up and down, the sensation was fantastic, her mouth started to
pulse around my prick as she sucked it hard. One of her hands was squeezing my
bum the other started to fondle my balls, the feeling started to build, I knew I
was going to erupt in a very short time, I gripped her head and tried to pull
her of my throbbing prick, she released it just long enough to say, "No, I want
to do this, cum in my mouth."
I had no problems with this command, I let her mouth clamp back around my prick
and started to pump my hips back and forwards. Both her hands were on my bum
squeezing my cheeks, driving my prick further and further into her mouth, the
head was starting to drive into her throat, she just kept pulling me harder and
"Oh god, I'm cumming...."I just forced my prick home and held it there, she
drove her nails into my bum cheeks and held me there, taking my spunk down her
throat. My legs were locked solid, all my thoughts concentrated on my pulsing
prick. She moved her head back slightly and sucked the final dribble of my spunk
into her mouth before letting my rapidly shrinking prick plop out of her mouth.
As she stood up she lifted my pants up to my waist and then kissed me, I grabbed
my trousers with one hand a reached around her waist with my other, pulling her
gently to me before kissing her again. "Fasten your trousers Keith," she said
"then we can go back and join everybody else."
"No I want to..." she interrupted me and said "That was you kiss for Christmas,
maybe you'll get another one next year" she finished with a smile, breaking away
from me. I looked at her, then quickly fastened my trousers before joining her
at the door, I smiled and said "I'm looking forward to next year already." Once
again she took my hand, but this time she led me back to the main hall.
As we got back to the table Sarah looked at us and asked "Where have you two
been?" I blushed but Gina just smiled and said "I've been giving Keith the
Christmas kiss I promised him." Sarah just stared at us, then blushing slightly,
she looked away, we both sat down and I grabbed my drink, it was warm so I asked
if anybody else wanted a drink before making my way to the bar.
After I had recovered from Gina's blow job I was able to enjoy the rest of the
night, I had a couple of dances with Gina before she picked up one of the 
younger lads to be her plaything. She kept him with her for the rest of the
evening, teasing him the whole time. As the evening was drawing to a close Sarah
asked me for a dance, she looked a bit flushed and was a little bit tipsy with
all the wine she'd drunk, but she was still having a lot of fun. When the slow
dances started to finish the night she cuddled up close, rested her head on my
shoulder and relaxed.
When the DJ announced the last record she whispered in my ear "I'll be staying
with you tonight, to give you your Christmas kiss." I looked down and she smiled
and then blew me a kiss. My heart gave a thump as I realised that one of my
fantasy's was about to be fulfilled, I couldn't wait for the record to finish.
We said good night to everybody as they were leaving, Gina giving us both a peck
on the cheek as she led the young man away. I took Sarah by the hand and led her
to my room, half way there she let go of my hand and slid her arm around me, I
just cuddled in close. Whilst I was getting the key out of my pocket she 
squeezed between me and the door and started to kiss me, very enjoyable it was
but it made opening the door very tricky, I got there in the end and just 
reached down and lifted Sarah up into my arms and carried her inside.
She just held me tight as we kissed as I walked forward until I bumped into the
bed, I lowered her gently to its surface and then lay down beside her, we 
continued to kiss as I reached around and fumbled for the zip to her dress. I
slowly unzipped it, feeling my excitement rise as her zip lowered, she rolled
onto her back as I pulled her dress forward allowing her arms to come free, she
wiggled her hips to help me slide the dress from under her, I flung her dress
onto a nearby chair and the turned back to look at Sarah, stretched out on the
bed in her underwear.
She was wearing a matching set of electric blue, lacy underwear, the bra was a
wonderbra, judging by the cleavage it created, it was teamed up with a tiny G
string and matching suspender belt which supported a pair of sheer stockings,
her feet were still encased in her blue high heels. After observing her for a
few moments I remembered to breath, my heart was pounding as I stared into her
baby blue eyes, wondering how something this wonderful could be happening to me.
She held her arms up so I went back into her embrace, enjoying the feel of
nearly naked body against mine. After a short while she broke the kiss and her
fingers started to unbutton my shirt, rubbing my chest as she exposed it. When
my nipple appeared she reached up and kissed it, sending yet another shudder
down my spine, she continued to tease as she undressed me. Once I was naked she
climbed on top of my body, the feel of her exciting me even more.
She stroked her lace covered pussy against my straining erection for a while
before reaching behind her and unclasping her bra, she slid it off and threw it
towards her dress, her small breasts were topped by stiff little nipples which
she the proceeded to rub and pinch, all this whilst still writhing on my prick.
She reached down to her G string and pulled a bow at the front, which I'd 
thought was just decoration, and pulled it out from between us. I glanced down
at her pussy, I could clearly see her pink lips through the blond hair. She
again stroked herself along my prick, this time dropping her hands above my
She lowered her nipples to my mouth and I took great pleasure in attacking each
in turn, rolling them around inside my mouth, trying to fit the whole of her tit
into my mouth in one go, I nearly succeeded. My prick sprang up between her
legs, knocking on the door of her pussy, begging to be let in, she paused for a
moment before lowering her warm, wet pussy onto my willing prick, she kept
lowering herself until she was fully impaled, then, after resting for a moment,
she started to rock backwards and forwards, just moving a couple of inches at a
time. I could feel every ripple her pussy made, it felt like I was being 
vacuumed as she worked away, I was in heaven.
Fortunately for me Gina had already drained me of one lot of spunk or I'd have
shot my load as soon as I enter her, as it was I could feel the pressure slowly
building within me, Sarah was also feeling the effects as she started to moan,
very softly, as she increase speed. Suddenly she was almost bouncing off my
prick and then crashing back down until our pelvic bones collided, her quite
moans became a scream until she stopped dead, her whole body ridged, my prick
being gripped by her rippling pussy muscles.
She dropped forward onto my chest and gasped into my ear, her nipples felt like
they were burning my chest as she lay there. I held still for a couple of 
minutes, using the time to cool myself down, then slowly at first I started to
rock my hips, sliding my prick in and out, gradually building the speed and
depth of my thrusts. I sort Sarah's lips with mine and kissed her the passion
building in my loins as I approached my climax.
I knew I'd reached the point of no return, I gasped that I was cumming and Sarah
just started bouncing as fast as she could, driving herself over the edge into
her second orgasm. When we'd both finished I held her tightly as my prick slowly
shrivelled and the slipped out of her, I kissed her gently on the cheek and
rolled slightly until she was along side me. I smiled at her and whispered
"Thank You". She smiled before closing her eyes and dropping off to sleep.
We made love twice more that night, the second time as vigorously as the first,
the last time a slow gentle love making that left me sated and happy. We woke to
a bright, crisp winters morning, the sun shinning on a frosty landscape. We
showered and dressed before making our way to breakfast, all through breakfast
Sarah was quite subdued, eventually she said "Keith, please don't think that
this is going to continue, it was..." before she could go any further I 
interrupted her, "Sarah, it was just a Christmas Kiss, and I'm looking forward
to next Christmas already." She looked relieved and then smiled at me......

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