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WARNING!  This story is only for adults over the age of 18 and contains
Strong Sexual Content and Lame Attempts at Humor.
It is intended as a work of fiction for ADULTS only, and the author does
not in any way condone or encourage similar behavior even if it was safe
or conformed to the laws of physics. If you are under or over the age of
18 or reside in a state (or state of mind) that prohibits such 
behavior, stop reading this stuff immediately or you will never be
elected Speaker of the House!!!
Remember: DON’T DO THIS AT HOME!!!!!                      
copyright 1998 by M Quayle (a pseudonym)
All rights reserved. Do not repost or post without permission of author.

Late for Dinner
Chapter 28: That Monster!

“Oh, boy, I’m going to Tokyo!” Becky cheered as the big white car pulled
up to the airport terminal.

“Okay, Honey,” Mommy took charge. “Let’s get going, we don’t want to
miss your flight.”

“I’ll just wait here, if it’s okay with everyone,” Christi sulked from
her corner of the back seat.  “See you when you get back, you little
‘masoskist’,” she hugged the freckle-faced girl.

“I’m sorry,” Carol apologized as they hurried into the terminal, “my
daughter gets like this sometimes.  It usually doesn’t last long, but
I’m sure we’ll hear every last gory detail before its over.”

“Poor Christi,” Kathy puffed to keep up as Mommy searched for the
luggage counter.  “She really had her heart set on the dungeon.  I don’t
think the education guy was really her type, if you know what I mean.”

“Personally, I thought he was a hunk,” Mommy said as she spied her

“I did, too,” Carol agreed, “but Christi’d rather be boiled in oil than
wined and dined.  At least by a man, that is.”

“Oh, I don’t know, being boiled in oil isn’t all that bad,” Mommy
grinned wickedly, “as long as it’s a good brand.”

With Becky’s luggage safely in the care of professionals, Mommy took the
girl by the hand and sped to the gate for the flight to Tokyo.

“Here we go, Sweetheart,” Mommy bent to straighten Becky’s knee-socks. 
“Now, you have a nice flight and do everyone Daddy says.”

“I will, Mommy,” Becky hopped up and down with excitement.

“I’ve got a surprise for you,” Carol smiled.  “The pilot is a good
customer of mine.  I ran into him at Junior League last night and he
said you could ride his lap all the way around the world to Japan!”

“Oh, goodie,” Becky cheered.  “I get to fly in the coctip!”

“Well, something like that,” Carol laughed as she kneeled to give Becky
a hug.

“Now, remember to fold your clothes neatly and have the pilot sign your
membership card for the Mile High Club,” Mommy kissed the happy girl
again then turned her over to a helpful flight attendant.

“The pilot’s been waiting for you, young lady,” the attendant said as
she took Becky’s hand.  The smiling girl waved merrily over her shoulder
as the pair disappeared into the flow of boarding passengers.

“Well, that went well,” Mommy sighed as they walked to the observation
window.  Kathy could just make out the top of Becky’s bouncing red head
through the cockpit window as the big jet taxied onto the runway.

“Now, I guess it’s time we get this sleepy head home,” Mommy put her arm
around Kathy’s shoulders.  “You’ve had a very busy night and it’s time
you get some rest.”

“Okay, Mommy,” in the excitement Kathy had forgotten how tired she was,
but now she could feel herself winding down.  She was also feeling more
than a little self-conscious about wearing a chastity belt in public.

“Why do they only make these things in bright orange?” Kathy whined as
she pulled down her T-shirt in an unsuccessful attempt to hide her
barricaded bottom.

“Federal law,” Mommy replied.  “Officer Ray says its to let people know
you really mean ‘don’t touch’ and aren’t just being a tease.”  

“But it makes me feel like a dorky convent school girl who forgot her
skirt,” the groggy girl grumped.

“You’ll feel better once you get your beauty rest,” Mommy comforted as
they reached the car.  “You and Christi can curl up in the master
bedroom if you like, I’m going to work with Carol tonight.”

“Wow, you’re going to lap dance at Farrell’s Family Diner, Mommy? I’d
love to come watch.”

“Some other time, Honey,” Mommy kissed her sweetly then unlocked the car
door. “But tonight you need some peace and quiet.”

But Christi had come to full boil as she waited alone in the parking
lot, so the crystal silence would have to wait.  “I’ve never been so
grossed out in my life,” she began as Mommy turned the ignition and
pulled into traffic.

“What happened?” Kathy asked sleepily as they swung onto the highway.

“Well, we went up to his hotel room,” Christi fumed, “and sat down on
the couch. And, and, he began rubbing my feet and telling me how he
wished he had a pretty daughter like me.”

“That doesn’t sound so bad,” Mommy puzzled.

“It gets worse,” Becky continued.  “He picked me up and carried me off
to the bathroom and asked me to get in the tub.  I thought we were going
to do some water sports or maybe some drowning fantasy, but he just gave
me a bath and scrubbed my back and everything.  It was awful.”

Mommy began to say something, but Carol motioned her to keep quiet.

“Let her talk,” Carol whispered, “it’s the only way.”

“And after he finished bathing me, he wrapped me in a towel and took me
into the bedroom, and he, he played soft music and, and he gave me a
massage.” Christi was almost beside herself.  “And he kept doing it for
almost an hour until I was really relaxed.”

“Can you imagine?” Carol winked at Mommy.

“The brute,” Mommy winked back. “And then what did he do?”

“I was hoping that he was going to whip me or something while my guard
was down, but he, he took me in his arms and started kissing my
forehead.  Then he moved down my face and my neck and between my breasts
and, and,” she squeezed Kathy’s hand, “he kissed me all over and sucked
my toes.  It was horrible, horrible I tell you!”

“Go on,” Carol urged as she slipped a hand between her thighs.

“He, he came back up and began sucking my nipples and he just kept doing
it and doing it until ... oh, I’m so ashamed ... until they got really
hard and I was all wet and everything.”

“It’s okay, Precious,” Carol slid down in the front passenger seat to
get a better grip, “just let it all come out.”

“I kept wishing that he’d fist me or at least force himself down my
throat, but he, he just went down on me real soft like you do, Mom,”
Christi trembled.  “And when I couldn’t take anymore he got on top of me
and was so gentle and kept going and going and going and I and I --”

“Yes!” Carol moaned, “tell me, tell me now!”

“I came, Mom, I came with a man!” Christi wailed.  “I feel so dirty.”

“It was just one, one, one, one, one orgasm!” Carol wailed back as she
braced her long dancer’s legs against the dashboard.

“No it wasn’t just one, it was, it was,” Christi sobbed into Kathy’s
shoulder, “seven.  I came seven times!  And when he was finished, he
pulled out of me and I thought he’d at least come on my face or do
something normal, but he, he shot into a Kleenex then dried me off with
a towel and held me until I fell asleep.  It was a nightmare!”

“That monster!” Carol panted as she straightened herself in the car
seat.  “After we drop you girls off at Kathy’s house, I’m going back to
that hotel and give that nasty ol’ Secretary of Education a piece of my,
uh, mind.”

“Yeah, I think I’ll give him a piece of mine, too,” Mommy added

I’d give him some, too, if mine wasn’t locked inside this stupid
chastity belt, Kathy pouted silently as they pulled into the driveway.

Late to Dinner
Chapter 29: House Rules

“Now, you two go in and get some rest,” Mommy nurtured as the girls got
out of the Mercedes, “and we’ll see you at breakfast.”

“Okay, Mommy,” Kathy slid out of the back seat and yawned wearily.  

“Oh, Chris,” Carol consoled her daughter, “you’re so frustrated.  Why
don’t you get with Kathy’s brother, from what you’ve told me, he’s right
up your alley.”

“Yes, yes,” Mommy agreed.  “It would really cheer him up, too, Christi,
he had kind of a rough time with Mr. Potter.”

“Cool! Maybe he’ll take me down to the basement and brand me or
something,” Christi’s mood brightened considerably.

“Now, he’s not allowed to brand anyone without adult supervision, so
don’t put any ideas in his head,” Mommy corrected.

“I’ll make sure Billy plays by the house rules,” a drowsy Kathy
intervened.  “After all,” she gestured to the orange chastity belt, “I
won’t be going anywhere tonight.”

“Thanks, Honey,” Mommy restarted the car, “but, I just thought of
something.  If the doctor locked you in that belt and he has the key,
how are you going to ‘powder your nose’?”

“Oh, he stuck in a catheter,” Kathy raised a flap in the front of the
belt and pointed to a coiled plastic tube, “and it’s got a built-in butt
plug, so nothing’s coming out the back.”

“Oh, Kathy, it must feel awful!” Mommy exclaimed.

“Not really.  He gave me an enema first.  Then he shot me full of pain
killers, so I’m kind of vague from my navel to my knees,” Kathy
shrugged.  “But I guess it’s liquids until Monday.”

“Well, there are plenty of soft drinks in the refrigerator,” Mommy
shifted the car into gear, “and,” she smiled hungrily, “Billy and his
friends are always a reliable source of fresh protean.”

“Okay, it’s soda and semen for me tonight,” Kathy leaned through the car
window and gave Mommy a wet kiss.  “Now, you just go give that cute
little Secretary of Education a piece of your, uh, mind,” she winked.  

The girls waved as the big white car pulled out of the driveway then
trudged wearily up the steps and through the front door.

“Well, it’s about time you got home, young lady,” a deep voice boomed
from the living room.

“Oh, hell! I mean ‘hello,’ Grand Dad,” Kathy blurted as the stern-faced
man rose from the couch.  “Is it Thanksgiving, already?”

Late for Dinner
Chapter 30:

“How’s my little grand daughter?” the silver-hared man roared as he
picked Kathy up in his massive arms.

“Just, just fine, Grand Dad,” Kathy tried not to shake.  “Mommy didn’t
tell me we were expecting --”

“You weren’t,” Grand Dad laughed and spun the started blonde around.  “I
was flying back from Washington and just decided to check in.” He sat
Kathy down and pulled her T-shirt over her head.  “My, my,” he admired
the girl’s budding form, “you’re really going to be something when you
grow into those long legs.   How old are you now?”

Kathy blushed, “Oh, Grand Dad, you know perfectly well I’m almost --”

“And who is this?” Grand Dad interrupted when he turned to drink in

“This is my fiancee, Christi,” Kathy said proudly.  “She’s my best --”

“My, my,” Grand Dad peeled Christi out of her T-shirt, too. “Kathy, this
is one pretty little filly.  You’ll have to bring her with you when you
come for Thanksgiving.” But the smile suddenly left his voice, “I guess
your mother told you that you two are going to have to do extra duty
this year to make up for that foul up at Junior League.”

Kathy averted her eyes and began to tremble, “yes, Grand Dad, I’m really

“Oh, don’t worry,” the smile returned, “I haven’t lost one yet and I’m
not about to start with family.  

“Speaking of the family,” Grand Dad was on a roll, “Billy let me in. 
He’s feeling a little down -- the boy mumbled something about a ‘cavity
search’ -- so I gave his a couple of thousand, had the driver take him
over to Junior League, and told him to run amok.”

“Wow, Grand Dad, that’s really cool,” Kathy began to relax.

“He said little Becky’s on her way to Tokyo, but where’s your mother?”
Grand Dad questioned as he sat down on the couch and motioned for the
girls to kneel at his feet.

“She’s working with my Mom tonight at Ferrell’s Family Diner, Sir,”
Christi replied respectfully.  “She’s filling in or one of the lap
dancers whose out sic--”

“Is she getting paid or just giving it away?” He asked sternly.

“Oh, she’s get paid, plus make a lot of tips,” Christi was warming to
Grand Dad. “My mom’s the lead dancer, and she makes real--”

“Well, as long as she’s selling it, I can’t fault her for that,” Grand
Dad seemed satisfied.  “But it’s a shame she’s not here, I brought a
couple of gifts.  Actually, they’re more like a way for two very naughty
ladies to begin making up for trying to run out on my S&M club.” Grand
Dad pointed to the corner of the living room where his giant silver
dildo stood proudly on its stand. Two seemingly identical gleaming rods
stood next to the family heirloom.  

“They’re the latest model,” Grand Dad explained proudly.  “Not only will
they bruise any woman’s ovaries, they also have electric
random-direction piston action to ensure a very rough ride,” he smiled
dangerously.  “I’d strap you on, but,” he looked down at Kathy’s
chastity belt, “it looks like you’re out of commission. What happened?”

Kathy explained about the all-night pool game in the hotel dungeon.

“Well, that’s too bad,” Grand Dad shook his head. “I was really looking
forward to watching you ride.”

“I’ll ride,” Christi begged.  “Please, Sir, I really need it.”  Kathy
realized she was watching her beloved’s rapid transformation into
torture mouse.

Grand Dad stood up. “Now, this young lady has the right stuff,” he
grabbed Christi by the hair and lifted her to her feet.  “We’re going to
need some lubricant to make this baby sing.” He pulled three tubes out
of his jacket pocket. “Let’ see, we have a menstrual craps, raw &
bleeding, and shattered glass, which would you prefer?”

“I’ve never tried shattered glass,” Christi replied as Grand Dad guided
her over one of the new dildos.  

“A very interesting formula,” Grand Dad began applying the lubricant to
the silver shaft.  He then lined up the willing subject began to push
her down onto the demanding tip. “Now, just let it slip on in,
youngster, then I’ll strap you down and we’ll get this show on the

Christi screeched as the dildo assailed her generative organs and the
lubricant reached her nerve endings. “That, that stuff lives up to its
name,” she gasped as Grand Dad secured her legs and tied her hands
behind her back. “It feels like a broken beer bottle!”

“That’s what the clerk at the torture boutique said when she
demonstrated it for me,” Grand Dad affirmed, “except without the blood
and lacerations, of course.”

“Of course,” Christi winced.  “Thank you, Sir.”

“Glad you like it,” Grand Dad tightened the final strap and flipped the
switch.  The dildo began to pump up and down, its base pivoting slightly
to give a different angle to each stroke.

The blue-eyed brunette bobbed wildly on top of the throbbing machine,
her breasts collided violently with the sound of wet leather.  “Now, for
an extra added attraction,” Grand Dad flipped a second switch, “this
little baby also packs an electrical charge.”

Christi made a cat-like shriek as the current pulsed through her body.
“That should keep her going for a while,” Grand Dad sighed with
satisfaction as he unzipped his pants and turned back to Kathy.

“I’ll tell you what,” he sat back down on the couch motioned for Kathy
put her face in his lap.  “You get acquainted with my one-eyed buddy and
I’ll just kick back and watch those pretty tits a’slappin’.”  He guided
his still sleeping manhood into his grand daughter’s mouth.  “Boy, that
little sweety’s really puttin’ on a show.”

Grand Dad’s buddy began to grow and soon she was stretching her jaw
farther and farther to take its girth.  Kathy struggled for air as the
smiling man forced himself down her throat and realized that
Thanksgiving was now only seven short months away.

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