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WARNING!  This story is only for adults over the age of 18 and contains
Strong Sexual Content and Lame Attempts at Humor.
It is intended as a work of fiction for ADULTS only, and the author does
not in any way condone or encourage similar behavior even if it was safe
or conformed to the laws of physics. If you are under or over the age of
18 or reside in a state (or state of mind) that prohibits such 
behavior, stop reading this stuff immediately or you will never be
elected Speaker of the House!!!
Remember: DON’T DO THIS AT HOME!!!!!                      
copyright 1998 by M Quayle (a pseudonym)
All rights reserved. Do not repost or post without permission of author.

Late for Dinner
Chapter 25: Just You and Me

The attendant showed the girls to the shower room and laid out fresh
clothes for them.  “We’ll launder these and return them,” his voice
smiled from under his hood.

Kathy began to apologize for creating such a mess, but the attendant
waived her off.   “Happens five or six time a night,” he handed her a
tiny bottle of shampoo. “You hang, you cum, you pee,” he shrugged. 
“Just as natural as that.”

Soon Kathy and Christi were identically dressed in black over-the-knee
socks and hot pink complementary T-shirts that read “I Did the Rope
Dance at the Hood & Noose.”  Although Kathy thought the shirt was much
too long -- it actually reached her navel -- it was cool to have a
souvenir of her first real “swinging” experience.

Since her hair, too, had been drenched by Christi’s fluids, Kathy tied
it in a ponytail instead of trying to salvage her ornate hairdo. Then it
was back in the trunk and off to the hotel.  Kathy snuggled close to
Christi in the comforting darkness and the two girls giggled with
excitement as they speculated about what new experiences lay in the
hours ahead.

But disappointment was waiting when the trunk opened. “I’m sorry,
Christi,” the supervisor apologized, “but, until you told me at dinner,
I didn’t realize that you’d be competing in the regional Submissive Miss
contest.  I’m one of the judges, so I called my office from the limo and
they say we can’t do a session until the pageant or you’ll be

Christi was crestfallen, she’d been so looking forward to cowering
before of the powerful, sadistic man.  “Oh,” she whined, “why do these
things always happen to me?”

“There, there,” the secretary soothed. “We’ll just swap.  Kathy can go
with my friend here,” he took Christi gently by the hand, “and you can
come back to my room with me.”

“Your room? You, you mean we’re not going to the dungeon?” Christi
exclaimed in horror. 

“Heaven’s no,” the secretary laughed.  “I enjoy watching a good rope
dance as much as the next guy, but tonight,” he took Christi’s face in
both hands and tenderly kissed her mouth, “I’m in the mood for love.”

Before Christi could reply, the supervisor seized Kathy firmly by her
ponytail. “Well, I guess it’s just you and me, then,” he quick marched
her through the crowded hotel lobby and into an elevator. “This should
be interesting,” he told the dumb struck girl as he pushed the button
for “D” level, “I’ve never done a session with a novice before.”

“Yes, yes, this should be ... interesting,” was all Kathy could think to

Late for Dinner
Chapter 26: Okay, Rack ‘em

“Tell me, Kathy, have you ever played pool?” The supervisor asked as
they entered the cold, dark grotto.  

“Why, no, I haven’t,” Kathy was puzzled by the question.  What could
“playing pool” possibly have to do with the black leather and chrome
torture chamber that lay before her.  Although the lighting was almost
as bad as at the Hood & Noose, she could see at least a dozen girls,
some younger than herself, chained to the blood-spattered walls.  In one
corner a man was being whipped by three teens while two men took turns
violating the bottom of a very attractive blonde who was tied across a
leather-covered saw horse. 

“This is so boring,” the supervisor yawned as they watched a hostess
wrap a woman’s breasts with piano wire.  “Nothing creative, just the
same old stuff,” he tisked and lead Kathy through a side door marked

Kathy was aghast at what she saw: the spread legs of six bound women
made up the pool table’s padded cushions and specially-designed
speculums opened their vaginas to create the most intimate of pockets.

“Now this is more like it!” the supervisor exclaimed and asked the
hostess if his guest could join the game.  

“Certainly, Sir,” the black leather-clad woman released the bonds
holding one of the corner pockets and removed the painful-looking
speculum.  She then gestured for Kathy to replace the slim Asian women
who had been held in place by a large wooden anal plug.  “Just sit on
this, lean back, and we’ll get you in the game,” she said coolly.

“I think I’d rather just watch, if you don’t mind,” Kathy balked.

But the supervisor would hear nothing of it and quickly lifted her off
her feet.  “It’s much more fun if you play, Kathy,” he positioned the
girl’s uncooperative bottom over the vicious dowel.  She protested its
rude invasion and fought mightily but to no avail as her date and the
hostess secured her legs, tied her arms to hooks at a 60-degree angle
behind her head, and inserted the demanding chrome-plated spreader. 

The supervisor selected a pool cue from the rack, powdered his hands,
chalked the tip and leaned over the table.  He lined up a practice shot
and -- smack -- drove the “8” ball into Kathy’s hairless pocket!

Kathy’s ovaries stopped the ball’s forward motion and she was
momentarily blinded by the stars that danced before her eyes.  The
supervisor retrieved the ball, called “okay, rack ‘em,” and the game

The supervisor drove the “5” ball into the side redhead on the break
then banked the “7” off the coffee-colored corner girl.  His opponent
popped two balls -- the “2 and “12”  -- into the big-busted brunette
opposite Kathy, but came up short on a tricky combination that set the
supervisor up for three straight shots into Kathy’s corner pocket.

I don’t think I’ll ever get the hang of this game, Kathy thought as the
supervisor sank the “3” and lined up his next shot.

Late for Dinner
Chapter 27: Look Out for Trouble

“There you go, young lady,” the hotel doctor concluded, “you just keep
that chastity belt on for a couple of days and you’ll be right as rain.”

Kathy looked down at the bright highway-orange protective device. “Yes,
Sir,” she sighed, “is it really that bad? All we did was play pool all

“So I understand,” the professional clicked the belt’s locks into place.
“You didn’t do any real damage, but you’ve had more than enough fun for
a girl your age.”

“Did you get all the balls out?” Kathy shifted her achy bottom on the
examination table.

“Yep, all gone,” the doctor shut his black bag, “ but that last one was
really up there.  Just remember,” he lectured, “next time you insist on
three-quarter size balls.  You’re still growing,” he lifted her T-shirt
and glided his hand softly over Kathy’s chest, “you’re not ready for
regulation play.

“And I think this,” he -- flick -- smoothly removed the pearl stick pin
from Kathy’s left breast “has been there long enough.” He wiped two
small drops of blood from the tender wounds, applied Band-Aids and
guided the exhausted girl off the table and onto her knees.

“Oh, okay,” Kathy sniffled as he unzipped his pants and guided her face
into his crotch. “How can I ever thank you?”

“You’re off to a nice start,” the doctor breathed deeply and let the
blonde sex-ed major show her appreciation.  “A nice start, indeed.”

It wasn’t long before the doctor added a fresh stream of protean to the
growing collection on Kathy’s face.  “You just come back on Tuesday,” he
zipped his pants and smiled, “then you can thank me some more after I
unlock that belt.”

Kathy kissed the doctor chastely on the cheek, put the stick pin in her
purse and said her good-byes.  The hideous orange chastity belt drew
stares as she trudged wearily across the hotel lobby, but her face
brightened when she spied Mommy waving from the main entrance.

“So, there you are,” Mommy hugged her daughter then surveyed the
wreckage.  “What happened to you?  Do I really want to know?”

Kathy explained the after dinner mix-up and how she had ended up playing
pool with the Supervisor of Masochistic Instruction while Christi was
carried off by the amorous Secretary of Education.

“Well, these things happen,” Mommy comforted as they walked to the
parking lot.  “A couple of days in a chastity belt never killed anyone.”

“I know,” Kathy opened the car door and fell into the seat, “it’s just
so -- hey, what are you guys doing here?” 

Becky and Carol greeted her from the back seat.  “We’re all going to the
airport and I’m going to Pinochio!” Becky exclaimed.

“That’s Tokyo, Dear,” Mommy corrected. “Daddy called last night and said
he’s flying straight to Japan for a big business conference.  Becky’s
going to join him and help entertain his clients.”

“That’s ‘cause I’m a masoskist,” Becky bubbled.

“Speaking of ‘masoskists’,” Kathy brightened, “ how’d you and Billy like
your evening at the Potters?”

“It was real neat,” the freckle-faced redhead perked. “Mrs. Potter wrote
my name on my bootie with her riding crop,” she turned around in the
seat and raised her plaid skirt. “See it spells ‘Becky’!”

“Cool! How about our ‘dear’ brother?”

“Oh, Mr. Potter really liked Billy.  He even gave him a big butt plug to
wear home!”

“I’d loved to have seen that,” Kathy cackled and relished the mental
image of her brother finally getting a taste of his own medicine.

“Oh, you will,” Mommy smirked mischievously.  “I’ve got the videotape in
my purse.  I was afraid it would disappear if I left it home with

“Sorry to interrupt,” Carol apologized, “ but what’s happened to my

Just then the hotel’s sliding glass doors opened and Christi glided into
the midday sunshine.  She looked beauty pageant-perfect from the top of
her cotton-candy hair to the sparkling toes of her high heels.  A
bouquet of red roses cradled in her arms, she turned and gave a huge
toothy smile and a graceful “turning the light bulb” wave to the still
fawning education secretary.

“Uh oh, I’d know that look anywhere,” Carol cautioned. “Look out for

The electric smile continued as Christi got into the car. “Just get me
out of here,” she hissed and blew her persistent admirer a glowing
farewell kiss.

I can’t wait to hear this one, Kathy grinned as the white Mercedes
exited the parking lot and pulled onto the highway to the airport.

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