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New chapters are posted regularly in alt.torture and alt.sadistic

WARNING!  This story is only for adults over the age of 18 and contains
Strong Sexual Content and Lame Attempts at Humor.
It is intended as a work of fiction for ADULTS only, and the author does
not in any way condone or encourage similar behavior even if it was safe
or conformed to the laws of physics. If you are under or over the age of
18 or reside in a state (or state of mind) that prohibits such 
behavior, stop reading this stuff immediately or you will never be
elected Speaker of the House!!!
Remember: DON’T DO THIS AT HOME!!!!!                      
copyright 1998 by M Quayle (a pseudonym)
All rights reserved. Do not repost or post without permission of author.

Late for Dinner
Chapter 16: Mrs. Potter Lets Her Hair Down

“Let me put a little Vaseline on the hose tips and we’ll get your little
poopers all nice and clean,” Mommy chirped.

“Thanks, Mommy,” Kathy and Christi leaned tails up against the side of
the bathtub.  “This is so cool! Our bottoms will be nice and numb when
Mrs. Potter tells us to bend over and spread ‘em.”

Christi looked over her shoulder at Mommy.  “Would you mind not putting
any Demerol in mine, please. I want to feel every delicious rip and

“Why certainly, Christi,” Mommy, smiled. “I guess you don’t have a
sensitive sphincter like Kathy and I do.”

“Christi!” Kathy almost screamed as the tiny tube knocked on her tight
backdoor.  “You can’t possibly be serious? She’s going to put her whole
arm up there!”

“Yeah,” Christi said dreamily, “I know.”

The girls had just finished filling Mommy when the doorbell rang.  Kathy
dashed downstairs to welcome their guests.

“Ho ho, Kathy,” Officer Ray wrapped his arms around her waist.  “Nothin’
like being greeted by an eager suspect. Where’s your Mommy, little
girl?”  He slipped an envelope into the top of Kathy’s garterbelt.

“We’re just giving her an enema to get her ready for you and Mrs.
Potter.”  Kathy looked over at the tall woman with flowing raven hair
who was taking off her coat and revealing a stunning, pearl-white body. 
She was nude except for thigh-length black latex boots and elbow-length
gloves and a gigantic black phallic strap-on that rose menacingly from
her womanhood.

Mrs. Potter took a black-handled riding crop from her purse, “well,
Kathy, you look lovely tonight.”  She ran the tip of the crop across the
trembling girl’s left breast.  “I see you’ve healed nicely from target

“Yes, Ma’am,” Kathy answered respectfully. “Mommy says we mend faster
than most people.”  She was stunned at how different Mrs. Potter acted
when she let her hair down.

“Hello, Officer Ray, we’re ready to help you catch all those awful tiny
criminals” Mommy giggled as she descended the stairs.  She was a little
wobbly from the Demerol.  

“Ho ho, Kathy’s Mommy,” he bounded up the stairs to steady her.  “And
who’s this?” the jolly policeman asked as Christi came into view.

“This is Kathy’s little girlfriend,” Mommy said.   “Christi tells us
we’re in for a real treat, Mrs. Potter.”

“My mom and I live down the block from you, Ma’am,” the blue-eyed
brunette slipped past Mommy and the officer and knelt humbly at Mrs.
Potter’s feet. “She always says how much she appreciates you and Mr.
Potter taking time for a lonely widow who doesn’t have a husband to keep
her in line.”

“It’s my pleasure,” Mrs. Potter cracked the crop across the cowering
girl.  “You’re mother suffers so sweetly and,” swack, “I see you do,

Kathy quickly slipped the envelope under a couch cushion while all eyes
focused on the delecate pattern of red welts that was forming like magic
on Christi’s back.

Late for Dinner
Chapter 17: Billy Fires a Warning Shot

Kathy sat forward in her chair as she sipped her orange juice.  Her back
was a little too tender from Mrs. Potter’s riding crop for too much
contact this early in the morning.

“Wasn’t that a nice surprise last night?” Mommy put a big helping of
scrambled eggs on the girl’s plate.

“It was great, Mommy,” Kathy popped a strawberry into her mouth. “I’ve
never had a real cavity search before.” She could still feel Mrs. Potter
stretching her to new plateaus of pain and pleasure.

“It’d been a long time since I’ve seen a real artist at work,” Mommy
smiled. “Grand Ma used to take --”

“We’re home!” Becky and Billy burst through the door and ran into the

“Well, well, how was your sleep over, little ones?” Mommy welcomed the
pair into her arms.

“Swell!” Becky popped free of Mommy’s hug and bent over, “I got a new
butt plug, see.”

“Oh, that’s wonderful!” Mommy spread Becky’s cheeks for a better look. 
“My, that’s a big one, sweet--”

“Mommy,” Billy whined.  “Mrs. Draper’s tits have milk in them.  It
tastes real good and you can squirt it all over the place.  Why don’t
you give milk, Mommy?”

“Well, honey,” she patted the boy’s head.  “Maybe I’ll ask the doctor to
upgrade my birth control implant to include lactation when I get my
checkup next month.”

Becky looked puzzled. “What’s ‘lack-nation,’ Mommy?”

“That’s when girls make like cows,” Billy sassed. He put his mouth on
Mommy’s left nipple, but she pulled free before his teeth could snap
shut on its tender tip.  The boy then turned, yelled “I gotta peeeeee”
and ran upstairs.

“Mr. Draper lack-nated in my mouth three times last night, Mommy,” Becky
chimed.  “Then he took a long drive up my--”

“Yeow!” Kathy was laughing so hard that she’d forgotten about the welts
and leaned back in her chair.  “It’s not ‘lack-nation’ when he cums in
your mouth,” she cackled between tears. 

Just then a bloodcurdling scream pierced the morning hilarity.  “Oh, I
guess Billy’s introduced himself to Christi,” Mommy shook her head. 
“That boy, sometimes I swear.”

“While your swearing, Mommy,” Kathy teased, “tell me where you and
Officer Ray disappeared to last night while Mrs. Potter was flaying your
loving daughter and her lesbian girlfriend?”

Mommy smiled a mysterious half-smile. “Oh, he just gave me a private
interrogation in the bedroom.” She bent down and sweetly kissed Kathy’s
lips. “We didn’t want to spoil your fun.”

“That whole cover story about ‘tiny criminals’ was such a crock,” Kathy

“Yeah, I know,” Mommy giggled.  “Officer Ray’s so funny.  He says he’s
going to strip search me by the side of the road every time he catches
me driving from now on.”

“So, what are you going to do?”

“Drive more, I guess,” Mommy grinned.  “And start wearing more than
white hose, heels and a tennis skirt so he’ll have something to strip.”

“My mother the clothes horse.”

“Good morning, crampers,” Christi breezed into the room.  A large glob
of fresh semen was slowing sliding down both sides of her slightly
upturned nose.

“I see you met my ‘dear’ brother.” Kathy kissed the cum-coated girl and
the two gently embraced, each careful not to touch the other’s finely
slice’n’diced back.

“Oh, is that who that was?” Christi joked. “I was bending over to put on
a nylon when he ran me up the flagpole then fired a warning shot across
my bow.”  

She noticed the small rivulet of blood that was staining her shocking
pink stockings. “I guess I’d better put in the plug, the ol’ poop
chute’s had enough visitors for a while.”

“I gotta new plug,” Becky hopped up from her breakfast and bent over in
front of the blue-eyed house guest.  “See.”

“Hey, that’s a big one!” Christi enthused. “You must be Becky.”

“Uh, huh.  I’m studying maso-skism in school”

“Then you’re in luck because Mrs. Potter says she’s got something
special planned for you and your ‘dear’ brother next time she visits.
Won’t that be fun?”

“You bet.  My teacher says Mrs. Potter’s the best in town!”

“Okay, ladies, it’s time for school!” Mommy had the car keys out and had
slipped a blouse and a jacket on just in case Officer Ray was on duty.  

“Mommy!” Kathy exclaimed. “You’re not wearing a bra and panties are

“Why, of course not, that would be vulgar,” Mommy put on her sunglasses.
“Now, everybody finish breakfast and head for the car!”

Kathy brought up the rear.  She stopped in the living room and pretended
to check her seams, then quickly slipped her hand between the cushions
of the couch.  The envelope was still there!  

Late for Dinner
Chapter 18: A Package Deal

“So, what are you going to do, Kathy?” Christi propped her chin on the
pretty blonde’s flat stomach.

“I don’t know,” Kathy sighed and shifted on the bed.  “Michael’s letter
is just so, so sweet.  He says he’s suffered a setback, but he’s working
really hard so he can get out and come see me.”

“I think ‘Michael’ just needs to learn to let go,” Christi teased as she
slipped her tongue into Kathy’s belly button.

“Ha, ha. Really funny.  Now, what am I going to do?” Kathy fretted.  She
hadn’t told Mommy and Daddy about the passion that had ignited during
her night at the County Home.

“How many guys have tried to buy you? Ten? Twenty? Your dad always says
no,” Christi outlined the worried girl’s breasts with soft kisses.

“But I want him to say yes,” Kathy sighed.  “Yes, yes, a thousand times,
yes!”  She stoked a curl in Christi’s long brown hair.  She knew her
friend was trying to make her feel better, but the letter had set off a
million emotions.

She’d dreamed about Michael Barnes every night, even though, until now,
she hadn’t even known his first name.  It was always the same: she was
chained to a bed and covered with drops of hot red wax that slowly
melted into her flesh.  She could feel every molten invasion and the
heavenly fire inside as he thrust into her loins.  Then, his gentle
hands would tighten slowly around her neck and she would ride spasms of
airless terror towards ecstasy and oblivion.

But, now, there was a letter to prove that it was more than a
love-struck school girl’s fantasy.  He wanted to posses and enslave her
completely; just as Daddy had enslaved Mommy when he brought her home
from the convent.

Christi kissed Kathy tenderly and raised her head so she could place the
nylon noose around her neck.  “I know what you need, Kathy, I not going
to lose you to him.”

“You won’t lose me,” Kathy pulled Christi close.  “I won’t let him buy
me unless he buys you, too,” she pledged.  “I’ll write and tell him that
we’re a package deal, double or nothing.”

“But, what if he doesn’t want me?” Christi whispered. She lost her grip
on the noose and began to sob.

Kathy held her tight.  She had never seen her bold friend frightened
before, but how she was as timid as a mouse. 
“Then he’ll have to buy you for me or he can’t have me at all.  I

“Anyway, I know Daddy won’t even consider selling me until after we
graduate, so there’s plenty of time to make everything okay,” Kathy
comforted.  The two girls lay with hair entangled and quietly gazed into
each other eyes as the late afternoon sun shot long golden beams through
the window of Christi’s room.

 There was a knock at the door.  “Oh, I thought I heard voices,” a
stunning, more mature vision of Christi came into the room.  “You must
be Kathy.  You’re all Christi can talk about.  I’m Carol, I’m so glad to
finally meet you.”

“Hi,” Kathy said shyly.  Her face was still buried in Christi’s curls.

Both girls sat up.  “Mom,” Christi motioned for her mother to sit down,
“it’s about time you got acquainted with your new daughter-in-law.”

“Oh,” Carol laughed.  “You have to forgive her, Kathy, she does carry
on.”  She smiled and tickled the tip of her daughter’s nose. “Young love
is so grand.”

“Why don’t you join us, Mom?” Christi drew her mother toward her.

“I’d love to, Honey, but I can’t. I’ve got to work tonight,” Carol
kissed both girls and excused herself.

“What does your mom, I mean Carol, do?” Kathy asked.

“She’s the featured lap dancer at Ferrell’s Family Diner.”

“Really? We eat there all the time,” Kathy exclaimed.  “I thought she
looked familiar.  I didn’t recognize her with her clothes on.”

“Most people don’t,” Christi hopped out of bed and pulled up her
nylons.  “I think being a lap dancer is really cool, but Mom says she’ll
do anything as long as it pays the bills and makes her cum.”

Kathy rose and embraced her beloved. Her fingers traced the long red
welts on Christi’s back and felt her shudder with each delicious memory
of the previous night’s sweet agony.

If only Michael could be here the triad would be complete, she thought
as they watched the sun’s last rays vanish in the west.

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