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WARNING!  This story is only for adults over the age of 18 and contains
Strong Sexual Content and Lame Attempts at Humor.
It is intended as a work of fiction for ADULTS only, and the author does
not in any way condone or encourage similar behavior even if it was safe
or conformed to the laws of physics. If you are under or over the age of
18 or reside in a state (or state of mind) that prohibits such 
behavior, stop reading this stuff immediately or you will never be
elected Speaker of the House!!!
Remember: DON’T DO THIS AT HOME!!!!!                      
copyright 1998 by M Quayle (a pseudonym)
All rights reserved. Do not repost or post without permission of author.

Late for Dinner
Chapter 11: Out of the Frying Pan

Kathy heard Mrs. Potter’s voice as her head began to clear. “Now, Mr.
Barnes, I’ve warned you and warned you about loosening your grip when
your partner starts turning blue.”

“I’m sorry, Mrs. Potter, I keep forgetting.  I’m sorry,” Mr. Barnes
moaned.  He was lying on the floor, cupping his tenderized privates with
both hands.  “You were across the room, what did you hit me with?”

“I took the precaution of inserting a remote-control electric prod in
Kathy’s ass.  All I did was push the button.”  

Kathy was still sprawled across the desk,  “Are you all right, dear?”
Mrs. Potter asked as she helped the trembling girl into a chair.

“It was incredible, Mrs. Potter.  Why did you stop him? Why did you stop
him?” Kathy gasped.  

“I had to do something, he was strangling you.”

“So what? It was heavenly!” the stunned girl spoke with the voice of
love. “He’s heavenly.”

“But he doesn’t know when to let go, dear, another few minutes and you
would have suffered brain damage ... or worse.”

“I don’t care,” Kathy protested as she rubbed her pulsating posterior. 
“He can do anything he wants to me, anything.”

“You heard the young lady, Mr. Barnes, do you want to continue the

“I’d love to, Mrs. Potter,” the injured man panted, “but I think your
little jolt has put me out of action for a while.  I need to get back to
my room before I black out.”

“Can I go with him?” Kathy pleaded.  “I want to take care of him,
please, Mrs. Potter.”

“I’m sorry, Kathy, the patient’s rooms are off limits. There’s nothing I
can do,” Mrs. Potter tried to comfort the freshly-fried girl.

“You won’t forget me, will you, Kathy?”  Mr. Barnes said as the
orderlies strapped him to the gurney.

“Never, never, never,” Kathy staggered to the gurney and planted a kiss
before her rubbery legs collapsed, spilling her to the floor.
“I’ll come get you when I get out.”

She called out her full name, address and phone number as the gurney
rolled out of the room.  “I’ll be waiting for you, really, I will,”  she

Mrs. Potter helped her back to the chair as the double hospital doors
swung closed.  “It’s okay, Kathy, you did fine. I’m sorry, I had the
prod set too high.  Are you all right?”

The love-struck girl sobbed.  “I just want him back.  I just want him

“Ho, ho, what’s going on here?” Officer Ray burst into the room.  The
jolly policeman put his hand on Kathy’s shoulder.  “What’s wrong little
lady, ol’ Barnesee too tough for ya?”

“Hush, Ray,” Mrs. Potter scolded.  “The young lady’s in love and I’m
afraid she’s just had a pretty big shock.”

“What, that her new boyfriend’s a choker?” the irrepressible officer
laughed.  Mrs. Potter shot him a look.  

“No, she thought that was great,” Mrs. Potter sighed.  “I mean a real
shock.  I put an electric prod in her anus and I’m afraid I turned it up
to high.  I almost fried them both.”

“Holy mother of Jesus, of all things,” Officer Ray put his arm around
the sobbing girl.  “Don’t you worry, little lady, your old buddy Officer
Ray knows exactly how to take your mind off your heart troubles.”

“I just want to go home,” Kathy wailed.

“Can’t do, Kathy.  You’re legally committed until noon and you’ve got
another eight hours to go.”

“So what do you suggest we do with her until then?” asked a frustrated
Mrs. Potter.  “I don’t think she could handle any more of my patients
after what she’s been through.”

‘Couldn’t agree more,” the policeman said as he picked Kathy up and
hoisted her over his shoulder. “That’s why I’m taking her to the
basement firing range.  I’m getting the boys together for practice and
this young lady will make the perfect target.”

Oh, well, out of the frying pan, into the line of fire, thought Kathy as
the double doors closed behind them.

Late for Dinner
Chapter 12: Ready, Aim, Fire!

“You were kidding about using me for target practice, weren’t you,
Office Ray?” Kathy asked tentatively as they descended the stairs
towards the basement.

“Heck no, we’ve got two teams of marsksmen all ready to open up on you. 
They’re warming up right now,” the cheerful officer replied.

“But, Mommy’s not going to be happy if I come home full of bullet
holes,” the girl whined.

“Oh,” the officer stopped, “I’m sorry, we’re not going to use guns,
Kathy.  I coach the home’s men’s masturbation team.  We’re practicing
for the regional tournament next week.”

“Oh, I see,” said Kathy with relief.  “I thought you were going to --”

“Perfectly logical mistake, don’t give it a second thought,” Officer Ray
told the pretty blonde girl who was still slung over his shoulder. “You
see, Kathy, these guys are chronic masturbators.  They just can’t seem
to keep their hands off their members and, for some reason, feel ashamed
of their addiction.

“We use target practice to help draw them out of their shells, so to
speak.  Some of ‘em have turned into crackerjack shots.”

Kathy was beginning to get the picture. “And just what are they shooting
at, Officer Ray?”

“Why, your mouth, of course.  Here’s how it works: the shooter stands a
foot-and-a-half away from your face, he takes aim and you try to catch
his load in your mouth.”

“Wait, what makes you think I’d want to catch the stuff?” Kathy balked. 
This really didn’t sound very interesting.

“Because of the way we keep score.  It’s like cribbage:  the low score
wins.  The team gains a point if the shooter hits your face, but misses
your mouth and two points if he misses your face entirely.  Three points
if you accidently spit it out.  We keep track by sticking straight pins
into your breasts.  That why we call the practice squads the Right Boobs
and the Left Boobs,” Officer Ray chuckled.

“Oh!” exclaimed Kathy with renewed attention.  “Then I’ll definitely do
my best to keep scores low.”

“Good girl,” Officer Ray set Kathy on her feet. “Now, lets get you out
of these pretty clothes and down on your knees with your hands tied to
the pole behind your back.  These guys are warmed up and ready to go!”

“Hey, it’s the chick who just fried Mr. Barnes!” shouted the captain of
the Left Boobs.

“Yeah, I thought I’d give you guys a charge,” Kathy smiled.  “Just aim
between my teeth and I’ll do the rest.”

“Now that’s the team spirit,” Officer Ray applauded.  “You heard the
young lady, gentlemen, ready, aim, fire!”

Late for Dinner
Chapter 13: Driving It Home

Mommy shook the sleeping girl gently.  “Time to go home, sleepyhead.”

“Huh?  Hi Mommy, what are you doing here?”  Kathy wiped the sleepy cum
from her eyes.

“Officer Ray called.  Have you had a good time?” Mommy began removing
the pins from Kathy’s breasts.

“Ouch,” Kathy whined.  After Mommy finished, Kathy realized the
scorekeeper had played a joke on her: the pin pricks on her left breast
spelled “Hi, Kathy,”  her right breast bore the beginning of the “Have a
nice d(ay).”

“Do I want to know what this is about?” Mommy quizzed.

Kathy told her about target practice.  

“Oh, that old game,” Mommy said with relief.  “Well, young lady, do you
still have room for lunch after all that protein.”

“Well, I am kind of fu--”

“Ho, ho,” Officer Ray swung into the nurses’ lounge.  “So, I see our
little pin cushion is finally awake.  And who is this lovely young
lady?  Kathy, you didn’t tell me you had a twin sister.”

“No, Officer Ray, this is my Mommy,” Kathy said proudly.

Well, it’s my pleasure to meet Kathy’s Mommy,” he winked.  “You’re
daughter’s had quiet a night, if you’ll bend over the table and lift
your skirt I’ll fill you in.”

Mommy smiled and moaned sweetly as the officer related Kathy’s
adventures in the county home.  Kathy could tell Mommy was listening
attentively because she kept shouting “yes! yes! more! more!” as he
drove home every exciting detail.

When the storyteller was finally spent, Mommy said “that was wonderful,
I, well, hung on every detail.” She gave the smiling policeman a peck on
the cheek, “and with you on the job, Officer Ray, I know our young
people are in good hands.”

“It’s a pleasure to serve,” the kindly officer tipped his cap and zipped
his pants.

Mommy turned to Kathy, “well, young lady, I think it’s time to get you
home so we can take a bath and you can finish catching up on your beauty
sleep.  Remember, tomorrow’s a school day.”

“Yes, Mommy,” Kathy said distractedly.  She was looking through the
window into the exercise yard, hoping that among the patients there
she’d catch a glimpse of her darling Mr. Barnes.

Late for Dinner
Chapter 14: Girl Talk

“Hi, gang,” Kathy chirped as she climbed into the shiny new convertible.

“Hi, Kathy,” Mia, Christi, and Julie chimed back.  

“Wow, cool car, Mia.”

“Isn’t this great,” Mia exclaimed.  “Dad helped me buy it this

“Wow, I’ll say.  You’re the first girl in our class to get one,” Kathy
settled into the back seat.  “You’re so lucky, Daddy won’t let me work
after school.  He says I’d lose my amateur status if the school found
out I was getting paid.”

“Hey, your going to be captain of the girls sex team next fall, so you
just keep giving it away,” Christi chimed.  “We can’t have our star
sexual athlete letting the school down!”

“Yeah, and after all, we’re all going to be working for Mia’s dad after
graduation.  It’s just the coolest S&M dungeon in the state,” Julie

“I don’t know, girls,” said Kathy tentatively.  “I’ve thinking about
being a sexratary instead.”

“A sexratary, yuck,” Mia made a face.  “Isn’t that what nerds do? You
know, like convent girls who get their cherries popped and can’t be

“I know it’s not as glamorous as being a dungeon slave or a street
walker, but the clothes are cool and you get to work in an office and
really get to know the guys you do every day,” Kathy countered.

“Yeah, but if you know them you know what to expect, where’s the
excitement in that?” Julie asked.

“Oh, she’s just wants to work under that ‘dreamy’ Mr. Barnes if he ever
gets out of the county home,” Christi teased, then grabbed her throat
with both hands. “Oh, Kathy, I love you. I love you, Kathy,” she mocked
as she pretended to choke herself.

The girls all laughed as Kathy blushed.  She could still feel the silk
scarf around her neck and his sweetness within her.   Surely he’d get
well and come for her, hopefully before she and Mommy had to visit Grand
Dad on Thanksgiving Day.

Christi slid across the back seat to Kathy. “I’m sorry,” the blue-eyed
brunette said.  “I didn’t mean it, it’s just girl talk” she kissed Kathy
softly on the mouth.  

Gina spotted the petting pair in the rear-view mirror.  “Hey, you two,
can’t you wait ‘til we get to the hotel so Julie and I can join in.”

“Yeah,” Julie slid her hand onto Gina’s thigh.  “This lesbian weekend
thing was my idea.  I’m not going to sit here like a nun while you two
munch carpet.”

Christi slipped off one of her nylons and wrapped it around Kathy’s
neck.  “I can do things Mr. Barnes never dreamed of,” she promised as
she twisted the noose, pressed her lips tightly against Kathy’s, and
slid two fingers into the delighted girl’s honeyed pot.

I’m so lucky to have such good friends, Kathy thought as her breathing
was reduced to tiny gasps.  Blue sparks popped behind her eyelids as the
nylon did its magic and Christi’s lips and dancing fingers shot waves of
pleasure through her body.  

As her universe exploded and Christi loosened her grip, Kathy was sure
the precious voice whispering sweet nothings in her ear belonged to Mr.

Late for Dinner
Chapter 15: Nylons & Telephones

Kathy and Christi found Mommy watching television in the living room.

“Hi, girls, I was just catching up on my soap opera.  I’ve been taping
‘O’s Children for months, but Billy and the boys have been keeping me so
busy after school I really haven’t had time to watch,” Mommy smiled and
made room for the girls on either side of her on the couch.

Kathy was surprised, “and just where is my ‘dear’ brother and the acne

“They’re across the street welcoming our new neighbors.  Didn’t you see
the moving van when you came back from the hotel Sunday?”

“No, I guess I didn’t.” Kathy didn’t want to admit that she’d been too
busy wrapping nylon around Christi’s supple neck to notice anything

Well,” Mommy sighed, “Melissa and Todd don’t have kids, so I sent Becky
and Billy over as a housewarming gift.  And your brother invited his
friends along, which” -- she put her arms around the girls’ bare
shoulders and drew them close -- “leaves me just sitting here high and
dry with nothing to do but watch my soap until Daddy gets home.”

Ring, ring, ring went the telephone, breaking the three-way girl heat
that was just beginning to simmer on the couch.

Mommy picked up the cordless phone. It was Daddy, he was going out of
town on business and wouldn’t be back until late Saturday.  “Okay, dear,
we’ll leave all the doors unlocked and keep the red porch light on ‘til
you get back.  Love you.”

Mommy hung up the receiver. “Now, you girls haven’t told me how you got
those pretty purple bruises around your necks.  Have you two been
playing hangman?” she teased as she leaned over to kiss Kathy’s moist

Christi was slipping off a nylon to answer Mommy’s question when the
phone rang again.  

“Oh, hello, Officer Ray!” Mommy stood up so quickly that Christi’s noose
missed entirely.  The blue-eyed brunette hurriedly put her stocking back
on so she wouldn’t spoil the surprise.

“No, no, you’re right, Officer Ray, tiny criminals can hide anywhere,
even there,” Mommy giggled.  “That’s true, it’s better to be safe than
sorry. What?  I think that would be lovely.” 

Mommy turned to the girls, “Officer Ray says there are some very ...
tiny ... criminals hiding out in the neighborhood.” She giggled again at
the silliness of the subterfuge, “so he and Mrs. Potter from the county
home want to come over and give us full cavity searches.  Doesn’t that
sound like fun?”

“Mrs. Potter lives right down the street from us,” Christi cheered, “my
mom says she gives the best cavity searches in town!”

“Yes, yes, yes,” Kathy bounced up and down.  Maybe Officer Ray would
bring a message from darling Mr. Barnes.  

Mommy spoke into the phone, “that would be fine, Officer Ray.  No,
Daddy’s out of town and Becky and Billy are staying with neighbors, so
it’s just Kathy and her new friend Christi ... and me.

“And, I hope you have time to fill me in with more of your riveting
stories,” Mommy was practically drooling into the mouthpiece. “Great! 
See you in a half-hour, then.  Bye-bye.”

“Okay, ladies,” Mommy enthused, “who’s ready for a nice soap and Demerol
enema?  We don’t want Mrs. Potter finding any incriminating evidence
when she searches our poop chutes!”

“Mommy, you’re the greatest! You think of everything,” Kathy squealed as
she pulled Christi off the couch and up the staircase.

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