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WARNING!  This story is only for adults over the age of 18 and contains
Strong Sexual Content and Lame Attempts at Humor.
It is intended as a work of fiction for ADULTS only, and the author does
not in any way condone or encourage similar behavior even if it was safe
or conformed to the laws of physics. If you are under or over the age of
18 or reside in a state (or state of mind) that prohibits such 
behavior, stop reading this stuff immediately or you will never be
elected Speaker of the House!!!
Remember: DON’T DO THIS AT HOME!!!!!                      
copyright 1998 by M Quayle (a pseudonym)
All rights reserved. Do not repost or post without permission of author.

Late for Dinner
Chapter 7: Home Videos

Becky howled when Billy stuck her hand in the popcorn oil.  

“It’s hot enough, Mom,” Billy said.

“Thanks, dear, now you two get settled in the living room, it’s almost
show time.”

“Okay, Mommy,” the pair scampered out of the kitchen.

“Settle down, you two,” Kathy said as her siblings bounced onto the

“You sit on this, precious,”  Daddy said as he guided Becky onto his
lap.  “It’s show time.”

They all laughed watching Billy’s video of cousin Suzy and the German
shepherd, but Kathy hid her face in embarrassment when Dad popped in the
tape of her losing her virginity.

On the screen, Daddy was impaling Mommy on a phallus-shaped bedpost when
a blonde blur spun into the room. “Look at me, Mommy” on-screen Kathy
shouted as she -- plop! -- hopped onto the matching post at the foot of
her parents’ bed.

The real-life Kathy blushed and peeked between her fingers as the family
laughed at her futile attempts to disengage from the hardwood invader. 
“You should have told us you wanted to join us, precious,” on-screen
Daddy chuckled, “and we’d have greased the pole for ya.”

“We haven’t done that in a long time,” Mommy cooed in Daddy’s ear.

“Would tonight be soon enough?” Daddy asked as Mommy snuggled close.

“Me, too, Daddy?” Becky chirped hopefully.

“Not tonight, honey, Mommy and I need some quality-time.  You and Kathy
can spend the night with Billy in the playroom.”

Billy perked up.  “Alright, we can play hangman!”

“Not without adult supervision, young man,” Mommy corrected. “And no
branding irons, either.”

“Oh-kay, Mom, what ever you say,” Billy mumbled in obvious

The next video was one Grand Dad had sent.  It showed an
innocent-looking young blonde girl in a plaid skirt and white blouse
being made to kneel and bare her bottom before two men with whips.  

“That’s Daddy and Billy and Kathy!” Becky shouted in recognition.

“No, honey, that’s me with Daddy and Grand Dad,” Mommy corrected. 
“They’d just brought me home from the auction.”

“Wow, Mommy, you were really young.”

“I was, Becky, a year younger than you.”


On screen, the girl pleaded as the older man tied her hands to a post
and the younger one positioned himself behind her.  “Please, no!  I’m
going to be a nun” she gasped as her begging turned to screams and her
narrow rear passage welcomed its first visitor. 

“And you still hurt just as much today,” Mommy whispered as she kissed
Daddy’s cheek.  “It was so sweet of Grand Dad to send these.”

“It sure was,” Daddy said as he lifted Becky off his shaft.  He stood
and shot his seed onto Mommy’s beaming face.  “Okay, kids, show time’s
over.  Billy, you and the girls clean up this mess then go down stairs. 
Your mother has a date with a bedpost.”

“Daddy,” Kathy asked.  “Would it be okay if I just went out and walked
the streets for a while.  I’m feeling kind of cooped up tonight.”

“Sure, sweetheart, but don’t ask anyone for money,” Daddy cautioned,
patting his daugher’s head. “We wouldn’t want to jeprodize your amateur
status before your elegibility runs out.”

“Okay, Daddy.  I’ll be home by noon,” Kathy said excitedly as she pealed
off her mini-dress and stood proudly in her stockings, garterbelt and

“You look lovely, dear.  Just remember to do what your told, no matter
what.  I don’t want to have to get you from the police station just
because you’ve refused to get into someone’s car or to do something you
don’t like.”

“Yes, Mommy, I’ll remember” said Kathy with a twinkle in her eye.

Late for Dinner
Chapter 8: A Ride with Officer Ray 

“Well, Kathy, what’s a pretty little girl like you doing flagging down
an old police officer when all those nice boys were just waiting to talk
to you?”  Officer Ray asked as he wheeled the big car out of the

“Thanks for giving me a lift, Officer Ray.  I was afraid I was going to
spend the night pinned down in my own front yard doing all of Billy’s
little friends, again.”

“Lookin’ for a change of pace, I take it?”

“Something like that, Officer Ray.”

“Then where would you like to go?” the kindly policeman turned onto the
main road and pushed the pretty blonde’s head into his crotch.

“Someplace where no one knows me and a nice girl can learn new tricks,”
Kathy replied between gulps.

“Well, I’d suggest one of two destinations then: downtown with the poor
trash or uptown with the rich trash.” Officer Ray chuckled. 

“Either get held down on an old mattress or tied up on silk sheets. 
Take your pick, Kathy,” he grunted as he unloaded into her perky mouth.

“I don’t know,” Kathy swallowed.  “They both sound like the same old
same old.  I want something, you know, different.”

Officer Ray thought for a minute then picked up his car phone.  “I know
just the thing.”

Kathy looked out the car’s window as Officer Ray talked on the phone. 
She saw her friend Donna and her kid sister on the corner.  A group of
men was helping the pair with bows in their hair into a battered van
with out-of-state plates.  The young people smiled and waved at the
police car.  Officer Ray tapped “hello” on the siren as they cruised

“Okay, everything’s arranged,” Officer Ray said as he put down the car
phone.  “Are you ready for an adventure?”

“You bet!” Kathy said excitedly.  She just hoped she’d have as much fun
as Donna and her sister.

“Well, you’ve just been committed to the county home for violent sex
offenders.  You won’t get out until noon tomorrow,” the officer said
with mock sternness as he stopped the patrol car and handcuffed the
ecstatic girl.  “I hope you like it rough, young lady.”

“I sure do! Thanks, Officer Ray!”

Late for Dinner
Chapter 9: Kathy’s Little Surprise

“Now, Kathy, is there anything we should know before your first
session?” the county sex therapist asked.  

What do you mean, Mrs. Potter?”

“Oh, you know, are there any acts that you’d rather not perform?”

“Well, I really hate anal sex,” Kathy blushed.

Mrs. Potter looked at her clipboard, “well, I think we can put you on a
schedule tonight that won’t require you to use your back door too much. 
After all, Officer Ray said you’re a volunteer, not one of those awful
women we get from traffic court.”

Kathy looked puzzled. “Mrs. Potter, Officer Ray really didn’t tell me
what goes on here, he just said I was in for ‘an adventure’.”

“Then I need to explain.  This is the county home where we treat people
with histories of violent, dangerous or anti-social sexual behavior.  We
use normal young people like you to teach patients how to control their
urges so they can become productive, sexually-active members of

“Oh, okay,” Kathy said hesitantly. “But, what, what happens if they
can’t control their ... urges.”

“That’s where this comes in,” Mrs. Potter removed a thin silver butt
plug from the pocket of her white lab coat.

“I thought you said I wouldn’t have to do anal?” Kathy gasped.

“Oh, don’t worry, dear, it’s really narrow and we’ll use some numbing
cream so it won’t hurt when it goes into you’re little ass.  It’s
actually a remote control electric prod.  If a patient gets out of
control while in contact with you, I'll push this button and they’ll get
a shock.”

“But I won’t feel it, right?” Kathy asked hopefully.

“No, Mrs. Potter looked over the top of her horn-rimmed glasses, “you’ll
feel it, too, but I’ll only use it if the patient breaks the rules while
in direct contact with you. Now, bend over, we’ve got to get ready for
your first session.

“By the way, Kathy,” she said as she struggled to insert the plug, “are
you much of a thespian?”

“Well,” Kathy blushed and looked over her shoulder at the tall
raven-haired woman, “only a few times with Mommy and my little sister,
but I’m willing to try anything once -- especially if you’ll take your
hair out of that bun.”

“No, no,” Mrs. Potter shook her head as the plug popped into place.  “I
said THESPIAN, you know, an actress.  Can you play a part?”

“Oh,” Kathy was embarrassed and a little disappointed. “I guess I can do
that, too.”

Mrs. Potter pointed to a box of clothes. “Slip into this outfit and meet
me in the outside therapy area I five minutes,” she pointed to a door.
“Time we got started.”

What a change when Kathy stepped outside.  Except for the high walls and
guard towers, she would have sworn she was in a city park.  The area was
brightly lit by spotlights.

Kathy felt strange.  The blue plaid skirt was so long it went half way
to her knees and the white blouse, although sheer, was stiffly
starched.  She had shed her hose and heels in favor of white
over-the-knee wool socks and shiny black Mary Jane’s.  But, worst of
all, she was wearing white cotton panties!  Panties!  She couldn’t
believe how awful they felt and how ... frumpy ... she looked.

This guy really must be a real sicko if he gets turned on by overdressed
prudes, she thought.

“Oh, Kathy, that’s perfect.” Mrs. Potter applauded.  “Let’s just tie
your hair back in a ponytail with a bow and, oh, yes, put these on to
complete the look.”  She handed Kathy a pair of matching nipple rings. 
A small gold cross hung from each one.  

“Mr. O’Conner adores girls from the convent school,” Mrs. Potter
explained.  “Unfortunately, he doesn’t know how to behave with them, so,
that’s where we come in.

“Now, when he approaches you, act like a convent girl.  Tell him no and
keep pleading for him to stop until the session is over.  But, don’t
worry, I have my stun gun if he gets out of line before he touches you
and, remember,  you’ve got a little surprise in your bottom, too.”

“Yes, ma’am, I’ll do my best,” Kathy said nervously as she slipped the
rings into place.  The little crosses twinkled merrily as she rebuttoned
the thin, white blouse.

Kathy was seated on the park bench when the attendants brought in  Mr.
O’Conner.  “Good evening, little girl,” the man said.

“Hello,” Kathy looked up from her Bible.  The man was in his mid-50s
with a huge belly and sweaty skin.  His breath stank so bad that it made
Kathy’s nose curl from ten feel away. And worst of all, he was naked
from the waist down and, even from a distance, she could tell he was
much bigger than Daddy.

I won’t have to do much acting, Kathy thought.  

“Tell me, young lady, are you wearing a chastity belt?” the man inquired

“Why, yes, of course. Why do you ask?”

“Oh, no particular reason.  May I see it?”

“Certainly, sir,” Kathy raised the plain skirt, then gasped when she
“discovered” her chastity belt was missing. She quickly tried to conceal
her exposed white panties.

“Oh, my goodness!  I must have forgotten to put it back on after gym
class,” Kathy said trying her best to imitate a chaste young thing.

“Then pull down your panties and lie down on the ground, little girl,”
the man snarled.

“But, but I’m going to be a nun.  Please sir, I really --”

“You heard me, young lady!  Pull down your panties and lie down, you
little prude,” he screamed, “or I’ll kill --”

Mrs. Potter zapped the lunging man with her stun gun.  “Now, now, Mr.
O’Conner, none of that.”

The sweaty man writhed on the ground. “When you’re ready, we’ll try it

“Okay, Kathy, when Mr. O’Conner’s recovered,  take it from where you say
‘I’m going to be a nun’.”

“Okay, Mrs. Potter” the wide-eyed girl said as the man rose to his
feet.  “Please don’t, I’m going to be a nun.  I really don’t want --”

“Take off your panties and lie down on the ground, you little prude, or
I’ll, I’ll --”

Or, you’ll what, Mr. O’Conner?” Mrs. Potter pointed the stun gun. 

“Or, I’ll, I’ll call the police.”

“Very good, Mr. O’Conner!” Mrs. Porter applauded.  “Very good! You may

Late for Dinner
Chapter 10: Tres Chic

“You’re really a good actress,” Mrs. Potter was wiping Mr. O’Conner’s
sperm from Kathy’s tear-stained face.  

“Thanks, I guess,” the girl sobbed.  The session had gone so well that
the patient had been allowed to repeat the exercise three times.  

“He’s really making progress.  Who knows, you may find him waiting for
you after school before you know it,” Mrs. Potter teased as she helped
Kathy remove the last shreds of the school uniform.

“That would be ... great,” Kathy stammered, “just, just great.  I’ll
keep an eye out for him.” 

“Now, hop in the shower and we’ll get you ready for the next patient.”

“Yes, Mrs. Potter,” Kathy walked unsteadily toward the shower room.

The sex therapist had a blue business suit laid out when she emerged. 
“This time, you’re a sexratery. Doesn’t that sound like fun?”

“Sure,” Kathy said warily as she slipped on the black stockings.  

Kathy was pleased by the conservative young business woman that looked
back at her from the room’s full-length mirror.   

Mrs. Potter had pulled her hair up off her neck and added a pair of
glasses to give her a more “serious” look.  

The short navy toreador-styled jacket framed her budding breasts which
were linked from nipple to nipple by a simple gold chain.  The matching
micro-skirt was just the right length; barely covering her when
standing, it glided up easily to bare her bottom when she bent or sat
down.  A simple black garter belt held the dark stockings in place three
inches below the skirt’s hem.  The five inch spiked heels of the shiny
black mules gave her legs a very lady-like arch.

A long white scarf around her neck added the final touch of elegance to
the impeccable outfit.

Tres chic! Kathy thought.

“Just remember, you’re interviewing for a sexratary’s job. You have to
convince him that you’re willing to do anything to please your boss,”
Mrs. Potter instructed.  “Anything,” she repeated for emphasis.

“Okay, Mrs. Potter,” Kathy said hesitantly as she applied hot red
lipstick.  “I’m ready.”

Mrs. Potter lead Kathy into another therapy room, this one was decorated
to look like an upscale office.  The patient was seated at the desk, but
rose when the women entered.

Mrs. Potter did the introductions, “Mr. Barnes, this is Kathy, she’s
interested in the sexratary’s job. Kathy, this is Mr. Barnes.”

“I’m pleased to meet you,” said Mr. Barnes smile that melted a young
girl’s heart.  “My, you are a charming young lady, I may just have to
ask your parents to sell you to me when I get out.”

“Oh, gee, I don’t know what to say,” Kathy stammered and blushed like
the school girl she was.  She couldn’t take her eyes off the gorgeous
man and her swelling womanhood was making its interest known as well. 

“Now, Mr. Barnes, we’re here to help you learn proper employer-employee
relations.  Remember, I have my stun gun and Kathy has a little ... uh
.... surprise if you lose control,” Mrs. Potter cautioned.

“I understand, I’ll do my best,” the tall man with sandy hair replied
with a flash of white teeth that was almost blinding.

“Kathy,” Mrs. Potter turned to the swooning girl, “do you need anything
before we start, maybe some lubricant?”

“No, no, I’m all ready to go,” Kathy hoped she wasn’t drooling.

The session began.  Kathy entered the room and shook Mr. Barnes’s hand
then gave him her “resume.”  She demurely lifted her skirt with both
hands and stood silently as he looked over her job history and other

“Very good, Miss, very good,” Mr. Barnes said as he laid the resume on
his desk.  “You scored well on your office skills tests and you’re
references all say that you’ve repeatedly performed satisfactorily in a
variety of difficult positions under a number of demanding supervisors.”

“I do my best,” Kathy blushed again.  She wondered if Mr. Barnes could
smell the hormones flowing between her legs.

“I’d like to examine your oral skills, if you don’t mind,” Mr. Barnes
said as he unzipped his pants and rolled his chair back from the desk.

“Why, certainly,” Kathy knelt and gently reached her hand into his

She pulled out the prize and was delighted to find that -- like in the
story of Goldilocks and the three bears -- while some are too big and
some are too small, this one was just right.

Kathy kissed the length of his shaft and licked it like ice cream, then
plunged the sweet meat into her mouth and began to suck rhythmically. 
She hoped his seed would taste as good as his private flesh.

It wasn’t long before Mr. Barnes exploded in her throat.  Kathy lapped
every tasty drop then looked up through her eyelashes.  “Was that okay?”
she cooed as he stoked her hair.

Mr. Barnes replied affirmatively then told Kathy to sit on his desk, lie
back and spread her legs.  She expected him to mount her, but was
delighted when, instead, he conducted an oral exam of his own.

What could possibly be so wrong with this beautiful man that it landed
him in the county home? Kathy wondered as the universe moved and her
thrashing knocked the final knickknacks off the desk.

“Oh, I’m so sorry,” she apologized as she surveyed the damage when she
finally returned to earth.

“That’s okay, I’m glad you’re enjoying yourself,” he reached up and
planted a surprise kiss on her lips. “Now, stand up and lean over the
desk,” Mr. Barnes commanded before entering the smiling girl’s sweetness
from behind.  

Kathy was so ecstatic that she didn’t notice the white scarf was slowly
beginning to tighten around her neck.

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