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WARNING!  This story is only for adults over the age of 18 and contains
Strong Sexual Content and Lame Attempts at Humor.
It is intended as a work of fiction for ADULTS only, and the author does
not in any way condone or encourage similar behavior even if it was safe
or conformed to the laws of physics. If you are under or over the age of
18 or reside in a state (or state of mind) that prohibits such 
behavior, stop reading this stuff immediately or you will never be
elected Speaker of the House!!!
Remember: DON’T DO THIS AT HOME!!!!!                      
copyright 1998 by M Quayle (a pseudonym)
All rights reserved. Do not repost or post without permission of author.

Late for Dinner
(Inspired by Farrell HUM19)

Daddy was very strict about the family being on time for dinner.  And
Kathy knew she was very, very late.  But surely Daddy wouldn’t mind,
just this once.

After all, it wasn’t her fault that her partner in sex-ed class took
forever to cum.  She’d done everything she could to get the boy to pop
before the bell rang, but it would have cost her a letter grade if she’d
asked him to take it out before he finished.

And it wasn’t her fault that the girl’s sex coach asked her to stay late
to help her find just the right butt plug to open up a particularly
petite freshman or that she’d had to hold the screaming girl down as the
coach worked the starter plug into the little virgin’s resisting bottom.

And surely Daddy would understand that she just had to stop at the
beauty shop to get her pussy waxed for mother/daughter night at the
Junior League’s charity brothel.

And Mommy had asked her to pick up some extra strength nipple clamps for
little sister Becky’s masochism class.  

No, surely Daddy wouldn’t mind if she was just a little late.  After
all, the nice man at the store had cut five dollars off the price of the
clamps just for giving him a blow job.  That was so sweet!

She could still taste the store keeper’s seed as she ran up the
driveway.  Daddy was standing at the window.  He was holding his whip
and looked mad.

“Young lady, where have you been? You’re late for dinner,” he said
sternly as she entered the house.

“I’m sorry, Daddy, I had to...”

“No excuses, young lady.  You know the rules.”

“But, Daddy.”

“Don’t ‘but Daddy' me, Kathy,” he said taking her firmly by the hand and
marching her into the family room.  “You’ve been warned enough, tonight,
I’m going to punish you.  Now, get undressed.”

“Yes, Daddy.” Kathy wondered what her punishment to be.  She hoped she
wouldn’t get another crushed ice and jalapino enema or have to “marry”
the family’s German shepherd, again.

She didn’t have to wonder for long.  A large silver dildo attached to a
solid wood stand stood at attention.  It was at least twelve inches
long, and much thicker than the largest cock Kathy had endured on her
way to winning three consecutive awards for tightest pussy at her

“This was Grand Dad’s,” Daddy pointed at the dangerous-looking phallus. 
“I found it in the attic this weekend and thought it might come in

“Now, get out of that dress and get ready to ride.”

“But Daddy, it’ll kill me!” Kathy began to cry.

“No it won’t, honey,” It was Mommy’s voice, “but it will bruise your
ovaries. Daddy tried it out on me this afternoon and mine are still
throbbing.  I’m afraid we may still be in pain when we go to Junior
League, sweetheart.”

Mommy proceeded to rub the silver phallus with lubricant.  “I got this
sample in the mail today.  It has a special ingredient to induce
menstrual cramps.  Doesn’t that sound like fun?”

As she pulled her sheer mini-dress over her head, Kathy could see her
little sister holding a coil of rope.  Becky made a face as her brother
lifted her plaid skirt and began to work his way into the freckled
girl’s unlubricated back door.

“None of that, Billy,” Mommy corrected.  “Use the rest of the
lubricant.  No use letting a free sample go to waste.”

“Oh-kay, Mommy,” the boy mumbled.

Kathy could tell it was going to be a very, very long night.

Late for Dinner
Chapter 2: The Junior League

Kathy jumped in the car as soon as it came to a complete stop in front
of the school.  “My, you’re excited,” her mother smiled.

“It’s Junior League night, Mommy!” Kathy exuded as she kissed her

“Oh, I almost forget how much you’ve been looking forward go going to
Junior League with me,”  Mommy tried to act interested while stifling a
yawn.  After all these years, her charity work had become a little ...

Perhaps having Kathy as a partner would liven thing up, she thought. 
After all, her daughter was a straight-A sex-ed student and three time
winner of the school’s tightest pussy contest.  And the Sanders raved
after winning her for a weekend in the pep club’s raffle.  

Maybe the kid could teach the old lady a few tricks, she chuckled to

Becky was euphoric.  She was finally going to see mom in action with
someone other than Daddy or her little brother Billy and his pimply
friends.  Maybe someone would even, dare she hope, “make” them do it
with each other.

“Can we stop at the costume shop and get matching outfits, Mom?”

“I’m not sure what the theme is.  Gladys said it was ‘French maid’
night, but Phylis said the committee had a last minute request for a
special fantasy from one of the big donors, so I don’t know.

“Anyway, we have a ton of matching outfits at the clubhouse.  We’ll look

“Okay, Mom.”

“Oh, I almost forgot, how’s you’re pussy feel?  You were on Daddy’s new
dildo for a long time last night.”

“I’m a little sore. But we did gang bangs in class today and it was
okay.  Anyway, I can’t wait to try that Spanish fly cream you’re always
blissing out about,” Kathy teased.

“They don’t always let us use that, Dear.  Sometimes the customers are
in the mood for something a little ...  different,” Mommy’s voice
trailed off.  She didn’t want to scare her daughter, especially after
she had spent the previous evening impaled on a silver phallus twice as
thick as her father.

“How was that new lubricant? Did it really give you menstrual cramps?”

“Couldn’t you tell, the way I was screaming before I passed out?” Kathy
giggled, then added seriously, “they won’t make us use that stuff
tonight, will they?”

“I doubt it, it was just a sample I got in the mail.  And, after all,
you were late for dinner, young lady.” 

“I know, Mommy. I’m sorry.”

The Junior League’s charity brothels were always a mob scene, with
hordes of men, boys, and couples anxiously waiting to buy a piece of
“the high price spread.”  But the money they raised was used to pay for
breast augmentations and plastic surgery to improve the lot of plain,
underprivileged girls who otherwise might not be able to make a living
with their bodies.

“What’s Becky doing tonight?” Kathy asked as they pulled into the
parking lot.

“Oh, she was so cute.  She came into the bedroom while I was waxing my
pussy, put her hand between my legs and cooed ‘oh, Mommy, you’re so
smooth’.  Then she asked ‘can I come with you and Kathy tonight?’ in
that pouty little voice of hers.”

That little cunt, Kathy thought.  How dare her little sister feel up
Mommy before she had a chance to make her move!  Kathy hoped there was
some of that new lubricant left, because she was going to give the
freckle-faced brat a fist-full when she got home.

“What did you tell her?” Kathy tried not to hiss.

“Well,” Mommy chuckled as she parked the car and turned off the engine. 
“I told her she wasn’t old enough to be turning tricks yet and promised
her we’d do a girls-only night with just the three of us next weekend.”  

She put her hand on her daughter’s thigh, then leaned over and gave the
surprised girl a deep, French kiss.  “Won’t that be nice?

“Anyway,” Mommy freshen her lipstick, “Daddy’s going to give her a ride
on his new dildo tonight to help her get ready for her masochism final.

“Oh, did she tell you she’s going to play the lead in the school’s
production of The Story of ‘O’?” Mommy chirped as she opened the car

“Wait  a minute, a red-headed ‘O’?  ‘O’ was a dark-haired French girl?”

“Some hair dye and stage makeup and your sister will do just fine. 
Anyway, she won’t have to act during the anal sex scenes -- she hates it
as much as you and I do.”

“God, I know.  And our ‘dear’ brother just loves doing it to her just to
hear her scream.”

“Your Daddy’s the same way.  Did I ever tell you he didn’t even put it
in my pussy until a year and a half after he bought me?”

“Mommy!  Really?  Wasn’t Daddy your first?”

“Uh huh, I was a year younger than Becky.  My parents died in a car
crash.  They didn’t have insurance, so the court took me out of convent
school and put me up for auction.  I was so lucky.  Daddy may be strict
and his dick hurts like hell, but he takes good care of us.”  She opened
the door and groped her daughter’s pert ass as they went inside.

Kathy giggled.  “So, if Becky’s in the saddle, what’s Billy going to

“He’s going over to the Johnson’s.”

“But Mrs. Johnson hates him because he always pees in her mouth when she
subs for his sex-ed teacher.”

“I know,” Mommy said with a sigh. “ But Carol’s been very bad, so Mr.
Johnson’s giving her to your brother for the weekend.  He went all
around the neighborhood this afternoon collecting everyone’s lubricant
samples.  He was getting Grand Dad’s old branding irons out of the attic
when I was leaving.”

“Ouch! Poor Carol.”

“It serves her right,” Mommy said with a little snip in her voice. “She
can’t seem to get it though her head that boys will be boys.”

They were at the registration table. “Now, Kathy, you do realize that
once we sign in we can’t change our minds.  We belong to anyone whose
willing to pay and for us and we have to do everything they say, no
matter what.”  She pressed a finger against her daughters lips, then ran
it down her chin and between her breasts.

“Yes, Mommy,” Kathy was delighted by the attention. Mommy was always
timid and subservient with her father and submitted passively when Billy
and the neighborhood boys decided to play.  This new, aggressive side
was interesting indeed.

Kathy fondled Mommy’s breasts.  She wanted her and she wanted her now! 
Surely someone would want demand to see the two gorgeous look-alikes
make love to each other, especially since they were already hunching
like a pair of sex-starved lesbians.

They were in the main room now.  Several girls Kathy knew from school
were there with their moms.  She even saw Kim, the little virgin she had
held down yesterday while the coach inserted a starter butt plug into
the freshman’s resisting ass.  

It was announced that Kim’s dad had donated her and her equally petite
mother for the door prize -- some lucky ticket holder would get to take
the tiny two home for keeps.

“May I have your attention, ladies.”  It was Phylis, the madam for the
evening.  “I have a very exciting announcement.”

The room hushed.

“One of our favorite civic clubs has purchased all of you for the entire
night for $100,000!”  The room erupted in wild cheers and applause.

“I want to thank the ladies and gentlemen of Titan Club for their
generous donation and know you’ll everything possible to make this a
memorable evening for everyone!”

“Oh, no, not them!” Mommy went pale.

“What’s wrong, Mommy?”

“That’s Grand Dad’s old S&M club.  The one that turned down Daddy.”

“Turned down, why?”

“He’s not big enough!” Mommy cried.  “Grand Dad’s dildo is the Titan’s
emblem.  Men have to be at least that big to even apply for membership!”

“What do women have to do?” Kathy gulped.

“You don’t want to know.”

As always, Kathy tried to look at the bright side.  “Maybe it won’t be
that bad, Mommy.  Didn’t you tell me that with enough Spanish fly cream
in your pussy you could take a horse?”

“Well, that’s right, but --”

The madam cut her short. “And the Titans have requested we all use a
brand new lubricant tonight.  You may have gotten a sample in the mail
this week.  It has a special ingredient that gives you menstrual
cramps!  Doesn’t that sound like fun?

“So, mothers, help your daughters into their black stockings and garter
belts, slip on your high heels, and snap on those nipple clamps.  Then
line up to be fitted for slave collars, and wrist and leg irons.  Does
anyone need a last minute waxing or enema?

“Come on, Junior Leaguers, let’s have some fun!”

Kathy and Mommy bolted for the door.  Their escape was blocked by four
security guards.  The unsmiling men reminded them that if they failed to
live up to their agreement they’d spend the next ninety days servicing
trustees at the county jail.

Late for Dinner
Chapter 3: Party Poopers

Someone was groaning.  The muffled sound woke Kathy.  She moved to wipe
something from her eyes and realized her arm was asleep and was stuck in
.... something.  She tried to pull free and -- there was that sound
again! It was Mommy’s voice and Kathy’s arm was buried up to the elbow
in her ass!

She wiped her eyes clean with her free hand and took in the scene: it
was morning and they were still chained to the bed in their room in the
Junior League brothel.  Mommy was blindfolded and there was a ball gag
in her mouth.  Her face caked with dry cum, her breasts covered with
cigarette burns and teeth marks, her butt criss-crossed with red

Kathy tried to withdraw her fist, but Mommy’s grip was too tight.  All
it did was make her groan, again.

“And how are you ladies doing this morning?”  It was Phylis, the Junior
League’s acting madam.  

“Not too good,” Kathy stammered.  “My arm’s caught in Mommy’s ass and I
can’t get it out!”  

“Oh dear, that is a problem.  She must be having a muscle spasm,” Phylis
said as she undid the gag, unleashing a long, low moan followed by
coughs and gasps for air.

“We’ve got to get her to relax, Kathy, or,” Phylis tried unsuccessfully
to choke back a giggle, “or, you’ll go through life with a life-sized
hand puppet.” 

“Phylis, you’re a bitch,” Mommy spat, trying to catch her breath.  “This
is serious!”

The doorway was beginning to fill with laughing Junior Leaguers and
their daughters.  Flash bulbs popped and video cameras rolled.  “I can’t
wait to tell my husband, this is so funny,” someone cackled.

“You’ve got to relax, dear, or it won’t come out.”

“I hate anal sex and that’s all those sons of bitches wanted to do last

“That’s only because you ladies tried to run away.  Otherwise, you
wouldn’t have had to entertain all those big ol’Trojans with your little
poop chutes,” Phylis scolded.

“Yeah, thanks to you two, my daughter only got to give one blowjob and
wasn’t whipped once!” A woman at the door snapped. “Party Poopers!”

“That’s right,” said another.  “If you two hadn’t passed out, the rest
of use wouldn’t have gotten any attention at all.”

“You ladies go on, get out of here,” Phylis shooed the Junior Leaguers
away.  “Kathy, how can we get your mommy to relax?”

Kathy thought for a minute, then said “I’ll take care of it.”

Kathy began to stroke the impaled woman’s pussy, “don’t worry, Mommy,
everything will be okay.”

Kathy buried her face in Mommy’s womanhood, its dryness soon gave way to
a flood of ecstasy. She used her sex-ed training to turn the groans of
agony into screams of delight.  Then -- pop! -- out came her arm.

“There we go, all better,” Phylis chirped.  “Now, you girls get your
clothes on.  The party’s over.”

Kathy kissed Mommy tenderly on the lips.  “Let’s go home, you old Party

Late for Dinner
Chapter 4: Kathy’s Quiet Afternoon

The class field trip to the sex toy factory ended early and Kathy was
home at least an hour ahead of normal.  No being late for dinner
tonight, she thought.  She just hoped she could slip up to her room and
try out her free samples before the family knew she was there.

She saw the bicycles of the neighborhood boys in the front yard, so she
knew Mommy and brother Billy were busy upstairs.  She slipped off her
high heels as she came through the front door and tiptoed in on stocking

Kathy heard the rhythmic thump thump thump of her parents’ bed and
Mommy’s nurturing grunts as the boys took their tuns.

Then she heard her sister Becky’s familiar scream.  She was in the
basement playroom with Daddy.  He was probably helping her cram for her
masochism exam.

She padded silently into the kitchen and eased the refrigerator door
open.  A soda would taste good while she tried out her new vibrator!
Kathy’s short skirt rose to expose her smooth, bare bottom as she leaned
over to reach for a cold can.  Suddenly, she felt a wet nose sniffing
her moist honey pie.  Oh, no, the dog was in the house! He’d caught her
scent and wanted to play!

What to do? If she moved away, the German shepherd would start barking
and it would be off to the basement with Becky or up to the bedroom with
Mommy.  So she stood still, hoping it was just a friendly sniff and not
a prelude to a more intimate encounter.

She remembered last Thanksgiving when the dog got stuck in cousin Suzy
and drug her around and around the house.  Kathy had laughed as hard as
anyone, but she wasn’t really in the mood today to become the subject of
another funny story for the family dinner table.

The sniff was followed by hungry licks.  The big black and blonde dog
was definitely on the prowl.  He suddenly jumped up, wrapped his paws
around Kathy’s waist and drove her to her knees.

Kathy knew Daddy would be upset if she didn’t give his prized pooch the
prize he wanted.  But, if she moved quickly when the canine came, she
might be able to keep from getting hung on his curling cock.

But she hadn’t counted on how good the doggie’s dick would feel.  She
soon dissolved in a puddle of pleasure and only snapped back to reality
when she felt him spunk inside her.

Now, it was too late.  The cock was twisting and the dog was yelping,
trying to pull away.  Kathy was about to begin yelping herself when a
sudden blast of cold water broke the dog free.

Kathy looked up through dripping hair and saw her little brother
standing there with a bucket.  “Hey, what are you doing home?” he asked
as he helped her to her feet.

“I was just --”

“Mommy wants you to help her,” Billy mumbled as he pulled the still
sputtering girl toward the stairs.

Oh well, so much for my quiet afternoon, Kathy though as her brother
yanked off her skirt and pushed her down on the bed.

Late for Dinner
Chapter 5: Grand Dad’s Call

The phone was ringing.  It woke Kathy.  She was on Mommy’s bed in a
tangle of women flesh.  Her face was nestled between Mommy’s thighs,
little sister Becky hugged  her knees.  Girls-only night had been a lot
of fun, just the three of them cuming and kissing and cuming again.

“Hello,” she said sleepily.

It was Grand Dad, “hello, yourself! Is this Becky or Kathy?”

“Hi Grand Dad, it’s Kathy.  How are you?”

“Doin’ just great!  How’s my little grand daughter?”

“I’m not so little, I’m almost ---”

“Say, is your Dad home?”  Grand Dad was always in a rush.

“No, he and Billy went hunting for a new house slave last night.  I
don’t think they’re back yet.”

“New house slave?  What happened to that little black-haired girl we
caught last spring?”

“Oh, she ran away.  The police are still looking for her.”

“Ran away?  What happened?  Billy try to brand her or somethin’,” Grand
Dad chuckled.  “That Billy, he’s a handful.”

“No, I told her I was going to use her to practice for my fisting test 
and she disappeared.  The police say her family is probably hiding her
in poor town.”  She still remembered the evenings she’d had to help
Daddy fish the ungrateful girl from under the bed in her cell when she
didn’t want to play hangman or pin the tail on the domestic.

“Good grief, you give some unfortunate a break, bring them into your
home then get all huffy when you treat them like family.  I don’t know
what the world’s coming to.

 “Say, is your mom there?  Put ‘er on, would ya.”

“Just a minute.  Mommy, it’s Grand Dad.”

Mommy wiped the sleep from her eyes as she took the receiver.  “Hi, Dad,
how’s everything on the island?”

Her face grew serious as she listened to his reply.

“It was just -- I wasn’t expecting -- ” Mommy sounded defensive.

“All right, we’ll pack and come right away.  I won’t forget.  I’m sorry,
Dad.  Good-bye.”

Mommy hung up the phone.  She looked pale.  “I’m afraid Grand Dad’s a
little upset over the scene we caused at Junior League.”

“Oh, no!  How’d he find out about that?”

“The story was on the front page of the Trojan newsletter.  He says
there’s even a picture of us asleep with your arm up my ass.”

“We weren’t asleep, we were unconscious. Remember?”  Kathy balked.

“None of that, young lady.  He says our trying to run away was the
result of your father’s lax discipline.”

“Mommy, you have to be kidding!”

“I’m afraid not.  He’s rearranged his schedule so we can spend the next
two weeks in his personal dungeon.”  She looked down at her breasts, the
teeth marks and cigarette burns were just now starting to disappear.

“I’ve never been with Grand Dad.  Daddy always says I can’t ‘cause he
plays too rough.”

“He’s national president emeritus of the Trojans.  You don’t earn an
honor like that by being weak,” Mommy corrected.  

“But what about school?” Kathy whined.  “I’ve got --”

“Don’t worry, you’re Grand Dad’s already called the school.  You can
make up your sex-ed assignments when we get back and you’ll get extra
credit, kind of like a field trip.”  Mommy was trying to sound positive
and soothing, but she couldn’t shake her misgivings.

“After all, we did try to run and, and its an ... an honor to be
instructed by a professional.  Do you realize the President sent his
daughter and the First Lady to Grand Dad when they refused to entertain
the King of Siam’s race horses?”

“Of course, we watched the documentary in our contemporary issues
class.  After Grand Dad finished with them, the First Lady and the First
Daughter did those horses like they’d been looking forward to it all
their lives.”

“Yes, Grand Dad is a hero.  So, let’s do our duty and get packing.”

“Okay, Mommy,” Kathy just hoped she wouldn’t have to do anything that
would keep her from winning the school’s tightest pussy contest for a
fourth consecutive year.

Late for Dinner
Chapter 6: The Hunters Return

Grand Dad called again an hour later.  He was really sorry, but he had a
big government job come up at the last minute and he wouldn’t be able to
schedule Kathy and Mommy until the family came for Thanksgiving.

Kathy breathed a sigh of relief.  She wouldn’t miss class after all,
even though it meant giving up extra credit.

The boys came up the drive around noon.  The hunt had not gone well.

“Man, it’s a mess out there,” Daddy yawned. “We tried out a half-dozen
girls at the auction house, but none of them had what it takes.  So we
went over to poor town and did some trading with the natives.  

“Had us a good one, too, until Billy let down his guard,” Daddy said,
swatting the back of the boy’s head.  He was tired and dirty and not in
the best of moods.

“I’m sorry, Dad.  How’d I know she was going to hang herself?” the boy

“Son, never let a slave girl out of your sight until she’s trained
unless you tie her securely first.  Anything else and you’re asking for
trouble,” Daddy shook a tired finger in Billy’s face.

“Sure left me cold,” Billy mumbled.

“I told you you wouldn’t like it.  They lose heat real quick once the
muscles start stiffening up,” Daddy flopped exhausted into his easy

“You boys just quit it.  These things happen,” Mommy soothed as she
brought in cold drinks.  “Now, get some rest and we’ll show home videos

“Hey, we haven’t done that in a while,” Daddy seemed to perk up.  “Grand
Dad sent a new copy of the ones he took on our honeymoon.  The kids
haven’t seen those.”

“Oh, honey,” Mommy blushed, “they wouldn’t be interested in those old

“Sure they would,” Daddy motioned Kathy and Becky to him and pointed at
his zipper.  “You girls take care of that and I don’t want to feel any
teeth this time.”

“Smooth as silk, soft as velvet, Daddy,” the girls chirped in unison.

Billy reached for Mommy, but Daddy put his foot down.  “Son, you just
did a dead woman.  Now, go shower and use some soap before you do your

“Yes sir,” the dejected boy mumbled and headed toward the bathroom.

Mommy tried to hide her surprise, “why, thank you, dear.” 

Maybe Daddy was too easy going, Kathy thought. Grand Dad would never let
a little thing like necrophelia come between a boy and his mother.

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