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I didn't write this story, the author is El Sol <>.
Please send him your comments.

I always thought this story would make a great little sex tale. But 
haven't found it on the net yet. So why not put my story, where my 
need to read one was. It didn't quite finish like I wanted it. 
It sort of staled out at the end. Well, there's always next 
Anyway, Merry Christmas. Email me if it hits the right groups. 
I like email, A LOT.

		"Thank You, Mr. Dickens..
			A Slightly Sexier Christmas Carol"
				By El Sol

Stave 1- Marley's Frustration 

Marley was  dead. Let's get beyond that  point, but make sure that you
don't misunderstand. The death  certificate was signed. A  factual, if
not much else, obituary had been published.

Old Marley was as dead as modern medicine would allow him to be.

Mind. Modern  medicine can do wonders, especially  when a rich  man is
willing to spend millions  of dollars to  delay the inevitable meeting
with his  Redeemer. Now, you might  be thinking "There's dead and then
there's D*E*A*D.  But when doctors, making  that  much money  from one
patient,  say he's beyond  the reach of  their money-grubbing hands, I
can emphatically assert the man was dead as a door-nail.

Ebon knew he was dead. Of course, he did. I  mean, Ebon and Marley had
been full partners for 5 years. Ebon was his CEO, the hand-picked heir
to Marley's business (even if it was  Ebon that made the business what
it was at  Marley's death), his only   friend, his sole  mourner. Ebon
wasn't really  very sorrowful at the sad  event though:  but he was an
excellent man of  business on that day but  probably only because  the
business was his alone now.

Oh yeah, that brings us  back. There is  no more dead than Marley was.
You must accept this or  you really won't be  able to go much further.
And there is ever so much wonder from here.  Let's face it if we don't
accept  that Hamlet's  Daddy is really   gone, then there wouldn't  be
anything all that great about  his being out  and about at night.  You
might  as well find  something remarkable  about six-year olds getting
dirty when you let them play around mud.

Ebon never renamed the company  even after being  told by everyone  he
should.   It stood as it was  even after Ebon  moved  them to a modern
office  building: Marley Security  Specialties. The firm  was known as
Marley's. Sometimes  high profile customers  called Ebon Ebon (if they
knew who the man behind the best Security consulting firm was), others
called him  Marley.  He didn't mind   either. Probably  even preferred

Oh,  but  he  was a workaholic   at the  grindstone. Working, shaping,
molding, finding  new niches for his firm,  traveling to be sure every
detail was    taken care  off when    many of   his  staff  could have
accomplished the job as well. Hard and sharp, that no competitor would
find merciful nor could they get ahead of him and his firm; secretive,
unyielding  to any challenge  business   or personal, an island   onto
himself. The  cold inside hardened his features,  his lips an unmoving
line, and  spoke commandingly  in a  voice echoing  the deep timbre of
drums. Snow prematurely flecked brown  hair,  ice-blue eyes showed  no
warmth to the world. He carried the hardness around him like a blanket
preventing  anyone from attempting   to cross that  barrier.  And  for
Christmas the blanket seemed thickened.

He ignored the elements. The sun  could not force the suit-jacket from
his shoulders, and the cold could not make him grimace. No winter wind
could cool a room  like his implacable stare,  no fire more  heartless
about its  purpose, no  tide less  carrying  of  who it  drowned. Foul
weather didn't know where  to have him. The  heaviest rain, and  snow,
and  hail and sleet  could boast only one  advantage over  him. If you
were  caught in  one  of them, the  warm  confines of your  home could
protect you. Ebon followed you inside.

Nobody ever looked at him across  a conference table and with gladsome
looks said "Mr. Razz, wonderful to see you.  When will you come to see
the  family?"  No charity came to  his door without a financial report
of the deductions  he would receive for   signing a check  to them, no
babies crawled to be taken into his lap. Even seeing-eye dogs appeared
to understand him, and moved their charges from his path  as if to say
"A runaway bus would  notice you under its wheels  more than this man,
my master."

But what did Ebon care. It was the very thing  he wanted. To tread his
way through  the crowded path of  life  if need be,  warning all human
warmth to stand  to the left or  right or be mowed  down, was what the
knowing ones call nuts to Ebonezer Razz.

Once upon a time - of all days not to be, on  Christmas Eve - Ebon sat
busy in his  corporate office planning the move   of his company  into
providing internet security. The windows at his  back were battered by
the cold, bleak, biting weather.  Through the open  door of his office
he could  hear the muted enjoyment of  his employees at the necessary,
if foolish annual Christmas office party.  The black clock on the wall
chimed three,  but outside the   dark  struggled to  douse the   light
shining from the building. From the windows could  be seen the valiant
battle other  offices lights fought  to bring  the gaiety of Christmas
parties to the darkening city.  The night  fought back with fathomless
dark that  obscured  sight giving other  buildings  and their lights a
touch  of fey.   To see  the black  clouds  lurking above, hiding  the
stars,  one would have thought that  Nature lived hard by, and birthed
something darker still.

Through the  open door, he  could hear the swelling  and ebbing of the
party; make sure  his personal secretary stayed at  her desk typing up
his most  recent   proposals.  Ebon  worked day  and    night, and his
secretary had to follow at his pace.  She couldn't slow down, for Ebon
never did and the stare Ebon gave when he  had to wait  for her was as
close to real anger from him as she ever  wanted to see. Wherefore she
squared her shoulders, and tromped along in a race she couldn't win or
even compete in.

"Mr.  Razz, I'm sorry. She.." came  over the intercom seconds before a
bright, if well-covered tornado exploded into the room.

"A Merry   Christmas,  Eb.  God keep  you."    cried a muffled  cheery
voice.  A voice that was the   torment of Ebonezer's  soul. His foster
sister, born after her parents had given him a home.

"Yeah." said Ebon softly, "Right." 

She had so covered  herself that it took  a comical struggle to unwind
the lengthly scarf from her face. Her clean complexion came into view,
as she slowly  defeated her adversery. The  heat of battle  flamed her
pretty face, and sparked in her blue eyes.

"Come on, Ebon." she said as she threw her defeated opponent down. "You 
might as well play the part to the hilt and shout from the rafters 'Bah..
Humbug." She laughed warmly taking in how he watched her. 

"Yeah...Right" said Ebon "Merry Christmas.. You have as little reason as
I do to be merry on that day.. more actually." 

"Come, then."  said  Brenda Rollins shaking off  the deep sadness that
swallowed the fire in her eyes for a long  moment. "What reason do you
have to be so  dismal. What reason do you  have to be so morose.. less
than me after all you're so rich most of MY friends want your number."

Ebon having no better answer and not wanting to see the sadness again, 
said, "Yeah."; and followed it up with "Right."

"Not even one.'Bah..Humbug.'" she said amidst a giggle; almost a ghost
of of a smile touched his face. "Can't you even try even for me?"

"No, Brenda."  the ghost fled, " I  won't celebrate  in remembrance of
your parents. Maybe there's  reason them to overindulge, or overcharge
your credit  cards on this holiday. I  won't stop you, or anyone else,
Bren.   I'll even  let them  throw  the Christmas Party and  give them
Christmas  bonuses so they won't  be asking for  advances come the New
Year's. I'll think hard  about your  Christmas  gift, because you  are
your parents' child. But don't ask more from me."

"But..Ebon." she almost pleaded as she had done for many years.

"No.", the voice  cooled  the room "Have  your  Christmas, sister, but
leave me to my memories of your parents."

"They were your parents too."

He nodded solemnly.

"But  I'm   not  your sister."   she   said  firmly and   then smiling
mischievously, "Not where it would count anyway."

"Leave it, Bren." Ebon growled, "That was  a mistake. It never did you
any good."

"Bah..Humbug!" she said in a strong voice. "That was no mistake. Maybe
you're right and I should be sad on the anniversary of someone killing
my  parents but it   is the anniversary  of some  of my best memories,
too..  My first bicycle and  how you taught me  to ride in two feet of
snow.  Remember  how you shoveled  for  three hours  to give me enough
space.  Both of us sitting between Mom and Dad in  church as I learned
that  Christmas wasn't about gifts.   That memory got me through their
deaths, Ebon. That they were in Heaven. Yeah! I spend too much, and so
do  a lot of people, but  you're  the only one  who doesn't  give me a
smile that says it was  all worth it. You know  what, that's okay too,
Ebon.  No Christmas  memory  is ever going to   compare to the one  we
share. So okay,  my.. our  parents  died on Christmas  but every other
memory is happy so 'Thank You, God.'"

The secretary standing at the  door gasped in wide-eyed wonder. Gasped
again, realizing her boss wouldn't appreciate an  audience and fled to
her typing.

Ebon stared at  his hot-blood  sister on the  edge  of showing emotion
that only she could raise in him. The muscles in his  jaw moving as he
struggled to hold everything inside.

She smiled innocently at him. 

"Come on." she said, "Don't be mad. Come have dinner at my place." She
bent  down to pick up  the scarf, bravely  moved to his side, grabbing
his arm she started tugging him toward the party.

He stood up and let her drag him towards the noise. 

"No, Brenda. I don't think so." 

"But why not?" she said as she passed the  secretary's desk and winked
at the typing woman. She moved toward circling the party to get to the

"Why? Why do you date that empty-headed blonde girl?" 

"Because it annoys the shit  out of the  only man I ever wanted..maybe
he'll  try to  save me from  boring  conversation. Plus she's great in

She   froze as what  she   had peeked  through  an  almost closed door
registered.  She took a step back, and in front  of him to see through
the crack. He looked over her head into the office  of his new head of
the computer security section.  The  man had  the office manager  back
against his desk with  his lower body. His  hands were  underneath her
skirt pushing   it  up so that  he   could caress the outside   of her
thighs. The woman had her  head back exposing a  wealth of skin at her
neck for him to nibble, lick, suckle. He  was taking full advantage as
the  occasional moan from   her accentuated an  especially pleasurable
touch from his mouth.

Ebon tried to move Brenda  past the door, but  she backed up into  him
and planted herself in place. He reached around her to close the door,
but she put  a  death grip on the  knob  and fighting her   would have
gotten the attention of the couple.

The man inside was good at his job, but was even better at getting the
best computer security  people to come work  for Ebon. Ebon needed him
for that, so allowed the man his liberties even at the office.

The woman inside pulled herself onto the desk. When the man pushed her
skirt high enough, she wrapped a long  leg around him, pinning him and
the  skirt. She began to  use him as a  living rubbing  post.  The man
didn't fight the motion but mirrored it. His hands pushed the skirt up
higher. They kissed frantically, the  pressure must have been building
for awhile. Ebon knew they had  an active flirtation going, but hadn't
heard  that it  had gone further.  The pace  they were using  to drive
themselves had all  the impatience of  new  lovers desperately wanting
the wonder of that first completion together.

The office manager brought  her hands around to  grab him by  the hair
and used   that to pull his  head  back  so  she could bite   into the
juncture of of neck, shoulder, and shirt. The man reacted as she meant
him to.  He started to  try to shove her skirt  out of the way, trying
madly to get to her core.

Ebon felt himself get  hard from viewing the  scene. He heard Brenda's
breathing  deepen    and  briefly  struggled     for  control  of  the
door. Brenda's grip  had  not softened and when  the  door squealed he

The office manager had had enough.  She put her  hands on the desk and
used them to hold herself off  the desk.  The man immeadiately grasped
the elevated  seriousness of the situation.  He  pushed her skirt past
her hips and  onto her waist, he  reversed the motion  this time using
his hands to strip her pantyhose  down. She let herself down, watching
him continue slowly down the incredible length of her legs. Ebon could
hear  her  ragged breathing  as the  man's obvious enjoyment heightned
hers. The head  of the  computer section   kept the pantyhose   moving
downward slowly, enjoying the unwrapping, taking longer  so as to gain
control of  himself. Ebon recognized the  deliberateness of the motion
for   what it     was.    The  man    wanted this    woman   satisfied
completely.  Finally, he pushed her   shoes of and took the  pantyhose
completely off her  body. As he  straightened, she held his eyes  with
her own. She reached out and pulled him between  her legs. They shared
a  slow grinding kiss that  promised an end  to a lot  of waiting. She
pushed  him away  and  started  working on the   buttons of  his dress
shirt. The   man had taken  off his  jacket and   tie, before Ebon and
Brenda had started their voyeur's adventure. The woman started running
her nails on  his uppper body taking the  same slow  pleasure that the
man had while removing her pantyhose. The head of the computer section
reached  between  them  and did  something  out   of  the view of  the
watcher's that propelled   the office manager    to the next step   of
anticipation.  He continued to work  furiously between her legs as she
started  to work on his belt  and slacks.  His  pants dropped suddenly
and her  hands   dived into  silk boxers.  He  hit the   next  step of
anticipation. She reached to his waist and  lowered the boxers to give
herself free access. He reached down to take another one of those slow
grinding kisses. They stopped for a  second as she whispered something
to him. He smiled beatifically  and reached for  an upside down coffee
cup on his desk. He   lifted the cup to expose   a single condom.  She
stared  at it for a  second and dug  a hand's worth  of nails into his
chest.  He smiled down at her and extended himself far enough to place
a bite between shoulder and neck. She reached over  to the condom with
one hand and tore it open with her teeth.

Ebon decided that was  enough. He put  his arms around Brenda,  lifted
and pulled her   back.  Her grip   on the door  worked  to  close  the
door. She started  kicking but stopped and  just dropped her back onto
his shoulder.  He put her down  slowly, stepping back quickly when she
made a slow carressing motion with her hips into his.

"But that was fun." she teased sexily.

"They   deserve a     little   privacy."   Ebon  said     purposefully
misinterpreting what she meant.

"Spoilsport!"   she   said pouting  her  lips  and  walking toward the
elevators. He sighed and followed.

She pressed the button and waited  pensively. The elevator arrived and
she stepped inside. She turned  around and pressed  a button. He stood
outside the elevator watching her.

As the doors were closing, her face broke into a smile.

"By the way, I didn't take my Christmas present from your desk so your
just going to have to bring it to me tommorrow."

He watched  the elevator doors close  and stood staring at the numbers
as they descended.  He  shook his head and  turned to walk back to his
office.  He considered  reprimanding   his computer section   head but
figured he would have to explain how he managed to be standing outside
the door.

He stopped at his secretary's desk. 

"Are the charity people still here, Ms. Cratchit?" he asked. 

"Yes sir. They're eating some of the party food."

"Ask them to come in."  He told her as he walked into his office.

A couple  of minutes  later    a man and  a    woman walked into   his
office. The two took a moment to study the  man behind the the desk as
he  stared out   into  the darkness  caught   in  a  rare  moment   of

Ebon turned the chair to face them and nodded for them to sit. 

The woman gave  one meaningful look  to  her partner, that  said quite
clearly that she would handle this. The man nodded.  They came to talk
to Ebon twice a year.

The first meeting  had been nearly disastrous,  it  was only the  fact
that the woman had come to understand very  quickly that for Ebon this
was strictly a business transaction that  had saved them from having a
big contributor find another charity. The man had thought to appeal to
to Ebon's  softer  side, and  when he  had been  rebuked had  tried an
eloquent speech  that did  nothing more than  try  to shame Ebon  into
giving charitably for the "right reasons". 

Ebon  had  sat    through    the  entire  speech  watching     the man
carefully.  Afterwards  had even  given the   man advice about  how he
should  control the raising and   lowering  of pitch to manipulate  an
audience better.  The man had  not taken  that well, but  took  Ebon's
asking for the name of some other institution that would deal with him
as he wanted to be dealt with even worse.

The woman who  had been the  junior partner when the  two came  in for
that occasion immeadiately  intercepted that movement. She started  to
discuss with Ebon whether he  wanted the publicity from his charitable
contribution to be aimed towards him or  towards his company. Ebon had
ignored  the man for  the rest of  the meeting while he discussed with
the woman exactly how he wanted things to be. By the end of that first
meeting it had been established that  the focus of any media attention
would be on Marley's Security Specialties, and that the woman would be
the one to deal with Ebon for as  long as her relationship lasted with
her charity.

The man came to the meetings as window dressing. 

The meeting went   smoothly and the the   pair walked out with  a very
generous payment for publicity rendered during the Christmas holidays.

Ebon remained  in his office  even after the  party had died down, and
everyone except he and his secretary had gone home.

Outside the windows, the clouds hung even more threateningly.

Ms. Cratchit finally  gave up on outlasting  her boss. She walked into
the office with the work he had wanted done for the  day. He looked up
from his work. She put the work down on his desk and stood back.

He nodded. 

"Will you need me tommorrow, sir?"  she asked trying  to keep the hope
that he would say no out of her eyes.

He sighed to himself. He turned the chair and tried to cut through the
darkness with a cold stare but it ignored him.

"No, Ms. Cratchit. I'll get whatever I need done by myself." 

She grimaced to his back as she realized that meant she would have not
only the 26th's worth of work to get  done, but whatever he managed to
produce on the 25th.

"Thank you, sir." She said squeakly polite. 

He nodded in dismissal. 

He sat still staring out the window after  she had gone. He was trying
to find a way to avoid visiting Brenda tommorow.  He knew he would not
be  able to control his disapproval  of her present  lover. It was not
that she was female, he cared  too little about the  rest of the world
to care about what it  thought was proper. It  that was that the woman
was malicious in a petty way. Maliciousness with intent was one thing,
but petty malice was a waste of effort by Ebon's standards.

He  packed several   things into  his  briefcase and   walked past the
janitorial staff on the way out  of the building without acknowledging
their existence.     They, on the other  hand,   watched him carefully
enough to be sure they were not on his way as he left the building.

It was bitterly cold outside and he made a quick decision on the way to 
his car. 

He drove to a small restaurant he frequented. No one  of the staff was
surprised to see him.  They sat him down where  he usually sat and the
the waiter took a quick order. Everyone  at the restaurant knew only a
select few  waiters were allowed  to serve  him. It  didn't have to do
with any preference on Ebon's  part. It was that  he tipped well  over
even a generous   amount as long  he  was served   efficiently with no
problems beyond the normal human control.

He asked the waiter if he could use the restaurant's phone for a local 
call. The waiter went to get the phone for him. 

He dialed a number from memory.

"Good afternoon?" a husky feminine voice.

"Hello, is anyone available?" Ebon  asked as businesslike as any other

"And who may I ask is speaking?" the voice asked.  


"Yessir. A few people are available. Any preference, sir." 

"Is Asa available?" 

"Yessir. At your domicile or should we have her meet you elsewhere?"

"My penthouse is fine." 

"The normal billing procedure?"


"A tip?" 

"The usual." 

"Thank you, sir."


"Goodbye, sir."

Ebon hung the  phone up. The waiter was  there to take  it out of  his
hand. Ebon ate without tasting his food. He  looked out into the night
trying not to think about Brenda's teasing but unable to stop.

He  finished,  paid   and walked out   to  his  car.  He    drove home
mechanically, still trying to avoid thinking of things  in his life by
not thinking of anything.

Suddenly  a luminicent shape floated out  of  the darkness and smashed
into his windshield,  dissipitating. He  had  turned the wheel to  the
right trying to avoid it but ducked as it hit the winshield.

"Jacob!?"  he exclaimed  as he  reacted  to  get his  car back  on the
road. The aparition had seemed solid enough. It had glowed slightly as
if from a distance, the fog it was made of had  a bright light shining
through it.

He shook himself as  he pondered what he   had seen. He looked  at the
rearview mirror.

The apparition had looked like his deceased partner, Jacob Marley.

He shook himself again. When he had to stop for a red light, he rubbed
at his eyes.

"Next,  I'll  be seeing   him   on my   door knocker."  he   whispered

"Oh, wait. I don't have a door knocker." he laughed for a second.

The light turned green  and he finished the drive  home. He parked his
car in  building parking lot, walked inside  and took the  elevator to
his penthouse.

It had been Marley's  penthouse but as with  everything else; Ebon had
inherited it.   It was  a large place  that had   plenty of space  for
decorating  but Ebon kept it  spartan.  The only distinctiveness to it
was that it was done completely in black and glass with surgical white
walls.  Every room followed the same austere, modern coloring from the
deep black  bathtub,  to glass top  on the  table next to  his bed. No
splash of color marred the entire place.

He removed  his coat and  put into the  closet in his bedroom. He took
off his suit and walked into the bathroom off from his bedroom to take
a quick shower.

He got out, put on a  black bathrobe and  mixed himself a drink in his
livingroom. He stared out into what little he could  see into the city
as he waited.

Few men and women in the  city knew the number  he had dialed and even
fewer could afford to use it often. Jacob Marley had introduced him to
it saying simply that some things you were better  of not fighting but
deflecting the  pressure worked just as  well. Discreteness  was not a
way life for the people on the other end of  the line, it was life. At
several thousand  dollars per visit they  had to ensure non-disclosure
no matter   what the circumstances. After   ensuring  himself of their
reputation, Ebon had made use of them in situations like tonight.

Brenda had teased him  but the damage was done  with the reminder of a
long gone Christmas night. The  spectacle of his computer section head
and the office manager had only added to the pressure.

The doorbell rang.  The agency's  discreteness was matched only by the
building  doorman's.   He called   ahead  to warn   Ebon  of  Brenda's
"surprise" visits but never bothered him  past the initial explanation
when a woman fitting a particular mold came to visit. It was of course
a   sign of the   amount  of money  that  Ebon  doled out for services
efficiently rendered.

He opened the door. The woman gave him a warm smile as he stepped aside
for her to walk in. She removed her coat and dropped it onto the couch. 
The movement spoke of understanding this man's need. 

She was asian. He had never found anything else about her nationality.
She was short with curves proportional  to her size. Most people would
not have looked her and  thought she was paid  thousands for what  she
did but most people could not afford to find  out why she was. She was
Ebon's choice at the agency  and rarely cared for  anyone to take  her
place. She was not beautiful, only slightly  above pretty. Makeup only
added a touch of false  class so she never  wore it especially when it
was Ebon.

He turned around she motioned for him to sit  on one end of the couch.
He smiled at the  efficiency of services rendered.  With one look, she
had understood his needs.

He moved to the end of the couch, sat down and leaned back against the
corner.  She was  wearing a black  mini-skirt and  top. She  hiked the
mini-skirt out of her way and kneeled  between his legs long enough to
undo the robe  and spread  it open. He  was already  semi-hard and the
immeadiate   full hardening when her    hand  encircled him told   her
everything else she wanted to know about what he wanted.

She moved away from him and as her body descended to  lie on the couch
on her stomach, she took him  completely into her  mouth at the end of
her motion.

He moved his  hips up trying to  drive deeper, she had  him completely
inside her but  moved her head up  to give his hips  room to move. She
had been here at times  when he wanted to take  his time, she had been
here at times  when he wanted  her  to scream in  the wild  abandon of
pleasure,  and she had been  here at times like  this when he needed a
vehicle for release.

She brought one hand up to caress his balls and ball sac. He was driving
and she allowed him to. 

He dropped his hips down to the couch, but she kept her head in place.
Only when he  did not immeadiately  plunge upward into her mouth,  did
she  move her head  to take him completely  out of her mouth. She held
him towards the top  of his dick to   allow her thumb movement  on the
underside of the head of his dick. She moved down to place small licks
on his balls. She used her forefinger to rub  against the underside of
his  crown. He reacted to that  so she moved  up  to take him into her
mouth, when she had him in place she took her hand off him and allowed
a full range of movement.

He   immeadiately drove  up  into her   mouth  and  dropped  his  hips
again. This time as he held himself away from her, she used her tongue
to bathe   the head of  his dick.  She felt  the bunching   of effort,
relaxed as he  drove into her mouth  again. This time he  pumped three
times before settling back down.  She waited to ensure he had stopped,
took him  in an inch ran  her tongue hard   against the bottom  of his
dick, took another inch,  repeated the tongue  action on the bottom of
his penis, took him another inch, the hard caress with her tongue, she
continued this until he was fully embedded in her mouth again.

She unwound herself from him, only to receive  a thrust into her mouth
from him  as he surged. She  waited patiently allowing  him freedom to
thrust in and to the edge of her mouth and back in again.

He started to press  up and moved onto  her knees leaning forward.  He
got up but continued to guide her back  with his dick still inside her
mouth. She  looked up at him  and he nodded  for her  to lay back. She
released him and moved   her legs around   and lay back with her  head
propped by a corner  cushion. He moved towards  her until his dick was
pointing at  her  mouth,  she   opened and received   him  inside  her
mouth. She got  as comfortable as she could,  reached up to rake nails
as far up his torso as she could reached.

Ebon dropped his back and began a slow delibarate in and out pace that
would carry  him slowly over the edge.  He wanted nothing more than to
thrust viciously but he  let her get used to  him being  completely in
charge of the pace.  She would use her  nails on his stomach and  rake
them  down  as if driving  the  pressure toward his  dick,  guiding it
slowly  where it could  get release into her  mouth. He  picked up the
pace  slowly, she moved her  tongue on him as  much as she could as he
withdrew  and accepted  thrusts  into her  mouth.  She reached  up and
fondled his balls  as his thrusts  became more purposeful and let  him
use her mouth to relieve his need.

He withdrew himself almost completely  out of her  mouth, and with one
final thrust growled as he buried himself into her mouth. She accepted
him that final  time, and started to furiously  work on the sensitized
head of his penis as he finished coming. He tried to move away but she
wrapped  her  arms around his   thighs giving  him  no movement except
forward  into her mouth.  He leaned   over  her, but she continued  to
overload the nerves  on the crown  of his dick.  He fought her but  it
only added to the sensations as she  had to continously adjust to keep
him in place. She continued   her licking, sucking, rubbing until  his
nerve-endings   shut down. She  felt   him relax above   her and  just
caressed  him  with her  mouth and tongue.  She waited  to see what he
would do now.

He climbed off  her and sat back  on the other end  of the  couch. His
breathing started to slowly even out. He didn't move so she got up and
walked to the nearby bathroom.

She came out moments later. Eye contact told her she could leave. She 
allowed him to assist her with putting on her coat and allowed him to 
walk her to the door. 

He closed the door behind  her. He walked to  the phone and dialed the

"Hello" a different voice not as husky as the previous one. 



"Everything was satisfactory." 

"We were happy to help." 

He hung up the phone knowing it would show up on  his next charge card
statement. He reached for his liquor glass and took a careful sip.

"That was beautiful." 

He  turned around as   the voice came   to him  from  the door  to his

He blinked. 

Blinked again. 

He  looked at his liquor glass  and at the door  to  his penthouse. He
looked back  at the  man he  refused to  believe was  standing  at the
entrance to his bedroom.

"No,  I'm  serious  Ebon. That  was  truly  beautiful.  Is she  one of

Ebon nodded as Jacob Marley, his dead, very dead partner walked toward
him.  He took a step back. 

Jacob wave his hand at him, chiding him for that step.  Jacob sat down
on on of the seats that matched the couch. He looked around the living
room before he spoke again.

"God, man. What's with the black and glass? Even I had enough class to
go for antiques."

Ebon sat down heavily  on  the couch. He  looked  at his liquor  glass
again.    He   shook  his    head  briskly     and  looked  at   Jacob
again. Incredibly, enough  the thought  that  Jacob  had never  looked
better flashed through his mind.

Jacob was  looking much better than  when he died or  any of the years
that Ebon knew  him. He seemed vital again.  Ebon could  not quite see
through him but  he  could make out the   black of the  couch  through

"Well, boy. You gonna continue fucking your life  up?" Jacob said in a
frustrated but still friendly voice.

"Fucking up? The business is doing much better than when you died."

"Ah to the hell with business. Well, not totally  to hell. I mean it's
a nice way to make money no matter what anybody says."

"And you certainly made a lot of it."

"Yeah, but not much of anything else." Jacob lamented.

"What's wrong with that?" 

"Well, I'm fucking here  talking to you."  Jacob replied. "That's  not
all too wonderful compared to the alternative."

Jacob raised an eyebrow slowly beginning  to accept the whole thing as
a hallucination.

"You don't believe I'm really here, son?" Jacob said suspiciously.

"Not at all." Ebon replied honestly.

Jacob laughed at that. "Too bad, kid. Cause I am and I got some shitty

Ebon leaned back waiting.

"You're fucking your life up according to the powers  that be. And I'm
suppossed to help you get a life." Jacob said.

"Get a life. I have a life." Ebon said heatedly.

"No, Ebon. You have  an existence, just like I  did." Jacob turned his
head but not  before Ebon saw  the  wave of sadness that  shadowed his

"What's wrong with  that? You did well  enough.  Look at you  now. You
look better than you ever did. You can't tell me that's too bad."

Jacob turned around and his eyes burning with pain. 

"That's the worst part."

Ebon waited not so sure it was all a dream again. 

"They let  you look into  the other side. They  let you see everything
that you could have had  if you had lived  and then they take it  away
and they let you go."

"What's so bad about  that at least you're not  on fire? If I have the
who they are part of this right."

"Yeah, I'm  not on fire. But  now, I'm alive  and I get  to watch life
pass me by as I did WHEN I was flesh."

"Pass you by?" 

"Yes, Ebon. I get to watch people live. I get to want to  be a part of
their life. I get to remember perfection. I get to remember love and I
get to watch it. But I can't touch any of it, ever."

"Hmm, I still don't see what's wrong with that."

Jacob  sighed quietly and stared at  the only person  he had ever been
close to.

"We weren't evil, Ebon. We just weren't good."

"I give to charity." Ebon defended himself.

"No, Ebon. You buy good publicity  for the company. You don't actually
give anything."

"What's the difference?" Ebon asked sarcastically.

"Living and  living like me." Jacob answered.   "You know I'm  not the
only one that gets to do this."

"I'm still not clear on what this is." Ebon replied.

Jacob shook his head,  "This is being  horny  like a 14 year  old boy,
being able to watch someone get what that woman just gave you and only
having  it build more.  You  can't  complete  anything on this   side,
Ebon. You just get to feel it build. Sometimes it subsides, but it all
comes rushing back the next time you walk into  someone having sex. It
all just gets to build and build, until you go crazy. Then you go sane
again, and find out none of the incredible pressure ever went away."

Ebon shuddered remembering what that had been like, being 14 and the 
mindless horniness that came with some physcial maturity.

"It's like that with everything. We can't ever escape that we didn't 
live life, Ebon. They make us continue to live the exact same way, but
they open up whatever that place in your soul it is that you hid what
the rest of the world should have been able to touch." 

Ebon sat quietly listening. 

"You know we can do anything."

Ebon shook his head again.

"Yeah, I walked up into the clouds one time and watched the sun that 
way, kept walking. Never got tired, only bored, and then I came back.
I think I could have walked to the sun. Imagine how long that would
have taken."

"You can't move faster."

"No. I can only move faster if I'm with someone moving faster than 
I can walk." 

"Why are you here, Jacob?" Ebon asked. 

"I told you. I have to help you get a life."

"Why you?" 

"I don't know, beyond the only one you know on this side that can
still interact somewhat with you." 

Ebon nodded.

"I guess I have to give you a real warning about what's on this side."

"You're not doing a good job."

"Can you see how much I hurt every now and then."


"How do you remember me, Ebon?"

Ebon froze.

"Yes,  Ebon. It's that  bad. Worse  even." Jacob  lifted his right arm
exposing his wrist encircling it was a rusty  bracelet. "It's the only
thing I can feel  physically. The weight of  my life and how worthless
it was to other people. Suppossedly when it gets lighter my penance is
being relieved bit by bit."

"Has it gotten lighter." 

A  tear seemed to  form and move down Jacob's  cheek as he replied, "I
don't know. I can't remember  how much it  weighed, ever. I don't even
know if it's true.  Maybe it's not, maybe it's  a hope they dangle  in
front of you   like everything else.  You  wait and   wait, hoping for
something that's never going to come."

Ebon looked away. 

"You have  to  change  son.  They  gave you  this  opportunity because
there's people that will  be here like  this if you don't move because
they needed you. They are more than happy to punish you, but not if it
means taking down everyone that needs you too."

"So how does one change? Give a little more to charity." Ebon smirked.

Jacob stared at him until Ebon looked away again.

"You'll be visited by three spirits."

"You gotta be fucking kidding me. What is this a remake of The Christmas
Carol starring Ebonezer? Does this have something to do with your name?"

Jacob surged up from the chair. 

Ebon stood up to face the challenge but Jacob just watched him.

"Three spirits, you know the deal. One at midnight, one at the stroke
of two, one at four. Change or live wanting to touch and being unable 
to. Change or watch the people whom you hid your soul from live like 
this with you."

Jacob waved for Ebon to follow. Ebon shook  his head but his legs were
moving. Jacob walked to the window and opened it.

He stepped up to the  sill and stepped into  air. As he did this,  the
window was hit  with a wave of painful  sound. It struck Ebon full  on
and he fell  to his knees  as the sound  washed through him. It was  a
chorus of uncounted millions crying incoherent sounds of inexpressible
sorrow,  self-accusation,  lamentation  and  regret.  It  was was  all
mindless.  Millions of souls driven to insanity  and beyond by viewing
everything they could have had and denied themselves.

Ebon  covered his  ears and  the sound  lessened,  not  because of his
hands. The sound lessened of its own volition. He could still hear the
loss but it did not attack him. He looked up at Jacob who was watching

"Three spirits, Ebon. Joke about it if you will, but  each is a lesson
about  the path back.  Learn  each one well,   you're not the only one
you have to bring back."

Jacob  then screamed  his own  pain  at  Ebon.  The  voices rose again
assaulting  Ebon.  His mind tried to  rebel  against the sound but the
emotions that battered at the  place he hid  his  own. He covered  his
ears again  but  they continued  mercilessly  driving  every  ounce of
sorrow, and pain into him,  driving into him,  digging for the core of
his soul.

He blacked out as the chorus reached the natural crescendo of touching
the living wound on his soul.

Stave 2- The boy in the past...

Ebon woke up  on the floor.   He had  the echo of  pain still floating
through his  brain.  He sat up slowly,  looking around. The window was
open, the cold of the evening taking advantage and entering his room.

He stood up carefully and walked the three steps to the window.

"No fucking  way."  He whispered  to himself as  he looked outside for
something he refused to accept he might see.

A heavy  bell from somewhere  in  the  night struck  eleven times.  He
turned around to  stare at his own  clock.  The thought that  he would
know the truth soon flashed through his mind.

He   reached out  to close  the   window, still   struggling with  his
disbelief.  He thought, and thought and thought it over; fighting with
his rational mind against  the echo of sorrow that  was dancing in his
soul. The  more he thought, the  more the confusion  built as the echo
became more noticable and the headache more pronounced.

He sat down on the edge of  the bed holding his hands  to his head. He
started screaming inside himself letting rage drown out sorrow.

Rage won, shouting down the accusation in the chorus of voices.

He lay back, determined to win a thorough victory. He resolved to wait
for whatever demons his mind cared to throw at him.

He was sure none of it was real anyway.

The alarm clock   woke him  up. He  smiled  before  opening his  eyes,
relieved.  He  opened his eyes  to  realize it was   still dark in his
room. He slept with the  shades open so his room  should not have been
so dark. He looked over at the alarm clock next his bed.

12:00 AM.

He didn't remember setting the alarm for that time.

The door to his bedroom opened.  His eyes snapped  to see who could be
opening the door; another demon had come.  A boy stood in the doorway,
just above the height   that said  he should  be  a teenager   but too
underdeveloped  to look  like one.   His  face  shone with  innocence.
Light brown  hair fell past  his shoulders as he  looked at Ebon.  His
eyes were  cloudy blue that spoke of  sadness for the things that have
come and gone. He stared at Ebon before he stepped inside.

"I expected a little more light." Ebon said as he stepped away from the 

The boy smiled which   suffussed his entire body with a soft light.

"Like that?", the boy asked.

Ebon sat down on the bed, and shook his head. 

"I'll take the non-nightlight Ghost of Christmas Past." Ebon said to the

The child laughed as the light around him died. 

Ebon stared at the boy for a second. He was dressed  in red shorts, with
bright green trimmings: an escaped elf from Santa's workshop.

The boy smiled again as if he could read Ebon's mind. 

"So you ARE the Spirit of Christmas past." 

"None other." the  Spirit answered. He  made a  leap across the  room,
over Ebon's head, and onto the bed. The Spirit  started a spirited bed
bouncing episode.

Ebon got  off the bed quickly and  turned to face the  boy. The boy was
laughing freely as he   sat down hard and  allowed  the bounce in  the
mattress to bring him to his feet again.

Ebon watched  him for a moment again,  before speaking. " I  forgot my
next line." he said.

"Long Past?" the boy giggled out. 

"Huh?" Ebon said confused. 

"You're suppossed to ask me if I'm  the Spirit of Christmas Long Past,
or  is it the  Long   Spirit of Christmas  Past."   the spirit took  a
powerful bounce and jumped towards Ebon.

Ebon reached out to catch him. The child looked with those sad blue eyes
into Ebon's own. The child wriggled and Ebon let him go. 

Ebon watched as the Spirit  began to pick up  different things in  the
bedroom and toss them aside when he saw  they were  things only adults
could be interested in.

"So are you?"

"Am I what?", the spirit said not looking at  Ebon but mischief lacing
his voice.

"Are you the  Spirit of Christmas Long Past,  or is it the Long Spirit
of Christmas Past?"

The child turned around, pulled his shorts from  his waist, and looked

"Well, not the Long Spirit.." he replied, "Not yet anyway." 

Ebon broke  into   a second's  worth  of laughter.   The child  smiled

Ebon stopped his laugh, and tried to look down at the boy.

"Your Christmas  past.", green eyes turned sadder as he approached Ebon.

"What?" Ebon asked. 

"I'm here to try to help you, Ebon. Not everything  that can help you,
but a small part."

"What part do you serve?"


Ebon nodded, trying to understand the cryptic remark.  

The spirit walked to the open window, and reached a hand back to Ebon.

"Do we really have to do the whole flying through the night thing? I'm
not really all that into heights without parachutes."

The spirit laughed, walked back to Ebon and took  him by the arm. Ebon
felt warmth spread to his extremities  as the child's hand touched him.

"You are going  to hold me  up right. No letting  go, and then  flying
down to catch me. 'Cause that's definitely not a thing to do."

"You weren't that type of child.", the Spirit replied.

The  child  stepped   up  to  and   over  the   sill.  Ebon   followed
absentmindely; trying  to figure out what  the child  had meant by the
last remark.

They  were soaring through the night  air,  before Ebon started to pay
attention. They moved  into  a low level   cloud.  On the the
other side everything below them had changed.  There were fewer lights
and none had the harshness of city night lights.

They came down onto a porch. 

"I haven't been here in a while." Ebon said quietly. 

The Spirit nodded. He pulled Ebon toward the door, and passed with him
through it. They should have entered into the  front hallway, with the
steps  to upstairs directly in  front of them.   Instead, they entered
the kitchen.

"Mom!"   Ebon exclaimed as  soon as he saw the  couple standing in the
kitchen of his old home.

"They can't hear you Ebon, or see you." 

Ebon stared at the  woman leaning against the sink.  He turned to look
at the man sitting down at the table looking up at the woman.

"You never called her  mom before."  the boy said  coming to  stand by

"Did you tell him?" the woman said walking to the oven. She opened the
oven door and looked at a sheet of Christmas cookies.

"Yes,  I did."  The man  replied  standing  up  and pacing  around the

She closed the oven door slowly, straightened up, but kept her back to
him.  Ebon  smiled  as he recognized  her  reaction to  having  to ask
questions she didn't want to.

"What did he say?" 

The man sat down and  looked at her back  before he replied, "He asked
if he would be moving out now."

Her head dropped. She reached around behind her. Her hand touched one
of the kitchen chairs and she collapsed into it crying softly. 

The man shot to her side, and started to stroke her hair. "It's not us,
babe. You know it's not us. His parents died a year ago... He doesn't 
understand... He's only six."

Ebon turned toward the door to  the living room.  He  knew it would be
open.  Not a lot, just enough for a six year old face to watch the man
and woman that had taken him in crying over his loss. He knelt down so
he could  look at the  face.  He remembered every emotion  and watched
them color his young face. The shock  that these people cried over him
when their own  child was going  to come into the  world, the guilt of
feeling for someone when he could still remember  his own parents, the
acceptance that his parents weren't going  to come get him; he watched
emotion fight emotion.

The door closed. 

Ebon knew the child would go up his room, and cry a last time for dead
parents before burying them in his heart.

"Come." the child said to Ebon taking his hands. 

"Wait!" Ebon said staring at his foster mother.

"No, Come!" the boy  insisted  dragging Ebon to  the door  leading out
into the living room.

They walked through  the door into  a spacious living room. Ebon  knew
they  were in  a  different time in   his  past. Memories flooded  him
threatening to overwhelm.

"NO!"  he  exclaimed  angrily.  He  ripped   his arm  from   the boy's
gripped. He turned  to walk back into  the kitchen but the door swung
open and he was beaten.

A teenage girl  walked through the door  carrying a small tray of cups
smiling at someone in the room. Ebon heart skipped beats as he saw the
excitement shining in her eyes. It was Brenda at sixteen.

He turned to  see himself at  23 sitting on the  floor in front of the
couch.   The  younger  version of himself  was  staring   at the tree,
unsuspecting of what his foster sister had planned for him.

Brenda sat  down next to the younger  Ebon putting the  tray up on the
couch.  She handed Ebon a cup. The  older Ebon smiled as he remembered
that first taste of alcohol in the eggnog.

The younger Ebon reacted as he remembered. 

"Bren,  what the hell did  you put in this stuff?"  he said, a hint of
laughter was in his voice as he took another careful sip.

"I thought you needed to  relax. I mean you've  been all studying  and
stuff."  she  whispered. The older Ebon  saw everything he should have
noticed at the time.  How she watched him  drink carefully (he had not
had much experience with alcohol), how she didn't  drink but only used
the cup to warm her  hands, how her breathing  had nervous hitches  in
it, the shining in  her eyes as her  decision solidified the  more and
more the alcohol hit the younger Ebon.

The scene blurred and  he knew that time  had  passed. He took  a step
back not wanting to  relive what was coming  but he felt a wall behind
him.  He turned to look  but there was nothing  behind him. He scanned
the room and saw the Spirit sitting on the  back of the couch watching
the two people on the floor.

Ebon looked down at himself  and Brenda. She had taken off the sweater
and was dressed in only  jeans and a  t-shirt.  He remembered his  own
surprise when he noticed she wasn't wearing a bra. His hands itched as
the old blast of pure lust hit him again.

Brenda reached up  and started  running  her hands along the   younger
Ebon's  face.   Ebon knew  what the  younger  version   of himself was
thinking. The alcohol  had fuzzed the  thinking process,  he had known
what was  happening but was rationilizing that  it was just a sisterly
touch, just holding onto that thought until it was too late.

And by then it would be too late. 

She started tickling him. That started  a wrestling match, he knew how
much she didn't like to be tickled so it was  a fight to make her stop
without retaliating.  She ended up on  top of  him, their faces inches

Too late. 

The  first  kiss  was a  tentative   touch  of lips,   a suggestion, a
hope.  The second deepened the  hope  into  prayer,  as long  built-up
pressure  came  out. Ebon  admitted to  himself  that  he  had  wanted
her. She had been  his in a  special way  from  her first day. He  had
protected her,  cared   for  her more   than himself  since  he  could
remember.  He had never loved  her as a sister,   this was what he had
felt for her.

The kiss deepened as tongues  fought to say  more than they could with
words.  The younger Ebon's hands came around to caress her ass through
her jeans.   The hands touched, cupped, became  more  insistent as the
clothing kept them  away from skin. Ebon pulled  the t-shirt from  her
jeans and let his hands run along her lower back. She started grinding
her hips into him.

The older Ebon saw what  he had denied afterward that  he had not hurt
her. She had wanted this, probably more than he had. He felt his knees
buckle. He sat down with his eyes frozen on the couple.

She disconnected their  lips long enough to take  the t-shirt off. She
was coming back down but was stopped  as Ebon brought his hands around
to hold her breasts.  His thumbs began a  light pass over nipples. She
groaned at  the intial contact,   and her  breathening deepened as  he
continued  the  pass. She gasped   as Ebon reached   up to capture one
nipple in his mouth and  applied gentle suction.  She grabbed his head
lending him support, needing him to  continue. He switched breasts and
she gasped at the assault of sensation from a different place.

Ebon knew what was about  to come; maybe  it would have been better if
it had been  more careful. He shook   his head, no nothing  would have
dimmed  the  guilt he   had  felt at betraying  his   foster.. No. his

The younger Ebon sat up holding Brenda in place and turned so she was 
on her back. He reached to her jeans undoing the belt, and buttons of 
her jeans in frantic motions.

Ebon shuddered as he saw the loss of control the younger man was going
through.  But he saw why  he  had been so  succesful,  she was just as
frantic  to remove her clothing.  It  was her who  started pushing her
jeans  and panties down her  thighs,  he started helping  but she  was
still the lead in that portion of her disrobing.

The younger man hesitated when she lay naked beneath  her. It was only
the older Ebon that saw the victory in her  eyes. The younger man dove
to the juncture  of her thighs, as the  older man remembered how badly
he had wanted to taste her.

The victory fled from her eyes, as pleasure  flooded her body from her
center. Ebon wasn't being careful or giving, he  was there for himself
to drink from her but the results were the  same. She had been waiting
since her first knowledge of the difference between  men and women for
him.  She gasped and  reached  down  to run  her  fingers through  his
hair. The  older Ebon watched her  face as lust continued to overpower
him. He remembered.

"Ebon!"   she   nearly  screamed   as she  went    over  the climax of
pleasure.  Her  toes flexed  attempting to make  themselves fists, her
hands  tried to get a  grip on the carpet,  her thigh muscles began to
vibrate as she reached the apex of sensation. She bit her lips to stop
from screaming but  as her eyes  rolled back she  couldn't control the
mindless chanting of her lover's name.

She had just begun   to come down  again when  the younger Ebon  knelt
between her legs using  his to keep them   spread.  He was  taking off
clothing as fast as he could. She had not completely drifted down when
he was naked with a rampant  erection pointing towards her. He reached
down to grip her just below one knee. He pushed her leg up and reached
with his other hand to get a grip on himself. He placed himself at the
entrance to   her pussy.  She gasped as   the  hard warmth  bumped her
clitoris, it  stopped her downward  movement from pleasure. She opened
her eyes to look  at him; her hands  moved to grab  him at his hips to
pull him into her. It was unnecessary, a small  adjustment had put his
dickhead in a position to open her pussylips with  the very tip of his
penis.  Her hands  touched his hips but the  forward movement into her
had  already  begun.  She  dug  her  nails in  as  he moved inexorably
forward. It was one  unstoppable thrust to  sink him completely inside
her. Her cry of pain jolted both the younger and older Ebon. The older
came  out of his trance  as guilt assaulted his  lust, but the younger
man  didn't understand.  His  eyes looked lost  as  he looked down. He
needed completion; of the act, of  every fantasy he wouldn't admit, of
love he  couldn't admit.  The  guilt was  enough to  buy her  a  small
reprieve to give her body time to accept  him.  She dug her nails into
his  hips and began to  slowly gyrate her  hips,  much faster than the
older Ebon  remembered.  He  remembered it  as a  small eternity where
every  part of his body wanted  to pull out and thrust  back in but he
had to wait for her.

The younger Ebon  pulled out  slowly and  thrust back  inside.  He had
wanted it   to last to give  her  pleasure beyond   what any  man ever
could. She had  different plans as nails scored  his side spurring him
faster.  He could have  held against that  but she started helping  by
moving her hips the  two inches that she  could  move them; trying  to
ride him from beneath. Ebon's head moved back  as he started pistoning
both of them into climax.

This time there was no loss of volume as she  screamed his name at the
beginning  of her  orgasm.  He leaned down   to kiss  her to  take her
screams into himself  as he exploded  inside  her. He ground his  hips
releasing  into her  body as her  arms  came around  him  to bring him
tighter against  her body. They lay shivering  in pleasure for  a long

The Spirit came to stand in front of the older Ebon blocking his view. 

Ebon stood up and  let the Spirit take him  by the hand. He refused to
look back at the couple intertwined as sleep slowly overcame them. The
spirit turned him toward the door.

Ebon felt them shift as they touched the door. The office party of his
first job. It had been a good experience. He had met one of the firm's
best client's Jacob Marley  at this party but  somehow he didn't think
that would be what he was here to see.

He saw her. 


Blonde   hair streamed down  her back  as her   blue eyes searched the
people for the only face that she would recognize here. He had met her
in their freshman year at law school. He had been  purpose but she had
been passion.  She defended every one of her beliefs with a passion he
could not match with cold logic. They had been friends but in the time
after his sex with Brenda she had become more. He still didn't know if
it had been  because  he wanted  someone between   him  and Brenda  or
because  he  had touched something  in those  few moments  and knew he
could have the same with this attractive woman.

"We don't have to be here." he told the Christmas Spirit. 

"Yes, we do, Ebon."

"Fuck!" Ebon said knowing what was coming. 

Sylvia finally found saw another  version of Ebon  in a corner talking
to Jacob  Marley. The two  men were  engrossed in  a conversation. The
older Ebon couldn't  remember exactly what; considering  what happened
he should have.

Sylvia walked towards them. The  older Ebon  followed  as if he  could
stop what was about to happen.

He watched  as she politely said hello  to Jacob but motioned for Ebon
to talk with her into the conference room.  The older Ebon was already
moving in that direction.

He was inside the room when the younger version of himself slammed the
door closed.

"Sylvia, what are you doing? I needed to talk to that man."

"Why? Is he going to fund  your first grab at  a million dollars?" she
yelled at him.

Both  Ebons turned to look  outside, but  noone  had noticed her voice

"Goddamit, don't yell! You know I hate that."

"So what?   Am I suppossed to   accept  that you  don't  have time for
anything but work anymore? That  you fucking treat me  like I'm like a
sex-stop on the way to your success."

"You  know  it's not like  that, Sylvia."  he said losing  some of his

"I know it's not like THAT, Ebon. But that's how you make it feel."

"If you know it's not like that, then what is this about?"

The older Ebon winced at the stupidity of that remark. 

Sylvia froze looking at him. The older Ebon  could see the pain in her
eyes.  The younger man did not.

"Why did you  cancel our  Christmas visit  to  your house?" she  asked

The older   Ebon nodded,  this  had been  the  one thing  she couldn't
understand.  The breakup  had been his  fault, but the last  straw was
not something he could have ever avoided giving her.

"I need to work on the 26th." the younger  Ebon said simply. The older
man watched as  the young  woman  searched for an  opening that wasn't
there in the younger man's face. His face had shut-out all emotion, he
stared back at her eyes that said nothing.

That gave nothing.

"You know it's over right."  she said as  tears started to fall out of
her eyes.

The face still gave nothing.

She nodded, squared her shoulders and  walked out of the room proudly.
The older Ebon watched her smiling that she had not left defeated even
though  he knew;  as  he had  known  then, that   she had truly  loved
him. They had both known  the relationship was collapsing, the younger
Ebon could not  give  enough. Neither   the older or   younger version
blamed her for leaving.

The younger Ebon stared out the window for  a few minutes. There was a
knock on the door.  Both Ebons turned  to the door. Jacob Marley stuck
his head and smiled.

"Women problems, son." 

The younger Ebon smirked confirmation.

"Well, here's as good a solution  as I know." Jacob  said lifting up a
bottle of Jack Daniels.

The younger Ebon smiled and nodded walking towards his future.

"That's the end of my painful Christmas pasts. We can go home now."

"No." the Spirit said. 

Ebon nodded, steeling himself for what was coming. 

The Spirit took his hand and walked him to the door. Ebon felt himself
shutting down inside.  This part he  did  not need to  remember, every
part was burned into his soul.

They walked through the door, and onto the porch of his parents' home.
They waited, Ebon saw the  police cars in front  of the house, that he
hadn't   notice at the time  of  the scene. He  turned to  look up the
street just as the taxicab  made the turn. It  stopped in front of the
home.  Ebon  stepped  out of   the cab,  paid and  started  up to  the
door. The older version remembered that he had been thinking about the
goals for Marley's firm  for the next  year. He rang the  doorbell, he
had his own keys but never used them out of respect for his parents.

The door opened and a tall black policeman was  stood staring at Ebon.
Ebon took a step back to look darkly at the uniformed cop. Brenda came
to the door.

"Ebon!" she cried before jumping into his surprised arms. They had not
touched since two Christmases ago. She started sobbing uncontrollably.
She  was gasping words between  sobs  but both  Ebons  only heard  the
important ones.


The older Ebon  shut his eyes in pain,  as Brenda fainted;  the assault
too much for her.  The  younger Ebon  fell onto  the porch,  his  eyes
empty again; the child inside resurged as a remembered pain was echoed
by his new life.

"We leave, now!" Ebon said to the Spirit. 

He turned  to confront the  boy, but behind  him  was his  bedroom. He
turned back to look at  the younger Ebon and Brenda,  but all he could
see was the other half of his bedroom.

He looked around the room.


He reached up to wipe  the tears that had bled  out of his eyes as the
loss of his second mother and father had come back.

He turned and lay on the bed. 

Stave 3 -- Three lost women in the present

The light woke him up. 

It was pouring from underneath the door to the living room. He thought
for a second to stay in his bed.

"Ebon!!! GET IN HERE!!" an exuberant male voice shouted from the other
side  of  the door precluding any  further  thoughts in not heading in
that direction.

He stood up angrily, stomped toward the door, and threw it open.

The  tableu  in front  of him nailed   his feet to   the ground him in
place. The light was coming from a massive  Christmas tree with lights
festooned on every  branch  and a  torch  beside a throne-like  chair.
There   were thousands of  gifts around  the  bottom of the tree. Ebon
thought that was impossible but he stopped counting at one hundred and
hadn't made a dent into  the stacks of  gifts they spread out from the
tree  in an ocean  of wrapping paper washing  over  every piece of his

He  looked to the chair to  see  a giant of  a man  sitting with three
sprite-like versions of   women    kneeling at his  feet.  They   were
attacking a  penis proportionally sized for a  man Ebon thought had to
top 7 feet without  a problem. The  sprites were wrestling the massive
dick from each other for an opportunity to lick  it. One won out for a
second    and managed  to get  the   head  in her    mouth, Ebon moved
unconsciously  to get a better  view and she tried  to impale her head
onto the penis.  He knew  it was impossible, so did  she but she tried
anyway. Her cheeks collapsed as she gave up and started suckling him.

Ebon looked at   the women  again and   realized  they weren't  really
tiny. Just  small for  women, but  beside the  man they  seemed  to be
children.    The  man  reached  down   with  one  hand   to   caress a
well-developed breast and as the one of the  women climbed onto him to
share a kiss, the other hand moved to cup her ass.

That left two  women at his dick  and they seemed  to  have decided to
share pleasures  instead  of fighting  over  them.   One had  begun  a
vigorous licking of the  man's ball-sac as  the other one treated  his
penis to the same.   They switched but this time,  a woman took one of
the man's testicles completely into her mouth as her companion did the
same to the bulbous head of the man's penis.

The third woman seemed  to have gotten  tired of just kissing, she put
one foot on one woman  and pushed her of the  man's penis. She did the
same to   the other woman.  She  straddled  the sitting  man,  reached
between them to place the huge head between her pussylips.

"Not  a  fucking chance!" Ebon  said as  he compared the   size of the
woman, and the man's cock.

She was determined though.  She hyperventilated and pressed inexorably
downward, her pussylips spread obscenely, as she dropped her head back
and gasped in a mixture of pain and pleasure. She held each millimeter
she gained  for a length  of  time before  dropping another millimeter
onto the man's dick.

"Not a fucking chance!" Ebon said as she accepted more and more of the
man's penis inside herself.

It   was obvious  that each    tiny   bit gained only  heightened  her
pleasure. She finally hit bottom and orgasmed with  only about half of
the man's penis  inside her.  Her  body trembled uncontrollably as the
man  reached  to hold  her  weight up so  she  wouldn't collapsed; her
weight  driving him farther than  she could take. She regained control
and began a  slow trip up,   at the apex  she  began to move  downward
again. The pace that her pussy allowed her  to move had increased with
the wetness caused by her orgasm but it would have driven a normal man
crazy in its slowness. The  giant seemed unconcerned, pleasured by it,
but not driven  mad by her  slow travel up  and down his dick. It  was
having an effect on Ebon and the other two women though.  One stood up
and moved determinedly toward Ebon, he backed  up but his movement had
taken him  from  the door so he  hit  solid wall. The  third woman had
climbed the throne and dropped her pussy onto the man's face.

The woman hit Ebon low, dropping him sideways beside the wall. She sat
on his  thighs  and  loosed the   robe  around his waist.  She  smiled
gleefully   at   the erect penis. There     was no real   foreplay, no
hesitation. She looked him in the eyes, and crawled into position. She
crawled herself  where  her pussy was   just  beyond the head  of  his
penis. She then dropped her hips onto his  stomach and started sliding
backward.  The angle was wrong for  penetration, but she was obviously
being driving them both upward.  She moved down  until his penis stood
up against her pussy.  She took a playful bite  at his nipples looking
up at him, smiling sex. She moved towards  him, his dick sliding lower
and lower. She  gasped as the alignment  became right, she hitched her
hips to  capture the head of  his dick just  inside her pussylips. She
smiled sex at  him again as he  pushed up with his  hips to lodge  the
head of  his  penis again.   She  stopped  smiling  as pleasure  moved
through her body    when  Ebon gripped   her shoulders   and slid  her
completely onto  his dick.  She sat up  and began  to rotate her hips,
she leaned forward until she seemed to get the right amount of contact
between her clit and  him. She began to  grind  again.  He lifted  his
hips and dropped letting her weight drop her forcefully onto his penis
again.  She grunted as the sudden drop drove her higher on her trip to
orgasm. Ebon knew this position left him in a great deal of control as
her grinding stimulated him but didn't make him climb towards orgasm.

He  had not counted on  her need for  more stimulation when her orgasm
hit. It began with her grinding her hips on him madly, but when orgasm
hit her  pussy began to flex and  unflex uncontrollably. She wanted to
stay in the  middle of orgasm, wanted  that one more unreachable  step
higher in pleasure.  She began  to do everything   she could to  reach
it. Everything included moving up and down  on his penis while flexing
as tight she could. He  grabbed her hips trying to  stop her but  that
little  bit of extra  girth his dick gained   as he approached his own
cumming drove her that half-step higher and she needed more. She began
to pump harder, until  he  joined her motion  with  the force of   his
own. He came and she reached that next level at the same time.

"Fuck!" he shouted as  he  felt a  wave of dizzyness   hit him as  she
continued to stimulate his  dick as smaller  waves of pleasure crashed
into her body.  Finally as he thought he might have to forcibly remove
her  from his dick to survive,  she collapsed onto his chest breathing
heavily. He  looked   up at  the ceiling  trying  to   control his own
breathing. He didn't even know how long it had lasted.

"How you doing there, Ebon?", the  giant asked as he  came to stand at
Ebon's  head. He  had put on  a  Christmas  green  robe with with  fur

"Oh, it's pretty   good."   Ebon answered  trying   to get   out  from
underneath the woman.  The  man knelt down   and spanked her  buttocks
firmly.  She snapped up  and  look at the    giant with playful  anger
seemingly prepared for  round two. The   giant laughed heartily as  he
shared a distracting kiss with  her.  Ebon stood  up and tied the robe
around himself.

The giant stood up. 

"Thanks, Ebon. I mean I can handle one or maybe two of them. But three
well, I ain't got THAT much dick." the giant laughed at his own joke.

Ebon nodded his head being pretty sure one of  these three women would
have been more than he could handle to begin with.

Ebon stuck  his  hand  out to   be  shaken, "The Spirit   of Christmas
Present?"  he asked.

The  giant wrapped his massive  hand  around Ebon's own, "Yeap, that's
me.  Got a present for me."

The giant collapsed in laughter again.

Ebon couldn't help smiling. The man had life and the joy of it pouring
out of him infectously.

"Well,  I guess  you know  the  story,  right. The  scary ghost, past,
present, and then hoodoovoodoo future."

Ebon nodded.

"Well, come on let's go. I'm the nice  one.", he stopped. "I'm sad but
I'm not, you know, heartwrenching the way the other two are."

Ebon thought  about the people he  knew.  "There's no  Tiny Tim so how
will you really affect me?", he asked.

"Child, there's  always a Tiny Tim in  someone's life. They just don't
pay  enough  attention. Just  like  you haven't.",  the  ghost replied

The Spirit  stuck his arm  toward Ebon, "Grab my  robe, and we can get
this show on the road."

Ebon shrugged and grabbed the robe. At his contact the room flowed and
solidified into a living room he had never been in.

"Roberta?" he  asked the Spirit  as he  noticed his  secretary with  a
teenage boy and a younger girl  decorating a Christmas tree. There was
an older  woman that resembled Roberta sitting  on a loveseat near the
tree giving a running commentary on uncovered spots.

"Tif, why don't you  come help us." Roberta  said towards Ebon and the
Spirit. Ebon turned around to see a girl looking out the window.

"Tiny Tim?" he asked the Spirit without turning away from the girl.


Ebon walked to get a better look at the girl. She was beautiful in the
same  way her mother  was beautiful. Raven  hair, the same green eyes,
every feature in her face saying she would grow up to be a twin to her

"What's   wrong with her?" he  asked  the spirit   while continuing to
admire  her.  He knew  he was attracted to Roberta  but had never done
much  about  it,  believing  their    working relationship  was    too
comfortable to put pressure on it.

The  girl's eyes stared  out into the road. He  moved so he could look
deeply into her eyes.  He could see a spark of life but it was so deep
and as he watched it grew dimmer.

"It was an in-house robbery." the Spirit said. 


"They broke into the house in the middle of  the day. Tiffany was with
her father. They killed her father."

Ebon nodded, with  the  understanding  of one  who  has lost   parents
too. "Did they hurt her?" he asked.

"No,  the killing  of  her father surprised  them  just as  much. They

Ebon watched as  Roberta walked over to the  young woman. She sat next
to her and started stroking her hair.

"Honey, Peter and Michelle would really like  you to help decorate the
tree.  Why don't you go and join them?"

Tiffany turned  to look   at  the two   children still  decorating the
tree. Ebon saw the flash of need in  her eyes, before loss overwhelmed
it and she shook her head.

Roberta nodded,  "Maybe  later, baby?", she  asked. It  was obvious to
Ebon she was trying to keep desperation out of her voice.

Roberta got up and walked to a door, opening it  she stepped into that
room.  The older woman  followed Roberta into the  next room. Ebon did
the same.

He walked into Roberta's kitchen.  She was sitting down  on one of the
chairs with tears obviously threatening to escape. The older woman sat
next to her.

"Baby, I know you don't want to  but we might  have to. It's beginning
to  affect the  other   children. Peter has  been  in  two fights over
Tiffany, already."

"I know,  mother. But I don't want  to hospitalize her.  She should be
in college not in a mental institution."

"We don't have a choice, she's going in deeper, and we can't stop her."

"But  if we  leave her,  she  won't have  any reason  to stop herself,

The older woman nodded  and sat back. It  was obvious to Ebon this was
an argument  they had gone  over quite a  few times. It was tougher on
both  women   because   a part   of  them    agreed   with the   other
argument. Tiffany's mother having   to  deal with  Tiffany's  problems
affecting her  other children, and being unable   to stop her downward
descent. Tiffany's grandmother not wanting to let the girl go.

"So have you asked  that Scrooge of a boss  of yours for a raise." the
older woman said with a smile on her face.

"Mother. You know he pays me enough,  for being a personal secretary."
Roberta defended her boss, "He pays all of his people a lot."

"Bah. You're not his secretary. By now, you can run that place on 
your own like clockwork." 

"It really helped in my management classes."

"Bah, again."

"Come on, mom. He's  a machine when  it  comes to business.  You can't
look at what he's doing, you always have to see why he's doing it, and
then you understand how."

"Still for everything he has you doing,  you should get more money and
one of those fancy titles." the older woman insisted but more weakly.

"Mom,  you know  he   pays me enough  to   pay the   bills and  a  lot
more. After all I'm a secretary."

"But you have that fancy piece of paper. You could get better." 

"Better for my ego,  but not better for  my family. Plus maybe someday
I'll tell him about my "fancy piece of paper" and see if he gives me a
different position, but once the kids are all taken care of, mom."

"But" the old woman began

"No, mom." Roberta replied. "I get paid much more than the entry-level 
management, believe me. We don't need the pay cut right now." 

The older woman nodded. 

Roberta looked around the room for a minute. "Can you take care of the
kids for a bit, mom. I need to lie down."

The older woman nodded and walked into the living room. Roberta waited a 
few minutes and then walked into the living room also. 

"Come on." the spirit told Ebon. 


"Come on." the spirit said following Roberta  through the living room,
up the steps and into what seemed to be her bedroom.

"What are we doing?" Ebon asked as he trailed behind them.

"You need to see this." the spirit replied. 

Roberta closed the door,  but the spirit and  Ebon just walked through

She sat down on the bed for a few minutes just staring. 

"What am I suppossed to see?" 

"She got a  lot of nervous energy building  up." the  ghost said. "The
kids are about to drop  but her energy  is different. She is  stressed
and hasn't been with a man since her husband's death."

"This is about to get perverted." Ebon said. 

"No, Ebon.  It's about to get human.  You better see that other people
have needed you for years now. This was one of them."

"You want me to sleep with her?" Ebon exclaimed surprised.

"Yes, no. That's up to  you, but she needed  a  friend as much as  you
did.  You could have been a  lot to each  other if you had let someone
else in.  Maybe not for sex but you should have been there for her."

"Fuck!" Ebon said realizing that she had  worked for him for years and
he hadn't even known  her husband had  been killed. She must have used
sick days or vacation to mourn.

She  stood up  and  walked over to  the  mirror. She   began to remove

"Shit!" Ebon said as his  eyes became glued to  her. He walked over to
get a better view, forgetting that he had argued against it.

She took off all  her clothes and  stood naked  looking at herself  in
front of the mirror. Ebon did a lot of looking himself.

Her body was obviously  not the one that her  daughter had, but it was
mature, womanly. The slight sag in her breasts  made them seem fuller,
her hips more capable of cradling a man.

She seemed to make  a decision as she  cupped her breasts. She went to
lie on the bed on her back.

"She's not going to?!"  Ebon said as  he followed. He felt himself get
hard again.

She spread her  legs a  comfortable amount but  didn't  begin at their
juncture.  Ebon stopped to  study her. She began  to run small circles
around her nipples not quite coming into contact with their tips. Ebon
felt a shiver run down his spine from the base of his neck.

She ran her fingertips on her  stomach, and up  her legs as far as she
could reach without touching. She started to play with her pubic hair.

"Man, she has really  needed a man for  a long time." the Spirit  said
clinically as he came to stand by Ebon.

"This was   a mistake." Ebon  whispered  mesmerized by  Roberta as she
reached between her legs after one long sweep of her hands through all
the skin she could touch.

"What was a mistake?" the spirit said smiling. 

"Me  and her not,  that was a huge  mistake." Ebon admitted as Roberta
made  contact with her clitoris with  the pad of  one finger. Her hips
reaction to the contact was paralled by a pulsing in Ebon's penis.

The contact  also  ended Roberta's playfulness  with  herself. She got
down to business rubbing her clit in small  circles every now and then
changing the direction of the circles.

"She knows what she wants, doesn't she?" 

"You hired her for that very reason,  didn't you. Pay her well because
she's so..hmm..efficient."

The pressure must have been  immense inside Roberta because after only
a few minutes  her hand  motions became  just  a straight up and  down
rubbing  on her  clit as her  hips  came off the  bed  to grind at her
hand. Ebon felt his dick get even harder.

She  grabbed a pillow   and bit into it to   stop from yelling as  her
orgasm broke  on  her body.   She kept rubbing  through  it  trying to
maintain it; Ebon felt  his hands began to  itch with the need to keep
her on the orgasmic  high. Finally, her  hips dropped onto the bed and
she let the pillow go; slowly drifting down.

"Dammit." Ebon said as he looked at the Spirit.

"Hey,  you're the idiot.  I would have been  waiting at her door after
the year of mourning passed. You could've been in her bed the last two
years instead of  paying  for it. She would  have  given you more  the
first time, than you got all of the times you called that fancy little

Ebon  nodded   accepting the  truth  of   it  as  he   looked down  at
Roberta. She had begun to fall asleep.

The Spirit dragged Ebon to the door. 

"Come on, it's time for our next visit." 

"Brenda?" Ebon asked looking back at the peaceful shape of Roberta. 

"You have been  a sore disappointment in  the  life of your  women, my

Ebon blushed.

They  passed   through the door   into a  wide-open    space that Ebon
recognized as  Brenda's living  room. She  had too much  space  in her
house for one woman but Ebon was generous with her making sure she had
everything she wanted except him, of course.

There was an intimate party going on.  He didn't recognize most of the
10 people in  the room. Just Brenda's most  recent fling, and  her two
best friends. They were all sitting by the sofa, talking.

"So Brenda." one of the Ebon didn't recognized said "you ever going to
give one of us guys a chance with you."

Brenda's best friends laughed. It was obviously a joke  as the man had
his arm wrapped around another man. The other  man acted jealous for a
second but smiled. Brenda's fling didn't react well to  the joke.  The
malicious look in  the questioner's eyes  said  the question  had been
pointed at her anyway.

Obviously, Ebon  wasn't the  only   one present  that didn't like  the
blonde.  It would have been  fine if she had  just been stupid but she
carried a  grudge against the rest of  the world. He didn't understand
how Brenda got along with her, never mind having sex with her.

Brenda smiled and  nodded her head  at the questioner. She didn't look
angry at the question or that it was meant to needle her lover.

Ebon saw his own coldness in her eyes  toward her lover. He blinked in

He looked at the Spirit. 

"You helped raise her, Ebon.  Some of you  rubbed into her, probably a
lot   of you.  She finds  the   blonde attractive but  understands her
cruelty too.  It won't last the night."

"I  already gave my heart away,  Michael. You know that.  I have to be
absolutely sure he's not a factor before I try another.. man."

Everyone in the room laughed. 

"Why do you pine over him, he's your  brother? That's disgusting!" the
blonde spit out.

Several people turned toward Brenda with fascination in their eyes.

"He's not my brother."

"What is he then?" one of the other men asked. 

"His mom   and my dad  were  very close  in  college. Never lovers but
really good friends. They died  in an accident  so my dad and mom took
him  in.  It was  an agreement  between  everybody; if either died the
other's  families  would  take in  any children.   Ebon  was five when
they died. Seven when I was born.   He was never  even adopted. My mom
and dad were just his legal guardians."

"They didn't  want   to  adopt   him?"    one of   the   women   asked

"They asked him,  a lot. But you  haven't met Ebon, Melisa. Especially
back then, but if you met  him now, realize  that he's the same person
at  thirty-five as he was at   9, he's probably nicer now or ar least 
more civilized. He always said no to them."

She  looked  at her lover  with  anger in her  eyes,  "So he's  not my
brother, by blood or even legally."

"You were raised with him." the blonde retorted. 

Brenda laughed. "No, dear. His body grew up while I was being raised. He
helped raise me, but we weren't raised together."

"That doesn't say why he's the ONE." Melisa asked.

"You have a big brother right, Mel?" 

Melisa nodded. 

"I was six years old and I followed Ebon  around like we were attached
by leashes. You know  that he never said anything  about it. Even when
his friends  wouldn't play with him because  he insisted I had to play
too. He would  just nod, walk  to a corner  of the playground and play
with me."

"Oh! Forget it.  She's gone." Michael's  male friend said. "She's been
in  love with him  since she could remember  if  he always treated her
like that."

"He won't do anything with you?" Melisa asked. 

"No, damn him." Brenda said angrily. 

"You're not still a ..." Michael asked. 

"Nope." Brenda said blushing. 

"But wait, you won't  let another man  touch you, and Ebon won't  have
anything to do with you. Did you just take some  man one drunk night?"
Melisa asked curiously.

"I said he won't have anything to do with me, I didn't say he didn't."
Brenda said triumphantly. 

"YOU DID NOT!!" Melisa said eyes wide. 

Brenda's lover sniffed, stood up and stomped to the kitchen. 

"Damn right, I did. Seduced him really good one Christmas night." 

"On Christmas?! Now, that's a Christmas gift." Michael said. 

"Shut up, Michael. So what happened?" Melisa asked. 

"I don't know. We were like just sleeping there. I woke  up and he was
gone.   He went  back  to  law  school. I  didn't  see  him  the  next
Christmas. I tried to talk to him but he always had a reason to cut me
off as soon as I started talking about us. The Christmas after that my
parents were murdered and  I needed him too much  to push him." Brenda
said as she looked off into space.

"And now?" Melisa asked. 

"I'm trying  to get through  to him. Every now  and then I can see I'm
getting to him  but then I  lose him." she  said sadly. Melisa  walked
over to sit next to her; she took Brenda's hand in her own. Both women
smiled at each  other leaving all the rest  of the people  in the room
out of their communion.

"Come, Ebon. It's time to go." the Spirit whispered. 

Ebon nodded as he  turned from the two  women. He looked at the Spirit
for a moment. He seemed to think for a moment.

"Are we done?" he asked. 

"Unless  you can think of something  else." the spirit said looking at
Ebon curiously.

"Sylvia?" Ebon asked quietly. 

The Spirit looked  at Ebon for a  moment and  nodded. He extended  the
edge of his robe for Ebon to grab onto. Ebon grabbed it.

The room blurred for a moment and they were in a child's bedroom. Ebon
looked around confused. There was a sleeping girl on the bed.

"This isn't  what I.." he started  but the door  to the bedroom opened
and in walked an  older Sylvia. She  was everything he remembered; the
long blonde hair, the eyes.

She walked over  to look at the little  girl. She moved the covers  to
better keep the little girl warm. She smiled down at  the child as she
carressed her cheek for  a moment. A man  walked into the room. Sylvia
looked up to smile at him. The child on the bed resembled the man much
more than Sylvia but Ebon could see Sylvia's  cheekbones on the girl's
face. The man hugged Sylvia as she stood up.

"Merry Christmas, baby." he said  kissing her hair. Sylvia leaned into
him comfortably.

Ebon nodded to himself and turned to the Spirit.

"We can leave now." he said. 

The Spirit nodded, and extended his robe again. The room blurred again
and Ebon was back in his own bedroom.

Stave 4- A lonely woman in the future

Ebon did  not look   around his room.   He stood  facing the wall.  He
prepared himself for the next Spirit. He knew what  it would be about.
He already knew some things  in his life that had to change but others
didn't have to. He would not move on those.

He  felt the door open behind  him as  a  breeze entered  the room. He
turned to confront the dark Spirit of Christmas Yet To Come.

She wasn't dark. 

Ebon took a step back as her unearthly beauty hit his eyes.

She glowed, she was so beautiful. She was an albino. White hair, white
eyebrows, he could  see white eyelashes. She  was so beautiful it took
him a minute to realize she was naked.

He finally noticed and backed up all the way to the  wall. If her face
was unearthly,  her body was  divine.  Proportional breasts that would
convince men  they were fake,  and to make women  hope the  same.  Her
hips had the right of dip and spread for a woman her height.  Her legs
shouldn't have been  that long but even when  he shook his  head their
length remained the same.   Her pubic hair  was the same white  as the
hair on her head.

He looked at  all of her for a  moment. She seemed  to stand in a wind
tunnel, her hair blowing behind her in a wind he couldn't feel. He had
been expecting a  dark  spirit but  this   woman was nothing   like he
imagined until he saw her eyes.

She was worse.

Her  eyes were the  pink of a real albino,  but the  perfection of her
body was rivaled by  the emptiness in her eyes.  He saw  nothing.  Not
the nothing of a dead person eyes, the eyes moved, the pupils dilated,
they stared at him  with life but utterly  empty of emotion.  They saw
him, took notice of him, but were not moved by him.

He turned from her eyes, wishing that  Scrooge's robed Spirit had come
instead.  The woman pointed to the door.

Ebon nodded. He waited for her to stand aside before he walked through
the door. He tried not to make it look like he was trying to avoid her
touching him but he was sure her touch would burn like ice.

"Shit!" he said angrily as  he saw the  girl hanging from the roof. It
was Tiffany. He was in  what looked to be  her bedroom. It didn't have
the hospital feel so he was sure they had not committed her. He looked
around to see if  Roberta was in the room  but she wasn't. He knew  it
would destroy her  when she saw  this. Every  doubt she had  about not
institutionalizing the girl would return to haunt her as guilt.

He heard the door opening and he moved to block the view of the person
coming in, forgetting  they  couldn't see him.   He  was too late   as
Roberta's scream of loss washed over him. He turned from the pain that
echoed through his body as he remembered the losses of his parents. He
heard movement  on steps as older  versions of Roberta's  children and
her mother came to look into the room. The grandmother also sobbed her
pain. The children   looked lost as tears  began  to pour  down  their
faces.  The older women were  not in any  shape to comfort them so the
children were swamped by their sorrow.

Ebon turned from them. He could see the Spirit staring from him to the
girl and back.

"I would have tried to fix this." Ebon said  angrily. "You didn't have
to bring me here.  I  know I could help  her.  I didn't need   anymore

The Spirit just stared at him with unfeeling eyes. 

"Bitch!" Ebon  said with feeling.  The Spirit  gave him a  small smile
that had no more emotion to it than her eyes.

The  Spirit waved  her  hands and the colors  of  the room flowed  and
changed. They solidified and Ebon smiled.

He looked at the Spirit knowingly as he took in the cemetery. 

"Seeing my   own  gravesite   won't  affect  me you    know."  he said
knowingly. "I'm not exactly afraid to die."

The Spirit pointed behind Ebon. Ebon gave her an incousant smile as he
already knew what he would see.

He  turned to see  his own gravestone. The  date surprised him, he had
lived longer than he  expected. The gravesite didn't  touch him  as he
looked at  it with coldness that   matched the Spirit's  emptiness. He
looked  around the gravesite and felt  relief that there were no other
gravesites near it.

He turned to the Spirit, "I died, so what.  Scrooge's fear was that he
died with noone caring. It's not the  truth, Brenda cared about me. He
died  alone.  But it  was always what I wanted;  to leave noone behind
alone. Like my parents  did to me. It  wasn't their fault, I've always
known that but I was alone."

The Spirit stared at him. 

"We can go. I'll change what I have to change to save Tiffany, to help
Roberta, to make Brenda go on with her life. But I won't crawl for you
in fear. I died with few mourners and leaving behind those who knew me
better.  Brenda will have my money and be happy for it."

The Spirit smiled again, and pointed towards an approaching figure. 

Ebon felt a fist wrap around his heart and squeeze. 

It was  a  much older Brenda  that  walked toward the  grave  carrying

She walked alone. 

The Spirit and  Ebon waited for her  to reach them. She stooped slowly
to  remove  the flowers  from his  grave  and  replace  them with  new
ones. She sat heavily beside the gravesite.

She started telling him what her week had been  like, and that she was
sorry to be late.

Ebon walked around her to kneel by her. 

"No.  Goddamit,  Brenda.  Don't  do  this."  he   said  quietly to her
unhearing face.

"I played with Melisa's grandchildren, today."  she said. "Sometimes I
wish I had had children, but .."

"Fuck!"  Ebon exclaimed standing up, and  kicking the gravestone. "You
fucking waited. How the FUCK could you wait for me, Brenda?"

Ebon  knelt  by her again,  getting  close to her face.   "I am not so
special  that you have to  give up your  life,  everything you want to
wait for me."

She kept talking  about Melisa's grandchildren.  Ebon sat down next to

"You're  suppossed to be happy, baby.  Get married,  like Sylvia. Have
children, I'm suppossed to be  their disgustingly generous uncle. They
give you, grandchildren  that  I spoil too.  You're  not suppossed  to
become a shadow of me. You were never suppossed to become me."

He sat by her  with tears for her on  his cheeks as she  continued her
litany to the grave.

The  Spirit came and put  her hand on  Ebon's  shoulder. Her touch did
burn cold. Ebon tried to shake it off, but the  grip would not relent.
He looked  up at her. There  was feeling in her  eyes  as she used her
hand to cover his eyes and push him back.

Stave 5 - An end.

The alarm woke Ebon up. He turned to read the numbers. 

11:00 am. 

He had overslept.  Somehow, it  did not surprise   him. He lay in  bed
staring at his ceiling feeling the plates that made up his personality
shifting. He sighed to himself.

He smiled as he wondered who the changes he  meant to implement in his
life would surprise the most.

He got  out of bed  and walked to the bathroom.  As he did his morning
wash and showered he began  to plan. Obviously, the Christmas presents
he had bought were woefully inappropriate for the new Ebon.

He shrugged; he  was rich enough  that a  few of his  clients would be
happy to open their doors if he made it  worth his while. Actually, he
only really needed one, and the man had a  family who were all miserly
enough to make Scrooge's heart cringe.

He  got  out of the  shower,   put on a  bathrobe,  and  walked to the
phone. He  opened his  personal  phone book   and dialed  the   proper
number. He spoke to the man on the other side.   The other man sounded
extremely unappreciative until Ebon started  naming things he  planned
to buy for  people.  He could feel  the false wattage across the phone
line as  a greedy smile split the  other's man face.  Ebon  gave him a
half-hour to get to the shop before he  would call someone else in his

He continued to wonder who would be the most surprised on the drive to
the store. Finally, deciding on Brenda for the obvious reason that she
probably hoped he would change but knew exactly why he wouldn't. 

He parked his car in front of the jewelry shop. The owner was waiting by 
the door and happily held the door open for him. Ebon saw the man's wife
standing behind the jewelry case. She gave the fake salesperson's smile 
to Ebon as he approached. 

"We have a few things to show you." the wife said anxiously. They both
knew  that Ebon spared no  expense  when he moved,  so  they knew even
their greedy hearts might be impressed by Ebon Razz shopping spree.

Ebon waved the woman's suggestion away. He  walked through the jewelry
cases. He stopped at the bracelets.

"The diamond tennis bracelet." he said. "Wrap it." 

He thought for a moment. "The emerald one also, they almost compare to 
Tiffany's eyes."

He  continued   walking  through  the   cases.   He   stopped  at  the
necklaces. He had seen it before and had wanted to buy it for her, but
didn't think it appropriate. It was even more perfect now.

"The half diamond, half ruby heart-charm." 

He started thinking about Roberta's second little girl. He didn't know
she liked but  he had a  few  innocent suggestions that  would impress
most little girls.

He walked to the case of earrings  and pointed imperiously at the most
brilliant of the diamond studs.  Completely inappropriate for her, but
it should make her heart sing.  He figured diamonds couldn't hurt any,
plus he would   make  sure she could  return  and  use the   money for
anything else she might want.

The boy was  harder. He couldn't really  buy anything for him here. He
tapped the  inside pocket to his jacket.  Season tickets to  the local
football team, with a man willing to take  to every game should do it.
He remembered at the  last moment as he left  the apartment  the young
man had been wearing the jersey of the starting quarterback. It wasn't
diamonds but he smirked at the concept of  what young boys thought was
the best.

He handed then his American Express to the  man, as his  wife was busy
humming Christmas carols as she wrapped his gifts.

"Shit" he said. "The grandmother."

The man smile widened if that could be believed as Ebon turned around and
started walking through the aisles again. He didn't know the woman well
so he settled on a beautiful yellow and red gold herringbone necklace. 

The wife rushed over to take it out of the case, and hurried to finish
his wrapping.

Ebon signed for  everything and barely noticed  that the man went over
to his wife to hover.  They finally  finished and gave  Ebon a bag. He
nodded and thanked them as he opened the door and walked to his car.

Brenda had planned for him to come over at this  time. He knew most of
the people he had seen would be there, but that was better.

He rang the  doorbell at her door.  The door opened. He looked inside;
Melisa had been the  one to open the  door. He could hear  laughter in
the livingroom.  He smiled at Melisa.

"The brother?" Melisa asked. 

"Nope. I was never  adopted." he replied stepping  past her.  He heard
her intake of breath. She understood the significance of his words.

He  walked into the livingroom  with  purpose. The   room froze as  he
stepped into it and towards Brenda. He  had separated the gifts in the
car  so he   had hers  in   his hand.  She looked  at   him; her  eyes
hopeful. He  stopped and stared at  her blonde lover. The woman stared
back at him challenging him.

He smiled at her  dismissively. The people in  the room that could see
his  smile  came   near  to gasping   as  they   also  recognized  the
significance of it.  He   looked at Brenda,  looked  at her  lover and
stood still. His eyebrows rose in a question to Brenda.

Brenda looked at her lover, but her choice had  been made too long ago
as tears wet her eyes.

Ebon nodded and finished his  walk to her. He  stopped in front of her
letting only  inches separate their lips.  He put the package into her
hand, and   took a step  back. He   looked at  the people  around  the
room. They were  still staring as if  nothing could possibly make them
look away.

He took a step back to let her open the gift.  She still looked at him
with questions  in her eyes,  but he just nodded   at her present. She
shredded the paper and managed to get the box open in record time. She
gasped at the charm. He took a step toward  her, reached into the box,
pulled the charm out.  He opened the clasp and reached behind her neck
to put it on her. She shivered in pleasure at his  touch. He smiled at

"It's not what I wanted to give you,  but I thought something material
is customary." he said.

"What did you want to give me?" she asked quietly staring up at him.

He shrugged as he used his arms to bring her close for  a kiss. It was
like that first kiss. A gentle  touch, a question asked. Lips touching
in wonder.  The second kiss  was  stronger. Passion, love in  questing
tongues. She leaned against him when he broke the kiss. He leaned into
her too.

Taking her hand, he took a step back. "Want to introduce me around?" he 

She nodded still  wondering what was  going on. They walked around the
room hand in hand  making small talk with everyone;  after a half-hour
it was obvious that she just wanted to corner him  but he wouldn't let
her.  The people in the room watched them with great amusement as they
danced around each other.

He pulled her to the door. 

"Listen Brenda. I have to stop at Roberta's house."

"No." she said. 

He kissed her, "I have to, baby. I really need  to talk to her and her

"Ebon!" she complained..

"Stop by my place tonight okay. We'll  celebrate privately." He kissed
her again with a promise that nothing would change.

"I'm the one that waited. You come by here." she said. 

He smiled, kissed her hard.

"Come by  my place, Brenda. Tonight." He  turned around  and walked to
his car.  As  he  drove away, he could   still see her in  the doorway
watching his car.

The drive to Roberta's home was uneventful.  He had already made a few
decisions in her direction, but what seemed to be a future with Brenda
more than solidified the belief that he would have to extend Roberta's

He parked the car in her driveway. He got out with the bag of gifts in
one hand. He had wanted to stay with Brenda but there were people here
that needed him, too.

He rang the   doorbell. Roberta's mother  answered; it was obvious she
didn't recognize him.

"Hello, Ebon Razz." he said extending a hand to her.

She looked at him coldly as she took her hand.

"Mother, who is it?" he heard Roberta's voice from inside the house.

"It's your boss, dear." she yelled into the house.

Roberta showed  up at the door. "Mr.  Razz. Is something wrong? Do you
need me for something?" she asked nervously as she saw that her mother
was not kidding.

"I believe that  it is customary to  exchange gifts on Christmas day."
he replied.

She blinked. 

Her mother blinked twice. 

Ebon lifted his bag of gifts, "May I come in?" he asked.

Roberta got out  of his way  automatically. Ebon walked into the house
looking  around. Roberta's younger    child stood  in the   doorway to
livingroom looking at Ebon.

"Hello." Ebon said to her. 

"Hi," she said brightly. "I'm Michele." Ebon stretched his hand out to
shake her hand seriously.

"That's Peter." she continued pointing to her older brother sitting by
Tiffany.  The young man looked over  at Ebon curiously  as he tried to
get his older sister's attention. Ebon smiled at him.

He put the bag  down. The little  girl looked into the  bag curiously,
she looked up at Ebon  in severe curiousity  as she saw the small gift
wrapped boxes  inside.  Ebon started   laughing  at her  avid want  to
destroy wrapping paper.

Roberta and her mother came to stand by him. 

"Actually  Roberta," Ebon said looking  at her. "I  do need to do some
business while I'm here."

Roberta nodded knowingly.

"I'd like you to help me find your replacement." 

Roberta's eyes widened fearfully. Her mother's face reddened in anger. 

"I've been thinking," Ebon continued  staring at Tiffany. "You do much
more than a secretary. You know more about the whole company than most
of my  deparment heads. I still  need you as  an assistant but most of
your secretiaral duties can be done by someone else."

He turned to look at her before he continued, "You're  much more of an
executive assistant anyway. We'll  just use that  as a way to  get you
into running  the  everyday things  at  the firm.  I'm  tired of  that
anyway, especially since you've been doing  it for the last six months
anyway. I figure eventually we'll just make you  the CEO. After all, I
own the place, why not reap some of the benefits."

Her mother's face had blanched, but Roberta's face framed a smile that 
accepted the new Ebon.  He had guessed right; Brenda did have a harder 
time accepting the changes he had to make for her. 

He reached into the bag for a small box to give to Michele. 

"They are a bit expensive, Roberta. But it was a last minute thing, if
you don't approve next time I'll spend less money."

The girl nearly squealed at the perfection of the diamonds. Roberta 
smiled at her, but looked into the bag worried. Ebon saw a flash of 
Christmas greed, too. 

"You should see  what I got you."  he said. "Much, much more beautiful
but then again she's just a girl."

He laughed when Roberta   fought to keep  control.  Peter had  come to
investigate after the cry of wonder from his little sister.

"Hi, Peter.  I'm your mother's boss." Ebon  said. He extended his hand
out to the young man. Peter shook it firmly.

Ebon reached into his  pocket and  pulled out  the tickets. He  passed
them to Peter seriously.   Peter's eyes widened   as he read them.  He
looked at Ebon.

"I   had  those  lying  around.  I   don't  really   know much   about
football. But since you're  a fan I figured you  might want to drag me
along and teach me a thing or two."

Peter's  head nearly fell  off  in vigorous  nodding.  He stopped  the
motion for a second remembering his mother.  He looked at her pleading
with his eyes.

She relented instantly. 

Ebon reached inside and pulled out  the   boxes  for  Roberta and  her
mother. He handed them over. They ripped them open as anxiously as the
children, exclaming just as much.
Ebon studied  Tiffany. He knew what he  had to do,  to pull her out of
her shell.  He just doubted he could actually do it.

"Roberta?" he said. 

She looked up at him. 

"Do you mind if I take Tiffany for a drive? I'd like to talk to her."

She looked at Tiffany and at Ebon, "I don't think that would be a good

"Honey, let Ebon do it." her mother told her studying Ebon.

"But Mom." Roberta protested. 

"No, honey. I see it in his eyes."

"What?" Roberta asked studying Ebon as he looked at her daughter.

"Remember how you felt when your dad died." her mother said.

Roberta nodded. 

"Tiffany hasn't let   go. But  this  man  hasn't either."  her  mother
declared moving toward a  closet to get Tiffany's  coat. She walked to
Tiffany and  helped her into it.  She stood her   up and delivered the
young woman to Ebon.

She was  young, but  obviously over eighteen.  He  knew that  from the
records he kept on his employees.

"Do you know my home phone number?" he asked.

Roberta nodded. 

"I don't really know how long this will take. She and I  have a lot to
say to each other." he told Roberta.

Tiffany  looked up at him.  The emptiness was  not like the one he had
seen in Spirit of  Christmas Yet  to Come. It  wasn't even  close. She
looked at him curiously but shrugged her shoulders.

He took her arm, walked her  outside and to  his car.  He waved at the
family at the door. Roberta's mother nodded at him, as he got into the

He drove. He didn't know where they were going. He was just driving to
hold off the  onslaught of demons he  would have to resurrect  to give
Tiffany someone to hold onto.

He  stopped  the car  on the  water's  edge. He  had not  really  come
here. He got out of the car and walked to open her door. She looked at
him with a spark of  curiousity.  She was not  far gone, he knew that.
She just couldn't hold  on alone. Her  family tried but it wasn't what
she needed. She moved   to take it. She   hadn't done as much for  her
family  but  the  newness    of  the  experience  was garnering   some
reaction. He walked with her to the  front of the  car.  He still held
her hand.  He also needed her as something to hold onto.

The day wasn't as cold as it should have been  or he would have picked
someplace else. They sat watching the water for minutes on end.

"I lost four parents violently." he said finally.

He could hear her head snap towards him. He turned to look at her. 

"Yeah, four of them." he answered her unworded question. 

"My real parents  died in a car  accident."  he turned  to look at the
water moving back in time inside his emotions.   "We were just driving
along. No bad weather, no drunk driver, no nothing.  The car just spun
out of control.  It was a backroad, people knew it  was there but most
of the time it was faster to use the main road.   We just slid off the
road and  into a ditch.  We weren't even going that  fast but  the car
flipped over  a couple of times.  It landed on  it's top. We  were all
pinned.  I   ended up okay.    Too small for  the car  to have hurt me
seriously. My parents weren't so lucky.  They died in inches. Right in
front of my eyes. Pain does  nasty things, and when  I close my eyes I
could  still  hear them  crying.  Children   aren't  suppossed to hear
parents crying. You can  see  them teary eyed  at your  graduation, or
wedding.  But  they were sobbing from   the  pain.  I  couldn't cry, I
couldn't make a sound. I was  that scared. I wanted  to help but I was
just as pinned. I  thought hearing them   crying was the worst but  it
wasn't.  Hearing them stop breathing. That was the worst."

He reached up to wipe tears out of his eyes. Tiffany stood in front of
him, she reached to grab his other hand in support. She looked at him.

"I  can't read  the police  report.  I  always   wanted to know   what
happened but I can't make myself read it."

He took a deep breath. Tiffany leaned her forehead against his chest.
He could feel her begin to sob.

"My  second parents were Brenda's parents.  You  dont' know Brenda but
you'll like her. You know  I didn't call her mom,  until last night. I
mean they took  me in, dealt with my  pain when most people would have
passed me off. I never said that I loved them. I just.. I just.  Well,
they were murdered by a mugger. He was so  fucking high that he didn't
know he had killed them. They were  gone on Christmas  day and I never
said thank you, or I love you, or nothing. I didn't have to watch, but
I lost them just when  I thought they would always  be there. I  hated
him. The fucker that killed  them. I wanted to  kill him too, I wanted
to go  back and tear  apart that section  of road. But they were still

He moved down as  Tiffany collapsed into  grief-stricken sobs. He held
her tightly against his chest as his own pent-up sobs escaped into her

	He was staring  at  the fire in  his livingroom  later on that
night. He had moved out here at the phonecall from the doorman. He was
in his robe again. Most of the day seemed like a  dream except for the
weight that wasn't on his chest anymore.

He heard the key to his door. He looked at  it smiling. Brenda was the
only  one  with  his  housekeys.  She  opened   the  door  and  walked
inside. She looked at him  sitting leaning against  the bottom of  his

"I've been waiting." he said to her. 

"So have I. Did you enjoy it?" she asked as  she moved to stand at his

"I'm more imaginative than you are, baby.  I just let myself fantasize
about the next few nights. I hope you've exercised frequently."

"What's going on here Ebon?" she asked suddenly.

"Take  off  your coat..  some  clothes and   maybe  I'll tell you." he

She stared at him  for a moment.  She took off her  coat and scarf and
threw them on the couch. She put her hands on her hips.

"Come on, Ebon. What's going on here?" she insisted. 

"Let's say that it was pointed out to me  that as things stand I would
be dying alone." he said simply.

"That bothers you?" she asked surprised.

"Nope." he said.


"Ah, you see  the cruelty of the whole  thing is that  I might want to
die alone but you would wait for me to live."

She looked at him, not understanding his point. 

"Baby,  if you  wait for  me,  and  I  die  alone. You die  alone." he

She moved and straddled his thighs to look at him. 

"You were mine. You were  always mine. I waited for  you when mom  and
dad told me you were going to be born. I knew  you would be a girl. No
doubt in my mind. I would have given everything to make you smile from
day one, and I did.   But  how am  I supposed  to  let you die  alone,
because I can't give you this."

Her eyes were wet with tears as he confessed.

"What I did with you was wrong, Brenda?"

She shook her head, but he stopped her by touching her chin.

"No, baby. You were too  young. In our parents   home. No matter,  how
much we both wanted, how  much I needed you. It  was a betrayal of mom
and  dad.  A few  years  and they  would have  been   happy to see  us
together. It would have probably meant the  world to them. But we were
still wrong."

"But Ebon.."

"We were  wrong, Brenda." he insisted. "But  that doesn't matter. What
matters is you  need me, and  I can't go on like  this if it hurts you
like that."

She reached down to silence him with her lips.  They kissed for a long
moment before she put distance between them.

"So what now?" she asked. 

"Well, I'm naked underneath this robe so the obvious  would be to make
love." he said hopefully.

"No, Ebon. After that." 

"Uh, it.. again more slowly?" he asked even more hopefully. 

She kissed him hard. 

"Stop that, Ebon. You know I mean the more distant future." she said 
when she broke the kiss. 

"Marriage, kids, grandchildren, much sex in between." he said as he
reached up to bring her back down for a kiss. 

She let him take a slow deep kiss from her lips before she struggled
against him. 

"What's wrong?" he asked concerned.

"I waited. I'm in charge." 

"I don't like that all too much." he said.

"I know but I didn't like waiting. Plus you got to be on top last time.
It's my turn."

"I meant the whole lack of foreplay." he said.

"I've waited 12 years, we can have foreplay afterwards."

She pulled the t-shirt off to quiet him. She hadn't been wearing a bra
again. He reached up reflexively to carress her breasts.

"Oh, God. It wasn't a dream." she said as his thumbs passed over her nipples.
She moved her hands around him to untie his robe and push it out of her way.
Her hand went immeadiately around his erection. He gasped as she encircled it
in her grip. 

She let go of his  penis and stretched  languidly down to kiss him. He
remembered his role in  this situation, and  his hands went around  to
cup her ass. He took a firm grip to  stop his inclination of repeating
the movement of  their last lovemaking by  flipping them over.   Every
second, she held the  kiss, moved her ass  in his hands he thanked and
regretted  his  strength.  She bit  into   his  chest  on  the edge of
painfulness.  His  hands reached between them to  play with nipples as
she  tried to deepen  a kiss too deep  for their  own good. He reached
between them to cup her  pelvic mound and rub  his hands on her  denim
covered pussy.

"More!" she said into his mouth. 

"I'm the naked one, Brenda." he said as he plunged his tongue into her 

She  got off  him for  a minute. She  pulled  her belt  off her jeans,
attacked the button and zipper.  He looked at  her, taking the seconds
to  gain a modicum  of control.  She took the   jeans off finally, and
remounted  him.  The initial warmth   of her body touching him  almost
snapped his control.   She started kissing him  and rubbing her crotch
on him. She knew what  she wanted, and even knew  the mechanics but it
was different  to be faced with the  reality.  He reached between them
again and cup her pussy. She melted into his mouth in reaction. He ran
one finger, splitting her pussylips with it in  one up motion and then
brought the finger back down.  She  was wet, he didn't remember anyone
becoming  ready for  sex that fast.   She became  unreasonable  on the
third pass  of his   finger.  She reached  between them  to   grip his
penis.  Her touch  was  inexperienced, frantic  but  uncontrolled. She
placed his  head at  the   entrance of her   pussy  but could move  no
further.  He moved his hips towards  her pussy seating his head inside

"Go slow, Brenda. You  haven't done this  in years." he managed to get
out as his dickhead was surrounded by warm, wet velvet.

She  was beyond reason  though.  She sat up    and dropped herself  on
him. He penetrated her  fully. He heard her  small gasp of pain, and a
sigh of acceptance as  her body spread to  accept him. She held inside
moist warmth for the longest time before she started moving.

He  smiled to himself, put  his head back  and reached up to touch any
skin  he could reach.  It  felt good  to be inside  her. Her tightness
caressing every inch of his penis.

She   was too inexperienced   to know  how  to  drive  him towards the
edge. Her motions  sought her own  pleasure but she couldn't recognize
his. She ground her hips into his, making contact with her clitoris on
his body, driving herself higher into pleasure  but it just stimulated
him.  It  didn't drive him.    Anytime that she   found an up and down
rhythm  on his hard penis,  he would lift her  from the floor with his
legs  and hips,  taking away her  leverage. She  would start  to grind
again. He felt  her orgasm hit her, and  she screamed her release.  He
pumped in and out of her to keep her from drifting down. She came down
slightly but his motion took her back up again. He stopped but she was
already on  the  way up    so  she started her  inexperienced   motion
again. He reached up  to take one nipple into  his mouth and suckle on
it. He licked it and traded it for the other nipple. He didn't want it
to end, but his pumping in and out of her had brought him too close to
the edge.

He  dropped his head  back down and waited as  she moved her hips back
and  forth,  and in circles  trying to  reach her  orgasm. She started
small panting breaths that  told him she was  close. He began  his own
motions up into her and dropping out of  her letting her weight impale
her on his dick. She understood what he wanted and began to mirror the
motion. Neither had to move much, but the  contact at the depth of her
was with force. She  moved up as  he moved down and  both drove to get
him inside her. He grabbed her hips suddenly  and ground his hips into
her.  It forced her  over  the edge,  as he  shot  into her  body. She
scratched his chest as he continued to  grind his hips overstimulating
himself but unable to control his need to spend himself inside her.

The  drop from the top was  fast for him,  slow for her. They lay like
that until his penis  softened  enough to slip   out of her. She   was
dropping small kisses onto his chest  mewling her pleasure at the skin
to skin contact.

Brenda jumped as a third hand  joined both of  Ebon's in caressing her
back.   She looked  beside   her, and just behind    her. She  saw  an
attractive raven-haired, green-eyed woman, green flashed on the woman's

"What the?" she said fighting the pleasure the three hands were giving
her to let surprise show.

Ebon opened his eyes. 

"Oh, Brenda  meet  Tiffany; Tiffany,  Brenda. You two   will like each
other, at least you seem to share the same interest in being on top."

Tiffany was wearing one of Ebon's robes. She wasn't really wearing it; it 
was just kind of draped on her.

Ebon looked between both of them. 

Brenda looked at him curiously.

"Well, see.  You like  women and I like women,  so I thought the whole
sharing option was open.   Plus I didn't  really plan it  you know.  I
think women have  a thing for  this whole  " big  brother  the way big
brothers are suppossed to  be" sexual thing.   It's kinda perverted if
you ask me."

Brenda bit him in the chest. 

Tiffany reached  down and  pulled her mouth  off  of Ebon by playfully
tugging on Brenda's hair. Brenda looked up as  Tiffany pulled her head

"No fighting." Tiffany said smiling at her.

"So  how    are   you going   to   stop    me, little    girl?" Brenda
challenged.  Ebon  could see  the sexual  electricity between  the two
women. He laughed  as Tiffany tackled Brenda  off his body  by kissing
her hard.

He looked at the two women as they warred  for control of the kiss and
settled on just experiencing it. He felt motion in his dick.

"Not a fucking chance." he said out loud. 

Brenda started  to struggle to  take the robe  off  Tiffany. His penis
started to gain girth.

"Not a fucking chance." he said even more loudly looking at himself and at
them as they settled into a slow pace of exploration. 

Tiffany looked up at him. He saw blue eyes and green eyes staring at him

"God bless us every one." both women said as they moved towards him to
share in their pleasure of discovery.

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