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Now that he's gone
Copyright 1998 Silverlink
You may distribute this story as you wish, provided that you
attribute it to me.  I apologise if this is rubbish.  It's my
first attempt, and is probably pure cheese so do not feel obliged
to be kind.

This story is rude.  It has sex in it.  Do not read if you're
not supposed to.

Now that he's gone

The little lights twinkled gently on the tree.  They had chosen
them together.  Kelly sipped her tea and watched the play of
colour on the baubles they had bought and the silly, gilded cherub
ornaments she had picked up just the previous week on the way
back from work.  They'd made Chris laugh when she hooked them on to
the branches, and she'd accused him of having no taste.

She had known Chris for a few years, but they had only moved in
together last January in a rush of love, excitement and New Year's
resolutions.  For this first Christmas together, they had needed
to buy decorations; having just moved away from their respective
families, they'd had to buy so many household things for the first
time together.  It felt like a real bond between them.  She had
always felt they were going to be together forever.

Now, here she was, with a mutually owned tree in the front room,
joint custody of a frozen turkey and a man who'd gone away.

Kelly sighed, then started as she realised that her thoughts were
once more turning to his cheeky smile.  The flat was just too
empty without him here.  It was impossible not to see all the
space that he wasn't occupying - and so cold in these draughty
rooms without another body to keep her warm.  Not only was she
lonely, she was horny too, but it was only him she wanted and he
wasn't about to make himself available, not now.

Wandering through to the back of the flat to their bedroom, she
placed her mug of tea on the bedside table, and sunk down onto the
faded blue bedspread that she'd brought from her parents' house but
which had become completely theirs.  Damn, she thought, it smells
of him.  The musky odour was faint but distinctive.  This was the
smell of her man.  It was home, it was love, it was sex and comfort
and, unfortunately, it was misleading, just the last traces of his
occupancy lingering in the cloth.

She realised her hands had strayed to her breasts.  Beneath the
lavender-coloured pyjama top, her nipples slowly were
coming to hardness, her body deprived of another's touch and
reacting to the familiar scent.  Rubbing her nipples with her
fingers through the brushed cotton fabric, the pressure combined
with the friction of the soft cloth sent a thrill, gentle but
unmistakeable through her body.

Shit, she thought, maybe it'll make me feel better.

The buttons were soon undone, and although the warm pyjama top
still provided her shoulders with necessary warmth, her breasts
were now bare.  Firmer now, she squeezed the nipples between her
fingers, rolling them gently around a little, then taking a breast
in each hand she squeezed, enjoying the sensation.

How many times had he lain here in this bed, next to her, with his
lips on these nipples?  He'd loved to suck them, taking one breast
in hand and caressing and squeezing gently as his lips and tongue
enjoyed the warm, pink tip.  His other hand often slid around to
caress her bottom.  Oh, how he'd loved to pet her bottom!  He'd
stroke it, pinch it, slap it gently.  He never seemed to tire.

Chris used to say that he loved her curves.  She wasn't fat, but
she was a curvy woman alright and he'd adored it, tracing the
indentation of her waist before moving down...

Kelly's hand slipped down beneath the elasticated waist of her
pyjama bottoms, and greedy fingers soon found a home in the moisture
her excited body was generating.  How she'd loved him fucking her!
Before she'd met him she'd been with others, but now... now she
could only get turned on by him.  They were bonded, to her mind,
together, a pair.  She belonged to him.  She was his lady.  She was
the one who should be riding him, feeling her moist insides sliding
up and down on his erect cock.

Yes, she should be riding him.  Kelly knelt upon the bed, facing the
pillows and tugged her pyjama bottoms down, baring her arse and
allowing full access to her hole.  Her left hand strayed back to her
breasts, rubbing them with her palm as the index finger of her right
hand slipped just inside her, and then out to rub the small but
sensitive clitoris.  She moved her hips back and forth, rubbing her
sex parts against her second and third fingers as she stimulated her

Kelly could almost imagine that he was beneath her, hiw hands rubbing
her engorged nipples as she fucked him, rocking back and forth and
feeling the length of his cock inside her.  Her clit was rubbing onto
the base of his cock as she pushed herself onto it as hard as she
could.  With his scent in her nostrils and her fingers dripping with
her own juices she pictured his face, his bare chest, the brown hairs
upon his belly.

It was then, as the excitement headed for a peak that she began to
speak.  His name first, quietly.  "Chris, Chris, Chris", then the
dirty words he loved her to say when they fucked.  "Yes," she
murmured, quietly to herself but with the intimacy of a lover, "fuck
me, yes fuck me my darling, give me your cock.  I love your cock."
This always used to get him so excited, and she loved it too.  She
was his dirty girl when they were like this, and she adored watching
the contorted expression of ecstasy as he shot his warm sperm into
her.  "Give me your lovely come, I want it inside me, come on Chris,
fuck me oh yes fuck me come on fuck me..."

She lapsed into silence as an orgasm shuddered through her body.
For a moment she was frozen still as the shock of pleasure hit, then
she slumped forwards onto the bed, her face upon the pillows and her
hands still beneath her on her body.  As little aftershocks ran
through her and her hot insides contracted in the spasms following
orgasm, she found herself surprised that she'd been able to get so
carried away.  Physically she felt marvellous, but no matter how
satisfied, there was still an empty place inside that the orgasm
couldn't reach.

It felt great, but Kelly was still lonely.

When the sensations subsided she pulled up her pyjama bottoms, and
then sat up and slowly buttoned her top.  Reaching for the tea at her
bedside, she found it still slightly warm, and she drank it down
quickly.  Her throat was dry.

She stood up and walked to the kitchen, placing the empty china mug
in the sink.  That one mug looked lonely too.  Had the both of them
been there, they'd have used the big blue teapot instead of putting a
single tea bag into a mug.  She missed him.  It wasn't just the sex,
although that had always been fabulous.  She loved him.  It was as
simple as that.  It was so hard to get used to his not being there.

As if to answer her thoughts, the phone rang.  She ran to answer.  It
was him.  It could only be him, this late at night.  Strange, how
much warmth it brought to her face, warmth that she only had found
when, lost in orgasm, she had for a moment forgotten that he wasn't

"Hello love."

"Chris!  Hello!  How's your mother?"

"She's fine.  She sends her regards."

Kelly sat down on the carpet and cuddled the phone to her ear.
On the conversation went for a time, as he talked about his old home
town, and how it was nice to be back but how much he was looking
forward to coming back to his real home.

Waiting for it wasn't going to be easy, but soon it would their
first Christmas together.

The End.

Witten by Silverlink for Christmas 1998.  I hope it's wonderful for
all of you.  No, not the story.  Well, that would be nice, but I
would not dare presume.  I meant Christmas.  Take care.

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