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This story is a work of fiction.  It containes scenes of explicit and 
graphic sex, descrpitions of sexual activities between consenting 
adults, and graphic references to sexual desires and body parts.  It is 
intended ONLY for adults over the age of 18.  Don't read this if you're 
under 18 because it will cause you to go blind, and other parts of your 
body will shrivel up and fall off.

                       His Prescious Possession
                               By CW
                             Chapter 1
                         Bound And Determined

The phone call at her office in which he told her he wanted her came 
unexpectedly.  She was in a business meeting at the time, and his words 
distracted her from her work.  It also excited her, and she was ready to 
do whatever he had in mind.  He hadn't always been clear about what he 
expected, and now was no different.  The only words he spoke were his 
instructions to wear her sexiest dress, her naughtiest bra and panties, 
and mid-thigh stockings.

Her dress was an expensive little black nothing with a loose, flowing 
skirt that came just above the middle of her thighs.  He liked her to 
wear the dress, especially on windy days, when she knew the wind would 
blow her skirt up.  He had bought the dress for her last year, along 
with the white lace half bra that left her nipples uncovered, silky 
white bikini panties, sheer white stockings.  A gold chain circled her 
waist, looped through the tiny gold ring that pierced her navel.  She 
looked at herself in the mirror before she put on her dress, turning 
around, looking back over he shoulder, then facing the mirror again.  
All she had on was her white shoes, stockings, bra, panties, the gold 
chain and navel ring.  She looked like a wanton virgin.  The sight made 
her pussy twitch, and she hoped he had something especially indecent in 
mind for her.  Finally, she put her dress on, and looked in the mirror 
again.  The image he chose for her was perfectly trashy.  The short 
dress stopped just above the lacy tops of her stockings.  Now she looked 
like both a high priced call girl and a sleazy whore, and it excited her 
even more.  Her pussy ached with her desire to touch herself, but she 
knew she shouldn't.  He would know if she had.

The drive to his house was exciting.  Her short dress had risen up her 
thighs as she drove, and a couple of men in their sport utility vehicles 
had stopped next to her at a few stoplights.  She knew they could see 
down into her car and see her legs.  She imagined their enjoyment of 
seeing her naked thighs between the tops of her stockings and the hem of 
her skirt.  It excited her to know these strangers were looking at her, 
knowing the lust her body caused in their cocks.  She smiled, imagining 
their wives or girlfriends each had a good fucking coming their way 
tonight.  She let her legs fall apart knowing these men could easily see 
up her dress all the way to her white panty covered crotch.  She let her 
right hand rest on her thigh, letting them see as she nonchalantly 
allowed her fingers just barely touch her pussy through her panties.  
Yes, she thought.  Two very lucky girls were getting two very hard cocks 

The house was dark outside when she arrived.  The butler let her in when 
she rang the bell.  Candles arranged in parallel rows leading to his 
study burned in the entry hall.  The butler took her things, and 
escorted her to the room where he waited for her.  Candles illuminated 
the study, giving it the romantic light that made her clit throb and her 
nipples to harden.  He sat lazily in his large easy chair dressed in his 
robe.  With his pipe clamped in his teeth, he read his favorite erotic 
magazine.  She waited for him to speak, but he didn't say anything.  He 
dropped the magazine on the table next to his chair, and looked at her 
with heavy eyes, letting his head fall on the back of his chair.  With 
one hand he put his pipe on the ashtray on the table.  With his other 
hand he undid the belt from his robe, and pulled his robe open.  He was 
naked, and his huge cock rested fully erect against his belly.  He 
spread his legs wide.  For the first time she saw his balls hanging 
between his legs, and she longed to taste them, to smell their pungent 

"Pleasure me," was all he said.

She moved close to him, and fell to her knees between his legs.  He 
smiled at her, anticipating the feel of her touch.  He reached up, and 
placed his hand on the side of her head.  She reached for his cock with 
her hand.

"No," he said.

She complied, and his hand moved to the back of her head, and took a 
handful of her ebony hair.  She felt him use her hair like a handle, 
pushing her head down to his cock.

"Open your mouth," he said, and she obeyed again, opening her mouth for 
him as he pushed her down onto his cock.  She took him between her lips, 
and she felt the curious release between her legs, the gentle twitching 
she always felt whenever she submitted to his desires.  She sucked him, 
and started moving her head up and down, giving him the feeling of 
fucking her mouth.  This was only the beginning.  "Stop," he said, and 
he shook at the sound, reluctantly taking her mouth off his cock.

"Please," she said.  "Can I please keep sucking your cock?"

"Later," he said.  "I have other things I want you to do."

"Oh, yes," she said.  "What else?"

He glanced over at his desk, and she followed his lead.  She looked over 
at his desk, also.  The top of his desk was completely vacant, except 
for a pair of scissors, and four slipknots of nylon cord with sheep skin 
fleece in the loops.  Seeing this, she knew immediately what he had in 
mind.  Her heart sank knowing he was going to sacrifice her beautiful 
dress for his pleasure.  She also knew he never did anything like this 
without replacing whatever he took.

Smiling back at him, she stood up only after impetuously kissing his 
balls and giving them a quick lick.  This was her way of showing him her 
gratitude for what he was about to do.  She heard his moan with lust, 
and as she stood, he gave her ass a firm, but gentle slap.  Then he 
rubbed her ass under her skirt.

"Go," was all he said, and she did as he told her.

She walked over to the desk and surveyed what she saw.  She noticed that 
what looked like four pieces of nylon cord, each with a slipknot at the 
end, were two long pieces.  Fed under the desk, each cord had a slip 
knot on each end.  Two of the slipknots rested on the top of the desk, 
and the other two were on the floor.  His devious mind knew she could 
not, and would not, resist this.

She knew that once she was in the position the cords and slipknots 
forced her into then she would be completely at his mercy.  The idea of 
that had her cunt steaming hot and wet with lust for his cock.  She bent 
down to place the first two slipknots around her ankles.  She made sure 
to bend over in a way that allowed him to see up the back of her skirt, 
showing him her panties.

She put her feet through each loop, closed the slipknots around her 
ankles, and stood up.  The position of the other two slipknots forced 
her to bend over the desk to reach them.  She slipped her wrists through 
the loops, and flexed her arms to close the loops.  They length of the 
cords and how he fed them under the desk had her hands far enough apart 
that she could not reach one hand with the other to free herself.  Bent 
over the desk after tying herself, she totally submitted herself to him, 
and she readied herself for him to take his pleasure from her body.

In this submissive position her own passion to satisfy his desires 
increased as her lust increased.  She felt more in control of her body 
then she imagined she would, knowing she willingly submitted and bound 
herself for him.  He moved up behind her, and she felt his hand on her 
ass.  He lifted her skirt so he could see her panties, and pressed his 
fingers between her legs.  His fingers snaked inside her panties, into 
her moist, throbbing cunt.  Waves of pleasure and desire ravished her 
body, and she moved her ass back onto his hand, impaling her cunt onto 
his fingers.  One finger found her clit, mashing it, driving her closer 
to climax, and then moving her away.

She whimpered her desire, and saw the scissors on the edge of the desk.  
She felt him remove his hand from her panties as he picked up the 
scissors.  She felt him behind her, taking the hem of her dress in his 
hand, and starting to cut.  The sound of the scissors told her that 
soon, very soon, he would have her bent over his desk and totally naked, 
taking whatever pleasure he wanted from her body.

He cut her dress along the length of he zipper, baring her back.  Laying 
her dress open, he cut the right then the left shoulder then pulled the 
dress from underneath her.  She raised herself as best she could to 
allow him to pull the dress away from her body.  He turned his attention 
to her bra, cutting the straps on her shoulders, and cutting next to the 
clasp in the back, pulled the bra away from her.  Next, he reached 
between her legs, and took the strip of silky material between her legs.  
As he pulled on her panties, the material tightened against her crotch, 
sending waves of pleasure anew through her body.  She felt him cut her 
panties away from her, first the strip between her legs, then one side 
of her panties, and he pulled them off her.

She readied herself for him to fuck her.  She wanted him to fuck her, to 
take whatever kind of sex he wanted from her, to do whatever he wanted 
with her.  To molest her any way he desired.  To possess her in any way 
he wanted.

He walked around the desk so she could see him, and sat in the chair.  
She looked at his naked body, lusting for his cock as he sat down, and 
began to stroke himself.

"You want my cock, don't you?" he asked.  "You want to suck my cock?"

"Yes," she answered.  "Please let me suck your cock."  He stroked his 
cock and caressed his own balls so she could watch him.  "You like to 
watch me jack off, right?"  She nodded yes.  "I can't decide where to 
put my cock, you know.  Should I fuck your mouth?"

"Yes," she said.  "Fuck my mouth.  Please, fuck, and cum in my mouth."

He sat back, teasing her more.

"No, not your mouth."  He kept stroking.  "What about your cunt?"  he 
asked.  "Maybe I'll fuck your cunt.  I'll take you, and fuck your cunt.  
Would you like that?"

"Oh, yes," she said.  "Fuck me, fuck my cunt with your huge cock.  
Please, please fuck me."

He just sat there, jacking off, thinking.

"I know," he said, leaning closer to her.  "I'm going to fuck your ass.  
Your tight ass will feel really good on my cock.  Want to take it up 
your ass?"

She struggled, not to free herself, since that was hopeless, tied up as 
she willingly was.  She struggled because she discovered the edge of the 
desk was close to her cunt, and she could secretly pleasure herself by 
gyrating her pelvis.

"Just fuck me," she said.  "I don't care how.  I just want to be fucked.  
I want you to fuck me.  Fuck my mouth, fuck my cunt, or fuck my ass.  It 
doesn't matter how you fuck me.  Just, please, fuck me."

He stood up, his huge cock sticking out from his middle.  He moved close 
to her mouth, but not close enough.  She could almost touch him with the 
tip of her tongue.  He let her just lightly touch his cock with her 

"How can I resist?" he said, and walked around the desk, and moved up 
behind her.  "You little slut whore, I'm going to fuck you right now."  
He suddenly rammed his cock in one stroke up into her steaming wet cunt, 
and she yelped in surprise and pleasure at the force of his fucking her.  
She felt the entire length of his cock slip in and out of her cunt as he 
fucked her.

This was how she loved it.  Just getting fucked, being taken for his 
pleasure.  She knew that she would have release, and or orgasm would 
rack her body as he took his pleasure.  He would take care to give her 
the release she deserved.  His cock would see to that.

"You are a good fuck, you know that, you hot little whore?"  he said.  
Hearing him call her a whore got her cunt even hotter, and she felt him 
fuck her harder and deeper, his balls slapping against her pussy as he 
plowed into her.  "Yeah, you're a great fuck, and I'm going to make you 
cum."  He relentlessly pounded away at her, ramming his cock into her.

"I'm cumming," she screamed out.  "Oh, yes, I'm cumming.  Fuck me 
harder.  I'm cumming, oh, please, fuck me.  I'm cumming."

"That's right, you little slut," he said.  "Cum.  Cum good and hard."  
He felt her cunt pulse, clamping his cock deep inside her, sending him 
over the edge.  "Oh, yeah," he said.  "I'm cumming in your hot cunt, my 
little whore.  Oh, yes, you're the best fuck in the world."

He finished cumming, but his cock was still hard.  He pulled out of her, 
and helped her get the slipknots off her wrists and ankles.  She turned 
to face him, and they kissed passionately.  He picked her up, and lay 
her on the desk with her head hanging off the edge.  This let her tilt 
her head all the way back so she could suck his cock into her mouth.  He 
didn't disappoint her.  He pushed his cock into her mouth, and she 
sucked him deep into her mouth.  It didn't take very long.

"Get ready to swallow," he said.  "I'm going to cum again."

She grabbed his cock, and sucked harder.

"Oh, here it comes," he said.  "I'm cumming."  The taste of his cum sent 
electricity to her cunt, and she came again as he shot his cum down her 
throat.  He kept his cock in her mouth until his orgasm subsided.  
Spent, he took his cock out of her mouth, and sat down in his chair to 
regain some strength.

"Damn, you're a great fuck," he said.

"So are you," she said, satiated and exhausted.  "What's next?" she 

"The mall," he said.  "With my camera."

She knew what that mean, and her pussy twitched at the thought.

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