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(c) Copyright 1998 DASTARDLY DODO ALL Rights 

This story may not be reproduced in any form for 
profit without the written permission of the 
This story may be freely distributed with this 
notice attached.  
The author may be contacted at
This story contains sex between family members and 
sex with children.
If this kind of story offends you or if it is not 
legal for you to read. LEAVE NOW.
This is a fantasy, nothing else.
If you want to try this at home go to the nearest 
police station and have yourself arrested.

Tim's family
By Dastardly Dodo

Chapter 1 Seducing Tim

Tim was sitting on the porch feeling bored. All his 
friends where on vacation except for him. His 
parents had decided to take a second honeymoon 
without their children. The worsted part of it was 
that they had left his sister Samantha in charge. 
His sister was only one year older then him. He 
loved her very much, but lately they did not get 
along very well. She had no time for the troubles 
of the 15 year old boy and kept him on a short 
leash. The only good thing was that his two younger 
sisters, 13 year old Kirsten and 12 year old Tina, 
where staying at their grand parents for a week. At 
least they wouldn't be bothering him. Tim sighed. 
'Another day with nothing to do.' he thought. He 
went in to the house and got upstairs to go to his 
When he passed Samantha's bedroom he heard some 
strange sounds. He quietly opened the door of her 
room and peeked in. His eyes widened at the scene 
before him. His sister was laying naked on the bed 
playing with herself. He gazed at her beautiful 16 
year old body. She had big round breasts with long 
nipples, a small waist and long nicely curved legs. 
He watched as she played with her breasts and cunt. 
With one hand she pinched her nipples, While she 
was rubbing her pussy with the other. "Ohh!! God!! 
Yess!! Good!!" she moaned. Tim's gaze was fixed on 
the sight before him. He didn't believe what he was 
seeing. He took his rock hard cock out of his pants 
and started to stroke himself. Samantha turned to 
the nightstand and took a vibrator out of it. She 
rolled back, turned the vibrator on and started to 
push it into her pussy. Tim's eyes widened when he 
saw the vibrator. It was 10 inches long and at 
least 2 inches wide. He heard about vibrators, but 
had never seen one. The sight of the thing 
disappearing into his sisters pussy made him shoot 
his load against the door. Hastily he cleaned the 
door with his handkerchief. Then his gaze returned 
to the bedroom. Samantha was fucking herself with 
the vibrator. "Ohhh!!! Godddd!!!!! Yessss!!! 
Fuck!!!!" She shouted as she came close to her 
orgasm. Then she looked directly at the door and 
let out a high pitched scream as she exploded into 
an orgasm. 
Tim was scared out of his pants when he saw 
Samantha look at the door. He was sure she had seen 
him. He quickly closed the door and ran to his 
room. When his sister didn't come running after him 
he calmed down a bit. He still had a hard on and 
decided to jerk himself off. 
When Samantha came down from her orgasm she smiled. 
She had noticed that her brother was watching her 
and it had made her cum twice as hard then normal. 
She had fantasies about fucking him for some time 
now. She kept him at a distance because she thought 
her feelings for her brother where wrong. She heard 
the door of his room slam shut and smiled again. 
'He's probably jerking himself off right now. ' she 
thought. Thinking of her brother jerking himself 
off got her horny again. 'Well if he can spy on me 
I can spy on him.'. She got out of bed and put on a 
robe. She walked to Tim's room, quietly opened the 
door and peeked in. Tim was stroking his cock 
furiously. "Ohhh!! Goddd!! Yes. Fuck me." He 
moaned, caught in a fantasy of his own. His hand 
was going up and down his cock rapidly. Samantha 
was amazed by the size of his cock. With 9 inches 
he was huge for a 15 year old. She slipped a hand 
in her robe and started to rub her clit. 'How would 
it be to have that cock inside me? No I can't he is 
my brother.' She told herself. She was about to 
close the door when Tim started to come. 
"OoooHhhhhh!!! Fuck!!! Samantha!!!!" He screamed as 
he shot his load into the air. Samantha was shocked 
when she heard her brother calling her name 'The 
horny little bastard is having a fantasy about me.' 
She thought. At first she wanted to go in and yell 
at him but then she remembered her own feelings for 
him. She remembered how her pussy got wet when she 
caught him staring at her tits and how she just had 
the best orgasm of her life just because he was 
watching. She quietly closed the door and went back 
to her own room to get dressed. 
She kept thinking about Tim all day, wondering how 
it would be to fuck him. She had broke up with her 
boyfriend six months ago when she started to 
develop feelings for her brother. She had tried to 
date other boys and push her feelings for her 
brother aside, but she found that all the time she 
was with an other boy she kept thinking of Tim. 
When they kissed her she was thinking of Tim 
kissing her. When they fucked her she was thinking 
of Tim fucking her. 'Ohh shit I have got to do 
something about it.' she thought. She finally made 
a decision. She was going to fuck her brother. They 
had the whole week to them selfs so she didn't have 
to worry about getting caught.
That night she prepared a very special dinner for 
Tim and herself. She walked to the stairs and 
shouted "Dinner is ready.". Tim came running down 
the stairs. When he was about halfway down He saw 
his sister standing at the bottom of the stairs. He 
stopped and looked at her. His eyes almost falling 
out of their sockets. Samantha was wearing a very 
short tight black dress that left almost nothing to 
"Do you like what you see?" Samantha said with 
mischievous smile on her face." "Uuhh....I 
guess..." Tim stuttered. Samantha laughed "Well you 
better get down or dinner will be cold.". All 
through the dinner Tim couldn't keep his eyes off 
his sisters tits. Samantha smiled to herself when 
she saw her brother stare at her tits. She felt her 
pussy getting wet. 
She lifted her leg under the table and pushed her 
foot into his crotch. Then she started to rub her 
foot up and down. Tim gave her a shocked look . 
"What are you doing?" He stammered. Samantha 
took her foot away and gave him an innocent look 
saying "Me? I'm just eating. Why do you ask?" 
Ehhh...Ohhh..Ehhh..Nothing." Tim stuttered. Samantha 
silently laughed about her brothers predicament. 
She pushed her foot back in his crotch, still 
giving him an innocent look. Tim face turned red. 
He looked down at his plate as if it was the most 
interesting thing in the world. "Is something wrong 
Tim? You haven't eaten anything yet." Samantha said 
teasingly. "Ehh..No. I'm just not hungry." The boy 
stuttered. "Well I'm finished eating." Samantha 
She cleared the table and suggested they would 
watch a movie. Tim mumbled something in agreement. 
He sat down on the couch in the living room and 
watched as his sister selected a video. When she 
bend over to put the video in to the machine, Tim's 
jaw hit the floor. He could clearly see her pussy. 
She didn't have any panties on. Samantha knew what 
her brother was looking at and wiggled with her 
ass. Tim felt his dick twitch as he looked at the 
show his sister gave him. Samantha turned on the 
video and sat down next to him. Tim put his hands 
in his lap in an effort to hide the bulge in his 
The video started out as a normal film with a guy 
and a girl arguing in an office. Then the girl 
Kneeled down in front of the guy. Tim's eyes 
widened as the girl on the video unzipped the guy's 
pants and took his dick out. He almost came in his 
pants, when he saw the girl taking the guy's dick 
in her mouth. His eyes where glued to the screen as 
he watched the girl suck the guy off. "Would you 
like me to do that for you?" Samantha said. Tim 
didn't answer. His face turned white as he shot his 
load in his pants in time with the guy on the video 
who shot his load over the girl's face. When 
Samantha saw a wet spot appear on Tim's pants she 
started to laugh. Tim felt embarrassed and 
humiliated. He tried to stand up to run to his room 
but Samantha stopped him. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean 
to laugh. It's just that it looked so funny." She 
said to him. 
Tim looked at her his face all red and said. "It 
has never happened to me before." Samantha smiled 
"Don't worry about it is natural for a boy your 
age.". Tim relaxed a bit. He let his eyes roam over 
Samantha's body, stopping at her tits. "Would you 
like to touch them?" Samantha said. Tim tentatively 
reached out and touched her breast. When she didn't 
stop him he got bolder and started to pinch and 
squeeze them. He blushed and said "Can I see 
them?". Samantha smiled "Why don't we go upstairs 
and get undressed. Then you can look and feel all 
you want.". Tim quickly agreed. When they came into 
her bedroom Samantha made Tim sit down on the bed. 
Then she did a strip tease for him. She slowly 
pulled up her dress, while dancing around, exposing 
her pussy. Then she started to finger fuck herself. 
She danced up to her brother and held her pussy lips 
apart for him. When he tried to touch her she 
backed away and started to dance around again. She 
slowly lifted the dress over her head, exposing her 
tits to his gaze, and threw it away. Once naked she 
sat down next to Tim and started to undress him. 
When she got to his pants he stopped her. "I.. 
Eeehhh..." He stuttered. Samantha smiled "I have 
seen a cock before Tim.". His face turned red "No. 
It's not that. I'm afraid that I... Well you 
know.". "Know what?" Samantha asked. Tim looked at 
the floor "That it happens again." he whispered. He 
felt like he wanted to disappear. Samantha sat down 
next to him and hugged him. "Tim I love you. Not 
like a sister loves her brother, but like a woman 
who loves a man. You can never do anything wrong 
when we have sex. If you cum in your pants that's 
ok. If you don't that's ok to. I know that you are 
nervous and that there is a lot you don't know yet, 
but I will teach you what you want to know. So 
don't worry about it." "You love me?" Tim 
exclaimed. Samantha looked at him nervously. This 
was the part that worried her the most. She knew 
she could get him to fuck her, but she wasn't so 
sure about his reaction to her telling him about 
her love for him. "Yes that is why I broke up with 
Randy." She answered. Tim looked at her and 
stuttered "I.. Ehhhhh... Can I.. Ehhh Kiss you?" 
Samantha sighed in relieve. "Of course you can 
silly.". She took his head in her hands and started 
to kiss him. She forced her tongue in his mouth and 
started to explore it. At first Tim was surprised 
when he felt her tongue in his mouth, but then he 
started to return the favor and their tongues 
engaged in a battle of love. Tim broke of their 
kiss and looked at Samantha. He blushed and said. 
"I have wanted you ever since I stared to think 
about girls." He shook his head, looked down and 
continued "I love you to." Samantha was overwhelmed 
by her emotions. Unable to speak she took him in 
her arms and just held on to him. When she calmed 
down a bit, she said "You will never know how happy 
you just made me." Then she kissed him and said 
"Now lets have some fun." 
He looked up at her with a nervous look on his 
face. "What are we going to do?". Samantha smiled 
"Don't worry I will show you. Just relax and 
enjoy.". Then she started to undo his pants. When 
he was nude she put her head in his lap and started 
to suck on his dick. Tim gasped from pleasure when 
he felt the head of his cock enter the mouth of his 
sister. Samantha's lips tightened around the shaft 
of his cock. She began to bob her head up and down 
and let her tongue play around the sensitive head. 
Tim couldn't take much of this and came almost 
immediately. 'OH SHIT!" He shouted as he shot his 
load into his sisters mouth. Samantha kept sucking 
on his dick until she got the last drop of his cum. 
Then she took her head of his cock and kissed him. 
After a while Samantha broke of the kiss and said 
"Well now it is your turn to make me cum." Then she 
lay down on the bed. Tim looked at her unsure of 
what to do. When Samantha saw the look on his face 
she said "Why don't you start by sucking on my 
nipples.". Tim lay down next to his sister and 
started to suck her nipples. First one and then the 
other. After he had done this for a while Samantha 
said to him. "Why don't you rub my pussy with your 
hand.". Tim brought his hand down to her pussy and 
started to stroke up and down. He was amazed to 
feel how wet she was down there. "Put your finger 
between my pussy lips." Samantha moaned. "Ohhh!!!! 
Godddd!!!" She shouted,  when he unintentionally 
found her clit and started to rub it. 
"Oooohhhh!!!!! Jesussss!!!! FUCK!!! SUCK MY 
PUSSY!!!!" she screamed. Tim looked a bit unsure, 
but then he brought his head down and started to 
lick her cunt. When he found her clit Samantha lost 
all control. "OOOOOOHHHHH... GODDDDDD...YES... 
AAAIIIIII....YEAAAAAAAAAA." She screamed as her 
orgasm hit her.
When she came down from her orgasm she smiled and 
said "Not bad for your first time brother.". Tim 
glowed from the compliment. He had sucked his first 
pussy and brought the girl to an orgasm, and the 
best part of it was that it was his own sister. 
Samantha took his rock hard cock in her hand and 
said "Are you ready to fuck now?" Tim blushed and 
said "Yes, but I have never done that before." 
Samantha smiled. "It is not that difficult. Sit 
down on your knees between my legs. Then I will 
guide your cock in." Tim did as Samantha told him. 
She took his cock in her hands and put it at the 
entrance of her pussy. "Now push." she said. Tim 
pushed and watched as his cock disappeared in her 
pussy. He loved the the feeling of her hot, tight, 
wet cunt around his dick. This was much better then 
jacking off he decided. When he was all the way in, 
Samantha said. "Now all you have to do is move that 
cock of yours in and out." Tim smiled and slowly 
started to fuck his sister. 
Once he got the hang of it he started to move 
faster. "Ohhh!!!! Goddd!!!! Yesss!!! Fuck me!! DO 
it harder!!!" Samantha moaned. Tim started to pound 
her like a Jackhammer.
"Oooohh!!! Yess!!! I'm fucking you!!! I'm fucking 
my sister!!" He shouted. Samantha screamed as her 
orgasm hit her. Her pussy clamped down on Tim's 
cock and started milking him. This was to much for 
YOUR PUSSYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!" He screamed as he shot 
his load into Samantha's cunt. Feeling her brother 
cum inside her, made Samantha orgasm for the second 
time. Her body went rigid and her eyes glazed as 
she reached the peak of ecstasy. When they came down 
from their orgasm Samantha kissed Tim and said. 
"That was my best fuck ever.". Tim was glowing all 
over. Samantha felt his dick stir in her pussy. She 
giggled and said "Do you want to do it again." Tim 
blushed and stuttered "Yes but..." Samantha looked 
at him and said "But what?". "Well I have seen 
pictures in a magazine from dad...Wait I will show 
you." He jumped up and went out of the bedroom. A 
minute later he returned holding a magazine. He sat 
down on the bed his face all red. he showed 
Samantha a picture and whispered "What is that?". 
Samantha smiled "That's called ass fucking. Would 
you like to try it." Tim nodded eagerly. Samantha 
got on all fours and said. "First fuck my pussy for 
a while to get your dick lubricated, then you can 
stick it in my ass." Tim kneeled down behind 
Samantha and tried to push his dick into her pussy. 
He missed and his dick slid along her pussy lips. 
Samantha reached back and put his dick at the 
entrance of her pussy. Tim pushed and this time he 
was in. After he had fucked her pussy for a while 
Samantha said to him "Ok. Now stick it in my ass." 
Tim put the head of his cock against her anus and 
pushed. At first it wouldn't go in, but then he 
pushed a bit harder and the head of his cock 
disappeared in her ass. Tim couldn't believe how 
tight she down there. He almost came on the spot. 
He started to push again until his cock was al the 
way into her ass. Then he started to fuck her with 
slow long strokes. Taking his cock almost all the 
way out and then all the way back in again. 
Samantha started to finger fuck herself moaning 
"Ohhh!!!! Goddd!!! Yesss!!!! Fuck my ass!!!" Tim 
felt his orgasm nearing and started to pound her 
ass as fast as he could. Samantha started to 
AAAAAAAIIIIII!!!!!", as she exploded into an 
orgasm. Tim was close behind. He buried his dick in 
her ass and sprayed his cum deep within her bowels. 
When they came down from there orgasm they hugged 
each other and enjoyed the afterglow of their 
lovemaking. Samantha was amazed when she felt his 
dick stir again. 'Jesus christ. Is he never going 
to get tired?' she thought. She looked at him and 
started to laugh. Tim looked confused. "What is so 
funny?" he asked. "I'm sorry. It is just that I 
have never had a boyfriend who could come so much 
as you have done and still have a hard on." 
Samantha replied. Then she looked at his cock and 
said. "Well there is still something we have not 
tried yet. Would you like to fuck my tits?" Tim 
didn't bother to reply. He straddled his sister and 
put his dick between her tits. Samantha smiled and 
pushed her tits together. Tim started to fuck her 
tits and came a few minutes later, spraying his cum 
over his sisters face. Finally spend they lay 
down an fell asleep. Just before he went to sleep 
Tim had one last thought. 'This is going to be a 
great vacation after all.'

Chapter 2 Kirsten and Tina

John Johnson looked lovingly at his sister Martha. 
They had been lovers ever since he was 14 and she 
was 13. In all those 20 years he had never wanted 
someone else. He smiled at her and said "I wonder 
how the kids are doing." Martha looked at him and 
said "If I'm right Samantha is fucking Tim's brains 
out right now, and once Tim has tasted pussy, he 
will want to fuck Kirsten and Tina to. All we have 
to do is catch them in the act. Then we can tell 
them that their parents are brother and sister." 
John sighed. "I hope you are right." 

All week long, Samantha and Tim had not been able 
to keep their hands of each other for more then two 
minutes. They had fucked and sucked in every 
position imaginable, but today their sisters would 
come home from their grandparents. "We will not be 
able to do anymore." Tim said to Samantha. Samantha 
smiled and said "Well we could late at night when 
the girls are sleeping.". 'It is better than 
nothing." Tim said with a wry smile on his face. He 
looked at Samantha and sighed "If only we could get 
them to join us.". Samantha thought about it. She 
liked the idea of their sisters joining them. In 
her mind she saw her sisters licking her pussy, 
sucking her nipples and even fisting her. The 
thought of being fisted by her little sisters got 
her horny enough to say "We could let them catch 
us and see what happens.". "Sure and then they can 
run to our parents and tell them." Tim replied. 
"Well I know it is a risk but if it works out you 
will have three pussy's to play with." Samantha 
said. Tim grumbled a bit, but the idea of having 
three hot and horny girls to himself finally made 
him agree. 
Kirsten and Tina came home at eleven. After the 
girls got unpacked they all gathered in the 
living room. Samantha got them something to drink. 
Then she sat down and said the the girls "I would 
like to talk with you about sex.". Tim, who was 
drinking his coke, almost choked. When he stopped 
coughing he looked at Samantha and said. "What are 
you doing?" 
Samantha smiled "I thought that it was best Just to 
tell them." "Tell us what?" Kirsten asked. Samantha 
looked at the girls and said "Well Tim and I are 
having sex, and we wondered if you want to have sex 
with us to.". "Ohhh. Like when daddy sticks his 
thing in mommy?" Tina asked. "Have you seen that?" 
Samantha said with a surprised look on her face. 
"Yes. One night I had to go to the toilet. When 
came past mommy's and daddy's bedroom I heard 
strange sounds. I looked in and saw daddy put his 
thing in mommy. She really seemed to like it.". 
Tina answered. Samantha smiled "Yes it really feels 
good when a man sticks his cock in your pussy.". 
Kirsten looked at her and said "But isn't it incest 
when you do it with your brother?" "Yes it is, but 
I don't see anything wrong with it when you love 
each other." Samantha replied. Kirsten thought 
about it for a minute. Then she said "I guess you 
are right but what about mommy and daddy?" "Well we 
won't tell them if you don't tell them." Samantha 
replied. Kirsten blushed "I think I would like to 
know more about sex". Samantha looked at Tina and 
said "And you. Do you want to know more about sex 
to?" Tina nodded and said "Yes I would." Samantha 
smiled "Why don't we all go upstairs to my bedroom 
and I will show you all about sex." They all 
When they got into the bedroom Samantha made Tim 
undress. "Ohh his thing is big." Kirsten said when 
she saw his cock. "That is called a cock. It gets 
big and hard that way when a man is exited." 
Samantha said. Kirsten looked at Tim and said "Can 
I touch it?". "Sure go ahead." He replied. Kirsten 
tentatively touched his cock. "Put you hand around 
it and stroke it up and down. That will make him 
feel good." Samantha instructed her. Kim put her 
hand around Tim's cock. And started to stroke up 
and down. Tina came to her side and said "I want to 
do it to.". Then she put her hand under the hand of 
Kirsten and started to stroke him to. Tim moaned as 
feelings of pleasure coursed through his body. "Why 
don't you lick it to?" Samantha said to the girls. 
Kirsten stuck out her tongue and touched the head 
of his dick with it. When she found that it didn't 
taste bad, she started to lick the head of his 
dick. Tina looked at what her sister was doing and 
copied her. The feeling of his little sisters 
licking his cock was to much for Tim. "OHHHH!!!!! 
shouted as he shot his load in their faces. The 
first spurt landed on their tongues, taking them by 
surprise. They jerked their heads back, making the 
rest of his cum land on their faces. Tina took some 
cum of her face with her hand, showed it to 
Samantha and said. "What is this." Samantha smiled. 
"That is what a man shoots out of his cock when he 
gets really exited. It is called cum or sperm. When 
I suck on a cock I like to swallow it. It tastes 
real good.". Tina brought her hand to her face and 
licked the sperm off. When she found she liked it, 
she turned to kim and said. "I want to lick it of 
your face." "Only if I can lick it of your face." 
Was the reply. Then the girls started to lick each 
others face clean. 
When they where finished Samantha said "Would you 
like Tim and me to make you feel good to?" The 
girls nodded. "Ok but you will have to take your 
clothes off." The girls blushed. "I will take my 
clothes off to." Samantha told them. They all got 
undressed. Then Samantha made the girls lie down on 
the bed. She looked at Tim and said "Why don't you 
do Kirsten then I will do Tina." Samantha sat down 
next to Tina and started to suck on her nipples. 
Tim did the same to Kirsten. "That feels good!" 
Kirsten said. Tina agreed with her. While he was 
sucking Kirsten's nipples, Tim watched what 
Samantha did with Tina and tried to copy her 
motions. After a while they started to kiss down 
the girls chest and belly to their bellybuttons. 
The girls giggled. "It tickles!" Tina said. Then 
Samantha and Tim licked from the girls bellybuttons 
to their pussy's and back again. They repeated this 
a few times until Samantha looked at Tina and said 
"Now I'm going to make you feel real good.". She 
dove into Tina's pussy and started to lick. Tim did 
the same with Kirsten. The girls started to moan 
from pleasure. Tim stuck a finger in Kirsten's 
pussy and started to finger fuck her. Then he took 
her clit between his lips and started to suck on 
it. Kirsten went wild and orgasmed, screaming 
GOODDDDDDDDDDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!". A few seconds 
later Tina had her orgasm to. When they came down 
from their orgasm Samantha smiled at them and asked 
"How was your first orgasm?". "It felt so good!!!" 
both girls replied in unison. Samantha turned to 
Tim and said "Lets show them what fucking is.". 
Then she laid down on the bed. Tim did not wasted 
any time. He kneeled down between Samantha's legs 
and put his cock at the entrance of her pussy. 
Kirsten and Tina sat down next to them and looked 
at what was happening. When Tim pushed all of his 9 
inches in, they both gasped in surprise. "Doesn't 
that hurt?" Kirsten asked. "Ohhh Noooo! 
It..Ooohhh.. Feels goodddd!!" Samantha moaned as 
Tim started to fuck her. Tim looked at Kirsten and 
Tina and said "Why don't you suck on her nipples. 
She really likes that.". The girls giggled when 
they heard his suggestion. Then they each took a 
breast and started to suck on Samantha's nipples. 
MEEEEEE!!!!!" Samantha screamed. Tim was pounding 
in and out of her as fast and hard as he could. 
screamed as her orgasm hit her.
Tim started to fuck her even harder. Then he buried 
his cock in her pussy as deep as he could and shot 
his load into her.
"God that looked good. Can I do it to?" Kirsten 
asked. "I want to do it to!!" Tina exclaimed. 
Samantha and Tim started to laugh. "Tim needs some 
time to recover first." Samantha told the girls. 
Then she turned to tim and said "Why don't you get 
the magazine from dad.". Tim got up and went to get 
it. When he got back they all sat down on the bed 
and started to browse through the magazine. 
Samantha was telling her sisters what the people on 
each of the pictures where doing. When they came to 
a picture of a couple ass fucking Tina asked 
"Doesn't that hurt?". "Well I have only done it 
twice. The first time it really hurt. The second 
time was with Tim and that felt really good." 
Samantha said. Then she looked lovingly at Tim and 
said "That cock of yours just drives me crazy. I 
don't think I will ever want someone else.". Tim 
kissed her. "I love you to sis." he said. Suddenly 
Tina pointed at Tim's cock and shouted "Ohh he is 
big again!" They all laughed. Samantha took Tim's 
dick in her hand and said to him "Are you ready to 
fuck them?". Tim smiled "I'm as ready as I will 
ever be." Samantha looked at the girls and said "It 
will hurt a bit the first time. Do you still want 
to do it?". Kirsten and Tina looked at each other 
and nodded. "Yes we want to do it." Kirsten said. 
Samantha lay Kirsten on the bed with her legs 
open wide. She bend over and started to lick 
Kirsten's pussy. When she thought that Kirsten was 
wet enough she said to Tim "Push in slowly. When 
you get to her cherry pull back a bit and then push 
through it as hard and as fast as you can. Then 
wait for a while so she can get used to having a 
dick in her pussy." Tim nodded and kneeled down 
between Kirsten's legs. He brought his cock to the 
entrance of her pussy and started to push in. 
Kirsten gasped in surprise when the head of his cock 
went in. Tim stopped and waited for her to adjust 
to the feeling. Then he slowly pushed in until he 
hit her cherry. He pulled back a bit and then 
pushed in as hard and as fast as he could. Kirsten 
let out a scream when his cock tore through her 
cherry. When Tim hit her cervix, with about 7 
inches of his cock in Kirsten's pussy, he stopped 
and waited. "Are you alright?" He asked with a 
concerned look on his face. Kirsten tried to smile 
"Yes I'm ok. Just wait a bit, so I can get used to 
it.". After a while Kirsten looked up at Tim and 
said "Ok you can fuck me now, but do it slowly."
Tim smiled and started to fuck her with slow long 
strokes. Kirsten started to moan "OooHhhh! Goddd!!! 
That is gooddd!!!".
Tim increased the tempo. "OOOHHH!!!GODDD!!! 
GODDDDDDDDDDDDDD!!!!!!!" Kirsten screamed as her 
orgasm neared. Suddenly she let out a high pitched 
scream. Her body went rigid and all her muscles 
trembled. She orgasmed for about two minutes. When 
she came down from her orgasm Tim removed his cock 
from her pussy and said. "How was that?" Kirsten 
sat up and hugged him. "It felt like I had a 
fucking baseball bat in my pussy, but I loved every 
minute of it." Tim smiled and kissed her. Then Tina 
pulled on his arm, trying to get his attention. "I 
want to!" She said. Tim put his arms around her and 
hugged and kissed her. She squirmed in his arms and 
said "No. I mean fucking!"  Tim laughed "Ok you you 
horny little devil. If you lay down I will fuck you 
to." Tina quickly lay down on the bed, spreading 
her legs as far as possible. Tim licked her pussy 
for a while. Then he kneeled down between her legs 
and started to push in. "God you are tight!" He 
exclaimed when the head of his dick went in. She 
was so tight that it was almost impossible for him 
to move. Tim looked at Samantha and said "I don't 
know if this is going to work. She is just to 
tight." Samantha smiled "It will work. Just fuck 
her for a while with what you can get in until her 
pussy get's used to size of that monster of 
yours.". Tim did as he was told. After a while 
Tina's pussy started to produce more lubrication 
and he could move more freely. When he felt Tina 
was ready he took her cherry with one swift stroke. 
Tina let out a surprised cry when he tore through 
her cherry. When Tim stopped she shouted "Don't 
stop. Fuck me! Fuck me now!". Tim started to fuck 
her slowly. Tina started to Moan "Ooohhhh!!!! 
Goddddd!!!!! FASTER!!! DO IT FASTER!!!!". Tim 
started to pound her as fast as he could. Tina went 
CUMMINGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!" She shouted as she 
exploded into an orgasm. Her pussy clamped down on 
Tim's cock, making it almost impossible for him to 
move. He shoved his cock in as far as it would go 
and started to spray his semen into her cunt. When 
she came down from her orgasm Tina murmured 
"Beautiful." And fell asleep. 

3 Getting caught

John and Martha got home two days earlier then 
expected. there plane landed around 8:30 in the 
evening. On the drive home John said to martha "I 
sure hope you are right.". Martha smiled and said. 
"Samantha is in love with Tim. I'm sure of it." 
They parked the car at the end of the block so that 
their children wouldn't hear the engine. Then they 
walked home and quietly slipped in through the 
backdoor. When they came into the kitchen they 
heard sounds coming from the living room. Martha 
smiled when she heard someone in the living room 
screaming, "YESSSS!!!! SUCK IT!!! SUCK MY 
CLIT!!!!". "I told you so." She whispered to John. 
Then the kitchen door opened and Samantha walked in, 
naked as the day she was born. When she saw her 
parents she screamed an ran back into the 
living room. 
Martha and John followed her. When they got in the 
living room, they found the children in a state of 
turmoil. Everybody was trying to get dressed as 
quickly as they could. ""SIT DOWN!" Martha shouted. 
The kids froze on the spot. Martha repeated her 
request "Please sit down.".  They all sat down. 
When everybody was sitting Martha smiled and said 
"We are not mad at you. In fact we planned for this 
to happen.". The faces of the children showed 
various states of shock and surprise. Finally 
Samantha managed to say "You planned it??" John 
smiled at her and said "Yes. your mother told me 
that she thought that you are in love with Tim. So 
we planned our second honeymoon and the holiday of 
Kirsten and Tina with their grandparents, to give 
you and Tim the chance to get together." Samantha 
looked confused "So you wanted us to fuck?" 
John looked at Martha for help. Martha Looked at 
her children and said "Your daddy and I have to 
tell you something." She took a deep breath and 
continued "We are brother and sister.". A stunned 
silence followed. Then Samantha's brain registered 
what her mother just had said. "So you are just 
like Tim and me!" She exclaimed. Martha hugged her 
and said "Yes just like you and Tim. "Oh mom I love 
you." Samantha whispered to her. A tear formed in 
Martha's eye. She kissed her daughter and whispered 
"I love you to.". 
Tina walked over to her mother and asked "So it is 
alright to have sex with each other?" Martha put 
her on her lap and said "In this house you can have 
sex with anyone you like.". 
"Even with daddy?" Kirsten asked with a wicked 
smile on her face. John grinned "Yes even with 
Tim had put two and two together and said "So we 
are not only your children but also your cousins." 
He looked at his mother and continued "What do our 
grandparents think of it?". 
"Well they are not brother and sister, but they 
have had sex with some of their family members. 
Actually they introduced your father and me to it 
when they found out that I was in love with him.". 
Martha replied.
Kirsten stood up and walked over to her father. She 
blushed and said "Well I want daddy to introduce me 
to his cock." The whole family started laughing. 
John smiled "I would love to do that." Then he 
started to undress. Kirsten gasped in surprise when 
she saw his cock. "Jesus you are even bigger then 
Tim!" she exclaimed. John's cock, ten inch long and 
two and a half inch wide, was indeed a sight to 
behold. Kirsten bend over and took him in her 
mouth. She couldn't get much more then the head of 
his cock in. She started to lick around the head of 
his cock. John moaned "That's good baby!" After she 
had sucked him for a while she stood up and said 
"Fuck me!" John smiled He lay down on the floor 
and said "No. Fuck me!". Kirsten looked a bit 
confused. She hadn't done this position yet. Martha 
took her hand and led her to John. "Kneel down 
above his cock and put it in your pussy. Then you 
can ride him in your own tempo." She said. Kirsten 
Kneeled down above his cock and put the head of it 
at the entrance of her pussy. Then she slowly 
lowered herself onto his cock. When she had about 7 
inches of his cock in her pussy he hit her cervix. 
Kim stopped, bend over and kissed her father. Then 
she started to move up and down slowly moaning 
"Ooohhhh!! Yessss!!!! I'm fucking my daddy!!!". 
John started to move his hips up and down to match 
his daughters strokes. "Ohhhhhhhh!!!!!! 
Goddddddd!!!! Yesssssss!!!!!! I'm fucking you!!!!" 
He shouted. Kirsten was moving up and down his cock 
as fast as she could. "OOOOH!!!!!! NO!!! 
GODDDDDDD!!!!!! YESSS!!!!!!!! YESSSS!!!!!! 
AAAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!" She screamed as she 
exploded into an orgasm. Her body convulsed and her 
pussy muscles started to milk John's cock. John 
rammed his cock in as deep as it would go and 
sprayed his cum into his daughters belly.
Tina and Samantha hot from watching Kirsten got in 
a sixty-nine position and started to eat each 
others pussy out. 
Tim looked at his mother and stuttered "Mom? 
I..Ehhh... Well..I..". Martha smiled she took of 
her clothes and said "Yes I would love to fuck 
you." Then she kneeled down in front of him and 
started to suck on his cock. She moved her head 
down until his cock was against her throat. Then 
she took a deep breath through her nose. She pushed 
her head down again, taking Tim's cock into her 
throat. Tim gasped in surprise when he felt his cock 
disappear in his mother throat. "Ohhh!! Godddd!!!" 
He moaned. Martha kept pushing until she had 
swallowed all of her sons cock. Then she started to 
work her throat muscles on him. Tim quickly went 
over the edge. "OOOOHHHH!!!! GODDDDD!!!!! 
CUMMINGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!" He shouted as he deposited 
his semen in to his mothers throat. Martha kept 
sucking on his cock until she had swallowed the 
last drop of his cum. Much to her surprise he was 
still as hard as a rock. She looked up at him with 
a grin on her face and said. "Ready to fuck your 
mother now." Tim nodded eagerly. Martha got down on 
all fours saying "Take me from behind. That is the 
way I like it best." Tim kneeled down behind his 
mother and drove his cock into her pussy. He 
immediately started to pound her with all his force. 
John was ready for some more action and kneeled 
down in front of his sister. Martha took his cock 
in her mouth and started to suck on it. When he was 
hard again She took her head of his cock, looked 
over her shoulder and said to Tim "Wait I want you 
both to fuck me at the same time." Tim looked 
confused. He took his dick out of his mothers cunt 
and asked "How?" Martha smiled "Well one of you can 
fuck me in my pussy, and the other can fuck me in 
my ass. So which do you prefer, my ass or my pussy?" 
Tim thought about for a minute and then said. "I 
like both, but I haven't tried your ass yet." John 
laughed he lay down on the floor and said "Well sis 
why don't you come over here and sit on your 
brothers cock. Then your son can fuck you in the 
ass.". Martha smiled. She kneeled down above John's 
cock. Then she put the head at the entrance of her 
pussy and let herself sink down on his cock until 
he was all the way in. She bend over, pressing her 
tits against John's chest, and said to Tim "Ok 
honey, now stick your dick in my ass.". Tim Kneeled 
down behind his mother and with one thrust shoved 
his dick all the way into her ass. John and Tim 
started to fuck Martha . Slowly at first trying to 
find the right rhythm, but soon they where fucking 
her holes with a steady pace. Samantha, Kirsten and 
Lisa sat down next to the threesome and watched 
John and Tim fuck Martha. "OHHHHH!!!!! 
DO IT HARD!!!" Martha screamed. Tim came first. He 
buried his cock in his mother ass, and sprayed his 
semen in her bowels while shouting "OHHHHHHH!!!!!!! 
ASSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!". The feeling of her son 
coming in her ass triggered Martha's orgasm. She 
came screaming like an animal. When Tim took his 
cock out of his mothers ass John turned her on her 
back and started to fuck her as fast and hard as he 
could. Martha started to scream again as she got 
her second orgasm. John fucked her a few minutes 
longer, pounding her like there was no tomorrow. 
Then he let out a low grunt, buried his cock in her 
pussy and deposited his cum in her womb. When he 
came Martha went off like a rocket. "Jesus christ! 
I want somebody to do that to me to!" Tina 
exclaimed, when she saw her mother have her third 
orgasm of the evening. They all started to laugh. 
Samantha hugged her and said "I think you will have 
to wait until tomorrow before the men are ready 
again." They all agreed on that and went to bed. 

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