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.. Mark

by Mark Aster

"On the way home from work," Julie says, flopping down sideways
on the couch, talking to Pat over the back of it, and to me in
the chair across the room, "on the way home from work, driving
by the Home Central, there was this couple pulled off on the
side of the road, a man and a woman, adjusting these big long
boxes on the top of the car.  She was standing in the passenger
door, with one foot on the ground and one up inside the car,
and I could see between her thighs.  She was wearing these
black courduroy jeans, and a tight black furry top that didn't
come quite down to the jeans, and I could see a strip of her
tummy, and I could see under the sweater her breasts, and her
hair was short and black, and she was pretty."

"And...?" said Pat, stopping on the way from somewhere to
somewhere to look down at her sister.

"And I don't know."

"You fell in love?"

"I always fall in love," and Julie pouted a little at Pat, and
Pat smiled.

"What about the man?" I asked.

"Yeah, a man," Julie said, "I don't know some more.  I'm feeling
all girly right now."

"All dykey," Pat suggested.

Julie put out her tongue at her sister, and Pat leaned over and
kissed her on her small pink mouth, and Julie closed her eyes
and opened her lips, and I admired the curve of her neck as she
tipped her head back further and Pat's tongue and lips caressed
her face.

Later on, I was sitting on the couch by myself when Julie slid
over the back of it and into my lap.

"Hi!" she said.  I grinned at her.  "Can I tell you a dream I

"You're full of stories."

"Isn't it nice?"  She put one hand by my head and played with
my hair.  She was wearing grey slacks and a loose white blouse.
She smelled very good, very clean.

"Go ahead."

She sighed and leaned back, against the arm I'd put around her.
Her body was small and warm.

"I was walking across this deep red carpet, like in a hotel.
There was this really lovely woman in a black dress with sheer
black stockings and wonderful legs, and she started to show me
to a table."

"The hostess?"

"So, so pretty!  We were holding hands, and we stopped under
this like archway with these dark green plants, and I stopped
and looked at the leaves dangling down into her hair, and she
kissed me on the mouth.  I was wearing the same dress and
stockings that she was, and I looked down at our bodies and
she kissed me again, and I almost fainted."

"In the dream?"

"In the dream.  It was a real sexy dream!  And there was this
pretty boy named Michael I think and he was my server and I
sucked on his nipples and I made him come."

"Lucky boy!"

She scrunched her face at me.  I had been slowly unbuttoning
her shirt, and now I opened the neckline and began kissing
my way across the tops of her small perfect breasts.  She

"I sat at the table and I ate some WONDERFUL mushroom something,
all dark and heavy-tasting, and I put my hand between my legs,
and I touched myself."

I ran my tongue around and between her nipples and softly
squeezed her flesh.  She sighed and moaned softly.

"I was coming when I woke up."

She slid her hand down between her legs and cupped herself
through her pants as I took one nipple between my lips and
sucked gently.

+ + + + + + + + + + +



"You awake?"


"You wanna hear a riddle?"


"What Beatles song is the favorite of spouse-swappers?"

  "Wha?  Oh, I dno, wha Beatles song is the favorite of

"'Got to get you into my wife'"


"Get it?"

  "That's extremely silly."

"Yeah, well..."

  "Is it late?"

"It's about three-thirty AM, I think."

  "Mmm, that would explain the darkness and all."


  "Back to sleep?"



"Do you ever think about getting married?"


"Not --"

  "I think about Julie getting married, sometimes.  She'd love
  to wear a big white dress and walk down the aisle and get to
  do all the bridesmaids the night before and all that."


  "Yeah, you remember Julie; my little nympho sister."

"You think she'll get married?"

  "Dunno; I can just picture it."

"And leave us?"

  "Awwww, poor boy.  You'd miss her, wouldn't you?"

"Yeah, well I..."

  "I'm not sure if I'd end up ahead or behind if someone stole
  her from us.  I'd get more of your attention, but less of
  hers.  Might come out all even, orgasm-wise."

"Buh!  Kind of a narrow --"

  "Oh, yeah, that's not all she's good for.  She also watches
  the kids Tuesday afternoons so I can go out and cruise the
  park for innocent young persons to corrupt."

"You're heartless tonight, aren't you?"

  "Yep!  But I've got other redeeming features.  Uhn!  Say, your
  that is all big and stiff.  You wanna put it into my this?"

"Ummm, yeah, I --"

  "Here, I can..."

"Just spread -- ahhh..."


"God, that..."

  "We still fit so... uhhh..."


  "So well..."

"Uhhh, uhhh, uhhh..."

  "We're ahhh we're married, of course..."

"We aaaaahhh are?"

  "Yep.  Oh, god, oh god.  Oh.  Oh, slowly."

"I must have missed -- have missed -- the ceremony..."

  "Mmmm, oh, oh just stop for a..."


  "right there."


  "I remember you were right there mmmmm watching them come out,
  with these tears all over your -- mmmmm"

"Mmmmm -- but that was a childbirth, not a wedd... ooooohh..."

  "Is there a aaahh a difference?"

"I ahhh oh god oh god oh do that do that..."

  "Ahh AHH AHHH!"

"I don't think I can AHH UHHNN talk about this any..."

  "That's AHHHH that's OHHHHH OK ahh, ahh, oh GOD!"


+ + + + + + + + + + +

We were all staying in a hotel in Ohio somewhere, for some
reason or other.  That afternoon, Pat was in the room playing
with the kids, and Julie and I went out for a walk.  It was
slightly breezy and chilly, but Julie was showing her legs
anyway, in a pair of short shorts and a loose sweater.  We
went out to the parking lot and looked around.

"Up there," she pointed, and she bounded across the lot, onto
the grass border, and then onto a broad exposed rock on the side
of the little hill that led up from the parking lot into a
scrubby-looking wooded place.  Just as I got up onto the rock
next to her, she took off into the wood.

"Where are we going?" I caught up to her again on the top of
a little rise, where she stood craning her neck and looking
around like, I don't know, like an animal craning its neck
and looking around.

"The lake's around this way somewhere," she said, and she was
off again.

She was right, of course; we came out of the scrub at a cracked
and deserted-looking road that ended a few yards later at a
barrier by the edge of a small lake.  Past the barrier, a short
strip of land stuck out into the water, and on the end of it was
a small building, one of those enigmatic square concrete things
that are always sitting around locked and covered with grafitti.
It was locked, and covered with grafitti.

Julie sprang over the barrier and walked out to the building.
I stopped at the end of the road, catching my breath and looking
at her.  The wind from the lake tossed her hair around her face,
and she looked very young.  She went around the building, and
when she had almost gone out of sight beyond it, she turned and
looked at me.  For a second we just looked at each other, with
the wind blowing between us.  Then she raised her arm and
waved me over.

"There was a spot just like this at the reservoir when I was
in school."  She poked with her foot among the pebbles and
bits of broken glass at the edge of the water, by a concrete
slab that sat there for no apparent purpose.  "Sometimes kids
would come out and hang out, or make a fire, or make out."

"Did you?"  I admired her legs.  The wind quieted for a moment
and I smelled her, standing next to me, smelled soap and
shampoo and the sweet salty familiar smell of her sweat, her
underarms, the soft hair between her legs.

She smiled, her eyes far away, and sat down.  I sat beside her.

"I remember one time.  This boy named Jeff and me had been
having pizza with everybody at Rizotto's, and everybody but
us sort of drifted away, and we were sitting there, and he
said maybe we could go somewhere."  I moved closer and put
my arm around her, and she nestled into me, making a warm
windless place between us.

"He was so brassy and boyish, and so shy at the same time.  He
took me up here, up there to the reservior, and we sat down by
the little building and sort of talked, but I wanted him to kiss
me, and then he kissed me, and it was so nice..."

Of course she turned her face up to me and of course I kissed
her.  She closed her eyes and kissed me back, lips together,
soft maddening lips together, and I felt the heat of her breath
on my face.

"We kissed each other for a long time, and he touched me."  I
slipped my hand under her sweater and squeezed one smooth warm
breast.  "Just like that, touching my breasts."  I kissed her
again, and she shuddered.  "He was so nice.  You're so nice."
We kissed and caressed each other there by the lake, in the
wind, for minutes, or for hours, no sound but the whir of
the wind, the occasional plash of the water, the wet sounds
of our lips, and soft panting breaths.  My hand touched her
knee as we kissed, slid upward and in, and she trapped my
fingers there, in the tight smooth grip of her thighs.

"Oohhhh," Julie finally moaned, drawing a little away from me.
"Would it destroy the moment completely if we fucked now?"
And she slipped off her shorts, and opened my pants, and
came into my lap and rode me.  We came quickly and suddenly,
our mouths pressed together, my fingers sinking into the flesh
of her bottom and squeezing her against me as my semen spurted
into her.  She screamed quietly and joyously, and afterward
she smiled a smile of heartbreaking innocence.

"I'm terrible, aren't I?" she asked, pulling her shorts up her
moist and shivering thighs.

"You're perfect."

by Mark Aster
The End

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