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Over the next few weeks the entire Pooch story, as written  so far, will
be reposted. New cahpters will appear each Saturday.  After chapter 12
is reposted, the new Chapter 13 Pooch's Punishment will be posted.
As always I look forward to any comments that you may wish to email me
Mr. Ed

Out of the Frying Pan

There was the sound of stiletto heels again only this time there was two
pair. Something was amiss 
in Pooch's dark, hellish world. She couldn't bring herself to think that
release from the block 
would be imminent. The extra pair of shoes would mean only additional
torment, something that she 
could probably not even imagine. It had only been twenty minutes since
the healing machine had 
cycled off. 
Pooch was still shaking, her vagina and cervix felt badly burned,
Burning was a sensation that the slave was 
becoming very familiar with. 
The shoes parked one pair on either side of her naked kneeling body. It
was Shandra's  voice that Pooch heard 
"The slut has heeled up very well. Most people would think that she
looked  terrible but it's only the color 
of the skin that they would be reacting to. Personally I think the
colors are very beautiful. In any case 
that is of no importance. What is important is that all the breaks have
closed up and there are no signs of  
infection  or excessive swelling." Shandra placed the heels of her hands
on the center of the slaves back and 
pushed down. "You see she isn't even tender anymore."
Pooch felt her spirit soar. Could this really mean that she would be
leaving this hell hole? 
Marla removed the gag from her mouth and gave the slave a stern warning
about not talking and that from 
now on she would always keep her mouth slightly open just in case anyone
wanted to use it.    
Pooch immediately felt Shandra's talon like finger nails then fingers
invade her mouth. She knew what to 
do and slobbered as much of her saliva on the invading digits as she
could. They had a foul taste which 
was revolting to the slave but she didn't dare show any displeasure.
Shandra began probing her rectum.
The distance she had fallen and the depth of the pit that Pooch found
herself in, began to permeate her 
thoughts. A short time ago she had a relationship that included love,
warmth and comfort. She had, almost 
always, felt safe. Now a near total stranger, that tasted like she
hadn't washed in weeks, was probing, 
stretching and pinching her rectum. Not only did Pooch not resist, she
tried to part her ass cheeks as 
much as possible to make the violation easier. She worried that she
might not be doing enough to stave off 
punishment. She would submit to the most demeaning treatment, without
even thinking about it, at the hands 
of unattractive total strangers, constantly aware that for any reason at
all she could be horribly 
mutilated or even killed so that someone could have the pleasure of
hearing her scream. The realization 
of the irony that her situation entailed caused more sadness to permeate
her heart. Pooch knew that she 
would not only cooperate in her own demise but that she would struggle
with all her might to please her 
future assassins and she would be doing it knowingly. 

"Squeeze my fingers 'shit'," barked Shandra. Pooch contracted her 
painful sphincter muscle. 
A hand grabbed a hunk of the slaves hair and viciously ripped back her
"When I say squeeze I expect you to really squeeze hard. I didn't tell
you to caress my fingers."
The pain of having a large handful of hair nearly pulled out of her 
scalp easily eclipsed the pain in her 
ass. The slave tightened her doughnut with all of her might. Still the
fist in her hair did not relent. 
"There isn't any serious damage here", Shandra spoke to Marla. "The
bitch is a little slack. I recommend 
that you give the shit hole a daily work out, especially squeezing
exercises. She'll never please a man 
with her shitter if she can't give his dick a good squeeze." 
"I'll get her ass in shape," replied Marla. 
Shandra withdrew her fingers from the slaves ass hole and shoved them
down her throat causing her 
victim to gag, stopping her breathing.
"You don't need to breath to clean my fingers," shouted Shandra all the
while pulling on Pooch's hair and 
shacking her head.
Her air supply abruptly cut of with no time to prepare Pooch's lungs
began to scream for air almost 
immediately. Her panic only sped up the use of the oxygen in her blood.
Desperately the hysterical prisoner 
moved her tongue around and between Shandra's dirty fingers. The taste
of her own feces now dominated her 
taste replacing the taste of her owners last dump a few hours ago. Her
tongue worked furiously even as her 
eyes began to bulge beyond their sockets and her lips turned blue. 
Marla didn't interfere. "The slave should get used to being treated
roughly," she thought, and besides 
Shandra had much more experience in these things. Marla would learn from
Shandra and anyone else that 
had something to offer.
Just before Pooch passed out Shandra released her hair at the same time
letting her fingers slip out of the 
toilet's  throat. There was a frantic gasp for air, still terrified of
failing to please her superior Pooch 
didn't stop tonguing Shandra's fingers clean even though her own head
was spinning and her lungs felt raw.
"You had better get a lot better at controlling your breathing", 
Shandra hissed.. "Do you think any of the studs 
that you're going to be sucking off are going to pull their cocks out of
your throat just because you would like 
a little air?  Shit, their gona plunge there gonorrhea infested piss
sticks in as deep as they can until their 
done shooting their load and as soon as one is finished using your
throat another one will take 
his place. If you're gona live slut,  you had better learn to get by
with a minimum amount of air, and to do 
that you have to relax when your air is cut off. The only thing you did
right was doing your cleaning after 
I cut of the air. We'll soon see how quick you learn." 
As she listened to Shandra speak, terrified that she might miss a word
and make a mistake, Pooch began 
to see what her future held and her stomach knotted up. From what she
had just been through with a 
couple of fingers she didn't think she could survive if she had to take
a thick  cock down her throat till 
climax. The strange thing was the thought excited her masochistic
nature. It had once been a fantasy 
of hers, one of her more popular fantasies. Now, when Pooch could feel
fantasy begin to merge with 
reality the arousal was buried beneath a sea of trepidation. She was
scarred shitless.
"I recommend a daily workout for her throat. First you want to train the
throat to stretch so it can 
accommodate even the largest pecker. Second, she has to learn to work
with no air for as long as 
possible. It will preserve her life. An untrained whore on the set would
be dead inside a half hour. A girl 
has got to stretch her gullet just like a garden snake swallowing an
egg. If she can't the guys will just rip 
her throat from the inside until they fit. The cunt usually chokes from
blood running into her lungs from the 
torn throat and choking to death. If her throat is accommodating she
still has to get an uncooperative 
dick to cum down her throat before she passes out. If she does most of
the guys will just do their own 
pumping till they cum and if that takes  too long the amateur slut won't
draw another breath."
Shandra went on, "as for her ass I wouldn't stretch it with anything
much more than three inches thick. 
Some of the boys get carried away if they think it's too easy to shove
their fist up a whore's ass. They 
think that if she is  easy to enter that somehow her whole bowel is
huge, with the result that they'll try to 
shove too much of their arm up the poor bitch's shit hole rupturing her
bowl. After that it's a very slow and 
painful death from peritonitis. I've seen them take a week to die. It's
much better that the men have a 
hard time getting their fists in to begin with."
Though the words were not directed at Pooch she found the vision of her
future to be increasingly 
terrifying. Sure she had fantasized about being raped and being forced
to take cock up her ass and in 
her mouth the fantasies never included burly arms shoved up her colon
and dicks that fucked her throat 
instead of her mouth. A cock in her mouth had never been associated with
fighting for her life in any 
"I would like to start training my slave as soon as possible," said
Marla. "You have been a tremendous 
help to me already, I was wondering if I could impose on you some more
and have you show me some of your 
techniques? I will make sure that Pooch will more than make up for any
inconvenience to you."
The Filipino lady hesitated for a moment. "There are some days were I
get more customers with exotic 
tastes than my pain sluts can handle. If I could borrow her for a day or
so sometimes it would help me 
out. I would even share some of the proceeds with you. That would only
be good business. I would keep 
her from the most damaging customers so that you wouldn't loose any of
your use of her."
"Deal", answered Marla. 
"Before we go any further I'm going to attach Pooch's new collar", Marla
went on. I don't want to take 
any chances of her getting away. 'SHIT', the cunt's started her period",
Marla shouted out. "There's going to 
be a real mess."
"I know a way to stop it", Shandra said. 
"Show me the largest syringe that Steve gave you."
Marla went over to her desk and  opened the center drawer. Out of the
drawer she pulled a very large 
glass syringe with a needle over half a foot long. She held it up for
Shandra to see.
"That's the one", said Shandra. Do you have any of that tit juice left?"
"Yes, quite a bit."
"Fill that syringe about half full", Shandra instructed. "You don't want
her to swell too much or for too 
long. And, you will be injecting a much smaller area. Do you want to do
it right now?"
Marla inserted what was closer to a dagger than a syringe into a bottle
sitting on top of the desk. and 
withdrew a stream of the bee venom mixture.
"I was afraid of using this", said Marla. "It's just so big. I didn't
know where I could stick it."
"It goes into her cervix. It makes it swell so much that the menstrual
flow is cut off. The great thing is 
you don't have to worry about the needle. Nobody can see the fuckin'
cervix. You can stick it any which way 
you want and the only one that will notice is the slaves gyno, and he'll
probably just stick more holes in 
there. It heals very fast. The swelling lasts a couple of days before
the flow begins again. . By that time 
their sure their going to die. With the pressure burning and itching I
can only imagine the hell that the 
poor cunts must be going through but their usually usable for about a
day and a half. "
"So if I inject her in the morning I can use her till the following
night and she would go through the worst 
of it over night, when I would have put her away anyway?"
"Let's do it. How do I begin?", asked Marla"
"If Steve gave you that syringe then he also must have given you a
speculum. When you open her all the 
way up you'll be able to see her cervix  from almost anywhere."
Marla retrieved the speculum, also from the center drawer of her desk.
It was all chrome steel, more 
heavily built than any she had ever seen during her examinations. Its
first stop was in Pooch's mouth fore a 
little lubrication while Marla set about removing the steel dildo in her
vagina. She disengaged the probes 
protruding from the walls of the  metal intruder anchoring it in slaves
vagina and pulled the rod out.  
Pooch's piss hole continued to gape open, not having had an opportunity
to close for almost four days. During 
those days Pooch had wished for nothing more than to be rid of the
horrible device that had 
caused her so mush suffering. Now she felt exposed and vulnerable
without it. The  blood covered 
dildo replaced the speculum in her mouth.
Marla inserted the spreader and began to open it. The shiny metal felt
cold and hard to the soft lining 
of Pooch's vagina. Shandra chuckled commenting that she kept hers in the
freezer. Pooch didn't see the 
humor while Marla made a mental note. This speculum opened using a
ratcheting squeeze grip  similar to 
what is found on a caulking gun. The mechanism allowed the user to
spread the jaws quickly and easily 
exerting a tremendous amount of force. Marla kept squeezing the handle
until her drudges vaginal walls 
felt like steel cord ready to snap. Pooch bit her lip in distress but
she kept quiet.
"Can we secure her at her waist and knees?", asked Shandra. "Even my
best trained whores can't stay still for 
the needle up there. She'll soon be trying to crawl out of her hide." 
Some hemp rope was obtained and Pooch's knees were secured so that they
straddled  the block over 
which she had knelt for the better part of a week. Her waist was tied to
the block the rope secured to eye 
bolts in the sides. Both Marla and her guest pulled on the rope, using
their feet against the top of the 
block for leverage, making sure it was as tight as they could get it. 
With  her slave secured Marla took her first good look into the gaping
twat. She had never seen a girls 
insides before. 
"Do you see the dimple in the middle there?", asked Shandra. "That's the
entrance to her womb. In close 
to the dimple you can't push the needle in very deep, maybe a half an
inch. You don't want to push it all 
the way through there. About an inch and a half away you can go much
deeper, the needle will just run up 
the uterine wall which is quite thick. I usually shoot the poison into
about twelve spots in a spiral 
patten away from the middle. Are you going to do it or do you want me
"She's my bitch so I may as well do it, besides I have to learn".
Marla kneeled behind Pooch's ass holding the syringe in her hand.
Shandra shoved the ball gag back into the 
slaves mouth so she would have something to bite down on. 
Pooch broke out into a cold sweat. She couldn't imagine what she was
going to feel but she knew that she 
would never forget it.
Her vagina was spread so wide that the first thing that she felt was the
tip of the needle contacting her 
cervix near its opening. She tensed digging her finger nails into the
palms of her hands. Marla paused for 
a second, checking the location of the broad needle tip. Satisfied she
pushed. At first the flesh resisted 
penetration. Marla pushed a little harder. Pooch's flesh yielded to the
steel. A drop of blood leaked from 
the puncture. Pooch's eyes filled with tears and she began to groan.
Marla kept shoving in the needle 
deeper. The groan turned into a cry. Still the needle went further.
Finally Marla pushed on the plunger 
sending in the first dose of the searing venom. Cries turned to screams.
Pooch would have gladly changed 
places with Jesus Christ on the cross. Marla pulled out the syringe.
"You seem to have a knack for this," said Shandra. "You can see though,
why we had to tie her down. 
That was just the first one"
When Marla looked up the slaves cunt she could see the swelling already
beginning. The delicate pink flesh 
around the puncture had instantly turned to red.
"Are you sure this is safe?", Marla asked. 
"Yea," was the response. "I do it all the time when my sluts are
indisposed for some special occasion. 
If their not allergic to the venom it's no more dangerous than shooting
it in their tits."
Reassured and pleased, Marla proceeded with the rest of the injections. 
Pooch could never describe in words the series of sensations that
followed the crunching sound as the 
thick syringe broke through her outer membrane into the meat of her
cervix. At first there was a jab of 
sharp pain. It increased until it started to run up the length of her
body right up to her neck equally 
sharp along the whole length. It finally reached all the way to her
right eye making it feel as if it were 
going to split. No force in the world, short of one that killed her,
could have stopped the hysterical 
screaming. She wanted to die and she wanted it to happen right away. 
Pooch remembered that Marla had told her that no matter how much she
hurt that it could always be 
made much worse. After a half dozen injections she couldn't believe
anything could be worse.
Pooch noticed that she could remember just about every word that Marla
had ever said to her. Her 
world had become so focused on Marla. Pooch strained to hear every word
for fear of missing something 
and having to ask Marla to repeat herself or facing the risk of being
found disobedient because she 
hadn't understood a command or heard it wrong and did something
incorrectly. She was dying and as far 
as Pooch knew, she wasn't even being punished for anything. All that had
happened was that her period 
had begun at an inconvenient time for her mistress. She couldn't help
Her cervix became increasingly inflamed and tender. The pain from each
new needle puncture eclipsed 
the pain of the last. 
>From out of the background another sensation began to creep up over the
pain of the piercing. As the 
walls of her cervix swelled the organ began to pulse. sending a very
dull throbbing pain that radiated to 
fill her entire pelvis. Even the bone ached. Pooch's body glistened 
from sweat. 
"Your out far enough from the center now to push the needle in a lot
deeper. It will only go up the wall of 
the uterus. It's quite thick."
Shandra's words were devastating. This wasn't her fault How could they
be standing there calmly 
discussing how they could hurt her  more than they already were. Pooch
was suffering as she had never 
suffered before, going out of her mind  in pain and it still wasn't
enough for her torturers. How could it be 
that anybody could fail to feel pity for her. If they only felt a little
of what she was going through she 
was sure they would, but her mistress had just been instructed to shove
the needle in a lot deeper. Marla had 
been so right about always being able to make her suffering worse. The
next puncture went in at least an 
inch and a half. Pooch's voice failed. She threw up all over the floor.
Some of the vomit splashed up on 
Shandra's shoes and stockings. All Pooch could do afterwards was emit a
rapid stream of grunts. She 
truly sounded more like a pig than a human being. She was being treated 
as though she were worth far 
less. The eleventh injection emptied what was left in Marla's syringe. 
For Pooch, the word violation couldn't begin to describe what she had
just gone through and she had been 
absolutely helpless in doing anything about it. 
"After the initial pain wears off and the itch begins she'll fuck
anything big enough to scratch the entry to 
her womb. She'd fuck a horse if you let her. It can lead to some
interesting scenarios seniorita."
Marla had no real liking for her Filipino guest. She thought she was
vulgar and had definitely let herself 
go, still she had to admit that Shandra was extremely knowledgeable in
getting the most out of her whores. 
Without Shandra, Marla would have never thought of doing what she had
just done. She wondered what 
else she would learn from her today .
For Pooch the fact that the monstrous syringe had stopped punching holes
out of her cervix only meant 
that she could now better focus on the effects of the poison. As it
spread through the fibers of her 
flesh more nerve endings became irritated. Her insides began to burn.
Capillaries opened up gorging the 
cervix and lower uterus with blood and causing more swelling and
heating. She began to hyperventilate. As 
the cervix continued to swell it pushed against her bladder. 
It hadn't been emptied since diner last night. Urine was beginning to
back up into her kidneys. The 
interplay between her bulging cervix and bulging bladder was interesting
to say the least. Neither organ 
could be reduced in volume from compression, instead, as they push
against each other their shape changes 
They both get flatter and wider. This caused them to push against other
organs like the large intestine 
and uterus even pushed against her ovaries. The easiest of all
directions for the cervix to grow was  
straight down into the slaves vagina, inverting the opening into the
womb as it grew. This caused 
tremendous stretching of her opening walls at the head of her cervix. A
similar inversion  occurred at 
the other end of the birth passage. It was inverting into her womb with
similar distention of the 
surface. The next time Marla and Shandra looked inside their subjects
dick canal they would see her now 
scarlet red cervix within a couple of inches of the vaginal sphincter.
"You noticed that you didn't use anywhere near the  entire length of
your needle." Shandra intoned. "The 
reason for both its length and its diameter is so that if for any reason
your slut hasn't resumed a good 
flow within fourty eight hours you have to go in and extract the slime
from her uterus by drawing it out 
with the syringe. You push the needle in, right up to the hilt,
following her opening with the tip of the 
needle. This can be slow because depending on the swelling the tip might
not emerge into the womb for four 
or five inches. You then draw out any fluid."
Shandra went on, "I make my whores eat their period. It helps them
recover lost nutrients and is in the 
interest of their own good health.  Of course they have to fight to see
who will eat mine. The lucky slut 
gets to sleep with her mouth wrapped around my snatch and then follow my
pussy around all day catching 
my drippings. Back to the subject. As you fail to fill the syringe you
pull it out a bit further and draw on 
it some more pulling in any liquid until the needle tip is at the
entrance and you can't get any more fluid. 
Repeat it four hours later and then again next day. If she isn't
draining in two days then phone Steve, but 
not sooner. These problems work themselves out almost all the time so
you don't want to disturb the 
doctor without good reason."
Shandra noticed Pooch was hyperventilating. She interlaced her fingers
making a tight ball then sent them 
crashing, from over her head, into the very center of Pooch's back
knocking the wind out of the helpless girl. 
Never let them hyperventilate. They do it to get high and dull their
senses to the pain. It can cause brain 
"Thanks for the tip."
Marla walked up to Pooch's sweat drenched head squatted in front of her,
shoes standing in the vomit, 
and cradled Pooch's dripping head on her lap She had layered a series of
rags on her skirt so that it 
wouldn't get dirty. Curiously Marla felt no revulsion from all the foul
matter. It was as though Pooch 
was not just her property Pooch was an integral part of her and normal
people are not repelled by their 
own filth. Marla began to clean Pooch's face First wiping it gently with
a warm moist cloth and then 
drying of her whole head in a thick towel. When she had finished Marla
continued to stroke Pooch's hair, 
then her face, being more tender than she had ever been with any man
knowing what her whimpering drudge 
had just gone through; though how could she really have any idea what it
was like and what the abuse 
continued to do to her captives female organs?
After several minutes of stroking Marla began to talk softly to her
"It's not fortunate for you that Shandra is here today. I'm sure that
you will have to go through this many 
times in the future because of her. You might even get used to it,
though I doubt it. The good thing is 
that it will help me to get better use out of you making you available
to perform tasks that you might not 
otherwise be able to do on that day. You should feel happy that your
mistress now has a tool to control 
your nasty period with, if she wants to." Marla continued to stroke her
slaves face. "It won't be like this 
all the time. As you truly become my slave and release all of your will
to my direction there will be more and 
more times were you to will enjoy bliss. How fast this happens will
depend a lot on you. Right now 
though, you are a long way from being the slave that I intend to make
you. Unfortunately, for you, 
the molding  tool that I am going to use the most is pain. Heavy,
monstrous, terrifying, agonizing, 
will destroying, ego crushing, unbearable pain, though you will find
that you will indeed bear all the pain that 
I will give you. Today you will start your training in surrendering to
me. We will also have to address 
punishing you for those outstanding infractions. You will learn that I
take punishment very seriously  and I 
will expect no less from you."
"I am now going to attach your new collar around your neck. It will
probably feel heavy at first because of 
all the metal and batteries. It does have a leather covering. Once this
collar is fastened around your neck 
it can't come of, there is no unlocking mechanism. I expect that you
will wear it the rest of your life. The 
collar works like those invisible fence collars dogs wear. Sensors guard
the perimeter of the property. If 
you cross the boundary you will get an electrical jolt to your neck
strong enough to knock you out. You 
will try it out later on so that you have no doubt in your mind that
there is no chance for you  to get 
across. You can't shove enough insulating material between the collar
and your neck because the voltage 
is too high. You can't cut through it because there are numerous trip
wires that trigger the collar when 
cut. Only I control the collar with my remote control. I can turn it off
if you have to be transported 
anywhere and I can set it of at any time if I feel you have gotten out
of hand. It's got four shiny chrome steel 
rings for lots of attachment points. The collar even has your name
engraved in the leather. It says, 'POOCH - 
TOILET SLAVE ' on the brightest shiniest red leather that you ever saw.
I think it's very attractive." 
Marla splayed open the collar and wrapped it around Pooch's neck. She
brought the two ends of the shiny 
red collar together behind her neck  and snapped  it shut forever. The
bright collar along with the 
rhinestone  trim around the lettering immediately drew the eye to it.
"I am sure you will be pleased with how beautiful the collar looks on
you as soon as you get a chance 
to look in a mirror," Marla said. "Speaking of looking I think it's
about time that the blindfold came off as 
well as the other restraints. Shandra, perhaps you might release her
ankle cuffs and untie her knees while I 
free her front end. I left a new pair of leg irons  on top of the desk.
You might fit her with those."
Marla directed her next comments at her slave while undoing the lock on
the blindfold which had kept 
Pooch's attentions focused on her own inner world for four days.  
"You will find the new irons much more comfortable then the old pair
that you wore. They are made 
from a light weight titanium alloy, much harder than steel. All the
corners are rounded so as not to cut 
your skin and the links in the chain have been coated in plastic so that
you won't scratch the floor or 
make a lot of noise. You will find these things important since I expect
few moments, other than those 
requiring access to your crotch with spread legs, that you will not be
wearing them."
Although the morning was overcast, after being without light for so long
Pooch was dazzled by the 
brightness streaming in through the large library window.  So that was
where she had been confined all this 
time. She was careful to direct her gaze to the floor, though she was
eager to explore her rediscovered 
world of light. 
As her superiors fumbled with the restraints Pooch saw her breasts
dangling in the air. Her first reaction 
was to close her eyes and clear her sight. When she reopened them
nothing had changed. They had felt 
large and heavy during her confinement. Pooch had attributed that to the
length of time that she had 
been forced to stay in the kneeling position with the boobs dangling
over the edge of the box. What she 
saw, however, was something she could hardly believe. These weren't
breasts they were large, ripe 
watermelons, painted in Halloween colors and covered with dozens and
dozens of small scabs where the 
needles had penetrated. The skin was still very tight, although the
swelling was down  from its maximum. 
As the reality sunk in that the huge udders were indeed hers a new sense
of horror began to impinge on 
her consciousness. She looked like a freak. She could never hope to
disappear into a crowd. Where ever 
she was people would stare at her. How could they help it, with her
watermelon sized tits and bright red 
collar that said toilet slave. Did the depths of her mistresses cruelty
know no bounds?
"I see that you've noticed your new rack," Marla said. "Impressive isn't
it? After the surgery it should 
be even bigger. Time to stand up".
After the beatings that she had endured and the endless days confined on
her hands and knees standing up 
was not something that would come easily. Every joint had grown stiff
with time. She tried to stand as 
quickly as she could though it wasn't quickly enough for her mistress. 
"Hurry up we haven't got all day", Marla said, clearly irritated. "You
will learn that I hate being kept 
With that Pooch saw the little metal tipped whip Marla was dangling in
her hand, with which she had become 
acquainted at the beginning of her stay in the infirmary, disappear from
view only to hear it whistle 
through the air  and crack in between her shoulder blades. Pooch could
only gasp, in response the skin 
ripping sting. She redouble her efforts to stand up. As she stood her
heavy udders  pulled on her 
shoulders and tightened  the skin. The weight was uncomfortable and very
unnatural. To add to her 
discomfort, the change in position of her bags made them ache all over
again. The swelling of here uterus 
down into her vagina created the sensation of having a large dildo up
her twat. Under the circumstances 
it just made getting around even more awkward. At the very least her
mistress could let her pee. Doesn't 
Marla realize that her kidneys could be damaged, Pooch thought. The
torment in her bladder and kidneys 
was beginning to rival that of her tortured cervix. Her mind raced from
one pain to another, making it 
very difficult to concentrate on anything else. Her balance was still
Marla again spoke up. The cut across her back stung like blazes. Pooch
tried to listen. She felt so 
terribly exposed, so terribly naked and so sore. 
"You will be responsible for all of the care and maintenance of this
household. You will do all the 
cooking, all the cleaning, including laundry, and all other services
that are required of you. That includes 
performing the most intimate of services in any way that you're
Marla screamed directly into Pooch's ear. 
It made Pooch feel so small and worthless. She believed that Marla was
intentionally trying to damage her 
hearing just to make it more difficult to obey. 
Pooch was right. Marla saw no reason for good hearing in a slave.
Partial deafness  would only force the 
slave to be more attentive, to stay closer. Marla was still at the stage
where she couldn't get enough of 
dominating her toy. If she could she would play with her toy, shaping
it, 24 hours per day. She imagined 
she would be brought to orgasm by the thrill of laying on a good hiding
to the struggling screaming bitch. 
She couldn't wait to find out. Marla decided that morning that if Pooch
was well enough to leave the 
infirmary she was well enough to receive the punishment that she was
Marla began to feel angry when she thought about the slaves most serious
infraction; trying to talk Ed into 
letting her escape. The slut was going to break her agreement with Ed
when she found out that Ed had handed 
over her ownership to Marla. Marla thought, "the slut hates me".
The feeling she was hated made it easier for Marla to try and be
especially cruel to Pooch.
Pooch nodded her head indicating that she understood.
Marla went on. "I will be watching you all the time looking for faults.
When  I find a fault with you I 
will record it and you will be punished for it. That means if I find
just one crumb on the kitchen floor 
when I get up in the morning  you will be punished. When I administer
punishment I always believe that you 
get away with far more than what you get caught for. When there is any
doubt in my mind the doubt will not 
be decided in your favor. I will be looking not only at your performance
but also your attitude. I don't care 
how well you eat pussy, if the person your eating doesn't believe that
your having the most wonderful 
experience of your miserable life, you are in big trouble."
"This is roughly your schedule," Marla went on. At four thirty in the
morning you will go to the kitchen to 
make fresh croissants and clean the floors and counters. You will have
prepared our breakfast for seven 
o'clock according to instructions from the day before. I will have
breakfast in my night cloths and be 
sitting in the toilet chair." Marla paused........... "You remember,
....the chair from the trial. I'll be 
having my morning pee and dump in your mouth while I have breakfast.
That will also be your breakfast. I 
imagine Ed will pee in your mouth as well. My dessert will be your
tongue licking me spotlessly clean." 
"Afterwards you will wash the breakfast dishes and help me dress. Whom
ever leaves the house last will 
put you in the pit till we get back. The time that you spend in the pit
is considered sleep time. It's the 
most restful place that you will ever be. Even though I have made the
house virtually escape proof for you I 
will not trust you alone in the house.
"Your lunch will come down the feeder pipe. I expect everything sent
down the pipe to end up in your 
stomach. If you feel like relieving yourself then feel free to go on the
floor; otherwise you have to wait 
till one of us gets home. Then you can go in the bucket....outside. The
only place you will ever relieve 
yourself  inside the house is in the pit. DO YOU UNDERSTAND!!!", Marla
screamed into Pooch's other 
ear causing the slave to cringe at the verbal assault. 
Pooch quickly nodded her head again. Both her ears were ringing.
"After our return you will be released to make dinner and general house
cleaning including laundry. By the 
way, the washing machine has already been removed and replaced by an
extra wash tub. You will do 
laundry every day and you will do it by hand."
"At nine-thirty you will make yourself available to us in the living
room. That doesn't give you much time 
for your chores so you had better work fast. At that time you will
either entertain us with your charms or 
you will undergo training so that you may become better at your work."
"At around midnight you will receive your evening meal and then help us
prepare for bed. While we sleep you 
will spend the night tongue cleaning every inch of the master washroom
and available to be my 
personal toilet or anybody else's toilet paper. You see, as your collar,
and latter on your brands, 
indicate your prime role will always be as the household toilet slave.
Your mouth will take in any and all 
of my excrement directly, I will even try to train myself not to use the
bathroom while outside the house. 
Your tongue will replace the toilet paper for everybody else that may be
here. I have gone so far as to 
remove the toilet paper dispensers from all the washrooms in the house.
At four-thirty the electronic lock 
will release you from the washroom so that you may go to your personal
preparation area that has been 
prepared for you in the playroom. There you will shower, shave and apply
your makeup. I will warn you now 
that urinating while showering will not be tolerated and you will be
caught if you try. There are now 
surveillance cameras in every room of the house that lock on to the
signal from your collar and track 
your every movement. They can also pick up every sound you make."
"The telephones all require an access code to be used. You can be sure
that there will be a record of any 
failed dialing attempts. Alarms will also be triggered if you try to
enter any area of the house where 
you are not supposed to be at the time. You will be videotaped, for
review, twenty-four hours a day. I 
will be playing an on going game with you where you will find
circumstances that appear to be favorable 
for escape. I will be hoping that you try. Trying to escape my control
will be the most brutally punished 
offense of all and I will enjoy every second."
"As you,  no doubt, realize I have already spent a small fortune on toys
for you and installing security 
devices throughout the house. I imagine the bill from Steve for the
physical modifications I want done to 
you will not be steep. I don't intend for you  to cost me money. You
will more than earn your keep and 
pay back all of my expenses. For that reason your schedule will
frequently be interrupted to allow me to 
rent you out to groups and individuals that have a need for a pain
slut-toilet slave like yourself. Mark 
and Garret are already interested in using you in films. You remember
they put together the Jasmine video. 
Jordan said he could use at certain parties. I'm sure that as people see
the uses that you can be put 
through demand for your time will grow."
"Now before I show you your new clean up facility there is still the
matter of all this  vomit everywhere. 
You will lick it of our hose and shoes, so we don't track it throughout
the house, and then you will go to 
the kitchen and bring back your feeding bowl, which you will see on the
floor, and a rubber spatula. I want 
every last bit scraped off the floor and placed into the bowl. I won't
have any food go to waste, it will 
be your lunch today."
Each dominatrix chose a seat in the library. Marla chose her recliner
while Shandra chose the Louis XIV red 
velvet chair. Both ladies sat tall and straight, legs crossed, shoe
presented for licking by a willing 
"I want you to spend most of the time licking the bottoms of the shoes,"
Marla addressed Pooch in an 
exaggerated dominant voice.   "Start with the hose and quickly clean
down until you get to the soles and 
heels.  That's where you belong anyway, and that's where you will clean
the most. I want your tongue  in 
every seem, every nook and every cranny. Every pit and seem better be
dust free. You will make sure that by 
the time your finished the sole will be the cleanest part of the shoe.
Start with my guest." 
Pooch hurting really badly was afraid that they would hurt her again if
she didn't do her job right. The 
slave literally dove back onto her hands and knees right by Shandra's
dangling foot. 
Pooch thought, "Shandra's the one that told Marla how to torture  my
cunt and cervix". The cold steel 
spreader had stretched her so wide open that her pussy hole still looked
like a gaping mouth. She 
wondered what else this hideous, cruel, woman would tell her mistress
the she would regret? How many  
more tortures would Marla learn from her. Without really thinking about
it Pooch started picking off the 
flakes of vomit from the nylon using her pursed lips and then cleaning
of her lips with her tongue. She 
looked like a bird pecking at grubs. 
Pooch used this cleaning technique all the way down to the tops of
Shandra's shoes. Shandra was only 
splashed a little when Pooch had brought up the contents of her stomach,
mostly Marla's morning dump. 
Pooch didn't think she could eat it again. When her nose first came in
contact with the sole of  
Shandra's shoe, Marla instructed her to use her tongue on the soles of
the shoes. What was there was 
mostly just street dirt. 
Marla's shoes were another story. She had stood in and walked around in
the barf totally oblivious too 
it. Marla had always been neat and meticulous in everything she did.
Now, at least as long as she was at 
home, she was released from her former habits. She could live in an
environment even more clean, neat 
and organized without lifting a finger  to keep it that way. It would be
fun to find out just how much of 
a slob she could become and still have her slave keep up with  the
housekeeping. Walking around, oblivious 
to the filth on the floor, was just a start in her new life style. She
would never wipe the mud from her 
boots again, or put away her cloths or do the dishes or clean or wash or
iron or make the bed or cook or 
even take out the garbage. She could toss the breakfast dishes on the
floor and wake way every morning  if 
the notion overtook her. She could shit on the sofa and Pooch would have
to clean it up. She'd 
deliberately mess things up as she walked by just to leave a trail.
Marla so looked forward to the change, 
it would be so much fun.
Marla addressed her nervous boot licker who was busy wearing off the
surface of her tongue, "sometimes 
when I see you doing something in a way that I don't like I'll warn you
about it. Don't take these warnings 
lightly, they are an act of mercy to help you adapt to your new life. My
suggestions will stop soon enough 
and be replaced by sterner measures."
"When you begin licking my shoes I expect you to get much more into it.
Remember that cleaning my 
shoes is a privilege that you would kill to perform,....... dear. I
didn't create the third commandment just 
to pass the time. I know full well that your whole body probably feels
like one raw nerve ending, but that's 
entirely your problem and of no concern to mine. Get used to that idea.
If your too sick to perform you 
can always be put in the infirmary otherwise I will treat you as though
you are perfectly fit. I haven't 
reset the healing machine yet. Would you like to go back to the block?"
Marla's voice was without the 
faintest sign of humor or warmth..
The cold voice chilled Pooch. The feeling of debasement was pushed aside
for the moment to allow 
renewed concentration on her task and even more fear of her merciless
future. She wasn't throwing aside 
her humanity quickly enough. The fact that she could only survive by
becoming some other animal, a much 
lower animal, that didn't feel shame, had no self respect, no desires or
dreams. She would have to go 
through life totally devoted to pleasing everyone around her at her own
expense, ignoring her own pain be 
it physical or emotional. Pooch was finding it difficult to turn into
this animal. She knew that the 
sooner she did the sooner she would relieve herself of much of the pain.
For now she would suffer the pain 
It was so hard.
"Come over here and start on mine," ordered Mistress Marla. 
Pooch stopped immediately scurrying as fast as she could to her
mistresses dangling foot. Hurriedly she 
struggled to clean her mouth so she wouldn't get any vomit stuck on her
lips or tongue on Marla's shoe. 
She caressed the shoe using the deepest recesses of the insides of her
lips. and the fronts of her gums. 
Pooch was afraid to use her tongue on the top of the gray pumps. She
could taste the blood on her tongue 
from washing Shandra's shoe's. Pooch rubbed vigorously yet with deep
sensuality. She groaned in 
pleasure as her lips looked for specks of shit on the  filthy shoes.
Pooch held her legs wide apart to 
show her subservience. She thought she could use the sides of her tongue
more when she did the final 
cleaning of the soles.
Shandra added her opinion, "a lot of times your attitude can save you
from an otherwise failed 
performance. If you can fake an orgasm with a gorilla sized cock
completely plugging your throat and a 
dildo that's way too large ripping through your anal ring in the fist of
a man that's not only going to force 
it up your ass but fuck your ass with it too, you will be a lot better
off. Nobody has any sympathy for slaves 
that have to be forced to do everything while kicking and screaming.
They always get it the most of all because 
they're not even trying to live. The criers and beggars don't fare a
whole lot better. They are seen as 
juvenile and pathetic not motivated to become good slaves and instead
taking the easier route of 
becoming cry babies. Trying hard and showing eagerness and pleasure will
save a slave like you many 
beatings. Of course, if you are one that enjoys a good tit whipping or
having a catheter shoved  into 
your uterus and inflating a balloon on the end till you look six months
pregnant, then I suggest the 
crying and begging approach. It will ensure that you get lots of extra
Pooch was now having to swallow mouthfuls of brought up, cold, shit. Her
mistress's shoe bottoms were 
covered in it.  Her stomach revolted at the acidic, bitter crud she was
swallowing but as it would come 
up to her throat Pooch would just force it back down. Feeding time was
not an event to look forward to 
any longer but lunch would be a meal Pooch would prefer to do without  
Pooch began to think that what she had gotten into was her own fault.
She had been able to walk away 
and her own needs and insecurities had caused her to turn down the
opportunity. The vomit in the floor 
was the result of her own lack of control. She needed to be dominated
but on her own terms like before, 
not like what was happening now. This was insanity and she had no choice
but to adapt to it. Her bed 
had been made and now she would have to sleep in it.
Pooch cleansed her mistress's shoes for almost twenty minutes while she
chatted with Shandra about 
things of no importance. Finally bored of this form of attention Marla
ordered her drudge to scoop up 
the vomit on the floor into her bowl  and then report to the playroom
where she would clean herself up. 
After almost five days of not washing this had some appeal to the poor
slave though she suspected that 
Marla would find a way to eliminate any pleasure.
 The walk to the basement dungeon turned out to be a real eye opener.
During the time of her confinement 
it appeared that an army had marched through the house and deliberately
vandalized it. Marla had made 
sure not to do any task that might be considered slave work. Cloths had
been dropped 
and left everywhere. Dirt had been tracked throughout the house by dirty
shoes. The kitchen was a 
disaster area with dirty dishes not only piled up on the table but when
there was no more room, 
strewn on the floor. The sink was empty. As she passed the downstairs
powder room Pooch could smell 
the unflushed toilet and see towels covered with brown stains on the
floor. Marla had said that there would be 
no more toilet paper used in the house. Obviously she had meant it. 
There was all ready some new decor scattered around the house. Hanging
on the wall in the hall Pooch 
passed a small scourge. It hung with all six tails spread out like a
fan, hanging down. It's length, 
including the handle, looked to be only about two feet. Pooch had been
whipped by far more menacing 
than that. Except. None of them had been barbed. Each tail had at least
two, some had three rusted iron 
Just an hour ago Pooch had felt as if she were in hell itself. As she
walked through the house she began to 
see that she was only now begining to walk in through the gates.

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