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CONTENT WARNING: This story has an adult theme and may include graphic
descriptions  of sexual acts.  If it is either illegal where you are, or
you are not of legal age to view such material,  please stop now.

Kind of Blue, by Tiramisu. M solo, light bd theme

Copyright 1998 by Tiramisu. All rights reserved. Please do not
repost without explicit permission of the author. Permission is
granted for archiving in ass and assm.

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Kind of Blue

Naked, I climbed into bed, Miles Davis CD softly playing in the
background. Kind of Blue.

I took my red silk tie, and tied the thin end to my right wrist. I
tied the other end to the bed post, remembering what you said you
wanted to do to me.

The feeling of silk on my wrist was erotic. I felt my body

I slid to the middle of the king sized bed, naked on top of the
sheets.  My arm was stretched above my head.  I wanted you to be
here, to tie the other wrist, so I was fully stretched, unable to
move to either side, totally exposed, completely yours. In my mind
you were, and I was.

I closed my eyes and thought about what you had said. I took the
middle finger of my left hand, and wet it in  my mouth. I ran the
wet finger over my nipples, imagining your  tongue, hot, wet,
silky. Your tongue moved lower, teasing me, touching me.

I was very aroused.

I didnít come. Not without you. Not unless you told me to.

Finally, I fell asleep, wondering what else you would do to me.

Copyright 1998

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