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This is a short story of an adult nature. Please obey your local
laws. If you are underage then stop here.

I reserve all rights to this story. It may not be transmitted to
the public by any means (such as posting to the Internet or to
newsgroups) and may not be changed in any way (such as altering
the story or title) without my expressed written permission.

This is the first part of a three part letter from Kim.  It
follows up on earlier letters from Paul, Sue and Audrey.  Part 1
of Paul's letter can be found on this site on Nov. 8/98 #17053,
Part 2 was posted on Nov. 15 #17183. Part 3, the first part of
Sue's letter was posted on Nov. 19/98 #17298 and Part 4, the
second part of Sue's letter was posted Nov. 30 #17632. Part 5,
the first part of Audrey's letter was posted Dec. 6/98 #17840 and
Part #6 which is the second part of Audrey's letter was posted
the same day as #17841. Kim continued the story with Parts 7 8
and 9.

Fun & Games-Pt. 9-Kim Cont. the Story (exhib, MMMM mast, MFFFF,
FMMM fdom)

        Fun and Games - Part 9 - Kim Continues the Story

                      Sex Planning and more

The next day I picked Lucy up and we headed over to Audrey's.  I
asked Lucy innocently how she was and shouldn't have been
surprised when she said "Sore."  She said her ass was pretty
tender.  My mind flashed back to the previous afternoon when
Clint and Dave had treated her so roughly.  A few minutes latter
we arrived at Audrey's and we were ushered into her living room. 
Sue was already there and sipping from a large glass of wine.  I
introduced Lucy and Audrey joined us with a glass of wine for
each of us as well.

Audrey began by saying that the weather for the weekend looked
really great and that she thought we all ought to get together
for a barbecue.  The idea sounded great and so we all got into
planning what we would eat and who would bring what.  It didn't
take long until we had it all worked out.

At about this point Sue looked over at Lucy and asked her if she
was all right.  Lucy indicated she was O.K. but her response
wasn't very convincing.  She couldn't seem to sit still.  Small
wonder, I thought, her ass is probably killing her.  Eventually
Sue weasled out of her the fact that her ass was really sore and
I jumped in to explain what had happened the previous afternoon
but Lucy wanted to tell them.  Audrey and Sue were spell bound as
she went on about her adventure in rough sex.  I knew she had
liked it but still couldn't believe it as she told them how
teasing the young studs had got her really turned on and when
they forced her over the table she was on the verge of coming
before they even fucked her.  She said being fucked with the beer
bottle was really a turn on and being the meat in the fuck
sandwich was literally "fuck city".  She said she had never been
into golden showers but being tied up on my back lawn gave her no
choice but to enjoy it.  When I heard her tell them about the dog
lapping her cunt, I knew she had really appreciated what I had
arranged for her, although that part had been unplanned. 

When she finished Audrey told her that she had something that
would help sooth her sore ass and disappeared, quickly to return
with a tube of ointment.  She told Lucy to bend over the couch
and pull up her skirt.  At first Lucy said no but after some
urging from me she did as directed, exposing a pair of plain
cotton panties.  Audrey grabbed these and lowered them to expose
Lucy's ass.  I could now see why she was so uncomfortable, her
ass was a bright red and where Dave had beat her with his belt
were several red welts.  Audrey took some cream and massaged it
into Lucy's ass.  After a moment Lucy told us it felt much
better.  Sue seemed to know what Audrey was using and told her to
put some on her pussy.  Audrey reached between Lucy's spread legs
and dabbed some on Lucy's bald cunt.  She massaged it in and sat
down to watch what would happen.  In a matter of seconds Lucy
began to moan that the ointment made her cunt warm and really
horny.  She reached beneath her skirts and while we all watched
brought herself to orgasm.  I could scarcely believe what I was

Sue commented that every one seemed to have their own sexual
fantasy although she wasn't sure she could get off on sex as
rough as Lucy seemed to need.  Audrey echoed her thoughts
indicating that with Sue's help she had begun to exploit her
sexual pleasure in exhibitionism.  I told them that with Audrey's
guidance I had overcome my shyness and gotten into sex with
another woman.  Audrey noted that even the men seemed to have
fantasy's.  Paul really into being dominated sexually.  When she
mentioned that I pointed out that Jim was a real voyeur.  "Yea."
Audrey said, " He really loved it when I fingered my pussy right
in front of his face."  "Most men seem to like to watch women get
themselves off." Sue added.  Lucy wondered what it would be like
to watch a man jack off.

It was Sue who suggested that maybe we could have Paul whack off
for our visual enjoyment at the barbecue.  "I wouldn't mind
seeing some of the others do it too." Audrey commented.  Sue then
suggested a "whack off" contest for the men.  I told her it would
be unlikely that Jim would participate but Sue suggested maybe we
could offer a prize.  I still didn't understand her but she
continued with a suggestion that the winner could enjoy the
company of three of us for the evening.  Knowing Jim's love of
group sex I was sure, that with the potential prize, he would
accept the challenge.  "But you only said three women?" Lucy
asked.  "Well one lucky woman gets the three losers for the night
too." Sue replied.  My pussy really started to drool at the
thought of having three studs servicing me and I quickly
volunteered.  "But how do we decide who gets the three studs for
the night?" I asked.  "I'll think of some little contest." she
replied.  So everything including the entertainment was set for
the next night. 

Lucy and I stood up to leave but Audrey said she wanted to show
all of us something first and lead us down to the rec room.  The
room seemed ordinary enough with weight training equipment in one
corner and some exercise mats lying around on the floor.  The
previous owner was into ballet Audrey explained as she pointed to
one wall that was all mirror and had the traditional waist high
bar running its length.  It was Sue who first spotted the
triangular device with a hook at each corner hanging from a
pulley and the ten foot high ceiling.  There was a rope that ran
from the pulley over to one wall and down to some sort of
controls.  Audrey meanwhile had retrieved what at first appeared
to be some long broad straps from a cupboard in the corner.  She
began to lay them out in the centre of the floor so they formed a
big capital "Y".  The base of the "Y" was a six inch strap with a
big ring at the end.  Sue seemed to know what this machine was
but Lucy and I were completely in the dark.

Audrey told Sue to look in the cupboard.  While she did this
Audrey quickly disrobed.  She hadn't the least sense of modesty
and my sexual juices began to flow as I anticipated another of
Audrey's special sex shows.  She went over to the straps and
carefully sat down on the floor with her ass square in the middle
of the "Y".  Sue returned from the corner with a plastic bag and
placing it on the floor, knelt down to help Audrey.  The upper
arms of the "Y's"straps were each about two inches wide.  They
ran up the back of Audrey's legs and Sue helped Audrey fix each
one around her leg just above her knees with a velcro strap.  Sue
went back to the wall controls and pushing a button we heard the
triangle  descend slowly from the ceiling so it was just above
Audrey's head.  Sue went back to Audrey and adjusting the hooks
fastened one to each arm of the "Y" straps.  Sue returned to the
controls and again activated the controls.  This time Audrey was
lifted off the floor.  The device left Audrey hanging, ass down,
in what seemed a very natural and comfortable almost sitting
position.  All of a sudden I realized what the machine had done
for her.  Her cunt was wide open from below and available for
use.  In fact with some shifting her ass could be fucked as well. 
My juices really began to flow as I nudged Lucy and told her what
I had figured out.

Sure enough Sue grabbed the bag and produced a big plastic cock,
but in this case it had a large flat base which meant it could
stand upright on its own.  She placed it below Audrey and told me
to adjust it as she went back to the controls.  I knew what to do
now and as the machine whirred, Audrey slowly descended.  I could
see her cunt wide open coming to meet the big plastic cock.  I
adjusted it and as she descended it splayed her cunt open and
disappeared between her red cunt lips.  She moaned with pleasure
and I stepped back to watch, my job having been done.  Sue stood
at the controls and flipped another switch.  The whole triangle
began to go up than down.  At first slowly than the pace picked
up.  Each time the machine lifted Audrey the plastic cock would
be eased from her cunt but never enough to actually slip out. 
The machine would than lower her again down on the plastic
phallic symbol.  She was being fucked by the machine.  Her hands
were free and as she was being fucked she began to tease her
nipples.  After a moment one hand descended between her splayed
legs.  It was obvious to us all that she was fingering her clit.

We watched as the machine steadily raised and lowered her onto
the dildo.  Audrey's eyes were closed as she concentrated on her
pleasure.  Sue nudged me and told me to watch this.  Lucy and I
watched as she took hold of one of Audrey's outstretched legs and
began to turn her suspended body pivoted on the cock slowly
around.  She turned her around several times than released her
foot.  Like a child on a wound up swing, Audrey at first stayed
in this position than her weight began to reverse the twist in
the rope.  All the while the machine continued to plunge her
relentlessly up and done on the cock.  Audrey's speed picked up
and than slowed and her rotating direction reversed.  I tried to
imagine Audrey's pleasure in being literally screwed onto the
cock.  In moments Audrey began to sigh that she was coming and we
watched as her body convulsed.  By the time her spinning had
stopped Audrey opened her eyes and Sue stopped the machine.  Sue
and I worked silently to release Audrey from her bounds, while
Lucy retrieved the dildo.  When I looked up Lucy was licking the
plastic cock clean of Audrey's juices and Audrey offered her her
cunt to taste and the little slut did just that.  What a sexually
depraved bunch I thought, but I loved it.

 As I drove Lucy home she told me she could hardly wait to watch
the guys jerking off.  I told her I was looking forward to having
three men at once.  I planned to win what ever little game Sue
could devise and I knew it in itself would be something special.
I asked her if John would go along with the plan.  She said it
didn't matter because he was going to be away for the weekend and
that Sue had offered to find her an escort for the party.  Life
got more interesting by the minute I thought.

                            The Party
That night I told Jim there was a special party planned at
Audrey's and Paul's the next day.  He seemed to sense that
something was up but I refused to do more than hint at the fun to

We arrived at Paul and Audrey's about four in the afternoon. 
Paul carried a case of beer into the house and I brought in
several bags of goodies for the party.  I was really tingling
with excitement at what was to come and Jim although he didn't
know what, was too.  Audrey was dressed in a short beach coat
when we got there and Jim gave her a big kiss and I saw him
fondling her ass.  "Enough,"  I finally had to tell them,  " You
guys can wait till later."  I gave Audrey a quick kiss too.  Paul
appeared dressed in shorts and a T-shirt and helped Jim put the
beer in the fridge.

A few minutes after we arrived Lucy pulled up.  She had driven
over in a short beach coat not unlike Audrey's and we all helped
her bring in bags of food for the party.  We sat around in the
kitchen talking for a while until Sue finally showed up.  In tow
she had her young live in stud, Robert.  In addition she had a
blind date for Lucy she told us.  At that moment a gorgeous hunk
came through the door.  While Audrey had told me about him, I
didn't realize this was the same Kirk that Jim and Paul played
poker with on that fateful night that started this whole
adventure.  I could hardly wait to start the sex part of the
party but before I could steer things in this direction Audrey
suggested we all take a swim.  It was a hot day.  Audrey and Lucy
were already changed but the guys went down to the basement to
slip into the suits each of them had brought and Sue and I went
up to the spare bedroom to change.

As we changed I told Sue I could hardly wait for the planned post
dinner activities.  She told me that I would have to but that my
patience would be well rewarded.  When we returned to the
backyard the guys were already in the pool.  Robert was a real
hunk but Kirk was really something special.  I was getting
positively drippy watching his muscles ripple, his hard ass and
the bulge in his brief swim suit as he cavorted in the pool.  I
had worn a relatively tame bikini and Sue had likewise.  Lucy,
ever the tease, had the same extremely skimpy pieces of cloth and
string that she had worn during her rough sex session the day
before.  Jim was eyeing her gorgeous full boobs and ass as she
paraded about the pool deck.  He looked like he was drooling and
Lucy loved it too.  Audrey was wearing a simple one piece white
suit which seemed pretty modest by comparison to the rest of us.

Finally Audrey said she needed a dip and moved to the edge of the
pool and dove gracefully into the deep end.  She swam about for a
minute or two and no one payed any special attention, that is
until she got out.  Jim's chin just about hit the floor and I
gasped when we realized her suit when wet became almost
transparent.  Her big boobs were flattened slightly and her
nipples were clearly visible.  Her ass cheeks were pushed
together and explicitly revealed as was her cunt as she walked
toward us.  No one said a word.  She dried herself off with a
towel and sat down.  Her suit quickly dried and her body details

Jim was fascinated.  He couldn't keep his eyes off her although
Lucy in her almost nothing suit was getting equal attention.  I
was content to watch the huge bulges in Kirk and Robert's suits
as they talked and prepared the barbecue.

I noticed Sue saying something to Paul and he disappeared.  He
returned a few minutes later with a tray of beer and filled wine
glasses.  He had also changed and was now wearing only a loin
cloth.  It reached just below his ass cheeks and while it covered
his ass, there was a good four inches of skin visible at the
sides.  He passed the drinks around and Sue fondled his ass,
beneath the loin skin as he passed her.  He never flinched but
Audrey nodded her approval to Sue.  I was determined to get a
feel for myself the next chance I got.  It didn't take long.  As
we all chatted and drank I watched Paul flipping hamburgers on
the barbecue and slipping up beside him patted his ass.  He
didn't react at all but Audrey told me to go ahead.  I slipped my
hand under his loin cloth and discovered his bare skin.  I
squeezed his firm ass.  I had to stop before I got carried away
and so I reluctantly withdrew my hand.  The others had all
observed my actions and it became fair game for all the ladies to
fondle and pinch Paul's ass.

As the barbecue progressed Lucy lost her top and Audrey seemed to
keep falling in the pool.  We could all tell the guys cocks were
hard because they made tents in their brief trunks.  All that is
except Paul.  Sue had ripped his loin cloth off and at every
opportunity the girls were fondling his swollen dick, and
stroking his balls.  Finally we all finished eating.  The dishes
were cleared away and we all gathered in Audrey and Paul's living

                        The Contest Begins

Paul was nude as was Lucy by this point but the rest of us still
had our swimsuits on.  Sue announced that she had a special deal
for the men.  She began by saying she knew that most men had this
fantasy about making it with more than one woman at a time. 
Jim's mouth was wide open in amazement at her statement.  Kirk
replied "You bet."  Sue continued looking at Audrey, Lucy and I,
that we had this little contest and the winner would get to spent
the night with the ladies.  Kirk wanted to know what happened to
the losers.  "Well," Sue replied, " One of us will be entertained
all night by the three losers."  Kirk was forced to agree that
that sounded fair.  All Jim wanted to know was what the contest

"Well,"  Sue began slowly, "The girls got to talking yesterday
and we know how Paul likes to be forced to do things sexual." 
Everyone looked at Paul and he was blushing.  "I particularly
enjoyed watching him 'whack off' for me.  The rest of us girls
thought wouldn't it be fun to watch all our men jerk off."  There
was a hushed silence as she continued.  "I suggested a 'jerk off'
contest and three of us girls would be the prize for the winner. 
What do you think?"  Without hesitation Kirk said he was game. 
Audrey informed us all that Paul would do it because Sue told him
he had to.  Sue told us coyly she was sure that Robert was game. 
This time every one looked at the big young stud and it was his
turn to blush.  The groups attention now turned to Jim.  Jim said
he wasn't really into this kind of thing.  Audrey said she knew
he wanted another chance to try her out and asked him to imagine
what a gorgeous lay Sue and Lucy would be if he won.  That was
enough to clinch it and quite flushed he stammered, "O.K." 
Everything was set.

Sue whispered something to Audrey and she disappeared.  Sue told
the guys to grab four chairs from the kitchen and bring them in.
The guys brought the chairs back in short order and Sue directed
them to place them in pairs facing each other.  She told Jim,
Kirk and Robert to, "Get naked." and they each slipped their
skimpy swim suits over there swollen cocks.  I gasped when I saw
the size of Robert's prick.  For a young man he sure had a big
weapon.  I could hardly wait to try him out.  Sue directed the
men to each take a chair facing each other.  Kirk and Robert sat
face to face, their chairs only inches apart while Jim and Paul
took similar positions opposite each other.  Robert and Paul had
real hardons already.  Jim and Kirk were swollen and big but not
rigid the way the other two were.

Audrey returned to the room with a tube of KY jelly.  Sue took
the tube and squirted a gob in the palm of each of the guys
hands.  "Now when I say go, you whack the guy off opposite you."
she said.  "The winner in each pair is the one left with his
weapon still charged when his partner shoots off.  The two
winners will pair off for the final round."  "Just a minute." 
Jim interrupted, "I might pull my meat but I'll be dammed if I'm
going to jerk some other guy off."  Kirk looked at him and told
him that the guys wouldn't think of him as gay if he whacked off
another man.  But Audrey was the convincer.  She slipped up
beside him and slipped her bathing suit off and began to finger
her pussy right before his eyes.  After a moment, with all eyes
were glued on her hand probing her cunt, she withdrew it covered
in her juices and placed her fingers below Jim's nose.  He
breathed deeply her female smell.  She slipped her fingers over
his lips and he lapped up her juices.  "Don't you want more than
this?" she asked.  Jim finally relented and told Sue he would

It was obvious he was still nervous but everything was now in
place and with the girls all gathered round, Sue finally shouted
out, "On your marks.  Get set.  Go."  Kirk grabbed Robert's big
cock with two hands and began slowly to stroke up and down his
erect prick.  Simultaneously Robert slid one hand rapidly up and
down Kirk's swollen cock.  Meanwhile Paul had grabbed Jim's dick
and was pumping away.  Jim's cock quickly stiffened and Jim
finally took Paul's already hard cock in his fingers and gingerly
began to stroke him off.  Sue was egging them on while Audrey was
commenting as to who she figured was in the lead.

My observation was that Robert was rather inexperienced while
Kirk seemed to know exactly how to get quick results from a
swollen cock.  While Robert rubbed Kirk furiously and did manage
to stiffen his cock, it was Kirk who was quickly getting Robert's
dick close to spurting.  After only a few minutes Robert's eyes
closed and his hand on Kirk's cock stopped moving.  I whispered
to Lucy that Robert was sure to lose now.  That was alright by
me.  After all I hoped to sample his big cock later.  Sure enough
Robert muttered "fuck" and great streams of white cum shot into
the air.  The first few struck his chin while succeeding shots
were less powerful until they finally died away all together. 
Kirk stopped stroking and declared himself the winner of round

Meanwhile Jim and Paul were hard at it and I mean hard.  Based on
what I knew of Paul's love of discipline, at first I figured he
would lose on purpose but then maybe he loved to whack guys off
and wanted to have a shot at another cock in the next round. 
Jim's eyes were fixed on Paul's throbbing grease covered cock. 
The head was really red and Paul was grunting and thrusting his
pelvis with every stroke Jim gave him.  Jim wasn't doing much
better.  As we watched his eyes were closed and I thought he was
about to shoot his load but he seemed to regain himself and
resumed staring at Paul's cock.  He was using his thumb
masterfully on the under side of Paul's cock and teasing the
super sensitive spot on the underside just below his cock head. 
Paul's eyes closed and we noted his hand which had been stroking
Jim's prick urgently begin to relax.  Audrey whispered to me that
Paul was about to shoot.  She was absolutely right.  His body
tensed and than convulsed as jet after jet of thick white juices
shot high in the air.  Jim milked his cock clean and smiled in

Kirk and Jim were still in the running for the night with three
very horny women though.  Sue suggested they take a break for a
dip in the pool.  "Skinny dip." she added.  Of course the guys
were already naked as were Audrey and Lucy but I was game and
stripped off my suit and raced to the pool.  Sue and the others
were right behind.  We cavorted in the pool for half an hour
until Sue, always in command, decided it was time for the finals. 
We all traipsed back to the living room.  All eyes were on the
two finalists.  The lack of sexual activity and the coolness of
the water and night air seemed to calmed there previously near
bursting cocks.  Sue directed the two to take their places.  She
gave them each a gob of KY jelly and told them to take their

We all pressed around to watch.  Kirk and Jim concentrated on
each other their hands poised for action.  "Go." Sue finally
ordered.  They each grabbed the others cock.  Jim proceeded
first, lathering Kirk's dick with KY jelly.  Kirk instead began
to stretch and pull Jim's softened prick.  In no time Jim's cock
began to swell.  Jim meanwhile began to work on Kirk's prick in
earnest also, stretching and teasing it so it too began to
inflate.  We all yelled encouragement.  They both concentrated
hard.  I knew Jim wanted desperately to win and Kirk seemed
equally determined to draw Jim's load first.  As we watched them
work each others cocks it was easy to see they were enjoying some
success in exciting their opponent.  Both seemed to reach full
erection at the same time.  Their cocks glistened with KY jelly
as they stroked and pulled.

I noticed too that Lucy had her fingers in her cunt, diddling her
clit no doubt.  I didn't blame her the show was really exciting
but I wanted to save my cunt for the joy of sex to come.  I
wasn't sure what Sue had planned for the woman's part of the sex
contest but win or lose everyone would be a winner.  Turning back
to the action it appeared that Jim's concentration was slipping
as his eyes began to close and he began to moan with pleasure. 
Kirk was doing a great job exacting the utmost pleasure from
twisting and pulling Jim's cock.  It looked like Jim was going to
lose but Sue slapped him on the back and yelled at him to snap
out of it.  His eyes opened and he renewed his pulling on Kirk's
reddened cock.  It was Kirks turn to slip into his own pleasure
and it now appeared he would be the first to lose his load.  To
extend the contest though I reached out and pinched his ass. 
This snapped him around and they both returned to pleasuring the
other's cock.

They each seemed intent on winning and gazed into each other's
eyes.  Jim however slowly began to get the better of Kirk and we
watch as Kirk's eyes slowly closed and while his grip on Jim's
prick tightened he stopped stroking.  This easing of Jim's own
pleasure at Kirk's hand, allowed him to concentrate more on
extracting Kirk's load.  It was obvious he was succeeding as
Kirk's body stiffened and his pelvis began to thrust.  Load after
load of concentrated milky white jism finally shot up onto his
chest and as his orgasm subsided he slumped back into his chair
still holding Jim's throbbing but erect but unspent weapon.

Jim yelled in triumph and jumped up from his chair.  His cock was
red hard and bounced against his stomach.  It had been a close
thing but he was the "whack off" champion.  Jim looked at Sue and
asked about what was next.  Sue explained that he would be
required to help select the winner from the four of us.  The
'losers', if you could call them that, would spent the night with

              The Women Square Off to Pick a Winner

Without another word Sue directed us to go down to the rec room. 
Audrey said something to Paul and told the rest of us to follow
her. She lead us down to the rec room.  Sue had stopped to talk
to Kirk for a moment.  You'll remember that this was the room
with Audrey's strange sexual trapeze and the mirrored wall and
ballet bar.  In a few moments Kirk and Sue and Paul joined us all
in the centre of the room.

Sue explained that the girls would be seeing who had the most
talented cunt.  To do that each would take a turn being fucked by
Jim.  The first to draw his load would be the winner.  We
wouldn't be able to use our hands though.  She told to us all
line up facing the ballet bar.  Using Lucy as a model she showed
us how we were to be positioned.  She put Lucy about four feet
from the bar and facing it.  She told her to spread her feet
about four feet apart and then to reach over and hold onto the
bar.  I could see now what was going to happen.  Jim would love
this I knew.  Lucy's big tits hung down deliciously and with her
legs spread her cunt was wide open and ready for action.  Her
cunt lips were red and swollen.  "Take your places ladies." she

I moved over next to Lucy while Sue and Audrey took spots on the
other side of Lucy facing the mirror and the bar.  I could feel
the cool air on my cunt lips as I spread my legs.  I felt
deliciously open.  Kirk announced that Jim would begin with Sue
who was at the far end of the line than move down the line with
Audrey, Lucy than myself.  I could see Lucy next to me anxiously
waiting to be fucked.  In the mirror I could see Audrey and Sue. 
Sue looked really pleased with the way things were developing. 
She had a gorgeous set of tits I noted.  Kirk further explained
that Jim would start with one thrust into Sue than two into
Audrey than three into Lucy followed by four for me.  He would
than move back to the head of the line giving five to Sue, etc. 
The last cunt he was in when he came would be the winner.  My
cunt was almost dripping when I heard what little sex contest Sue
had dreamed up.  I knew Jim would be in seventh heaven.

Jim told us all that we looked gorgeous.  I looked around at him.
His cock sure showed his excitement.  It seemed enormous.  Jim
came up behind me first and reached between my legs and stroked
my cunt.  I wanted to reach back and grab his hand but Sue
watching my pleasure in the mirror told me not to let go of the
bar or I would be disqualified.  Jim slipped a couple of fingers
into my cunt and announced I was really juicy and ready for him. 
He moved down to Lucy.  He did the same with her when he slipped
his fingers into her dripping cunt she moaned.  He reached around
her and grabbed a handful of tit.  Jim was really a tease.  Next
he moved to Audrey.  He fondled her boobs first than tested her
cunt to see how juicy she was.  He announced she too was ready to
be fucked.  Now he was down to Sue.  He teased her nipples for a
moment and brought his erect cock to her mouth.  She never
released the bar but took his cock in her mouth and began to suck
on it.  I watched in the mirror as his eyes closed.  He had more
will power than I thought though because he withdrew his cock
from her lips and went around to her ass and slipped his fingers
into her open cunt and declared her ready.

I became aware that Paul had been video taping the entire
proceedings and knew that this was going to be one hot tape to
view later.  Jim announced that it was time to start.  He moved
up behind Sue and with one hand directing his cock placed it at
the mouth of Sue's cunt.  He leaned into her.  We all heard her
groan but that was his one thrust and he slowly pulled his cock
from her and moved over to Audrey.  Again he aimed his cock into
her bald cunt.  With a thrust he was in her to his balls and I
watched in the mirror as he slipped back almost from her and
pushed forward again.  Audrey groaned that it felt tremendous but
Jim had pulled away and she voiced her disappointment.  Sue told
her not to worry he would be with her again in a moment and she
would get him for longer this time.  "If I don't get him to blow
his load first." I told them.

Jim moved behind Lucy's big ass.  He reached under her like a
quarterback with his cock in hand and thrust into her open cunt. 
She too groaned at his first thrust and picked up his rhythm by
his third stroke but of course this was the limit and he slipped
out of her.  He patted her ass and said he would be back.  Not if
I could help it I thought to myself.  I could feel his hands on
my hips and I braced myself for his weapon piercing my cunt.  He
was in me before I knew it and pumping away.  Before I knew it he
had withdrawn after my allotted four strokes.  I was just
beginning to get going on extracting his load into my cunt and he
was gone.  The others had been watching me intently in the mirror
and now it was my turn to watch them try make him come.

Jim moved down to Sue.  She told him to get his big cock in her
and she would give him a ride.  He slipped into her easily and
her hips began to move.  She looked like a real pro as her eyes
closed and she concentrated.  Kirk counted out loud each thrust
and pulled Jim away at five.  Jim moved quickly down the line to
Audrey.  It was obvious that Sue had really started to get to
him.  He slipped his cock into Audrey's dripping cunt and grasped
her hips for balance.  Again Kirk counted off the strokes. 
Audrey's eyes were closed as she stretched out and held the bar. 
Her tits swayed beneath her.  By the time Jim had his allotted
six I could tell he was really beginning to get close to coming. 
It was now Lucy's turn and Jim thrust into her juicy cunt easily
she groaned and ground his cock into her.  By the time Kirk had
counted out seven he had to pull Jim from her.  Jim's cock popped
from Lucy's cunt.  It was too much for Lucy though and she
released one hand from the bar and reached back between her legs
to stroke her clit.  Immediately Sue announced that she was
disqualified for taking her hand off the bar but Lucy just
continued to stroke herself to orgasm.  Meanwhile Jim moved onto

I could hardly wait for Jim to get into me.  I was on the verge
of coming myself.  His cock felt wonderful.  For a moment I let
him do all the work then realised I had better concentrate on
getting him off because I was unlikely to get another chance.  I
squeezed the muscles in my cunt.  God it felt good.  I could hear
Kirk counting "Five, Six".  I rotated my ass and squeezed even
harder.  I could feel Jim tensing.  When he got to my allotted
eight Kirk pulled him from me.  I was beside myself and on the
verge of coming and tempted to do as Lucy was still doing but
thought better of it.  Jim moved down the line to Sue and slipped
up to her ass and was in her in a flash.  I wasn't sure I would
get another crack at his big cock.  He seemed on the verge of
coming.  Robert slipped beneath Sue and reaching up began to lick
and suck at her big hanging tits.  This seemed to excite her even
more but robbed her of her concentration on the cock in her cunt. 
Despite Sue's best efforts Jim still held his load after his nine
pumps into her cunt.

Jim moved next to Audrey.  Robert moved with him and before Jim
could slip his cock home, Robert was sucking one of Audrey's
gorgeous nipples.  I could hear the loud slurping sounds Jim's
cock was making in her cunt.  Audrey was coming from his and
Robert's efforts.  She bucked wildly but held onto the bar.  Jim
did not come though after his tenth stroke into her cunt and he
slipped his cock from her.  Meanwhile Lucy had had a series of
loud orgasms from her fingers.  Jim paused to finger her cunt and
she looked longingly into his eyes for more of his cock but Sue
told her she had been disqualified and would be punished later
for her indiscretion.

Jim slipped into my cunt.  His cock felt wonderful.  Robert had
moved beneath me and was sucking and lapping at my nipples.  The
teasing sent thrills down to my cunt and my orgasm began with
only a few strokes from Jim.  I lost track of what was happening
in my own pleasure but felt him tensing within the throbbing
walls of my cunt.  He was unable to hold back any more and filled
my cunt with his juices.  I had won.  I didn't realize it for a
moment I was so out of breath.

                          I am a Winner

Jim had stopped moving and I could feel him softening but I
needed more.  As I opened my eyes, there was Robert beneath me
still lapping at my hard nipples.  His cock was rock hard and
just what I needed.  I told him to lie down.  Jim's cock slipped
from me and sensing what I needed, guided my hips down to meet
Roberts erect cock.  I grabbed Robert's cock.  He was huge. 
Never had I fucked another man although I had thought about it
lots.  I was too caught up in my own needs to hold back now
though.  Jim guided my hips as I lowered myself to meet Robert's
cock.  After all I had won and Robert was there to serve me. 
When he first came into contact with my wet cunt I began to think
I'll never be able to take him all but there was no turning back. 
Robert thrust upward to meet me.  Jim told me to fuck him good. 
It was all I needed and I began in earnest to fuck this big hunk.
His cock was immense.  It caused great pressure and I could feel
myself rapidly rising to orgasm again.  Jim told me later I was a
real sight my tits swaying above Robert's broad chest and sweat
making my skin glistened as he pumped me and I responded to his
big prick.  All I know was it was heaven and I began to come and
come and come.  Robert followed quickly behind my first orgasm
and forced load after load of his juices into me.

It took some time for me to regain my breath.  When I did, Jim
was lying in heap on one of the weight training benches.  Audrey
and Sue were madly fingering themselves off.  I guess they
figured they had lost anyway they might as well savour some of
their pleasure.  Kirk's cock was hard again and so was Paul.  I
began to dream of ways I could also use these prizes I had won. 
Jim was eagerly watching Sue and Audrey, each with one hand still
on the bar and the other fingering their clits.  From behind with
their legs spread wide and their cunts wide open, they made quite
a sight.  I could hardly believe it but Jim's cock was already
beginning to swell for another orgasm.  Lucy had moved over to
him and was sucking his cock.  I had other plans and if I didn't
get my prize studs away from these horny cunts I would lose them. 

I told Paul to grab Robert's softened cock and Robert to grab
Kirk's long hard thin dick.  I took hold of Paul's and led my
train of studs to the living room.  Cum was dripping down my legs
the whole way.  When we got to the living room I plopped down on
the couch and spread my legs and told Paul to clean me up.  He
knew in a flash what I wanted and was on his knees lapping at my
cum covered cunt.  That man sure knew how to use his tongue and
was quickly stirring the fires within me.  Kirk and Robert just
stood and watched although I caught both of them fingering their
cocks.  I fixed my eyes on Kirk's long thin dick as my inevitable
orgasm approached.  Before I came I pushed Paul away and told
Kirk to get his big cock into me.  Kirk was eager to oblige and
on his knees between my outspread legs fed his cock into my
gapping cunt.

As he picked up the rhythm, I couldn't believe how long he was. 
When he was in to the hilt I felt like his cock was going to
puncture my stomach.  With every thrust I grunted.  Paul was
standing beside the couch with his erect cock in hand and I
motioned for him to come closer.  I grabbed his hard dick and
began to massage his cock his eyes were closed and I could tell
he was close to coming.  I pulled his cock to my lips and flicked
my tongue over the reddened end of his dick.  He sighed, groaned
and tensed and began to pour buckets of cum into my waiting
mouth.  Kirk meanwhile was working his cock in and out of my cunt
and I felt an orgasm approaching and concentrated on the pleasure
between my legs.  He finally cursed tensed and his cock burst
within me.  That was enough I came again and again.  I was

At this point I was aware that Jim, Lucy, Sue and Audrey were
watching the action.  Jim excused themselves and announced that
were going over to our house so they wouldn't be interrupted.  I
could have cared less at that point but looked forward to hearing
what had happened later.

Amazingly Robert's cock was again hard but I had had enough at
least for the moment so I told Paul to suck his cock.  Paul never
flinched but dropped to his knees.  Because of his size Paul
could do little more than lick it all over and cover the tip but
that seemed to be enough to get Robert humping Paul's face.  He
too began to come and sprayed his cum all over Paul's face.  Paul
lapped it all up and collapsed on the floor at Robert's feet.

It was incredible having three men at once but it does tend to
make one's cunt a little sore.  Kirk sensed this and suggested
that the three of them give me a body massage.  Paul said he had
all the necessary equipment and disappeared for a few minutes to
return with a plastic sheet and some oil.  Kirk told me to lie
face down on the sheet.  I did as I was told and relaxed.  I
could feel some warm oil being poured on my back and two big
hands begin massage my back.  I felt other hands working on my
feet and calfs.  I was totally relaxed in minutes.

I could hear Kirk directing my massage.  He was telling Robert
how to tease my toes and knead my calfs and ankles.  Paul was
obviously working on my back.  It felt wonderful.  After a few
minutes I realized that Robert had slowly moving the massage up
my legs because he was working around my knees and even higher. 
I spread my legs apart slightly to make his job easier.  Paul had
moved lower and was now kneading my ass.  Every once in a while I
could feel his slippery finger slip down the crack of my ass.  I
had been perfectly relaxed but now I could again feel a
delightful sexual tension rising within me.

Kirk finally told me to roll over.  Of course I did.  Robert was
still on his knees at my feet and began immediately to work on my
feet and lower legs.  Paul knelt above my head and took my head
in his lap and slowly tenderly began to massage my neck and
shoulders.  What I really needed was someone to massage my boobs. 
My wish was soon answered with Kirk lathering warm oil on my tits
and stroking me to new heights.  I was really getting turned on
now.  I was aware that Robert's hand were now stroking my
sensitive inner thighs.  Kirk meanwhile was sending one of his
hands over my stomach towards my aching cunt.  All I wanted right
then was for him to finger me off.  He finally slipped a finger
into my gapping cunt but just when I though I was about to get
some relief he withdrew it.  Paul meanwhile had taken over
teasing my erect nipples.  With ever stroke of one or the other
my clit seemed to twitch.  If someone didn't bring me off soon I
would have to do it myself but Kirk obliged and began stroking me
again.  I was aware my ass had lifted off the plastic sheet but
he stopped.  I begged him not to but he told me it would enhance
my orgasm to wait a bit.

Kirk straddled me now and knelt over my stomach facing me.  His
cock was hard and he adjusted himself so it was between my boobs. 
Paul still supporting my head in his lap, reached forward and
pushed my tits together so they surrounded Kirk's long thin cock. 
Kirk now began to thrust his hips forward and back.  In so doing
he was fucking my oil covered tits.  Each time he came forward
the head of his cock would appear from between my mashed boobs
and then disappear as he moved backwards.  Paul as he pushed my
tits together teased the nipples of each boob.  It felt good and
Kirk was obviously enjoying fucking my boobs.  His eyes were
closed as he concentrated on his pleasure.  I knew he wouldn't be
long coming.  With a final grunt he began to come shooting a
stream of white cum up towards my waiting tongue.  I managed to
catch some but most fell on my boobs and chest.  Paul massaged it
into my aching tits and Kirk collapsed on the floor next to me
spent.  This had been an interesting diversion but I was hornier
than ever.

I sat up and told Robert to lie on his back.  I needed cock badly
and squatting over him lowered myself onto his immense waiting
weapon.  Once impaled I leaned forward so my tits grazed his
chest.  I began to rock slowly back and forth.  I felt Paul's
hands caressing my oiled ass and his fingers slipping down the
crack of me ass and over my asshole.  He did this several times
and finally stopped with a finger on my asshole and teased it. 
In combination with the fucking I was giving Robert the pleasure
in me was mounting to new heights.  I gasped when his finger
slipped up my ass and he probed me.  He withdrew his finger and
inserted two this time.  It hurt a little but also felt good.  He
told me he could feel Robert's cock inside me and I churned up
and down on the massive cock filling my cunt.  Paul withdrew his
fingers and I felt him moving behind me and grasping my hips. 
Then I could feel his cock at my asshole.  I was too caught up in
my pleasure to be concerned about having my ass fucked but he
still took my breath away when he pushed his cock into my ass.  I
had never been ass fucked before but let me tell you it really
fills you up especially with a cock in your cunt as well.  The
two guys now really began to let loose.  I was a real fuck
sandwich and I loved it.  I began to orgasm and remembered very
little else except the intense pleasure that overcame me.  I must
have passed out because when I came too the three of them were
licking the oil from my breasts legs and neck.

I wasn't so much sore anymore but totally relaxed and tired. 
Paul suggested I take a warm bath and get some sleep.  That was
almost all I wanted and he helped me into a bath and I swear I
almost fell asleep.  He helped me finally into a large bed and
Robert and Kirk joined me, one on either side of me, all of us
nude.  It was a dream come true.

All night I seemed to have dreams of raunchy sex with these three
hunks.  The next morning I awoke to find Paul nibbling at one of
my nipples while Robert was working the other and Kirk was
between my legs lapping at my cunt.  Of course I was helpless but
to respond to their sexual ministrations.  Before I could come
however Paul suggested that we try out Audrey's trapeze in their
basement.  I knew from before what he was talking about and it
sounded like a great idea.  Paul was a bit surprised I knew but
nothing sexual should have been a surprise.

Robert carried me down to the basement where Paul and Kirk were
busy assembling it.  Robert lowered me onto the "Y" shaped straps
and watched as Kirk and Paul hooked me up.  I was tingling with
excitement.  All the guy's cocks were stiffening and Kirk
suggested I pick which I would use first.  I decided on Robert
and after Kirk had used the controls to lift me in the air, Paul
directed Robert to lie on the floor beneath me.  It was quite a
sight looking down between my outstretched legs at Robert lying
flat on his back his big cock sicking up in the air awaiting me. 
Kirk lowered me and Paul guided Robert's cock to the entrance of
my cunt and Kirk set the machine on automatic.

It lowered me until Robert's cock filled my open cunt to the hilt
than raised me almost off him.  The feeling was incredible.  Paul
meanwhile took to playing with my nipples while Kirk stood beside
me so I could fondle his cock.  I couldn't concentrate for long
on Kirk because of my own pleasure but I guess Robert was even
higher than me because his ass arched off the floor and he shot
his load into me.  Kirk went back to the controls and raised me
off Robert and took his place telling Paul to lower me.  This
time I was filled with Kirk's long thin dick.  The machine raised
and lowered me rhythmically onto his prick and my climax again
approached.  I could feel Kirk tensing with his orgasm and that
brought me on.  In the straps my body convulsed with my pleasure
and I was left breathless.

It was Paul's turn.  Robert now operated the controls and raised
me while Paul slipped beneath me.  Cum was dripping from my open
cunt onto the floor and Paul poised below.  My cunt was still
pulsing with my last orgasm as Paul's cock entered my cunt. 
Immediately I began to rise towards another orgasm.  Instead of
lifting and lowering me onto Paul's cock though Kirk twisted me
around as we had done to Audrey the day before.  All I could feel
was Paul's cock going around and Around inside my cunt.  It was a
sensation I had never felt before at it very stimulating.  After
a moment I began to twist the other way then Kirk started the
controls to raise and lower me as well.  It was too much I went
into orgasm after orgasm on Paul's cock.  Somewhere along the way
he came inside me.  When I came back to earth I was one well
fucked woman.

Robert dragged Paul out from beneath me and Kirk lowered me to
the floor.  Robert and Kirk unfastened the straps and I collapsed
on the floor.  Robert carried me back up to the bed we had only
just left, covered me up and left me in a contended funk to

I didn't awake for a couple of hours.  When I did I was alone.  I
got up and using one of Audrey's housecoats came down to the
kitchen where Paul and Audrey were having brunch.  It was nearly
noon.  Robert and Kirk had left and Audrey said Jim was at home
asleep with a surprise for me.  I told them I should go home too
and she tossed me the car keys.  I managed to find my clothes
from the day before and after dressing thanked Audrey and Paul
for the entertainment.  Audrey said the pleasure was all theirs. 
I knew we had all enjoyed ourselves immensely.  I kissed them
good bye.  Audrey told me I should write up me sexual adventures
in a letter to you.  Knowing the pleasure it would give Jim and 
your readers I agreed.  I drove home, still in a haze after the
incredible sexual weekend.

Sure enough Jim was asleep when I got home. I left him asleep
like a baby.  While I sipped a glass of wine I marvelled at the
fantastic change in my sex life over the last two weeks and began
to write this letter so your readers could share in it.  I am
sure Jim will enjoying reading it too.

Right now I am waiting for him to wake up.  I am sure this letter
could go on forever with sex but I had better close it.


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