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This is a short story of an adult nature. Please obey your local
laws. If you are underage then stop here.

I reserve all rights to this story. It may not be transmitted to
the public by any means (such as posting to the Internet or to
newsgroups) and may not be changed in any way (such as altering
the story or title) without my expressed written permission.

This is the first part of a three part letter from Kim.  It
follows up on earlier letters from Paul, Sue and Audrey.  Part 1
of Paul's letter can be found on this site on Nov. 8/98 #17053,
Part 2 was posted on Nov. 15 #17183. Part 3, the first part of
Sue's letter was posted on Nov. 19/98 #17298 and Part 4, the
second part of Sue's letter was posted Nov. 30 #17632. Part 5,
the first part of Audrey's letter was posted Dec. 6/98 #17840 and
Part #6 which is the second part of Audrey's letter was posted
the same day as #17841. Kim continued the story with Parts 7 8
and 9.

Fun and Games - Part 8 - Kim Continues the Story (Mff exhib,
spank, MF exhib, FF B&D,FF exhib, MF exhib, MFF, FFMM rape)

        Fun and Games - Part 8 - Kim Continues the Story

                         Cathy is Naughty

The next day was Sunday and Jim went off to play golf.  I cleaned
up the house and I discovered that Lucy had left her watch
behind.  I made a mental note to return it to her on Monday.  As
I was doing all this I got a call from my sister Cathy who was
passing through town.  Of course I invited her to spent the night
with us.

Cathy is fifteen about my height.  Her figure has really filled
out and is now fully developed.  She has honey blonde curly hair. 
She arrived at about four and we chatted.  When Jim got home we
ate dinner together and chit chatted some more over a bottle of
wine.  I wasn't feeling well so I excused myself and went up to

It seems he and Cathy had talked until nearly eleven when she
said she was going to bed.  Jim came up and changed into his
housecoat and went back to watch the news on TV.  He had just
turned off the TV when Cathy reappeared.  I had slept for several
hours and was feeling better when I heard Cathy going down
stairs.  She didn't see me as I followed her quietly downstairs. 
She had on only a pale purple silk chemise which only reached
partly down her thighs.  It was tied at the waist but was
otherwise almost wide open.

Cathy's back was to me as she stood in the den talking to Jim.  I
kept out of sight.  Cathy asked him if he minded if they sat and
talked some more.  He commented on her lack of clothing and that
she really needed to put more on.  She told him she knew it was
naughty and she knew I would kill her if I ever found out she was
with him dressed like this.  Jim could see me hiding in the
shadows but didn't let on.  "You like to be naughty?" he asked. 
She smiled coyly and averting her eyes quietly replied, "Yes." 
"I see." Jim said and asked her if she was in the habit of
appearing in front of men so scantily dressed.  "No, but it is
nice to be naughty once in a while, isn't it?"  Cathy was sitting
in a chair opposite Jim with her legs spread apart slightly one
hand casually sliding up and down her thigh suggestively.  Every
once in a while she would run her hand over her upper chest and
the fingers would disappear beneath the chemise.  "What do you
like to do that is naughty?" Jim enquired.  She thought for a
minute and slide her chemise aside to reveal her lovely full
young breasts.  I knew Jim was getting really excited but he
continued the charade.  Cathy was teasing her nipples and they
quickly responded stiffening as she watched herself and Jim.

"What else would like to do that is naughty?" Jim asked.  "Well."
there was a long pause, " I could show you my panties." Cathy
responded coquettishly.  " Would you like to do that?" Jim again
asked. "Yea." was his throaty reply.  Jim directed her to stand
up and take off her chemise.  As she stood only feet from him,
she untied the belt and slipped it from her shoulders.  She
really has a delightful young figure.  Her breasts are large but
firm.  Her legs are well proportioned and she has a tight little
ass.  She was wearing now only a pair of high heeled shoes and a
lacy little G-string.  Jim directed her to turn around slowly and
he reached over and ran his hand over her ass.  She watched his
hand as it slide between her thighs and down her legs.  "It
really is very naughty of you to be showing me your panties." Jim
said, "But you like being naughty don't you?"  Cathy nodded.  Jim
commented on her lovely ass and how the thin strip of material
disappeared into the crack of her ass.  She said it made her feel
really sexy.

JIm waved her back to the chair where she had been sitting and
told her to have a seat.  They talked for a minute or two about
college all the while Cathy's hand was teasing her nipples. 
Eventually her hand descended down over her firm stomach and
slide between her thighs which had been spreading wider and
wider.  She began to casually stroke her pussy through her
panties.  Jim was of course watching her and she knew it.  "Do
you often play with yourself like this?" Jim asked.  "Only when
I'm by myself in bed." Cathy answered.  "It is really naughty for
me to be doing this in front of you.  Kim would kill me if she
were to find out."  I don't know if she knew I was watching but I
certainly wouldn't kill her, except with pleasure perhaps.

"Put your hand inside your panties." Jim told her.  She obeyed
and I could now hear squishing noises as she worked her cunt
juices.  "Tell me how you do it when your by yourself?" Jim
asked.  "Well," she began slowly, "I lock my door and lie on my
bed with my legs spread wide and nothing on." she said.  "I begin
by teasing my nipples until they are hard and then I slip my hand
down to my genitals and rub there."  "Tell me more?" Jim
interrupted.  "I get all juicy and slip one sometimes two fingers
into myself bringing the juices out to lubricate my fingers." 
"Do you like doing it?" Jim asked.  "Ohh Yes!" Cathy responded,
"It is really naughty but it really turns me on.  I can't help

"Aren't you afraid of being caught?" Jim asked.  "My door is
always locked."  "But there is no door here and Kim could come
down and see you." Jim countered.  "She wouldn't, would she?" 
Cathy replied.  "But what if she did?" Jim asked.  Cathy continue
to slosh her fingers about inside her lacy G-string.  I could
tell she was really getting herself turned on.  "She'd probably
give me a real hard spanking for being so terribly naughty."  The
way she said it seemed to me she almost anticipated being
discovered and wanted to be spanked.

"Why don't you take off your panties and show me how naughty you
can be?"  Cathy stood up slowly and smiling at Jim began to slip
her G-string down her hips revealing her blonde bush.  Once
passed her thighs it dropped on its own to her ankles.  She
stepped out of it and with a flick of her leg flipped it towards
Jim.  He caught it and raised it to his nose and breath deeply. 
"Smells good enough to eat." he said.

She lay on her back on the floor facing Jim and spread her legs
wide apart.  "Can you see?" Cathy asked Jim, obviously concerned
that he be able to see exactly what she wanted him to see, her
cunt.  He nodded and she began to slid her hand along her inner
thighs coming to her open cunt.  She slipped a finger deep into
her cunt and groaned.  She was watching herself intently.  After
a few thrusts she withdrew her juice covered finger and slide it
through the inner lips of her cunt.  She moaned as she did this
and her fingers began to move faster and faster over her exposed
cunt flesh.  Her hips moved to meet her frenzied fingers.  Her
moans got louder and louder.  Her eyes were tightly closed as she
concentrated.  Her fingers moved more frantically and her body
began to tense.  Her hips stopped and she began to arch her back
so only her feet and shoulders remained on the floor.  With a
final loud groan she collapsed back onto the floor in orgasm. 
Her fingers slowed but kept up their stimulation of her cunt.

Jim was of course fascinated and scarcely noticed I had come into
the room to stand beside him.  Cathy, of course, was too caught
up in her own pleasure to notice me.  Finally she opened her
eyes.  There was a startled look on her face as she scrambled to
her feet and grabbed her chemise to cover herself.

I lit into her verbally calling her a slut and teenaged whore. 
She took all my verbal abuse without the least response or
indication of remorse.  Finally I ordered her onto the floor on
her hands and knees telling her she was going to be punished for
her deplorable behaviour.  Without a moments hesitation she
dropped to her knees in front of me and then her hands.  She
still had her high heel shoes on and I slipped them off her feet. 
Holding one by the heel I began to slap at her exposed ass.  She
groaned as each stroke left a red mark on one of her ass cheeks. 
Her tits swayed beneath her.  With each stroke she moved forward
away from my blows.  I ordered her to stay still but she was
unable to comply.  "If you keep avoiding your punishment I'll
have to tie you up." I threatened.  I resumed spanking her ass,
this time with my bare hand.  She flinched under each blow but
kept inching away.

I had been working on some macrame hangings and told Jim to cut
me some lengths of the thick cord I had been using.  I commanded
her to lie across our oak coffee table.  In this position her ass
was exposed on one side of the table while her tits hung on the
other.  Jim handed me several lengths of cord and I tied her
wrists to the legs of the table while Jim noting what was planned
tied her legs at the knees to the legs on the other side of the
table.  In so doing he forced her to spread her knees as far
apart as possible.  She was now at our mercy.  Both Jim and I
stood and looked at her displayed in this obscene manner.  Jim's
cock was protruding from his housecoat as hard as a rock and I
was getting turned on too.  What really surprised me as I looked
at Cathy was to see how turned on she was.  Each of her dangling
tits was crowned by a hardened nipple.  Her cunt was wide open
and her pussy lips were swollen and red.  Her inner cunt lips
were redder still and hanging distended from her open cunt.  She
must have been really turned on because I thought I could see
juices running from her cunt down her thighs.

I was intent now on spanking her in earnest a grabbed a foot and
half long wooden ruler from the desk and began to really wallop
her reddened ass cheeks.  Jim sat and watched and stroked his
cock.  With each swat Cathy moaned.  It sounded more of pleasure
than pain.  Her cunt was really leaking now and I stopped to look
around to see what I could shove up her cunt.

Through the doorway I could see the candles in the dinning room
and I went to fetch one.  It was an inch thick and like the one
Audrey had used on herself heavily grooved.  I took the candle
and ran it over Cathy's tits, then over her sensitive inner
thighs.  She moaned when I did it, her eyes closed tightly in her
pleasure.  Next I slide it between the lips of her cunt.  I
thought she was going to go off right then and there so I quickly
pulled it from her.  She looked around disappointed and begged me
not to stop.  Instead I shoved right up her cunt.  I probed her
for a minute with the phallic symbol as she thrashed about.

With it shoved deep into her cunt I stopped and picking up the
ruler began again her spanking.  Between wallops both Jim and I
could see the candle protruding obscenely from her cunt quivering
as her cunt throbbed with impending orgasm.  It wasn't long
before her body tensed and pleasures of orgasm pulsed through her
body.  The candle still stuck in her cunt fairly danced with her

The whole thing to this point had stimulated Jim immensely as his
cock showed and I was equally turned on.  I need a cock in me and
soon.  I stepped back from Cathy and raising my short nightie
lowered my myself onto Jim's lap and waiting cock.  It didn't
take more than a dozen thrusts before I began to come and Jim was
right behind me.  When we finally regained our composure Cathy
had collapsed on the table.  She couldn't really see us.  She was
glistened with her sweat and Jim took mercy on her and began to
untie her.  Before he did he slipped his housecoat back on.  Jim
is a little self-concious.  I told her to get her ass up to bed
and this had better not happen again.  She knew from the tone of
my voice though that this was likely only to be the first of many
episodes involving discipline.  It was apparent she wanted it and
Jim loved watching it.  Even if I wasn't too keen on
administering it I knew finding someone who got off being a
dominantrix would not be hard.

We all went to bed and slept soundly.  The next morning was
Monday and Cathy thanked us for our hospitality and left for the
next leg of her trip.  

After Jim left for work I gave Audrey a call, and agreed to go
over to her house after lunch to have coffee with her and return
the sex toys she had lent us.  The conversation of course got
around to sex and what we had been up to since we had parted ways
Friday night.  I told her how Jim and I had fucked up a storm in
our front hallway and the video we had watched.  Audrey told me
that some women really got off on rough sex.  That was a perfect
lead in and I told her about John's wife Lucy whom she had not
met.  When I told her about Lucy's interest in Jim's video she
concluded that maybe Lucy was just such a woman.  When I think
back about Lucy's reaction to the movie I think Audrey was right. 
I also told her about my sister's exhibition and discipline.  The
more I think about it, I believe Cathy wanted me to discover her
and give her the spanking.  She likes physical pain with her love

                   Paul and Audrey are Punished
Audrey then told me about what she and Paul had been up to.  It
seems that Paul's forced exhibitionist behaviour while away had
been reported in confidence to his boss.  You'll remember that
over the phone with a little coaxing from Audrey, I forced Paul
to whack off before his open hotel room window.  We knew he had
been seen by some cleaning ladies but didn't expect they could
figure out who he was let alone report it, but someone had. 
Anyway Paul's boss had called him on the carpet Saturday morning. 
He threatened to fire Paul.  Paul apparently begged him not to
and said he would "do anything, so long as he wasn't fired."  
Paul's boss sent him home and said he would think it over.

When Paul got home he was very distraught and he told Audrey all. 
Later that morning Paul's boss had called.  He told Paul that he
had considered the matter and would overlook the incident if Paul
would perform one task for him.  It would involve Audrey he told
him.  Paul, Audrey told me, was relieved that there was a way to
save his job and readily agreed without asking what it was he had
to do.  "In that case," Paul's boss said, "the two of you be at
my house at 8:00 o'clock sharp tonight."  Audrey said that she
and Paul weren't sure what was up but Paul said they had to go
through with it.

At 8:00 o'clock as arranged they arrived at Paul's bosses
mansion.  There were several cars parked in the circular drive
when they arrived.  Paul seemed excited Audrey told me as they
waited for someone to answer the door.  Paul's boss's wife
ushered them in.  Audrey told me she had never met her before but
she looked familiar.  She was about forty five with dark curly
shoulder length hair.  She was well dressed in an evening dress
but was a little on heavy side she said.  Audrey told me she knew
she had seen her before but she wasn't sure where.  The woman
told them that they were having dinner with a few friends and
asked them to wait in the library.  Paul's boss appeared a few
minutes later.  Audrey described him as balding mid fifties with
a substantial stomach.

At first he was coy with them asking if Audrey knew why they were
here.  Audrey told him she knew everything.  He asked Paul if he
was still willing to "do anything to save his job."  Paul, Audrey
told me, gulped and said weakly, "Yes."  His boss said "Very well
then.  My guests and I are interested in some after dinner
entertainment.  You're a lovely young couple.  I am sure they
would appreciate it if they could watch you show us your intimate
affection for each other."  Audrey told me she just about fell
over in shock.  She had always thought of Paul's boss as so prim
and proper but he wanted to watch them fucking.  Audrey told me
she felt a rush of sexual excitement come over her and she knew
Paul would be equally excited by being forced to perform
sexually.  His boss said his guests would be finished dinner
shortly and he would summon them across the hall to the living
room when they were ready.  In the meantime we could help
ourselves to a drink from the bar.  He pointed in the direction
of a well stocked bar in the corner and left.

Audrey told me they gulped down a quick drink each without
speaking.  No sooner were they finished than she heard people
talking and moving in the hall.  A tense moment or two later
Paul's boss's wife stuck her head into the library and said they
were all ready for them.  Audrey said she was so pleasant and
proper it was hard to believe what was about to happen but she
must have known.

Paul gulped the rest of his drink down and taking Audrey's hand
they walked across the hall.  The living room was large with high
ceilings and tastefully furnished with antiques.  Besides Paul's
boss and his wife there were two other couples.  All were in
their late forties or early fifties.  The men all had pot bellies
and the women could stand to lose a few pounds Audrey said.  The
lighting was subdued.

Without a word Audrey and Paul moved to the centre of the room. 
Paul immediately took Audrey in his arms and began to kiss her
passionately.  She told me she could feel the fires stirring in
her immediately as his hands roamed over her back and ass.  His
cock was already hard pushing into her.  Audrey confided in me
that if it was a show they wanted she was more than happy to give
them something they would never forget.

She slide her hands under Paul's T-shirt and over his hard back. 
He did the same to her.  I was sure she wasn't wearing a bra and
I could feel a shiver run through me imagining her and Paul
performing sex in front of this audience.  She told me they
french kissed passionately for a few minutes as they groped
beneath each others shirts.  Finally he broke away from her and
stripped off his shirt.  He then helped her pull hers over her
head.  Audrey said you could hear the gasps from the men in the
audience when her tits were bared.

Paul stood before her and began to massage her big tits.  I felt
jealous.  Audrey said she was really getting excited and so was
Paul because a dark wet pre cum spot appeared on the crotch of
his jeans.  She decided to help him off with his pants and as he
continued to tease her nipples she unfastened his belt buckle and
unzipped his jeans.  She pushed them over his ass and down to the
floor.  It was the women in the audience this time who gasped.  I
heard one of them mumble something to someone about how hard and
how big he was, Audrey told me.

Paul stepped out of his underwear and jeans.  All he now had on
were his socks.  He now unbuckled Audrey's jeans and slipped them
to the floor.  Audrey told me she had a G-string on and both Paul
and the men she was sure appreciated the way it emphasized her
ass.  Paul continued to fondle her tits and kiss her frantically. 
Audrey told me she fondled his big prick with one hand while with
the other she massaged his ass.  Paul finally had to get his
hands on her pussy and reaching down slipped her G-string down
off her hips.  When he was finished removing her mock panties he
flipped her around so she was facing the audience.  Immediately
they realized she had shaved her cunt and again murmurs of
appreciation went up from the audience.

Paul wanted to show her off to the audience and standing behind
her began to massage her tits with one hand and her pussy with
the other.  Audrey told me she spread her legs as wide as she
dared to allow him better access and her audience to see what he
was doing.  Audrey said she could feel an orgasm coming on and
simply let herself go.  As her body tensed she could hear one of
the women in the audience tell someone that she was going to
come.  Sure enough Audrey said she went off like a rocket.  Paul
continued to massage her sopping cunt in view of the audience and
she said she would have come again but she felt Paul deserved
some relief.

She told me she got on her knees and took his cock in her mouth. 
At first she only licked around the mushroom shaped head of his
hard prick but after a moment began to take him deeper and deeper
until he was all the way into her mouth and fucking her orally. 
She knew he wouldn't take long and he went off with a groan in
her throat.  She told me she tried to hold his come in her mouth
but some dribbled down her chin.  She released his cock and moved
up to kiss him with his come in her mouth.  He took it from her
and they each were able to swallow some of his love juices.

Paul was not finished though and he pushed Audrey gently down on
the floor and spreading her legs wide began to eat her out. 
Audrey told me he had her going in no time and she began to
orgasm as he lapped her clit.  She wanted to give him more and
once she had regained some of her composure she shifted around so
they were in a sixty nine and she had his cock in her mouth.  At
first he was limp she told me but he began to respond and swell
as she licked his cock.  Again she could feel herself close to
coming and she had to have his cock in her.  She released his now
hardened cock and told him to "Fuck me hard!"  He wasted no time
and climbed between her outstretched legs as their audience

He worked himself in and out of her, she told me but he couldn't
seem to hit the right spot so they rolled over with her now on
top controlling the pace.  She told me she sat right up and
methodically raised her hips up and down on his prick, her boobs
bouncing as she did.  She could feel herself coming yet again and
increased the pace until she went off.

Paul was getting desperate for relief by now and pushed her off
and motioned for her to get on her hands and knees.  She took up
the position and he proceeded to slip into her cunt from behind. 
He loved to fuck her that way she told me and she knew he
wouldn't be long getting his load off.  She too could sense her
impending climax but Paul went off before she could.  He
collapsed on the floor behind her exhausted so she told me she
gave Paul's bosses guests one last show and with her legs wide
apart fingered her cunt and clit using Paul's cum as a lubricant.

She told me that knowing her performance was being appreciated
really turned her on and she came and came.  When she did orgasm,
the audience broke into prolonged applause.  She and Paul picked
up their clothes and retreated across the hall to the den and got
dressed.  A few minutes later Paul's bosses wife appeared thanked
them and saw them to the door.  She seemed anxious to get back to
the others Audrey told me and we both knew why.

Audrey said she found the whole thing very exciting.  I wasn't
surprised because I knew she was a real exhibitionist.  She said
that it was the best sex she had had since she had made her first
video with Emma.  All of the sudden her face lit up.  "I know
where I saw Paul's bosses wife before!" she exclaimed.  "She made
that really hot video with a young stud at Emma's studio when
Paul, Sue and I watched."  She kept mumbling about having to tell

Audrey asked me how Jim was and how he had enjoyed the show that
she and Paul had put on for him on our trip back from the
airport.  I told her it was a real turn on and how I had scarcely
been able to make it to the house before he fucked me.  I
mentioned that it was his birthday on Wednesday and I had yet to
find him a suitable birthday present.  "Why don't you show him
the tape that Emma made for us?" she suggested.  That sounded
like an excellent idea but Emma didn't have it ready yet I told
her because she hadn't called.  Audrey said she would call Emma
to see if it would be ready and while I waited she did.  She was
back in a moment to say Emma was almost finished and would
deliver it tomorrow morning.  That solved that problem.

Audrey said she had another idea too.  "Why don't you give him a
sexy romantic dinner before he sees the tape?  Audrey was full of
great ideas.  She told me she even had the right outfit for me to
wear.  She excused herself and returned a few minutes later
dressed in a very pretty pale blue cocktail dress.  The back
consisted of the two straps which came over her shoulders and
reached down to her waist at her ass.  Each strap was only an
inch wide.  There were no sides to speak of.  In the front it
dipped low to expose half her lovely breasts.  Down the front
were small buttons which extended right to the waist.  The skirt
portion was full and hung elegantly.  She stood and I admired

Audrey pointed out that I could undo as many buttons as I dared
and proceeded to show me by slowly undoing them beginning at the
top.  As she did the dress changed.  The front above the buttons
seemed to become part of the narrow straps holding the dress up
by the time she had undone the last, what was left above the
waist seemed to be the two inch wide straps.  Of course each
barely covered her nipples let alone her boobs.  I am sure if she
bent over at all they would be totally exposed.  I knew Jim would
get really excited seeing me wear this.

That wasn't all though.  Audrey told me the bottom of the dress
also had a surprise.  She reached down and pulled several Velcro
fasteners apart and stood up again.  There seemed to be no change
in the fullness of the skirt but when she sat down on a stool
that was a different story.  The dress was slit to the waist in
the front so that without the fasteners the material fell to the
side to expose her legs and everything else right to her waist. 
Had she not been wearing a G-string I would have been able to see
her pussy.  This would drive Jim wild I told Audrey.  She told me
I could borrow it for tomorrow and left the room to take it off.

When Audrey returned I remembered the original purpose I had come
over and gave Audrey the bag of sex toys.  "We really enjoyed
them." I told her.  "I knew you would." she replied.  When I had
come over I had every intention on making love with Audrey but
despite the hot talk of sex I was anxious to get over to Lucy's
to drop off her watch before dinner because it was getting late.  
I gave Audrey a big kiss as we parted.  I could feel the familiar
ache in my pussy and it was all I could do not to return to her
house and make love to her.  Never the less I drove over to
Lucy's house.  I should have called ahead but decided to take a
chance on her being home.  I figured I was in luck when I pulled
up in front of her house and her car was parked in the driveway.

                    Lucy's Nasty Little Secret
I walked up to the front door and rang the doorbell but there was
no answer.  I thought maybe Lucy was out the back and wandered
around to her back yard.  She was no where to be seen but I
noticed that the back door to the house was wide open, only the
screen being closed.  This seemed strange so I went into her
kitchen and called out for her.  Still no answer.  Just as I was
about to leave I noticed a note taped to the tiffany lamp over
the kitchen table.

The note was addressed to John, Lucy's husband.  "I'm yours," it
said, "I'm upstairs. Come and take me any way you want."  It was
obviously from Lucy.  My curiosity was running rampant.  I had to
find out what was up so I quietly went upstairs.  When I peered
into the master bedroom I had the surprise of my life.  There,
tied spread eagled on the bed and nude was Lucy.  She was moaning
something but because she was gagged I couldn't make it out.  I
began to understand the significance of the note.  Lucy was using
as a model the opening sex bondage scene of the video she and I
had watched the previous Saturday.

I'm sure she hadn't expected any visitors when she tied herself
up for John's benefit but there was little she could do about it
now.  She was helpless.  For a moment I just looked her over.  I
don't know how to express the look in her eyes.  It seemed to be
both embarrassment and excitement.  Her boobs were full and stood
above her chest.  Her thighs were full.  Her pubic hair was curly
and matched the red curly hair on her head.  Her cunt was open
between her outstretched legs.  She must have used slip knots to
tie her wrists as we had discussed had been done in the video. 
She was available for whatever I wanted to do.

I started to tell her that she was quite a sight.  I also told
her that she had not had time to hear on Saturday about my sexual
fantasies.  I sat on the edge of the bed and casually stroked her
thigh as I told her that Audrey had introduced me to the joys of
sex with another woman.  I could see her eyes open even wider as
I spoke.  I had worked my hand up her thigh and commented as I
passed it over her pussy how soft her skin was.  I toyed with her
boobs and teased her nipples.  "You know what I really like to
do?" I asked her.  "I like to suck pussy."  Of course she was
helpless to answer.

I proceeded to tell her that she looked good enough to eat and
began to undress.  She watched me as I disrobed and told her how
I was going to make her come and come.  When I finished I stood
beside the bed and made her look right at my hairless pussy.  I
stroked my cunt and slipped a finger deep into my love hole.  I
then rubbed my juice covered finger over her face and lips.  Her
eyes were on fire.  I was all set to eat her out when I got the
idea of shaving her cunt as Audrey had.  I left Lucy and went
into their ensuite bathroom looking for a razor.  Sure enough
Lucy's electric razor was on the counter.  I grabbed a towel and
went back to the bedroom.

Lucy had a puzzled looked on her face when she saw the razor.  I
took the towel and told her to lift her ass up.  I slipped it
beneath her ass and plugged the razor in.  As I moved towards her
Lucy realized what was about to happened and she moaned through
her gag in protest.  I told her to be still and slide the buzzing
razor over soft belly towards her dense red curly hairy cunt. 
The curls went in all directions.  In a matter of minutes she was
as hairless as the day she was born.  I must admit that the sight
of a bald pussy is exciting.  I knew I was getting wet  

I climbed onto the bed and knelt over her so one knee was on
either side of her head.  I was facing her cunt and I reached
down and stroked her cunt for a moment.  Her hips began to move
and her clit stiffened and emerged from between her cunt lips.  I
lowered my head and began to lap at her cunt.  Her body tensed as
soon as I touched her clit.  She was turned on and I had barely
touched her.  I moved away from her clit and slurped at her the
opening to her cunt.  She was really juicy and her hips moved
more insistently than ever.  My tits hung down and grazed her
belly as I worked.  My nipples were being teased and I knew they
were hard.  Lucy's body began to thrash about as she was neared

I slowly stopped what I was doing and raised myself up so I was
on my knees above her face again.  I slid my hand down over my
belly until I reached my throbbing pussy.  I wasn't surprised to
find my cunt was really juicy too.  I needed attention and began
to stroke my cunt just inches above her face.  I lowered my self
and ground my cunt on her face.  She was moaning through the gag. 
What I really wanted was her tongue on my clit.  I got off her
and removed the gag.  As I did, I told her I wanted her to lick
my cunt.  She nodded in agreement.  She gasped for breath when
finally free and pleaded with me to eat her cunt some more.  I
climbed on top of her as before and began to lap her cunt.  This
time though I lowered my hips so she could lick my cunt too.  Her
tongue on my cunt sent spasms through me.  It was difficult to
continue lapping her when I was so close to coming but I wanted
her to come first.  It was almost a race to see who would come
first.  She won.  I had to stop slurping her cunt as contraction
after contraction swept from my pussy through my body.

When I regained myself I lifted myself off her.  She pleaded with
me to bring her off but I told her she could wait.  After all
what choice did she have.  I went back to playing with her
nipples.  They were as hard as the eraser on the end of a pencil. 
I leaned over and sucked on them and made them harder than ever. 
Lucy moaned and begged me to bring her off.  I reached down to
her twat and diddled her clit for a moment.  Her hips began to
arch off the bed.  I stopped.  She was beside herself with

Just then the phone rang.  I wanted to make sure Lucy didn't
interrupt the phone call but I couldn't find the gag she had had
in her mouth when I discovered her so I stuffed my panties in her
mouth.  It was Lucy's husband John on the phone.  He wanted to
tell Lucy that he would be an hour late getting home.  He
recognized my voice and I told him I would pass on his message. 
Lucy had heard it all.  It was just as well that John had called
because it meant I had more time to enjoy Lucy.

I figured she probably had a vibrator or dildo around so I
checked the drawer of her beside table.  Sure enough there was
both a vibrator and the biggest plastic cock I had ever scene.  I
took the vibrator and turned it on.  As I stood before Lucy I ran
it over my tits and down between my legs.  I had to stop before I
lost control though and came.  I moved over beside Lucy and ran
the throbbing phallic symbol over her heaving boobs and stomach. 
She moved her body as best she could to get the most from the

I decided it was time for the dildo and switched off the vibrator
and grabbed the plastic cock.  I must have been at least two
inches thick and ten inches long.  I stroked it and slide it down
to my own dripping cunt.  I wasn't ready to take anything that
big.  It was covered in my juices though and I ran it over Lucy's
tits teasing her nipples to erection and than slide it down to
her gapping, dripping cunt.  As I slipped it over her cunt lips
and clit she moaned and her hips thrust up to meet it.  I pushed
it hard against the entrance to her cunt and I was surprised how 
easily she took it.  I began to work it in and out of her cunt
until she had almost all of it in her on my inward thrusts.  I am
sure if she didn't have my panties shoved in her mouth she would
have been screaming in pleasure, all that came from her were
muffled moans.

Her hips moved to meet the impaling I was giving her.  Every time
I pulled the cock almost from her it glistened with her juices
and I could clearly see her cunt open up.  Her clit had grown in
size.  I reached down with a finger and teased it while I
continued to fuck her.  She went into the throes of orgasm.  She
came and she came and she came.  I thought she would never stop. 
Eventually she did though and I pulled the dildo out.

It was time for me to go because I knew John would be home soon
and I didn't want to spoil his surprise.  This would make a great
story for Jim I only wished I could have seen Lucy like this.  I
was getting my clothes back on, except my panties which I left
stuffed in Lucy's mouth when I noticed a Polaroid camera on the
top shelf in Lucy's closet.  Maybe Jim couldn't be here but I
could take some pictures.  I got the camera.  Lucy's eyes showed
that she wasn't happy with what she knew I was about to do but
again she didn't have a choice.

I snapped a shot first of Lucy tied on the bed.  I then took a
closeup side shot of her big tits and erect nipples.  Next I
zoomed in for a closeup of her hairless cunt.  When the picture
developed I was amazed at how clearly you could see her clit cunt
lips and the pussy juices which still dripped from her cunt.  I
needed one last shot and took the still glistening dildo and
shoved it partially into her cunt.  I took a picture of her in
this mode too.  I knew Jim would love it.  I gave Lucy a big kiss
and told her to call me in the morning.  I left her tied as I had
found her but with my panties in her mouth and the dildo half in
her cunt for John to find.

As I hurried down the stairs I heard a car it the driveway.  It
was John.  I passed him in the driveway and told him Lucy was
waiting for him but not to miss her note in the kitchen.  He
seemed a little puzzled but I just smiled imagining what would

When I got home Jim was already there.  The day after tomorrow
was his birthday and thanks to Audrey I had everything figured
out to make it extra special for Jim.  Sex was the obvious answer
but what would be special.  I hoped Emma's tape of Audrey and I
engaged in lesbian sex would be ready.  I had the pictures I had
just taken of Lucy which I am sure would fire up Jim but they
weren't special enough to be considered on their own to be his
birthday present.  Jim didn't seem interested in much more than
supper and going to bed to read.  That was okay by me I wanted
him in great shape for tomorrow evening to begin his birthday

The next morning I told him he should be home on time because I
wanted to start his birthday party early.

Shortly after Jim left, Lucy phoned.  I immediately asked her how
the previous evening had gone with John.  "Alright." was all she
volunteered at first until I probed.  It turned out that John had
found her tied up as planned but all he did was quickly fuck her
and release her.  She was almost in tears as she told me this. 
She was obviously very disappointed.  She burst out that she had
wanted him to be rough and rape her but he didn't seem to be
willing to fulfil her fantasy.  I apologized for my treatment of
her but she told me that was the only saving grace in her
evening.  She confessed that my treatment had caught her off
guard but she enjoyed it immensely.  The door bell rang at this
point and I told her I would call her back later.

It was Emma stopping by to deliver the video tape.  I invited her
in and we sat in the kitchen and had coffee.  As we talked the
subject of Lucy came up.  I confided to Emma that what Lucy
needed was to be raped by two or three young hard studs.  "She
likes it rough." I told her.  Emma told me that it might surprise
me but she thought she would be able to help.  She said she often
provided men and women for people who came to her to make special
videos.  She was sure she could find several young men to fulfil
Lucy's fantasy if required.  I really liked Lucy and Emma's offer
sounded like just the ticket.  Emma told me she would make some
phone calls and arrange it.  We agreed that she would try to set
up something for Thursday which was only two days away.  After
she left I phoned Lucy back and asked her to come over for coffee
Thursday.  I hoped that Emma would come through.

I planned the romantic dinner at home for Jim that Audrey had
suggested and I had the dress she had loaned me.  Things were
really coming together well.  I kept thinking about the tape that
Emma had left and I was dying to look at it.  I wanted to keep it
for Jim and I to share but the temptation became irresistible and
I finally succumbed after lunch.  I slipped it into the VCR.

                       Preview of the Video

The video opened with some soft music and Audrey and I reclining
beside her pool.  Audrey's bathing suit left very little to the
imagination.  The top of mine was nothing more than two patches
held together by string.  The bottom was equally daring.  It was
just as well she kept her pussy shaved bare because it was barely
covered.  The back of the suit was so narrow that it had all but
disappeared into the crack of her ass.  The video showed me lying
on my stomach beside the pool.  

After some meaningless chit chat Audrey offered me some sun tan
oil and asked me to do her back.  In order to do her back better
she untied the top of her bikini.  In the video she even told me
not to forget my ass.  I was amazed at how realistic the video
seemed considering our amateur status as actors.  Her bikini
bottom was in the way and she reached down to her side and pulled
the tie loose so the back of the bikini too fell away.  She even
told me not to forget the insides of her thighs as they burned
really easily.  I didn't remember it but on the video you could
see Audrey was getting turned on.  

In the video just as had happened Audrey now offered to do my 
back and so I lay down on the towel.  She didn't bother to
refasten her top or bikini bottom and you could see I was
watching her out of the corner of my eye.  She took the oil and
applied some to my back.  She massaged it in.  It wasn't long
before she had to deal with the strap holding my bikini top. 
Without asking she released it, telling me it was in the way. 
She continued to massage my back with the oil covering my
shoulders and sides.  In the video you could clearly see my boobs
squashed against the towel but their fullness was evident.  She
worked back down my back until she came to my bikini bottom.  I
remember I had been really nervous about what was going on and
yet I was getting really sexually excited.  She skipped over my
ass and worked some oil into the backs of my legs.  I remember
her spending considerable time massaging my inner thighs which
only served to excite me further.  In the video I moaned.  She
told me to slip my bikini bottom off so she could do my ass.  In
the video I protested but she told me not to be silly.  I lifted
my mid section off the towel and she slid my bikini bottoms down
to my ankles.

She took some oil and spread it on my ass.  She then put one leg
over my back so she was facing my feet, her bare pussy resting on
the small of my back.  I was unaware until now that during this
whole experience I had been opening my legs further and further
until now they were spread a couple of feet apart.  No wonder
Audrey felt encouraged to continue what was becoming a very
intimate massage. 

She set about in earnest working the oil over the backs of my
legs and running her hands up my inner thighs to the very edge of
my pussy.  The camera followed every move of her hands.  Whenever
Audrey slide her hands towards my ass I could see I squirmed in
anticipation but she continued to tease me and slide her hands
back down my legs.  I watched in amazement as she slide a well
oiled finger down the crack of my ass and over my asshole.  The
video picked up my moaned and Audrey repeated the probing of my
asshole.  I knew I was turned on when she had done it but I
couldn't believe how my squirming hips gave me away.  I was
really turned on as well.

In the video Audrey told me to roll over and taking some oil she
knelt between my legs and lathered my stomach.  She began to
massage my big breasts first.  Every time she passed a finger
over my hardened nipples I groaned.  My hips were rotating and
she slide one hand down over my pussy and down my leg beneath
her.  I moaned for her to, "Do me."  I am sure she was playing to
the camera when she played dumb and asked me what I meant.  I
know I was getting desperate and told her to, "Finger me."  The
camera caught it all.  Again she played ignorant.  I could see
myself grabbing her hand and placing it on my pussy and guided
her hand up and down over my cunt.  Her well oiled finger slide
between the swollen outer lips of my hairless pussy.  The camera
zoomed in for a close up and watching this I found myself getting
as turned on as I had been in the show.

On screen I began to moan and thrash about.  Audrey slipped two
fingers into my cunt and with her thumb teased my hardened clit. 
In moments I cried out, my hips rising off the towel as I came. 

She continued to massage my cunt and I could see myself
convulsing on the screen.  I couldn't believe how hot and
bothered I was becoming watching myself on screen.  I had
unconsciously reached inside my jeans and was sliding a finger
between the swollen lips of my cunt.

Just then the phone rang beside me.  I switched the sound down on
the TV and picked it up.  It was Jim.  He wanted to tell me that
because tomorrow was his birthday, his boss had given him the day
off.  That was wonderful.  He wanted to know what I was up to.  I
told him I was watching a special video which was a present for
him and that it was very exciting.  His voice tensed and went
quiet as he asked me if I was playing with myself.  "What do you
think?" I asked him.  He told me he was as hard as a rock.  I
told him good because I liked him that way.  I also told him not
to lose his load. "I needed it."  I was again fingering my cunt
as we spoke and told him so then hung up.  I knew his knowing
what I was doing would really excite him.  

I turned the sound back up on the TV.  The video had rolled along
to the point where I was fingering Audrey off and she had a
screaming orgasm.  I had missed the part where I had given Audrey
a massage in same way she had given me one but I was anxious to
see the next scene.  The video now switched to the two of us in
her shower.  Here the video showed us kissing passionately,
rubbing our hairless cunts together and Audrey eating me out.  I
was fingering my cunt like mad and came in a tremendous rush.

I knew the rest of the tape would deal with Audrey and I using
some sex toys but it was getting late and I had lots of things to
do.  In fact my fingers had at least temporarily sexually
satiated me.

                     Birthday Dinner for Jim

I had a leisurely bubble bath.  Afterwards I decided I had better
shave the stubble developing around my pussy.  Jim was really
turned on the totally nude look that Audrey had introduced me
too.  I was really horny in anticipation of what I expected to be
great sex.  It took a fair bit of discipline to keep from
fingering myself off again.  I put on a housecoat and began to
prepare the meal and set up the table for a romantic dinner.

Everything was perfect when Jim arrived home about five.  He gave
me a passionate kiss and fondled my ass.  He pushed his groin
against me and I could feel his cock hard already.  He told me he
couldn't wait to see the tape he knew I had been watching.  I
told him it would have to wait until after dinner.  I told him to
pour himself a drink and I would join him in a minute as soon as
I got dressed.

I went upstairs and put on the dress that Audrey had loaned me. 
It fit me like a glove.  Of course I couldn't wear a bra with it
and I purposely omitted putting any panties on.  I slipped on
some matching stockings and high heels and touched up my hair and
makeup then looked at the result in the mirror.  My straight
blonde hair just touched my shoulders.  The curves of my figure
were amplified by the dress but concealed modestly the real me
beneath.  I had the buttons done up the front so that just enough
cleavage showed to be tempting.  The skirt was full and the
hidden front slit  didn't show.  I turned to look at my bare back
in the mirror.  From the back it almost looked as if I had
nothing on above my waist only the inch wide straps indicated I
had a top on.  I sat on my dressing table stool.  With the Velcro
fastened, the slit was invisible.

I went back to the den where Jim as reading the paper.  He looked
up when I came in and oohed at me.  I knew he liked what he saw
and that made me happy.  I turned slowly to show myself from all
angles.  I knew too that the sight of my bare back would tease
him further.  I told him I'd get myself a drink and be right
back.  I poured myself a drink in the kitchen and before
returning to Jim I undid the top button of the dress.  As I
passed the mirror in the hall I could see that my cleavage was
fully visible now.  I slipped a hand under my dress and teased my
nipples until they were erect.  In this state they showed through
the dress.

Jim again oohed when I returned although I am not sure he
realized I had undone a button.  I sat down in a chair opposite
him and he asked about my day.  I told him today hadn't been as
exciting as yesterday and he wanted to know more.  His drink was
empty so I told him to refresh it and I'd explain.  While he was
gone I undid another button.

When he was settled I told him about my visit with Audrey the day
before and what she and Paul had done the previous Saturday night
for Paul's boss, his wife and friends.  Jim hung on every word. 
I could see his cock getting harder and harder through his pants. 
By the end of the story he had his hand in his lap stroking
himself slowly.  I am sure he would have fucked me right then and
there but I had other plans and beside dinner was almost ready. 
I excused myself and told him to finish his paper before dinner. 
As I passed by his chair on the way to the kitchen he grabbed my
leg with one hand and reached up and squeezed my tit.  I
admonished him and told him to wait.  "It will be worth it." I
told him 

I finished a few things in the kitchen and yelled to him that
dinner was ready.  I heard him opening some wine in the dining
room as I brought in the food.  Before going into the dinning
room I undid another button of course.  Now there was only one
button to undo and the dress was open to my belly button.  The
front of the dress had opened up and in fact it seemed to only
two straps each two inches wide.  They barely covered half my
tits now.  When I bend over to put the food on the table I
thought they would fall free.  Jim's eyes were riveted on my

I had the dinning room all set for a romantic dinner.  The
lighting was subdued and I had two candles on the table.  Our
table is something special.  It is about five feet long with thin
wooden legs but the top is made of a slightly smokey plate glass. 
I had small placemats for each of us but apart from them you
could see right through the table.  I had Jim seated at one end
and I was at the other.

When I had served us and taken a seat Jim complimented me on the
dress.  I told him it was on loan from Audrey.  Jim was becoming
increasingly familiar with Audrey's fetish for exhibitionism so
he understood why the dress was so daring.  With that I stood up
and undid the last of the buttons on the front of the dress.  The
front of the dress as I mentioned before now became only two inch
wide strips reaching from my shoulders to my waist.  Each strip
covered my nipples but there was no cover for most of my tits. 
If I were to bend over my tits would surely break free.  "Very
nice" was all that Jim could say and I sat down to eat my meal. 
He watched me through the main course constantly.  Every time I
reached for my wine glass or something from the table I felt sure
my boobs would spring free.  Jim was hoping they would too, I
could tell.  When it came to our salad the dressings were at his
end of the table and I asked him to pass them.  He looked me
straight in the eye and told me that I could reach them.  It was
a dare and I leaned over the table to get them.  I knew that this
would be too much and watched him and smiled as I stretched over
the table.  I could feel first one than the other of my tits
spring free.  As I sat back in my seat I did nothing to cover
myself up.  Jim told me later it was all he could do not to
abandon his meal and rape me on the spot I looked so inviting. 
The pale blue strips were now running down my chest but outside
my boobs only served to push them together a little and frame

It was time for dessert and another surprise for Jim.  I cleared
away the plates and went to get the chocolate mousse I had
prepared.  While in the kitchen I released the Velcro fasteners
on the lower part of my skirt.  I returned to the dinning room
and gave Jim his dessert.  I refilled our wine glasses before
siting down.  In doing so I bent low over the table my tits
swaying as I did.  I know he liked what he saw but couldn't wait
to see what he thought about what he was about to see.

I sat down and new immediately my skirt had opened as designed. 
I could feel the cool air now on my upper thighs as the skirt
material fell off my lap.  I was now exposed from my waist down. 
It took Jim a few minutes to realize what had happened but when I
caught him gazing through the table at my legs I knew he had.  I
looked at him and slowly opened my legs so he could see my pussy
more clearly and calmly finished my dessert as if nothing had
happened.  I could see his hand in his lap stroking himself as he
watched me quietly and finished his dessert.

One of the things I really like after a heavy meal is something
refreshing to clean my teeth.  I had some celery sticks in a bed
of ice chips on the table for just such a purpose.  I took one
and sensually placed it between my lips.  I mockingly licked it
up and down then sucked on the end.  There was no mistaking what
I was pretending to do.  Finally I took a big loud crunching bit
from the end. I took another one and used it to tease already
erect my nipples even more.  The celery was cold and my nipples
tensed.  Jim watched intently as I went from one to the other and
back again.  I now took the celery and slide it down to my pussy. 
I slipped it between the lips of my cunt.  The hollow groove was
towards me and cupped my clit as I slide it up and down between
the outer lips of my wet cunt.  The sensation was unreal.  I was
beginning to lose control.  I eased up and asked Jim if he would
like some celery.  He nodded so I passed him the piece I had been
using to tease myself with.   He licked it clean of my juices and
sensuously began to lick my juices from than noisily ate it all
the while looking at me.

I took the largest piece of celery now and lowered it to my cunt. 
After a few preliminary strokes of my outer cunt with it I
shifted in my chair and slide the largest end into my cunt.  It
was really cold and this served to intensify the pleasure it gave
me. I slide it in and out several times while Jim watched me then
removed it and offered it to Jim.  He took it and again proceed
to lick it clean and eat it all.

I asked him if he would like a special after dinner dessert as
his eyes followed my hand back to my pussy.  He said, "Why not?" 
"Well get your ass over here." I ordered.  He was over in a flash
and on his knees between my legs.  He knew instinctively what to
do.  He began to chew on the celery sticking from my cunt.  Each
time he took a bit of it I could feel the vibration in my pussy. 
I was getting higher and higher until he took the last piece from
my cunt with his teeth.  I watched as he chewed it up and
swallowed it.  He then began to lap at my cunt.  He licked my
cunt juices up then teased my clit with his tongue.  It was too
much I went off with a groan.  All the time I was orgasming, Jim 
kept up the lap of my cunt.  I must have gone on for some time
but I finally had to push him away.  I suggested he get changed
while I cleared off the table and meet me in the den.  He did as
directed and I yelled at him to put on what I had layed out on
the bed for him.

                  Pure Sex -  Visual and Written

In ten minutes we were in the den.  I had removed what was left
of the dress by then and brought in glass and a bottle of
Drambuie for us.  Jim had on the loose beach top I had set out
for him to wear.  Without anything else on it barely made him
decent.  Certainly if he bent over at all or sat down his cock
and ass were exposed, which is the way I like him.  I told him I
had a special video for him to watch and that it was a birthday
present.  As he poured us each a liqueur I started up the video
and snuggled up beside him.  I had seen the first part of the
tape that afternoon but it was all knew for him.  I reached over
and fondled his balls and cock as we watched the opening scenes
with Audrey and I massaging each other in our skimpy bikinis. 
Jim was mesmerized as I knew he would be.

His cock was as rigid in moments.  When we got to the part where
Audrey was oiling me and fingering my pussy to orgasm, Jim I
sensed, was nearing orgasm.  I stopped fondling his cock and
instead started fingering my sloppy cunt.  Every time I withdrew
my fingers from my cunt there would be loud sloppy noises.  I was
really juicing up.  I had to stop working my cunt or I would
come, so I leisurely slid my juice covered fingers over my
hardened nipples.  It felt delicious.

When we got to the part where Audrey and I made love in the
shower I resumed fondling Jim's cock with my now slippery
fingers.  It was too much for him.  He went off with a loud
groan.  His come shot two feet in the air.  He seemed to pulse
between my fingers for ever but eventually the pace slowed and
his cock softened.  I continued to milk his cock but he was now
too sensitive and he pushed my hand away.

We continued to watch the video.  It had now progressed to the
point where Audrey and were fucking each other with the dildos. 
Jim finger fucked my cunt while I stroked my clit.  As I watched
Audrey and I climax on the screen, I too went over the top.  When
I regained control of myself the video ended.

I asked Jim what part he liked best.  He said it was all good.  I
remembered the letters that Audrey had said we should read.  I
retrieved them quickly and Jim and I nestled together to read the
first as Jim turned the pages.  They were unbelievable.  I won't
go into them in detail because I am sure your readers will have
read them but they sure got Jim turned on and me too.  By the
time we were part way through the first one Jim's cock was at
attention again.  I stroked him for a while then suggested he
read Paul's letter aloud to me as sucked him off.  As he read
aloud Paul's description of Audrey's performance for Sue and her
guests I worked his cock with my tongue and mouth.  By the time
he got to the part where Audrey reached the conclusion of her
show he had gone off in my mouth with a load of his sticky come.

We finished the letter together and went onto the sequel written
by Sue.  This time I turned the pages while Jim slipped his
fingers in and out and all around my cunt.  It was all I could do
to keep reading.  Jim suggested that I continue reading aloud
will he slipped between my knees to return the favour I had done
him.  I had difficulty because his tongue felt so good.  By the
time I got to the part where Sue was strapped to the saw horse
device and Paul was feeding her his cock while Emma's dog was
licking her tits and Audrey was fucking her from behind with a
plastic strap on cock, I was beside myself with pleasure. I am
sure my words were becoming mumbled but I went into a long series
of orgasms under Jim's tongue.  When I finally regained my
composure Jim slipped up beside me and finished reading the
letters silently together.

I again probed him for the what he thought were the best parts of
the letters.  Again he responded with "It was all great." but I
was interested in details and pushed him further reviewing the
highlights of each and talking about the parts he liked best.  He
really lit up when we came to the part where Paul had won the
second Trivial Pursuit game and how he had taken advantage of Sue
and Audrey using them for his pleasure.  I asked him if he ever
dreamed of making love to two women at once and he sheepishly
admitted he had.  "I bet you would love to have been in Paul's
place in that letter." I remarked and again I sensed his

By now it was very late.  Jim suggested it was time to go to bed. 
By the look in his eye he didn't mean to sleep either.  As I
pranced ahead of him, nude up the stairs I was aware of his
leering at my ass.  As we got on top of the bed I asked him what
he would like to do.  "I want both of us to make love to you." he
said.  I was puzzled and he explained that he wanted me to use my
hands to stimulate myself while he also worked on me.  I caught
the drift and he began to massage my tits.  I slid my hands down
over my stomach and began to tease my inner thighs

We were tired and both of us were all fucked out so we headed off
to bed.  It didn't take long to get to sleep nestled up to him
both of us nude.  The next morning when I awoke the sun was
streaming in our bedroom window.  I slipped out of bed quietly
while Jim slept and went and had a shower.  When I came out I was
wrapped only in a large towel.  He was stirring and I whispered
"Happy Birthday" in his ear, threw on a housecoat and went to
make breakfast for us.  I could hear him get up and the water
running in the shower.

                  Jim's Special Birthday Present

It was nearly ten o'clock by this time.  I was startled by the
phone and picked it up to find Audrey on the other end.  She was
anxious to know how things had gone with the video and the
letters.  I told her they were absolutely fantastic.  She wanted
to know all sorts of details and asked exactly the same question
I had put to Jim the night before, "Which part did we like best?" 
I told her he was really excited by it all but especially the
part where Paul had won the game of Trivial Pursuit with Sue and
herself and what had followed.

Audrey changed the subject then and said she had a very special
present for Jim for his birthday and said she would deliver it
right away if that was O.K.  I said sure and even before Jim was
out of the shower the door bell had rung and Audrey was there.
She was dressed in a loose fitting open arm T-shirt and a short
tennis skirt.  I was puzzled because she had said she had a
present for Jim but had nothing with her.  She sensed my
bewildered look and explained that she was the present for Jim
"If that was O.K. by me?"  My eyes must have lit up because
without a word from me she said "Great."

She suggested that we tie Jim in a kitchen chair and then perhaps
I would like to unwrap his present for him.  I was getting really
excited by all this.  We had to really work fast because the
shower had stopped and Jim would be down in a minute.  I told
Audrey to wait in the hallway and scampered upstairs to intercept
Jim.  He had just slipped on his short terry towel pool coat.  I
told him I had a surprise for him but he would have to co-operate.  He readily agreed as I fetched a dress scarf from my
drawer and wrapping it around his head blindfolded him.  I lead
him downstairs and seated him on a kitchen chair that Audrey had
carried into our den.  I seated him on it and with some old
nylons I tied his hands securely together behind the chair back
and his ankles to the legs of the chair.

Audrey watched as I tied Jim up.  Once complete she came into the
room.  Jim didn't know what to expect but he didn't seem to mind
when Audrey bend over him and kissed him deeply.  As she finally
pulled away from him she reached down and gave his cock, barely
covered by his pool coat a firm squeeze.  Jim still hadn't
figured out that it wasn't me tormenting him.

I asked Jim if his was ready for his present.  Of course he said
yes.  I directed Audrey to stand in front of him and I untied his
blindfold.  When he saw Audrey he went bug eyed.  He didn't know
what to say so I explained that Audrey wanted to give him a
birthday present.  He still seemed puzzled so I asked him if he
wanted me to unwrap it for him.  Audrey smiled knowingly and Jim
just nodded.

I moved over beside Audrey and slowly turned her around so he
could see her gorgeous body in profile, her fine ass and long
legs.  While she was turned with her back to him I told her to,
"Bend over and show him how short your skirt is."  Audrey slowly
did as I directed.  Jim was speechless and no wonder.  As Audrey
bent over more and more of her upper legs and creamy thighs were
revealed.  By the time her upper body was parallel to the ground
her ass began to come into view.  She bent lower and lower until
she was touching her toes.  What a sight.  She was wearing
nothing but a red G-string and most of her ass was uncovered. 
Only a thin ribbon of material in the crack of the ass told us
she had anything on under her skirt at all.  After pausing a
moment to make sure both Jim and I got the full impact she stood
up and turned around to face Jim.

I moved behind Audrey so I could see Jim's reaction to what was
about to happen next.  I could see his cock was already belying
his excitement as it bulged beneath his pool jacket.  I reached
around in front of Audrey and ran my hands slowly over the front
of her cotton T-shirt.  I massaged her tummy at first but slowly
moved my hands higher and higher until I was touching her big
breasts.  "Oh," I said and feigned surprise when I discover she
was braless.  "She doesn't have anything underneath her T-shirt. 
How naughty."  I rubbed her tits as Jim watched intently.  In a
moment her nipples grew under my caress and could easily be seen
poking through the material.  I ceased my intimate caressing and
pulled her T-shirt from the waist of her skirt and reached
underneath.  I slid my fingers up over her soft smooth tummy
until I reached what I already knew were her gorgeous tits.  Jim
could see my hands working her boobs beneath her T-shirt.  When I
looked over to him I could see his cock had grown so it created a
distinctive tent in his jacket.

Audrey had closed her eyes and was leaning her head back on my
shoulder enjoying my fondling of her nipples.  I asked Jim if he
would like to see more and his voice cracked as he said "Sure." 
I slipped her T-shirt over her head and returned to fondling her
tits.  " Aren't they gorgeous?" I asked Jim and he grunted his
agreement.  "They're so big and soft and smooth." and I squeezed
her boobs hard in my pleasure.  "I'm sure you'd like to do this." 
He nodded.

I now diverted my attention to the lower part of her body which I
knew to be equally exciting.  I dropped to my knees still behind
Audrey and ran my hands up and down her legs.  I started at her
ankles and slowly slid my hands up each leg.  I repeated this
several times each time going higher and higher until my hands
were disappearing beneath her skirt and lingering on her inner
thighs.  While I had done this before I was amazed by how soft
her skin was.  Jim could not see exactly what I was doing but I
am sure he knew.   "Why don't you take off her skirt?" he asked.
"So I can see what your doing."  I complied, after all this was
his birthday present.

I unfastened her skirt and it dropped to the floor.  Audrey
stepped out of the skirt.  All she now had on was a slim little
G-string.  I paused to admire her body.  Audrey like Jim was
becoming aroused by the show she was putting on and began to
fondle her tits.  Jim groaned with pleasure at the sight.  I
stepped behind her again and began to run my hands over her body. 
I was getting turned on too.  While she continued to tease her
tits.  I returned to caressing her inner thighs and soon strayed
to fondling her cunt through the lacy material of the G-string. 
Every time I ran my fingers over her pussy she would murmur for
me to continue.  I looked over at Jim.  His eyes were riveted to
my hand massaging her cunt.  I looked down and I thought his cock
was going to pierce his robe, it had pushed the material straight
up and a wet spot had appeared at the top of the tent.

Audrey continued to play with her tits and I now slipped my
fingers inside her G-string.  I slid my fingers over her bald
pussy.  She was absolutely dripping.  I glided them between her
cunt lips.  She groaned.  I couldn't believe how big her clit
was.  I strummed it a few times and moved my fingers down into
her cunt.  Her hips began to move with my finger fucking.  I
stopped before she came and withdrew my hand.

I moved over to Jim and placed my fingers which had just been in
her cunt under his nose and asked him how she smelled.  Then I
had him lick my fingers clean.  I then slipped his robe off his
shoulders and released the belt so he was now sitting on his
housecoat but never-the-less nude, tied to the chair.  I thought
his cock was going to burst but I had to give it a squeeze any

I moved back behind Audrey.  She was massaging her tits with one
hand while her other was inside her G-string massaging her cunt. 
I undid the snaps on either side of her G-string and let it fall
to the floor.  Jim groaned as he watched Audrey fingering her
bald cunt and clit only feet from his eyes.  She was a sight to
see, her eyes closed tightly her face contorted with pleasure and
her hips arched as she approached the verge of orgasm.  With a
groan she came and her hips and stomach pulsed with her orgasm. 
As the pulsating in her body slowed her eyes reopened.

"It looks like his cock needs some attention." she said and
without waiting for comment from me or Jim she moved over to him
and straddled his legs.  He was seated and her tits swayed right
in his face.  She grasped his cock with one hand and bending her
knees she slowly lowered herself onto his rock hard weapon.  I
watched fascinated as his cock disappeared between the swollen
lips of her hairless cunt.  He strained against his bonds to meet
her but she was in control.  She grunted and began to ride him. 
I watched as she lifted herself almost off his cock then plunged
down on him again.  Each time she did, I could see his cock
glistening with her love juices.  Jim was groaning and thrashing
about.  I knew he was about to come and sure enough he moaned
that he was coming and thrust his hips up into Audrey as best he
could.  Audrey worked hard to wring ever ounce of cum from his
cock with her cunt but it was evident she was only frustrated by
not being able to come herself.

As she climbed off Jim's cock there was a loud slurp.  I
immediately knelt before her and pushed her legs apart so I could
lap at her cunt.  Jim's cum was all over her cunt and I licked it
away first than began to probe her cunt hole with my tongue
looking for every last drop of his juices.  Audrey told me not to
stop.  Her hands were on my head directing me.  She whimpered and
once again orgasmed.  As her cunt pulsed more of Jim's cum flowed
onto my tongue and I swallowed it all.

All the action had made me pretty hot and bothered too.  Audrey
sensed this and pulled me to my feet and taking my head in her
hands drew me to her and gave me a sensuous kiss.  She used her
tongue to search my mouth for remnants of Jim's cum which I had
lapped from her cunt.  I responded in kind, our mouths locked
together.  I could feel her hands know on my ass and searching
beneath my robe for my ass cheeks.  She grasped one cheek in each
hand firmly and massaged them roughly.  Still locked in our kiss
she untied my robed and pushed it off my shoulders so that I was
as naked as she was.  She ground her cunt hard against mine and
her tits into mine.  I was really getting hot.  Finally she
pulled me to the floor and spread me out on my back a few feet
from Jim who was still tied in his chair.  She began to lap at my
cunt as I had hers minutes before.  It didn't take long for me to
come as she had, arching my ass off the floor to met her tongue.

As my orgasm faded Audrey left me and turned her attention to
Jim.  I was amazed to see his cock was again hard.  She played
with his balls at first then his cock still glistening with her
juices.  She slid her lips down over the head and took it deep in
her mouth.  Slowly at first then faster and faster she began to
raise and lower her mouth over his prick.  He groaned and tried
to met her thrusts with his hips but his bonds held him tightly
to the chair.  She did all the fucking for him.  His head
thrashed about in his pleasure.  All of a sudden she stopped and
got up from her knees.  She motioned to me that he was ready.  I
knew immediately what she meant and as she had done, I straddled
his lap and lowered my cunt onto his cock.

He felt immense and the feeling within me was incredible. 
Immediately I began to raise and lower myself on his cock.  I
knew I wasn't going to be able to take this very long.  I could
feel Audrey's fingers below me tickling his balls and the point
where his cock entered my cunt.  It was too much and I came
again.  As the walls of my cunt alternately squeezed and relaxed
around Jim's cock he too began to cum.  He cursed and all of a
sudden his body went limp.

We remained that way for a few minutes.  When I felt Jim lean
forward into me I knew that Audrey had released his bonds.  I
slipped off his lap and his red and swollen prick popped noisily
from my cunt.  I stretched out on the couch opposite him.  Audrey
came over and sat beside me.  Jim just watched us and said
nothing.  Finally Audrey asked him what he had thought of his
birthday present.  All he could say was, "Great."  Audrey asked
him what he would like to do next.  He paused for a minute and
almost embarrassed asked if he could have a closer look at his

Audrey gleefully said, "Of course." and told me to move over.  I
sat up and she lay on her back on the couch with her head resting
in my lap.  Jim rose and came over.  One of Audrey's feet was
still on the floor but the other leg she lifted so her lower leg
was over the top of the couch.  Her cunt in this position was
wide open.  Jim pulled over a footstool and sat on it next to the
couch level with Audrey's waist.  "I hope you like my bald
pussy." Audrey said and Jim nodded emphatically.  I watched as
Audrey reached down and with her hands opened her cunt lips wide
so he would be able to see right up her cunt.  "Go ahead and give
it a feel." she urged Jim and he reached out timidly and slid his
hand over her flat tummy until his fingers were over her cunt. 
"You like to watch, don't you?"  Jim nodded again.  

Audrey suggested he compare her cunt to mine.  I thought that was
a great idea and slipping from under Audrey's head I moved our
coffee table next to the couch.  I grabbed a pillow and lay on my
back on the table with my feet on the floor on each side.  My
cunt too was open for Jim to see and feel.  With his other hand
he slid his fingers down to my cunt and slipped them into me.  He
now had the fingers of one hand in me and of the other in Audrey. 
he began the familiar probing of my cunt.  I knew he was doing
the same to Audrey when she moaned and told him he made her
feel,"Real good."  He was doing the same to me.  While he had two
fingers up my cunt he was using his thumb to stroke my clit.  He
really knows how to get me going and it wouldn't be long before I
lost control.  I looked over to Audrey only a couple of feet away
she was thrashing about on the couch, her big boobs flopping as
she moved.  Jim's fingers were having an equally arousing affect
on her.  I closed my eyes and concentrated on my own pleasure. 
The pressure for release was building quickly and as I arched my
back to meet Jim's fingers I came with a roar.

When my breathing returned to normal I looked over to Audrey and
she wad recovering too.  I looked down to Jim.  His face was a
picture of pleasure and his cock which a moment before was dead
had come back to life, hard and red.  Audrey asked, "If I
minded?" and I told her to "Go ahead."  She got up off the couch
and crawled between Jim's knees.  I couldn't see a lot but her
head bobbing up and down.  From the look of enjoyment spreading
over Jim's face I knew what was going on though.  Audrey sure
gives slurpy blow jobs but her men really love them.  Jim was no
exception.  In moments he was groaning and shot his load down
Audrey's throat.

We were all exhausted now.  Audrey asked what time it was.  It
was nearly noon.  She apologized but said she had to go.  She
slipped her clothes on and Jim and I escorted her to the door. 
Jim thanked her for his birthday present and with a farewell kiss
from both us she departed.  Jim and I headed up to bed and with
visions of recent sexual adventures I fell asleep cuddled up to
Jim under our duvet.

                     Lucy's Fantasy come True

When I awoke and hour later Jim was dressed and pottering around
the house as if nothing unusual had happened.  I too dressed and
went about the household chores.

Nothing unusual occurred until the next day.  Jim had headed off
to work.  My mind however was busy planning that day's events. 
You'll remember my friend Lucy's strange sexual need for rough
sex and Emma's promise of help.  Emma had confirmed that two
young and "hard" men would stop by about two and, while they
weren't cheap, she was sure they were worth the money.  I phoned
Lucy and confirmed our date for 1:30.  She seemed really excited
about coming over mentioning that she had really enjoyed her last
visit with me.  That was when I had found her tied on her bed
naked and given her a rough time sexually which she loved.

Promptly at 1:30 Lucy arrived.  She was dressed rather modestly
in a white knee length skirt and a cute pink blouse.  We sat and
chatted over a glass of white wine for a few minutes when the
door bell rung.  I excused myself and went to answer it.  When I
opened the door I was greeted with the sight of two gorgeous
hunks.  They introduced themselves as Dave and Clint and that
Emma had sent them.  They looked almost too good to share with
Lucy but I overcame my desires.  Clint was tall and thin with
curly blonde hair.  He wore a loose fitting tank top and loose
fitting shorts.  They were really short though.  Dave was shorter
had a broad chest and tremendous muscles.  He looked a little
like a body builder.  He had on an armless T-shirt and tight
fitting cutoff shorts and a broad leather belt.  From the bulge
in his pants I could tell he would be great in the sack.   

I explained to them that I had a friend inside who needed her sex
rough and hard.  I would show them the garden tools and they
could pretend to be my garden help.  I told them that Lucy was a
real cock tease and she would probably tease them, flirt with
them but she wouldn't go all the way unless forced.  In fact they
might have to rape her.  In fact the rougher the better because
that was what she liked best.  I would help out if necessary.  I
myself was getting excited with the prospect of participating in
the rape of Lucy.

I showed the guys the garden tools and ushered them into the back
yard.  I returned to the kitchen.  Lucy had helped herself to
another glass of wine.  I told her that the garden help had shown
up and that they were real hunks.  Lucy had to see for herself
and we watched them for a few minutes as they began to trim the
hedge.  She was as impressed as I had been, mumbling how she
would like to take on those two.  I suggested maybe she would
like to tease them a little.  Her eyes lit up at the thought and
I told her I had a bikini which would be perfect.  We quickly
went up to the bedroom and I pulled out a piece of nothing and
handed it to her.  "Not much to it." she noted and I dared her to
show off to the guys.  Lucy can't resist a dare and said "Why
not?"  I left her to put it on and told her I would meet her by
the pool.  I went out with a big pitcher of lemonade, thinking
the guys would like something to drink and placed it on the
picnic table.

In a few minutes Lucy appeared.  I reclined on a lounge chair
sipping my wine as I watched her come across the lawn.  She had
borrowed a short terry towel beach robe but still was interesting
enough to draw longing gazes from Dave and Clint.  When she came
up beside me she seemed a little nervous but after a long drink
of wine slipped the robe off.  I knew the bikini wasn't much but
on her ample figure it seemed even less.  The top consisted of
two little triangles each of which covered her nipples and about
half her boobs.  A piece of string connected them and went around
the back where she had tied it with a bow.  The bottom was also a
long inverted triangle the top of which was no more than three
inches across.  It too was held in place by a string which went
round her back.  In this case there was a neat bow on each side. 
The back was also a triangle.  Because the triangle was so small
though it all but disappeared into the crack between the cheeks
of her large but firm ass.

I thought the guys eyes would pop out of their sockets.  Lucy
asked me what I thought.  I told her she looked tremendous.  "In
fact good enough to eat."  "That sounds nice." she replied. 
While looking at me she wanted to know what the guys were doing
though.  I told her they were really eating her up.  In fact I
thought I saw a growing bulge in Clint's cut off jeans I told
her.  She shivered with pleasure at this.  In fact I saw
something else that was really interesting.  Poking from the leg
of Clint's loose fitting shorts was the end of his cock.  If it
could hang that low, I couldn't wait to see it full grown.

The guys continued to work.  It was hot and they were sweating
pretty good.  After a few minutes they took off their shirts.  My
God did they have beautiful bodies.  Dave chest was tanned, broad
and well muscled.  Clint was like a Greek statue.  Lucy was
lolling around making sure they could see every aspect of her
firm body.  First she would lie on her stomach.  Then she would
prop herself up on her elbows to talk to me.  From my vantage
point you would scarcely know she had any thing on above her
waist.  Then she would roll over on her back and lie back in the
lounge chair.  She had to adjust her bikini frequently to keep up
a semblance of decency.  At one point she draped one of her legs
over the arm of the chair leaving her legs partially open towards
Dave and Clint.  She certainly had affect on the guys only twenty
feet away.  It was obvious they had raging hardons.

The hedge was finally clipped and Dave and Clint came over to ask
me if there was anything else they needed to do.  Lucy sat up and
eyed their crotches.  They were equally attentive to her.  I
suggested that maybe they would like some beer and they said sure
and followed me inside.  Lucy remained on her lounge chair. 
Clint asked when I wanted the real action to start and I told him
in a few minutes.  I reached down and squeezed their cocks
through their pants.  It was difficult not to go further but I
could wait.

I yelled to Lucy that she had better come in before she got
sunburned and she literally bounced her way towards the house. 
All eyes were on her boobs.  It was incredible that they didn't
bounce free.  Once inside she refilled her wine glass and took a
seat at the kitchen table.  The guys were really leering at her
by now.  I offered them each a beer and they immediately drained
them so I gave them a second.  We all chatted for a few minutes.  
The conversation came around to sex, as it so often seemed to
these days.  I boldly asked the guys what they thought of Lucy's
suit.  Dave boldly replied that, "It sure didn't cover much." 
Clint added that, "She sure had a big set of boobs."  Lucy smiled
at this comment.  "She's a real cock tease though." I added. 
"Sure is." Clint observed as he, without any modesty adjusted his
bulging cock in his tight pants.  "Look what you've caused." I
said to Lucy.  "Did I do that?" Lucy asked with mock innocence. 
Dave told her, "She sure did."  "I'll bet she's a good fuck too."
he added.  Lucy looked right at him and told him in no uncertain
terms she only did that with her husband.  "It's not fair to get
these guys all hard and leave them hanging though."  I declared.

Dave and Clint both nodded and moved over toward Lucy.  Clint
reached down and began to fondle her left tit through her brief
bikini.  Dave began to stroke her thigh.  Lucy protested and
pushed their hands away but in the process her top was displaced. 
Her big boobs swung free as Dave and Clint renewed their assault
on her supple young body.  She was telling them to "stop" and
finally to "fuck off."  Clint said that that was exactly what
they planned to do.  She begged me to help her but I just sat
there and watched.  I was finding this all sexually exciting. 
Dave pinned her arms behind her back and dragged her to her feet. 
Clint pulled the ties holding her bikini bottom and top.  It
covered precious little anyway but she was now totally nude.  
"She's got a bald pussy." Clint exclaimed when he caught sight of
her hairless cunt.  This seemed to please him and he slide his
fingers between her legs.

Dave still had her arms pinned behind her back but she had her
legs held tightly together.  This prevented Clint from getting
either a good view of her sexual centre or even his fingers on
her cunt.  He told her to open her legs but she resisted and
implored me to help her.  I told her she was getting what she
deserved for teasing this poor boys.

Clint diverted his attention to her swaying tits.  He took a
nipple between his fingers and began to tease it.  They were
erect and Lucy watched what he was doing.  He began to squeeze e
harder and she begged him to stop.  I could feel my own nipples
stiffening in sympathy and excitement with what I was seeing. 
Dave told him to "Pinch them off." and it looked like Clint was
trying to as he squeezed harder and harder.  Lucy was obviously
in some pain.  Clint stopped now and looked her straight in the
eye.  Without diverting his eyes he lowered his hand to her inner
thighs.  Her legs were still closed tightly and as she looked
into his eyes he gently began to separate her thighs.  She seemed
to know without him asking that she must do as he was directing. 
Her thighs spread wide under his hand.  Dave and I watched as he
slide his fingers down into her now open cunt.  His middle finger
slide over her inner cunt lips and into her cunt.  "She's sopping
wet!" he exclaimed.  "She's really hot and bothered."  I knew
rough sex was her thing and I expected as much.

"Get her up on the table." Clint directed and Dave practically
lifted her by her pinned arms up so she was sitting on the edge
of the table.  "Spread your legs you bitch." Clint ordered her
and her legs spread as wide as she possibly could.  Dave still
had her hands pinned behind her back as she sat on the edge of
the table.  Clint slipped his loose fitting shorts over his ass. 
When he turned back to Lucy we could all see his cock and balls. 
His cock stood straight up.  It was not very thick but was it
ever long.  His balls hung loose below his prick, large and ready
to unload.  Lucy gasped.

Clint now sunk to his knees in front of Lucy perched on the edge
of the table.  He leaned forward and placed his tongue in her
slot.  Lucy moaned, this time in pleasure as he began to lap at
her cunt.  After a few minutes of slopping in her cunt Lucy's
hips began to move.  She was approaching orgasm but Clint had
other ideas.

He stood up and grasping his cock placed it at the opening to her
sopping cunt.  I sensed Lucy both wanted him and was afraid of
his immense weapon.  Dave egged his friend on telling him to fuck
her good.  With one thrust Clint drove his prick deep into Lucy. 
She groaned and I thought she would pass out but after a few
rough thrusts she began to meet Clint's shoves with her own. 
Dave and I watched intently.  Clint had his eyes closed and was
concentrating on his own pleasure.  With every thrust his ass
would tighten and a large dimple appear in each cheek of his ass. 
Lucy too had closed her eyes and began to groan.  All of sudden
Clint yelled that he was coming.  Lucy begged him to hold on for
a moment until she was there but his entire body stiffened and he
spewed his juices into her.  Lucy was moving like crazy but Clint
was already going limp.  His long thin dick glistened as it
slipped from her throbbing cunt.  He collapsed in a chair.

Dave reached down over her body and dipped his fingers into her
blood engorged cunt.  He stirred them around inside her and
withdrew them covered in Clint's cum.  He took his fingers up to
Lucy's lips and told her to lick them clean.  She greedily did as
he directed.  Still holding her arms pinned behind her back he
flipped her over on the table so she was face down but her legs
hung over the edge.  He released her arms and undid his belt and
let his cutoffs drop to the floor.  He was wearing nothing
underneath.  While Clint's cock had been long and thin, Dave's
was short but really thick.  I swear at least three inches across
and it looked really hard.  He had a dense bush of hair
surrounding it and a big set of balls below.  I gasped when I saw
it and Lucy knowing what was about to happen to her took on a
desperate look.  He told her he was going to fuck her real good
and she pleaded with him not to.  "You'll split me in half with
that thing." she begged but to no avail.  Dave moved around the
table behind her and told her to open up but she resisted hoping
to change his mind.  "Please don't." she pleaded.  He slapped her
ass hard and told her again to open up, but she wouldn't co-operate.

Dave moved back to where his pants were and withdrew his belt
from the loops and bend it in half.  Lucy cringed and implored
him not to hit her.  But it was too late.  Dave reached high
above his head and directed a blow with the belt to her firm ass. 
She cried out but Dave ignored her and hit her ass again with his
leather belt.  "Just what she needs." Clint yelled to Dave and he
hit her one last time.  Where the belt had landed large red marks
appeared on Lucy's fair ass.  Dave told her to open her "fucking
legs" and she reacted instantly, imploring him not to hit her

She was quite a sight lying face down on the kitchen table, her
legs hanging over the edge and spread wide.  Her ass had three
long red marks on it and her cunt below was swollen and open. 
Clint's cum dripping from its lips and down her inner thighs. 
Dave dropped the belt and stepped up behind her ass.  He placed
his left hand on her ass and with his right direct his cock to
the entrance of her cunt.  "Please be gentle." Lucy implored but
that was the last thing Dave was going to be.  He rammed his cock
against her cunt without mercy.  At first all he did was push her
against the table but her cunt walls must have given way because
in the next breath he was in her.  Lucy groaned that he was so
big.  Dave told her she was really tight and began to fuck her in
earnest.  After a few thrusts Lucy moans of distress turned to
groans of pleasure.  In a matter of minutes she was beseeching
him to give it all to her.  By this point Dave must have been in
seventh heaven because he tensed, cursed and began to thrust
involuntarily his load into Lucy.  She too began to come.  Dave
continued to push his load into her for some time before he
slowed and finally his softening cock slipped from her engorged

I was beside myself.  I need to come.  My fingers had been in my
cunt since Clint had first began to abuse her and as Lucy went
into orgasm I followed.  When Dave slipped from her I told Clint
to hold Lucy still and I dropped to the floor behind her and
began to lap Dave's, Clint's and Lucy's combined juices from her
inner thighs and cunt lips.  It was a feast of cum, there was so

When I had finished licking her clean, I looked around.  Clint
was standing in front of her head and feeding his half swollen
dick between her lips.  He had a hand over each of her ears and
was holding her head steady while he thrust in and out of her

Dave was swilling another beer and watching Lucy's tongue at work
on his buddy's dick.  I returned to my chair to watch what might
happen next.  Dave finished his beer with a slurp and moved back
between Lucy's legs.  I could see he wasn't ready to fuck her
again so soon because his cock was only half up.  Never-the-less
he reached under her ass and with the fingers of one hand spread
her cunt lips.  He took his beer bottle and shoved the neck into
Lucy's cunt.  I am sure it must have felt cold but all we could
hear from Lucy was a groan because her mouth was full of cock. 
Most beer bottles have a distinctive neck but this one was
tapered so there was no really stopping Dave from shoving it
deeper and deeper into Lucy's cunt.  Finally he stepped back and
turned to me and asked me what I thought.  The beer bottle was
shoved up Lucy's cunt so that only the base was visible.  Her
cunt lips were stretched wide.  What was the more amazing was
that we could clearly see her cunt throbbing as her body fucked
the phallic symbol thrust into her.

Dave moved around to her head where Clint was still fucking her
face.  He said something to Clint and Clint promptly pulled his
cock free.  He was hard now.  Dave told Lucy to lick his dick and
her tongue immediately began to lap at his thick half swollen

Clint moved around the table to Lucy's ass.  The beer bottle was
still half in her.  Clint grasped it's slippery bottom and pulled
it from her with a loud plop.  Lucy's cunt having been forced
open by the beer bottle remained wide open and continued to
spasm.  Clint and I watched for a moment then he slipped his long
thin cock into her cunt.  "Fuck, is she ever loose." he
exclaimed.  Dave suggested he try her ass.  Lucy pleaded, "Not
that."  It turns out she had never had her ass fucked.  Clint
ignored her pleas though and eased back.  His cock cleared her
cunt.  He grabbed it and directed his aim a little higher.  Lucy
continued to pleaded with him but he held her ass down on the
table with one hand while with the other he parted her ass
cheeks.  He pushed his cock at her but her asshole would not give
way.  He pushed still harder.  Lucy moaned that it hurt but Clint
just shoved again.  This time he must have got the tip of his
cock in.  With another thrust he went deep in her ass.  Lucy
groaned again but Dave told her to work on his cock and she fell
to it again.

Clint told us both she had a, "Fucking tight ass." and began to
thrust in earnest.  Dave meanwhile decided he wanted to fuck her
too.  He dropped her head and came around to Clint.  He whispered
something to Clint and he withdrew his cock from Lucy's ass. 
Between the two of them they picked her up off the table and
carried her into the living room.  Dave lay on his back on the
floor and told Lucy to sit on his cock.  She straddled him and
lowered her self gingerly onto his thick hard cock.  Dave ordered
her to fuck and she took up the familiar rhythm, lifting then
falling onto his cock.  Her big tits swayed back and forth.

Dave grabbed her shoulders and pulled her down so she was lying
on top of him.  Clint now slipped up behind her ass on his knees. 
He spread her ass cheeks with one hand as he done before and
again penetrated her asshole.  This time he slipped in easily. 
Lucy was the meat in a fuck sandwich.  Clint began to thrust and
below I could see Dave's hips plunging his cock into her cunt at
the same time.  Clint moaned that he could feel Dave's cock
through the walls of her cunt.  In a matter of minutes all three
of them were writing in pleasure.  Clint came first followed by
Lucy then Dave shot his load.  While the guys both relaxed Lucy
continued to milk the cock's in her ass and cunt.

Clint climbed off Lucy and lifted her by her waist off Dave's
cock.  Cum was dripping from her asshole and cunt down her inner
thighs.  Dave scooped some of the cum up with his fingers and
told Lucy to lick them off.  She seemed to relish in doing as he
had ordered.

The guys announced that it was time for them to go and slipped
their shorts on over their shrinking pricks.  They had left their
shirts out on the back yard.  Clint asked if he could use the can
before they left, the beer was getting to him he said.  Dave
echoed his request.  I automatically began to point towards the
washroom when another kinky thought hit me.  I whispered it to
Clint and he said sure.  He told Dave to grab Lucy and Dave took
Lucy's arms while Clint grabbed her legs.  Between them they
carried her still nude out to our back yard.  She protested
vigorously telling that "someone might see me", but to no avail.

In the back yard they dropped her unceremoniously and Clint
pushed her down on her back onto the ground and told her to
spread her legs wide.  She refused and he turned to Dave and told
him that it wasn't going to work.  Dave looked around and grabbed
a couple of bungy cords that Jim used to tie down the trailer
top.  DIrecting Clint to hold her still he began to tie one of
her ankles to the leg of the picnic table and then the other to
other leg so her legs were forced wide apart.  Next he tied her
wrists together with another bungy cord above her head as she lay
flat on her back.  He fastened it to the base of the gas barbecue
so she could move only her torso.

Her big boobs stood high above her chest and she wondered out
loud what they had in mind for her.  Dave told her shut up.  He
told me to hold her cunt lips open and I slipped down beside her
and did just that.  Was she ever juiced up.  Clint stood between
her legs facing her and slipped his loose fitting shorts down to
his knees.  My god I thought what a long cock he had.  Taking his
cock in his hand and without further ado he began to piss on her. 
At first he hit her stomach and my hand but quickly directed his
piss lower until he was bathing her cunt in his warm hard jet of
yellow piss.  Lucy immediately began to moan.  I couldn't believe
the level to which she had sunk.  She was actually enjoying her
"Golden Shower."  It didn't take long for Clint to empty his
bladder but Dave was right behind him ready to do the same.  He
too let fly and after getting his aim I watched as his pissed
right on her bulging clit.  Lucy was arching her ass off the
grass trying to get closer to his cock.  Her eyes were closed and
it looked like the depraved bitch was about to come but Dave's
bladder gave out before she could experience the bliss of orgasm.

Clint grabbed the half full jug of lemonade from the picnic table
and poured it over her cunt and wobbling tits.  All Lucy could do
was moan.

Dave and Clint zipped up and thanked me for a most enjoyable
afternoon.  Clint handed me a card and told me to call if I ever
needed their services again.  I showed them out and returned to
the back yard a few minutes later.  I was astonished to find that
one of the neighbours cocker spaniels had got into the yard and
was lapping at Lucy's tits and cunt.  I guess the sweet lemonade
must have attracted him.  Lucy was still trussed up and powerless
to stop him.  I watched as he furiously licked at her cunt and
Lucy arched higher and higher off the ground.  Her eyes were
closed.  I could hardly believe that she was getting off on being
eaten out by a dog.  In a matter of seconds after my arrival she
began to come.  I ran across the lawn and shooed the dog away.  I
apologized as I released her bonds but Lucy was not the least
concerned about what had just happened but instead thanked me

I suggested she have a shower so she could clean up and lead her
to the bathroom.  As she took a shower she continued to thank me
for providing her with the best sex she had had in years.  It was
hard to believe that she got off on the debased way she had been
treated and physically abused by the young studs with the huge
cocks.  I did tell her that watching the whole show had turned me
on but I wouldn't be able do enjoy some of the things they had
done to her.

Lucy wanted to do something to thank me though and without a word
from me slipped to the floor slipped to her knees at my feet and
releasing my belt slipped my jeans off, removed my panties and
began to eat me out.  I had been close to orgasm most of the
afternoon and in seconds I went into spasms of pleasure.  She
didn't seem to want to stop tonguing my cunt and eventually I had
to push her away.

We both dressed in silence afterwards and I saw her to the door. 
before she left though the phone rang.  It was Audrey and she
wanted me to come over the next afternoon to discuss a get
together on the weekend.  I asked if Lucy could come along and
she said sure.  Lucy seemed really pleased at the invitation and
still thanking me profusely for the afternoon entertainment I had
arranged, she left.

To be Continued

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