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This is a short story of an adult nature. Please obey your local
laws. If you are underage then stop here.

I reserve all rights to this story. It may not be transmitted to
the public by any means (such as posting to the Internet or to
newsgroups) and may not be changed in any way (such as altering
the story or title) without my expressed written permission.

This is the first part of a three part letter from Kim.  It
follows up on earlier letters from Paul, Sue and Audrey.  Part 1
of Paul's letter can be found on this site on Nov. 8/98 #17053,
Part 2 was posted on Nov. 15 #17183. Part 3, the first part of
Sue's letter was posted on Nov. 19/98 #17298 and Part 4, the
second part of Sue's letter was posted Nov. 30 #17632. Part 5,
the first part of Audrey's letter was posted Dec. 6/98 #17840 and
Part #6 which is the second part of Audrey's letter was posted
the same day as 17841. 

Dumbwonder encourages you to read the earlier versions first. 
Pleasant reading.

Fun & Games-Pt. 7-Kim Cont. the Story (MMMF B&D, mmf, rape, toys)

        Fun and Games - Part 7 - Kim Continues the Story

                   Sex - A New Beginning for Me

I never thought I could ever write a letter like this but my
friend Audrey and my husband Jim persuaded me I should.  The
events I am about to describe would have been unthinkable to me
just a few short weeks ago but thanks to my initiation by Audrey
my entire outlook on life and sex in particular has changed.

I could describe in detail how my introduction or should I say
reintroduction to the exciting world of sex was directly
attributable to Audrey but she has already written a letter on
this subject to you.  I'll cover some of the highlights though.
You see until Audrey came into my life, sex, while gratifying,
had become rather dull.  My husband Jim was the only man in my
life and sex had become routine and to be frank, monotonous.

That all changed the night he came home from a poker party with
his pals.  He practically raped me.  He was hard as a rock and
even when he had filled me with his cum, his prick remained hard. 
It wasn't until he had come in me a third time that he finally
collapsed.  Even then and after I had come several times, he
sucked on my cunt until I came and came again.  In the end I had
to stop him so I could catch my breath.   

It was wonderful and I had to find out what had happened that
made my husband suddenly such an exciting lover.  The poker party
had been at Paul's place.  I had met his wife, Audrey several
times before but didn't know her well but decided I had to phone
her to find out what had happened.  I was nervous and it was only
after several strong drinks that I got up the courage to make the
call.  She invited me over to her house and that is when things
got really interesting.

Even when sitting in her den it took several more glasses of wine
for me to get up the nerve to ask her what had gotten Jim so
stirred up.  Audrey said she would show me.  In a moment she
returned dressed as a French Maid.  Her skirt was very short and
the top barely covered her large breasts.  When she offered some
food from the tray she was carrying I couldn't help but see most
of her boobs.  When she bent over to put the tray down I could
see almost her whole panty clad ass.  I was really shocked though
when a few minutes later she returned to the room and this time
when she bent over I discovered she had removed her panties. 
Because the outfit was so short I could see her ass and even part
of her pussy.  Prim and proper me was really shocked.

Audrey told me she had put on a show like this for the guys at
the poker party and gave Kirk a blow job.  She was revelling in
telling me this and got down on her hands and knees with her ass
towards me to show me how she had looked to Jim.  She flipped her
skirt up so I had to look at her whole ass and then she spread
her knees apart.  I was looking at her most private parts and she
loved it.  I must have been beat red with embarrassment but I
couldn't move.

Audrey offered me another glass of wine and explained this was
one of her sexual fantasies.  She asked me about my sexual
fantasies.  I told her Jim was really into watching dirty movies. 
Audrey then suggested I try on her outfit and quickly stripped. 
I was a little embarrassed watching another woman undress but the
whole scene was beginning to get me excited.  I stripped off my
clothes and put on the French Maid outfit.  It certainly showed
off my sexual assets.  When I bend over as Audrey had done I knew
that Jim would really be turned on.  Audrey loaned me the outfit. 
When I met Jim at the door that night I acted the part of the
maid and Jim fell into his part as well.  I put on the show for
him that Audrey had showed me and even removed my panties so he
could see my bare ass and more when I bent over.

Jim was really getting into it and pulled me onto his lap at one
point and finger fucked me.  He then fucked me seated on a stool
with me in his lap.  I came and came I was so worked up.

We paused for dinner.  After dinner Jim lifted me up on the table
and as he examined my cunt, fingered me.  He had me lick my
juices and his from his fingers.  Under calmer conditions I would
have been turned off but I have to admit they didn't taste bad. 
After dinner we retired to the den and watched a video that
Audrey had given me.  JIm is really into watching dirty movies
but this one was special because it starred Audrey obscenely
displaying her body in front of a mirror, stroking her bald cunt
and fucking herself in the ass and cunt with dildos.  Jim was
beside himself stroking his hardened prick through it all.  I
couldn't resist his cock and sucked him off, something I had
never done before.  Looking back on it I can't believe how much
my sex life had changed in just a few days.

The next day I visited Audrey again.  She wanted to know all the
details.  I asked her about her pussy being shaved and she
offered to help me shave mine.  I knew it would drive Jim wild.
Audrey suggested a hot bath first and as she and I luxuriated in
her twin tub she told me how Sue had come into her sex life in a
game of sexual Trivial Pursuit.  The story obviously made her
horny and she was casually stroking her cunt as she talked.  That
turned me on and I did the same.  She came and I did too.  I was
a little embarrassed about doing it in front of her but with her
it seemed so natural.

After the bath Sue carefully shaved all the hair from around my
cunt.  I had always had a fantasy about making love to another
woman and that would have been the perfect opportunity but I was
too self conscious to take the step.  As I left though Sue gave
me a long passionate kiss and I knew it would only be a matter of
time until she made a pass at me.

That evening when Jim got home I greeted him at the door with
nothing on but one of his dress shirts.  It didn't take him long
to find out that my cunt had been shaved.  He couldn't get enough
of me.  He had me lie back on the couch and spread my legs wide
so he could check out my totally exposed cunt.  I could
understand why Audrey got so turned on flashing herself.  Jim
fingered my cunt, he ate me out and fucked me long and hard.  At
one point I fingered myself off while he watched.  His juices
oozed from me.  In a few minutes he was hard again and he fucked
me until he placed another load deep in my cunt.  It was

The next day I invited Audrey over to sun bath by our pool.  I
told her all of what had gone on with Jim.  It seemed to excite
her.  Jim phoned about this time to say he had to go out of town
and I had to leave Audrey to pack his bag.  Audrey discovered
Jim's collection of XXX rated videos and when I was finally
finished packing I found her half way through one of the best. 
This particular tape deals with women's fantasies.  Some of them
hit pretty close to home.  The combination of the wine, the show
and Audrey had me turned on again.  

When the video was over I told Audrey I was going to miss Jim. 
At this Audrey immediately suggested I sent along a surprise for
him.  She used my Polaroid camera to snap some shots of me in
various stages of undress and finally close ups of my cunt and
even talked me into fingering myself off for the camera.  We then
put the pictures in an envelope and slipped it into his bag. 

After Jim had picked up his bag, Audrey and I went out to the
pool to sunbathe.  Audrey had changed into really skimpy bikini
and joined me beside the pool.  Her suit was so revealing she
might as well have had nothing on.  We talked as we sunbathed
about the video we had watched.  Audrey wanted to know what part
I had liked best but I asked her to tell me her favourite part
first.  I was a little surprised when she picked the Lesbian
scene which took place while one of the women's husbands watched. 
I was embarrassed to tell her what my favourite part was but she
insisted and finally I admitted I liked the part she had just

Audrey then proceeded to seduce me.  I should have seen right
through her offer to rub some sun tan oil on my back but I really
wanted to feel her hands on my body.  One thing lead to another
and in no time I was naked and the massage had become very
sexual.  She probed my asshole with an oiled finger.  She
fingered my cunt and in the end she had me so high I begged her
to finger me off.  We kissed passionately and I confessed my long
burning desire for her.

I reciprocated her massage and got her so hot and bothered she
begged me to bring her off.  I loved it.  We then adjourned to
the shower to clean up.  There Audrey ate me out.  I had never
had oral sex until Jim ate me out the Saturday before and this
was the first time a woman had done me.  She was both gentle and
persistent in her tonguing of my clit.  I could hardly get enough
of her.

Jim was going to be away for a few days so I invited Audrey to
stay.  I put on a short terry towel beach coat but all I had for
Audrey was one of Jim's dress shirts.  I must admit she looked
great in it.  It certainly showed off all her assets.  Jim called
from his hotel room once and then again a few minutes later after
he had discovered the picture we had sent along. 

Jim described them to me one by one.  I could tell he was getting
more excited as the pictures became more and more explicit.  He
was whacking off as did this and when he got to the last one
where I was coming, he too came.

Audrey told me more about her sexual adventures with Sue and Paul
after Jim hung up.  Paul was really into discipline I could tell
from her story and when she phoned Paul I took over and
disciplined him over the phone.  I made him whack off in front of
his open hotel window.  It turned out he had an audience of two
cleaning ladies in the building across from him.  He willing
complied with my debasing orders and in no time spilled his load. 
It turned me on so much I fingered myself off yet again as Audrey
watched.  My embarrassment at performing such a personal act in
front of her had disappeared.

The next morning as we ate breakfast, Audrey fucked herself with
a huge candle while I watched her.  She loved to put on shows
like this she told me.  

As we sat around the pool later Audrey told me about the return
visit that she and Paul had had with Sue.  How Paul had won the
game this time and after he fucked Sue made Audrey eat out her
cum filled cunt.  The thought of doing this appealed to me and I
think Audrey knew it.

Audrey went on to tell me how Sue had been introduced to sex and
how she and Sue had fucked each other with dildos while Paul
watched.  The part where they fucked each other with a double
headed cock made me really hot and I fingered myself off yet
again.  After that we went over to Audrey's house to try out her
sex toys.  I could scarcely get enough of these artificial cocks.

As we relaxed Audrey continued the story of her adventures with
Sue.  She told me how they had gone to a Mall and teased a young
salesman with their bodies and visited a sex shop full of special
toys and displays.  She told me how they went to a video taping
studio in a private home and watched a porn tape being made.  How
they had filmed their own session involving Paul being
disciplined by Sue and Sue being tied up and fucked and
photographed.  I would have loved to have been there to make love
to Sue.

After Audrey had finished her story we got dressed and went
shopping.  Audrey loaned me a skin tight dress that barely
covered me but really showed off my body.  She had a similar one
and when she told me she had nothing on underneath I thought "Why
not?" and left my panties behind too.  At the Mall Audrey flashed
a couple of guys both her boobs and pussy and left them

We ran into Audrey's friend Sue and she invited us back to her
place.  When we got there, a big teenager named Robert was mowing
her lawn.  Audrey had told me how she and Sue had seduced him
before and what a large cock he had.  Sure enough Audrey had him
undressed in a matter of minutes and his cock was truly immense. 
She and Robert proceeded to fuck up a storm while Sue and I
watched and sipped our glasses of wine.  When they were finished
Sue asked me if I would like to try him out but I had never
fucked anyone but Jim and declined reluctantly.   

Sue took on Robert then and I not wanting to be left out slipped
down between Audrey's outstretched legs and lapped Robert's
oozing cum from her cunt until she had yet another orgasm.

Before we left Sue made an appointment for Audrey and I to have
my introduction to Lesbian sex taped for Jim's benefit the next

That night I phoned Jim again and this time I introduced Audrey
to him as we talked on the speaker phone.  At Jim's request we
both got undressed and played with ourselves while he stroked his
cock off. 

The next morning Audrey shaved her cunt in preparation for our
filming session and I ate her cunt afterwards but didn't go as
far as bringing her off.  That would have to wait.

When we got to the studio we were escorted to a private room
where we were able to watch the studio without being seen.  While
Emma, the camera woman filmed, we got to watch a scene where a
doctor delves into the sex life of his woman patient, examines
her intimately than fucks her.  Jim would have loved it and it
turned me on too.

That afternoon Emma came over to my house and filmed Audrey and I
duplicating my seduction and afterwards we went inside and she
filmed Audrey and I fucking it up with sex toys as we had done

Sue and Emma left and Audrey and I went to get our men from the
airport.  I decided to try disciplining Paul one more time and as
we left the airport I told him to go and take off his underwear. 
When we all got in my car, I knew it wouldn't take long for
Audrey to discover what was up.

Sure enough she was into his pants before we were out of the
parking lot and slipping her dress up above her waist sat with
her back to him in his lap.  Her legs were spread wide as I drove
but Jim turned and watched intently and described what they were
doing for my benefit.  Jim was beside himself as he watched them
fuck.  I knew his cock would be really hard by the time we got
home.  As a parting shot I told Paul to remove his pants entirely
before getting out of the car.  He loved being told what to do. 
I promised to call Audrey the next week but what I really needed
right then was Jim's hard cock.  He was equally anxious to fuck.

When we got home we hurried inside.  Jim dropped his bags, closed
the door and grabbed me.  His hands were all over me.  As we
kissed passionately,  I could feel his hands massaging my ass.  I
could also feel his harden prick pushing into my belly.  I
grappled with his belt buckle and pushed his pants and underwear
down as one.  At the same time he was pushing my dress up over my
ass.  He moaned when he discovered I had no underwear on.  All
the time his lips never left mine.  Our tongues were tying knots
together.  Finally he broke away from me and stepped out of his
pants and underwear which were around his ankles.  He bent over
and slipped his shoes and socks off.  I slipped my dress over my
head and stepped out of my shoes while he was preoccupied.  When
he stood up I frantically undid his shirt buttons while he
removes his tie.  We were both nude now standing on the cold tile
floor in our front hallway.

He grabbed me again and as we frantically kissed and ground our
groins together his hands roamed over my back and ass.  My hands
were no less busy as I squeezed his hard muscular ass cheeks
bring his hard cock tight against me.  He was pumping his hips
into me rubbing his cock against my belly as he did.  There was a
real sense of urgency in him and I felt a deep need to be fucked
as well.  He pushed me against the wall.  He pushed my legs apart
and bending his knees lowered his cock to the entrance to my
dripping cunt.  I grabbed his cock and guided it to my open love
nest.  With one thrust he drove it deep into me.  I groaned and
took him all.  My hips began to move naturally to meet his
thrusts.  While a woman's tongue is special and a dildo is an
interesting diversion, there is nothing like a hard man thrusting
into my cunt to really get hot.

Jim grabbed my waist and lifted me up.  I flung my legs around
his waist so I was literally suspended on his cock.  He was in
total control now and slipped his cock in and out of me urgently. 
I could feel me first orgasm building as I clung to him, my arms
around his neck and legs around his waist.  the muscles in my
cunt pulsed and I went into a long cock grabbing orgasm.  Jim was
equally close and as my cunt contracted around his cock he began
to come.  Every shot of cum he forced into my cunt caused a
contraction in my pussy.  Every squeeze of my pussy resulted in
another throb of his cock.  It took a few minutes before his
throb and my responding squeeze faded away.  My grip on his waist
was slipping and he and I collapsed on the cold floor.

It didn't take us long to get up though.  It was cold.  I told
him, "I needed that." and he echoed my proclamation.  We picked
up his bags and our clothes and headed off to the bedroom.  I
cleaned up a little and slipped on my short terry towel beach
coat.  When I came out of the bathroom Jim had put on his
housecoat and slippers and was unpacking.  I went downstairs and
got us something ready to eat.  Jim and I sat around the kitchen
table sharing our supper while he told me about his trip. 
"Nothing particularly interesting in the work line."  he
confessed but he told me had bought a new video that he was dying
to see.  No doubt another porn tape I thought.  What Jim really
wanted to know though was about what I had been up to.  He
obviously knew that Audrey and I had been getting it on from what
we had told him over the phone one evening.  What he didn't know
was how involved we had become.  I didn't want to tell him too
much just yet.  I wanted him to see the tape Audrey and I had had

I did tell him about watching Audrey fuck Robert, the kid with
the huge cock and the sex scene that Audrey, Sue and I had
watched in secret being taped of the doctor and his patient in
detail.  The only thing he would have liked more than me telling
him this story would have been him watching it himself.  He loves
to watch sex.  I could tell it was really getting to him from the
way he adjusted his housecoat as we sat at the kitchen table. 
Part way through the story his hand moved to his lap and I knew
he was playing with his cock.  When I got to the part of the
doctor patient scene where the doctor fucks his patient who was
strapped onto his examining table, Jim groaned and gobs of cum
shot into the air above the table.  I stopped my story and went
over and cleaned up his cock and hand with my tongue.  He was

                  Jim Brings Home a Dirty Video

We took our coffees into our den and Jim added a shot of Irish
Cream to each and we sat down to watch the video tape he had
brought home with him.  Most of these type of tapes have no plot
line that you could believe, the acting is poor and quality of
the sound and picture leave much to be desired but every once in
a while Jim finds a gem.  The one that Audrey and I had looked at
in Jim's absence was just such a prize.

This one began with three guys playing poker and drinking.  There
was a girl bringing them drinks and food.  The guys were really
loud and were making crude jokes, swearing and whenever the girl
passed by they would give her a slap on the ass, pinch her bum or
give her a feel up her leg or blatantly grab for her breasts. 
She seemed to encourage their rudeness with smart remarks.  One
of them apparently was her husband and he took as much a part in
the antics as each of the guys.

While she was out of the room the husband began to tell his
friends about what had happened the previous day when he came
home from work.  There was a note on the table from his wife he
told them.  Of course the movie went back in time to the event to
show us the letter.  The letter told him that she longed for some
rough sex and to be raped.  He would find her bound and gagged
upstairs and he should take advantage of the situation.  The
camera lowered to the crotch of his pants where a big bulge was
already evident.  He adjusted his cock in his pants and grabbing
a beer went upstairs.

We saw him enter the room.  At first all the camera showed us was
a wrist tied with a slip knot.  Next another and than separately
two ankles.  At each wrist and ankle the camera slowly lead us up
the taut rope to where each was tied to a bed post.  Finally the
camera pulled back revealing first the face of his wife than her
body until we could see her entire nude form stretched out on a
big old fashioned four poster bed.  She was tied in such a way
that her body formed an X on the bed.  Jim squirmed with
excitement beside me.  Not only was the woman exposed and
vulnerable but she was also gagged with two straps which held a
golf size ball in her mouth.  The ball did have a large hole
through it though so she could breath more easily.

Her eyes were on fire as she watched the man approach her. 
Standing beside the bed he reached over and caressed her face. 
He let his hand circle her lips than slide down to her big boobs. 
He teased the nipple on the one nearest him.  The camera moved in
to watch his fingers at work.  It was plain to see her nipple was
stiffening.  He took the tip between his fingers and squeezed it
hard.  I could almost feel the pain myself.  We could hear the
woman muffled moan.  The man reached across her and did the same
to the other tit.  I don't know why people find such brutal
treatment so sexually exciting but they do and I was no
different.  I could feel my pussy juices beginning to flow.

The man stepped back and removed his shoes, socks, shirt, pants
and underwear.  I gasped when I saw the size of his prick.  It
not only was at least two inches thick but it seemed to be so
long too.  He looked around and took a couple of large pillows
from a nearby chair and reaching under the woman's waist lifted
her midsection from the bed and shoved the pillows beneath her
ass.  She had been exposed before but now her cunt was raised
well above the bed and she was more helpless and exposed than
ever.  He reached between her legs and began to probe her cunt
with a finger.  Next he shoved two than three fingers into her
cunt.  When he withdrew them after several hard deep thrusts they
were covered in the woman's juices.  He smeared them over her
face.  While she might have moved her head to avoid him she

He now began to squeeze and massage her big tits.  We could
clearly see how erect her nipples were.  His squeezing got
progressively more violent and when he finally shifted away from
her to another part over her body we could see red marks where he
had been squeezing her boobs.

He now climbed between her legs and shoved his cock into her.  He
was really rough with his massive weapon.  He thrust it in and
out of her cursing and telling her how he was going to fuck her
till she was so sore she couldn't take any more.  He told her he
would fill her with come until it came out her ears.  He was
really sexually excited and in no time he came.  After he caught
his breath he slipped his cock out of her with a slurp.  His come
dripped from his prick and her cunt was red and swollen.

He reached over to the bedside table and pulled a giant plastic
cock from the drawer.  It was even bigger than he had been when
fully erect.  He ran the dildo up and down the slit of her cunt
until it glistened with juices.  The camera was taking close ups
of this.  Jim nudged me when it zeroed in and her cunt filled the
screen.  "Look how big her clit is" Jim exclaimed.  He was right
she was really turned on by the abusive sex she was being
subjected to.  I know Jim was turned on and I was getting really
hot too.

The guy now plunged the plastic cock into her gapping cunt.  He
thrust it in and out several times and stopped.  He got off the
bed and stood up.  His half swollen cock swung obscenely between
his legs.  The plastic cock protruded lewdly from her cunt.  He
told her he was hungry and left her in the state of arousal,
bound and gagged on the bed.

We watched as the still nude man made himself a sandwich and ate
it then returned to the bedroom.  When he came back he noticed
that the plastic cock had slipped from her cunt and lay
glistening between her outstretched legs.  He announced that
while he liked the position she was in, he had another idea which
he thought might be more exciting.

He began to loosen the rope tying one of her legs to the bed
post.  He took the end of the rope and began to tie it above her
head to one of the bed posts.  He wrapped it around the top part
of the post and pulled it taut.  The woman's straightened leg
followed to the point where her foot was above her head.  The guy
did the same with her other leg.  Her legs were splayed as wide
part as possible without ripping her in two.  She may have been
wide open before but you wouldn't believe how open she was now. 
I swear you could see right up her cunt.  Her pussy lips were
pulled apart and her clit stood out above the valley between her
cunt lips.  Not only was her cunt available for what ever the guy
wanted to do but so was her asshole.  Jim was beside himself.  He
mumbled something about "loving to slip into that."  I'm not sure
which he wanted to do fuck her cunt or her ass. 

The guy climbed onto the bed.  He slapped her ass a couple of
times and settled on his knees behind her ass.  I hadn't noticed
but his cock had reached full erection again.  He was raring to
go.  He nestled his cock in the crack of her cunt and thrust it
back and forth.  It really seemed to stimulate her because we
could see her body moving to meet his movements.  He then slipped
his big cock into her and began to fuck her in earnest. I was
amazed to see her orgasming as soon as he was nestled into her.
He worked and worked his cock and she kept on coming in a never
ending orgasm.  I shouldn't say never ending because eventually
she slowed and stopped moving.  He wasn't finished yet and with a
final thrust which we thought would drive her through the head
board he dropped his load in her.

He got off her after a few minutes and as he reached over her to
release her bonds come dripped from his cock onto her sweating
body.  It took a few minutes to liberate her from her bonds and
he finished be removing the gag.  Immediately she fell to kissing
him and thanking him profusely for fulfilling her so.

The movie now faded back to the guy talking to his card buddies. 
You could see the heavy bulges in their crotches.  You could tell
they were really turned on by his depraved story.  
The guys picked up on their card game and continued to drink
beer.  At one point we were shown one of the guys taking a piss. 
He stood with the bathroom door open.  He had a monster of a cock
and when the girl who had starred in the bondage sequence passed
by the door she stopped to watch him.  The guy went out of his
way to show her how big he was and she unbutton her blouse to
reveal her big bare boobs.  She fondled her nipples as he watched
and pissed noisily then she turned and left him holding his cock.

The action continued in the room where the card game was going
on.  The girl was beginning to get more attention than the cards. 
She had not done up her blouse and the guys was making obscene
comments about her boobs and speculating about how juicy her cunt
must be.  Even the husband was in on it, telling the others she
was a real hot fuck.  All the time the girl was letting them feel
her tits and slide their hands up her short skirt.  At one point
her husband told her to take her skirt off and when she told him
to get stuffed he ripped it from her.  She didn't seemed too
concerned though and now wearing only her open blouse and bikini
panties continued to fetch drinks for the guys and watch their

The fondling continued.  The camera zoomed in on a guy slipping
his hand over her ass and under her panties.  She let him feel
her ass for a moment then slapped his hand away.  The game had
stopped and all three guys were now pawing her boobs or ass.  Her
husband ripped her panties off while one of the guys pulled her
blouse off.   She was now nude and the guys were egging each
other on and she was a willing participant.  The husband
suggested they each fuck her.  The woman leaned back on the couch
and open her legs as an invitation and the guys stripped off
their pants.  All three had big hardons.  My mouth drooled at the
thought of having three big cocks all to myself.  One of the guys
stepped up to her and offered her his cock.  She took it in her
mouth and began to suck on it like it was a lollipop.  The other
guy got between her outstretched legs and  began to eat her cunt. 
The husband sat beside her and played with her tits with one hand
and his cock with his other.  I was jealous.

I looked over at Jim.  He was playing with his cock and I reached
over and assisted him.  The woman on the screen began to moan. 
Her hips more moving frantically and the guy with his cock in her
mouth was also groaning.  He pulled his cock from her lips and
began to jerk off over her.  Her eyes were riveted to his
throbbing cock.  His cock began to pulse and jet after jet of
white cum flew from his cock landing on her face and boobs.  Her
husband took the white jism and massaged it into her tits.  She
swore how "fucking good," it felt, referring to the guy eating
her cunt.  She too began to come as the guy working her cunt
frantically ate her out.

As her breathing returned to normal, the guy working between her
knees got up and told her to flip over.  She moved rapidly to
comply.  He directed her to kneel on the edge of the couch and
resting her arms on the couch back the guy stepped up behind her
and drove his cock deep into her waiting cunt.  As he thrust in
and out of her, her tits swung beneath her.  Her husband had
moved around behind the couch and she put his cock between her
lips.  While being fucked from behind she allowed her husband to
fuck her mouth.  He was certainly enjoying himself, holding her
head with his hands and working his cock in and out of her oral
cavity.  With each stroke he must have gone deep down her throat. 
I don't know why she didn't choke.  The guy who had come all over
her face and tits was now sitting on the couch beside her and
playing with her dangling tits.  He was pretty rough with them
but she was preoccupied with the pleasures she was getting at
both ends of her body.

The guy fucking her cunt was a picture of concentration.  His
eyes were closed tightly and he was working her hips hard back
and forth on his cock.  He began to convulse.  The guy sitting
beside her meanwhile was using a finger on her clit now and she
responded by coming all over again.  As the guy fucking the broad
began to lose his hardon he slipped from her cunt.  His cock was
no longer hard but really red and swollen.   His come was
dripping from her cunt as the camera gave us a close up.  Her
cunt lips were swollen and red too.

Jim was on the verge of coming and I quickened my frigging of his
prick.  He gasped and shot his load high in the air.  I milked
his cock as we continued to watch the TV.  As Jim's pulsing
slowed I licked my come covered fingers clean and we backed the
movie up so we wouldn't miss anything.  After the guy came in her
cunt her husband pulled out of her mouth and moved around to fuck
her cunt doggy style too.  She took his cock urgently.  The guy
sitting beside her had not let up frigging her cunt and she was
really high.  He was pulling on his own cock which was hard again
and when her husband began to fuck her he moved back to playing
with her tits.  He was really getting rough with them squeezing
her smooth flesh and twisting her nipples.  I squirmed as I
watched how she was being treated by all these cocks.  It was as
if she was being raped but she seemed to be enjoying it.

Her husband didn't last long and he and she came together.  She
collapsed forward onto the couch back

The guy who had been working her nipples was ready for more
though and pulled her over to the heavy table where they had been
playing cards.  He lifted her onto the table so she was sitting
on the edge.  While the other two guys watched he knelt between
her legs and lapped up the combined juices leaking from her
distended cunt.  It was too much for her.  Again her body began
to respond and she groaned with pleasure as he tickled her erect
clit with his tongue.  The camera work was incredible.  Despite
the closeness of the bodies you could see all the details of her
cunt.  His prick was hard again.

He stood up and pushed her back so she was lying on her back on
the table.  He stood between her legs and taking his cock laid it
in the crack of her cunt.  Its tip extended up past the top of
her pussy and the shaft lay between her inner cunt lips.  He
began to rock back and forth slightly.  His cock moved up and
down her pussy slit.  She moaned with each movement he made as he
held his cock tight against her juicy cunt.  I know his cock must
have been creating the most delicious pressure and friction on
her clit.  At the same time the most sensitive part of his prick
was receiving a massage from her clit.  I had never tried this
before and I couldn't wait to see if it felt as wonderful as it
looked.  Yet again the woman began to thrash in prelude to
orgasm.  The guy was not far behind and just as her body spasmed
he shot his load up past her pussy onto to her big tits.

The others were renewed by the sight and wanted more.  The woman
seemed ready for more too.  The husband climbed onto the table
and sitting astride his wife facing her, he pressed his cock
between her tits.  The jism his friend had just deposited there
acted as a lubricant as he worked his hardened cock back and
forth between her heaving tits.  To increase the pressure he
pushed them together.  She raised her head and watched the tip of
his cock appear and disappear between her boobs.  The other guy
meanwhile had stepped up between her legs dangling off the table
edge and driven his cock into the woman.  She was helpless to do
much more than take the thrusting he was giving her.  The guy
fucking her and her husband must have been ready to unload when
they mounted her because in a matter of minutes the familiar
action and sounds of the guys losing their loads occurred.  She,
I guess was finished because she went limp as they climbed off
her.  She was quite a sight come dripping from her lips and boobs
where her husband had dropped his load.  Her legs dangled from
the table edge spread obscenely.  Her cunt was red, engorged and
cum dripped down from its lips.

She picked herself up and left the room.  The guys quietly picked
up their clothes.  The two guys thanked their host for a fine
evening and they too left.  The movie ended with the wife
thanking her husband for sharing his friends with her.

Jim's cock was again hard.  This was normal.  He really gets
turned on by dirty movies but there are only a few which I find
have the same affect on me.  I asked him what part he liked best. 
He responded that he liked it all, especially the part where she
gets fucked by the two guys while the other one plays with her
tits himself and fingers her clit.  He asked me if I ever thought
about making it with more than one man.  I wasn't sure how he
would take my response but I told him that I had thought about it
but that he was the only one for me.

I told him about Audrey and Sue fucking Robert and how big his
cock was and how I had been tempted to try it myself but
couldn't.  Jim said I should have and that he wouldn't have
minded as long as I told him all the details and maybe even let
him watch.  He was interested in seeing me fuck another man and
that excited me too.

I told him I needed some more of his big cock and lead him by it
up to our room.  When we got there I lay on my back and told him
to eat me out.  As he lapped at my ever damp cunt I dreamed about
what it might be like to fuck another man while Jim watched or
even to have two men at the same time.  The thought turned me on
and as Jim flicked his tongue across my clit I went into orgasm. 
Jim immediately climbed aboard and I grabbed his prick and guided
him into me even as my climax began to fade.  He pumped and
pumped urgently though and I could feel my body peaking again. 
Yet again he filled me with his come but this time my body was
too tired to respond and I lost it.  We rolled over pulled a
blanket up and quickly fell asleep.

The next morning when I awoke Jim was taking a shower.  I needed
one too but went to make some coffee first.  When I came back up
stairs Jim had finished his shower and I replaced him in the
shower.  The warm water felt wonderful.  I could hear Jim shaving
and singing.

When I got out of the shower I decided I had to shave my legs. 
Jim was standing with a towel around his waist still finishing
shaving.  I dried myself off a bit and as I stood beside him with
one leg up on the counter began to shave my calf.  Jim reached
over with a towel and wiped the condensation off the full width
mirror.  I was conscious of how open my cunt was in this
position.  Jim must have noticed too.  He had finished shaving
and was watching me in the mirror.  My breasts hung glowing with
moisture from my shower.  My cunt was open.  I could see his cock
beginning to grow under his towel.  I finished one leg and
shifted putting my other foot up on the counter and shaving the
other leg.  Jim moved behind me and snuggled up to my ass.  He
began to run his hand up my smooth leg until he reached my cunt. 
He placed his hand over my entire cunt and gave it a squeeze of
excitement.  He slide his hand around to my ass.  He watched what
he was doing in the mirror over my shoulder.  It was becoming
difficult for me to concentrate and I didn't want to cut myself
with the razor so I put it down.

It was quite a sight in the mirror.  Jim was peering over my
shoulder at me in the mirror.  I was standing on one leg, the
other was outstretched with the foot on the counter.  My shaven
cunt lips were spread open and the inner lips parted.  My clit
stood up above them.  My boobs glowed with moisture.  Jim's hand
was stroking my body moving from my ass to my nipples, over my
taut stomach to my cunt.  Every time he passed over my cunt he
would stroke my clit and probe my cunt.  When he withdrew his
fingers they were covered in my cunt juices.  I could feel him
moving his hardened cock against my ass.  His hands continued to
roam as he watched what he was doing and as I too watched.  It
really was arousing.

Jim took my hands and whispered in my ear that I could help too. 
He guide my hands to my nipples and I knew what he meant.  I
massaged each nipple between my fingers keeping them erect and
aroused while he fingered my cunt.  I leaned back into him and
closed my eyes and concentrated on my own pleasure.  Jim was
really finger fucking me hard now with one hand reaching between
my legs from behind while with the other hand he reached around
in front and strummed my clit.  This form of pleasure was like
nothing I had ever done before.  The only way it might have been
better was if I had a cock to hold onto while some one else took
care of pleasuring my tits.  Never the less I came off on Jim's
fingers.  Jim was so turned on by feeling me come and watching me
that he was on the verge of coming himself.  Realizing this I
hopped up on the bathroom vanity with my ass at the edge and he
stepped up to me and slipped his cock into me.  I slipped my hand
down between us and fingered my hard little clit.  His thrusts
were urgent and after only a few he came.  I continued to work on
my clit and as his prick pulsed his come into me, my cunt
responded by alternately squeezing and relaxing around his cock
in my orgasm.

We relaxed in that position for a few minutes until Jim pulled
away.  White come dripped from his softening and glistening
prick.  I could feel my cunt dripping cum from me as well.  Jim
told me he was jealous of how easy it was for me to come.  Coming
felt so good he wished he could go on forever.  "Tough luck," I
told him.  "We'll just have to practice more at getting that cock
of yours up and keeping it there."  At this we retreated to our
bedroom and got dressed.


I had to get some groceries and Jim had a few things he needed at
the hardware store.  After breakfast we headed off with the
Saturday morning crowds.  The two stores we needed were adjacent
to each other so while I shopped Jim went next door to get his
things.  He said he would find me in the cashiers line up at the
grocery store.  I went about my business and was paying for the
groceries when Jim found me.  As he approached I could see he was
in the company of another man.  He was one of Jim's poker buddies
who he had run into in the hardware store.  By coincidence the
woman in line behind me was his wife.  Jim introduced John and
Lucy to me and we chatted while we waited our turn to pay for the

After we got our groceries we agreed to meet for lunch.  As we
sat, ate and sipped our beers at an open cafe, John asked Jim if
he would like to join him for a round of golf.  Jim always keen,
said "Sure."  Not to be outdone I suggested that Lucy might like
to spent the afternoon with me around our pool.  As we finished
lunch it was agreed that John would pick Jim up at our house at
2:00 and drop Lucy off.
At two Lucy appeared at our door and told Jim that John was
waiting in the car.   JIm gave me a quick kiss good bye, told me
they would be back by six, grabbed his golf bag and hurried off
to John's car.  

Lucy is a pretty woman.  She is about twenty three, about 5 foot
three and has fair skin and red hair.  She is a little on the
plump side but not fat.  She had a bright bag with her swim gear
and was wearing cut off jean shorts and a white sleeveless T-shirt.  I had already changed into the bikini that I had worn at
the sessions I described with Audrey.  It was pretty brief but
nothing like what Audrey had worn.  I yelled to Lucy who was
changing that I would be out by the pool.  In a few minutes she
joined me.  She had on a red one piece suit.  It was cut high at
the hips which made her legs look longer.  She had a broad ass
and hips.  Her best asset though was her boobs.  They were huge. 
With every move she looked like they would fall out of her suit.

She took a spot next to me on a beach towel and we chatted and
sipped wine from large goblets I had brought out.  Lucy was
pretty quiet and it took a while for her to feel easy in
conversation with what until a few hours ago had been a complete
stranger.  The wine seemed to help and in fact after little more
than and hour we had polished off a full litre of wine.  Most of
which had been Lucy's doing.

Lying on her stomach but propped up on her elbows, Lucy's big
boobs were a sight to behold.  I found myself on numerous
occasions staring into her cleavage.  I swore I could even see
her nipples.  Lucy noticed and asked if I liked her tits.  I told
her they looked like a real handful.  I added that I was sure
John enjoyed them.  She blushed and but for the drink in her
probably would have let the comment pass but admitted he liked
her boobs.

Now that the conversation had turned to my favourite subject,
"sex",  I asked her what she thought of my bathing suit.  As I
mentioned it wasn't anywhere as brief as Audrey's but it did
expose a fair bit of skin.  She said she had seen less in bathing
suits but told me it was too brief for her.  I used this opening
to describe to her my friend Audrey's suit.  The top of her suit,
I told Lucy, was nothing more than two patches held together by
string.  The bottom was equally daring because it barely covered
her pussy.  The back of the suit was so narrow that it had all
but disappeared into the crack of her ass I added.   Lucy said
she would love to be able to wear something like that but her
tits and ass were too big.  She was probably right on that point
I thought to myself, "But what would she look like with nothing
on at all?"
I told her that dressing in such a tantalizing way was a real
turn on for Audrey.  Lucy seemed interested in hearing more and
asked me to tell her more.  I proceeded to tell her about how
Audrey had acted the part of the French Maid at her husband's
poker party.  How she had showed the guys her most private parts
and than sucked off one of the guest.  All of a sudden it
occurred to me that her husband John had been there as well as my
Jim.  She told me that that explained why John had come home the
previous Saturday night all embarrassed with a wet spot on his

                        Lucy's Confession

I told her that Audrey was an exhibitionist and flaunting her sex
really turned her on.  That what she had done was one of her sex
fantasies and she had finally fulfilled it last Saturday.  I
turned to Lucy and asked if she had any sex fantasies.  Again I
must have hit the nail on the head.  Lucy blushed.  I was sure if
she hadn't had so much wine she would have cut the conversation
off.  Now, however she said she did have one.  I encourage her to
tell me promising that I would tell her mine if she would tell me
hers.  That seemed to be all she needed.  "O.K." she responded
and started to tell me about an episode when she was sixteen.

It seems even at sixteen she had a well developed bust line.  She
told me that a girlfriend had taught her how to tease the boys by
flaunting their bodies and giving them glimpses of their boobs. 
She told me it was neat to watch the boys squirming to conceal
their hardened cocks especially when they only had bathing suits

This one Saturday when her parents were away for the weekend she
happened to be sunning by their pool when her eighteen year old
brother and a male friend decided to take a dip in the pool.  She
told me she was wearing a rather skimpy bikini which was really a
little small so her tits really looked like they would fall out. 
The guys had been drinking her father's beer and while not drunk
were certainly boisterous.  She knew they were watching her from
the other side of the pool and using her newly discovered teasing
skills decided to see if she could get them excited.  She said
she did some stretching exercises by the pool.  They were both
making loud comments about her body some of which were quite
obscene she said but she continued.  Finally she dived into the
pool and swan over to the edge of the pool nearest her brother
and his friend.

By this time she told me the big hardons the guys had were
obvious.  It flattered her to know that her body turned them on
so much.  As she rested her arms on the side of the pool, the
water magnified the size of her tits.  She told me that she
realized later that they were almost floating free of her bikini
top.  Both her brother and his friend were staring at them.

As she swam back to the other end of the pool both of the guys
dived in and raced to catch her.  They did about mid pool she
told me and when they had caught her she realized they intended
to rip her bathing suit off.  She grappled with them but her
brother had ripped her top off before she got away.  She managed
to get out of the pool and grabbing her beach coat for protection
of her modesty headed into the house.  As she ran she remembered
her boobs bouncing wildly as she held her beach robe to her
chest.  Her brother yelled to his friend, "Let's get her." and
she knew she was being chased.  "Enough was enough," she yelled
after her but they didn't stop them.  They caught up to her in
the living room and grabbed her.  While his friend held her from
behind by her arms her brother stripped her bikini bottoms off. 
Her beach coat had fallen to the ground so she was nude before
She told me she was scared by this point.  She told them to let
her go but they seemed really intent on punishing her for teasing
them so.  Her brother grabbed her and held her face down on the
couch over his lap.  His friend began to spank her.  It stung she
told me but after a few minutes she told me she began to get
sexually excited.  Her brother's hard cock was sticking into her
stomach and her tits were being massaged by her back and forth
motion into the couch.  Finally there was a pause and her brother
released her.  She began to get up but as she did she realized
that what had happened so far was only the preliminary round. 
Her brother's friend had removed his bathing suit.  His cock
seemed enormous she told me.  She pleaded with them not to fuck
her.  She told them she was a virgin.  That didn't seem to slow
them done in the least.

Her brother grabbed her beach coat and removing the terry towel
belt tied her wrists together behind her back.  She struggled but
it was no use.  She was forced to her knees and the friend
stepped in front of her so his cock was inches from her face.  He
began to whip her face with it.  Her brother told him to "Fuck
her face," and he told me to open my mouth.  "I did as I was
told." she confessed.  The friend placed a hand over each of my
ears and directed my head so my mouth was against his cock.  He
told me to lick it.  "I didn't move."  she told me and she felt
her brothers heavy hand slap her tits.  She knew what she had to
do and began to lap at the shaft of his friends cock.  "Lick the
head" she was told and she told me she did as directed this time. 
She went on to tell me how she was forced to give the guy a blow
job something she had never done before.  All the time her
brother was egging his friend on and telling him to hurry up so
he could have his turn.

She told me she could feel her brothers hands all over her tits. 
He spent a lot of time teasing her nipples than he would pinch
them.  Each time he did she confided it sent a shiver of pleasure
right to her cunt.  She told me her mouth was becoming raw from
the fucking she was getting but not for long because the friend
released his load of come down her throat.  He continued to pump
her for a minute but his cock quickly softened.  He released his
grip on her head and slumped down in the couch.  She told me he
had let a tremendous load go and she had been unable to swallow
it all.  Some had drippled down her chin but she was powerless to
do anything.

Once his friend was finished her brother forced her to lick his
cock.  He was seated on the edge of the couch and it was awkward
for her with her hands behind her back to get down low enough and
keep her balance.  She found that by spreading her knees wide
apart and bending at the waist she could manage it though.  Again
she told me she was conscious of how her big tits swung as she
was forced to perform on her half drunk brother and his friend.

She told me she was really getting turned on being forced to
stimulate them this way.  The fact that she was being raped and
the sex was pretty rough she realized later only served to
heighten her excitement.  At this point she hoped one of them
would fuck her.  She told me she wanted to lose her cherry.

At this point her brother's friend had gotten up off the couch
and moved behind her, he was squeezing her ass cheeks roughly. 
They were already tender from her spanking but he his actions
only heightened her excitement.  She told me later he squeezed so
hard that she could still see his finger marks the next day.  As
if that wasn't enough he began to do the same thing to her
swaying boobs.  This she said brought her to new heights of
excitement.  She told me she was working hard on her brothers
prick and he rewarded her efforts with a load of his juices deep
in her throat.

He collapsed but his friend decided I needed to be fucked.  "He
was right about that."  Lucy told me.  He ordered her to get up
and to lie on her back on the floor.  It was awkward with her
hands tied behind her back so they untied her hands only to retie
them above her head to one of the legs of the couch.  Her brother
held her legs apart while his friend explored what she described
as her "aching cunt," with his fingers.  He was really rough
pushing and shoving two fingers into her virgin cunt she told me,
but it felt good and all she wanted was his hard cock.  His cock
was now erect and she got her wish.  Kneeling between her knees
he guided his prick to her cunt hole.  She told me that she
begged him to be gentle.  Of course he did the opposite, pushing
brutally his cock against her as yet unused cunt.  Several inches
penetrated   in his first thrust.  He pulled back a little and
pushed again this time harder.  She told me there was a good deal
of pain but she had been told by her friends she could expect it
the first time.  Her brother's friend persisted to brutally work
his cock into her and after a few thrusts was all the way into

He fucked her hard she told me and the pain began to subside to
be replaced by pleasure.  He worked her hard and long.  Her hips
responded as she was to learn mother nature intended by meeting
his thrusts.  Just as he began to come she too went over the edge
of climax.  The guy collapse on top of her.

Her brother slapped his friends ass and told him it was his turn. 
His friend pulled his shrinking prick from me and his juices and
mine flowed from me onto my thigh and the rug.  My brother
grabbed me and flipped me over.  Remember Lucy told me, "My hands
were still tied above my head to one of the legs of the couch." 
Her brother grabbed her under the waist and lifted her lower body
so she was on her knees.  She moved forward so she was more
comfortable on her elbows.  Her brother forced her knees apart. 
She could feel him behind her.  He slapped her ass a few times
and than she could feel his big cock sliding between her cunt
lips from behind.  He was in her in one thrust.  He seemed even
bigger than his friend Lucy told me.  He grabbed her hips and
fucked her hard back and forth.  She told me she was in ecstasy. 
Never before had she felt so much sexual pleasure.   She began to
come shortly after he entered her.  It took a bit of doing on his
part but as she approached a second orgasm he came.  Her cunt she
told me contracted around his prick alternately with his thrusts
as she milked him of his load.  He finally leaned back and his
cock popped from her cunt.

The guys left her tied up and went to the kitchen to get more
beer.  When they returned she told me she had almost freed her
hands.  Her brother grabbed her and with the help of her friend
over her protests they carried her to her bedroom.  There they
laid her out on her double bed.  Using some of her stockings they
tied her spread eagle on her back on the bed.  Her arms were
stretched above her and tied one to each corner of the head
board.  Her ankles were similarly tied one to each corner of the
foot of the bed.  "I was totally exposed and vulnerable to what
ever they wished to do."  she told me.  From the way she said it
I sensed that she was excited about being taken advantage of in
such a way.

They flipped a coin to see who would fuck me first.  Her
brother's friend won and immediately slipped his hardened cock
into her she told me.  She went on to tell me how excited she got
and how despite being raped she couldn't stop from climaxing
twice before he again filled her cunt.  Her brother decided he
wasn't ready to fuck her.  He told his buddy to keep her engine
running and left the room.  The guy, Lucy told me fingered her
clit until she felt she would go through the roof.  Just as she
felt she was about to come though he stopped.  Her brother had a
big dildo and after forcing her to lick and suck on it he thrust
it into her cum filled cunt and fucked her until she pulsed again
in orgasm.

The guys decided they had had enough but wouldn't untie me. 
Instead they just shoved the dildo into my cunt and left me lying
tied to the bed.  I was terrified of being discovered by my
parents like this and pleaded with them to let me go.  "They told
me I had gotten what I deserved for being such a cock tease." she
told me.  "In that respect they were right," she admitted to me. 
"They left me to think about what had happened.  Thinking about
being so sexually brutalized seemed to make me hornier than
"Half an hour later I could hear my brother's friend leaving,"
Lucy told me.  "My brother came up to the room and began to untie
me.  After he untied my wrists he began to untie my ankles.  I
sat up and eased the dildo from my aching cunt.  He had his
bathing suit on again.  He apologized for what had happened.  I
told him I understood.  As I got off the bed I pressed my nude
body up to him and kissed him deeply.  I could feel his cock
beginning to respond.  I reached down and fondled his cock
through his bathing suit and then pushed it down.  I slipped to
my knees and taking his cock in my mouth brought him yet again to
orgasm.  This time though I was not being forced."

Lucy told me that never again did she or her brother get it on. 
She continued to have erotic fantasies about having rough sex
especially with more than one man.  I remembered Jim's video that
we had watched the night before and jumped up and told her that I
had something to show her.  She was right behind me as I inserted
the tape into our VCR and flipped on the TV.  If you like rough
sex I told her you'll really like this.

We sat quietly in our bathing suits as the video began.  I
watched Lucy out of the corner of my eye.  She was really caught
up in the video and I think it was really getting to her.  I
began to wonder what it would be like to make love to her.  When
it ended her face was flushed.  I asked her what she thought of
it.  At first she was speechless then she wanted to know how the
woman could have done it.  I misunderstood her at first and began
to explain that a lot of people get off on this sort of thing. 
She interrupted me and said "No.  How did she tie herself up on
the bed?"  I had thought about that dilemma before and rolled the
video back to that sequence.  It was apparent she must have put
on the gag, tied her ankles to the bed posts and then having tied
the ropes to the headboard using loops and slip knots bound her
wrists.  Lucy seemed fascinated.

As I finished my explanation Jim came in.  He announced that John
was waiting in the car for Lucy.  He had asked John if they could
stay for supper but he had begged off complaining that he and
Lucy had to go to his bosses place for dinner and they had to
hurry.  Lucy jumped up.  Apologized for having to rush off. She
got her clothes from the bathroom and disappeared out to John
waiting in the car.

                             Sex Toys

I fixed Jim and I some supper and as we ate he asked me what Lucy
and I had been up to.  I told him we had sun bathed and just
chatted.  He wanted to know more about what we had talked about
so I told him that I had told her about Audrey's exhibitionist
habit.  He wanted to know what she had thought of that and I told
him in detail how Lucy told me she had lost her cherry.  He was
getting pretty excited by now and we adjourned to the bedroom for
some physical relieve.

I remembered the sex toys I had borrowed from Audrey and went to
fetch them.  When I returned Jim was reclining on the bed, nude. 
He was flipping through an old copy of "Penthouse Letters" and
casually stroking an erection.  He stopped when I reappeared and
asked what I had in the bag.  I reached in and first thing I
produced was a vibrator.  I flipped it on and ran it over my face
and down my body still clad in my bikini.  It felt really nice. 
I reached over with it however and ran it down his chest and
stomach.  He watched the throbbing phallic symbol as I moved it
over his stomach.  I circled around his groin then placed under
his balls.  He moaned.  I took his hand and placed it on his
cock.  He knew what to do and as I watched he slipped his fingers
up and down his hardened cock.  I took his other hand and placed
it on the vibrator so he controlled it.

I stood back to watch as he stimulated himself.  I told him I
liked to watch him playing with himself.  I knew he liked to
watch me and I slipped my hand down the front of my bikini.  My
juices were beginning to flow and my clit was stiffening.  I
pulled my bikini top up over my tits and with my other hand
teased my nipples.  I stopped after a few minutes finding that my
bikini was in the way.  I took both the top and bottom off.

I reached into the bag and pulled out the big plastic cock that
Audrey had said she would loan me.  I sat down with my ass on the
edge in the big chair we have on our bedroom.  I placed each leg
up over the arms of the chair and leaned back.  In this position
I was wide open and I knew that Jim would be getting a real eye
full.  He watched me and as he did he continued to stroke his
cock and tease his balls with the vibrator.  I mockingly sucked
at the cock like I was giving it a blow job and after using it to
tease my nipples further slide it down to my waiting pussy.  I
slide the dildo up and down the slit of my cunt a few times and
then eased it into my juicy love tunnel.  Immediately I felt the
urgency of an approaching orgasm.  I concentrated on pleasing
myself with this tool thrusting it in and out.  I could scarcely
get enough of it.  The need for relief was becoming urgent and I
was rewarded with a really powerful orgasm.  When I regained my
breath I eased the dildo from my cunt.  It glistened with my
juices.  I looked over to Jim to discover that he had come all
over himself.  I got up and went over to him.  I licked his
fingers clean and put the dildo in his hands and told him to suck
it clean.  I might have expected him to rebel at the thought of
sucking a cock even if it was plastic but he didn't.  I licked
his come from his chest and cleaned his cock and balls with my

Jim asked me where the toys had come from and I told him Audrey
had loaned them to me.  He wanted to know more but I was afraid
it would give away more of my story than I wanted to at this
time.  I wanted him to see our video first.  He finally relented
and we went to sleep.

To be continued

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