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Date: Wednesday, December 09, 1998 9:55 PM

        Warning, this story contains sexual material and is to be read
        by adults only. You have been warned.

                  WONDER WOMAN - DEMON RAPE (new verson)

         Wonder Woman had been fighting the God of War, Ares, and
         the battle hadn't gone in her favor. Ares had beaten her severely.
        The War God was tired of the Amazon'sinterferrance in his plans.
        It was time to rid himself of the Amazon princess. He waved his
        gloved  hand and the unconscious form of Wonder Woman vanished.

        Diana awoke to find herself in a strange limbo. All around her was
        nothing. Great heaps of nothing. She moved her hand. There was no
        resistance. She tried to touch her face. She felt nothing. She
         down, and was unable to see herself. She yelled out a few times,
         heard nothing. She kept calling and yelling for help until she
         out again.

         Wonder Woman awoke a second time to the feeling of being lifted
         up. Two large, strong hands on her legs, and two more were under
         shoulders. "Good," she thought.  "Someone has found me." She opened
         her eyes and screamed out in alarm.

        The things carrying her tittered like whatever was in the strange
         Her mind reeled from the whole scene, and she felt disconnected.
         her were two creatures about 3 feet high, with big hands, hands
        would be more approriate on a six-footer. On their backs were bat
        which they seemed to hold out for balance. One of them kept running
         2 foot tail up and down her shins, while the other rested his long
        in the crook of her neck.  Diana had never seen a penis from this
         but she was sure that it was too big for the creature. The figure
        her shoulder was now sliding his pecker back and forth across her
        and was able to get the tip of it onto her breast-bone.

        The two creatures lay her down on the ground, and giggled like
        Diana lay there in a stunned panic. "What is going on?" She thought,
        "Where am I?"  She felt one of the creatures kneel between her
         It then began tugging at her blue satin shorts.

        “No!” Wonder Woman screamed at them, her strong fists clenched,
         her breaths coming in short, panicked gasps, making her large
         tremble inside her tight fitting red boustier. Diana struck out at
         that was about to grab for her, but the thing caught her wrists in
         clawed hands and threw her hard to the ground.  The rest of the
         closed in, grabbing her wrists and ankle and pinning her to the
        like a butterfly in a case.

        She screamed and cursed and twisted madly about but they didn’t
        Hands gripped her breasts roughly, making her grimace as her titmeat
         was twisted and mauled. Other hands reached under her shorts,
         and scratching her thighs, poking at her sex. Wonder Woman fought
         harder to no avail as they began tearing off her uniform, leaving
         uniform in a tattered state.

        "Hey!" She yelled, coming out of her daze.  "Stop that!"   She tried
         bat the thing away with her hands, but was ineffective. A quick
         sent it sprawling, however. The creature at her shoulder laughed
        as its comrade's tumbled head over heels.  Wonder Woman grabbed its
        penis, and flung it from her.

        She scrambled to her feet and tried to run off, the two things at
        her heels. As she was unused to the magical conditions in this
        and her pursuers had the power of flight, she was quickly over-taken
         by them.

        One of them grabbed her leg and she fell into the sand.  Wonder
         tried to pull herself away and kick at the beast, but it had her
legs held
         together. Holding her with one arm, it reached up and tried to tear
         star spangled shorts off her.

        The fallen heroine screamed as the demons surrounded her, lust
        in their eyes. Diana ran, her long, lean legs pushing from the
         frantically, towards the farthest of them, trying to break through
        ring of demons around her. Wonder Woman was grabbed, her blue shorts
        ripping up the side to reveal her white skin and strong thighs, her
         raven hair cascading around her panicked face. A demon, twice her
         size swung her Amazon body around to toss her staggering back into
         the circle of horny monsters. Her satin shorts tore from her body
         she was now exposed to her attackers.

        Diana wriggled free again, and took off. She managed to scramble up
         a hill before she was grabbed by another creature coming up the
         side. She ran directly into him. He wrapped her up in a perfect
         and brought her down. The other two peaked the hill, cackling with
         excitement.  The Amazon lay on her back, trying to catch her
breath, as
         the wind had been knocked out of her. The new creature slid himself
         until he was kneeling on her shoulders, and sitting on her tits,
his penis
         an erect pole in front of her eyes. Diana stared at it with wide

        Her breasts were magnificent for such a proud woman, full and round
         and large on her broad chest, her nipples were hard from fright and
         from the mauling they were taking. The heroine's large tits were
        fantasy of many a man and boy. The giant twin globes were Wonder
        Woman's best assets and she knew that her breasts were objests of
        desire for countless males.

         "Oh, by the gods!" she thought.  "What has happened to me?  Where
        has Ares banished me!"  Two other demons had caught up to where
        Diana and the newcommer had slid down the hill. She felt them
         her legs and thighs, and she kicked out at them.  She tried to use
         Amazon training to repel the beasts.

         "Get away from me!" She screamed out in rage, bucking her hips,
         trying to dislodge the unwanted guest on her chest. The two things
        at her legs had them pinned down, and she could feel their tongues
         working up her thighs.

        The creature on her chest began rubbing his member across her
         cheeks, nose, and forhead, Wonder Woman thrashing her head
         about all the while. Then the thing grabbed her golden tiara and
         tossed it aside.  The other two had reached her crotch by this
        and were frantically lapping her labia and stroking her clit.

        Diana's cunt was lightly furred and trimmed, the pubic mound was
        black like her hair, every muscle on her body straining for freedom,
        freedom denied by the strong demonic hands holding her down. Hands
         were all over her now, in her hair, in her mouth, pinching and
         her nipples, breasts, stomach, digits pressing into her cunt, into
        ass, making the hero scream as they pinched and hurt her. Then their
        slobbering mouths joined the hands, and Diana screamed again,
        against her captors, as they sucked at her flesh, biting and
scraping her

        Fingers found their way into her cunt, and Wonder Woman arched
         her back and wailed around the fingers at her lips as she was
         penetrated. Other fingers scratched against her clit, grating her
         nerves, making her thrash all the harder.

        The beasts pinched, bit, poked, and prodded her for how long she
         know. Wonder Woman was weak from fighting them when the battle
         stopped, and only one pair of hands remained, knuckles were running
         up and down her slit, making her shake with exhaustion and fear. A
         slid easily into her cunt and Diana realized she was wet, and
moaned as
         a thumb brushed against her clit.

        "What are you doing? You disgusting little creatures!" Diana
        One of the demons climbed off of her legs, and waddled over to her
         head. The other wriggled under her legs, and began to eat out her
         pussy in earnest. With a leg over each of it shoulders, and the
         on her chest,  Wonder Woman was unable to dislodge it.

        The demon got to her head, and knelt over it. It pulled her wrist
        its legs, pinning them there, then pushed the demon on Diana's chest
         back. The pushed demon snarled, and the two cackled at each other,
        then the chest demon scooted back. Wonder Woman's shoulders relaxed
        a little with the weight off of them, but she was still unable to
         with the demon on her wrists.

        The demon on her legs was now snaking its tongue up into her  chaste
        slit, and sucking on her clit. Despite herself, Diana reacted by
         up. The odor seemed to drive the demons on. The demon on her chest
         was now seated on her abdomen, it ripped open the front of her red
         boustier, revealing her large perfect breasts. He dove upon them,
         noisily suckled them, making her head swoon. The demon near Diana's
        head kept rubbing the top of his penis across her ruby lips.

         "No!" Diana thought.  "He wants me to suck on his cock!"  The head
        demon grabbed her jaws painfully, and forced them open. When her
         lips were sufficiently open, he stuffed his cock past them, without
         a care for her comfort.  Wonder Woman forgot all about her plan
         to bite him, and instead started gagging.

        The demon pulled back somewhat, which Diana thought of as a show
        of compassion, but he soon thrust his prong back down her throat,
         deeper this time.  Diana tried to bite him, but his grip on her jaw
        prevented that. Wonder Woman felt something big pushing against
         her slick vagina, she quickly realized it was the cock of another

        “No!” Wonder Woman screamed, trying to deny the pleasure, and
         deny the demons who were raping her, they were going to take away
         her virginity.  “Get away! Get off me!” but it was no use. The
         of the pack climbed on top of Diana and knocked the chest demon
         aside.  It's cock pressed hard against her cunt.

        He found her virgin hole and buried himself to the hilt in it.
         Woman's hymen tore, and the pain of being so forcefully taken
         a scream to her throat, which was muffled by the cock shoved down
        She broke her lips from the beast's cock to scream as she was
        Every muscle in her body was strained as pain lanced through her,
         which only grew as it began to slowly work its cock inside her.

        A few strokes from the leader demon had Diana changing her mind. Her
         body responded, and was begining to overpower her mind. Her hips
         bucked up to meet the leader demon's strokes.  She was succumbing
         to her demon rapists and she was losing her soul to the debauchery
        they forced on her.

        The chest demon sat on her stomach again  as she started tossed
        His new position brought his dick between her firm  melon tits, so
         took advantage of the opportunity. Grabbing her tits, he held them
        around his cock and used them to jerk himself off. This was an easy
        with Wonder Woman's thrashing pushing him into her tits

        Wonder Woman hated the vile spawn of Aries. The thing began taking
         short, circular strokes into her cunt, making her wince and whimper
         with in pleasure. The thing slammed its cock in and out of her
         cunt, taking her roughly and often, dominating her completely.

        Tears ran down Diana's face as it continued, each movement of its
        cock sent jolts of desire up along her spine. The creature's tongue
         was hot on her face, its body was hot above hers. Wonder Woman
        was sweating, her legs quivering.

        She felt the demon begin to work harder on top of her, its fowl
         breath blew hot against her. The heroine whimpered as a strange
        feeling began to grow in the pit of her stomach. She began to jerk
         up against it, not knowing what she was doing. Diana detested the
        demon and all its brotheren.

        Suddenly her legs were free, and Diana kicked them out and pulled
        them up, feeling its cock sink deeper into her cunt as she kicked
         them straight up, an almost unbearable pleasure rocking her frame.

        Her ankles circled around its back and then her arms were loose to
         encircle the chest demon's neck and shoulders. Tears still poured
        from her eyes, but Wonder Woman drove her tongue to meet its as
         her whole body began to tingle, her nipples on fire against the
         chest,  her mouth hot and yearning.

        Diana's gaspings and moanings had the effect of opening her throat,
        allowing the head demon to sink his pecker all the way in to the
        She was deep throating the creature's large penis.  Diana's slobber
        dripping from her mouth, and over her face. She tried to swallow it,
        only succeeded in swallowing the demon's cock. Wonder Woman got a
        belly full of demon seed and she swallowed every drop that was shot
        her stretched mouth.

        The creature was sated and it fell off to the side to rest. The
chest demon
        had its cock buried between her massive tits and was sliding the
        in the sweaty valley of her swollen milk sacs. Diana groaned in lust
as she
        got tit fucked. The sensations made her head swoon and she was
        with need.

        Wonder Woman's tits jiggled and bounced as they were fucked by the
        monster's enormous cock. The creature grabbed her erect nipples and
        cruelly pinched the hard nubs until she yelled out in pain. Diana's
        was being torn apart as she was savged by the demon horde. The tit
        grunted and its cock started spurting cum onto her face and breasts.

        The heroine unconsciously opened her mouth wide and gulped down the
        cum. The demon shot its load in her face and she licked the goop up
        a depraved fashion. Wonder Woman didn't know what she was doing and
        she couldn't stop herself as she rubbed the semen into her quivering
        meat. The demon rose and her tits shook as they bounced free.

        Howls and growls of encouragement began to ring out from the other
         demons as Diana held her breath, her whole body quivering as the
         sensations engulfing her body seemed to expand and expand until she
         cried out in pleasure, kicking her legs into the air, bucking her
         against her rapist as the leader filled her ravaged cunt full of
        Wonder Woman held onto it with her arms and legs, milking the all of
        the sensations from her cunt, working them and savoring them before
         collapsing spent beneath the rapist demon.

        Wonder Woman saw the thing rise and then another took its place.
        Diana turned her head in shame, but the demon gripped her head
         and turned her to him, making her look with her tearstained eyes
         into its before kissing her, making Diana answer its passion with
         her own growing lust. When the monster thrust into her, Wonder
        Woman was ready, ready for the brutal pounding which it gave her,
         shaking her body with every stroke. Oh by the gods, she thought,
        this isn’t happening to me as another orgasm rocked her body,
        Diana's spasming cunt triggering the demon's release.

        Wonder Woman heard an inhuman groan, and felt a gush of hot
         liquid in her dark haired snatch. The demon fucking her drove
         deep into her, and held as it came and came.  Diana felt the thing
         pull out, then leave.  She now had another cunt full of demon cum.
         Diana was wondering if he would come back when she felt him
         resume him fucking on her. Another groan, and she felt the demon
         stiffen and blow its jism into her womb.

        Another demon stepped up and forced his way into her semen
        slicked mouth. Diana automaticaaly sucked his cock and brought
        him off.  "NO!" she thought as he unloaded into her mouth. She
        didn't want to swallow it, and so she gurgled it out nearly as fast
         as he was pumping it in. His semen filled her mouth, and
        running into her eyes.  The demon seemed satisfied, and pulled away
         from her.  It was then that Diana saw the flock of demons around
         her, slowly masturbating.

         "This whole group is going to gang rape me!!"  Wonder Woman
        thought in horror, even as she kept fucking the demon in her cunt,
        and sucking the one in her mouth.  She felt warmth flowing down
        her neck on either side as its sperm drenched her body.

         "Oh, please stop!!" She thought, but felt herself thrust her hips
         up and down and swallow the prick in her mouth. She felt her
         will begin to slip, felt her defenses drop. Her mind filled with
         conflicting thoughts and she finally lost the battle. Where once
         there was a well-educated mind, there was now a whore.

        Wonder Woman wrapped her legs around the demon fucking her
         pussy, and slammed her hips into his. She eagerly swallowed the
         prick in her mouth, and nuzzled his balls. The demons cackled
         loudly all around her, circling like vultures, waiting for an
         or jerking off onto her if they couldn't find one in time.  Wonder
        Woman was oblivious in her mindless hunger to be fucked.

        The demon in her mouth came again, and this time she gladly
         devoured the liquid as if it were the gift of the gods.  A look
         of rapture crossed her lust-twisted face.  Diana sucked until
         every drop was out of the demon, and only then did she stop.

        "More...I want more!!!!" She managed to say before a new cock
         was thrust between her lips. The demon in her snatch came and
        went soft, only to be replaced by another cock.  Wonder Woman's
        face and chest were plastered with the cum of the demon rapists
         and masturbaters. The Amazon couldn't get enough demon cock
         and sperm.


        Then they lifted Diana to her hands and knees and a cock
         was shoved into her mouth. Wonder Woman began sucking
         as hands gripped her head painfully, gasping as another cock
         sank deep into her cunt. She gagged as the cock in her mouth
        slid down her throat, before being overwhelmed by the feeling
         of two cocks filling her. She was buffeted between two demons
         as they eagerly used her holes, her tits swaying underneath her
         body, targets for the pinches and slaps of the rest of the horde.

        Wonder Woman moaned and came as the demon in her throat spilled
         cum into her, some bubbling up to leave her tongue with its bitter
         taste. The creature fucking her cunt finished and was replaced by
        yet another.

        Diana was in a daze now as they used her body for their twisted
         desires, an overload of sexual pleasure suffusing her Amazon
         body, making her twist and buck and thrash as she came again
         and again on the end of their hard cocks.

        Wonder Woman came when one of the beasts decided to use her
         ass instead of her cunt, making her scream in pain and pleasure.
         They rolled Diana on her side and filled every hole of hers at the
         same time, making her shake in one continuous orgasm the whole
         time, her body slick with sweat and sperm and her own cunt juices.

         When most were done some of them tit fucked her, shooting their
         seed into her open mouth were she savored it, her fingers rubbing
         her swollen, battered clit while they used her tits, cumming again
        and again.

        Finally they were done, and the demons stood over her as she lay
         naked and used and covered with slime beneath them. Wonder
         Woman squirmed as the first stream of piss hit her, her fingers
        digging into her cunt flesh as she began cumming one last time, her
         orgasm stretching and rolling through her body as they emptied
         bladders on her, the acrid smell and taste of their waste drivng
         mad with lust.

        They left her then, her cunt and ass gaping and oozing come, her
         whole body slick with cum and piss and sweat, her beautiful black
         hair matted with their semen, a beaten,slut heroine, raped and used
        for the demons'pleasure.

        And Wonder Woman couldn't wait to do it again. The heroine was
        broken and it would be  a long time before Wonder Woman was a
         problem for Ares, or anyone else, again.

        The end.

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