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A True Story

Cindy was not your typical high school girl. The first thing everybody
noticed about her was her enormous 40 D-cup tits. What I and a few
others knew was her submissiveness. What I didn't know was her
appetite for revenge.

Cindy and I began dating in high school. I was a senior, and I had
recruited her as a freshman for the cross country and track teams. She
was a 5'4", 40D-29-36 dirty blonde, not bad looking, and man, those
tits! She was not a slender girl at 140 pounds, but rather had enough
curves to support those mammoth melons. I couldn't believe my eyes
when, necking in the car on our first date, I took her massively
underwired bra off and her huge hooters sprang forth. I begged her to
let me turn on the dome light so I could feast my eyes. She was a self
conscious 15 year old and said no, so I feasted my mouth instead,
sucking and slobbering all over her ample chest.  Her young tits were
soft and round, capped by soft pink nipples which never got very hard.
Her areola were average size, unlike some large breasted girls, and
she certainly liked to have them sucked.

I taught her from early on that it was important to make her man
happy. She began by stroking my dick until I came in her hand, then
soon moved on to sucking cock. She wasn't very good at it, since she
didn't swallow and her teeth got in the way and sometimes rubbed my
dick raw, but she was very willing. After all, she did suck my dick
until it hurt.

Some of my team-mates ribbed me about dating a poor girl from a broken
family. I laughed it off by saying we weren't really serious, but she
made a good "milk maid". That was about true-I wasn't serious in my
feelings toward her, but figured if I paid her enough attention I'd
score.   We all enjoyed watching her run during practice, especially
as she charged up a steep hill, arms pumping and tits bouncing.

We dated for a couple of years, and after about a year began fucking
during my college breaks.   Mostly we fucked in the woods while
"jogging", since neither of us had a car. She liked it on top, but
would assume any position I asked. I especially liked it when she sat
her warm pussy on my face, then stood up and lowered her hips down on
my dick and rode my 9" cock till I came buried deep inside her. Her
pussy wasn't tight, but rather was accommodating. She never mentioned
that my dick was bigger than average, having been a virgin when we
started dating and not knowing any difference.

One of our favorite games was "Show me your Tits." After the
appropriate foreplay, such as stroking her body, sucking her nipples,
eating her blond pussy, and getting my dick licked, she would sit on
my cock and ride me. Sometimes she would wear only her bra, and when I
was going to come she would hook her fingers under her D-cups and pull
her brassiere up, letting her lucious melons fall free for me to see
as I squirted my load up inside her. Other times she would take her
bra off and put on a white T-shirt, or a tight mesh tank-top that
strained her huge tits against the fabric. The point was for her to
reveal her monstrous mammaries to me just as I came.

One day after trying to fuck outside in the cold Ohio winter (not as
exciting as it sounds the third time around) I suggested to Cindy that
if she was willing to give it up to someone else, I could arrange for
the use of a friend's car, as long as she fucked the driver. "OK" she
said, since her virginity was finally gone and she saw no reason to be
chaste. Besides, it meant she got laid!

That afternoon I called my best friend Paul and proposed the idea to
him. He was all for it, since he and I had done 2 threesomes with
Cindy before, when my parents were out of the house.   We tried during
these times to do Cindy two at once, but she wasn't creative enough to
keep us both entertained and we ended up fucking her one at a time.
Once Paul even bought a girlie mag and had Cindy pose like the girls
in the magazine. She didn't much care for it, but as I said before,
she submitted to anything because she didn't think she was going to
get a date any other way (or maybe she really liked Paul). I guess
Cindy wasn't much Paul's type, since even her posing didn't much turn
him on.

Once during pillow talk I asked Cindy about Paul. "His dick is bigger
than yours", she said, "but you've got bigger balls." Oh great, I
thought, what a consolation. Frankly, since she insisted our
threesomes be in the dark, I had no idea what he was like naked, other
than he was 5'7", skinny and wiry, and not very attractive.

Later Cindy and I went out while Fred drove. We fucked in Fred's car
while he waited outside, then Cindy did him while I stood outside and
listened, occasionally peeking through the window into Fred's
backseat. Fred was my age (18), not very attractive, and had a 5 inch
cock that I learned fit well into Cindy's mouth. She started by
blowing him (by this time she was pretty casual about blow jobs), her
blonde head bent over Fred's lap while his pants were around his
ankles. She sucked the tip of his dick while pumping him with her
hand. Fred never asked her to do anything else (I think he was waiting
for her to make a move or say "Fuck me!") so she kept going until he
exclaimed "I'm coming! I'm going to come now!" She dutifully continued
pumping his dick until he squirted in her mouth, continuing to lick
his little dick clean until he was limp. Later Fred remarked to me
that he was pleased that she swallowed, but really wanted us to do it
to her two at once. "That sounds familiar", I said.

Cindy knew I was screwing other girls while I was away in college, and
since she was horny too, she started screwing around also. By now, she
was putting out on the first date. Keith, another friend of mine,
heard how easy she was and took her out and fucked her in his car. I
was glad, as she as always been attracted to him but didn't want to
blow it with me. I knew that she also dated a couple of other guys
that I didn't know personally, but I think she must have fucked them
at least on the second date (blowjobs were standard on the first, her
swallowing took care of any mess). Then she graduated high school and
went off to a different college.

Eventually, I got tired of her and wrote her a good-bye letter. Well,
I guess it was a good-bye letter- I told her in great detail about my
sex with Mila, who had driven up from Louisiana to see me and had
spent the week in my bed (and the shower). I didn't leave out any
details, but I figured she'd get the message (or come back wanting

A few weeks later I was talking to Paul on the phone, catching up on
all the local gossip.   "Hear anything about Cindy?" I asked. "Yeah,
she came back from college on break a week ago and told me she learned
how to deep throat." Wonderful, I thought. I finally dump her and now
she learns to deep throat. I wondered how she managed to learn it
after all those toothy blow jobs she gave me. I didn't see anything in
my college cirriculum about oral techniques. I guess those girl to
girl roommate talks must count for something. I did wonder that she
had told Paul about her new talent, almost as if she wanted the news
to come back to me

A few weeks after that I was back in my home town and I called Paul to
go out on the town. I still had no car (my money went to tuition) so
he picked me up. I was surprised to see Cindy in the backseat, wearing
her usual tight blue jeans (with her curves, any blue jeans were
tight) and white T-shirt, her lacy bra showing underneath. I figured
her libido had gotten the best of her and she had forgiven me. "Hi!" I
said, but visions of old times fucking were shattered by her icy
"Hello." I wasn't sure why she was there since she obviously was
rather disgusted to see me again. 

Since Paul was driving I went along with whatever was going on. We
went to the grocery store and picked up a few beers and some wine for
Cindy. I still couldn't figure out what was going on, since she hardly
said a word to me except to give me terse answers when I asked her how
she was doing. 

We ended up at Paul's apartment and sat around drinking a few. Paul
brought out a bong and we took a few hits of weed. I was a bit
surprised, as I had never known Cindy to get high before.   We had a
good buzz going when Cindy stood up in front of me, her 40D cups
poking towards me through her T-shirt. "I think you're a real bastard
for the way you used me in high school" she said, which confused me,
because at the same time she pulled off her T-shirt, revealing
luscious tits constrained by a large white bra. "Margo told me you
fucked her,and she feels used, too." Margo was Cindy's best friend,
and I had taken her virginity when she was 15, in between dates with
Cindy. Cindy reached around behind her and unfastened the underwired
garment, releasing tits that were every bit as large, round and soft
as I'd remembered. "You just sit there, I want you to see what you
gave up on." She then pulled down her jeans, revealing her dark blond
pussy that she had trimmed into the shape of a heart. As she lifted
her legs and kicked her jeans off, I saw that she had shaved her pussy
lips bare. I'd always wanted her to do this for me, but when she was
living with her mom she figured it might be hard to explain. 

Meanwhile, Paul had stood up and was taking off his clothes behind
her-she obviously had schemed with him ahead of time to arrange this.
I couldn't blame him-after all, he was apparently going to get laid
while all I could do was watch. Cindy knelt down on her knees before
Paul as he stood with his hands behind his back, pushing his hips
forward so she could get to his dick easily. His dick was getting
hard, and as Cindy licked it hungrily from base to tip he reached full
hardness. Apparently Paul had gotten over his shyness, as he had no
problems getting blown in front of me. 

I could hardly believe my eyes. Cindy had told me Paul was bigger than
me, but his dick must have been nearly 12" long and nearly as big
around as mine, a good 6" circumference. Cindy opened her mouth, put
her lips over his head and did not hesitate to begin a deep up and
down motion. She went as far as she could with each stroke, and as her
saliva coated more and more of his rigid prick, she went further and
further. It was easy to tell that soon his enormous cock was down in
her throat, but still she couldn't take all of it. 

Paul was obviously getting really turned on as this hot, naked blonde
knelt before him. Cindy must have been getting hot too, or maybe she
just didn't want my punishment to end too soon.   She asked Paul to
lay down on the bed (I was surprised that she took the initiative, but
apparently she had learned this in college, too.)

She stretched a rubber over his bulging prick (we always had been
careful,) straddled Paul and positioned her hips over his dick. She
reached down between her legs, spreading her lips with her fingers
while lowering her wet pussy down on him, sliding down his  cock until
he was practically all the way in. Cindy raised up slightly, then
settled herself back down on Paul's cock, which was now completely
engulfed in her hot flesh. Cindy fucked Paul hard, raising up with her
powerful thigh muscles until just the tip of his cockhead was in her,
then slamming down on him hard, driving his length up into her.
Occasionally, she'd stop her thrusting, settling down on Paul's cock
and wriggling her hips, seeking the position of maximum penetration
into her cunt.  I wasn't surprised, since her pussy had never really
been tight, but sat and sipped my beer as Cindy rode Paul. I had a
good view of her plunging up and down on his big cock, but his balls
really were smaller than mine as they bounced up and down in his

After quite a while (distance runners have great endurance), I could
see Paul's little balls were drawing quite a bit up into his scrotum.
Cindy must have felt the corresponding final swelling in his prick as
he neared climax. "Not yet", she said, and again I was surprised she
had taken control. She climbed off his dick and pivoted around so her
mouth was close to his manhood. She ripped the rubber from him and
flung it across the room. I was amazed again at the size of his veiny
cock, nearly 13" now and half that size around.

Cindy opened her mouth wide, took a deep breath and quickly proceeded
to engulf him as far as she could into her mouth. What she couldn't
get into her mouth she stroked with her free hand, just as she had all
those times with me. Except this time, she had a lot more to work with
and was determined to go much further. She continued to go farther
down each stroke, obviously struggling to take him all the way.

Finally, a barrier within her seemed to break, and she swallowed every
last centimeter of Paul's engorged dick, stroke after stroke. Her head
went up and down, up and down, and on each down stroke, her lips went
all the way to the base of Paul's schlong. All I could do was sit
there with my hard on. I watched his nuts pull up into his scrotum
again, but this time she wasn't going to stop him. He began moaning
deep in his throat, but Cindy continued to plunge his engorged member
all the way into her throat. I saw his balls pull up tight and
disappear into his body. Cindy pulled up enough to take a deep breath,
and again I was amazed at just how huge he was. I figured she was
going to let Paul come in her mouth now that she could breath,
especially since his glistening, saliva covered dick was so swollen
and throbbing. Instead, Cindy went down one more time, slowly this
time, until her lips were all the way to base of Paul's cock and there
was no more of him to take. I could actually see her Adam's apple
sticking out as he stretched her throat. She continued to hold her
breath, playing with his nutsack while a long, deep moan began in
Paul's throat. It rose in tempo to a near scream, followed by a series
of grunts as he thrust his hips up into Cindy's face, shooting his wad
down Cindy's tight throat! She continued to clamp her lips tightly
around the base of his dick, not giving up the least little bit. There
was no swallowing involved, as Paul shot his load directly down to her
stomach. She continued to throat him as she held her breath and played
with his balls, until he stopped his thrashing and had no more cum to
give her. Only then did she raise herself up from his dick, although
her face was red with the effort of holding her breath. She opened her
eyes and looked straight at me while she squeezed the last few drops
of cum from Paul's dick with her hand, hungrily lapping them up as she
finally tasted his salty sperm.

That was the end of that evening, and the last I saw of Paul. The last
thing I heard, he had gotten some girl pregnant, married her and went
to work for the local steel mill. 

Me, I got it damn good. Graduated college, got a good job, a great
wife, and two kids.

I never heard of Cindy again.

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