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	Enjoy the story!


Gerald hunts Pamela Anderson

The following is a story intended for the entertainment of adults only. 
If you are under 18, go read a book or paint a fence or take a cold 
shower or something. This story contains graphic depictions of rape of 
the female by the male (or two), and heavily suggests at other forms of 
sexual activity that many people really ought to find objectionable. If 
these things offend you, you have now been as warned as I can make you. 
If you keep reading, and get offended, well, you're probably the same 
kind of person who walks off of cliffs with lots of warning signs around 
After my escapade with the lovely models Niomi Cambpell and Tyra Banks I 
began to feel an earge to experience a new sexual fantasy of mine. I had Tyra 
find out from one of her model friends where I could go to possibly run into 
Pamela Anderson the ex Baywach star and wife (although seperated) of Tommy 

Tyra found out that Ms. Anderson frequented a gym next to a Santa Monica 
Mall.  I went to the gym to stake it out a few times and finally came across 
her.  I mentally gave her the urge to get a drink when she was done with her 
workout.  I went to the mall next door, acquired a large coke with ice, sat 
back on a bench, 
and looked around, with my eyes and my mind.

Then, I sensed her.

I sensed her before I saw her because her ego preceded her by a good 
fifty feet. She was wearing a gymnasium's sweat shirt and the 
sheerest pair of workout tights I have ever seen. I had to admit, she 
was beautiful... what I could see of her... the sweat shirt concealed a 
lot. But, for her to have the kind of 
self-important-white-queen-bitch-of-the-world ego that I could feel so 
strongly, she must have had some kind of body. Long blonde hair... God, Her 
face was georgeous, made up, 
her eyes hidden behind circular sunglasses.

Nor was she alone... the bodyguard with her, dressed almost entirely like 
was the size of a gorilla, and had a personality to match. There was an 
empty circle around them a good ten feet across... other people, 
repelled by their odious self-images, had a natural tendency to stay 

Now, mind you, my own body is far from the wasted-away thing you might 
imagine... as my mind has increased in power, my body has increased it's 
own capacity, so as to better maintain my brain. I have very little body 
fat, and a healthy growth of good, dense muscle. I could probably beat 
eight out of ten men at a good, honest arm-wrestling contest. But 
looking at these two, I saw physical perfection taken to a disgusting 
level, with almost no accompanying mental development. These people were 
ignoring mankind's most precious resource - the mind.

Pamela wasn't a female body-builder, but was super hot and well built. She 
wasn't grossly 
overdeveloped, or I never would have considered using her as I did. The 
man, however, could not touch his own head... his biceps were far too 
big to allow his elbows to bend that far. He would have to go.

I commanded Pamela to forget she was with anyone, and to loiter 
around in a small area outside of a shoe store for a brief while. That 
gave me time to concentrate on the man.

The man received a different set of commands. He too forgot he was with 
someone, and went out to his car and drove away.

Onto Pamela. She had a great ass, and nice legs, but that 
was really all I could tell. Her outfit would never do. Before I did 
anything else, I would give her a gift as few women have been gifted before.

She went around to several shops on my command, starting with a lingerie 
shop. There, I gave her a general suggestion... "Get something sexy." My 
subconcious would feed her more details, but my concious mind wanted to 
be somewhat surprised. She would select whatever was most appropriate 
for her, perhaps taking some time to try things on... I was in a mood to 
be patient. When she had selected something, I would command the person 
at the cash register to remove the security tag and simply give her the 

She visited another store... clothing. My subconcious mind saw to it that 
what she bought would appeal to me, but my concious mind remained blissfully 
unaware. At the last fitting room, she changed, leaving her old clothing 

It took an hour. I had lunch, read a comic book, and played a 
video-game. When she walked back in front of me, I approved wholeheartedly.

She was clad in a tight black minidress, which displayed her aforementioned 
terrific ass to it's best advantage, as well as her huge, perfectly formed 
breasts. She had on nylon stockings and high-heeled "fuck-me" pumps, and 
she walked like she wanted to get laid a whole lot. She would continue 
walking around the mall, ignoring everything, until I was ready for her. 

An ego like hers deserved something special, something nasty... I 
reached out my mind, looking for the mind of a mugger who had worked 
this mall before. Surprising how many I found... one was even there 
right now, scoping for a victim! I read his mind, found his favorite 
spot... the elevator in one of the major department stores. It had a 
little fluke he had discovered by accident... when it was on the lowest 
basement level, and you pressed the emergency "Stop" button, the usual 
alarm failed to sound! It was the kind of thing you used at the end of 
the day, when no one would get suspicous at the elevator's lack of 
movement. Of course, that was if you lacked the ability to make certain 
no one got suspicious!

This guy was pretty well prepared. He had a knife, a pair of scissors, 
even a couple of rolls of duct-tape, all in a shopping bag he carried 
around innocently. All he needed I added to his psychy, a thirst for rape. He 
was waiting for closing time. I didn't have to wait that long, but I felt I 
owed this fellow a little something. That, 
and I DID want to do something special to Ms. Pamela Ego...

So I took control of his mind as well.. It was time to indulge my base 

Pamela went into the department store, followed at a comfortable 
distance by he and I. A slight push, a little suggestion, and she was 
waiting for the elevator, as were we.

When the elevator arrived, only Pamela, the rapist, and I got on. He 
blocked the button panel with his body and pressed the button for the 
lowest basement level as I engaged Pamela in spurious conversation. I 
released all but a very little of my control from her... she thought it 
perfectly natural to be here, alone, in those clothes, she was unable to 
defend herself or hurt either of us. The elevator stopped, and my 
accomplice hit the stop button. Pamela turned, looked at the floor 
indicator, and gasped. It was time.

He grabbed her from behind, and proved to be quite skillful at this... 
with one hand, he locked both of her arms behind her back with some kind 
of judo move I was simply going to have to copy from his mind before I 
let him go. His other hand covered her mouth.

"Scream, and we kill you," he hissed into her ear. Oh, yes, the man was 
a pro. She was delicious to look at... squirming, struggling helplessly, 
her shoulders jostling her breasts as she fought to escape him. Without 
my control, it would have been a close thing... his skill versus her 
excellent physical development. As it was, with a command in her mind to 
render her helpless, there was nothing to do but watch her writhe 
against him in her struggles to escape.

I approached her, then, and ran my hands up and down her delicious 
torso, feeling the texture of the cloth of the minidress, and the heat 
of the flesh under it. For a moment, I felt a second set of sensations, 
an odd set, that didn't match my actions... I realized after a moment of 
consideration that I was feeling through my accomplices hands, feeling 
her wrists and her mouth against my palms! Striving for deeper 
connection, I could also feel her back against my stomach, and best of 
all, I could feel her soft, round, wildly gyrating ass grinding into my 
crotch. It was disorienting for a moment, but soon, I began to savor the 
double sensations. It would make things interesting very very soon.

"Hello, bitch," I said, as I slid my fingers into her cleavage. "Think 
you're all shit hot, don't you bitch?" I asked. I slowly pulled down the 
front of her dress, allowing it to slide down over her shoulders, 
revealing an extremely sheer red lace brassiere. God, I love red 
lingerie on blondes! My subconcious has done very well by me so far.

Her nipples are erect as I pull the dress past them, and I leave it 
bunched up just under her breasts, pushing them up. Her big eyes 
are wide open, staring at me, pleading with me as she shakes her head 
and whimpers in fear through my accomplices hand. I can feel the 
excitement as he feels her breasts, pushing them up.

As I slowly tweak her erect nipples through the lace of the bra, he 
releases her mouth, hissing "One word, and we'll kill you," into her 
ear. Her lipstick is a little smudged, but her mouth stays closed as he 
reaches into his shopping bag for the duct tape.

He releases her wrists, and I reach forward and hold her by the upper 
arms, holding her tightly against me. She's struggling, wriggling, 
making high-pitched whines of helplessness behind those clenched lips... 
unable to do anything to oppose us at all.

He rolls back her sleeves from her wrists, until they are well above her 
elbows. Then, he secures her right hand to her left elbow, behind her 
back, with the duct tape. Making sure that is tight, he stretches her 
left arm painfully, making her cry out just a bit, and binds her left 
hand to her right elbow. This has the effect not only of very 
effectively binding her arms, but also of forcing her to thrust her 
breasts forward. They feel nice against my chest. Just for good measure, 
he wrapped strip after strip of the tape around both forearms, ensuring 
her bondage. 

He grabs her shoulders and pulls her back against himself as I slide a 
finger between her breasts and pull down on the crosspiece of that 
lovely bra. Slowly, agonizingly, more and more of her creamy breasts are 
revealed, until, just when the nipples were ready to slide out, the 
shoulder straps of the bra give way and her breasts both pop free, 
jiggling in the indirect light of the little elevator.

I toy with her breasts, kneading them in my anxious hands, flicking the 
nipples with my thumbs.

I nod to my partner, and he applies pressure to the tops of her 
shoulders, forcing her to her knees. Once her face is on a level with my 
crotch, I unzip my fly and whip out my cock.

"This is for you, you white bitch," I say, holding it to her lips.

She closes her lips tight again, her eyes widening more, looking up at 
me, pleading, begging with those expressive eyes of hers...

My accomplice grabs her nose from behind, shutting off her air. Her eyes 
bug out, her cheeks hollow as she tries to pull all of the air in her 
body into her lungs... she is in excellent physical shape, and lasts 
almost a minute, before her mouth opens to gasp in air. What it managed 
to gasp in was my cock.

As those ruby lips parted for air, I slid the head of my engorged pecker 
between them and into her mouth. My accomplice released her nose, 
allowing her to breathe once more. I sat there for a few minutes, 
revelling in the feeling of her hot, wet mouth on my prich head, feeling 
her complacent tongue pressing into the cleft on the underside. WIth my 
commands in her head, there was nothing she could do about it at this 
point, except kneel there and take whatever I gave her.

I grabbed both sides of her head in my hands, taking up great fistfulls 
of her teased-out blonde hair, and pulled her mouth down further onto my 
cock. I told her "take it whore". She tried to shake her head, to move away, 
but my grip was too 
strong and painful for her to resist. I pulled her head onto my cock 
hard, until I was choking her with it.

Her eyes still looked up into mine, pleadingly, which really got me 
going. Rapidly, I started to force her head back and forth on my cock, 
raping her mouth with my big dick. 

As I was doing this, my accomplice was lifting up the hem of her 
minidress, and exposing her beautiful ass clad in red silk thong 
panties. He reached down, kneeling behind her, and fondled her 
mostly-naked butt, squeezing the cheeks, occasionally pinching them. All 
of these sensations, right down to the warmth flowing into his crotch, 
were felt by me at the same time, as I was getting my forced blow job. 
It was getting to be quite overwhelming, actually. I decided to see how 
overwhelming it could get.

I withdrew my cock for a moment, and sat on the floor, my legs wide. 
Grabbing her head again, I pulled her mouth down onto my cock, so that 
she was not only on her knees, but bending over, her nipples brushing 
the floor of the elevator, her head pulled forcibly into my lap, where 
she was made to suck me more. "You know you want to be raped you little hot 
bitch" I said. Her beautiful ass jutted up in the air in front of my 
accomplice, inviting, begging. He opened his pants, whipped out his cock, and 
pulled her panties down around her knees.

As her hot wet mouth and tight lips bobbed up and down on my rampant 
prick, giving me intense forced head, he slid his cock into her hot, 
tight pussy. She was quite wet, having been excited by her situation, 
and he slid his modest prick into her in one thrust. I felt that thrust, 
as though it was my own prick, even as my own prick was being sucked by 
the same woman.

I came. I blew my sperm into her helpless mouth, as she squirmed and 
squealed, the cum flowing out past her lips and spattering back onto my 
cock and pants. It was one of the most intense orgasms I ever had in my 
life, and it was also one of the most satisfying. I pulled my cock out 
of her mouth as she coughed and sputtered my sperm. My partner continued to 
fuck her, and I felt the delicious sensations of her body being raped under 
me, as I forced her head into my lap and rubbed her face in the 

"Oh... oh god... no, please... oooooh," she moaned, as he raped her. I 
had to be careful of his reserves... unlike me, my partner could 
probably manage, at best, one orgasm from this experience, and I was 
eager to try something else... something even hotter.

I pushed her up as he pulled out of her, and spread her legs. 

"Oh, no, what are you going to do to me? Oh, please, let me go..."

He laid down under her and pulled her up until she was stradling his 
cock, then he pulled her pussy down onto him. She groaned with the 
penetration, and he dug his fingers into her hips and forced her ass up 
and down. With her arms bound, she could get no leverage to stop him.

I went around behind her, in the meantime. My cock was still rock hard, 
and slippery with her spit and my cum. He stopped moving her ass for a 
moment, and as she lay there, breathing hard and sobbing, helpless, I 
pressed the tip of my cock against her asshole.

"Wha... NO! Oh, god, NO, not there! Anywhere but there, PLEASE! Oh, god, 

Had part of my mind not been monitoring the surrounding area, she might 
have been heard. I reached around in front of her face with one hand, 
and clamped it over her mouth. She continued to murmur and moan through 
my hand as I used my other hand to guide my cock into her helpless ass!

She screamed into my hand as I buried it in her anus with one thrust. I 
almost shot off again immediately.

Can you imagine the feeling? Her hot, soft ass-cheeks pressed up against 
my thighs, my cock gripped in her tight, hot little asshole, while at 
the same time, her body writhing on top of me, her breasts pressing into 
my chest, as my cock is engulfed in her wet, tight, hot cunt? It almost 
defies description... and there are no words for how it felt when we 
started pumping her.

Her helpless body writhed between us, unable to do anything at all to 
defend herself from her two attackers, her hips gyrating wildly, her 
breasts thrusting into the man underneath her, him squeezing her breasts till 
they bruise, as two cocks rammed into her repeatedly, perfectly timed... his 
cock entering as I exited, my 
cock entering as his exited. We kept this up for a short time, then the 
timing altered, so that we were both thrusting into her at once! It did 
not take long, in this position, with these penetrations... my accomplice 
came hard, shooting his wad deep up her pussy. 

That sensation was all it took to set off my own orgasms... all the ones 
I had left in me, at once! I poured shot after wad after jet after 
stream of my hot cum deep in her bowels, so much that the cum spilled 
out around my big cock in her asshole and dripped all over.

Never had I felt so completely satisfied, never had I felt so much 
pleasure at once! My partner and I wiped the sperm on her minidress, and 
arranged our clothing properly.

We would leave her like that, trussed up and unconcious, covered with 
sperm and with all of her clothing bunched up around her stomach, 
leaving her ass and tits exposed, in the elevator. Someone would get a 
big surprise the next time they were too lazy to use the escalator!

I left my address in her mind with a deep desire to visit me some time.

On to the next.

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