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I am not the Author!!!!!

This story is for person who are:
1) Adult (however that is defined in your country)
2) Able to distinguish between fantasy and reality
3) Persons who enjoy reading stories of rape and/or non-concenstual sex acts.

If any of the three do not apply to you, quit reading Now!!!

Author: Unknown
Bikini Model GangRape 

     She should've known better, but she listened to her stupid
boyfriend.  It seemed so easy: on their trip to Columbia, he'd pick up a
couple of ounces of coke from a guy he knew and they'd just
smuggle it home and party it up back in San Diego.  It was supposed to be
so easy.
     Staci's parents, both doctors, had sprung for the trip for her 18th
birthday.  They were proud of  their daughter, she'd just graduated form
high school and was just starting to  model bikinis for a local swim wear
company  and she had the look: long, straight, blonde past the middle of
her back, blue eyes, a very pretty face,  nice full tits, slender legs,
and a perfect little ass  she could go far modeling  and the money was
good, but the work was not real steady and Steve, her boyfriend, pretty
much just surfed and hungout.  So her parents thoughtit would be good for
Staci to visit another culture and to see some of the preColumbian ruins
and artifacts strewn throughout the region and hopefully spark her
interest in going to college.   Well, Steve had other ideas, ideas Staci
liked too as they took off for their two weeks.
     They spent a few days in Bogota, but then they checked out of their
hotel and headed into the mountains south of the city, to a little
mountain village where Steve's friend Paulo lived.
     Everything went as planned: they met Steve's friend, and stayed with
him for a couple of days, then they bought the coke, 2 ounces of
absolutely pure cocaine for $200. Incredible.  They packed it into
balloons and Staci went into the other room and unbuttoned her faded,
cutoff "DaisyMay" shortshorts, let them fall around her ankles, slipped
her little white gstring down, and inserted both balloons deep into her
pussy.  It felt kind of good slipping in, a deep tingly sensation like
having a huge dick inside her but without being sexually stimulated; she
liked it.
     As they drove away, back towards Bogota, they  waved goodbye to Paulo
and the little village.  They planned to spend the rest of their last week
in the Capital, sight seeing and doing up lines.
     About ten miles from the outskirts of the city as they bumped along
the rutted road in the damp tropical heat they saw a road block up ahead. 
They looked like government troops.   Staci looked nervous as she brushed
some wet blonde hair from her face.  
     Two guys in military jungle fatigues holding machine guns stood in
the road.  Steve stopped the car.  They approached on  both sides.  Staci
stared straight ahead as the guard on her side walked around the vehicle. 
Steve handed the guard at  his window their passports and the papers
showing the car to be a rental.  The guard looked at the papers and into
the car at Steve and Staci, then he yelled in Spanish and pointed the
machine gun at them, other men jumped off the trucks and pointed their
machine guns at the car, Steve and Staci froze in panic.
     The guard screamed and waved his gun, motioning them out of the car.
They both held their hands out to show themselves unarmed and tried to get
out of the car.  As Steve opened his door the guard lunged and struck him
sharply on the head with his machine gun, then swiftly kicked Steve in the
face.  Steve was still dangling in the car as the guard grabbed him by the
hair and pulled him out of the car and violently kicked Steve in the ribs,
rolling him onto his back.  Steve begged as Staci screamed and sobbed. 
Two guards directed her to the hood of the car where she stood shaking and
holding her face as tears streamed down.
     There was still a lot of commotion and screaming and gun pointing as
Steve remained on the ground on his back and Staci stood motionless. 
Waiting.  They knew they'd been caught.  Paulo. 
     An officer stepped out from a jeep on the right side of the road. 
He'd been watching the whole thing.  He walked up to Steve and asked
calmly in broken English,    "Where is the coca my friend?"  and he smiled
down at Steve, revealing his three, gold capped, upper front teeth.
     Steve belted out, "What coke?  We don't have shit."  His voice
trailed away.  
     The officer smiled again, a sadistic smile, as he placed the sole of
his shiny, black jackboot on Steve's face and pressed down hard and
grinding.   "Where is the coca?"  Steve started to scream as his face
bruised and began to bleed under the pressure.  "You Americanos come here
and think you can do what you please, raping my country and my people, I
will show you."  And he stomped down on Steve's chest knocking the wind
out of him. 
     He turned and faced Staci who stood terrorized.  As the officer
started over to where she stood she began to back up slowly.  Two steps
back and the strong hands of guards clamped down on her arms and held her
firm.  The officer smiled as he approached, his gold teeth glimmering. 
She struggled, twisting and jerking to get free, but the guards held her
tight.  Steve
rolled onto his hands and knees and watched in pain.
     The officer shouted something in Spanish and the guards forced Staci
to the ground, two more guards ran over.  She screamed for help, as they
held her down and ripped the buttons on her shorts open and pulled them
off  her.  Staci struggled in the dirt as the four guards held her down.
     The officer pulled his shiny steel knife from its sheath and Staci
stopped struggling and screaming as she watched the blade glint in the
sun.  Steve tried to get up but a guard struck him with the butt of his
rifle from behind and knock him to the ground again, where he could only
watch, helpless.
     The officer knelt down by Staci's waist.  She lay motionless,
watching the blade.  The officer enjoying her fear, gently placed the
razorsharp tip on her smooth, tender neck.  She swallowed.  He ran the tip
between her tits.  He said something in Spanish and there was a nervous
laughter.  He ran the blade down to her tan stomach, and across her tight
hard muscles, down to her pelvis, where he drew the blade across the
pelvic bones which protruded slightly, and back up to the elastic strap of
her white gstring, where, with a quick flick, he cut the elastic.  The cut
strap revealed her very white tan lines from her bikini.  Staci began to
     "No, no please stop.  We'll leave.  No please."  She clenched as the
officer cut the other elastic band.  She started to cry as he took the
point of the blade and lifted her panties away revealing her pussy.  Her
dark tan lines contrasted sharply with her white skin where her light
brown pubic hair had been trimmed and shaved into a little strip.  Her
pussy lips were shaved completely.       The officer said something else
in Spanish and the guards spread Staci's legs wide open.  She continued to
sob as he took his knife and ran it through her muff and down to her pussy
lips, he ran the long, sharpened edge down her inner thigh as if shaving
her and said,     "Shave very nice, no."  He said something else in
Spanish to another wave of nervous laughter.  Then he plunged the knife
violently down into the soil between her legs and Staci screamed as all
the guards laughed and Steve watched.  
     Staci could only watch as the officer stuck two dirty fingers from
his right hand into her mouth and rubbed them on her tongue .  He smiled
as she gagged and struggled and twisted.  Then he pulled them out of her
mouth and inserted then into her pussy.  
     She cried,  "No, no, please."
     The officer said something in Spanish as he felt around inside her, 
she could feel his fingers probing inside her, moving the balloons
around.  He was enjoying this.  Then he pulled one of the balloons out of
Staci's widespread snatch.  He sniffed it and examined the balloon before
handing it to another guard, who smiled as he held it and watched.  The
officer slipped his fingers back inside Staci, in past his knuckles, she
could feel his big hand stretching her as he took his time violating her,
before he smiled and pulled the second balloon out.  He handed the second
balloon to the guard and he said something in Spanish as he started to
undo his pants.  
     Staci started to scream again and fight but the guards held her
firmly to the ground.  She was pinned and helpless as his belt buckle fell
open and he started to undo his fly.  He shouted something and two guards
drug Steve over to where he could watch clearly.  They both held the
barrels of  their guns to his head.  The officer said,   "If you move,
they will shoot you."
     Steve watched as the officer pulled his hard prick out of his pants
and climbed on top of  Staci.  She screamed and struggled as she felt his
rigid rod beginning to penetrate.  It hurt as he rammed it inside and
started to fuck her.  She cried as he looked down at her, his bad breath
blowing onto her face, his meaningless words in time with each violating
trust.  His dirty tongue licked her face and ear, she turned her face away
but he kept groaning and grunting on top of  her until he finally jammed
his big prick all the way inside her and came.  He twitched and groaned as
his cum flooded her violated hole.
     Staci looked up at him with hatred as he smiled down, she could see
his gold caps and rotting teeth, his pitted and pocked greasy face.  He
pulled his spent, cum covered cock out of her and flopped it back into his
pants, and did them up.  He stood up and, as he walked away, he said
something in Spanish.  The other 10 men from the detachment whooped and
hollered and shouted in Spanish as they surrounded Staci.  Steve lay
helpless on the ground, a boot in his back and two guns to his head as he
watched 14 soldiers gangrape his girlfriend.
     Four guys held her down as the others took turns raping her.  They
ripped her tshirt off and groped and pulled at her snow white tits and
hard little nipples as guy after guy got between her legs and fucked her. 
The officer's cum lubricated her tight little pussy so each soldier got a
nice juicy hole to wildly fuck as they tradedoff, each enjoying her.  
     Staci stopped struggling after the 5th or 6th guy had fucked her, but
they still held her tight.  There was a frenzy around her; hands rubbed
and pulled and pinched, she felt guy after guy climb on top of her, his
weight pressing down as he found her raped pussy, and penetrated.  Fucking
her hard, she could feel their cocks inside her, filling her, violating
her, she could feel their heavy balls slapping her ass, their stubbled,
dirty faces smiling down at her, saying things in Spanish, pounding and
pounding, their awful breath as they panted and gasped, and just after
they would cum they would pull out and let some other dirty soldier find
her hole and fuck her.  
     Soldier after soldier took his turn again and again.
     Steve tried to close his eyes but the guards made him watch.  He
watched as each of the soldiers finally climbed between Staci's widespread
legs and fucked her until they pumped their cum deep inside her pussy.
     Staci could feel the cum fill her cunt.  She felt looser and sloppier
with each guy.  She could feel the cum being forced out of her pussy as
each new cock pushed in; it bubbled and farted as it seeped out and ran
down over her asshole and smeared between her legs until she was a gooey,
sticky, cum soaked mess as each guy's cock slipped in and out of her.  The
soldiers didn't care, they each wanted to have a chance to cum inside a
white American bitch, especially a beautiful, longhaired blonde, bigtitted
white girl just like the American magazines they jackoff to.
     Finally it was over, as the last guy grunted and grimaced as he
pumped his load inside her well fucked and cum draining cunt.  Steve could
hear the sloppy pussy farts over where he lay and watched as the last guy
pulled his teninch tool from Staci's completely stretched and splattered,
gangraped hole.


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