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Nitemares and Fantasies: Compelled                          
Anpther Story from this poor woman's nitemare's!

By: Imma Scared

It started with a dream, a very vivid dream......

The dream started as if I had in fact awakened from a drugged sleep. and I
found  myself laying stretched out and bound on a  some sort of hard cold
surface.  My hands were bound and pulled back over my head. with my feet 
also bound,  to the corners of the table.  I was also naked.

As I tried to move, my eyes took in my surroundings. I appeared to be in a
huge room,  in looked, of all things, a medieval dungeon.  Chains and
hand-cuff like things hung from walls and the celing.....

The door to the room opened up and a man entered. I knew real fear when I
looked at him. He was big and heavy, close to 7 feet, totally bald.  He
was also totally naked, and at the sight of his huge erect cock, I

"You're gonna have a good cause to scream in a minure, babe. But right,
now, you just better shut the fuck up!", he said calmly.

I shut. I wanted to scream. I wanted to ask why was I here? What was he
going to with me. But I somehow knew that disobedience would have a price
I didn't want to pay.

He began to run his hands over my body. "Ol' Jake sure can spot 'em." he
said as hands moved between my legs and began to caress my inner thighs.
Then he inserted a thick sausage like finger into my pussy and began to
finger fuck me.

Against my will, my body began to respond to this treatment by sending
waves of pleasure to my brain. If I could have squirmed away from the man,
I would have, but I couldn't. And to be honest a part of me didn't want

"Would I like to know why, you're here? What's going to happen to I?" I
nodded, hating myself for enjoying the way he was finger-ficking me.

"You're the honored guest of  B.O.A.R, Brothers Organized for Assualt and
Rape. You're going to help us make a little fund rasing video and
recruitment Video."

As he said that, a long line of men, big mean looking men, began filing in
the roon. "39 of us, Babe. All with big thick dicks ready to take their
pleasure in your pussy, your ass, and your mouth!"
I screamed then. Even knowing it was useless, I screamed.......      
And woke up.   

I knew I was really awake, because  that wonderful/horrible finger fucking
had stopped..... I felt shame, and I felt dirty, and I felt very, very,

I lay there inthe dark, resisiting the urge to materubate, wondering what
has caused me to have such a filthy nitemare, and why it was so vivid.
Each detail, each sensation had been so real!!!  The faces of each of the
40 men were even now swiiming before me in the darkness. I had never seen
them before but I was half-certian that they were the faces of real

Just then the  phone rang. I looked at the clock. The flowing numbers said
3:00 a.m.  Normally, I let the answering machine take my calls, but Mom
has been sick.....Could this be the dreaded call?

I picked up the phone, ³Hello?²

³I know what you need. You need to be raped, raped hard every day, til you

I froze in terror. I had never heard that the voice before. I recognized
that voice. It was the voice of the man who had finger-fucked me in my

³I know what you need.², he repeated. He laughed.

³What? What? Who is this?², I shouted. But the line was dead. 


I went to work in the morning, but my boss sent me home early. 

³You donıt look well², he said. Was he smirking? I thought he leered at
me, which was not like him at all. ³Why donıt you just take the next few
days off? Come back after the weekend? ŒBout time you used up some of
those sck days youıve been piling up.²

I left the office, wondering if I was losing my mind. As I waited for the
elevator, James from security walked past me, and I thought I heard him
whisper, ³Gonna get raped girl.²

When I turned to demand that he repeat what he said, I know I saw him
rubbing his crotch. The elevator door opened, and I just stumbled inside.

As I head out the building, the doorman hands me a envelope.

³I was told to give this to you,² he says.

I take, it from him. All that it has on it is my name. No address. Nothing
to indicate who it was from. Just my name, hand-printed in block letters.
I open it, and begin to read  the ³letter² inside.

Know what Iıd like to do? I wanto rape I...I plan to rape I....soon.....
Iıll catch I coing into your apartment after work....iıll grap u from
behind and push u through the door...and knock I on to the floor. Iıll
hold I there and kiss I...and then run my hands all over I.....s;lding my
hand up under your skirt...and into your panties...while kissing your face
and neck.....iıll stick a knife at your throat and threaten to slice u
up.... make u be still an quite while i undressed completely...and while u
r still dressed...rub myfuckpole all over I and then  ram it real into
your mouth...i would then fuck your mouth.....ram it down your throat till
u choke......and turn my head so i could liuck your panties through your
nylons...and pull them down and lick your puss...while moving my cock in
and out of your that time i would cum and forse u to pull your panties and nylonx off.....and have I sit doggie
style....if flip your skirt up and stick my dick into your ass..hope u a
vergin there...hope I hurt u bad back there...and move til i cum
again.......i woud then lay with u awhile.......holding u.....u r
scared....but too scared to move......after i got my breathe back id fuck
u again in every possible way there is..... ³

I was fasinated and horrified. There was no signature. No indication on
who wrote this horrible thing. I balled it up, and tried to throw it into
a nearby trash-can. But as I prepared to throw it, a voice said behind me,
³Whatıs wrong, didnıt that sound like fun?²

I turned, and almost screamed. Standing in front of me was one of the men
from my dream!!!

³Course me, Iıd be jes as happy to drag I in this here alley,  and shove
my cock inta ya.²

³What? What? no!². I stammered.

³Maybe not now, pretty lady, but I will have da pleasure of reamin ya, one
way or another.  I promise ya that. Till den, why doan ya jes get yer ass
on home?²

I turned, and ran!  

Mebbe if ya lucky, ya can do it Œfore somebody rapes yer ass.³, he
shouted, laughing like a maniac.


Somehow how I did get home.  Home to terror!

I walked into the apartment, and closed locked the door behind me. As I
shot the last bolt into place, I heard a sound behind  me, and discovered
that the ³giant² from  the  nightmare is standing in the middle of my
living room!!!

As I stand frozen in shock, He rushed at me and grabbbed me, forcing me to
the wall. I screamed and started to struggle as his hands groped roughly
at my firm small tits, his  knee pressing relentlessly between my legs.  

He grabbed my  top and without warning, almost without effort,  ripped it
open! He pulled the shreds down my arms, along with my  bra straps, which 
pinned  my arms as my breasts poped free.  

I was sobbing with fear and humiliation as his mouth clamped on my nipple,
licking, biting and sucking it.

He pulled  me over to the dining room table and threw me down on top of
it. I kicked wildly athim; but he just laughed and ignored my  feeble
kicks, and  flipped me over.

He paused  for a moment,  just to tear a strip of cloth from my  ruined
blouse and used it to bind my hands behind my back.  

³Bet  ya think ya know whatıs gonna happen ta ya gurl, but ya doan know
the half of it.²,  he sniggered.

Then he turned me back over, grabbed my ankles, and forced my legs
apart.   I am  frantic, hysterical, begging him to stop, threatening,
pleading, as his huge shovel like  hand slid toward my panties; his huge
thick sausage-like fingers slippped inside the crotch and  cried out as I
felt them brushing over my bare flesh. he laughed   I tried to pull away
from him.  

He gripped both sides of the narrow strip and yanked ... RRIPP!! Myr
panties were now crotchless and my naked pussywas fully exposed!  

He starts telling me  how pretty ³it² is, how nice it's going to feel as
rams his ³thick hard fuckpole² into me. His fingers started to tease me,
finding allof my  sensitive spots; a few times he  drew a gasp or moan
from me; and he chuckled and ask if that feel good.  

"NO!!" I scream, my face burning with humiliation as my pussy starts to
betray the rest of my body.
³Walp, I guess its only fair this part  feels good ta ya, Œcuz I doubt ya
gonna like what my dick makes ya feel. I shure hopes not anyways², he

He really began thrusting and shoving his thick finger into me, bending
over to lick my tits a few times as his  fingers probed, finding my

³God damn!!! I didnıt knows ya was a virgin!!!²

Any hopes of mercy were dashed as he continued, ³Fucking, great, I aint
had the chance to rape  me a virgin pussy in a looong time!!!²

He raises himself up and opened his jeans, exposing his thick hard cock.

I  see it and freeze at the sight -- the size -- of it -- never seen one
before, but somehow I knew it was much bigger than normal.  

³Jes ten inches long, and two inches thick, doll. Maddog, he got a foot
long one, so I guess  I be doin ya a favor, be the fust ta rape ya.²

He rubbed the huge hard head of his cock ove rmy pussy, ³need to get some
of your juice and rub it on my cock² , then he pulled me forward -- I see
that THING coming at my virgin cunt, I started to scream again in panic,
trying to pull away.

He just laughed as without effort pulled us together, aimed his cock at
me, pressed the head against my pussy lips, found  my little entry, and
DROVEhis  whole length into me!  

My scream was almost inhuman in its pain and shame; my throat was raw from
it,  and yet I went on screaming as he pulled back and drove in again,
ramming and slamming into me, relishing the feel of my incredibly tight

³What a lovely cunt you are!!! ³ he grunted as he rammed into me again and

He continued to plunge his cock brutally in and out of me, barely holding
on to control as he ran his hands over my tits, my nipples, down over my

His rhythm increased and soon he was hammering into me so deeply I felt
his thickness beating against my cervix.  I met each powerful penetration,
driving my buttocks up, trying to pull him in even deeper in the hopes of
easing the pain of his savage thrusting. Of course, it didn't help.  My
entire body spasmed and I screamed out in agony. He seemed to go on
forever, his beating hips growing more forceful and intense with each deep
piercing. my spasming vagina insanely pulling and clutching at his rock
hard weapon of flesh.

I could feel my insides splitting painfully as my tormentor began ramming
himself harder and deeper into me, and it seemed  his punishing prick
suddenly flared into a greater size!  I couldnot believe that the  waves
of pain that flooded thru my body were not driving me into merciful

Just when I thought I could not take it any more,  I could feel the huge
thing inside me do something totally new, it began to spurt--and felt a
horrible hot white liquid shooting intome like burning fire, scalding my
insides like streams of molten lava.

He withdrew his softening cock out of me and stood up, griining evilly
down at me.

³Did that hurt?² he smirked. ³Doan see why, it shure felt good ta me!!!²,
he thew his head back and laughed!!!!

I lay there, my breath coming in ragged gasps, as i watched him cleam his
now limp dick with a scap of my clothing.

³40 times 40 times 3², he said. ³You think you can survice that?²

³What?², I croaked? ³What do you mean?²

³Well, les see, how can I make it plain fer ya? You got three holes made
fer pleasurinı men, yer mouth, yer pussy, and yer ass. And me and the
boys, there is 40 of us, and each of us is goona use each hole at least
once.  And we gonna try  use sem holes for  40 days.²

I was stunned. I couldnıt believe what I heard. ³No, please, ³ I managed
to whimper, ³Please, no.²

He just continued to laugh, ³40 thick meaty cocks ramming and slamming and
filling ya  up, and aint a damn thing ya can do about it!!!!²

I gazed at him with in horrorified disbelief. ³No, no, Iıll kill myself

³How babe? ³, he sneered. ³Ya aint no power over yaself any more. Ya mind,
can say no, ya soul can scream no, ya nouth can even say if we lets it.
But ya body will obey us, no matta what ya want!²

³Now be a  agood little gurl, and go ta sleep²

I went out like a light!


I was awakened by the phone ringing.

At first, I thought that the rape had been a nigtmare, for I was in my
bed, clean and naked under the covers. Night had clearly had fallen, for
the room was dark. Only the glow of the nitelite, and the clock radio gave
any light in  my room, but I knew I was alone.

But as I came to full wakefulness, the soreness of my pussy was proof that
the rape had been all too real!!!

I found my hand reaching for the phone, even as my mind screamed ³NO!!!:.
I knew, before the receiver mer my ear, whose voice I would hear....

³Hello Babe, bet yer still hurtinı some,² the man said. When I said
nothing, he chuckled, ³Well, too bad, its time for ya ta get up and start
makinı us happy.²

He instructed me on what I had to do, and like a robot, I obeyed. 

I got up, and put on my short pink, sleeveless dress over my nude body,
and put sandals on my feet.  I walked over to the dresser, and put a drop
of musk oil behind each ear.  Then I walked ot my front door, leaving it
closed, but unlocked behind me.

³Mebbe the ³wrong² rapist will get ta ya ferst, ³ the voice laughed. 
³wouldnıt that be a hoot? ŒCourse if that happened, and he didnıt kill ya,
that wouldnıt let ya off the hook, ya unnerstan. Jus postpone what da boyz
and I have planned fer ya!²

My mind was screaming but my body kept walking, walking. Suddenly a huge
dark bulk stepped out of the shadows and stepped in front of me, blocking
my path..

A fat heavly bearded man grinned at me. ³Ahhh...just what I need!! Pussy!²

He grabbed me, and threw be hard against the wall.  ³You just stay still,
there, little girlie, I got somethinı real special for you!², he w panted
as he unzipped his pants. Then he pulled out his cock....

He grabbed my hand and made me  bring my hand to his crotch and wrapped my
hand around his cock, forced my hand to slide it up and down the hot,
rock-hard shaft. 

³I know you aint ever had a dick like mine babe, I got the best, 12 inches
of good fuck meat, just made to punish pretty little pussies like you,²,
he wheezed.

He pressed his face hard against mine, and then he  kissed me hard his 
tongue plunged hard into  into my mouth, down my throat, while his huge
rough hands grabbed my small breast and squeezing, and pulling on them

Slowly as if he was savoring the moment, his hand pulled  my sundress up,
so that it now rode my hips. I tried to struggle,  to keep him from doing
so, but he was far too big, too strong for me.  He pressed into me, pinned
me against the wall crushing me, His huge baton-like penis pressed against
my thigh,  which was now naked and exposed to him. 

³Donıt be too scared, that I ain going yo treat you right, pretty, little
pussy. I just need a quick, hard fuck to relieve the pressure, then mebbe,
after that we can go somewhere and party, ³

He got closer and slowly ran the head of his massive cock up and down the
outside of my pussy   as if to tease me. 

³Hope you dry. I luv, raping a hot, dry pussy, ³, he said as he began to
shove the huge plum-like head of his cock into me.

Leaning forward, and he forced his mouth on mine, kissing me hard.I could
feel the head  of his
enormous penis pushing againstmy pussy's entrance, and it felt as if
somebody was forcing a clenched fist up between my legs.

"Please, it's too big," I wept. "Please, you're going to kill me."

But the simply laughed. He got closer and slowly ran the head of his
massive cock up and down my pussy as if to tease me. He began to shove the
huge plum-like head of his cock into my slit.

Then suddenly, I felt pain so intense that I thought that my pelvis had
broken apart. My head jerked upward and the sensation of the fat manıs
cock with its swollen head of its thick shaft plunging down battered and
bruised  pussy made my spine arch involuntarily.

³Yaaaaa, good, pussy...², he grunted as  relentlessly shoved his massive
cock inside me. I was hurt too badly to do anything but shudder and gasp.
There was nothing I could do to save myself, I was powerless. All I could
do was hold on tight to the very creature that was hurting me so much, and
keep my legs stretched as wide apart as I possibly could, and pray.

The fat manıs huge cock continued it's relentless punishing impalement, as
it tore in and oot of me, he realy seemed to enjoy my steady  pleading for
him to stop.

I finally felt the large plum-like head bump the very limit of my vaginal
cavity. They was a great cramping as it seated itself up against my
cervix.   I screamed in terror as the cock stained my insides to the

Icould feel every bump and vein on his huge penis as it slammed powerfully
into my pussy, and then he began to pick up the pace  of  slamming into
me, a furious pace that seemed to get more brutal with each stroke. He
grabbed me around thewaist and pulled me hard into him so that he could
fuck me harder, pounding into my pussy. 

Just as the the pain began to increase past the point of human endurance,
his cock erupted, spraying my insides with hot lava-like liquid........

As he pulled out his softening, but still thick cock from my battered
pussy, I heard a voice say,  ³Good job, Maddog!!²

I lloked up, to see yet another  huge man in the alley. As he approached,
me he unzipped his pants,  I whimpered, ³no, no,no².  But both men just

³Shit, ³ Maddog said to the newcomer, ³pretty lttle pussy,  you aint got
no fucking choice!!! Now maybe you do right by Ric, we might just lest you
rest up a bit, but you can plan on not leaen here for a while.²

³Rest, Hell!!², Rick laughed, ad he slapped my face with his semi -hard
dick, which while much shorter than Maddogıs, already seemed much thicker.

He gripped my head then and tilted it up as he stepped directly in front
of me.I stared up at him, intensely aware of his half hard cock inches
from my  face.

³Oh God,²  I realized with horror, ³He wants me to suck his cock!²

"Suck this, baby. Suck it good,  suck it like your life depends on it, cuz
right now it does"
"No! I never.", I said hoping that maybe he would kill me, and end the
nitemare. But he just slapped me hard.

"Suck it!"

He pressed it against  my lips and I scrunched up my  face in disgust. His
hand jerked my head and as I cried out in pain, he pushed his cockhead
forward and into my mouth.
I almost threw up,  a his rubbery is cockhead slipped past my  lips and
his gnarled and bumpy shaft followed. I had  never sucked a cock before
but knew roughly how it
was done from overhearing some of my co-workers.

I sucked on his cock as he thrust it in and out of my mouth. My tongue
tried to hide for awhile, even though I knew I was supposed to make use of
it. Finally I moved it against his cock as he pumped it in and out.
Frighteningly fast, his cock grew steel hard between my  lips, harder and
longer and thicker. My mouth was wide as my lips encompassed it  and my
jaw hurt as he continued to pump it in and out of my mouth. 

He held my head firmly in place as hebegan to ram his cock into my mouth. 
Several times his cockhead pushed back so far back won into my throat that
I choked and came
close to throwing up, and I had to desperately control myself.

Then his hand forced my head far back and he suddenly thrust even further 
forward. My  mind screamed in shocked horror as he forced what seemd like
the entire lenth of his hard thick shaft  right into my  throat. I
slappeddespairingly at his belly and hips, trying to push my self free.

His cock continued to push  all the way down my  throat through, and his
balls were soon resting on my chin as he held my head in both hands and
pumped slowly up and down. My throat felt swollen and bloated and I fought
to keep from choking or throwing up or both.

I couldn't breath, not even the slightest bit. My throat was totally
blocked by the thickness of his meaty fuck stick.My throat ached, from the
inside, all the way down to my upper chest  and I could feel his prick
rasping against the walls of the thin tube as it moved up and down inside.

I became faint, both from shock and lack of oxygen.I stared up at him, my
eyes held by his as he grinned down at  me with smug satisfaction. I could
not move herself even an inch away, could not pull my throat off his cock
spike, could not resist his steady pumping motions.

Faster, and faster he rammed into my throat. amd my hands flapped with
less energy, then slowly fell to my sides as I knelt thereon the dirty
ground. Finnaly he gave one suudeen hard jab,  held still, and then began
spurting his cum down my throat. 

I started to sag down, but was held up by his hands, which were still
tightly gripping my head.
Then he slid his cock back up and out of my throat, popping it out into my
mouth, then removing it entirely.   I shuddered, sucking in deep long
breaths of air, my chest heaving as I felt  a wave of dizziness.
³Sheıs a natural born Cocksucker!,² Rick laughed.

³Well, Iım  ready for her ass now,², I heard the fat man named Maddog exclaim.

³³Get on your hands and knees, bitch, and turn around and face the wall. ³
Rick ordered.

Woodenly, I obeyed, as  Maddog lowered himself to kneel behind me. I had
heard of being ³fucked doggie-style², and mentally prepeared myself to
once again gave my poor pussy pounded by this brute.

i wasnıt at all prepared  when I began to feel  the growing pressure of 
his hardened cockhead against my ass.  I was puzzled, confused, unable to
understand what he was doing.
I felt the pressure mount and with a sharp ache I felt a horrible sharp
ripping pain as my asshole opened before him and his cockhead pushed

"What?  What! Stop! No!" I gasped, trying to push myself up, to turn
around. But his hand pushed down on her back between my shoulder blades,
and his lust fired strength was irresistible. 

 "I loved it so much ramming my fuck-pole up that  hot tight pussy of
yours,  I just knows Iım goona love rippin up youup the shitter," he

"Please don't!" I begged. "Oh don't! No! NOooooooo!"
He ignored me, continuing to push steadily with his cock, forcing it
deeper and deeper into myass .I groaned and then sobbed in misery and
horror as I felt his thick fuck pole push ever deeper into my anus.
My arms were out to either side, my  hands clawing at the dirt packed
floor as I tried to push herself up away from his agonizing  pressure.My 
cheek was pressed into the ground and it was turned into mud as my  tears
trickled down it. I  gasped and cried out again and again as a new waves
of pain tore through my  guts.

He grunted and pushed his cock deeper, then muttered in satisfaction as he
thrust hard and slammed  the last inches into  my  asshole.  Then he slid
it back, which brought more moaning. 

³Oh man, Ric², he gasped heavily. ³Her assholeis sooo tight, even tighter
than her sweet little  cunt!²

Then he pumped into me hard, but slowly,  as waiting if for
something.....I continued to groan and whimper as he worked his cock in
and out of me.

Then without warning, he speed yp his movements, and he pounded intome
withdemonic  fury, his thick steel hard fuckpole pistoning in and out in
her anus, the girl whimpering and grunting and moaning as he shook my
entire body with his hammering blows. His hips pounded into my asscheeks,
his hands jerking  me  back against him to meet his forward thrusts.
He grabbed my hair and  pulled hard. I cried out in pain, rising off her
hands, jerking back against him. He slid his hand against the side of my 
face, twisted it backagainst him. His lips sucked hungrily on my mouth.
His other hand mashed and twisted my small titst, almost beatingat her
breast as his fingers gouged into me. His cock hammered upwards into my
guts, almost jerking me up off the ground with the force of his pile
drivinen strokes.
Finally he came, and I almost felt relief as his sperm gushed up into her,
spraying into the depths of my belly. 
 "Oh yeah! Oh yeah!" he gasped. "Take ityou swwet rape-toy!! Take my cum!
I'm shootin' it up your ass! I'm gonna drown you in my juice!"
He groaned and clutched me tightly to his chest, emptying his balls up
inside my   asshole. I could feel my rectum muscles spams and squeezed and
sucked on his cock, draining him dry as he eased his frantic movements.
He sighed and was still, some of his dark lust drained along with his
balls. He hugged me  tightly for long moments, licking at my  throat. Then
he pulled his cock out and rose, letting me sink down. 

³Damn that was fine!!! Iım gonna make sure my cock gets into you at least
once a day till you die!!!², Maddog panted.....

³well jsut move the fuck out the way, ³Ric lauched ³My cock needs suckinı on!²

And as I lay there in the dirt, I shook with horror and revulsion......39
days and nigts of this an more.....


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