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Read Maria's Revenge 1/2 first.

Frank pulled off his jacket: Christ, he had a gun holstered
in the middle of his back, and other cop stuff on his belt.

He went to her. This big man took her softly in his arms,
and then stoked her face. Kissed her, softly.

“Not so fast. I know you want to get even,” he said, “but sex
should be fun, too. I’ll show you. It’ll make getting
even a pleasure. I’ll make it good for both of us, and real
bad for him.” He spoke softly, kindly, to her - he was good
at seduction.

He took her to the bed, helped her sit, then gently had her
lie back.

He looked at me. “Watch this, you jerk! You’ll learn how to
treat a woman like this.” The voice her used with me was
straight out of a cop movie, low, and menacing.

“You’re not staying here!” I shouted, fists balled, rushing to

A second later I was on the floor, and in a moment my
hands were cuffed behind me around the back of a chair.
Talk about proving I wasn’t so smart! What was that move
he made on me - some kind of judo shit?

“Boy, you just messed with a police officer. Now you got
two choices. You sit quietly and watch the way this woman
wants you to while her and me get it on, or you get to live in
a world of hurt, and after all the pain, you’re still gonna sit
quietly and watch her get fucked the way she wants you to”
he said in a low voice to me while he cuffed me.

I sat quietly. I’m not THAT stupid!

He got that damned belt full of hardware off. Pepper spray,
all kinds of bad things on there, and there was that gun, too.
He scared me!

 Soon, they were each on their sides, facing each other. His
arms were around her, while hers were sort of between

He was stoking her back, cooing to her, comforting her and
kissing her. “We want to show him how you want to be
treated, don’t we?” he asked, and she nodded her

“Maybe you should kiss me back, then.”

She nodded again, and her hands moved around him, and I
saw his mouth open on hers, and then, hers, too, and they
were kissing with real passion.

“That wasn’t so bad, was it?” he wanted to know, and she
looked at me, then at him, and nodded her agreement.

And she initiated the next kiss, and while she was kissing
him, and while he was stroking her back, I saw. . .

I saw. . .

I saw her move her leg up, and over his hip, and move
closer, and now their bodies were very close together, and
her leg was over him.

That’s how we started - or used to start, before Cleveland -
sex! That was only for ME!

Their kiss broke again, and again he was muttering
something to her, and she looked at me, at the pained and
awful expression on my face, and smiled, and turned back
to Frank, and they were kissing again, Now her hand,
that had been on his back, was on his hip, and on his leg.
She was pulling him to her as much as he was pulling her to

The kiss broke.  Frank moved from beside her, and sat up.
He pulled off his polo shirt, kicked off his boat shoes. He
threw the shirt on me. “Watch and learn, jerk” his cop voice
said, and now when he lay down again her arms found
flesh, not shirt, and pulled that flesh, that body, closer. The
contrast between her arm, so pale, and his back, so black,
was devastating to me.

There was another kiss, and his hand went from her
back, to her robe covered hip, and down to her leg, to the
skin of her leg.

Again, the kiss broke. He was whispering, cooing, “this is
what you want, isn’t it?" and she was nodding yes, and then
his hand on her leg, that black hand,  on that pale skin,
pulled her leg even more over him, exposing more leg, and
parting them, too.

His hand moved down,  he was touching her skin,
her knee, and  the contrast in color was too dramatic to
believe.  His hand began an upward journey, under her robe,
along the inside of her leg, and she wasn’t looking at him
anymore, she was looking at me. As his hand moved
higher, closer, she said “This isn’t such a big deal, is it,
Al, seeing your wife kissing another man” and then she
gasped, because it was a big deal, and his hand wasn’t
moving up any more, it was where he wanted it, where she
wanted it, and now, although covered with her robe, I knew
it was touching her where only I had touched, before.

She stopped looking at me, and closed her eyes, and
moved so that she could kiss him, and her leg was moving,
too, even more over him, making it easier still for him!

Now she was kissing, and being finger fucked, and it was a
very very big deal.

“OK, I’ve learned my lesson, please stop” I said - almost

“Is this about learning a lesson, or revenge, and showing
him you know how to fuck around and have fun, too?” I
heard Frank ask.

Maria looked at me, handcuffed to a chair.

“Revenge, and fun”, she said.


They continued, he with his hand between her legs, she,
kissing, holding him, and then, her hand, the one on his
back, moved,  until it was at his waist line, and her fingers
were under the waist of his slacks, on his hip, and she
continued to kiss and be kissed, and be fingered.

Then Frank’s hand, the one whose fingers glistened with
moisture  now, came out from under her robe, and he said
“let me help”, and they were at his belt, pulling. I heard
snaps releasing, and a zipper, and now her fingers, which
couldn’t get under his waist band because it was  too tight,
could, now, and her hand went under,  along his hip. Only
her wrist was visible, now, her hand was on his hip, under
his pants, unimpeded by a tight belt. . .

He broke the kiss with her, and his hand, the one that
hand been touching her, covered her  hand, the one on his
hip, under his pants.

He looked at her, and took that hand by the wrist, and
said “Let me show you what I got for you” and I saw their
hands moving, his guiding hers, under his slacks, between
them and she gasped a little, and he closed his eyes, and I

He confirmed my knowing. “Can you feel how excited
you make me, baby?”

She nodded yes.

“And you know what I want to do with that, don’t you?”
and she nodded yes again.

“Why don’t you tell Al what you feel, and how it feels,
baby. I'll bet he really wants to know.”

“I’m touching his penis, Al, and it feels very hot, and big,
and thick, and I like touching it, like she must have liked
touching yours.”

And they kissed, but this time, as they kissed, he was
stroking her, putting his fingers in her, again, and she was
touching him, too.

I wanted to die. I couldn't take my eyes off this scene, my
own cock was erect, but watching your own wife with
another  man had my stomach cramped, my arms straining
against the cuffs: it was a very  big, very bad thing.

And then, he  stopped.

Please, let them stay stopped!

Frank sat up, and Maria sat up, too, and they looked at
me, and Maria said “See, it’s no big thing”, and he was
reaching for the sash of her robe, and then it was undone.
The robe opened, showing skin from neck to navel.

I thought “She can’t mean this”, but Frank was shifting,
pushing at his own pants, and I saw his ass, and his cock -
big, and erect, and he said “Be sure to show him what
you’re doing, Maria.”

She had been looking at him, struggling with his pants, and
had been staring at that erect cock, erect for her. She broke
that stare, looked at me, and then she stood beside the bed,
looking at him, and at me.

“You said this was no big thing, Al. Do you still think so?”

The robe was only loosely fastened, and she faced me, and
got the sash untied, and I saw the robe open, exposing skin
now, from neck, and cleavage, and belly, and that dark
triangle at her pelvis, and she shrugged it to her shoulders
“Still no big deal, Al?”, and she was exposed, breasts,
nipples, cunt, and the robe went down her arms and on the

and she was naked in front of Frank,

and he was naked in front of her,

and it was a very big deal.

"Frank, you told me you had sex with lots of black women
and lots of white women, too. I don't have a lot of
experience at all. Show me!"

He reached for her, and somehow, she was on her back.

He knelt beside her, took her head in his hands, tilted it so
that her ear was facing him. I could see his tongue touching
it, and I could see her quiver with the touch.

"I'll show you all you  want to know", he said, and now
his mouth was at her neck, and her hands were holding his
head there.

He moved again, and was almost on his side, now, his head
over her breast, and then, he was suckling at it. Her own
hips were making those small motions, her hands were
holding him to her tits.

But he moved again, his tongue tracing down betwen her
breasts, to her belly, and then to her hip.

Her legs had parted, inviting him, and now he was almost
laying beside her, his cock not far from her head.

"You want this, don't you?" he asked, and she said, in a soft
voice, "yes, I want this."

His arms, which had been supporting him, moved to, then
around, her hips, hugging them to him. His mouth moved
closer, but then he rolled onto his back, and carried her with
him, so that she was laying on him. His hands went around
her hips, his hands, between her legs, to her vulva, and his
fingers spread her lips. I could see all of that, and  sould see
her back arch as his fingers and tongue touched and tasted
and explored.

He paused after a few minutes.

"Maria, don't you think you should be doing something to my
prick while I  do this to your cunt?"

She didn't answer, but I did see her head move down, and
from Frank's reaction I knew he could feel her hot breath on
his scrotum, her lips on his shaft, the small bits she liked to
give me, her tongue, her mouth.

Even that ended, and he rolled again, so that she was on
her back.

Frank moved on top of her, and was between her legs, and
there was a pause.

I hoped they were stopping, that maybe he had already
come, but. . .

He said “You know what I'm going to do now, don't you?"

She didn't answer, but  her legs opened even more.

There was sweat on his back, and his hips flexed, and
Maria’s legs, which had been bent at the knees, now
spread, flat against the bed, the inside of her
thighs up, the way they are when I first enter her. And she
moaned, and made soft noises, noises that until now only I
heard, and Frank’s noises got louder, and so did hers.

My own stomach was in knots, I watched with blurred
vision and unfocused eyes the  timeless rhythm on the bed.

He was IN her. It was't enough that they kissed, that they
tocuhed, that they went down on each other, now his fucking
cock was in her!

It couldn’t get any worse, but Frank’s tempo increased, and
he was saying “This is what I wanted to put in you baby”,
and he was thrusting, supported by his arms, and her
breasts were rocking with his motion, and her hands were
between them, milking him, and I knew what he was
putting into her, because he’d hold each thrust a bit longer,
and ram her in exactly the same way I do when I come in
her,  and I knew screwing around was a lot worse than I had
ever imagined.

And, after a while, the movement stopped, except for small

And, still later, they uncoupled.

He rolled off her, his cock still long, still wet, softening, still
showing a thread of white.

They were side by side, now, fucked out.

And after a further while, Frank got out of the bed.

“Man, I hope you fuck around a lot”,  he said to me, “She’s
a great piece of ass, and I got some friends who would really
like to do her, too”. He wiped himself with the sheet,  pulled
on some clothes. He bent over her, naked on the bed, his
lips found hers, his fingers buried themselves in her, too.

Then, he gave her  the handcuff key - “Give them to me at
the gym, and just tell me when you want me again” - and

Maria watched him go, got up, and bathed.

When she came out from the bathroom, looking vindicated,
somehow, she asked “Did you think it was a big deal?”

I had tears in my eyes.


“Never again?”

“Never again.”

She uncuffed me, and  invited me to our bed that night. We
held each other. She told me she didn’t have to talk about
what she did, since I saw it. But, she did demand to hear
again the details of my mis-adventure.

Maria  didn’t like any part of what happened to me , and she
took particular offence at my altered pre-flight check list.

She insisted on flying to Cleveland with me since then, and
she’s added some check list innovations of her own.

“After climb out, establish and stabilize the aircraft in cruise

When instrument meteorological conditions exist ( that
means the weather is bad enough so that casual eyeball
flying {a.k.a. visual flight rules} is not permitted, and
‘positive separation’ of aircraft is supposedly
assured by flying under IFR ), the pilot in command at his
or her option may:

Engage auto pilot.

Engage altitude hold.

Verify safe and stable operation.

Pilot in command will then position pilot seat fully aft.

Pilot flying right seat will orally pleasure the pilot in
command until descent to destination is to be made.”

She’s been insisting  on pilot in command status a lot, and
it's easy to tell when she will. It's when she wears a skirt to
fly in. "It’s easier for you to follow the checklist" she says.

Maybe there will be a “Happy ever after” after all.

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