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Warning: This file contains depictions of adult sexual situations, it also
contains rape, schoolgirls, spankings and medical examinations. If it is
illegal for you to view this subject matter, or if you are under the age of
18 please do not view this file. If you find these situations unpleasant or
offensive please do not view this file. The author takes no responsibility
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The Debt Unpaid
by Victor Ramierez

Barry answered the phone which continued to ring in the unoccupied office.
"Hello, you realise this number is about to be disconnected. The company is
being wound down after being sold," said Barry
"We know, we helped you to do it. We would like our money Mr Christopher,"
said a quiet voice.
Barry felt a cold chill run down his spine and he quickly tried to think of
something to say.
"I have not forgotten your generous assistance, but I've only just taken
over and we haven't started to strip the assets yet. As soon as we sell it
off we'll have your money and the interest I owe you."
"That was not part of the agreement, you were loaned a very tidy sum for a
period of 14 days, no more and no less. Payment is now due. Tell me where
we can collect our money," the voice had dropped an octave and there was
now a hint of menace underlying the words.
"Give me some time, I'll have to call some money in to make the payment."
"We are reasonable people Mr Christopher, you have 6 hours and then we'll
call you back. Do not try to run we know where you are. Your lovely
daughter has just arrived home from high school and you wouldn't want to
disappear on her now would you?"
There was a click and the receiver went dead.
Barry felt sick, they were watching his house. What had he expected though,
they were not exactly the normal bankers he would like to deal with. He had
to try and get them paid and out of his life as quickly as possible.
Barry Christopher was in his early 40s and had built up a successful life
for himself and his family by playing the corporate raider. Many companies
had been bought and broken up by his skilful manipulation of the
shareholders of these companies. It was amazing the things they would agree
to if enough money was waved under their noses. They did not realise how
much more money he walked away with at the end of each deal.
Taylor Manufacturing was a profitable enough company which was not taking
full advantage of the market place and was starting to fall behind the
pace. This is when Barry swooped down upon them. In the last few weeks they
had been taken over and closed down. The assets were about to be sold and
Barry would walk off with a huge profit. The problem with this occupation
was the fact that he needed to use all his previous earnings to purchase
the next company he bought, and this meant he had sunk all of his money
into the purchase, along with a sum loaned to him by some private business
He had been invited to a private men's club and was introduced to the men,
who spoke to him with a great deal of inside knowledge of what he was
currently undertaking. They offered him the money he needed and he took it,
knowing that he would easily be able to pay them off when the time came.
However the time had come earlier than he had expected.
Barry had been to every one of his previous business partners and all the
financial institutions in his search for money when he had been raising the
capital for this venture, they had all turned him down. He knew he was in
real trouble now, as there was no place he could possibly get the money
from. These powerful men would come after him no matter where he went and
they would make an example of him.
Collapsing into the chair behind the empty desk, Barry sat and waited for
the inevitable call which would change his life forever.

Barry quickly ran into his house and slammed the front door behind him, he
quickly locked it and ran into the living room. 
Samantha looked up at her father as he came charging into the room, ran
past her in front of the television and headed off across the room. She
looked up in time to catch the last of his black hair disappearing around
the corner into the kitchen where her mother was preparing dinner.
Samantha was the epitome of the average 16 year old high school student.
She was of average height, had long light brown hair and had the body of a
young woman. She had returned late from school after having hung out
watching the guys play football. She had strolled in and plonked herself
down in front of the television which she quickly turned on and changed it
over to MTV. While this was playing in the background she had pulled her
books out of her bag and began to shuffle listlessly through them looking
for some homework she actually felt like attempting. She found nothing and
had left the books spread across the floor as she sat back to soak in the
video currently playing when her father had suddenly burst into the room.
Samantha stood and wandered into the kitchen to see what was going on.
"...I know I'm a bit late. I rang and told you I would be, but I have
brought some special wine to celebrate closing  the deal. I think once it's
all finished we could go on holiday," said Barry.
"Alright, but we get to choose this time. We do not want to end up in the
middle of a flood like your last family vacation," said his wife Bridgette.
Bridgette was a proud middle class woman, who had managed to land a high
flying husband. She was a kind, loving wife and a good mother and friend to
their teenage daughter. She was now in her early 40s and felt that her
shoulder length auburn hair, hazel eyes and athletic body still had enough
appeal to keep her husband satisfied. When the time came she would simply
use their money to augment herself where necessary. 
"Hey, that's not fair. How could I predict unseasonable rain in the middle
of a desert area? However I guess it is your turn, okay," he said. Thinking
that they would deserve it after what was about to happen.

Their dinner quickly came and went and the three of them then sat back in
the lounge room to finish off the rest of the bottle of wine.
"You realise this is a special occasion young lady. You will not be served
wine on a regular basis," said Barry in a mock serious tone.
"Oh dad, I've had wine before. It really doesn't bother me," protested
"This wine is particularly different to anything we've had before Sam. It
is very old, and it was a gift from my partners on this deal."
"Hmmm, it makes me all warm and fuzzy," giggled Bridgette.
"I think it's time for you two to head to bed," laughed Barry.
He had no argument from them, and they both shuffled off into their rooms.
Barry then continued his usual evening routine of clearing up the plates
and locking the house up before heading to bed. 
There was a quiet rap on the door, which was quickly followed by another.
Barry hesitated to answer it but he knew they would get in anyway, so he
may as well save the door from damage. He opened it to find two men waiting
for him. 
The first man was also the smaller of the two. He was a weaselly little
man, with a pencil thin black moustache, a shock of black hair and was
wearing an expensive suit. His partner was the average sort of muscle guy
these people always seemed to have with them. This one was also the perfect
cliched gangster thug. He was a large, strong man with a bald head and a
cruel looking face.
The weaselly man stepped past Barry and into the house, before Barry was
shoved aside by the large guy.
"Mr Christopher it is time for the evening's entertainment. Are we ready?"
asked the weasel, and Barry instantly recognised this as the voice on the
phone from this afternoon.
"Please, is there no other alternative? Give me a little more time and I'll
pay more interest," begged Barry.
"I'm afraid it's a standard non-payment clause in all our contracts. You
don't pay, so we take payment in kind. In this case it'll be the use of
your lovely ladies for the evening. Are they prepared?"
"Yes," whispered Barry, who's spirit was now broken.

When the second call came that afternoon they had told him that
arrangements would be made and to wait for a package. It arrived and it
contained a bottle of wine, a smaller bottle of a clear liquid and some
instructions. The instructions outlined their conditions and told him what
to do. After he had drunk the contents of the smaller bottle, which
contained a counter-agent he took the drugged wine home to share with his

"Do not cross us in this, we are being quite generous. We have waived our
debt and are not going to kill you in return for these services. If you do
not live up to this bargain we will take our debt in blood, all of your
family. You will be left to live with that. It is time to go."
With that simple statement the thug headed off into the bedrooms. He
returned shortly after with an unconscious woman over each shoulder and
then directed Barry out to a waiting limo.

Barry sat next to his unconscious family on the short ride to the club, and
he could feel each second of this ordeal slowly, crawl by. He was not going
to ever be able to forget this long evening.

Inside the club were all the faces he had seen there the last time, except
now they had a smug predatory look about them. Their eyes lit up when the
thug carried the two women into the room and out into the middle of a
slightly raised platform, used for a stage.
A large older man stepped out of the shadows and walked up to Barry.
"It is good that you accept our judgement on this. You will all live a lot
longer this way," he said laughing as he headed over towards the stage.
Barry had not seen this man before, he was an older grey haired man, but he
still looked like a ball of muscle under the white linen suit he was
wearing. Barry guessed this was probably their boss.
"Please have a seat Mr Christopher, we don't want you to miss this
evening's show," said the man, who then gestured to the two men in suits
who had positioned themselves on either side of Barry. Suddenly he felt a
crushing pain in each shoulder as they slapped their giant hands on him and
pushed him back into a chair. They pulled chairs in close to him and he
could feel the barrel of a pistol in his lower ribs, making clear that they
wished he remained seated.
Looking up a circular curtain had come down around the stage and the older
man was gone, as were his family.
The doors at the end of the room were thrown open and the room began to
fill up with men in tuxedos, all wearing little masks to hide their faces.
The room itself was also in shadow and only in the stage area could
anything be seen clearly.
Barry felt a hand on his shoulder and a face pressed close to his ear from
"The show is about to start, do not do anything, just sit there and act
like you're enjoying the show. Put this mask on," said the Weasel, passing
a little black mask to him.
Barry quietly complied and then his attention was drawn back to the stage
area where the older man had returned wearing a dazzling rhinestone white
tuxedo jacket in place of his linen suit jacket. He held up his hands to
quieten the applause and raised a microphone to his lips.
"Good evening, and welcome to another of our invitation only, special
events. This evening we have for you a mother and daughter combination who
will be appearing here for the first time. The usual arrangements apply
after the show of course. But now on with the entertainment," he said
sweeping his arm backward theatrically as the curtain raised up into the
On the stage he could see his unconscious wife and daughter both sitting in
chairs. Standing behind them was a large man, probably the thug. He was
wearing a black leather hood, black trousers and a black leather sash from
his shoulder down to his waist, and there appeared to be things hanging
from it, but he couldn't see what.
Silently he stepped forwards and lifted Bridgette into the air with one arm
around her waist. Quickly he removed her nightdress and left her revealed
in front of this huge audience who cheered enthusiastically as he lifted
the woman into the air. Quickly he carried her around the front row
allowing the customers to get a better look, and some had a quick squeeze
of her tits as she went past. He returned her to the seat and draping one
leg over each arm, left her spread wide open so her pussy was clearly
visible to anyone who cared to look. As he approached Samantha the audience
audibly drew in their collective breath in anticipation, and let it out to
cheers as he removed the t-shirt and panties she was wearing to reveal her
lithe teenage form to the lustful crowd.
"Who will be first?" he roared to the audience.
The consensus seemed to be Bridgette, and Samantha would be for dessert.
The chair he placed Samantha on quickly sunk into the floor and was
replaced with a saw horse, the same as the type used to cut timber on.
Bridgette was carried over and placed on her stomach over the horse, her
wrists were secured to the front and her ankles were tied to the back legs.
She was now bent over at the waist leaving her backside exposed and her
medium breasts hanging down in full view at the front.
Barry could now see what was hanging off the belt and he cringed in horror.
The man reached for a large ping pong style paddle and began to whack her
across the arse with it.
"She should begin to wake up anytime now," he announced.
After a few more shots to her arse cheeks, which had now turned a deep red,
a murmuring could  be heard from Bridgette.
Bridgette's mind slowly crawled to consciousness and was snapped awake by a
burning feeling in her arse. She could hear some sort of muffled cheering
and she wondered where she was. She looked around and was smacked in the
mouth by her own breasts which were hanging down in front of her face. She
realised she was upside down but she could not move. She could not focus on
anything and the only thing she could do was concentrate on what was
happening to her. Suddenly another wave of heat tore through her and there
was the muffled cheer again. Perhaps she was dreaming, some sort of bizarre
erotic dream. She decided that it must be an effect of that wine she had.
Now happy with her understanding of the situation she decided to try and
enjoy her dream. She could feel the beginnings of the wetness between her
thighs, she grinned and rubbed her thighs together as best she could. She
decided to buy more of this wine in the future.
"She's just about ready lads," shouted the hooded figure. "She's started
juicing up. So is it going to be arse or cunt tonight boys?"
Around the room the chant rose up, "ARSE, ARSE, ARSE," leaving no doubt
about what they wanted to see.
Barry thought about the one time he had tried to get her to take it up the
arse, and remembered the many arguments she had used that one against him
in from that night on. She was totally opposed to this, and instinctively
he started to try and get up. He felt the increase of pressure from the gun
in his ribs and stayed seated, quietly apologising to her under his breath.
"Alright then, arse it is," he shouted.
As a further cheer went up around the room the hooded figure tore off his
velcro fastened trousers and positioned himself behind her. He reached
forwards and spread her cheeks. This elicited a low moan from Bridgette who
was lying in wait for any attention as she was currently receiving none.
She felt hands on her arse and could feel her cheeks being spread wide. She
felt a finger slide under her and begin to rub up and down her slit. She
felt it brush her clit once or twice and this sent a tingle through her
entire body. She was so desperately horny that she came almost immediately.
She felt her juices pool up and begin to seep out and run down the insides
of  her thighs. She could now feel the head of a giant cock running up and
down her thighs, being covered in her juices.
He now had his cock lubed enough that he wouldn't hurt himself so he aimed
the head at the little puckered opening between her cheeks. He then thrust
forward and slowly sank up to the hilt in her arse.
Suddenly Bridgette felt an overwhelming pain in her arsehole and began to
cry out, it did not stop and she felt herself being filled up with a giant
cock.  The cock stopped moving and she could feel his stomach pressed up
against her burning arse cheeks. Slowly the cock began to slide back out
and then it began to steadily fuck her arse. She quickly realised it was
not stopping and once this dawned upon her she realised that it didn't hurt
as much now that her arsehole was used to it. She was now being rammed into
the horse she was leaning over and she could feel the movement throughout 
her body. Her clit began to throb in time with the thrusts and she realised
she was actually getting off on this arse fuck. As she felt him slam in he
erupted in the depths of her bowels and she felt herself being hit with jet
after jet of warm come. Then she was lost in her own orgasm and she slumped
forward to rest.
"There we are lads, did you see her squirm? What a great fuck, and she came
too. So it's fun all around," said the older man walking back out.
"We are now proud to present for the first male viewing ever, the
delectable body of Samantha Christopher," and he headed back into the
shadows. The stage had changed again, Bridgette still tied to the horse,
with sperm slowly seeping out of her arse, was lowered down into the floor.
Shortly after Samantha was raised up, strapped onto a gynaecologist's
table. Her legs were spread wide apart and were up in the stirrups. The
hooded one approached her and this time had a speculum in his hand. He
quickly coated it in some lube and slid it into her pussy. He turned the
screw to open it up and slowly it opened spreading her pussy wide open from
the inside. He grabbed a torch off his sash and shone it into the chasm of
her opening. He peered in and after adjusting the opening several time her
stood and turned back to the audience and nodded to the man in the
"It's just as we hoped. She is a virgin. So let's open the bidding at
$3000," he said. "Remember all the funds go to our favourite charity. So
you're not just deflowering an innocent teen, you're also helping us set up
more of these events in the future," he said with a laugh.
The audience laughed along with him and quickly the bidding started and
"Ahh, Mr 12 I see you haven't had enough virgin blood on your cock yet.
Come forward and claim your prize," he said gesturing at the prone
teenager. Looking up he saw Barry sitting quietly sobbing in shame and
frustration. He realised it was moments like this that made it all
The hooded man gave the girl a few slaps with the paddle and she slowly
emerged from her drug induced sleep. The drug was still affecting her as it
did her mother and she had absolutely no idea what was going on. The
situation was so bizarre that she too explained it away with a dream.
She noticed that for some reason she was tied to a table and her legs were
spread wide apart by stirrups. There also seemed to be some metal thing in
her cunt, it was a very strange erotic dream.
Looking ahead of her she could not see clearly, but she could tell there
was an audience in front of her, she could not see them due to the bright
light shining in her eyes but she could feel that they were there.
An older chubby man in a tuxedo walked into view and began to unzip his
fly. He hauled out his erect dick which was only about 5 inches long, and
she tried not to laugh. She'd heard stories and knew that small dicks just
weren't good enough. It was then she realised he intended to use it on her.
She knew this was not right but the drug was stopping her from anything
beyond a mild protest. 
Regaining her concentration she looked again and saw that he was now
positioned between her legs and was about to push his dick into her. He
lunged forwards and she felt the length of him slide up into her tunnel,
she felt him hit her virginity and then he brutally rammed his way through.
She gurgled her attempt at a scream and lost coherence again. When she
could focus on what was going on again she found herself to be heavily
aroused. The little man was pounding away at her cunt, he had one of her
titties in one hand and the other was being chewed on in his mouth. She
could already feel the wetness seeping out of her onto the table, where it
was mixing with her blood to drip off onto the floor. The little man
suddenly grunted and she felt her insides being bathed in a warm liquid.
She idly wondered if she'd get pregnant, but was then dragged away from
that thought by the onset of her climax. She grunted and then quietly rode
his thigh to the end of her pleasure. He quickly moved back and she could
see him no longer, so she lay back to rest again.
"There you have it gentlemen. What a show! That's it for this evening,
thank you all for attending. If you'd like to get a copy of that the videos
will be available next week, and for those of you who have arranged it with
me at the start, please wait behind. Good night," said the older man,
herding the crowd out the door.
He closed the door leaving 10 customers waiting, along with his employees
and Barry still sitting in his chair.
The stage opened up again and Bridgette was raised up, still tied to the
horse exactly as she had been before. She had passed out again and seemed
to be sleeping soundly.
"Please feel free to use whichever holes you'd like to, you've paid more
than enough for the pleasure," said the boss with a wave to his customers.
The men headed across to the stage and quickly descended upon the helpless
women. Quickly both women had a cock ramming in and out of their mouth.
Bridgette was getting her first fuck of the evening and Samantha was
experiencing her first arse fuck.
"Take him out of here boys," said the boss to the two guys still holding
Barry in his seat.
"What about my family?" Barry managed to ask as he was dragged from the
"We'll send them home when we're finished. You can try to explain to them
what happened. Don't go to the police or you will be finding pieces of them
in the mail for the next 10 years," stated the boss as he turned and headed
over to the action.
Barry could hear them all laughing and grunting as he was led back out onto
the street. He found himself, alone in the rain, a long way from home. 
"How will I ever explain this," he thought as he pulled the mask off and
began to walk home.

Copyright 1998 Victor Ramierez

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