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Warning: This file contains depictions of adult sexual situations,
including mind control, masturbation and forced orgasms. If it is illegal
for you to view this subject matter, or if you are under the age of 18
please do not view this file. If you find these situations unpleasant or
offensive please do not view this file. The author takes no responsibility
for any illegalities arising from the viewing of this file.
The author retains all rights to this story and it is transmitted here by
an authorised person, for free viewing only. Retransmission is allowed only
if it is in it's original form including this message and archiving only by
prior permission. Please contact to obtain
permission from the author. This is basically so the author knows where his
work will be located. Most reasonable inquiries will be happily agreed to.
Do not send flames as they will be ignored.

Lord Of Dreams: Flights of Fancy
by Victor Ramierez

Jessica Ransom hated air travel but needed to get across the country in a
hurry. She walked purposefully up the tunnel and into the plane where she
was met by a pert, young, blonde flight attendant.
"May I have your ticket please?" asked the blonde woman.
Jessica handed it to her and she was directed to a seat at the very rear of
the plane. She had wanted first class but this was all they had left. At
least she could stretch her legs out due to the gap left by the rear exit
Quickly she stowed her carry on luggage in the compartment and collapsed
exhaustedly into the seat. The seat next to her was empty so she chose the
window seat and threw her coat over the other. She waited impatiently
glaring out the window, until finally she heard the door being closed and
the engines begin to power up. She realised that no one was going to sit
next to her and she began to relax . At least she wouldn't have to listen
to some whiny housewife or have some loser try and pick her up.
Jessica was a serious business woman, who at the age of 27 was rising
rapidly through her chosen career of advertising. The company where she
worked had sent her across the country at the least minute to hand deliver
a proposal she'd spent all night finishing. Jessica was tired, annoyed and
a little bit frightened due to the air travel, which she was not really
comfortable with. She lay back in her seat and decided it was time to try
and get some rest.

Tracy was a young woman who had only recently been hired to this her first
job as a flight attendant. She was really enjoying her work, and in
particular she liked this late evening shift. The trip was several hours
long and most of the passengers slept for the entire journey. This allowed
the crew to relax, which they had not been able to do all day. Tracy began
to walk down the aisle through the economy class seats to see if any of the
passengers needed anything. She reached the back row, without seeing a
single person awake, where she noticed the business woman who had gotten on
just before they'd left. She seemed like the sort of person who would
normally be in first class and this had drawn Tracy's attention. She was
also quite attractive, her long brown hair parted in the middle and swept
back previously, was now loose, hanging casually around her shoulders. She
could see the woman  was having unrestful sleep and seemed to be struggling
with something in her dreams. Tracy studied the woman carefully and her
eyes roamed over her body, taking in the long slender legs and the pert
medium sized breasts. As Tracy glanced at the woman she realised that she
was either cold or turned on. Her body was covered in goose pimples and her
nipples were rock hard and poking their way through the expensive silk
blouse she was wearing. Tracy pulled a blanket down from the rack above her
and draped it over the woman's sleeping form, and then headed back to the
crew area.

Jessica writhed in fitful sleep, unable to rest as her mind raced through a
dream not of her own making. She could not see anything but could feel
hands lightly stroking her all over. They brushed across the skin of her
thigh, raising goose pimples as they went. Hands were subtly stroking her
nipples making them harder and longer than they had ever been before. She
could feel someone's light breathing on the lips of her pussy, and then
slowly, very slowly, she felt her lips being pushed apart and a tongue
began to slide into the depths of her cunt. It slid back out and traced her
lips up and back down, before heading up to linger around her clit. It
began to lightly flick the flesh around the hood protecting her little
button. Then the tip of the tongue began to languidly graze the fleshy
covering, she could feel the electricity begin to radiate out to the
pleasure centres of her body. She could feel a set of lips pressed gently
to the hood of her clit, and softly the mouth began to suck at it. She was
really getting drawn deeply into this, when suddenly the mouth stopped and
moved up to her belly, away from where she really wanted it. She was unable
to stop it though, she found herself entirely at the mercy of this hidden
entity, she was unable to do anything except lie in the darkness and accept
whatever they chose to do to her. 
The mouth made contact with her belly button, it began to lick and then
lightly nip at the flesh of her stomach, and then the lips slid lightly up
to rest in her cleavage.
She could feel the warm breath, going in and out, heating up the flesh
between her breasts. She could feel her nipples pushing out, straining for
the lips which she hoped would attend to them. 
Suddenly the mouth was gone. 
Desperately she tried to call out, to reach out and bring the mouth back
but she could not. Then lightly she felt teeth, teeth were rubbing
themselves over her left nipple. The sensations were now so intense she
felt she would explode. The mouth moved down and began to suck her nipple
and then was gone again. She was on the brink and then the sensations were
gone. She was ready to scream out in frustration when she felt the teeth
again, this time on the right nipple.
The mouth then moved up to her neck, biting, nibbling, sucking, licking and
kissing it's way up to her mouth. Overcome with a voracious need she opened
her mouth and allowed the tongue  to dive deeply in.  As the tongue began
to lightly fuck her mouth she felt the return of the hands. There were
hands on her breasts, squeezing them firmly, fingers were lightly plucking
at her nipples and worst of all a hand was gently rubbing the lips of her
pussy. Slowly the strokes began to speed up until a regular motion began,
stroking the length of her lips from clit right down to the  flesh between
her arsehole and pussy. Occasionally it would brush against her clit but
this served only to frustrate her further. One finger and then shortly
after that another, slid deeply into her poor untouched pussy and began to
give her a slow, deep finger fuck. She could feel herself really starting
to get off on this when they suddenly stopped and returned to the lip
stroking. She was on the verge of tears from the mixed emotions she was
experiencing when something happened.
The hands on her breasts disappeared and she could feel something warm
being poured over them, honey or perhaps warm chocolate. Then another mouth
began to take long slow licks across her breasts to remove the substance.
The hand at her pussy also disappeared and was replaced with a mouth. She
could feel the tongue slide in until the lips were pressed against her
netherlips. Then slowly it was drawn back out again and began to lap at the
pussy juice flowing steadily from her poor neglected muff.
She was more than ready for a good, hard fuck, something she hadn't had
time for recently, and she really hoped there was a mystery cock to go
along with the mouths and hands.
She felt her legs part and spread back of their own accord, she was still
unable to do anything, but she really didn't mind that much. She could now
feel the head of a cock lightly resting at the entrance to her cunt. The
head began to slide up and down the length of her slit and then after it
was suitably moist it slid slowly into her velvety depths. She felt
fantastic. The sense of completeness overwhelmed her, she was lying, legs
apart like some slut, with a mystery dick filling her chasm and she was
loving every second of it.
The cock began to slide in and out and settled into a nice rhythm. She
could feel her orgasm building now, faster and faster and the dick seemed
to sense this and sped up to match her need. Faster and faster it began to
pound into her as she suddenly let loose with the most intense, most
complete orgasm of her life. As she was hitting the peak of the second and
then third orgasm she realised what was happening. She had never had
multiples before, and now they were coming thick and fast. The dick gave
one final pound and then slammed itself in as deep as possible and began to
spurt jet after jet of hot sticky come to coat the walls of her womb.
She lay back in incredible bliss, feeling the most total sense of
fulfilment as the dream began to fade away.

She woke to find herself wrapped in a blanket, she had torn her blouse and
her breasts had been squeezed out of her bra. Her hand was firmly inserted
in the mouth of her pussy and her panties were around her ankles. She lay
back enjoying the aftermath of the most intense dream of her life, when she
suddenly realised where she was. Looking around in horror she realised what
a spectacle she would be making of herself to anyone who had seen it. She
noted that the other passengers were still asleep and the man opposite her
was the only one who would have really been able to see properly, and
fortunately he was asleep too.
A wave of relief rushed over her and she began to get herself into order.
She picked up her panties and grabbed her jacket and headed to the toilets
to straighten herself up.
Quickly she entered and sat on the toilet for a moment to try and get her
thoughts together, when she noticed a sticky feeling between her legs.
Quickly she dipped her hand down to see what it was and to her amazement
found her hand covered in semen. Something then caught her eye in the
mirror, looking up she noticed a large hickey on her neck and then realised
that something had been written on the mirror. 
"Watch out for those dreams. You wouldn't want one to happen somewhere
important would you?"

A few minutes later Nathan Taylor watched in amusement as she stumbled out
of the toilet and ordered a vodka from the flight attendant. She appeared
confused and shaky, and she looked across at him. He gave her a wink  and
then lay back to sleep.
"Damn these powers are good, Lord Of Dreams, what a cool job."
Nathan really enjoyed his work and he found it amazing to see how easy it
was to control people through their dreams.
"But enough," he thought as he could feel that young flight attendant,
Tracy, nodding off in her seat. 
"Hmmm, time to indulge that shaving fantasy she has," thought Nathan with a
wicked gleam in his eye.

Copyright Victor Ramierez 1998

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