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Warning: This file contains depictions of adult sexual situations, it also
contains mind control, rape, schoolgirls, nuns and medical examinations. If
it is illegal for you to view this subject matter, or if you are under the
age of 18 please do not view this file. If you find these situations
unpleasant or offensive please do not view this file. The author takes no
responsibility for any illegalities arising from the viewing of this file.
The author retains all rights to this story and it is transmitted here by
an authorised person, for free viewing only. Retransmission is allowed only
if it is in it's original form including this message and archiving only by
prior permission. Please contact to obtain
permission from the author. This is basically so the author knows where his
work will be located. Most reasonable inquiries will be happily agreed to.
Do not send flames as they will be ignored.

The Analyst
by Victor Ramierez
Chapter 7

After a few weeks of work the renovations to the change rooms were finished
at last. John sat down before the bank of monitors that were now adorning
one wall of his secret room behind the sick bay. With a satisfied smile, he
reached up and threw the power switch and with a hum all the screens came
to life. Looking from monitor to monitor John was presented with perfectly
clear images of the interior of the change rooms, the showers, the toilets
and the dormitory rooms. John tried the controls and was happy to find that
the different cameras at each location were all working as was the zoom
"This should all come in handy, I'm glad we went with the full options. You
really need to be able to get in close to the action when required,"
thought John.
  After John's escapade in the change rooms he had decided that a few
cameras might pique his viewing interest and had set about getting them
installed using the holidays as a chance to have his renovations carried
out. He now had several hidden cameras installed in assorted locations
throughout the complex as well as a few other little surprises, all of
which he couldn't wait to try out.
Today was the first day back from holidays for the students so he would
shortly be able to try it out.

Mandy and her four friends finished telling each other about their holiday
adventures as they all burst through the doors together into the change
rooms. They were all from average middle class families and had all been
apart from each other on their family vacations. The moment they had all
arrived at school they began to talk and hadn't stopped as they began to
remove their clothing to change into their sports uniforms. As they slipped
off their outer garments and replaced them with sporting apparel, Natalie
the school's resident blue blood arrived to change into her uniform.
Natalie was a pert young blonde with a sour disposition and no tolerance
for those she decided were idiots, and there were idiots everywhere. As
soon as Natalie strode into the room and began to purposefully remove her
clothing she made a special point of not even acknowledging the presence of
the other girls. Natalie was a beautiful young woman, which she knew, and
she was also one of the schools better pupils, and she was well aware of
this too. She did not have to bother herself with these people, she was
going places and they would be stuck in mediocrity forever. 
"Hello Natalie" the girls all chorused together as she slipped out of her
skirt. This only warranted a quick glance of contempt from Natalie who then
returned to her skirt zipper.
"Now girls, you know perfectly well Natalie has more important things to be
doing rather than wasting time talking to us," said Mandy in a mocking
"Quite correct," grumbled Natalie.
This caused the other girls to begin to laugh as they made their way out of
the change rooms.
"Stupid fools, they'll be pregnant and housewives by the time they're
nineteen," thought Natalie.

Natalie came to the end of the cross country track and emerged from the
scrub onto the school field. She made her way back to the starting point to
see Miss Gee standing alongside Mandy and her friends.
"... I mean it girls, you'd better be telling me the truth," finished Miss
Gee as Natalie came into earshot.
"We were out on the course Miss, please don't suspend us. Look there's
Natalie she'll tell you she saw us," pleaded Mandy. She was looking at
Natalie and had a look of utter desperation on her face.
"Natalie, did you see any of these girls out on the course? I believe they
were hiding and didn't go anywhere near the course, they need to pass this
class to finish this year. If I report them again then they're suspended
and they'll be back again for another year," stated Miss Gee in a weary
"No I didn't see them once, sorry," said Natalie as she headed for the
showers, leaving them to their fate.

John wandered into his control room and gleefully switched on his new toys.
The screens burst to life and he could see several girls in various stages
of undress and there were also a few in the showers. John settled back in
his chair and turned on the sound. He heard the door open and suddenly the
school's resident genius walked in to the change room. John sat up and
called out to Sarah.
"Sarah, what's this girl's name?"
Sarah Johnson walked into the room from her office and looked at the screen
he was pointing at.
"That's Natalie Portman, she's one of our best students and she is also a
beauty queen. Is she getting undressed?" asked Sarah.
"She's just come in from a run, so I guess she'll be having a shower as
"I've always wondered what she looked like under those little bathing suits
she wears in her pageants."
Natalie was down to her bra and panties after having removed her t-shirt
and skirt. Natalie reached back and unhooked her bra allowing her medium
sized breasts to breathe freely. She then slid her panties down her
athletic legs and stood in full view of the camera for a minute while she
rummaged for a towel in her bag. 
The buzzer on the phone began to pulse and Sarah had to go back into her
office. John shut the door as he saw Miss Gee and some girls come in. Miss
Gee looked annoyed and the girls had been crying, he would ask Sarah about
this later.
John turned back to his screens in time to see Natalie disappear out of
shot heading towards the showers. He switched to a camera mounted above the
shower stalls which looked down into the showers. He watched as Natalie
stepped into the cascade of warm water and began to rub the bar of soap
over her tits. She moved down her stomach and around to her back and her
buttocks. She then soaped up her pussy and then started down one leg and
then the other.
Sarah burst back into the office. "What did I miss, oh she's in the shower.
Very nice arse. You'll never guess what that was all about in my office."
"Well those girls have been hiding after pretending to go on the cross
country run, and then turning up at the end as though they'd been on the
run. They were caught and after trying to get Natalie to lie for them,
they've been suspended. I just sent them running back over there to get
changed before I send them all home. I wonder what will happen when they
find Natalie still there."
"Now that could be interesting, look here they come," said John with
The girls marched back into the room and began to angrily strip their
clothing off before proceeding into the shower. They were so angry and at
the same time frightened of what would happen when they arrived home, that
none of them had spoken a word since entering the room.
They all headed into the shower area to find one of the showers running,
whoever was in there had not heard them over the shower noise and they
continued their shower in blissful ignorance of their presence. Quickly the
girls realised that the long blonde hair they could see through the steam
only belonged to once person, Natalie!
"You fucking Bitch!" screamed Mandy as she launched herself at Natalie.
Before Natalie realised what was happening she had been grabbed by the hair
and dragged out onto the floor outside the showers. Natalie quickly covered
up to try and protect herself from the blows that began to rain down upon
her, then she lashed out and felt a satisfying connection with Mandy's
stomach which sent the girl staggering backwards. Natalie quickly got to
her feet and found that Mandy had recovered and was advancing upon her
again, while the other girls were cautiously circling the pair.
"All you had to do was say yes. How hard would that have been, would it
have taken that much out of you?" spat Mandy venomously at Natalie.
Natalie had not really considered the consequences of her actions but was
not really that concerned for these girls.
"So what happened to you?" asked Natalie.
"We were all fucking suspended, what did you think was going to happen you
stupid slag. You've really screwed us, and now it's time for some payback."
"Well, it's probably for the best. If you do the year again you might
understand it this time. There are also unlimited possibilities for love as
well. Think of all those younger men too stupid to know what trollops you
are, one of them might even go out with you," sneered Natalie with
Mandy screamed a curse and leapt at Natalie again. Natalie was ready for
her this time and her self defence training kicked in literally. Natalie
turned and gave Mandy a quick side kick to the stomach which dropped her to
the floor like a sack of potatoes. Natalie decided that it was time to make
her exit and while they were all fussing over Mandy  she quickly exited the
room locking the door behind her. She quickly dressed and left the room
just as the girls discovered they were locked in the showers and began to
yell threats at her.
John was laughing at the performance he had just seen.
"I think  we can have some fun with Natalie, go and get those girls out and
bring them to me," instructed John.

After school that evening Natalie returned to the dormitory room where she
was staying. Her parents had sent her here and they lived too far away to
return home each night. This meant Natalie was forced to live in one of the
rooms on campus. The other girls in the dorm were on average also quite
pretty and reasonably intelligent so she could at least have a conversation
with them and not feel like injuring them after a few seconds in
Earlier in the evening John had switched on one of his other new toys, so
now he could mix a light sedative in with their water at the press of a
button. He was now sitting watching the activities in the dorm while he was
waiting for 10pm to roll around. On the stroke of ten the five girls all
showed up as he had instructed them to.
"Alright girls, we're going to go and visit your friend Natalie and her
dorm mates. I think a little revenge is in order don't you?"
They all voiced their agreement and they set off on foot across the campus
towards the Dorm building. He had programmed the girls to allow their lust
for revenge to over come all other considerations in their minds, but they
would defer to his judgement and would do as they were told.
They arrived at the front door and went around to the side of the building.

"They should all be asleep by now, the sedative works quickly but they will
have had enough time to make it to their beds. I will go and have a look
around, you wait here and I'll come back for you."
John went back to the door and went inside. He made his way upstairs and
began to open doors to see who was where. The first room he opened
contained a short black girl snoring in her bed. He went in and decided he
might have a bit of indulgence before he went further.
He slid back her sheets to reveal her lying on her back wearing a night
dress which was up around her mid thigh. He remembered his boyhood
fantasies of getting his best friend's sister while she was asleep and
decided he might as well squeeze every ounce of enjoyment out of this
situation. He bent over and placed a hand on each thigh and moved her legs
apart, bending them at the knees to allow maximum exposure. This forced the
dress up around the bottom of her panties, which he could now see beneath
the dress. She was wearing a black satin pair of panties, and after feeling
her breasts through the night dress he could tell she was not wearing the
matching bra.  He got a pair of scissors out of his bag and used them to
cut the night dress straight down the middle. He parted the dress to reveal
her lovely breasts with chocolate coloured nipples on top of each and he
knew he had to play with those before he could go any further. Kneeling
down next to the bed he leant over and began to suck on her tits. Rubbing
his face all over them he then pinched and pulled the nipples and began
squeezing her juggs as though he was trying to burst a balloon. Then he
decided an experiment was in order. Leaning down he began to give her a
hickey on the top of her left breast. After a few minutes of suction he let
go to admire his handiwork. It was not as impressive as it would have been
on pasty white flesh but it was there all the same.
He then proceeded to cut away her panties to reveal her gash, surrounded by
the tight black curls of her bush. Moving to the end of the bed he
positioned himself between her legs and began to eat her out. The sedative
had not totally dulled her reactions and she had already started to react
to the breast abuse. She was slightly wet as he slid his tongue into her
and then began to drench her lips and clit with the long lashing strokes of
his tongue. After a few minutes of amusing himself with this he decided it
was time for the main act.
Quickly he unzipped himself and let his hard cock out of his trousers. He
slid up the length of her body until his erect dick was positioned at the
entrance to her pussy. He began to slide the tip up and down the length of
her lips, then began to prod and push at the hood over her clit with his
cock's tip before he slid it's length into her wet cunt.
He slowly began to work himself in and out of her as he grabbed her breasts
and decided to amuse himself further with them. His sucking and biting
became more feverish as he worked himself towards release. He could feel
her unconscious body lying limply underneath him, while her pussy told him
it was quite active. As he slid in and out he could feel her muscles
reacting to him, moving, contracting and gripping his invader as he
repeatedly visited her hidden depths. Finally he felt the end approaching
and with a few final powerful thrusts he sent the jets of come spurting off
into her farthest reaches. 
He left her like this and would fix her up later on.
John looked around further and found Natalie's room. Natalie was also in
bed asleep waiting for the abuse to come.
John called the girls inside and they came straight up to the room where he
and Natalie were. Mandy wasted no time and immediately pulled the covers
from the bed leaving Natalie lying in her  pyjamas and at their mercy. 
John had a few ideas of where to go next but decided he'd see what Mandy
had in mind.
"What do you think we should do Mandy?"
"That bitch thinks she is so good because she's in a beauty pageant or two.
I say we fuck that up for her," said Mandy reaching down and grabbing a
handful of Natalie's long blonde hair. "Let's cut it all off and then shave
her all over so she's totally bald."
"Okay, that's not a bad idea. Let's do it."
John handed the scissors he had to Mandy and sat Natalie's sleeping form up
against the wall.
Mandy ferociously began to hack off Natalie's beautiful hair, and threw
each clump of hair across the room. By the time Natalie's hair was a badly
butchered crewcut the rest of the room was covered in her hair. Mandy was
unable to remove any more with scissors so it was time for the razor to
come out. One of the girls brought Natalie's razor out of her bathroom.
They quickly soaped up her hair to a lather and Mandy began to shave her
head in long strokes. Natalie's head was then revealed in all it's bald
glory. Mandy moved onto her eyebrows next, which only took a few seconds
and then it was time for her pussy. The girls quickly pulled her pyjamas
off and laid her nude body back  on the bed. Her pussy area was quickly
lathered up and then the hair began to be separated from her flesh. Mandy
had quickly scraped the area to a hairless state that Natalie's pussy had
not seen for years. 
The beauty queen was now transformed into a piece of bald, vulnerable flesh
waiting to be abused for their enjoyment.
John had one final treat left for Mandy. The girls had told him about a
school rumour which said that Natalie had been saving herself for her
future husband, it was unusual in this day and age but Natalie was strange
like that.  With this in mind he got out his big strap on dildo. This dildo
had taken a few cherries since he had added it to his bag of tricks, and
one more was always welcome.
He handed it to Mandy and helped her strap it on, she was now ready to deal
with Natalie in a way that can never be undone.
John directed one of the other girls to kneel down and lick the dildo to
lubricate it. She dropped to the floor and began to give the dildo a nice
blowjob. After a minute or so he pulled her away and pointed Mandy in the
direction of the bed.
"I think you can go with whatever you'd like to do. Go pop her open."
Mandy advanced on the sleeping  teen and grabbed her head. She opened
Natalie's mouth and started fucking her throat.
"She can at least help to lubricate herself, don't you think so?" asked
Mandy of no-one in particular.
Mandy then gave Natalie's breasts some attention. She started by scratching
some nice long welts down the sides and then began to scratch and slash the
nipple area, not stopping until she had drawn blood. She then rubbed some
of this onto the dildo as well.
"I think it's time for her to become a woman," said Mandy as she moved to
the end of the bed. 
John directed one of the girls to go and sit at Natalie's head, grab her
ankles and pull her legs apart and back towards her. The girl however went
one better. She took her pants and panties off and sat on Natalie's face
and began to hump up and down on her nose and across her face. She grabbed
the ankles as ordered and Natalie was now open for her further degradation.
Mandy positioned herself on her knees between Natalie's legs and placed the
dildo at her opening.
"When you thrust in you'll go in a little way and then meet some
resistance. That's her cherry, you'll need to thrust hard to break through
it and then you'll slide right in all the way," John said in preparation.
Mandy nodded and began to slide the dildo in until she hit Natalie's hymen.
She then slid it back all the way and rammed it back in, tearing through
the hymen, and sliding all the way to the hilt. Mandy was getting turned on
by this abuse and the stimulation to her clit from the base of the dildo.
She began to thrust in and out, fucking Natalie's unused cunt with wild
abandon. John could take no more and grabbed one of the other girls and
pushed her down to take his cock in her mouth.
Mandy then discovered that Natalie's arsehole was also within easy reach
and began ravaging her arse as well. 
The girl sitting on Natalie's face had orgasmed three or four times now and
slid off in exhaustion. Mandy had Natalie's legs over her shoulders and was
merrily thrusting up into her arse when she finally came.
This sent John over the edge, he pulled out of the girl's mouth and began
to shoot his spunk over Natalie's bald scalp.
Natalie was now a complete mess, her face covered in come and cunt juice
and her pussy and arse both dripping blood from the ferocious fucking Mandy
had given them.
Once he and the girls had composed themselves and gotten dressed he was
then ready to sort out the two girls who had been violated this evening.
He gave them both an injection of a stimulant to wake them and then put
both of them under hypnosis. Natalie now believed that she was attacked by
some lunatic group with a hatred of beauty pageants and the black girl was
simply cleaned up and sent back to bed in new clothing.
He sent the other girls home with instructions to forget it all once they
were there, they would however know on some subconscious level that
justice, as far as they were concerned, had been carried out.
John stopped by his office to collect the tape of this evening at the dorm,
and went home to watch it with Sarah, who was waiting patiently for him to

Copyright 1998 Victor Ramierez

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