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Warning: This file contains depictions of adult sexual situations, it also
contains mind control, rape, schoolgirls, nuns and medical examinations. If
it is illegal for you to view this subject matter, or if you are under the
age of 18 please do not view this file. If you find these situations
unpleasant or offensive please do not view this file. The author takes no
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The Analyst
by Victor Ramierez
Chapter 5
Suzanne Summerfield knew that they would be waiting for her again as they
were everyday, and as she turned the corner on the final leg of her journey
to school she was proven correct. Standing ahead of her was a group of five
girls led by the chief female bully of the school Kimberly Sinclair.
Kimberly was a year older than Suzanne and had taken an instant dislike to
the younger girl for no discernible reason. Suzanne was a short, lithe
young woman with shoulder length black hair and a talent for tennis. She
tried to stay out of trouble and liked to concentrate on simply getting
through each day as quickly as possible so she could get her work cleared
and move onto her practice games in the afternoon. Kimberly was a larger
girl with brown hair, and as she was a year older than Suzanne her body was
more amply gifted. The boys tended to notice her a bit more, but none had
really made any moves on her. Kimberly knew Suzanne had guys crawling over
each other to get to her, and it burned her up. She wanted to do something
to her, but she hadn't figured out what. It would have to be something
special to make guys stop taking her seriously, perhaps she could set her
up to look like a lesbian or something. In the meantime she would simply
continue to make her life a living hell.
Suzanne braced herself mentally for the onslaught and then continued
walking towards the school gates. Once she had walked to where the group
were standing Kimberly jumped out in front of her and the other girls
spread out to surround her. At least they were not doing anything unusual.
"It's lovely to see that you're here again Kimberly. How are you this
"Don't give me that crap you little loser, I'm here to make your life hell
and you know it." grunted Kimberly and gave Suzanne a shove to emphasise
her point. Kimberly decided she'd better get on with the usual bully stuff
so that they could all get inside, and she could think up her new scheme. 
"So what lunch did you bring for me today bitch?" asked Kimberly as she
ripped Suzanne's backpack off her shoulder and tore it open. She reached in
and grabbed Suzanne's lunch bag and pulled it out.
"Hey! Put that back you cow, that's mine" yelled Suzanne as she lunged
forwards to grab her lunch from Kimberly.
"Girls, please" said Kimberly with a click of her fingers.  
The other girls who had, up until this moment, simply been standing around,
surged forwards and grabbed Suzanne by the arms and held her back from
"Do you see how easy it would be for me to hurt you? No one will help you,
they are all just as afraid. I can crush you like the bug that you are.
Remember that!" said Kimberly as she threw Suzanne's backpack at her.
The girls let Suzanne go and she ran into the school quivering with rage.
She knew that Kimberly was nothing and she could easily take her out but
she could never get her alone. She had to take her down before she went too
She was so engrossed with her train of thought that she did not see John
Hampton standing in front of her. John had been watching the entire
proceedings from the staff car park and reached out and grabbed Suzanne
before she ran into him. Suzanne's head snapped up and she instantly
realised what she had done.
"I'm sorry Doctor, I was not thinking about where I was walking."
"I know miss, I saw what happened with those girls. Are you alright?"
"Yes, they didn't hurt me. They were just playing around."
"Well I'm afraid it didn't look at all friendly to me. I think you'd better
come with me up to the office so I can make a report." commanded John as he
took her by the arm and led her in the direction of the offices.

"Now you sit right there young lady and tell me what is going on" said John
pointing at the empty chair at the back of his office.
"There's nothing going on Doctor, really. We were just having a bit of fun
before school" said Suzanne. She couldn't tell him the truth, if she did
Kimberly would be taken out of her grasp. What Kimberly and her gang would
do to her afterwards was also a worry.
John had had enough of this charade and so he walked forwards and looked
into Suzanne's eyes. He looked very deeply and blinked once, and instantly
Suzanne slumped backwards in the seat.
"Now let's try this again. What was going on this morning with that group
of girls?" asked John.
Suzanne then proceeded to explain the entire situation to John who listened
with interest. Perhaps I can find something a little different here thought
John and began to plan how to help Suzanne extract her revenge.

Kimberly was not having a good day, after her usual arguments and her
detentions she was sent up to visit that new doctor. She went in and he
spoke with her for a bit and then let her go. She couldn't really remember
anything much that had happened in there but she had felt quite strange
ever since. There was a strange burning sensation on her arse almost as
though she had been spanked, and her tits were sore as well. Taking the
first opportunity she went to the girls toilet and positioned her girls
outside to make sure no-one came in and disturbed her. She quickly lowered
her red panties and turned her arse towards the mirror, then looking back
over her shoulder she could quite clearly see that her arse was a deep
shade of red. She then unbuttoned her blouse and lifted her tits out of
their bracups and she could see what looked like bitemarks on each nipple.
What the hell was going on!

Kimberly dragged herself out of the broom closet where she'd hidden herself
and proceeded up to the girl's locker rooms. It was five in the afternoon
and the only people left here were the girl's gym team, and they would be
training for another couple of hours yet. Kimberly had hidden in the closet
so that she could get in unseen once all the other doors had been locked.
She wasn't sure what her plan was but she had an irresistible urge to go up
to the locker rooms where she knew it would all be sorted out.

John was sitting patiently with Suzanne waiting for Kimberly to arrive.
John had implanted the need for both Suzanne and Kimberly to be here this
afternoon when he had hypnotised them both earlier in the day. John had
finished with Suzanne after she had told him her story and he sent her off
to class and then he called for Kimberly. 
When she had arrived he made some smalltalk and then he quickly put her
under. He implanted the idea in her as well and then as an after thought he
decided a bit of discipline was in order. He arranged Kimberly over his lap
and then he lifted her skirt up over her waist. He looked down at her arse
snug in her red panties and decided it should definitely be a bare bottom
spanking. He slid his fingers under the elastic of her panties and lowered
them down to her knees. He then slid her up further over his lap and
pushing her head down, caused her arse to raise higher. He could see her
little snatch peeking out from between her arsecheeks and he thought about
what was going to happen tonight. He brought his hand down on her left
cheek with a resounding smack, and then he did the same for the right side.
He continued evenly until her arse had turned a lovely glowing red and then
he raised her panties back up and stood her upright. John was happy with
the result but felt she was not punished enough. He decided a bit of breast
torture was also in order.
He reached down and quickly unbuttoned her shirt allowing him access to her
bra enclosed titties. He reached in and slid her left tit out of the bra,
exposing her nipple to him. He looked at her breast and then decided upon a
course of action. He bent over and placed her breast in his mouth, took her
nipple firmly between his teeth and then proceeded to bite down on it in a
way, had she been awake, would have had her screaming for mercy. He
repeated this on the right tit and then repackaged her delights. There
would be more fun to be had tonight. So with a final command to only notice
the pain from her tits and arse gradually as the day wore on, he sent her
on her way.
John had used his passkey and snuck into the girls locker rooms a few
minutes earlier. While he was waiting he began to consider the
possibilities of installing cameras in here and the showers. This and a few
other ideas were swimming around in John's head when Suzanne quietly
slipped into the room. She had come here from Tennis practice and had
entered through the door John had left open for her. She was wearing a
white shirt, white pleated skirt with matching white bloomers underneath
and white tennis shoes. John had her remove all of this and she now sat
naked next to John on the bench between the lockers. 
Kimberly walked in, covered in dirt and cobwebs from her adventures in the
broom closet and walked up to where John was sitting. John got her to
remove her clothing as well. He now had both of the antagonists naked
before him.
"Kimberly I have decided a suitable punishment for your bullying will be to
allow Suzanne to have her way with you, and pop your nasty little cherry.
You will lie on the floor, you will be awake but you will not be able to
move unless I tell you to, you will do as Suzanne commands and you will not
be able to speak louder than a whisper. You do not recognise myself or
Suzanne you will simply see us as big nasty bullies bending you to their
will. Now down on the floor."
Kimberly  lay down on the floor and instantly came back to full awareness.
"What do you want?" she whispered.
"My friend here has something for you" said John as he bent down and
slipped the strap on dildo around Suzanne's waist. He finished strapping it
on and then stepped out of the way so that Kimberly could see what was
going on.
"No! What are you going to do to me?" sobbed Kimberly in a whisper.
"Alright my dear, maul her a bit first, then abuse her with it and then pop
her open. Remember what to do, now wake up and do not find anything strange
about this. You are getting your revenge and you are very happy about this.
You want and need to abuse Kimberly and are happy to get this opportunity
and you don't want to waste it. Tell her what to do and she'll do it. Now
go to it" said John to Suzanne.
Suzanne suddenly snapped back to alertness and after quickly taking in her
surroundings an evil leer spread across her face. She reached down and gave
her plastic dick a few strokes, much to Kimberly's horror and then moved
forwards to Kimberly's prone body. Suzanne knelt down on the floor next to
Kimberly's head and reached forwards to take a tit in each hand. She began
to roughly squeeze and pinch her titmeat and nipples. She then began to
pull and twist the nipples as though she was trying to tune a radio. The
whole time this was going on Kimberly was giving a bizarre whisper scream
and John was restraining himself from laughing in her face.
Suzanne then moved down towards her pussy and positioned herself alongside
"Spread your legs apart slut" commanded Suzanne.
Kimberly suddenly slid her legs apart and to her shame was not able to stop
Suzanne reached down and began sliding a finger up and down Kimberly's
little slit. She slid her finger up and hooked the little hood which was
hiding Kimberly's little clitty. She slid the hood back to expose the
little nub of pleasure and reached over with her other hand and pinched it.
Kimberly once again began her whisper scream and before she had time to
stop Suzanne began to pluck out pubic hairs, one at a time. Suzanne kept
this up for a few minutes until she tired of Kimberly's screams and then
she moved back up to Kimberly's head. 
"Open your mouth, I've got something for you" commanded Suzanne.
As Kimberly's mouth opened Suzanne shoved the entire length of her plastic
dick into her mouth. As Kimberly began to gag Suzanne started sliding the
dick in and out, merrily fucking Kimberly's mouth.
"I think it's time for the main attraction Kimberly, raise your hips a bit"
commanded Suzanne as she moved into position between Kimberly's open
thighs. She moved forwards and began to slide the dildo up and down the
lips of Kimberly's little cunt and then with a snarl of hatred Suzanne
began to violently thrust the dildo into Kimberly's pussy. Kimberly's cunt
was not lubricated and so her spit on the dildo was the only thing helping
the dildo to slide in, this however was not enough and Kimberly thought she
was being torn apart, but the worst was yet to come. As Suzanne thrust
forwards she finally came into contact with Kimberly's hymen.  With an evil
chuckle she wildly thrust forwards tearing through the flesh barrier
guarding Kimberly's womb. This sent Kimberly over the edge and she resumed
her whisper screaming, and added whisper swearing and abuse. Suzanne
continued to fuck Kimberly, and this was made easier as her virginal blood
was lubricating the fuck tunnel. Suzanne had also discovered that the dildo
had a little bump on the back of it, and it pressed against her clit each
time she thrust forwards, this was serving to bring her off as well. Before
she was finished she decided one final indignity was in order. She pulled
the dildo out of Kimberly's ravaged cunt and told Kimberly to roll over,
reach back and spread her arsecheeks apart as wide as possible. 
Once Kimberly was in position Suzanne placed the dildo at Kimberly's
arsehole and suddenly thrust forwards. The dildo slid in and as it was
covered in Kimberly's virginal blood it still had some lubrication and made
Suzanne's job a little easier.
John was watching the proceedings with amazement. This girl was vicious, he
loved it. He had freed his erection from his trousers and had been tending
to his needs for some time and was almost ready to come. Watching Suzanne's
arse pump up and down on top of Kimberly's arse was a lovely sight, and he
decided to add to it. He snuck up and positioned himself behind Suzanne and
quickly spread her arsecheeks and thrust into her arsehole before she
realised what was happening. She was so lost in her own arousal that it
took a moment to register what had happened, but she was so far gone that
she didn't care. John quickly pumped away and then filled Suzanne's
arsehole with his come. He was followed shortly after by Suzanne's orgasm,
and as she pulled the dildo out of Kimberly's arse she watched some of her
own juice run back down to the tip and drip onto Kimberly's arsecheeks.
John and Suzanne quickly cleaned themselves up while Kimberly lay whisper
sobbing on the floor.
John decided it was time for the final touch. He looked at his watch and
saw that it was almost time for the gym team to head home.
He took the dildo from Suzanne and headed back towards Kimberly.
"Kimberly, roll onto your back again. Now take this dildo and put it in
your pussy. Now you are very aroused and you really want to reach orgasm,
to do this you'll have to fuck yourself with the dildo, and be energetic
about it. Once we leave the room you will be able to speak at normal levels
and the closer you get to orgasm the louder you'll become, but you won't be
able to come until the gym class walk into the room. You will always
remember how humiliated and violated you feel, every time you look at
Suzanne. So from now on you won't want to go anywhere near her or even
think of her. Now put your panties on your head, that's right and start
Kimberly began to slide the dildo in and out of her cunt as John and
Suzanne walked out of the door. As soon as the door shut behind them
Kimberly began to moan. John and Suzanne got to the bottom of the stairs
when they heard the gym doors open and the class stampede up the stairs to
the lockers. They waited a few seconds and they heard the giggling and name
calling start when suddenly they heard the shouts of the gym instructor to
break it all up as she went into the locker rooms. The lockers went deathly
quiet and then they could hear Kimberly's cries of orgasm and the gym
teacher's cries of disgust. Laughing they both exited the building. John
then turned to Suzanne and removed her memories of him being involved so
she thought it was all her own idea and she was lucky to catch Kimberly up
there by herself. John also arranged for her to be one of his sleeper
agents who would tell him of anything or anyone that may interest him. He
then sent her home, and went off to decide exactly what he wanted to do
about a camera system or something for the showers and locker rooms.
Copyright 1998 Victor Ramierez

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