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Warning: This file contains depictions of adult sexual situations, it also
contains mind control, rape, schoolgirls, nuns and medical examinations. If
it is illegal for you to view this subject matter, or if you are under the
age of 18 please do not view this file. If you find these situations
unpleasant or offensive please do not view this file. The author takes no
responsibility for any illegalities arising from the viewing of this file.
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The Analyst
by Victor Ramierez
Chapter 4
Carol Simpson was an unemployed housewife who had reached the edge of
despair after her husband had left. He had said she was too controlling,
she had too many stupid rules and conditions on life, but she knew that was
the only way she could bring order to the chaos around her. Now that he was
gone she had only her life rules and her God to see her through. She had
embraced them both firmly and knew those two no good daughters of hers
would need some strict supervision to see they grew up correctly . There
would be no sin, no evil temptations allowed from now on. She had purged
the house of all outside distractions, the television, radios and music had
all been removed. The girls now had time to study properly, and they would
need to study a lot if they were going to succeed in this world dominated
by men. Yes she would see they were given every opportunity to proceed with
her agendas for them. 
This Doctor from the school did not seem very sympathetic however, he
seemed almost suspicious of her. Perhaps she had not explained herself
well, but she had been flustered when the Doctor had shown up at her
doorstep with her two daughters hours earlier than they were supposed to be
home from school. He said they were having some difficulties since their
father had left. They should have been improving, perhaps they weren't
applying themselves as much as they led her to believe. She would sort them
"You wicked evil girls! Here I am slaving away to try and ensure a good
future for you and you don't even have the decency to repay me with some
simple dedication to a given task. I would say  a severe rethink is in
order on your behalf. Perhaps there are still too many distractions here?
But of course that junk food and those candy bars! No more will you be
allowed to eat that food of self destruction."
"Mum! What are you talking about? Please don't take more stuff off us.
We've been studying hard, there are no distractions at all." pleaded Amanda
"This is our only problem, Doctor." she said turning to John. 
"I can see it all now. She only became like this after your father left and
she was always a bit of a prude where it came to the body and sex?"
"I would say that is right" said Amanda.
"You wicked girl! How dare you say such things, and you have the rudeness
to say them in front of me, to a stranger! You will be severely chastised
for this when he leaves." yelled her mother flying into a rage.
"All right that's enough of that you sick harridan. Come with me." said
John as he quickly lifted Carol up over his shoulder. "Which way to her
bedroom girls?" asked John. He then followed the girls up a hallway and
into an old fashioned room. In the middle of the room sat an antique four
poster bed, and around the room many of the paintings had been taken down
and left propped up against the walls on the floor. They had been replaced
with assorted religious images and crucifixes. John threw her down onto the
bed and jumped on to the bed himself. She quickly grabbed a metal crucifix
she had laying on her bedside table and smacked him over the head with it,
he responded by slapping it out of her hand and grabbing her by the back of
the head to force her face to face with him, quickly he blinked once and
she slipped away to lay peacefully on the bed. "Girls, pussylapper,
muffdiver." and as he said both of their implanted triggers they both
stopped where they were, and were now both gazing off into the distance.
John leant down and picked up the crucifix which she had tried to dent his
skull with and turned to Carol, "You'll be sorry you did that you bitch.
All right now stand up at the end of the bed. When I say arselicker you
will be awake, however you will not be able to control your body and it
will do anything I tell you to do, and you will not be able to do anything
but watch. All right then, arselicker. Stand still" and he watched as she
woke and then stood perfectly still.
"What is going on here? Why can't I move?"
"I'm afraid I have better uses for your body than you seem to. I have
decided to revoke your privileges to that body until I've had some fun with
you. Oh, and by the way your daughters won't help you as they are also
under my control. So stand there and be quiet until I'm ready for you." and
then he turned away from the now silent 40 year old redhead and back to her
daughters. "Girls when you wake up, your mother is going to do some things
for us to watch, and she wants us to play along as well. I know the rules
so do whatever I say, and you will not think anything that happens strange
or unusual. Now wake up"
As both girls looked around they saw John on the end of the bed and their
mother standing silently facing him. "Come and sit up here on the bed
girls, your mum wants to give us a show." he said with a wicked grin. The
two girls jumped up onto the bed and faced their mother.
"All right Carol you can start now, we want to see you naked, so take all
your clothes off one at a time and throw them all over the room. Go on."
and as he said that she sprung into action. She felt her hands moving but
she couldn't control them, they reached up and unbuttoned her blouse to
reveal her bra and her medium breasts  therein. She threw the blouse and
then her hands went down to the waist of her skirt, they undid the button
and zip and the skirt crumpled to the floor, she kicked it away in another
direction. She was now standing in her white cotton bra and panties and her
slippers. She kicked the slippers away and reached behind her for the clasp
on the bra, and suddenly her breasts sprang free, she slid the bra off and
threw it away. Then she reached for the waistband on her panties and slid
them down and pulled them off and threw them away as well. She now stood
totally naked with her nipples exposed to the cold air, slowly getting
harder and her entire body covered with light goosebumps. Her red haired
pussy's opening hid in it's bush nestled between the top of her thighs and
she stood with her hands at her sides, with burning hatred in her eyes.
"Now come over here and let us see you closer, slut." and she walked to
within arms reach of the bed. John reached out and grabbed her tits and
began to squeeze them and roll them about. Suddenly his left hand dove down
between her legs and began to brush it's way through her tuft of pubic hair
to her underused slit. "So tell me bitch when was the last time you had
"That was two years ago, and I've managed to avoid him since. Now he's gone
I'm safe."
"I really don't think that's going to be the case. You see the girls here
want some entertainment and I've decided you'll give them a little anatomy
lesson. How about that? All right seeing as you don't disagree I'll start
the lesson. Now as I call out a body part I want you to show it to us,
expose it as much as possible. Rub your fingers all over it and in if
possible. Let's get started. Tits" and her hands reached up and grabbed
both of her breasts, pushing them together and forwards to present them to
her audience. She slowly stroked her hands around and over them and she
cupped them and lifted them as John said "Nipples" and she moved her hands
around to grab the nipples. She began to pull and rub them, then after that
she rolled them around under her palms until John said "Arse" causing her
to turn and bend over. She spread her legs and braced herself with once
hand while using the other to stroke her buttocks, she leaned further
forwards pushing her cheeks back and  up at her audience. "Arsehole" he
commanded and she got down on her knees and leaned forwards to brace
herself with her shoulder on the floor. She reached back with both hands
and pulled her arsecheeks apart to expose her crinkly little hole. She
moved one hand down and slid her middle finger in to the hilt, as John said
"Pussy" so she rolled over onto her back and spread her legs as far as they
would go. She slid her hands down and began to rub her lips, she slid her
fingers up and down the gash to rest on her clit at the top. She continued
to work and slid a finger deep inside and started to pump it in and out.
She was horrified that she was doing this, she could not control her own
body, and this spawn of Satan was making her do unspeakable things in front
of her daughters who he claims were also under his evil influence, and he
hadn't told her to stop yet. She had forgotten how good the feelings could
"Stop that now, come and lie on the bed and spread your legs." and she slid
onto the bed between her daughters and John sat back  down on the bed at
her feet. She spread her legs apart as requested and they all had a closer
look at her most private part. John reached up and gave it a bit of a rub
and then said "Your daughters want to see it properly, pull the lips open
wide and give us a really good look." and she could not stop her hands from
grabbing the lips and spreading them as far apart as possible. This exposed
the fleshy pinkness with, the slight sheen of moisture and the hidden
depths below."
"Now girls you know that children breast feed when they are small?" asked
"Yes, we weren't though because mum says that it's a trick of the devil to
start corruption from birth. To get people used to exposing private parts
and to have minute sexual rituals all day long."
"Well it's good that she wants to show you now then isn't it. Grab a breast
each and start sucking on it. Suck until some milk comes out, if it doesn't
then suck harder, if it doesn't work then bite the nipples." he said with
glee knowing full well that no milk would be coming. The two girls happily
locked onto their mother's breasts and began to suck, after a minute or two
their suction  began to increase and after a further period of time
Michelle and then Amanda stopped and sunk their teeth into her nipples.
They both sat up expectantly then.
"Oh well I guess there's no milk left. I'd better show you sex then." he
said as he unzipped his pants. 
"Now this is a dick and it goes into a pussy. Like this" and he slid it
into their mother's pussy. They both looked on intently and happy that they
were being entertained in such an interesting way. John gave a couple of
thrusts and then pulled his throbbing hard cock out. "Now I've stopped
before I was finished so that you can get a better look at things. I'll
show you something a little different now" And he then lay back and dragged
her over on top of him. He then slid his cock up into her arsehole. She
felt it go in and it was even worse than in her pussy. But he had something
more humiliating instore yet.
"Hand me that crucifix Michelle." and Michelle reached over and passed the
metal crucifix to him . He took it and gave it to Carol. "Carol dear,
here's a nice big dildo for you, I want you to fuck yourself to orgasm with
it" and she moved it down and slid it all the way in and began to pump it
in and out.
"Well girls, as you can see that's what my dick was doing, and now it's in
her arse. Wait a minute and I'll show you the finish." he began to increase
the rate of his thrusts and with a grunt pulled his cock out and spurted
come up all over her cunt hair and her hand.
"Now that's what happens when a man finishes, and when a woman finishes
this is what happens." said John noticing that Carol was on the brink of
orgasm. She started to moan even more and thrashing her head from side to
side led to writhing about on the bed and then release. 
"If you look down in her cunt now you'll see that she's very wet. That's
what happens to women. Now Carol go and stand at the end of the bed.
Arselicker." and as she lapsed back into her trance he continued, "Now you
will only remember this as being a good experience. Lighten up and try and
go back to the way you were before all the rules and conditions, ease up on
the overzealous religion and go buy yourself a dildo. Give yourself an
orgasm at least once a day, but more if you want to. This will help you
relax. Girls Cuntlapper, Muffdiver. Now you will only remember having a
play with your mum, but I was not here, I dropped you off and left. You
will help your mum out and meet her needs if she requests you to. You will
wait ten minutes and then you will get cleaned up and dressed and then
continue on as normal from now." and John zipped his trousers up, walked
down the corridor and out of the house.
Copyright 1998 Victor Ramierez

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