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Warning: This file contains depictions of adult sexual situations, it also
contains mind control, rape, schoolgirls, nuns and medical examinations. If
it is illegal for you to view this subject matter, or if you are under the
age of 18 please do not view this file. If you find these situations
unpleasant or offensive please do not view this file. The author takes no
responsibility for any illegalities arising from the viewing of this file.
The author retains all rights to this story and it is transmitted here by
an authorised person, for free viewing only. Retransmission is allowed only
if it is in it's original form including this message and archiving only by
prior permission. Please contact to obtain
permission from the author. This is basically so the author knows where his
work will be located. Most reasonable inquiries will be happily agreed to.
Do not send flames as they will be ignored.

The Analyst
by Victor Ramierez
Chapter 2

"All right students, settle down." said Sarah Johnson as she stood before
an assembly of all the teachers and students at Drummoyne. Once the
students sat down and quiet descended she was ready to begin. "I am here to
introduce everyone to a new addition here at Drummoyne. Please welcome Dr
Hampton. Dr Hampton is here as temporary special medical officer and he be
attending to each and every one of you as he goes through the student body
checking for illness and other such things. The teachers will also need to
see Dr Hampton as he will be performing your reviews for your health
insurance." and she gestured at John who was sitting over to one side from
the other staff. He stood and gave a brief nod to the students and the
staff and then sat down again. Sarah turned back to the students. "Dr
Hampton is located next to my office and students will be called up to see
him. The staff will be seen to before the student appointments begin. That
will be all. Dismissed." and the students all as one girlish mass stood up
and flowed out the doors. Sarah walked back to where the Staff were
chatting and separated a lithe, blonde, 23 year old gym teacher away from
the other staff members. "Sandra, your appointment is first, so follow us
back to the office." 
"Okay." said Sandra Gee
John was standing watching this from the edge of the stage with great glee,
then he turned and proceeded back to his room.

Sandra walked up to the new special medical room and knocked on the door.
"Who is it?"
"It's Sandra Gee, the gym teacher. I'm here for my examination."
"Come right in." and with an electronic buzz and then click, the door
popped open. Sandra walked into a white tiled room, with bright stark
fluorescent lighting. To one side was a bench with assorted instruments 
and other items, in the middle was a standard Doctors exam table, behind it
was a changing curtain and some other cupboards. John was standing next to
the table wearing a welcoming smile. He was dressed in a white lab coat and
was holding a chart.
"Hello Sandra, please go behind the curtain and put on this gown." he said
handing her a hospital gown. She took the gown and went behind the curtain.
The wall behind her was some sort of opaque glass and she couldn't see
through it, so she definitely couldn't see the camera behind it next to
Sarah who was sitting rapt in the entire proceedings. She didn't notice the
other hidden cameras around the room either. 
"Once you've changed lie on the table, I'll be back in a moment." and then
John ducked next door into Sarah's office with his passkey. He went to the
closet in the back and slipped inside. He was now in the alcove behind his
office and he could quite clearly see Sandra starting to remove her top.
This stuff was great, it looks like black perspex, but it's like a two way
mirror. Sarah was watching intently and John snapped back to reality in
time to see Sandra slip her shirt off and hang it up. Next she removed her
sports bra and then her little pleated skirt. The bloomers and panties
followed leaving her stark naked until she slipped her robe on.
"This will be good babe, stay hear and watch the fun." he said as he
slipped back to his room.
Sandra was laying on the table waiting for him as he came back in and
locked the door. 
"Well, let's get started then." and John picked up his stethoscope and
walked over to her. He reached down the front of her gown with the
stethoscope and pressed the cold metal against her right nipple. With a
shocked little intake of breath she remembered her years of being doctored
to and began the requisite breath in and breath out. Then John repeated
this with the left breast. As he removed his hand he brushed his finger
tips across her nipple and felt how hard the cold metal had made it. He
quickly took her blood pressure and then pulled out a thermometer. 
"Have you ever had one of these examinations before?"
"No, I haven't." said Sandra
"Well I'm afraid we have to do your temperature rectally. Do you
"You want to stick it up my arse?"
"Yes, spot on. Now roll over and get up on all fours please" said John
trying to contain his lust. He could see Sandra was hesitant to allow this
to go ahead, he was really going to enjoy cracking this one. "I understand
your reluctance, but I'm afraid it's the necessary procedure and I can't
sign your form without it." and that seemed to do the trick as she slowly
rolled over and then slid up onto all fours. John walked around behind her
and snapped on some latex gloves. She flinched as she heard the latex snap
back, but then tried to force herself to relax. John spread some lube onto
his finger and then applied it to her arse. She flinched back from each
touch, but she stayed in position. "Are we all ready?" asked John with a
wink at Sarah behind the glass. He then slid the thermometer into Sandra's
arse in one smooth movement.
"Arrgh!" grunted Sandra, as she gritted her teeth and held her position.
John was admiring her toned arse and thighs. He looked her up and down. He
could see her little arsehole trying to eject the invader. He could see her
pussy lips covered in little blonde hairs, peeking out from the top of her
thighs. He could see her leg muscles quivering, as tight as bowstrings as
she braced herself against the indignity she was being forced to endure. He
decided that was enough and slowly pulled the thermometer out.
John decided it was time to begin the festivities.
"Roll over and lie back down on the table." said John and as soon as she
did this he reached down and snapped on the wristlocks hidden at the sides
of the table.
"What the hell are you doing?!" demanded Sandra.
"I need to perform another exam and I can't have you squirming around on
the table" said John as though it was perfectly natural
"What else are you doing then?" she asked
"Just a little gynaecological exam. Nothing to worry about."
"What! You're kidding, let me up." she demanded and began to struggle with
the locks.
John walked back to the table with the optional stirrup attachments for the
table and locked them into place. He then grabbed one of her writhing,
kicking legs and strapped it into place and then he did the same with the
other. She was now locked into place with the only the hospital gown
covering her modesty. She thrashed her head from side to side until John
slid a large knife out of his jacket and waved it in front of her.
"Will you please stop that stupidity. You'll only hurt yourself, you can't
go anywhere until I release you, and I'm not going to release you until
you've been properly examined." and with that he reached down with the
knife and split the hospital gown right down the centre.
"No, please don't." she pleaded
He reached down and folded back the halves of the gown to expose her
shapely breasts, some of her long blonde hair had fallen down over face and
it gave John an idea. He reached up and forced her mouth open and stuffed
as much of her long hair into it as he could to gag her. Now she couldn't
talk or see him properly, she began to whimper quietly. John then moved
down and opened the gown up over her cunt. There presented before him,
spread wide open and raised for inspection was her little blonde pussy, and
below that was her puckered little arsehole. He reached down and gave them
both a bit of a rub. He bent down to give her pussy a quick lick to get the
taste of her on his tongue and then he pulled his cock out and rammed it
all the way up her cunt accompanied by a muffled cry from Sandra. John then
began to pound her cunt hard and fast until he spurted into her velvety
depths. He then slid his cock out and positioned it at her arsehole. Sandra
realised what he was about to do and began to yell through her gag. With
another wink at Sarah through the glass he slammed his cock up to the hilt
into her arse. She screamed and slumped resignedly back down to the table.
John pounded her arse and left another deposit in her body. Then he waved
Sarah into the office. Sarah came around, and motioning her to be quiet
John slid a strap on dildo on over the top of her suit trousers. Then he
pointed her at Sandra's pussy and indicated that she couldn't see through
her own hair. Sarah happily stepped up to the table and lubed up the dildo
by rubbing it up, down and around Sandra's snatch. Then she fed the long
dildo into her and began to pump while fondling Sandra's clit. After a few
long moments Sandra came to orgasm against her will and Sarah pulled out
and stepped back with her dildo still slick and dripping from Sandra's cunt
John stepped up and moved Sandra's hair out of her mouth, and away from her
"You bastard, you've ripped my arse open, and my cunt is so sore. You're
John simply grabbed her by the top of the head and looked into her eyes and
blinked once. Sandra's head suddenly went limp and rolled over.
"Sandra, I am your master and you will do whatever I say from now on,
without question or hesitation. Do you understand?"
"Yes master."
"You only remember coming and having a normal examination from me, and then
you will return to your duties. Notify me of anything that happens in your
classes, especially anything which requires disciplinary measures."
"Yes master."
John then untied her and removed the stirrups and hid them in the closet
again. John led her back to her clothes and told her to get dressed. As an
afterthought he made her leave her panties and bloomers behind, so now if
anyone caught a glimpse up her skirt they'd get a bit of a thrill.
"Wake up and go about your business" and she instantly woke up. 
"Will that be all?"
"Yes for the time being, thank you Miss Gee. Goodbye." 
Sandra then turned and walked out of the room. It crossed her mind that her
nether region felt a little cold and sore, but it was nothing to worry
about for the moment.
John turned to Sarah, who was still wearing the Dildo and took it and put
it away.
"All right Sarah back to work, I'll be watching the tape we just made. I
think we might try a schoolgirl next." and John led her back to her office
and he went into the alcove room at the back to view the tapes made from
the cameras around the room.
Copyright 1998 Victor Ramierez

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