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Warning: This file contains depictions of adult sexual situations, it also
contains mind control, rape, schoolgirls, nuns and medical examinations. If
it is illegal for you to view this subject matter, or if you are under the
age of 18 please do not view this file. If you find these situations
unpleasant or offensive please do not view this file. The author takes no
responsibility for any illegalities arising from the viewing of this file.
The author retains all rights to this story and it is transmitted here by
an authorised person, for free viewing only. Retransmission is allowed only
if it is in it's original form including this message and archiving only by
prior permission. Please contact to obtain
permission from the author. This is basically so the author knows where his
work will be located. Most reasonable inquiries will be happily agreed to.
Do not send flames as they will be ignored.

The Analyst
by Victor Ramierez

"Send her in nurse" said Dr. Hampton
John Hampton then returned to his seat behind his large desk in his wood
panelled, bookshelf lined office.  The Doctor was a Forty year old, brown
haired (but greying), kindly man. John prided himself on being in very good
shape and his muscle tone evened out his five foot stature to make him into
a somewhat handsome man. He had been the resident psycho analyst at the
institute for educational learning for five years now and he had seen just
about everything and was becoming a little bit restless. Perhaps this new
patient would be a bit more interesting.
The door opened and his next patient strode confidently into his office,
and John rose to shake her hand.
"Good afternoon Miss Johnson, I'm Dr Hampton. Please have a seat" he said
pointing to the empty seat on the other side of his desk. John gave the
woman a good looking over as she was taking off her handbag and lowering
herself into the chair. She was in her early thirties and not bad looking
behind the strict looking glasses she was wearing. She had her long black
hair tied up in a bun and was wearing a blue skirt and jacket with a white
silk blouse on underneath. She was all business but still liked to look
good. John liked that. 
"Thank you for seeing me on such short notice Doctor, I really need to talk
to someone."
"That's fine, please tell me a bit about yourself first."
"Well, I'm the head mistress at the nearby girls only high school,
Drummoyne. Do you know it?"
"Yes I've passed it a couple of times."
"Okay then. I've worked there for five years now and I feel I'm doing a
really good job. The school runs well, the students are happy and so are
their parents."
"Are you happy with your job?" asked John, looking up from the notes he was
"Well, I would have to say yes. Yes I am." she said looking at the Doctor
as he looked back down to the notes he was making. She thought he was a
quite handsome man, just the type of guy she would like to go out with, or
at least would one day when her job became a little less hectic.
"May I call you Sarah?"
"Please do Doctor."
"Well Sarah, what is your problem exactly?"
"Over the last couple of nights I've been having a bit of trouble sleeping.
I wake up at odd hours as if I've been having a bad dream, but I can't
remember a thing."
"So is it violent enough to wake up your husband?"
"I'm single, I sleep alone. It's only me that I'm bothering"
"All right then, there must be something bothering you that is plaguing
your sleeping mind. I think we'd better have a bit of a chat." he said.
"Whatever you think it needs Doctor."
John stood up and walked around the desk to the other side of the room and
closed the curtains, cutting off the daylight streaming in from the town
outside. This left only the green shaded lamps to provide the light, and
this gave the room a warm, cosy feeling. John then walked over to a long
leather therapist's couch which was up against the wall behind the chair
Sarah was sitting in. 
"Come and lie down on the couch over here. Leave your jacket so you won't
crush it."
"Okay." said Sarah standing up and draping her jacket over the back of the
chair. She walked over to the couch and lay down on the soft leather.
"Are you comfortable?"
"Yes, thank you Doctor."
John sat down in a chair placed next to the couch and pulled his notepad
out again.
"I think I would recommend a short period of hypnosis. I really need to
find out what is bothering you. Do you agree?"
"Yes Doctor, please do what ever is necessary to let me sleep properly."
"All right then, look into my eyes for a moment." he said and turned
towards her.
Sarah looked up at him and stared deeply into his brown eyes. Concentrating
intently John thought back to his training  and a little trick he'd picked
up while on extended study in an Asian community. He could hypnotise a
person without an external point of focus like a watch or something, just
by looking into their eyes. John stared at Sarah's green eyes and then
blinked once. Suddenly Sarah's head slid down coming to rest against her
"Sarah can you hear me?"
"Uh huh."
"All right then let's try a few simple things to get you used to listening
to me. Raise your right arm." and in response Sarah's right arms rose up.
"Now the other one." and then her left arm rose up to join it. "Put them
down now Sarah. Sarah, you are worried about something aren't you?"
"Yes Doctor, I am"
"What is worrying you, Sarah?" asked John in anticipation of something
interesting. Perhaps a little scandal or something strange and unusual.
Anything but the ordinary complaints about how their parents didn't pay
them enough attention as a child or how they are unable to function in
society as adults because the other children teased them. Something with a
little pizzazz.
"I have an upcoming review, I worry that I'm not doing enough for the
Girls. Is there something I'm not providing for them?"
John shook his head in disbelief. Her reason was so uninteresting, and so
dull. It could be fixed immediately.
"Sarah, you are a fantastic teacher and a great headmistress. There is
nothing the review board can say you aren't doing. Your worries are
unnecessary, discard them."
"Yes Doctor...."
"Now lie there a moment and think about all the good things you've done for
the school." said John moving back to his desk. He finished off the file
and put it away, and then sat down behind the desk. This was the final
straw and he'd had enough. There must be something interesting he could do.
He leant back in the chair and began to consider what he should do. Looking
around the office his eyes glanced across Sarah still lying on the couch.
Where he was sitting he could see her perfectly. He could see the way the
nipples on her medium sized breasts were pushing the silk up. He could see
up her skirt to where her white satin panties were nestled snugly into the
cleft at the top of her legs. Ideas began to whirl in John's mind.
John leant over and pressed the intercom button, "Alice, is there anyone
else for today?"
"No, that's the last one for today John." crackled the response.
"All right then, I'll need some extra time with Sarah Johnson. See that I'm
not disturbed." and with a flick he switched the intercom off. Then he
walked over, locked the door and then sat down in the chair next to the
couch. When a patient was like this he could do anything to them, and he
could get them to do anything. John decided it was time to make this job a
little bit more interesting.
"Sarah, this is your master speaking. You will do anything I say,
immediately and without hesitation. Do you understand?"
"Yes, I will do anything" she mumbled.
He reached over and took her left breast in his hand and began to give it a
soft squeeze. He could feel her nipple pushing up into the palm of his
hand, and as he squeezed the nipple began to harden. He then reached over
and gave the other breast equal attention. He then reached down to the hem
of her skirt and slid it up to give him a good view of her pantie covered
pussy. Sliding in a finger from the side of her panties he began to rub his
finger back and forth across her hairy slit, and then he turned his hand a
little and slid the finger in between the lips. 
"This is gonna be great" thought John "I think I'll get her clothes off
"Sarah, stand up and walk to the middle of the room" and she responded
immediately. "Now unbutton your blouse and take it off." Her blouse quickly
fell in a heap on the floor exposing her white bra which matched her
panties. "That's good, now take the skirt off too." and with a quick unzip
the skirt slid down and she kicked it over with the blouse. "Now take the
bra off, and then I want you to press your tits together and play with your
nipples." Sarah responded quickly. The bra was in the pile and then she
raised her hands up and took a handful of each tit, and then pressed them
both together. "That's it baby squeeze them together hard, yes that's the
way. Now do the nipples." she let go of her tits and grabbed each nipple
between thumb and forefinger and began to pinch them.
"Uhhhn, ow ow ow." moaned Sarah as she repeatedly pinched her nips making
them grow harder and harder.
"That's enough, now take those panties off and lets see what you've got
down there." and she slid the panties down and then stood up. She moved her
legs apart and thrust her pubic mound forward, making her little fuckhole
pout out from between her legs. "Oh yeah, that's really nice, now grab the
lips and pull them apart" so she reached down and grabbed her cuntlips one
in each hand and spread her pussy wide open. John could see her pink inner
folds, he could see her little clit peeking out above her lips and he could
see her wonderful hole. "That's it baby, now slide a finger in deep." and
she immediately slid in a finger, penetrating herself as far as it would
reach. "Turn around, bend over and spread your arsecheeks." she removed her
finger from her cunt, turned away from him and bent over so her face was
down near the carpet. Reaching up behind her she grabbed a cheek in each
hand and spread them as far apart as she could, exposing her little
arsehole and the lips of her pussy. "Oh yeah, great. Come and lie down over
here again." said John as he was now really started to get worked up. Sarah
came and lay back down on the couch, she was still wearing her blue high
heels and her white stockings. John reached down and unzipped his trousers
and hauled out his now rock hard cock. "Sarah, take my cock in your hand
and play with it, massage it." and she reached over to him and took hold of
his dick. She began to slide her hand up and down it's hard length, she
caressed the tip and fondled the balls when she reached the bottom. She
continued this for several minutes until John stopped her. "Stop, now I
want you to suck it, suck it off and swallow the come." and so she moved
over and lowered her head to his crotch. He felt her moist warmth as she
slid his member into the cavern of her mouth. He felt the pressure of her
lips firmly pressed around the shaft and the suction as her cheeks came in
each time it slid into her mouth. Faster and faster he went as began to
fuck her  mouth. He grabbed her by the back of the head and began moving
her head back and forth as she continued to suck. As his cock began to
disappear and reappear from her throat John was building quickly to
release, and with a sudden grunt he let a load go into her mouth, and as
instructed she swallowed it all down.
"That was great. Get back on the couch and spread your legs as wide as
they'll go, I want to taste your juice." and followed her back over to the
couch. Sarah lay down and spread her legs wide, exposing her gaping pussy
to his greedy eyes. John instantly sank to the couch and buried his face
into the steamy depths of her pussy. He began to lick his way around the
outside of her lips and up to her clit. Running his tongue back down
through her black pubic hair, he reached the skin between her cunt and
arsehole and then quickly pushed his tongue into her pussy opening. He slid
his tongue in and out while playing with her clitty with his fingers. He
then swapped them around and began to slide a finger in and out. "All right
bitch, here I come." and then slid up the length of her body. His
positioned his raging cock at the lips and then thrust forward into her
dewy envelope. The tongue job he'd done had made her suitably wet and he
slid in and out with no resistance at all. As he was pounding her arse into
the couch he grabbed a breast and began to happily suck on it.
"Why didn't I think of this before." he thought "I can do this whenever I
want, and I have a great idea" and as this revelation came, so did he. With
a sudden thrust he jammed his cock all the way in and blasted her interior
walls with wave after wave of hot jism. As his cock became limp and slid
out, he stood up and began to wipe the come off with some tissues. He
looked down at Sarah still lying with her legs open and his come now
starting to ooze out of her crack. He told her to clean herself up and get
dressed, and handed her the box of tissues. Once she was finished he sat
her back down on the couch.
"From now on you will do anything I ask of you. You will help me with
anything I request and you will not think anything I do or say strange or
unusual. Now wake up and sit up" commanded John.
Suddenly Sarah snapped awake and sat up.
"I feel strangely different Doctor almost..." she hesitated to say horny in
front of the Doctor, what would he think of her behaving like that when he
was here helping her. "No, don't worry about it."
"Well I think your dreams are cured. You did mention one problem though."
"What was it Doctor?"
"Well you said you were worried you weren't doing enough for your students.
I think I have just the thing for you. I'll give you a call once I have an
answer for you."
"All right Doctor, thankyou for seeing me. Goodbye." and she stood up and
walked out.
John stood up and went back to his desk. "Alice tell the institute I'll be
on extended study and exploration and won't be back in the office for a few
months. Oh, and get me that gynaecological supplies warehouse over on the
other side of town."
Copyright 1998 Victor Ramierez

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