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This story is full of all sorts of perverse and unlikely things. It 
includes all sorts of bizarre things, which happen to turn some people 
on. Things like bondage, non-consentual sex, exhibitionism, and even 
incest. Minors need not apply. Do not pass go. Do not collect $200. 
Delete from incoming box. (Like you'll listen if you're a minor... but 
at least you've been warned).

If this kind of writing causes you discomfort, if it bothers you or is 
even likely to bother you, please don't read it. Consider yourself 
warned. If you read it despite all these warnings and are offended, 
what the heck are you doing? Give yourself a shake.

I guess I should point out that this story is fictional. I have never 
figured out time travel and if I did, I suspect I wouldn't misuse the 
privilege nor would I engage in non-consensual sex or incest under any 
circumstances nor would I counsel anyone else to do so. These are bad 
things. <Does this really need saying? Isn't this common sense? Hello?> 
Any resemblance to persons living or dead are purely coincidental.

Also, let's be clear about this. Archiving of the story is OK. But 
charging money for it (including charging for access to any archived 
copies) isn't cool. Needless to say, giving me credit for the story is 
not an option. This work is copyrighted by the author subject to the 
above stated conditions.

This is a work in progress. I will continue posting it as long as there 
is interest (both yours and mine). Any comments, good or bad, are 
welcome. Suggestions for the storyline are also welcome.

If you are still with me, read on and please enjoy.

- crimson


Chapter 120 - Time Out Of Time


By Crimson Dragon (


I must have relaxed on the master bed for an hour or so, just 
reflecting on the journey, from the moment I took Christi, through all 
the excitement and emotions all the way to the happiness in Jane's eyes 
as she related her news in the kitchen. They were wonderful girls. And 
I was going to miss them. I closed my eyes and shuddered. The small 
black spider crawled over the recesses of my mind. Relaxing, I managed 
to stave off another episode, but I knew the time was coming. The 
girls deserved to be returned. They deserved better than this.

Slowly I sat up and stretched my limbs. I was tired, but it was time. 
I gained my feet and made my way to the door, slowly opening it. The 
hallway reminded me of the short journey that we had left. A straight 
arrow with a set of stairs leading down.

I arrived in the library, silently entering. Elizabeth was at her 
perch, reading the Tale of Two Cities again. Christi was curled up in 
the chair reading her Talisman. Both girls looked up at me as I 
entered. Elizabeth slowly raised her arms to display her bare breasts, 
flushing a little as she did. I could almost see the thoughts in her 
pretty head. Not much longer, and anything to make the last few hours 
less painful for her. I smiled at her, appreciating the gesture, but 
indicated to her that she didn't have to display her body to me. Not 
this time. She slowly lowered her arms, a look of gratefulness 
crossing her features. Her arms obscured her breasts, but it was still 
obvious that she was nude. She looked beautiful in either position.

Sheila was lying quietly on the floor, thumbing through an atlas of 
all things. She hadn't looked up as I entered, intent on something in 
the reference book. I nodded easily to the other girls, who slowly 
turned back to their books. But I could feel their eyes still on me as 
I crouched beside Sheila. She finally looked up as my shadow crossed 
her book.

She smiled weakly, somehow understanding that I wanted her. She pushed 
herself off her stomach with her handcuffed hands and knelt. Not a 
word had been exchanged yet. I gently touched her shoulder as I rose 
to my feet. She followed, somehow knowing that it was expected of her. 
Her bare feet whispered across the carpet as I guided her out of the 
room. At the entranceway, she turned, gazing back at her friends. 
Christi and Elizabeth both were watching us intently now, their books 
forgotten. Elizabeth waved her bound hand, and Christi followed suit. 
They had no idea if they'd ever see Sheila again. Tears formed in 
Sheila's eyes as she waved back. But a weak smile also graced her 

As I guided her to the stairs, she tried to speak. I shushed her 
gently. She obeyed, and silently climbed the stair, her bare legs 
working in front of my eyes.

We reached the bedroom and I sat on the bed. Looking around, a bit 
confused, she finally decided that the safest course was to kneel, 
which she did. I let her kneel there quietly for a few minutes. She 
broke the silence.

"Master? Are? Are you going to rape me?"

I laughed gently. "If I haven't raped you yet, little one, I'm not 
going to."

She looked a bit relieved. "Why am I here then?" she asked quietly.

I looked at her. She was a vision of beauty. She perhaps had the most 
stunning physical attraction of all of them. And I'd never even 
touched it. She was kneeling easily with her hands held in her lap. 
She was squirming a little, but not as much as I would have in a 
similar situation.

"You know why you are here," I spoke gently to her.

She swallowed heavily. I wasn't making it easier for her. She thought 
she knew, but she was afraid of being wrong. I couldn't blame her.

"Master? I. I know what I want." She finally found the courage to take 
a chance.

I nodded to her, letting her know that it was alright for her to 

"I. I haven't been allowed to leave this house in three months. I've 
been raped. I've been beaten. I've been put through things that even 
you couldn't imagine. What I really want is to stay, here with you. 
Relatively safe. But I'm pretty sure that I can't," her voice faltered 
and she paused for a moment, her thoughts spinning through her head. 
"I. I want to go outside. I just want to be free, just for a while."

I smiled. That was easy enough to grant. I slowly got off the bed and 
released her wrists. I dropped the handcuffs to the floor with a 
jangle. She remained on her knees, slowly rubbing her freed wrists.

I urged her to her bare feet and guided her silently downstairs and 
through the kitchen. I could see the tears brimming in her eyes as she 
anticipated the outdoors again. Anything but this house, her prison. 
She didn't care if she was naked. She didn't care if she was still 
sore from Evan's treatment. She didn't care about anything except 
feeling the air against her skin, the sun beating down on her.

I opened the back door for her, letting it swing open. She hesitated 
in the doorway. She breathed in the fresh air wafting in from outside. 
She almost seemed like a dehydration victim, willing herself to take 
it slow, knowing that her body would reject water if she gulped.

In one slow and careful motion she stepped outside, her bare feet 
touching the grass.

She turned to me, "I can go?" she asked quietly.

I nodded. And she turned her bare body, her arms reaching for the sky. 
She ran. I watched as her steps faltered a bit as she ran past Evan's 
frozen body, and again as she passed Gertrude, but she continued, 
turning her face from them and running like the wind. I stepped out 
into the bright sunshine and watched her. She was like an antelope, a 
deer, a cheetah. She ran with the abandon of an alcoholic who was 
desperate for her next drink. I could hear her cries and laughter as 
she ran through the grass. I walked after her, just enjoying her pure 
joy and happiness.

Occasionally she stopped, plucking flowers from the garden and 
smelling them. She trailed her hands over the rough bark of the trees. 
And she knelt in the grass, running her hands through the blades.

I slowly approached her as she knelt. I settled beside her, unable to 
stop smiling at her simple happiness. Her teary eyes turned to my 
face. Her smile was enough to thank me forever, but she said the words 

"Thank-you," she whispered. "I wish I could stay out here all day."

"And I wish I could watch you all day," I answered her back.

She smiled at that and carefully lay herself out in the grass. She 
arched her back, pushing her breasts out into the sunshine. She was 
breathing hard from her exertions, her nipples hardened into small 

She reached her arms out towards me, beckoning me to join her with her 
fingers. Such a difference from that frightened paranoid girl that I'd 
found with Mayer and afterwards. All she needed was some respect and 
some care and this girl would be yours forever.

I touched her fingers with mine, and then withdrew. She looked up at 
me quizzically. "I know I'm still knocked around a bit, but you don't 
want me?" She was genuinely surprised, her fingers touching her still 
bruised face. I suppose she was used to men wanting her.

This was the same girl that not a half hour ago was worried about me 
raping her?

I slowly nodded my head. The sight of her bare body was more than 
arousing. Even after my tumble with Christi this morning, I could 
react to Sheila.

"Come on then," she whispered.

"Sheila, honey. I didn't give you what you wanted so that you'd have 
sex with me. I promised I wasn't going to rape you. I enjoyed just 
watching you."

She smiled shyly in the grass. Her breasts were still rising and 
falling in an irregular rhythm. Her nipples still hadn't fallen.

"Master? A slave wants to point out that it isn't rape if the girl 
wants it too."

"Do you want it?"

She shyly nodded. She'd probably been used to some sexual activity on 
a daily basis for a long time. Even if it hadn't been welcome. And 
while I'm sure the break was nice for her, her body probably expected 
the stimulation. I hadn't seen any indication that she had ever 
pleasured herself while under my care, but I suppose it was possible. 
Her body was healing, and she certainly looked interested. I guess I 
could understand.

I slowly moved into her embrace, taking pleasure in her soft skin. She 
embraced me fiercely, pressing herself into my body. She kissed me, 
aroused me. I fell into her lips, letting her guide this. My body felt 
like it was on fire as her fingers gently pushed me down into the 

I watched her as she straddled me, her fingers pulling at my shirt. 
She bent, pulling me to her, pressing her bare body into me. I felt 
her nipples against my bare skin for the first and last time. She 
kissed me again, her tongue carefully exploring.

She whispered in my ear, her breath hot and desirable. I lost my 
bearings, enjoying her sensations, enjoying her softness. I closed my 
eyes, feeling her tugging at my jeans. I felt myself, at last, naked 
and nude as she. I gasped as I felt her moving up my body, her skin 
becoming a part of mine. I unconsciously reached for her breasts, 
caressing her firmness, eliciting her gasps as I stroked her nipples.

Slowly I was engulfed by her. I felt her arousal as she lowered 
herself onto me. She rocked gently, seeking to get me further into 
herself. She moaned slightly, probably not even aware of it as she 
began her rhythm. Her hands left my chest and I concentrated on her 
sensations. She was gasping for breath, her breath hissing between her 
teeth. Slowly she accelerated her rhythm, searching for her own 
rhythm. I opened my eyes. This gorgeous creature straddled me, her 
blonde hair damp. Her left hand caressed her nipples alternately, her 
right was gently pushing herself between her straining thighs. Her 
eyes were closed, head thrown back as she worked. I could feel her 
muscles quiver once as she took in a last breath of air. She 
shuddered, and screamed as she exploded, her fingers a blur working 
herself between her spread thighs. I could feel her tight vaginal 
muscles contracting around me. The sensations were too much. Her image 
burned into my mind, I exploded upwards, emptying myself into her. She 
cried out again as she felt the warm rush of fluid within her.

Her climax lasted longer than mine, but eventually she came down with 
a small moan. She fell forward, trusting me to catch her as best I 
could. Her body was bathed in perspiration, her vaginal muscles still 
spasming around my softening impalement.

She pulled me close, tears falling down her face. I held her on top of 
me, letting her cry. Eventually, she raised her face, wiping at her 

"I'm sorry," she whispered. "I. I didn't mean to cry."

I smiled at her, understanding. Sort of. She'd been through a lot and 
it was ending. I almost felt like crying too.

I was beginning to feel a little uncomfortable, still being inside of 
her, but for now, it was bearable. She shifted her weight a little and 
whispered to me again.

"I. I never knew what I was missing with Mayer. I. I had climaxes, 
because he forced me to, but I didn't know what a real climax felt 
like. Thank-you."

I wasn't sure that I had anything to do with it. She'd done all the 

"Thank yourself. You did this."

She smiled and rested her head on my chest. We were still joined.

Finally her musical voice spoke again, softly turned away from me.

"I. I don't want to go back."

"I know. And I don't blame you. I'm sorry."

"It's not your fault. But. I've tasted freedom again. I'd forgotten 
what it was like."

"Sheila, honey. You are probably my worst problem. I care about you. 
Well, I care about everyone, but I really don't want to send you back. 
I have to, but you are going back to the worst situation that I can 

She lay still for a moment, unknown thoughts moving through her head. 
She turned her head towards me, tears streaking her face again.

"You honestly have to send me back? I. I prefer it here. I. I don't 
mind being your slave. I'd happily stay for you. I'm going to miss 

"I know you will. I know."

She turned her head back, resigned. She knew that she was going back, 
and she was well aware of how bad her fate was. I had to admire her 
bravery. She didn't even beg me to keep her. Even if she didn't 
understand why, I think she understood that I would have done anything 
in my power not to send her back if I could.

"Sheila, honey? I want you to know that I will take care of him for 
you in real life. You won't remember any of this. You won't remember 
me. But I will make sure he's caught. And I will make sure that you 
are freed. Somehow. He won't get away with this. And I won't let him 
torture you to death. You only have to survive a couple of days. 
That's all."

She had turned to face me again. She forced a weak smile onto her 

"Even though I've seen what you can do, and what you did to Jane and 
Elizabeth in there. You will never be the asshole that he is. You care 
about them, and I want to thank you. For everything. For freeing me. 
For not raping me. For taking care of me. And for what you are going 
to do for me. You never owed me anything, and, I know it's ironic, but 
you are kindest person I've ever met. I wish I knew who you were."

I smiled at her and brushed her damp hair back from her face.

I squirmed a bit, feeling the tight friction of her against my soft 
penis. She screwed up her face and actually laughed, feeling the odd 
sensation from the other end. I don't think I've ever felt myself go 
complete soft inside a woman before, and I doubt if she'd ever felt it 

"I'm sorry. I was just so comfortable."

She hastily withdrew and eased me out of her sex. I sighed as I 
slipped free of her, and she laughed at the expression on my face.

"Time to go?" she asked quietly.

"Unless you want anything else. Like to take one more shot at Mayer."

Her eyes clouded a little, but she managed to force them back to a 
brighter shade. She was outside, free and just had sex that she had 
actually enjoyed. God knows how long it had been since the last time 
she had enjoyed sex. She spoke quietly.

"Much as I'd like to see him suffer more, I don't want to ruin this by 
even seeing him. The only thing I want is to say good-bye to the 
others, if I can." She took a deep breath and quietly continued. "I. I 
think I'm ready. As ready as I can be."

I rose to my feet and extended my hand. She smiled up at me and 
grasped it, pulling herself to her bare feet. She stood and watched as 
I quickly replaced my clothes. As I approached her, she stood on her 
bare toes and kissed my lips. She returned to her easy stance and 
smiled shyly at me. She reached out and gripped my hand. We walked 
almost like lovers back to the house. She purposely avoided looking at 
the former occupants of the house as we passed.

She hesitated by the library door, tears beginning to form in her 
eyes. I patiently waited for her to control her emotions and let her 
decide when to push open the door. In a few minutes she wiped at her 
face and entered the room. Her bare feet moved in a stilted motion as 
the other's looked up.

Amy had joined the other two, and they were talking quietly together. 
They all looked up, concern on their faces as Sheila walked in.

Taking in her tears, Christi rose from her chair. She spoke quietly.

"It's time to go, for you. Isn't it?"

Sheila just nodded, her tears falling from her eyes uncontrollably. 
She just let them drip down her face.

Elizabeth and Amy rose and walked over to Sheila. Despite their 
handcuffs, they pressed their nude bodies to Sheila, hugging her as 
best they could.

I listened as Elizabeth whispered to her.

"I really didn't know you as well as I wish that I did. You are a 
brave and wonderful girl. I know you won't remember me, but I only 
want the best for you. I know what you are going back to, and I hate 
it. Be strong. For me."

She kissed her cheek. Amy, tears gently falling down her face, kissed 
Sheila as well.

As soon as the naked women finished, Christi enveloped Sheila in a 
huge embrace, pressing her clothes into Sheila's nudity. They 
separated, and looked at one another, tears falling down their cheeks.

"Thanks. For everything," Sheila whispered. "I couldn't have done this 
without you."

Christi choked, only able to cry. They kissed lightly on the lips and 
separated. Finally, Christi managed a few words. "I'm going to miss 

Sheila kissed her once more and the girls separated. Sheila approached 
me, unable to even see, she was crying so hard. The other girls looked 
on helplessly. I took her hand gently and spoke to her.

"Do you want to say good bye to Jane?"

She nodded silently through her tears.

I guided her slowly to the dining room. Jane was stretched out in the 
sunshine of the window, her black evening dress looking odd on her, 
but stunning nevertheless. As we entered, she looked up. She was 
almost immediately on her feet, running towards Sheila. Instinctively 
she knew. The tears, the look on both mine and Sheila's face.

The girls hugged, Sheila crying into Jane's shoulder. I watched them 
rock one another. Jane struggled with her emotions, but she was unable 
to stop a single tear from tracking down her face.

"I'm sorry," she whispered to Sheila. "I should be happy for you, but 
I'm going to miss you."

The girls pulled back a bit, looking into one another's eyes.

"You were like a sister to me," Sheila whispered. "You helped me so 
much. Adjusting to this. You were there for me. I wish I could give 
you back a tenth of what you gave to me."

"You just did," Jane whispered as she gently kissed Sheila.

She pulled back and held the crying naked woman by her arm. "Now you 
listen to me. I know what you are going back to. I know it won't be 
easy. But he's going to help you. Okay?" She shot me a look, making 
sure that I knew she'd never forgive me if I didn't help this girl. 
Truthfully, I was her only hope, and I was painfully aware of it. "You 
just have to hold on for a day or so. You're strong. You can do it. I 
promise. You promise me, that you'll hold on."

Sheila dumbly nodded. Her promises wouldn't mean much, but I had a 
strange feeling that she would do exactly what she'd promised despite 
not remembering it. She was a strong girl. Considering what she'd gone 
through already in her real life, perhaps the strongest out of any of 

"Take care of yourself," Jane spoke softly with tears now rolling 
slowly down her cheeks. Sheila wiped at the tears while ignoring her 

"I will." They hugged once more, both girls looking reluctant to 
release the embrace.

Sheila presented herself back to me. Jane just stood and watched. 
Sheila bent as though to fall to her bare knees, but I stopped her 
with a touch. I touched her small hand and took it in mine. I slowly 
guided her out of the room. She turned and whispered a last good-bye 
to Jane as we left the dining room, throwing herself into renewed 
sobs. She silently cried all the way up the stairs until we were 
outside the master bedroom. She stood in the hallway, looking at me 
through blurry eyes.

Her voice was surprisingly strong as she spoke.

"You won't keep me?"

She shivered and threw a fearful glance towards the doorway across the 
hallway. If I didn't relent, she knew where she'd be in a few moments. 
Dressed in her maid's uniform, three sizes too small, and bound. About 
to be kicked and tortured and raped for hours by her old master.

"I'm sorry Sheila. I truly am. I can't. I so much wish I could. I 
don't want to send you back into that."

"I. I understand," she whispered. She moved forward and embraced me, 
pressing her soft body into mine. She began to cry again, but she 
struggled and managed to get control. She tilted her blonde head and 
let her lips gently touch mine. Visions of her bare body making gentle 
love to me out in the grass flew through my mind.

"Thank you for giving me so much," she whispered.

I took a deep breath, "I'm going to miss you."

"Me too. Maybe look me up once you've freed me. Ease up on the 
punishments, and maybe ..." her voice trailed off. She resumed after a 
quick pause. "I'm going to miss you too." Her eyes teared up again at 
the words, but she managed to control them again.

I took another deep breath and began to collapse her time bubble. She 
gasped as the tingling overtook her bare body. She whispered one last 
quick "Thank-you," before she winked out of existence.

I knew exactly what state she was in behind the closed door of the 
business room. I didn't think that I could handle checking on her. 
She'd be right where I'd found her. Bound, carrying that tray for 
Mayer, and about to be abused. Yet again. My heart ached, but I had no 

I turned away from the door, fighting off my own tears and slowly 
walked back downstairs.

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