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The Wimp (Femdom,Cum Eating,Denial,Forced masturbation,Humil)

The following story is fiction.  It contains scenes of
Cum Eating, Female Domination, Masturbation.  If such
subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor
(i.e., child) please leave now.  This work is copywrite by the
author and commercial use is prohibited without permission.
Personal/private copies are permitted only if complete including
the copyright notice.  The author (a mature, Curious submissive
male) has many fantasies that i hope you share.

Leave Now If you are under 18

This is my First attempt so please be easy on me. I will be writing more
for this newsgroup. All dealing with F/m

Last Chance.

you were WARNED.

The Wimp

My wife is very pretty. She is a brunette and has medium size breasts.
She turns heads with her long legs and very pretty face. Some times i
wish i married an ugly submissive slut. Maybe then i would get some
pussy and wouldnt be such a pussy. This is what happend to me one night.

"Honey, please let me cum tonight, Please..."
How I hated to beg every night for an orgasm, But I had no choice. I had
lost control of my own sex life.

"No, You came 5 days ago and there is no need for you to do it again so

  She knew i would offer her anything she wanted if she held out long
enough. I always did. She always took advantage of the fact that i
needed to cum. She kmew she had me wrapped around her finger.

  She looked up at me and smiled, I sensed Sympathy in her voice as she

"I'll make a deal with you. I will let you cum tonight if you eat all of
your own cum. You will have to lick it out of your hand. "

"Kim, please i cant do that."

"OK FINE, i have to go out tonight with the girls, some friends at work
invited me out to see the Hunks-o-Love which are the local male

"Hold on.... "god i cant believe i am gonna do this.
"ok ill do it, if you dont go to the stripper show tonight."

"HA, ya right mister, nice try. I am going to watch these guys even I
have to have you suck your own dick." She slipped out of her sweatshirt
and put on a short halter top and tight jeans.

"ok fine i neeed to cum soo bad, i'll do it.. will you give me a blow

"NO WAY, i am not touching that wimpy little dick of yours. Your on your
own pussy boy."

  She had'nt let me fuck her but once or twice since a year ago, when
she learned of my submissiveness. i had to rely on my 5 girlfriends
attached to my hand for sexual release. But only when she gave me
permission. She would punish me if she caught me masturbating by not
letting me cum for a month.

"You mean i have to jerk off and eat my own cum?"

"That about sums it up. And did i mention you only have 5 mins to jerk
off or i will stop you until i get home."

  Now i knew i was in trouble. I know my wife always follows through
with her threats.

I crawled up on the bed next to her, she was laying on her side looking
at me like i was crazy.

"What do you think your doing wimp boy?"

"i was gonna feel your tits while i jerked off and cum on em."

  She giggled and then said with a smile on her face.. "you have 4 mins
left to kneel down in the center of the room so i can watch you and make
sure you shoot your load into your hand. When you are finished you
better ask me if you can lick up your wimpy dick cum. If you dont drink
it all you wont cum for a month."

  I jumped up and got to the center of the room and watched her sit on
the end of the bed and light a ciggerete. I started to Jerk for all i
was worth. She stared at me and blew smoke in my direction.

"I cant wait to see some real men tonight, so i wont have to masturbate
with your cock on my mind tonight. And there isnt anything you can do
about it PANSY boy."

Her words ate right through me and i started to cum.

She knew i was about to explode

"Yes maam" i meekly said.
I came all over my own hand. The cum was dripping in between my fingers.

I finished cumming and she sat there waiting for me to ask her the

"May I eat my wimpy cum mistress?"

"You are such a pussy you know that? Your lucky you only had 20 seconds

"yes maam, thank you for letting me cum"

"Now eat it fag boy"

"Yes maam."

I ate every drop. She dressed and an hour later there was a knock at the
door. Three of her girlfriends came to pick her up. ALL of them single
except my wife.

She didnt get home until 3am. She climbed into our bed and didnt say a
word, but she looked like she had been with someone else.

I wouldnt leave her for the world.

This was my first attempt at writing so I hope you Like it. If you dont
then don't read it again.

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