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Copyright (C) 1992 by Jazz Rovani

     Damien's alarm system was expensive and elaborate; the brochure 
boasted it was the best in the home security field. 
     Eva disarmed it in less than twenty minutes. 
     Twenty minutes of cold sweat and thrumming pulse, but still, a
twenty minutes.  She allowed herself a smug smile as she picked up her 
dance bag and slipped into the huge stucco monster Damien called home. 
     Her penlight throwing a tiny spot of illumination, Eva padded 
through the darkened foyer in her expensive aerobic shoes, her thin, 
black lycra bodysuit feeling as tight and comfortable as her own
Dark hair whispered against her shoulder blades as she moved, a 
delicious sensation she didn't allow herself to savor. 
     Negotiating the living room on the balls of her feet, Eva
her way deftly around the furniture as she headed for the winding 
stairway.  As she went, she directed a fond smile toward the huge, 
angular shadow that was a familiar couch.  It had been difficult to 
remember she was supposed to be casing the place as she'd sprawled on 
that couch last night, Damien's clever tongue circling her nipples. 
had longed to let him do a lot more than that, but she'd resisted the 
temptation.  Much to Damien's chagrin. 
     Still smiling at the memory, Eva moved quickly up the stairs,
down the long hallway at the top of them.  She didn't even glance into 
the imposing glass-and-chrome office she passed, or at the Monet that 
concealed the wall safe.  That was the decoy, Eva knew.  The real safe 
was in the bedroom, inset into the floor, a comfortable armchair
over it. 
     Eva froze, one foot hovering above the thick pile carpeting,
gagging on her own heart in fright.  She waited and listened, mouth
dry, but the sound didn't come again. Finally deciding that the click 
had just been one of those random sounds big houses make, Eva took a 
deep breath--her first in almost a minute--and went on. 
     Having determined the sound was harmless, she let herself enjoy
lingering sting fear had left in her blood.  She was doing this for
adrenalin rush, after all; a heiress to a billion dollar newspaper 
empire hardly needed to hock a lover's stolen jewelry. 
     Damien was only the most recent in a string of wealthy bored 
bachelors Eva had merrily ripped off in the past few months.  He was 
also the only one she regretted; the others had all been as
and spoiled as boys, interested in nothing but stock quotations or
or getting laid.  And not a decent lover in the bunch. 
     No, that wasn't exactly true.  There'd been Garrett Byrne, her 
fifth target, the owner of that multi-million dollar security firm.  
Sheer ego had motivated Eva's attack on Garrett's personal security;
media called him "a modern Sherlock Holmes," and she'd longed to test 
her wits against his. 
     But Garrett proved to be a very nice man, and Eva had deeply 
regretted the whole affair.  So much so, in fact, that she'd
returned her loot.  In retrospect, it seemed like such a good idea Eva 
had decided to return everything else she took, as well.  It was the 
excitement that motivated her, after all. 
     So, she told her conscience as she slipped into the master
Damien would get his diamonds back. 
     Going quickly to the armchair, Eva pulled it a couple of feet out 
of place, grateful for the thick carpet that muffled the sound.  She 
knelt and aimed her penlight downward at the spot the chair had 
occupied, probing at the thick pile with delicate fingers until she 
found the flap.  Flipping the square of carpet back to reveal the door 
of the inset safe, Eva reached into her dance bag and pulled out a
box.  Working quickly, she clicked the box into place against the code 
pad that controlled the safe's locking mechanism. 
     Tense with anticipation, Eva sat back on her heels and watched
box's LEDs flash while its sensors and computer determined the door 
code.  A moment later, the display settled on a string of numbers. 
tapped the code in, and the door popped open with a pneumatic sigh. 
     Licking her dry lips, Eva reached into the safe's black interior
discover the velvet contours of three boxes.  She promptly began
them out and flipping them open like a child attacking her Christmas 
presents.  The first box contained a triple strand of antique pearls, 
the second held a string of diamonds the size of marbles, and the
a number of smaller pieces tossed together with haphazard
Eva counted ten rings, six sets of jeweled cuff links and a pair of
clips.  The necklaces were very fine indeed, though she suspected that 
some of the smaller pieces were of lesser quality. 
     Clicking her tongue in satisfaction at her haul, Eva dumped all 
three boxes into her dance bag and reached down to close the safe. 
     And felt something cold and metallic press against her cheek. 
     "Mummy," growled a masculine voice, "will be shocked." 
     Eva jerked around, instinctively bringing up her penlight and 
throwing its beam across her attacker.  Garrett Byrne regarded her 
malevolently, his blond hair shining in the faint light, a nine 
millimeter automatic in one hand.  Its deadly muzzle was a bare inch 
from her face. 
     "Garrett!" she choked out.  "What are you doing here?" 
     "I think that's pretty obvious, don't you?"  Keeping the gun 
pointed at her, he bent and grabbed up her dance bag.  "Really, sweet, 
there's nothing easier to catch than an overconfident thief."  His
became a bark.  "Down on the floor, palms flat against the carpet over 
your head." 
     Eva obeyed, feeling so sick she thought she might throw up. 
     "And," Garrett added wickedly, "spread your legs." 
     She would have lifted her head to look at him, but the muzzle of 
the pistol was pressed to the back of her skull in a warning she
dare ignore.  A hard knee dug into the small of her back as the 
detective began to search her with impersonal efficiency. 
     "Really, Garrett," Eva managed, despite the lump of bile in her 
throat, "you don't really think I could hide a weapon in this
     "You've got any number of weapons in that getup, sweet, and you 
know it."  He grabbed one wrist and brought it down behind her back.  
Eva felt something cold click around it. 
     He was handcuffing her. 
     A moment later, after encircling both her wrists in steel,
grabbed her by the upper arm and helped her roughly to her feet.  
Shoving the gun into her face, he continued his search, passing a hand 
over her chest and down her torso, then between her legs. 
     Was it her imagination, or did that hand move more slowly this 
time?  Then again, being felt up by a glorified flatfoot was the very 
least of her problems... 
     "Picturing the headlines, sweet?" Garrett asked shrewdly, staring 
into her no-doubt sickly expression.  "'Newspaper heiress turns cat 
burglar, rips off rich boyfriends.' Your father's business rivals will 
jump on the story with glee in their ink-stained little hearts.  And 
Daddy will have a stroke." 
     "I was going to return everything!" 
     "Sure you were." 
     "I always have before." 
     "Which was damn stupid of you," Garrett told her bluntly. "It was
dead giveaway we were dealing with somebody who was stealing for
not money.  And since you'd dated every one of your victims days
each heist, a fool could have figured it out." 
     "So why'd it take you so long?" Eva sneered, stung. 
     "I couldn't believe you were doing it," he admitted.  "I didn't 
want to believe such a nice kid could use people so coldly." 
     "What you didn't want to believe," she said, desperate to wound 
him, "was that I'd gone out with YOU solely so I could case your 
apartment and rob you blind." 
     Garrett took a threatening step toward her... 
     And the room flooded with light. 
     "So you caught our pretty cat burglar," Damien said, sauntering 
into the room.  "Good work." 
     "The loot's in the bag," Garrett told him.  "I'd say not even 
Daddy's high-priced lawyers will be able to get her out of this one." 
     Grimly fighting an impulse to cry, Eva watched Damien stroll
her.  "I'm afraid you won't find prison very pleasant, darling," he 
said, his tone polite, matter-of-fact, though a nasty smile played 
across his wide mouth.  There was something brutal in the cool, broad 
planes of his face Eva had never noticed before.  It occurred to her 
that Damien looked like a thug.  A remarkably handsome thug, but
a man no woman should trust. 
     "You set me up," Eva said numbly.  Damien had known what she was 
doing last night, had tried to seduce her while planning to send her
     "Doesn't feel very good, does it?" Garrett asked, smirking. 
     She lifted her chin and managed not to beg.  "You know I'll get 
probation.  I won't end up in jail." 
     "I wouldn't be so sure of that, sweet," the detective told her.  
"Breaking and entering carries a mandatory jail term in this state. 
best you can hope for is a light sentence--possibly a year.  And a
in a woman's prison feels a lot longer than it sounds." 
     "It's a pity about her mother," Damien commented idly. "There'll
the publicity, of course, but I imagine worrying about Eva's physical 
safety will be even worse." 
     "You play, you pay.  She should have thought of that before she 
started breaking into people's houses." 
     "Well, yes--but really, her mother IS an old friend of the 
     "If you think I'm letting the little bitch off, you're crazy." 
     "I'm not suggesting we let her off," Damien said.  "But we could 
handle this privately." 
     "Forget it," Garrett told him coldly.  "She's going to get a
she won't forget." 
     "But wouldn't it be so much more pleasurable to teach her 
yourself?"  His voice was a velvet purr that sent a shiver snaking
Eva's spine. 
     For the first time since seeing Garrett and his gun, Eva felt a 
breath of hope.  She didn't care what they did to her, as long as they 
did it quietly.  Damien was right; this whole thing would kill her 
parents.  She'd been an idiot to take such chances with their
just to alleviate her own aimless boredom. 
     "What have you got in mind?" Garrett asked. 
     Damien nodded at her casually.  "Well, she is a lovely girl. And
she treated you anything like she treated me, she promised a great
more than she delivered." 
     "Good point."  Eva decided she didn't care for Garrett's grin at 
     "Well, Eva?" Damien asked her suddenly.  "Do we call the police 
now, or do you agree to submit to whatever punishment we decide on?" 
     "That depends," Eva said cautiously, "What kind of punishment?" 
     "Something erotic, I think," Damien said judiciously.  "No 
permanent damage, in any case." 
     No PERMANENT damage?  She wasn't sure she liked the sound of
On the other hand, she didn't seem to have much choice. "All right.  
Whatever you want." 
     Garrett and Damien promptly gave her a pair of identical lupine 
grins that made her wonder if she'd just been subjected to a game of 
"good cop/bad cop."  Not that it mattered.  She still had no 
     "Good," Damien said.  "Strip." 
     She stared, caught off guard by his crisp order.  "Now?" 
     "Unless you want me to call the police..." 
     Eva studied the two uneasily.  Damien was leaning against the 
paneling, relaxed and arrogant, while Garrett watched her with a sort
feline tension in his big body.  He still held the gun pointed at
Each man was considerably taller than she, and both were fit and 
muscular, though Damien was gymnast-lean while Garrett was broad,
like a boxer.  It was an inherently dangerous situation--but then, Eva 
liked dangerous situations.  "You'll have to uncuff me," she told 
     Garrett moved behind her to do the honors at her wrists, then
back to watch her undress.  Tension pooled in his shoulders, and he
his groin tighten as she began to pull off the bodysuit.  She was 
amazingly cool about it, he thought.  If she found the situation 
frightening or embarrassing, it didn't show. 
     She did have to wiggle to get out of that ridiculous lycra suit, 
though, and the movement did entrancing things to her bare, firm ass.  
He heard Damien's breath catch.  When Garrett looked toward his
however, he was wearing a bland expression which didn't quite reach
black eyes.  Garrett was glad he wasn't the only one who was
to the erotic potential of the situation. 
     Then Eva bent to pull off her shoes, and Garret's eyes snapped
to the breathtaking view she presented him.  Her cunt, spread by her 
pose, looked deliciously damp and pink, and her legs were long sweeps
muscle and satin skin.  Garrett licked his lips and pulled his gaze meet Damien's.  His friend dipped a lid in a lazy wink.  
Garrett had to bite back a laugh. 
     Eva straightened and stepped out of the pile of discarded lycra.  
"Well?" she asked, a faint challenge in her tone.  She turned to look
Garrett over one shoulder.  He managed not to glance guiltily away, 
though he knew she'd caught him eyeing the sweet, rhythmic lines of
body.  "Damien?" Garrett managed. 
     Damien started as if belatedly remembering his cue, then walked
the bureau and opened a drawer to pull out the bundle of clothesline 
Garrett had bought.  The rope was a dead giveaway that they'd planned
blackmail her from the first, but Eva didn't protest.  Perhaps she 
realized that Garrett really had intended to put her away when he'd 
approached Damien about trapping her.  It had taken some fast talking
Damien's part to get him to agree to the punishment scenario. 
     Still, Garrett had to admit the situation had potential. 
     "Lie down on the bed, darling," Damien told Eva, gesturing with
clothesline.  She obeyed without protest. 
     Eva expected to be tied in the cliche spread-eagle position, but 
Damien proved to be a lot more creative than that.  He wrapped a
of rope around her right upper thigh, brought her right ankle up to
buttocks, and then looped it a few times, bending the leg double.  
Damien served the left leg the same way with a few quick and skillful 
passes.   Then, bringing the end of the clothesline up between her
he snaked it around her torso to encircle her breasts so that the
cord pressed just under the nipples.  That done, he extended her arms 
over her head, wrapped them several times, then bound her hands
and tied them to the headboard, leaving a couple of feet of slack. 
     Garrett watched sardonically.  "Dame, did you get a merit badge
bondage, or what?" 
     "No, I just have a vivid imagination." 
     "You must have interesting fantasies." 
     "I certainly do," said Damien, straightening with a grin. "And I 
plan to act a couple of them out.  Where's Eva's loot?" 
     Garrett shoved his gun into its shoulder holster, then picked up 
the abandoned dance bag and tossed it to his friend, who caught it 
neatly out of the air.  
     Damien set the bag down on the bed and began to paw through its 
glittering contents.  He absently pulled out the diamond necklace and 
handed it to Garrett, who eyed it with admiration as he continued to 
     "This is some very fine ice, my friend," Garrett said. "Your 
     "God, no.  It's a little too gaudy for Mother.  I planned to give 
it to Corrine, but I haven't had the chance." 
     "Your mistresses must love you, if this is an example of the kind 
of gifts you give." 
     "Actually, I'm planning to break off with her...Ah.  Here we
     Garrett looked down into his hands.  "Tie clasps?" 
     "A gift from Corrine.  Actually, I wouldn't have minded if Eva
lifted these; they're vulgar as hell.  Corrine has no taste." 
     "That must explain you, then," Eva growled, looking uncomfortable 
in her eight feet of clothesline. 
     "No doubt," Damien said cheerfully, then sat down on the bed
her and bent to take one pink nipple into his mouth. Garrett heard her 
gasp as he nibbled and sucked. 
     "She's got very responsive nipples," Damien commented, after a 
minute or so of playing with them. 
     Garrett swallowed.  Both rose nubbins were pointing proudly at
ceiling as Eva's pale breasts jiggled with her rapid breathing.  She
as aroused as they were, Garrett thought. The realization sizzled its 
way straight to his dick. 
     Which was when Damien suddenly brought up a tie clasp and
it to Eva's right nipple. 
     "Dame, what the hell are you doing?" Garrett demanded as Eva 
     Damien opened the clasp and let it close again, rolling the
between its tiny gold jaws.  "She took them, she can wear them," he
coolly, watching Eva's face.  Her eyes had drifted shut, and she
her lips.  He attached the other one, and she caught her breath. 
     Garrett moved around to the other side of the bed and sat down, 
then reached for the tie clasp Damien had abandoned. 
     When Eva felt both men begin toying with her breasts, she moaned 
helplessly, shocked at the strength of her own arousal. She'd expected 
to stoically endure whatever the two men decided to do to her, but 
things were not going as planned. 
     The fact was, Eva had never been in such a erotic predicament in 
her life.  She was completely helpless, at the mercy of two handsome
dangerous men with kinky imaginations--and she was loving every second 
of it. 
     Garrett was flicking the tie clasp he'd claimed with a blunt 
finger, and each flick sent heat spiralling straight to her cunt.
was tugging the other nipple with his clasp, catching it between the 
jaws and pulling it upward slightly until the clip slid free, then 
recapturing it.  
     Eva shifted her hips, feeling her pussy flooding, heating. She 
wished one of her captors would give it the same attention they were 
paying her aching tits.  Unable to help herself, she spread her legs
     Garrett, watching her, turned to Damien with a wicked grin. "I
thought of another spot for Eva's loot.  Got any KY?" 
     Damien gestured to the top drawer of the oak night table that
on Garrett's side of the bed.  The detective dug out the little tube, 
then walked over to Eva's dance bag and burrowed in it until he found 
Corrine's diamond necklace. 
     "Do you have any idea what that necklace is worth?" Damien 
     "So I'll wash it." 
     "But...Oh, what the hell," Damien grumbled.  "I never liked that 
piece anyway." 
     Eva was so horny she didn't care what Garrett stuffed into her,
long as he paid attention to her aching clit while he did it.  She 
lifted her hips eagerly as he sat down beside her and leaned over her 
hungry cunt. 
     But her cunt wasn't where the necklace went. 
     Garrett pried her muscular little cheeks apart and started
KY to her rosy, dimpled asshole. 
     "Now, wait a minute!" Eva squeaked. 
     "Uh uh, princess.  Take your punishment like a good girl,"
told her with a grin, and stuffed a large diamond up her ass. 
     "That," Damien observed, "is amazingly lewd." 
     Garrett, grinning even more broadly, pushed the next diamond on
string past Eva's tiny opening.  "My," he told her mockingly, "you ARE 
tight, aren't you?" 
     Eva writhed helplessly as Damien worked on her nipples with the
clasps and Garrett relentlessly stuffed her asshole full of chill, 
expensive necklace.  At the same time, the detective rubbed her clit
slid a finger in and out of her steamy cunt, so that rather than being 
painful, the whole experience started to get to her. 
     She was whimpering by the time he was finished. 
     The two men leaned back to eye her with a certain wicked 
satisfaction.  Eva, wound in clothesline, tie clasps pinching each 
nipple and a hundred thousand dollars worth of diamonds up her ass, 
waited to see what they would do to her next. 
     "The pearls," Damien decided. 
     A moment later, that clever tongue of his was circling her erect 
clit while his broad fingers worked a triple strand of iridescent
into her pussy.  Garrett, meanwhile, had gone back to her breasts, 
alternately sucking them and working them over with the clasps. 
     Damien's tongue swirling through the folds of her lips, Eva 
whimpered, "I can't take this any more." 
     "Should have thought of that before you started ripping off every 
male you met," Garrett said, and bit her tenderly. 
     "Oh GOD.  Somebody, please fuck me!" 
     Damien caught the end of the pearl strand and pulled it out of
then pushed it slowly back in.  "Sorry, darling.  We're not done with 
you yet." 
     "I've got money..." 
     "So do we.  Shut up." Damien dragged three diamonds past her 
asshole, bent his head to suck her clit fiercely, and drove them back
one by one. 
     "OKAY!" Eva cried desperately.  "I've learned my lesson, I'll
do it again!" 
     "You bet your sweet ass you won't," Garrett told her.  "I'll be 
watching you like the proverbial hawk."  He twisted a clasp slowly. 
     "Oh, please, you're driving me insane!  Damien, darling, fuck 
     "Well," said Damien, slowly pulling the entire string of pearls
of her swollen cunt.  "It is a tempting thought, I'll admit...  What
you think, Garrett?" 
     Garrett lifted his head to regard the pearls Damien held swinging 
from one hand.  They were so wet with her arousal they almost
"Certainly looks tempting.  How does a little double penetration
     "I think it'll take at least that to cool her off, poor thing," 
Damien agreed. 
     "Personally, I've got a yen for that tight little ass." 
     "Fine with me," Damien said.  
     Eva watched with frantic hunger as the two men stood up and began 
to strip, revealing bodies that were deliciously hard all over--
particularly when it came to cocks.  She moaned at the thought of
both thick pricks buried in her starving body. 
     Damien finished first and lay down on the bed beside her. With
power, he reared up and brought her helplessly bound body over on top
his.  A twist of his hips impaled her on his huge shaft. 
     Because of the way she was bound, Eva could do little but moan as 
Damien's broad hands caught her hips and raised her just enough to 
accommodate his upward strokes.  Feeling each long thrust fill her to 
the heart, she arched her back and shivered. 
     Then Garrett grabbed the end of the necklace and began to pull it 
slowly out of her ass.  As each diamond popped clear, blending 
exquisitely with the sensation of Damien's shuttling cock, Eva spiked 
closer and closer to a searing climax.  When the last gem squeezed 
through her anus, she threw back her head and screamed... 
     Garrett grabbed Eva's writhing hips and parted her cheeks. Before 
she had time to begin her downward slide from climax, he drove his
up her ass. 
     When she became aware again, both men were moving slowly against 
her, and two massively erect pricks stuffed her fore and aft.  She 
quivered helplessly, teetering between pain and blind pleasure. 
     "Sweet," Garrett whispered into her ear, sinking his shaft into
even as Damien slowly pulled his out, "you've got the tightest ass
ever fucked." 
     "And wet.  God, she's so wet..."  Damien rolled his head back
the pillow, shuttering his eyes against the sensation. 
     Eva, impaled on her captors' cocks, couldn't have spoken if she'd 
wanted to.  The best she could manage was a whimper as she felt the
bulbous prick heads rubbing past each other, torturing her passages 
     Damien began to increase the pace, lifting his hips harder,
his slick organ shuttling in and out of her delightfully. Garrett 
followed his lead, boring into her ass with relentless thrusts until
writhed in agonized pleasure. 
     She was completely open to them now, and the men used her 
ruthlessly, cramming cunt and asshole with alternating thrusts until
thighs began to spasm. 
     An orgasm pounded through her, beating along her nerves to the 
piledriver thrusts of her captors. 
     Garrett listened to Eva's long, helpless scream of pleasure as
tender walls of her rectum pulsed around his cock.  The hot sensation 
sent him over the edge, his back arching as a climax seared its way
his skull. 
     He bellowed out an echo to her scream. 

     Later, much later, they became aware of themselves again. 
     And Eva grinned.  "I'm going to have to piss you guys off more 

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