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Subject: STORY:- Her First Threeway
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Her First Threeway

        I've always had the hots for Frankie.  He's got these great big
sexy eyes and  two of  the cutest dimples that come  out on the sides of
his mouth when he smiles.  And Frankie's  got a body tat makes women
drool!  When he and his wife, Sandy,  offered to drive me  home from our
bowling  league championship match, I quickly jumped in the front seat
and sat in the middle, next to my dreamboat.

        Frankie could tell that I liked him.  I expected his wife to be
a little pissed  when I out and  out flirted  with him,  but she
wasn't.  In fact, Sandy seemed pleased by the attention I gave her
husband -- and  the attention he paid back to me.  After a while she
even instigated it by saying things like, "If you think  Frankie  is
something  not, Lisa,  you should  see him without his pants. He's hung,
you know."

        I didn't figure out right away what they were up to,  but it
soon became apparent  that they were trying to  seduce me.  And even
when I figureed it out, I didn't get it right.  I thought Frankie would
fuck me, and then fuck his wife, or  vice versa,  but I never dreamed a
threesome would involve lezzie sex,  too. I'd never been in a menage a
trois, and my first was full of surprises.

        Frankie  undressed me and laid  me down on  the bed, then pulled
his own clothes  off  and  came down  on top of me.  While  Sandy sat
naked on the bed, fondling herself,  Frankie parted my pussylips and
stuck two fingers up my hole. I closed my cunt around his hand and
rubbed my clit on him.  Then I held my tits up  to  Frankie  and  begged
him  to  suck  them.  That's  when I got the first surprise.  Sandy
sucked my tits, instead.

        I was going to protest, but Frankie's lips closed over mine, and
Sandy's mouth felt good.  She licked me real slow,  up and down the
sides of my breasts, and  then  all  around  the  dark  aureolae.  When
she finally slipped a nipple between her lips, it was already hard and
stiff.  I had grown pretty excited and thought that I'd melt into a
puddle beneath this horny couple.

        Frankie  is  hung.  And his  cock is wide.  I  could hardly  get
my hand around it.  When he stuck  his dick into me,  he had to grab my
ass cheecks, and pull me up onto him as he bore down.  His meat really
stretched me to the limit, and I couldn't remember being so stuffed.

        I was pratically inthe throes of an orgasm when the  next
surprise came. Just as I was about to cum,  Sandy hopped up on my face
and rubbed her pussy on my mouth.  I wasn't sure what to do, but
instinct took over.  I wedged my tongue between  Sandy's sloppy
cuntlips and  began to eat her out.  While she screamed and moaned,
Frankie plowed my  cunt and shot off a  big load at the same time I

        Was it over?  Oh, no!  The next surprise  was what  Sandy did.
After he finished cumming,  Sandy pushed Frankie off my twat and she
dove between my legs to drink  her husband's sperm  from my snatch.  She
lapped  at my puusy as if it were a watering hole,  and she was dying of
thirst.  Immediately I began to cum, and it was a big one.

        The threeway sex orgy went on and on.  Frankie next fucked
Sandy's pussy from  behind while  I crawled under them and licked  their
genitals as they came together in repeated bursts.  Then I had my first
girl-69 with Sandy, and it was so  good I considered turning gay -- that
is until Frankie  got it up again for me.  Then I was contented to turn
bisexual.  Very contented.

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