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Hi everyone...thought I would send you some more of my experience...

  Edward quickly moved to where I was still kneeling on the floor and 
began to unzip and unfasten his own pants. As he quickly pushed his 
pants and underwear down, I found myself staring at Edward's  *HUGE* 
cock. It was already hard and it was the biggest cock that I have ever 
seen! It was black and uncircumcised, but because he was already hard 
the foreskin was pulled back and the pink head of his cock was already 
dripping. As I reached up to begin stroking it I was amazed at how big 
around it was also. I gazed up at Edward and he smiled back down at me 
and said with his thick accent, "Go ahead...suck it good for me!"

  I opened my mouth wide to get the head in and I felt Edward place his 
large hands on either side of my face as he positioned my mouth with his 
cock. I could taste the salty tang of his precum as he pressed his cock 
into my mouth...and I remember thinking about the difference in taste 
between him and Simon... I moaned loudly again as I savored the 
different flavor of his precum on my tongue. Edward, holding my head 
tightly began slowly rocking back and forth trying to force more of his 
large cock into my mouth. I gripped his cock with both my hands and 
began to stroke him....(I know I am not very big...but honest...his cock 
was HUGE) I heard him moan loudly as he whispered, "AHHHHH you suck my 
cock soooo good!"

  I released his cock with my left hand and cupped his large balls, I 
continued to stroke his cock with my right hand as I strained to get 
more of his shaft into my mouth. His combined precum and my saliva 
filled  my already overstuffed mouth and washed over his shaft. I could 
feel little trickles slipping from the corners of my mouth and running 
down my chin.

  I would have liked to relax my jaw muscles for a moment and kiss and 
lick his shaft and balls, but he held my head tight as he continued to 
piston in and out of my mouth. (At one point I was really worried that 
he was going to dislocate my jaw..)

  As I continued to fondle his balls, I tried to establish the same 
rhythm with my stroking hand as his thrusts. He continued to literally 
fuck my mouth. I moaned loudly around his cock as I felt his shaft 
continue to expand, and I could feel his balls tighten in my hand. I 
knew that he was about to explode. As he held my head tightly I sensed a 
new urgency in his movements...then suddenly he groaned loudly and his 
cock exploded in my mouth. Not only was his size large...but the amount 
of sperm that he produced was also large. His first eruption filled my 
mouth to capacity, and it burst from the stretched corners of my mouth 
and rand down my chin dripping onto my black dress. I swallowed quickly 
as he erupted again. Edward was still holding my head tightly and his 
entire body was shaking as his orgasm continued. I moaned loudly as I 
gulped at his sperm. As his orgasm ended he released his grip on my hair 
and I released his cock from my mouth. As I looked up at him, he smiled 
and used his finger to scoop up some of the remnants of his orgasm that 
still clung to my chin. He offered me his cum and I quickly licked the 
pearly white droplets from his dark fingers.

  Dave who was now sitting next to Simon, turned to Simon and asked, "Do 
you like the services Jan performs for our company?" Simon nodded 

  Dave added, "If we can sign our contracts tomorrow, perhaps Jan would 
demonstrate some of her other skills for us!"

  Simon quickly replied, "I don't think we will have any difficulty 
reaching agreement!"

  I will try to send you some more later ...

Love Jan!

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