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ubject: VP Miyu - Coerced Seduction 

This is just a story, so don't go ballistic when it offends you.

   Certain  characters are the copyright of someone in Japan whom
I have not asked for permission to use. Too bad, they also do it.

   I saw her near the school, in a nice business-like suit. Why she
went to school, I have no idea. It's not like undead demon-gods
needed to study. But, it was the proper thing to do, and being
Japanese, I guess doing what was expected came naturally.

   I checked the potential - definitely depressed, even when she
was not doing anything of a supernatural nature. I really wanted to
double check my calculations for the max lowering, so my device
would not be overloaded. With what I had in mind, I wanted to be
sure I could handle her and her friend. The guy in the bad batman
suit was tough - larva, raven, whatever his name was. But I knew
Miyu was tougher.

   I waited until after school. Then she came, now in a little
sailor girl outfit. This was a good sign for what I had in mind.
All sukebi movies (most of them) featured sailor dressed girls
prominently. Nice to see that she was anticipating, like a good
anime character should.

   Deciding on the frontal attack I went up to her. "Hi Miyu!" She
looked coldly at me with her big brown eyes. "What do you want"?

   "You, of course, perched on my massive gaijin cock" I said. It
was extremely crude, but most nihon-jin expected that from
foreigners, and I've always thought it polite to give people what
they expect. Her eyes flashed red (with just a touch of white) as
she said "You don't know with whom you are speaking!"

   "Vampire Princess Miyu" I replied, as I artificially lowered the
potential past the point of bad b-man's appearance. No need to
share her. I then swiftly grabbed her and entered a nearby house I
had rented. Conveniently, no one noticed. But, given the normal
mayhem that occurs in Japanese anime, a kidnapping was not so

   I dropped her on the futon. She looked at me and intoned
"Shima!" Nothing happened. She looked around, expecting bad batman,
but he was unable to answer the summons. I smiled, and glanced at
the meter. Only 15% of max. This babe might not be so tough after

   "Now, I think you know the routine" Suddenly, I froze. Unable to
move, the room seemed to rotate around us. I panicked for a moment,
then relaxed. It was just the panoramic rotational view that you
randomly get in anime.

   "OK, now it's time to get to business. Undress!" I ordered.

   "NO!!" she screamed, and pointed her finger, making her pony
tail shake and causing her red ribbon to play in the breeze. That
blood red ribbon would be useful later, I decided. Unfortunately,
for the VP, nothing happened. She realized it as well, as her eyes
became more and more white.

   "OK, we'll do this the traditional way" I said, and ripped off
her clothes in one swoop. As usual, Japanese clothes were so poorly
made that they came off in one swoop, bra as well. Now all she had
on was her panties. Her shoes had mysteriously disappeared.

   Shocked, she looked in wonder at me. There was just a slight
twitch of anticipation in her large, round, eyes. I undressed more
conventionally. Extremely slowly, I approached. Yes, it was another
film technique, the slo-mo when things get sukebi. Eventually, I
got there. I kissed her mouth, which while lifeless was still quite
sensual, and responsive. Her eagerness in kissing took me by

   "Omocha o tabete, kudasai!" I said, giving her a break from
english. Her eyes became a milky white, as she slowly knelt to
comply with my request. I really enjoyed how her eyes reflected
what was happening to her. She sucked softly, but expertly. Faster
and faster, until I grabbed her head, and shot a load down her
throat. One hand on her ball of hair, the other on a pert breast,
I filled her with milky white fluid.

   "Fool", she purred. "Now I control your soul, as I have sucked
your essence into me."

   "Not likely, bitch" I replied. "I'm not some silly nihon-jin.
Your bizarre mythology doesn't work on me. But, the threat does
excite me, so I'll show you something else."

   I grabbed her ribbon, and undid her hair. The brown hair flowed
freely around her bare shoulders. Roughly, I swung her around, and
tied her hands behind her back. I threw her on the futon. Climing
on top, I enter her (quite wet, but I was not surprised) and
stroked away.

   She started to moan almost at once, and bucked her hips upwards.
Faster and faster, until she came in a shudder. But, I was not yet
done, and got off.

   I turned her over, and untied her. She immediately got in the
doggie position. I then entered her from behind, and she spread her
arms and lowered her front slightly. Again, a massive orgasm soon
shook her body.

   I then pulled out, and very slowly entered her rectum. "What!?"
she stammered. But I continued, even though this was not normal
nihon porn or anime behavior.

   Entering her nether channel (which, as she was a creature of the
nether world,  seemed rather appropriate to me) she squirmed her ass
in a very cute manner. Reaching down to play with her tits, I
pumped her tight ass. I shot an enormous load in her rectum, just
as she shuddered to a orgasm of Godzilla proportions.

   Pulling out, I saw the meter was at 3%! The bitch wasn't even
trying to fight! But, I was too polite to point that out to her. I
slowly dressed, as she lay exhausted and satisfied. As I left, she
said "Will this have to last me through eternity?".

   But, I said nothing, as ambiguity is in the best tradition.

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