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This is about my cousin. He is always sending me email. He doesnt
know how much I hate him. Now, he is telling me more of his evil 

Dont be like him!!!!

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Date: Thu, 15 Aug 1995 09:20:29 +0100
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Cousin, how have you been? I hope you are not enjoying your
studies in the US too much. Soon you will return, unless China
decides to ask you to stay. Perhaps you will serve China as I do!
Wouldn't that be grand? We could then smash the enemies of China

I have often wondered how you could endure being so close to the
Viet dogs. It must be a nightmare for you to be so close to Viet swine.
After liberation, many of the swine went to the US,
with their tails between their legs. I have mentioned how I was
able to rise because of my performance in 1979, when those dogs
dared to strike at China. I will now tell you of my most recent
action against those dogs, in 1988 when we reclaimed Chinese soil.

You may remember that I was in Hainan for a while. I can now tell
you that I was preparing to retake the soil these dogs had stolen
from us in the southern ocean. There are many islands there, and
we were to reclaim two from the Viet dogs.

We trained on Hainan for three months. Every day I practiced
sneaking ashore, and attacking a radio center that was the
target for our unit. Afterwards, the local people came and gave
us drinks and snacks. One rather pretty girl always paid attention
to me. She had a habit of bringing me coconut drink and
dumplings after our exercises. The drink was so sweet, and the
dumplings very tasty. Often she and I would share a few words, 
before I returned to our arduous training.

However, she was also very charming. Her hair was long and black,
with the darkest of eyes. Even though she was in Hainan, her skin
was very pale. She was truly a fairy come to life. I wanted to make
this fairy my very own!!!

One day, after practice, I asked her to meet me at the beach, after
dinner. When she asked why, I told her that I had something
important to tell her, but did not want so many people to hear.
She agreed to meet me later.

She came just before sunset.

"I'm a little nervous to be meeting you alone."

"Why, when you have brought me so many delicious snacks every day?" I

"Don't you think it a little bold, for us to be alone?" she said with a 
shy smile.

"No, because we have come to know each other so well these past
weeks. Also, we do not have much time left."

She had a shocked look on her face. Tears started to cloud the
darkness of her eyes.

"Why, don't you want to see me any more?" she whimpered.

"Of course, but you know, I am in the Tiger brigade of the PLA. We
are here training, but soon we will go and defend China! Who knows
when I will be able to return, or......" I left the obvious
possibility unsaid.

"I didn't know this was serious! You mean, you could actually ..."
She broke down in sobs. I went up and placed my hand on her shoulder.

"Yes, but that is always a possibility for a member of the PLA, 
if you are in the Tiger Brigade. I just wish....."

Through tear-stained eyes she looked at me and said, in a whisper, 
what do you wish for? Is it something I can help with?"

Cousin, I had long before known the joy of cloud and rain. But, she 
so sweet, with a plain white shirt, black pants, and her hair straight 
long. I knew that I would have her, that night, and as often afterwards 
as I
could until we left! I determined even to try the flower of her bottom, 
if I
could. This simple country girl would be pleased to be able to so 
pleasure a
member of the Mighty Tiger Brigade!

I looked down, trying to seem shy. "I've never, never...., and now I may 
get the chance to know the real love of a woman."

Her cheeks became the same color as the flag on my shoulder. But she
looked me in the eye and said "I have never felt about anyone the way I 
about you. Before you go, let's go and get permission to be married. I'm 
the authorities would waive permission, since you are going to defend 

Well, I was shocked. Marriage to a country bumpkin was not at all what I 
in mind. My passion flew to the western mountains, but just then, a 
spirit dragon gave me a solution.

"No. I would be expelled from the Brigade. I could never do such a 
thing. Do
you know how much money has been spent on my training? How much time? 
And to
do this just before a mission? Everyone would think me a coward, who 
only of his carnal needs, rather than China. Perhaps I was wrong about 
I thought you would take a chance for me, just as I am taking one for 
and for China. I can see I was wrong. I will leave now."
I turned, and walked rather slowly to a group of bushes and trees, 
hidden in
darkness and far from the path. She caught up with me there.

"I'm sorry, I didn't know" she stammered. "I.. I..." she looked at me,
and slowly approached me and placed her arms hesitantly around me. I
knew that I had won.

I tilted her head up to meet my eyes. I bent my head, and kissed her.
She passively accepted it. I then opened my lips, and thrust my tongue
into her mouth. She was shocked, and tried to pull her head back, but
my hand on her head kept it in place. Her simple responses just inflamed 
my mighty warrior!

She slowly began to let her tongue meet mine, and even began to slip
it in my mouth. I then began to fondle her pert breasts. She knew what
was coming, and did not try to resist.

I lead her to a soft pile of grass, and we laid down. I then kissed
her, and unbuttoned her shirt. She let me remove it, and sat up while I
unhooked her bra.

She shyly tried to cover her dark nipples, but I did not allow it.
Forcing her back, I eagerly kissed her nipples. Her surprised moans
and sharp intake of breath were all I needed to know that this was her
first time to be touched in such a manner. Her moans were the perfect 
before the clouds covered the sky.

I sucked her firm nipples, first one, then the other. The way she
squirmed was delightful. I then began to undo her pants. She tried to
move my hands, but I threw her arms over her head, and gave her a
savage look. She did not move while I removed both her pants, and

As I moved to examine her heavenly portal, she placed both her hands 
over her
face.  How could I help but to desire such a shy jewel? She was so shy, 
and yet
her she was, naked and about to submit to me. I gently opened the misty 
and saw the dewey petals awaiting my sword. I knew then that she was not 
the perfect little fairy I had imagined.

I moved her hands from her face, and proceeded to kiss her. She placed 
her arms around me and kissed back.  Our tongues met and softly 
contended for the mastery.  I could not wait any longer, but began to 
open her legs. Soon, two moons appeared over my shoulders, and I 
positioned the jade spear at the gate.

I waited for her eyes to open. I have always enjoyed the look upon a 
woman's face when I first penetrate her.  This was no exception. A 
slight gasp upon entry, and then the grimace of pain as her flowers fled 

I can not describe how delicious her sweet tension was! I paused to let 
her become accustomed to the spear cleaving her thighs. Her arms twined 
around me, as I began to pump her. Her black hair moved back and forth 
in time with my thrusts. Small beads of sweat appeared on her tiny 
breasts. Her breathing became shorter and shorter. 

As much as I wanted to let the rain begin, I could not risk impregnating 
this bitch. Her attentions to me were known by one and all, including 
the commissioner. If she became pregnant, I could not easily escape 

However, this fit in with my ultimate plan. You are familiar with city 
girls, and with western sluts. These country bumpkins, for all their 
naivete, have a very practical view on life. So, she was not all 
surprised, (or complaining) when I withdrew and asked her to kneel 
before me.  It is common for the peasants to avoid children but still 
keep their carnal pleasures by using women as perverts do boys. 

So, she had more than an inkling of my intentions. Still, she gasped 
when she felt the warrior begin to tread near the flower of her bottom. 
She looked over her shoulder at me, pleading with her heavenly angled 
eyes. I knew that her heavenly juice would prevent any pain on entry. 
Pain for me, that is.

She was a perfect subject for a painting. She was on her hands and 
knees, her long black hair hanging over her shoulders. Her legs were 
widely spread, her hand placed about half a meter in front of her 
shoulders. The heat induced dew of her body glistened as it rolled off 
her  breasts to drip onto the forest floor. All that remained was for 
some ancient master to make her an immortal.

I, on the other hand, wished to make her something else. I spread her 
cheeks, and placed the tip at her hole. I used my thumb to force the 
head into her dark region. She grunted as it popped past her resistance 
into the foul interior.

Holding her hips, I began to build my thrusts. She begged me to slow, 
but I was past that. Her head alternately dropped and snapped back in 
pain as my rod paved her nether road. Her sharp intakes of breath 
followed by grunts only raised my pleasure to the heights of Mt. 

For me it was seconds, for her an eternity, but all too soon I was 
spewing into her rear.

After I pulled out, she looked at me. "Did you spray?".

Even at the end, a perfect little country fairy!
"Yes", I smiled at her, seeing a little blood seep out of her hole. I 
lay and collected my breath, while she stroked my face, and called me 
"husband". Even without a veil for the chamber, I repeated the dance of 
cloud and rain, the second time making her play the flute until I 
"sprayed" in her mouth.  I was more than a little disgusted when she 
choked and coughed some on me. Fortunately, she missed my face.

We repeated the next two nights. 

The third day dawned bright and sunny on Hainan. The birds sang, and the 
waves were kissed by wind dragons until little flakes of white jade 
appeared. She skipped down to the beach, a basket of dumplings ready for 

The beach was empty. The Tiger brigade had left hours before, to impress 
upon the Viet dogs what it meant to steal from China!!!

I will tell you about the actual assault in my next letter, cousin!!!
Sorry to make you wait to hear how we thrashed those dogs so soundly 
that they can not dare to look to the sea, or to the north!!!!!

   __________end forwarded mail______________________ 

My cousin has sent me this. Dont be like him!!!!!!

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