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	Hello there, this is Dimitri, author of various stories here in A.S.S 
and A.S.S.M.  Awhile ago the author of this series e-mailed me asking if I 
would be willing to post these, so that the he/she could retain their 
anonymity.  Obviously I agreed, and here we are now.
	If you want to make some comments about this story, whether it be 
compliments or constructive criticism, send the message to me and I will pass 
it on to the author, who would love to hear some feedback.  The address to 
write to is - - and why not tell me what you 
think of my latest, Celebrity Hypnotist Chapter Six (posted today) as well 
(shameless plug alert!!!!)
	We both look forward to hearing from you!

	- Dimitri -

Japan had been a long grueling trip, having to make up one lost day, didn’t 
make things better. At least
it had been successful and he had found out what 
he needed to know, his bosses would be very unhappy.
On the 5th night of his 
9day trip, Steve received an E-Mail message from Alyssa. It briefly said that 
she and the others were all doing fine. She asked how his trip went and asked 
if they could see him when he got back.  Steve sent off a reply with his 
arrival and hotel information.  He also got a note from Winona and Bridget, a 
while later. Bridgets father Peter had invited Steve for a private dinner, so 
he thank him personally for saving his daughters life. Steve had been 
following the news while in Japan.  Although the story of the accident hit 
the press the next day, only his first name was mentioned.  It was front page 
news for two days, ”Film Stars in Tragic Accident”, “Mystery Man Saves 
Celebrities From Death.” He was lucky to have gotten out when he did. Three 
days later another scandal broke, involving Frank Gifford cheating on his 
wife Kathy Lee, again. This put his story on the back page.  He wondered if 
the girls had found out about each other, if so this would be an interesting 
Steve returned to his hotel room after a long day of watching 
Japanese Defense Forces on exercise in Tokyo Bay. They were as efficient as 
ever, with first class equipment, he was happy they were allies now.
their forces were relatively small in numbers, their equipment, gave them the 
ability to move men
rapidly and efficiently. Enabling them to concentrate 
their forces better in a fluid combat situation.
Steve collapsed on the bed 
rolling onto his back he removed his tie, unbuttoned his shirt, and kicked 
off his shoes.  Staring at his watch it was just past 8 PM, he open the mini 
bar and got a burbon. Sitting on the bed he gulped it down in one swallow. 
The phone rang, he let it ring once more then answered, “Hello.”
“Hi Steve?” 
It was a female voice, Steve could’nt quite place which girl it was. “Yea, 
who is this?”
“Don’t tell me you’ve forgotten me already, I’m hurt.” she 
feigned. “I’m sorry Jennie I’ve had a long day”
Steve became alert, “Hang on 
a minute, don’t hang up, but don’t speak either.” Steve opened his breif 
to get his bug detector, and did a quick sweep of the room and phone.  
Both were clean, ”Jennie, go ahead, is everything okay over there?” “Yea 
every things fine, what was that all about?” Steve looked out the window 
scanning the building across. “Just checking for bugs Jen, we’re clean.” “ I 
just called to see how your doing, Alyssa told me she E-mailed you the other 
day.” Steve sat down on the bed and removed his shoes, “Yes, she seems to be 
in good spirits.” “Yep, she sure is, there was an electricians strike at the 
this week so we didn’t so we have a week off, she’s all better now. 
How’s your trip been?”  Steve smiled, “Well great if you like spending days 
in lecture halls, or dark bunkers looking at satellite photos. Today was 
neat, got to see the 5th Marine Amphibious Brigade on maneuvers.”  “That 
sounds exciting, would you like to see me in uniform sometime Steve? Maybe a 
nurse, cheerleader, teacher or stewardess?” Steve
was now salivating, “Gee, 
Jennie you sure know how to sweet talk a guy.” “Steve, what are you wearing?” 
“Shirt, navy pants, why?” “Ohh, just curious, do you know what I’m wearing?” 
“No Jennie I don’t, what are you….” Steve paused in mid sentence,  “Oh no.” 
He could hear Jennie purring on the other end of the line. “You want to know 
what I’m wearing Stevie baby?” The 90210 star asked softly. “Jen” he said 
firmly “I don’t think this….” “Ask me Steve.” She cut in. “Jennie” She had 
just finished dressing and put on her shoes, “Steve my husband is out playing 
poker tonight, and the baby is sound asleep. So ask me, or I’ll have to spank 
you when you get back.” Steve grimaced, ”Okay, what are you wearing Jennie?” 
she replied.  Steve rolled his eyes. “And don’t roll you eyes.” Jennie 
warned. He looked at the receiver, incredulously. “Jennie please tell me what 
you’re wearing, I have to know, is it naughty or nice?” Jennie perked up, 
“Well I’m wearing my 4 inch red high heeled shoes, a pair of rose patterned 
scarlet stockings, held up by a crimson garter belt. Worn over a sanguine 
lace corset and a pair of satin cherry thong panties, and a red ribbon round 
my neck. Oh and I’m outside by the pool.” By the time she had mentioned the 
corset, Steve was harder than steel. He had to unzip his pants very fast to 
avoid injuring himself.” “Is it out yet?” The little tease inquired. “Oh yea 
Jennie it‘s out.” She smiled men were so predictable. Damn did she look hot, 
even better than when she did that Halloween show of 90120, when she dress up 
as a hooker, in similar set of white lingerie, which almost got her raped at 
a frat party.  Only the timely intervention of Shannon Dorhety’s character 
prevented that. Even though it was only acting it frightened her to feel 
completely unprotected, but at the same time the idea of domination turned 
her on releasing her sexual inhibitions.

“Now Steve here’s the rules, 
I’ll tell you in very intimate detail, what I’m doing to myself, but your not 
allowed to touch yourself until I say, understand?” Steve considered it not 
that he had a choice. “Yes Jennie.” A slightly different voice answered back, 
“Jennie can’t talk right now, she has been a bad girl, and I’ve sent her to 
her room. This is Kelly Taylor speaking, Miss Taylor to you!” Steve was 
momentarily confused, then he remembered that Kelly Taylor, was Jennie Garths 
character on Beverly Hills 90210, Jennie must have slipped into her persona. 
 He could hear the clicking of Jennies 4 inch stiletto’s on the tiles as she 
walked into the house.  “That girl has got to learn.” He heard the other 
voice say, as a door was closed.  “You should see the way she’s dressed Mr. 
Colt, like Sunset Strip whore, it’s not decent.” Steve listened intently. God 
please don’t let the Japanese Intelligence be listening in on this, he 
“Okay Jennie.” Miss Taylor said, ”You want to dress like a slut, 
I’ll teach you how to act like one.”  “Yes,  Miss Taylor.” Jennie replied in 
a timid voice.  “Walk over to the full length mirror, in the corner, and 
stand there hands on you hips, legs wide apart.” Steve heard soft footsteps 
brushing the carpet. “Now bend over at the waist. Pull the crotch of you 
panties aside so I can inspect you. My goodness girl you positively soaking 
wet, have you been playing with yourself, you tramp.” Steve heard Jennie 
reply “Yes Miss Taylor.” Steve pole was now bobbing like a cork in an ocean, 
precum was beginning to seep out. “Jennie while your bent over I you may rub 
your pussy, but don’t insert your fingers yet.” “Thank you Miss Taylor” Steve 
heard her moan, ”Mmmmmmmh, Aaaaaaaaaaah!” “That’s enough Jennie, stand up 
straight, and go sit on the bed.” Steve heard the bed rustle as she sat on 
it. “Take off your shoes and lie down.” The shoes hit the floor with a soft 
thud. “Pull up your knees and spread your legs.” “Now first thing, remove you 
stockings, slowly girl.” Steve heard the snap of a clasp being released, the 
another. The soft silky sound of a stocking moving down Jennies slender white 
leg.  He made a slight groan as he reached for woody. “I said no touching 
until your told!” He lay back on the bed.  He heard another set of clasps 
being undone, more gentle rustling sounds.  “Now the panties dear, but leave 
the garter belt on.” He heard a swift slipping sound as the cloth moved down 
Jennies legs.  “Now take the index finger of your right hand, lick it with 
your tongue, that’s a good slut. Rub your slit with it, “Ooooh, Oooooooh” 
Take your left hand sweetie, and slip it into the bra cup of your corset, 
that’s a good girl, fondle your nipples. Aaaaah...Ooohhh!” Steve was starting 
to get really restless. “Now you can tease your clitoris, with your thumb 
Jennie, as you i-i-nsert your f-f-inger i-i-nside your c-c-unt.”  It sounded 
like Jennie was starting to loose control. “Aaaah, oh, oh!”
“M-my what 
perfect picture of a slut you a-are Je-jennie, you l-look like Ginger Lynne, 
all you need is dick to suck on, use this dildo.” Steve could hear the 
muffled sounds of Jennie mouth wrapped around something big, then sucking on 
it. “Mmmmmmgh, mmgh!”  She slurped all over the 6 inch PA, till it was 
dripping with her saliva. “Nicely done Jen, your going to be a thousand 
dollar a night girl in no time.”  He heard Jennie moan in agreement. “Now put 
the tip of the dildo on your cunt lips, and start pushing it in, and move 
your finger to your rectum.” Jennie’s voice came back for a moment,” No not 
my bum I‘ve  nev…”
“Don’t argue with me Jennie!”  Miss Taylor demanded. 
“Yess, Miss Taylor” she replied submissively. 
Jennie pushed her finger 
against the puckered hole of her anus, gingerly testing it’s elasticity.  Her 
other hand was busy driving the dildo between her slick snatch, at a steady 
60 strokes a minute. “Mmmmmggh!”
Her finger slowly slipped inside her rectum, 
her juices and sweat and eased the passage of her tight anus.
Suddenly she 
heard the front door chime open. “Damn it not now!”  the footsteps came 
closer to the bedroom. Jennie withdrew the dildo, chucking in the bedside 
table drawer. In reaching over she dropped the cordless phone on the floor, 
between the bed and the table. She grabbed her panties and threw them on 
quickly. The door opened, “Hi Honey.” It was her husband, Jennie smiled. 
“Wow, babe if I’d have know you were dressed like that I would have come home 
sooner.”  Jennie looked down at the phone. “Anything for my man.” She 
replied. “Your home early, how was the poker game?”  Dan grinned as he got 
undressed.  “Lost a bundle tonight sorry hon.” Jennies brow furrowed “How 
much Dan?”  He avoided her glance “About $5,000.”  Jennie pursed her lips, 
“This has got to stop, from now on I’m limiting your poker money.”  Dan 
wobbled over to the bed, letting the site of his lucious wife sink through 
his alcoholic haze.  
Steve considered hanging up the phone, then brushed it 
aside when he thought Jennie might be in danger.
“I know I’m sorry it won’t 
happen again.  You look so sexy.” Jennie faked a smile, knowing what was 
coming next.

Her husband climbed into bed gave her a sloppy kiss, and 
with a rip of her panties. She hated when he did that, and these were her 
favorite, not to mention expensive. He then mounted her for a quick gallop. 
Five minutes later he came with huff. For her part Jennie yelled out “Fuck 
you Big Stud” and then faked her orgasm as usual. Then he started to finger 
her butt hole, but she protested, so he rolled over and went to sleep. During 
the copulation Jennie noticed that the bedroom ceiling was in need of 
repainting, she stored that on her mental list of things to have done. With 
the sound of her husband snoring, she reached down and picked up the phone. 
“Steve” she said in a low voice. “Yes Jennie?” he replied weakly.  “Hope you 
enjoyed that lover, goodnight. Oh and you can cum now.” She smiled, hung up 
the phone then went to the bathroom to shower, tossing her torn panties in 
the garbage. Somehow, Steve managed to get into the shower before blasting 
his jet all over the wall. After a quick shower he turned on his laptop, 
wrote out a daily report sent it off and then went to sleep.
He was awoken 
at 6:30AM by the phone, rolling over, he grabbed the receiver, taking one 
last wink of sleep he open his eyes and picked it up. “Hello” he grumped out. 
“Steve?” a soft delicate voice called out.
“Alyssa?”  “Yes it’s me, sorry for 
calling early, did I wake you?” Steve yawned, ”Yes but I was getting up 
anyway.”  Alyssa paused a moment, ”Jennie called me this morning.”  That woke 
Steve up, “Yes?”  Alyssa giggled, “She said to tell you she’s sorry about 
last night and she felt bad about leaving you, hanging.” Steve could her 
laughing on the other end, there was someone else there too. “I’m sorry Steve 
I couldn’t resist.” Alyssa apologized, another voice came on the line, “We 
hope you took matters into your own hands.” More laughter permeated the phone 
line that sounded like Sarah, he decided.  Steve was shocked, but then again 
girls do tell each other everything. “Hi Steve, Heather here, don’t mind 
these two giggly schoolgirls, we are calling because, we thought you might be 
a little hard up this morning.” (fits of laughter in the background) Heather 
continued so we thought we’d give you a quick call. Steve looked under the 
bed sheets sure enough woody was ready to go. “Thanks girls that’s really 
considerate of you, I won’t forget this.” Sarah took the phone from Heather, 
“Oh, you’ll never forget this. Alyssa sorry she can’t talk to you right now 
but she has her tongue in Heather’s pussy.” Steve heard a couple of moans one 
of them muffled.  Sarah passed the phone to Heather “Ooooohh Yea, this little 
vixen will make you wish you were here Steve, her mouth is so talented.”  She 
held the phone down to her cunt, Steve could hear Alyssa sucking on Heathers 
clit. “Mmmmgggh!”  She held the phone out to Sarah who was kneeling behind 
Alyssa’s naked from.” Hey Steve If you thought that was cool listen to this.” 
Heather went on to describe the scene. “Sarah’s been lubing up Alyssa’s ass 
with KY jelly, and the Slayer is now putting on a 6 inch strap on dildo.  
She’s stroking Alyssa’s pussy with her hand.“ Steve could hear Alyssa’s 
muffled moan, as well as a slight tremble in Heather’s voice as Alyssa’s 
tongue worked its way round her clit. “And she working the dildo into 
Alyssa’s...., Aaaaargghh!”  Steve heard Alyssa cry out “Yes, deeper, further 
in, Fuck me with it Buffy!” “Heather hold her down, while ream her with my 
cock.” Heather pushed Alyssa’s face back down to her cunt, and locked her 
legs behind the younger girl’s back. Then she gave Sarah a nod, Sarah pressed 
the dildo all the way in Alyssa’s rectum. “That’s it fuck her good.” Alyssa 
let out a low guttural moan between Heather’s thighs. Sarah pulled back then 
thrust in again, a bit faster this time, Alyssa moaned and wiggled her butt. 
Sarah increased the pace as she began to fuck her friend’s ass, a rocking 
motion developed, Alyssa started to fuck back each time Sarah pushed forward. 
Sarah fingered Alyssa’s pussy as she fucked her butt hole. ” So this is what 
it looks like from this position.” She laughed 
Lyssa was molesting Heather’s 
prefect natural breast with her long fingers, playfully pinching her nipples 
and squeezing her areolas. Heather had her hands cupped under Lyssa’s tit’s 
letting them sway gently in her grasp, stroking her fingers down her belly, 
pawing at her mons, as Alyssa sucked at her love hole.
Heather was now 
drowning Alyssa with her cunt juice as she climaxed (like when we found out 
who shot J.R. in Dallas) “Oh God I’m cuuumminng..Ah Aah  Aaah 
Aaaaarrrrrrrrggggggh!” Alyssa noisily clean her friends snatch swallowing 
every drop of girl honey Heather could produce. After a few more thrusts 
Alyssa spurted her own cum on to Sarah’s thighs, from the anal probing and 
pussy massage Buffy had given her.Ohh..Ohh Ohhh Yeeessssss, Uuuuuuunnnnghh!” 
By this time Heather had relocated herself below Sarah’s fur burger and was 
eagerly chowing down.  It didn’t take much to set Sarah off like a rocket, 
just the site of the dildo disappearing inside Alyssa’s ass was almost enough 
to make her cum, Heather’s tongue
only sent her over the edge. 

By this 
time Steve was a drooling mess at both ends.  Alyssa picked up the phone from 
where Heather had dropped it. “Steve, you okay.” Steve composed himself. 
”Yea, fine Lyssa, that was awesome sweetie, just awesome, thanks I needed 
that.” She smiled “Your very welcome, will that be Visa or Master Card?”  He 
could hear the other two breaking out into howls of laughter. We’re all 
hoping you can see us when you get back. Think you’ll have time?” Steve 
smiled to himself, “I think I might be able to squeeze you guys in,   might 
be a tight fit though.” Alyssa whispered back. “Ohh. I can guarantee it’ll be 
a, tight fit, especially since I’m saving the last hole just for you.” Steve 
forgot to breath for a second he heard Heather say “And when does the next 
plane from Tokyo to L.A. leave?”  “Steve, you there.” It was Sarah. “Huh” was 
all he could manage to get out. “Thank god” she replied “I thought Miss 
congeniality had give you a heart attack for a minute.  Listen could you 
bring me back a book? ” Sarah asked hesitantly. “ Sure if I can find it, 
what’s the title?” “Kama Sutra” She whispered. “And after you’re done with 
little miss not so pure spring water, you and I are going thru ever position 
in that book, even if I kill you. Think about that on the flight back.” She 
laughed and gave the phone back to Heather. “Hi Steve Heather here, 

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