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	Hello there, this is Dimitri, author of various stories here in A.S.S 
and A.S.S.M.  Awhile ago the author of this series e-mailed me asking if I 
would be willing to post these, so that the he/she could retain their 
anonymity.  Obviously I agreed, and here we are now.
	If you want to make some comments about this story, whether it be 
compliments or constructive criticism, send the message to me and I will pass 
it on to the author, who would love to hear some feedback.  The address to 
write to is - - and why not tell me what you 
think of my latest, Celebrity Hypnotist Chapter Six (posted today) as well 
(shameless plug alert!!!!)
	We both look forward to hearing from you!

	- Dimitri -

Part 4
Steve drove from the restaurant in a daze, wondering how the hell he could 
walk away from four beautiful women like that.  He felt even worst for 
bringing them in to his world of light and shadow.  As far as things went 
Hollywood was an unforgiving town, where gossip, and back stabbing ruled. 
Careers could be broken and lives ruined by a single phone call.  But in his 
realm such a thing could set in motion a chain of events
that could topple 
governments, upset economies, and  sometimes get people killed. Steve had 
left that all behind him a few years ago. But once in a while, he felt the 
edges of his cloak and dagger days, creeping around the shoulders of his 
life.  He still had 3 hours before his flight, with his contacts at L.A. 
airport, he didn’t need to be there more than 30 minutes a head of time.  
Steve decided to take a quick drive up into the hills, he knew a longer more 
scenic route to the airport that didn’t include an hour sitting in traffic.

Steve accelerated the Lexus, gliding through the elite suburb of Hollywood 
Heights, then breaking out on to the winding road that crested  the 
hillsides, of the valley. The road was peppered with loose stones and every 
so often a warning sign for falling rocks would pass by.  The skies clouded 
over and it began to rain.
In his review mirror an emerald green Volvo, came 
racing up behind him, before he could get a good look at the occupants, it 
moved over and passed him doing 75mph. I must be getting old he thought to 
himself, as he glimpsed at the fair haired girl in the passenger seat, she 
glanced over and politely smiled, she reminded him of Jennie somehow. He 
watched the car disappear around the next bend. Now Jennie there was a 
classic, like Grace Kelly, beauty, brains, and a flirt too. Heather was more 
laid back, while Jennie was a girl you wanted to take to the prom. Heather 
was more at home on a beach. Sarah was the girl next door clean wholesome a 
little bit country, but could rock and roll when she wanted to. Sarah was the 
kind of girl every mother wanted her son to bring home, and every son just 
wanted.  Then there was Alyssa, innocence and passion blended together, a 
women in a girls body.  Each of them could slew you with a glance one minute 
and curl up in the palm of your hand the next. 
The sound of heavy rain 
drumming on the windshield brought Steve’s thoughts back to reality. It was 
certainly picking up, pebbles came rolling down the hill, and bounced across 
the road in front of the car. He stepped on the gas, watching in his mirror 
as a wall of mud and dirt swept on to the road he had just been.
Whew that 
was close have to keep an eye on the hillside from now on.   Rounding the 
bend he saw the Volvo up ahead as it went around the next hairpin turn up 
ahead. They had slowed down a bit too, but still out pacing him. Rounding the 
next turn, the other car was had already gone round the next bend, as Steve 
went round the curve he saw that another land slide had blocked the road just 
past the bend. Damn now I’ll miss my flight. Looking at the barricade of 
earth and trees, he contemplated his options, he tried his cell phone, static 
filled his ear, must be the hills. Then he thought he was something, flicking 
on the car headlights, Steve saw two skid marks leading up to the pile of 
debris and turning sharply to the right. There was a gap in the guardrail 
about ten feet wide.  Steve reached into the back seat for a small suitcase, 
bringing it up front he quickly opened it and retrieved a medical kit, and 
flashlight  (He was a Boy Scout)
Putting on a light trench coat he exited his 
car, got the tire iron from the trunk and walked over to edge of the cliff. 

Peering through the rain, he saw the swath cut through the trees. The cliff 
was only just a slope, not very steep. Steve could see the car about 100 
yards down the slope resting on the bank of the river. He saw no sign of 
movement, starting down the slope he hurried as fast as the terrain allowed. 
He got about half way down the slope, looking up he saw the car sliding into 
the river, he started to run. He reached the river as the top of the car 
submerged beneath the surface of the water, he heard screaming. Steve 
stripped off his clothes, and waded in, when he got to the drivers side door 
the car was under a foot of water. The driver was struggling with her 
seatbelt, the air bag had deployed and was hindering her efforts. Steve 
grabbed the door handle and pulled it open, luckily she had already unlocked 
it. The diver looked at Steve shocked to
see him, she grabbed on to him in 
panic, He struggled with the air bag finally pushing it aside. He reached 
around her waist, feeling for the belt release, as her last breath was 
failing, he found the buckle and pulled her from the car. Swimming back to 
the shore, he checked her breathing, it was ragged but there, he quickly 
pushed in her chest to expel any water from her system, she began to cough 
and sat up. Steve went back in for the passenger. By the time he reached her 
she was motionless, he pulled her out and made for the surface. 

reaching shore a few meters away, he saw the other girl sitting up looking 
for her friend. Spotting the two she went into hysterics, seeing her friends 
lifeless body, being pulled by the stranger.  Steve dragged the body on shore 
and immediately began CPR. First pushing on her chest to expel the water from 
her lungs, then began mouth to mouth, with a great deal of enthusiasm, and 
difficulty since he was out of breath himself.  The girl on shore came to her 
senses and began pushing on her friends chest, counting rhythmically as she 
pressed. After a five minutes the girl coughed violently and shook herself 
awake. The two girls hugged and cried, stroking each others hair, then kissed 
and cried again. Steve lay on the ground panting for air, looking up at the 
dark clouds. After a few minutes Steve looked over at the girls. The blond, 
had almost shoulder length hair, light blue eyes pale complexion, about 5’6” 
a very athletic figure, she was dressed in a simple light blue summer dress 
with small white flowers. The dress clung to her shapely body, showing off 
her blue lace bra and matching panties. The brunette was a bit shorter, her 
hair was cropped short, almost boyish, her figure was slim except for her 
breast and hips, which were nicely rounded, she wore white slacks, and a 
black tank top. Her wet slacks clung to her firm butt, and had become 
completely transparent He could clearly see her plain white cotton panties 
molded to her cheeks. The cold water had made her nipples stand out straight 
like raisins, under her bra less top. He had seen these two before, but 
couldn’t place the names.  Both girls were puzzled when Steve went back into 
the water again, they stood up watching him from the shore, a few minutes 
later he emerged, holding up two purses, like trophy fish.
The girls clapped 
and ran into the water to greet him, each gave him a really big hug and 
kissed him on the cheek.  They cried some more, thanked him profusely, then 
realizing he was still just in his briefs they let him get dressed, sneaking 
a peek to his pelvic region. Steve picked up his gear and guided the girls 
back up the hill to his rented Lexus. Once inside he started the car and 
turned on the heater full blast, the warmth was great.  Then he went to the 
trunk getting a couple of towels and shirts handing one set to each girl, 
changing outside while the girls stripped out of their wet clinging clothes 
and hung them in the windows. The rain had subsided by now, it was warming up 
a bit. He wondered how many other landslides had occurred, and how long it 
would take the highway crews to reach them. On of the girls called Steve to 
get in.  The blonde lay in the back seat, the brunette was in the front with 
Steve. “By the way, my I’m Steve, Colt.”  The brunette, she managed a weak 
smile and hand shake. “Nice to meet you Steve, I’m Winona, back there is 
Bridget the blond leaned forward. Steve looked at them incredulity, “As in 
Ryder and Fonda?” Winona nodded. Steve wondered if the Gods were laughing at 
Steve turned on the radio, there were reports of landslides, and power 
failures all over the place, scattered in pockets in and around the L.A. 
area. Crews were out and expected to have everything fixed in the next 12 
hours.  Steve snapped the radio off, “Well guess we’re here for a while 
ladies” Bridget popped her head between the front seats, “I’m glad to be 
anywhere right now.” she muttered. Winona smiled at her friend, “me too.” 
Leaning over she kissed Bridget, firmly on the mouth, then reclined her seat 
back and went to sleep. Bridget stretched out on the back seat and closed her 
eyes. Steve leaned on the drivers side arm rest  with his head against the 
window falling asleep several minutes later, it was just after 5PM.
A few 
hours later a sound in  Steve’s ears woke the rest of him up. His body was 
cramped and stiff, the sound grew louder in his ears, beginning to register 
in his brain as the veils of sleep lifted. He turned his head, rubbing the 
back of his neck. The passenger seat beside his was empty, the sounds he 
heard was soft light moans of pleasure, boarding on shear ecstasy. He slowly 
turned his head looking over his shoulder, seeing a sight for sore eyes. 
Bridget lay on the backseat, her legs were draped over the back and front 
seats with Winona’s head lapping her humping pussy between them.  From what 
he could see Winona must have been straddling Bridget’s face, their moans and 
slurping noises were getting louder. He heard Bridget whining, “Ooooh yess.. 
alllmmoost... Uuuuuuuuuuugh!. God that feel ssssoooooo ggggoooood.” As she 
came drenching her freind with sweet sticky fluids. Winona, rubbed her face 
all over Bridgets, wet sticky twat, spreading the juices between her thighs. 
Then licking Bridget’s inner legs, cunt and clit, absorbing the girl cum back 
on to tongue. Winona purred as her lover’s tongue flicked the nub of her 
clitoris, she beared down on the playful organ, Bridget kissed at her soft 
lips trimmed with a collar of black fur. Winona’s clit
became firm, it’s 
rounded head pushed out beyond her labia lips. Bridget gently teased it with 
her lips, while patting the tip with her tongue, opening her mouth wide to 
engulf, Winona’s  gyrating fur ball, letting
her slippery orgasm drip into 
her mouth.  Winona sat up  and arched her back, caressing Bridget’s breasts 
through the thin cotton of the shirt. Bridget inserted her index finger in to 
Winona’s love hole, feeling it’s silky lining, gently sliding it in and out 
sucking her cunt lips into her mouth. “Aaaaaaaaaaahh!” Winona came squeezing 
Bridget’s head between her loins, collapsing on to her friends prostrate 
body. Beads of sweat perspired from the girls soaked up by the cotton of the 
dress shirts  Neither girl moved for ten minutes, Steve turned around in his 
seat pretending to be asleep.
He could hear the girls whispering in the back 
but couldn’t make anything out, one of them giggled.
Winona crawled to the 
front passenger seat, putting her legs on the dashboard. Steve turned to her 
“you sleep okay?’ He inquired. “Just  fine thanks”  She grinned. The shirt 
rode up on Winona’s pure white thighs
the material bunching up at her crotch, 
she parted her legs slightly, exposing her inner thigh to Steve’s gaze. She 
looked at him massaging her lithe trim legs, “so are you from around here, 
Steve?” He smiled
at her soft eyes, they were like pale blue gems.  Steve 
explained his background, and what of course he was doing in L.A.   Winona 
asked him to turn on the radio, “Any preferences” he asked “How about light 
music.” she suggested.  Bridget reached around from the back putting her 
hands on Steve’s chest, “How are you feeling ?” she whispered. Steve watched 
as her hands roved his torso, ”I’m fine thanks.” hoping she wouldn’t detect 
his increased heart rate. Winoina  began to unbutton her shirt, slowly, 
giving Steve a come hitther look, “ Well we’ve decided to do something that 
will make you feel really good, as a way of thanks you for ,  services 
rendered.”  He stared at the sultry brunette, as a forth button was released, 
“That’s n-not really necessary.” Steve stuttered.  By this time Bridget had 
reached down, and unzipped his pants, which Steve had only noticed when her 
fingers found his penis. “Whoa!” he remarked, Winona laughed just relax and 
enjoy the show.  Bridget retrieved his mammoth member form it’s lair,  “Wow!” 
she exclaimed “It’s bigger than we thought, Winnie.” Steve chuckled, “Glad 
your impressed.”  Bridget gave the beast a couple of sharp tugs, “Oww” Steve 
yelped. She grinned “We’ll see whose impressed !” 
Bridget released the 
organ and got out of the car, going around to the front. Winona  turned up 
the radio, the song was  Rod Stewarts “Do you think I’m sexy”.  Bridget stood 
in the soft glow of the running lights,
hands on her hips she began to gyrate 
to the song. Twirling  about and flipping up the front of the shirt flashing 
her pubes,  prancing  like a first class stripper.  The  buttons began to 
open, Steve was so engrossed in the dancer, Winona  had her mouth over the 
head of his cock before he realised it,  she grabbed his right hand putting 
it palm up, then brought it to her right breast. He felt the soft pliable 
weight in his palm, and applied gentle pressure with his finger tips.  Winona 
slide her mouth down his erect pole, her tongue moistening the underside of 
the first 4 inches, before she gagged and pulled back. She concentrated on 
the mushroom shaped head , moving the crown in and out of her lips sucking 
softly. Steve could smell the subtle fragrance of her hair, as he stroked the 
back of her bobbing head. In front of the car Bridget now had the front of 
the shirt open, displaying her 25 year old charms, like a flashed. She 
mounted the hood of the car pulling the shirt off with a flourish twirling it 
over her blonde locks, and throwing it at the windshield.
The shirt slide 
down the glass, revealing a taunt tight body, well formed with just the right 
amount of curve
in just the right place.  Bridget’s 34B breasts stood out 
straight, her nipples small young looking, her bush
was made of light blond 
fine curly hairs. She crawled to Steve on the hood, turning around spreading 
her knees, giving him a perfect view of her snatch, she reached between her 
legs with one hand and began to trace her fingers along her thin slit. Steve 
was torn between the delicious blow job that Winona was performing on him, 
(although not quite up to Jennies talents) and the equally delicious peepshow 
on the other side of the glass.
By now Winona had siffened his dick well, 
she lifted her head much to his dismay, and pronounced him ready. She tapped 
on the windshield, where Bridget had worked two fingers deeply into her 
soaked velvet box. Bridget looked back through her half opened eyes, and 
nodded.  Slowly she turned over laying on her back spreading her legs, 
continuing to stroke her pet. “ If  I don’t have a cock in me real soon, I’m 
gonna burst!” she screamed.  Winona budged Steve out of the car, with great 
care he got out, dropping his pants
he walked around front of the car. 
Bridget drew her legs up beneath her spreading her knees wide, with one hand 
behind her head, she beckoned with the other.  “This is for saving  Winona’s 
life.”  Bridget smiled. The front of the car sank as Steve climbed on, when 
he got between her legs she welcomed him with a open kiss, grasping his 
member Bridget guided him to the entrance of her waiting cunt. She rubbed the 
tip of his pole up and down her barely used slit, and then pulled him inside 
her. “Oooooh….Yeeeah!” she groaned as the head  pushed aside her lips and 
settled in her vagina.  The first 3 inches slid in easily, then Bridget’s 
vaginal muscles reacted and began squeezing his prick, he eased out and then 
pushed back in, she wrapped her legs around his torso. Their lips wrestled  
for dominance, Steve submitted.  Gripping the hood of the Lexus he began to 
rhythmically fuck the young star, as she locked her ankles behind his back 
egging him on. “Yeessss, giiiive me that love stick, ride me like a pony, 
Ooooh  Goood bang my horny box, make me Feeel It!” Bridget yelled. Steve 
complied speeding up his thrusts. Grunting like a caveman, he was working up 
a sweat, her cunt was nearly vice like as he worked to open her up.  Soon her 
pussy was slick with thier fluids, Steve problem was now not to slip out as 
he rammed the blond’s heated hole. 
Winona climbed up on to the hood lying 
next to her panting friend, she still had her shirt on, but it was now fully 
unbuttoned, Steve looked over at her pale white slim body. She smiled at him 
devilishly, “Save some for me tiger.”  Bridget was now delirious with 
pleasure, Uuugh, Uuuugh, Uuuuuuugh!  she was humping back as Steve thrust in. 
“Oh God Steve, fill me with your cum!” Both came simultaneously, (ya right) 
their cries echoed off the valley walls. Bridget felt the warmth from his 
seed enter her vagina, as she released him from her leg lock his penis 
softened insider her, her muscles relaxed feeling his cock soften in her 
slackened tunnel. Steve pushed his body up off the young girl to avoid 
crushing her with his weight, and lay on the hood beside of her.  They lay 
there listening to Winona preparing herself for Steve’s deep dish cock, 
toying wither her clitoris she worked on then two fingers deep inside her 
inner court, “Mmmmmmh!, hurry up Steve or I’m cuming without you she moaned.” 
Steve looked over at her his face begging for pity. Bridget smiled “Not so 
young anymore huh?” She slid half way down the hood so her face was level 
with his cock.  She picked up the limp organ, looking at it doubt fully, “Let 
me show you what my mouth can do.” Without further comment Bridget took his 
tired penis in her mouth, and began to breath life into it.  Which only took 
about two minutes, the very site of the young blond Fonda Goddess playing his 
skin flute was enough to build Steve a hasty erection. The feeling of her 
warm breath on his organ, as she engulfed his shaft. Made him want to cum 
right then and there. Bridget added her saliva to his already wet cock 
tasting his sperm mixed with her fluids from their  union. She pulled off her 
lips giving the head on last kiss, and pronounced him fit for action.  
Bridget leaped off the car, and retrieved the shirt. 
Steve moved over the 
Winona, her head turned her soft brown eyes fluttered, as she removed her 
hand from its prime place. “And how can I help you Miss Ryder?” he asked. She 
smiled showing her perfect white teeth, “By Fucking me senseless of course.” 
she replied  “But I’d like to thank you for saving Bridgets life.” Winona 
rolled over and got up on all fours spreading  her knees as far apart as she 
could. Looking over her shoulder at him challengingly, “Think your Alien 
enough for me.” Steve felt like a sixteen year old boy, (But that’s another 
story, Not!) as he mounted the feisty filly. She wiggled her small butt, as 
he penetrated the narrow folds of her cunt. Her head reared up as he slipped 
into her,” Aaaaah…yeess, Fuck Mmeeee Deeeep!” Steve reached around groping 
her small breasts as they jiggled from their slow rocking. His fingers 
circled her hardened nipples which seemed to grow under his very touch.  
Slowly he slid his 9 inch log, into her furry love hole, he felt her cunt 
muscles embrace his cock like a warm stocking. As his last two inches met her 
lips, she could feel the head pressing her cervical opening. “Damn I hope 
that’s the last of it!” she cried. Her ass cheeks were jammed up flat against 
his pelvis. Slower than when he entered Winona  Steve withdraw, “Arrrrrgh.” 
Then eased his cock back in a bit faster. After a few stokes Winona rocked 
her hips back and forth, her vaginal walls coated with the nectar of three 
people. They moved in unison, each time Steve thrust into her welcoming box, 
the tip of his penis banged on Winona’s cervix. She groaned louder with each 
stroke, “Ahh, Ahhhhhhh, Ahhhhhhh!” the pace picked up, she gripped the edge 
of the hood with all her strength, Steve gripping Winona round her hips as he 
did his best to “Fuck her sensless.” He pulled her cunt back onto his crotch 
each time he shoved his massive member inside her stretched lips. He move his 
hand down her smooth flat belly, rubbing her mons with his palm, and slipping 
two fingers on to her pussy lips driving himself between them as he entered 
her.  Steve marveled at the strong resemblance Winona had to Alyssa, if not 
for the lack of tattoos he would swear it was Alyssa, he was screwing and not 
Winona. Her head was bouncing up and down like a dog in heat, as he fucked 
her from behind, “N-n-oooowww, I-I-m cccummmming!!!” she screamed  Steve felt 
her cunt spasm, around his ridged pole,  her small body trembled in grasp, 
Steve felt his balls tightened closer to his body. “Winona  I’m going to..”  
before he could finish she pulled herself off his cock and spun around on her 
knees, Steve was gripping his dick at the base.  She looked up at him, her 
eyes tired, out of breath, “In my mouth, feed me your cum.” she opened her 
mouth. Steve leaned forward , placing the head of his bulging dick inside the 
young actresses oral chamber. Winona grasped his cock as he let go, she felt 
his sperm pulse though her hand as it shot into her waiting mouth. The first 
load hit the back of her mouth dipping down into her throat, his seed quickly 
filled her mouth as she swallowed continuously. Bridget appeared beside her 
friend like dog begging for scraps. As she stroked the last load of cum from 
Steve’s limp penis, Winona held it in her mouth. Closing her mouth, by 
squeezing the head from between her lips, she turned to face her friend. 
Steve fell away like a rag doll. Bridget move closer to Winona, the two girls 
held each others faces, as Bridget surrounded  Winona’s lips with hers. She 
pressed tightly against her friends face, as Winona  opened her lips,  
Bridget sucked the spunk from her mouth, Winona’s tongue helping to scoop out 
the sticky goo into her friends eager receptacle. When the cum swap was done 
the girls tongue wrestled for a while then climbed into the back of the car, 
and curled up to sleep.  Steve had collected his pants and slumbered off in 
the driver’s seat, smiling like a king.
They awoke at dawn the next morning, 
breakfast consisted of some oranges that Steve had bought to take to Japan, 
and crackers.  Steve turned on the radio, since last night the power had been 
restored to all areas and almost all of the roads were expected to be open I 
the next two hours. A sigh of relief filled the car. Bridget mentioned she 
wanted to go down to the river and wash up, the others decided it was a good 
On reaching the river bank, the trio waded into the water and washed 
off , with the soap Steve had taken from the hotel.  After drying off, the 
girls put on their own clothes, except the shoes. Which were still in the 
car. They all sat on the bank, watching the river, flow by. The sunlight 
reflected on something just under the waters surface, actually ten feet 
under. Winona recognized her 1996 Volvo, and pointed it out to the others.  
Bridget began to cry, leaning against Steve who was sitting between the two 
girls. Steve put his arm around her shoulder, “Hey you’re alright, everyone 
has close calls now and then.”  She lifted her sadly distraught face, her 
eyes showed confusion, “I-I can’t remember what happened.” Bridget cried. “I 
mean, I remember going round the corner, seeing cliff and then the airbag 
exploded.” After that I can’t remember anything. Winona reached over to hug 
her friend, “I’m sorry it’s all my fault, I was going to fast, please forgive 
me.” The two girls embraced, crying and sobbing, “I don’t blame you Winona, 
don’t cry!” Bridget
whispered. Steve put his arms around both girls, what a 
way t start the day he thought, “Listen you two your alive and that’s all 
that matters, not how, why or who did what, you just got lucky.” Both girls 
stopped whimpering and look at him, then gave him big wet kissed on the 
cheeks.  “He grinned happily, “What’s that for?” he said knowingly. “ Being 
at the right place at the right time.” Winona cooed. “Yea, and for being a 
good swimmer, and not taking advantage of me while I was unconscious.” 
Bridget laughed. Steve looked at her wistfully, “I thought you couldn’t 
remember anything?” She tilted her head to one side, “A girl doesn’t get 
reamed by a pole that size, and not feel it afterwards.” Winona laughed, 
“That’s definitely true.” Steve smiled “I’ll take that as a compliment.” 
Bridget smirked, “And I’ll take it anyway I can.” she said in a voice that 
would seduce a priest. Winona  spoke up, “Get in line behind me, you studio 
slut.” she smiled at her friend. Bridget fired back, “Oooh!, behind you is 
where all the guys usually are, you casting couch whore.” she giggled. 
they made their way back up to the car a helicopter flew overhead, it was a 
black and white CHP bird, Hughes 500 Defender model. The small two man 
chopper landed 50 yards behind the car. One policeman
got out and met them at 
the top of the hill.  He didn’t recognize the girls at first.

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