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	Hello there, this is Dimitri, author of various stories here
in A.S.S and A.S.S.M.  Awhile ago the author of this series e-mailed
me asking if I would be willing to post these, so that the he/she
could retain their anonymity.  Obviously I agreed, and here we are

	If you want to make some comments about this story, whether it
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	- Dimitri -


Part 3 ( f mast,ff,ff,humor)

As Jennie slipped into bed she felt moisture seeping down her leg, she
clenched her vaginal walls tightly, but it was useless.  The show by
Sarah and Heather, she had just witnessed had gotten her so horny, she
was leaking like a prostitute.  She got out of bed and crept over the
dresser, opening the drawer, Jennie fumbled around until she found a
pair of white cotton wide hip panties, and her "Personal
Administrator".   Her PA as she liked to call it was 6inches of
hardened, yet soft to the touch, rubber latex, about 1 inch in
diameter, it was a life size replica of a mans penis, flesh colored,
including the veins, but not the balls. It was double headed, so she
could share it with a friend, or wear it under a dress, with the lower
half sticking out pretending the she had a cock as well. Jennie had
only had the nerve to do this once at a while negotiating her 7th
season on "90210", she felt it helped her get a 10% raise in pay, and
an orgasm.

Jennie lay back in bed her cunt was now soaked with her fluids, the PA
slid in like a well oiled piston.  She worked the shaft back and forth
a few times, closing her eyes, quietly moaning to herself  "Ooh.
oooh...oooooooh, yeeesss, fuck meeee, drive that steel rod in my tight
virgin box, you big Fucking Stuuud, Ooooooooh."   Opening her eyes a
bit she checked that her moans hadn't disturbed Alyssa, who was still
sleeping. Jennie shoved the last inch of dildo inside her soaking warm
love tunnel, "Aaaaaaaaaaaagh" sensing its pressure against the opening
of her cervix. " Make me a women, I want your  hard tool to nail  the
fuck out of my pure untouched body!"  With much care she curled up in
a fetal position and put on her panties. Then she bore down on the
substitute organ, squeezing the muscles of her vaginal walls, around
it, pumping. Her pelvis bucked erotically, as if she were being taken
from behind by some unseen lover. She cupped her pussy in her right
hand massaging her clit, inner labia and her mons, pressing the PA
deep inside her with her fingers. Her body perspired in sweat trickles
ran down her brow, arms and legs, she could feel the probing object
pushing inside her, poking out her cunt lips only to be checked by her
panties.   Jennies breathing became heavier and ragged, the walls of
her vagina expanded, and contracted, wrestling with the soft wiggling
sausage, "Uh uuh uuh ooh ooh Ooooh." Finally after an incredible
intense wave of pressure Jennies g spot exploded in orgasmic colors.
She bit down on a mouthful of pillow muffling her screams of ecstasy,
"Mmmmmmmffffffffgggggghhhhhhhh!"  After twenty minutes Jennies orgasm
released her back into reality, exhausted, she drifted off to sleep,
her PA still snuggly wrapped in her vagina.    

Morning uncovered the girls in a relaxed state of sleep. Sarah was the
first to awake at about  9:00AM, finding herself still embraced by
Heathers sleeping form, she eased away, and shuffled to the bathroom
for a shower.  Alyssa's eyes opened up a few minutes later, well one
did anyway.  She could barely move, her limbs throbbing with a dull
aching pain. Realizing this wasn't her room she began to feel panic,
then seeing Jennies sleeping form lying next to her, she remembered
the sequence of events the night before.  Tears glisten in her eyes as
she recalled the violent rape and abuse she had suffered at the hands
of her attacker, his vile degrading acts and taunts, made her feel
like white trash. If it wasn't for her knight in shining armor, she
feared how it would have ended.  She moved her hands over her ribs
gasping in pain when she brushed a bruised area, unbuttoning her PJ
top she examined the black and blue marks, gingerly touching them.
Alyssa caught a glimpse of her face in the mirror, she looked like a
punching bag. Her left eye as swollen a bit, black and purple, her
nose looked discolored, and her lips were puffy. Oh God she thought
how can I work like that?  Luckly it was Saturday, maybe it wouldn't
look so bad by Monday.  She looking over at her friends slumbering
body, and what a body she had. Alyssa always wished she had been a
little taller, that way she could carry her breasts better. Of course
they had helped enhance her career so far, so she couldn't complain
about the size. It was just that being only 5'3 inches men got to look
down her top when she wasn't careful. Even though she found it had
enormous advantages during business negotiations.

 It was amazing how you get anything you wanted from some of the most
powerful men in Hollywood, and turn a man into a drooling puppy just
with just a flirting smile or showing off a little cleavage. It was
well known that the network secretaries hated contract time of the
year. All the actresses would show up for negotiations in see thru,
low cut blouses, both with and without bras, their skirts were barely
covering their assets. During this time the secretaries have a pool to
guess who will show up in the shortest skirt and most revealing
blouse.  Usually it was some actress who's popularity were in the
ratings basement. Past winners included Linda Carter, Shannon Dorhety,
Cheryl  Ladd and Vanna White.  Unfortunately, having gorgeously
perfect over paid whores tramping in and out of the office in their
couture clothes, treating them, like serving girls wasn't the worst
thing about contract talks. It was, having to clean up after them.

Ten seconds after an actress left, the secretaries, who were all under
25 years old and almost all blond, would get a call on the intercom,
to come in and take some "Dicktation", or as some bosses put it  "go
over an Oral Presentation." Baywatch was the worst show to work for,
followed by BH 90210, Melrose place, and Ally McBeal. The teen shows
weren't as bad with the younger actresses who were usually intimidated
in the beginning, they were always very polite young girls, and were
easily coerced not only into working for peanuts the first year. But
also giving their own "casting couch auditions", so the secretaries
almost never had to follow up one of their interviews. Among the
latest group were Larissa Olynik, Clair Danes,  Natalie Portman, and
Beverly Mitchell. It's rumored that one exec. has a drawer full of
panties, going right back to Heather Locklears from Dallas.  

Alyssa let her eyes, drift along Jennies supple form. Jennie had
kicked away the blankets during the night, leaving her uncovered,
sleeping on her side with her back towards Alyssa, her shirt had
ridden up bunching at her hips.  Jennie had great legs, so trim
slender with just the right balance of fat and muscle giving them a
lean healthy look. Alyssa looked at Jennies bottom, her cheeks were
firm, nicely shaped, tight, "what the hell is that? Alyssa wondered.
Sticking out at the juncture of Jennie Garth's ass and legs was a
small but definite bulge in her panties, it was about the size of a
ping pong ball.  Alyssa moved closer to Jennie slithering across the
king size bed.  She was right a small lump had pushed out the panties,
it seemed to be coming out of Jennie's pussy.  Alyssa carefully ease
back the leg of Jennie's panties, to uncover the mysterious object.
Alyssa blinked in amazement, when the head of a penis poked out at
her. "Boy you think you know a girl."  Alyssa decided to have a little
fun with her friend, reaching with her other hand she began to tweak
the head of the dildo, pulling in out an inch and twisting it back in.
Jennie let out a soft groan, "Ooooooooh."  Cupping Jennie's pussy in
her hand Alyssa rubbed the end of the dildo around the palm of her
hand. This had a very desiring affect on Jennie, who began to
unconsciously rotate her hips in sync.  "God she is so easy!" Alyssa
thought "I wondered what she did to beat me out of the role of Kelly
Taylor on  90210?"  Jennie rolled over on to her back, opening her
legs invitingly, her blonde locks framing her beautifully famous face.
"Fuck, not even awake, and she looks incredibly sexy." Alyssa
unbuttoned her PJ top letting her large 36C breasts dangle over
Jennie's mouth, barely letting her nipples graze those thin sexy lips.
Alyssa closed her eyes, brushing her swaying breasts, against her
friend's graceful facial features. Jennie lips parted slightly letting
her tongue venture out licking her upper lip, very sensually.  Jennie
took the bait as one of Alyssa's nipples swept along her lips, she
opened her mouth catching the nipple between her lips. Like a baby,
Jennie sucked Alyssa's breast into her hungry mouth sucking for life.
Alyssa's nipple became hard and distended, growing to three times it's
normal size, she reached up with on hand and pinched her other nipple
between her fingers. Both girls started to moan simultaneously,
"Mmmmmmh....Aaaaaahhhhhh!"  Alyssa worked the dildo between Jens cunt
lips faster, the blonde rocked her hips up and down, as she fucked the
phallic object in her pussy. This got Alyssa really hot, she lifted
her tit from Jennies mouth, with much protest from Jen. She shucked
off her PJ bottoms, and slowly mounted Jennies blond head, Jennies
eyes opened lazily. "My what a sight to wake up to." She said seeing
Alyssa's cute trimmed pussy poised overhead.  "I guess I'll have
breakfast in bed, this morning." Looking at Alyssa's smiling face
upside down, past her firm full breasts, framed between her own
thighs. Jennie remarked "I believe there's a sausage for you down
there Lissy, if your hungry." Lissa grinned like a cat about to eat
canary. "You take care of your end, and I'll take care of mine, and
when I'm done with you Blondie, you won't know your 9, from your 201."
Jennie looked back with a wicked smirk, "I'll show you Who's The Boss
Missy." With that exchange of challenges, each girl got down to
business, starting at the knee licking and kissing the inside of their
partner's thighs. 

Jennie won the race, getting to Alyssa's beaver an inch before Lissa
got to hers, pulling the brunettes hips down on to her face Jennie
locked her lips around Lissy's pussy and sucked gently.  Alyssa was
slower in her approach, but made up for it once her tongue had found
Jennies already stiff vulva, using her lips she enticed it out of it's
cover, then licked at it like a dog in heat.  Jennie moaned softly
into Alyssa's cunt as her lips locked around her labia, she sucked in
Alyssa's dripping pussy juices tasting her effervescence, she heard
Lissy cried out sharply. "Mmmmmgh!"  Her lover replied by sucking her
clit hard bringing the small penis to it's fullest erection as it
stood out between Jennies cunt lips.


Now it was the her turn to scream,  "Uuuuuuughh!"  The girls pulled
each other in closer wrapping their legs around each others necks
their tongues stretching to the limits, Alyssa opened her mouth to
suck on the small phallic end of the dildo in Jennies cunt.  The dildo
began to slip from Jen's pussy, Lissa took more of it into her mouth,
gripping it with her teeth she repelled it back inside her lesbian
lover. Jennie purred like a kitten being stroked. She doubled her
efforts on Alyssa's pussy lips, opening her mouth wider the tip of
tongue teasing Alyssa's stubby clitoris, Lissa moaned in satisfaction.
Jens fingertips traced the outline of the brunettes virgin slit,
brushing her inner labia. This drove Alyssa in to a frenzy, pushing
back rubbing her slit on Jen's nose, feeling the small bump kneading
her vulva, her g spot exploded she came spewing her white milky girl
cum all over Jennie's face and blond locks. Alyssa shook as the orgasm
reverberated through her entire petite figure. "Aaaaaaggggggh!" As her
body convulsed in waves of pleasure Alyssa bit down on Jennies clit,
which sent Jen on a ride of orgasmic proportions, more milky white
liquid squirted out of her pussy on to Alyssa's face. Lissa opened her
mouth, dropping the dildo on the bed, and drank in Jens juices sucking
all the wetness from the blondes sopping cunt. The girls collapsed on
to the bed, neither spoke or moved for 5 minutes, lying in their own
perspiration and cum. They stroked each others shapely calves, Jennie
spoke first, "Wow, and all this time I thought men were great, when I
get back to work, Tiffany has one hell of a superise coming to her."
Alyssa looked up, "That was the most incredibly delicious feeling I've
ever had in my entire life." 

 Relaxing in the afterglow, there was a knock at the door, the girls
looked up too exhausted to cover their privates. "Come in " Alyssa
murmured.  Heather opened the door, dressed in a white bath robe she
smiled surveying the scene before her. The two naked young girls lay
inverted, soaked in sweat, their faces dripping with cum. "The times
you wish you had a camera." Heather remarked "If you two are done, I
have ordered breakfast, it'll be up in 20 minutes. Oh and the front
desk called, the people downstairs asked if you could keep the noise
down." Heather winked, and turned to leave, "Oh yea, well I Know What
You Did Last Night." Jennie quipped. "What? what?" Alyssa nagged. Jen
whispered in her ear, "Why Miss Locklear, you naughty sneaky tramp, I
didn't know you were so talented." Sarah came to the door dressed in
only a towel, (a small towel!) she looked in  "Bout time you guy's
were finished, we were ready to come in with the hose." Sarah
sauntered over to the bed and sat down next to Alyssa, staring at her
cum covered face. Glancing at Jennie she remarked "I haven't tasted
you yet." Sarah took Alyssa by the head and proceeded to lick Jen's
cum off her friends face. "Mmmmmmh, yummmy" Heather joined them on the
bed, "That looks tasty." she said pulling Jennie close to her,
starting with a deep French kiss, then licking her face all around,
till it was sparkling clean.  The girl exchanged glances, realizing
nothing would ever be the same between them. Heather got up, "Come on
breakfast will be here soon, Sarah can I borrow some clothes?"  she
said , leaving the room. Sarah jumped up " Better go before she
stretches my favorite sweater." Jennie got up and dragged Alyssa into
the shower. Standing under the hot steamy water, the girls exchanged
kisses then cleaned each others bodies, touching in places that mortal
men could only dream of.   (Sorry no shower scenes yet, I'm too

Steve had gotten up early and left at 7AM, after checking in on the
girls. Heather and Sarah were wrapped up like a pair of kittens in a
caboodal, he still wasn't sure which one had given him a fantastic
blow job earlier that night from the pace and technique he guessed
Heather, some things can only be learned by experience.  Alyssa was
sleeping like a lamb, Jennie was curled up on the other side of the
bed, he thought he was a strange lump between Jens legs. Steve closed
the door, going to the desk he wrote out a brief note, and left it on
the table with the key card Alyssa had left for him. Then he left
hanging the "Do not disturb" sign on the doorknob. He proceeded
downstairs to his own tiny room and quickly showered, then changing
his clothes.  Before leaving made he a brief call on his cell phone,
and checked out.

Heather dressed in a dark yellow blouse and white skirt borrowed from
Slayer. Sarah choose a simple green and blue patterned summer dress to
face the day in.  Alyssa and Jennie dried off, Alyssa  put on a red
t-shirt and blue jean skirt, Jennie threw on a beige blouse and black
slacks.  Heather was the first into the living room, quickly noticing
a pile of neatly folded sheets and pillow on one of the couches.  She
went over and picked up the note, as she started to read it Sarah, and
Jennie came in. "Steve gone already?" Jennie asked Heather waved the
note, Alyssa entered the room, "Where's Steve?" Sarah took the note
and read out loud.

Dear Ladies

 Thank you last night for your hospitality, the sofa was very
comfortable. I haven't slept that well in years.  I will call later
this morning, if you should need to contact me in the mean time here's
my cell phone number. 



The girls broke out into contagious giggles, "Gee Heather, you can
even make this old couch feel good" Jennie laughed. "I could make a
toilet seem like a throne." replied Heather. Just then there was a
knock at the door "Room Service."  Sarah put the sheets back in the
closet, while Alyssa scrambled back into the bedroom, and Heather
answered the door. Two men came in with two covered carts, "On the
patio please." Jennie ordered. The men uncovered the serving trays lit
the warming cans, and left. There was everything from, tropical
fruits, pancakes, cereals, waffles, toast, sausages, bacon, eggs,
coffee juices, milk. "Wow!"  Sarah remarked "Whose pregnant?" Heather
looked over with a frown, "No, I just didn't know what you guys felt
like, so I ordered a bit of everything." Jennie and Alyssa came out on
the patio it was a warm breezy day, the sun shone though the scattered
cloud cover, as the girls sat down for breakfast.   They ate with most
unladylike manners, talking and eating at the same time. A bunch of
loggers would have been more gentile. Afterwards they sat and relaxed
smoking and laughing, discussing their latest or next projects. After
breakfast the cell phones began to ring, agents, managers, press,
studio execs., friends, and family, all wanting to pass on
congratulations, or wanting interviews.  

At 10:30AM there was a knock at the door, Sarah got up to get it.
Peering through the peep hole she saw a small middle-age Asian man,
dressed in a tweed suit complete with fedora, wearing gold rimmed
glasses, holding what looked like a sales mans sample case.  She
opened the door cautiously, "Yes can I help you?" she smiled. The
small man smiled in return and handed her a business card. It read
"Dr. Lee J.  Kwan, OBGYN." Sarah looked up at the man, "I'm sorry no
one here called for a doctor"  The man took the card from her, and
turned it upside down.  There was some hand writing on the back, "Good
morning Ladies, This man is a trusted college of mine, I believe he
may be of help. Please let him in. Steve" Who is it?" Heather asked
coming to the door. Sarah handed her the card, not wanting the strange
man to attract attention in the hall she let him in, and asked him to
wait. He stepped in and removed his hat Heather took the card back to
Alyssa and Jennie who where finishing their drinks on the patio.  With
some amount of prodding, Jen and Heather managed to convince Alyssa
that she should let the man examine her.  Sarah walked out onto the
patio with a cell phone in hand, "I called Steve, he say's this guy is
legit, and very confidential. He's worried about you Alyssa. But he
said it was up to you." Heather looked at the card again, "Think I've
heard of this guy, Teri Hatcher, and Helen Hunt go to him." Alyssa
reluctantly agreed, she went to the bedroom and Sarah showed the man
in.  A small superise registered on his face when he recognized the
patient.  He introduced himself and shook hands, then asked to use the
bathroom. On returning he found Alyssa lying on the bed, Jen and
Heather sitting on either side of her Sarah, sat in a chair. Opening
the case they saw it was full of gynecologist tools, (sorry I'm a guy,
what do I know?). Dr.   Kwan removed his coat, rolled up his sleeves,
and slipped on a pair of surgical gloves.

The girls got up to leave, assuring Alyssa. The doctor looked up from
his case, "You may stay, if the patient agrees." Alyssa nodded they
sat down resuming their places, except Sarah sat on the edge of the
bed near the doctor.  He asked the patient if she was ready, Alyssa
nodded she went to open her robe, "no, I want to look at that eye
first." Walking around the bed he carefully examined her head, shone a
small light in her eyes, feeling for bruises, fractures, asking if she
had blacked out, or was experiencing headaches, etc.  He was able to
find only a small bump on the back of her head, and concluded there
was no other serious injury, to her skull. Then he asked her to open
her robe, methodically he examined the rest of her body muttering to
himself when he came to a bruised area.  Pulling out a stethoscope he
checked her breathing, Alyssa inhaled and exhaled a few times.   

He pronounced no significant damage, though "She shouldn't start
playing the piano just yet."  Alyssa giggled, and then winced
slightly. "Hurt when you laugh?" he asked. Alyssa nodded sadly, "Then
do not laugh." He said with a grin.  He then asked her if he do a
vaginal exam. Alyssa looked at her friends for support, they nodded in
unison. Shyly she spread her legs, the doctor reached into his bag and
put on a headband mirror. He quickly proceeded to do a vaginal exam
and pap smear, Heather noted he's calm cool efficiency. Alyssa
discomfort was kept to a minimal, only once during the initial
penetration, did Alyssa dig her nails into Jennies arm. The doctor
told them he had found no damage, her hymen was completely intact,
there was only a slight reddness, probably due to forced entry. Alyssa
was thankful once again. Dr.   Kwan said he would run some tests on
the smear he took for any diseases. Pulling off his gloves, he turned
around as Alyssa closed her robe.  She asked Jennie to get her purse.
The doctor gave Heather a vial containing a few white tablets, "For
any pain, or discomfort, 2 pills for 6 hours."  Sitting on the bed
next to Alyssa speaking softly, "You will be okay, nothing broken."
Then he leaned closer, "I couldn't help noticing your tattoos, they're
very nice." He rolled up his left sleeve showing her his own, Alyssa
marveled at the intricate work. It was a large green peacock, over his
upper arm. "Hong Kong, 1976."  The doctor said proudly. Alyssa smile
radiantly, "That's what I like to see on pretty girls." Jennie handed
Alyssa her purse. The doctor stood up and rolled down his sleeve.
Alyssa opened her purse, "How much?" She asked timidly.  The doctor
gave her a stern look and sat back down. "Miss Milano, I am an honest
professional doctor, how can you expect me to receive a fee, for an
examination, which I not given, from a patient I have never met."
Alyssa's face soften melting into a smile that could tame a lion.
"Thank you Dr. Kwan" He looked at her fatherly like, "No need for
thanks, you rest two day's then get better" He rose to leave handing
her his card, "Call me if you have headaches, or feel dizzy, okay, and
I'll call in 3 days with the test results. Can have a number where I
can reach you?" Heather wrote down her friends private cell phone
number, and gave it to the doctor.  He said goodbye to the others and
Heather saw the doctor to the door.   As he put on his coat and hat
she thanked him again. He nodded smiling, Heather touched his arm as
he shook her hand, "Dr. Kwan, if you'll excuse me I have a question
I'd like to ask you." He shrugged, "If I can answer it." Heather
paused, "I'm curious to know how Mr. Colt knows a man in your
specialty." The doctor put his hat on, "Good question, perhaps you can
ask him sometime." He tipped his hat and closed the door behind him.
Shortly after Dr. Kwan left, the Sarah and Jennie went over to
Alyssa's suite and got the rest of her stuff.   The staff had done an
excellent job, the rooms were well made and spotless.  By the time
they came back Heather had done Alyssa's  make up, expertly
camouflaging  her battered face, with foundation and blush an oversize
pair of sunglasses completed the fašade.  The girls then packed and
called the front desk, saying they would be checking out in an hour.
As they finished the packing the suite phone rang, Jennie picked it
up, "It's Steve. " The others gathered round, "I just called to see if
everything was alright?"  "Yea, we're all fine, we're just getting
ready to leave." replied Jennie Alyssa nudged Jen's arm, "Ask him
about lunch." Jennie transferred the request and Heather recommended a
quite, out of the way place nearby. Steve knew the place, and asked if
they needed help checking out. "No thanks we'll be okay, see you
soon." Jennifer put the phone down, "Okay it's showtime." Heather made
reservations at the restaurant for 1PM, requesting a private table.
For someone of her statues a private table could always be found, It
also helped that she was a friend of the owners. 

All girls then put on scarves and sunglasses, then waited for the
bellhops to arrive.  The three friends casually formed a loose barrier
around Alyssa as they left the suite, allowing the Bellhops to forge a
path between the crowd in the lobby. At the counter the girls quickly
handed in their keys, and signed out.   Heather discreetly undid the
two more buttons of her blouse, as she stood next to Alyssa while she
checked out.  The male clerk was so distracted by this sumptuous site,
Alyssa had to ask twice for a pen. The girls cars were waiting at a
side entrance. Their bags were loaded, and the girls set off for the
restaurant.  Sarah was driving her blood red Porsche 911, Jennie was
in her silver BMW, while Heather drove Alyssa's red Mustang.

Sarah arrived first and by chance parked in the spot next Steve's
rented Lexus. Jennie arrived a minute later with Heather and Alyssa
pulling in  just as Jennie got out. It was just before 1PM. Heather
lead the group around to the side entrance. The host greeted her with
enthusiastic excitement, "Ohh Miss Locklear how wonderful to see you
again , you look well." "Oh Serge, you always know what to say, to get
a bigger tip." Heather replied.

The man feigned a wounded look, then laughed gaily "Ha..Ha...Ha.."
Observing the rest of the group he recognized the girls immediately,
the man looked like an outsider.   Aware of his clienteles request for
privacy he simple greeted the others with  smile, and beckoned them to
follow him.  Going down a short nicely decorated hall, and up a flight
of stairs, which Alyssa managed with Jens support they were shown in
to a private dining room with a view of the city.  The room was
stylishly decorated in pink and ocher hues, the table was big enough
for 6 people.  Heather sat on the right side closest to the door, with
Jennie on her right. Steve suggested Alyssa sit at the head of the
table with her back to the window. This would put the sun in the
waiter's eyes whenever he looked directly at her. Then he pulled out a
chair for Sarah who sat next to Alyssa, on the left side of the table
and Steve sat next to her across from Heather. 

The waiter came in introducing himself as Eric, then informing them of
the specials and handed out menus, after asking if anyone wanted a
drink, he excused himself closing the frosted sliding glass door as he
left.  Alyssa and the girls removed their sunglasses and scarves,
Steve was amazed at the job Heather had done masking Alyssa's  bruised
face, only a slight swelling around the right eye was barely
discernable. For a moment nobody spoke.  Then Alyssa cleared her
throat,  "Steve, I'd like to thank you for sending over Mr. Kwan, he
was quite reassuring." Steve looked at her with deference, "I'm sorry
if my initiative, took you unawares, I merely wanted you to have the
opportunity of  his services without the usual hassles." He smiled
weakly,  "I hoped you wouldn't be upset."  Jennie broke in to the
discussion,  "Well I thought it was really nice of you to do that."
Sarah looked up from her menu, "Yea you're a special guy."  Heather
chimed in "Not many guy's would have thought of that." Steve caught
Heather's gaze "Kwan and I met on a  Transatlantic flight years ago,
never been to N.Y. so I showed him sites.  A year later I was in L.A.
he took me around Hollywood, been in touch on and off since then."
The waiter returned and took the orders, Jennie ordered baked salmon,
as did Alyssa, Heather preferred the broiled shrimp, while Sarah went
with the angel hair pasta. Steve just ordered a fillet migon, for
drinks everyone ordered some kind of juice.  As the waiter collected
the menus and left Jennie asked how Steve's morning went.  He told
them he spent the morning visiting the offices of McDonnell Douglas
aircraft manufacturer, talking about the new unmanned surveillance
drones they were developing for the Army. This new generation had
larger more powerful engines allowing them to fly at higher altitudes.
The waiter came in and set down the drinks.  The girls toasted Steve,
and he toasted their Emmy's. 

 The conversation turned to the usual Hollywood gossip of ratings,
relationships, careers, and new shows.  The waiter entered again and
delivered the meals, the food was great, of course what else would it
be.  Everyone was glad that Seinfeld was gone, but sorry to see Dr.
Quin was also history.  Heather quipped that now it they could get the
network to drop "BH 90210", then  "Melrose Place" would have a better
chance with "Ally McBeal". Jennie looked up from her baked salmon, "If
they replaced  that Amanda character with a younger actresses, I think
they'd do better." She winked at Alyssa.  "Oh, this coming from a girl
who can't even get a husband." Heather stuck out her tongue.  Sarah
and Steve giggled into their drinks. "Hey at least you guys don't have
to do high kicks in short skirts all over the place." Sarah remarked.
"I kinda like that part of the show." mumbled Steve. Sarah drove her
elbow into his ribs, "Oooof."  "And as far as boyfriends go, at least
you can let yours kiss you on the neck."  Alyssa scooped up fork full
of rice, "Hey Steve, what's you favorite sitcom?" The silence was
almost deafening, each girl looked up from her plate, and grinned at
the poor dumb trapped animal looking for a way out. "Without looking
up from his steak in a barely audible voice Steve shrugged and said
"Friends."  Bread sticks careened off  Steve's head like missiles,
everyone laughed. As the waiter collected the plates the girls ordered
herbal tea, Steve asked for a coffee. "Oh almost forgot." Steve said
reaching into his pocket. He fished out two pairs of panties, and
dropped them on the table.  "Know who these belong to?" He grinned.
Sarah grabbed the articles from the table before the waiter returned,
giving Steve a look she usually reserved for vampires. She handed the
white ones to Alyssa under the table the girls put them in their
purses.  Heather was shocked. Jennie started to giggle. "And you
called moi a slut." Heather questioned.  "That was you last night?"
Steve asked Heather. She looked at him accusingly, "I thought you,
were asleep."  The waiter came back in served the tea and coffee then
retired once again. Jennie laughed out loud, putting her hand to her
mouth, Alyssa and Sarah joined in the laughter, Heather began to
chuckle. She confessed to being the "midnight cum junkie", and the
girls told her how Steve came to be in possession of their panties. 

"Wow"  Heather exclaimed sounds like the script from a cheap porno
flick if you ask me. Or an episode of "T.J. Hooker" Jennie laughed.
Heather smacked Jen's arm, "Hey it wasn't that bad a show."  Sure
Heather did "Captain Kirk" ever ask you to "beam down on him?" Alyssa
laughed. Sarah looked puzzled, "What was T.J Hooker?" she asked
innocently. "Cop show" said  Steve "late 70's, Heather was a rookie
cop that all the bad guys wanted to be handcuffed and strip searched
by." Steve grinned like a kid. Heather looked at him sternly, like a
mother scolding a child, "Keep it up mister, I still have the
handcuffs, and the club." Alyssa glanced over at her with a smirk,
"Careful girl, he just might be into that kind of thing." Heather
winked at Alyssa, "I don't think he would enjoy where I put the club."
Steve sipped his coffee, "Promises, promises."

Jennie asked if Steve was flying back to N.Y. "Actually I'm on a 5PM
flight to Tokyo.   Alyssa looked pained, "Tokyo, couldn't you stay
till tomorrow?" she wined.  Steve shook his head. "How long are you
going for?"  Sarah inquired.  Turning to answer her "10 days, then I
have a 1 day lay over here on the way back to N.Y."  Alyssa looked
hopeful, "Will we see you on the way back?" She asked. "I don't know,
might be meeting with  people at Lockheed."  The girls exchanged

 The waiter interrupted with the bill, being the only man in the group
it was left with Steve.  Alyssa motioned for the check, "No, I'll get
it", he waved "expenses." Sarah protested as she grabbed "Consider it
a going away present." Steve glanced at the girls, "Now how am I
suppose to get you ladies feel obliged?" Jennie put her cup on the
table, "We owe you remember."  The waiter collected the bill, asked
them if everything was to their liking, and left. The group got up to
go, Serge returned to bid them adieu, kissing Heather on both cheeks,
"Until next time mon cheri." he gay fully expressed. Heather smiled
"Maybe next time I'll bring Richie and the band." She said jokingly,
the host shuddered, at the notion of "Bon Jovi" visiting his gentile
establishment. "Madam, we do not serve portions with fries and a large
coca cola." He said in is most snooty voice, and then everyone
laughed. Just then a large chested man walked passed the doorway.
"Arnie?" Alyssa called out. The man turned and peered back through the
door, "Lissie, how are you, he gleamed. It was Arnold Schwarzenegger.
A women appeared from behind his back, it was his wife Maria Shriver,
of "60 Minutes", Hi Alyssa, Heather, Jennie, Sarah." Heather introduce
Steve as an associate of Jennies, the big man shook Steve's hand in
his massive paw.  A few words exchanged, "Arnie" asked if Alyssa might
be free for a project he had coming up next year. Of course she's jump
at the chance to work with him again especially since she was older.
However she merely replied that she Melrose Place was keeping her
quite busy, and that she'd have to see if she could fit him in. He and
Maria congratulated the girls on their Emmy's, and then the couple
politely went on their way with promises to call later.  "Wow" that
was Arnold Sarah exclaimed, "You are so lucky to have worked with him
Lissa." Alyssa smiled "Yea I was also 10 years old."

 Steve looking out the door, "Maria's quite pretty in person." The
girl folded their arms over their chests and gave him the evil eye.
"I-If you like that sort of women" he quickly added.  Heather stepped
closer and pulled him to her by his collar, "You even think of
freelancing on us, you'd better pray that Arnold finds you before we
do." Then she kissed him passionately on the lips, Sarah casually
closed the door. Jennie was next, "Take care, have a safe trip, and
I'll miss you this much." she said hugging him then sucked his tongue
into her mouth.  Jennie released him back down to earth, and Sarah
stepped up, "Bye, Steve, hope to see you again." She kissed him gently
letting her part his lips and tickle his teeth.  As she stepped back
Alyssa grabbed him around the waist, pressing her head, into the crook
of his neck under his chin, "Oh, Steve, will I ever see you again?"
she said sadly.  Looking down her small figure, stroking her auburn
hair "I don't know Lissa." he whispered softly, "But I'll certainly
try." Her eyes welled up with tears, as she gazed up at his handsome
features. He bent down kissed her lightly on the cheek, Alyssa turned
her head, catching his mouth with hers, as she stole the air that he
breathed.  He lifted her small body up off the floor, and gently put
her down again releasing her. "I should be going." Steve spoke. Alyssa
pulled a card from her pocket, "My private number is on the back, call
me on before you leave Japan." she said handing it to Steve.  He took
the card putting it in his wallet, pulling out on of his own. "If you
need me, Ill be at the Nikkito Hotel, my office can find me. " 

The group left the restaurant, in the parking lot the girls got into
their cars, and watched Steve leave before going themselves. Heather
went off to find her husband, Jennie went home to her family, Sarah
invited Alyssa to stay at her place for a couple of days.  

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