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	Hello there, this is Dimitri, author of various stories here
in A.S.S and A.S.S.M.  Awhile ago the author of this series e-mailed
me asking if I would be willing to post these, so that the he/she
could retain their anonymity.  Obviously I agreed, and here we are

	If you want to make some comments about this story, whether it
be compliments or constructive criticism, send the message to me and I
will pass it on to the author, who would love to hear some feedback.
The address to write to is - - and why not
tell me what you think of my latest, Celebrity Hypnotist Chapter Six
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	We both look forward to hearing from you!

	- Dimitri -


Part 2 (f mast, m/f nc, slight bond, ff/m oral)

When the award ceremony ended, the celebrities headed out to paint the
town red. The group Alyssa, Jennie, and Sarah were with went over to
Planet Hollywood. Most of the crowd consisted of the cast and crew
members, of all three shows, other stars including a liberal
sprinkling of studio execs., musicians, and the never ending crowd of
hangers on. After about an hour Alyssa complained of a migraine
headache, and excused herself, telling Sarah and Jennie she'd send the
limousine back for them.  She made her way through the crowd accepting
a few polite congratulations, and fending off more than one
aggressively polite attempt by various men, and one women to escort
her back to her hotel suite.  Alyssa got into the limousine, and
stretched out in the back to make a phone call. The driver kept
leering at her in the rear view mirror. Alyssa was talking on the
phone, her left leg bent, foot planted on the edge of the seat, with
her elbow resting on her knee. The driver had a clear free view of her
not so hidden treasure.  She glanced up suddenly, catching the
perverts gaze. Alyssa slapped the switch raising the privacy barrier
flipping him the finger. The operator put Alyssa through to the room
but there was no answer.  Arriving at the hotel it was just after
11pm, the lobby was practically empty.  She found a house phone and
called the front desk to find out what room a Mr. S. Colt was in, the
clerk told her room number 1825.  She went up to her room on the 20th
floor and got a sheet of paper from the desk. Alyssa kicked off her
grey Italian pumps, walked over to the bar and poured herself a glass
of white wine. Taking it back to the desk she sat down took out a
piece of stationary and thought for a moment. 

She began to write.

  Dear Steve

I would like to thank you for your compassion and comfort during our
trauma earlier on today.   Your gentle concern was both calming and
made me feel a warmth and security I have not felt in years.  I would
like to see you again tonight if possible. 


					      A. M.   
  Alyssa folded the note, placing it in an envelope with an extra room
key.  She drank the wine, looking out the penthouse window at the city
skyline. She tried to call his room one last time but again there was
no answer.  She left her suite skipped down the two flights of stairs,
and went to Steve's room, checking to make sure the hallway was empty
she quickly slid the envelope under his door, and went back upstairs.

Getting back to her own suite she closed the door leaning against it
Alyssa could feel her heart beating rapidly. She kicking off her shoes
in the hallway, and began undress. Unbuttoning her grey dress suit,
she threw it over the back of the couch, walking over the bar in just
her slip, bra and stockings Alyssa poured herself another glass of
wine. She sauntered towards the bedroom, shrugging out of her slip
letting it drop to the floor outside the door. Just inside the bedroom
she undid her white lace, half-cup push up bra leaving it dangling on
the doorknob. Alyssa took a sipped her wine. Gently rubbed her
breasts, moving them in circular motions touching her nipples with the
tips of her fingers, she unclasped her nylons, slowly rolling them
down each smooth, slender alabaster white leg at a time, and slipped
off her garter belt.   Absentmindedly she reached down to remove her
panties, only then Alyssa stopped and grinned to herself,  remembering
where they where. Her left hand moved between her legs cupping her
slightly moist cunt, Alyssa grasped her mons firmly massaging her cunt
lips with her fingers, taking another gulp of wine she pushed her palm
down on her venus mound. "Mmmmmmmmh..  oh ooh.... "  Alyssa slowly
inserted her index finger into her vagina, closing her eyes she pushed
slightly her finger probing coming to rest on her unbroken hymen,
Alyssa smiled to herself, and withdrew her finger bringing it to her
lips sucking it tasting her own juice. Finishing her wine, she put on
her silvery blue Japanese silk robe, cinching the belt around her
waist, and headed for the bathroom.                     

As she came out of the bedroom there was a knock at the door. Alyssa
put the empty wineglass on the coffee table, looking at the clock she
saw it was just after 12 P.M.  Going to the door Alyssa stood on her
tip toes to look through the peep hole, all she could see was a big
bouquet, of beautiful long stemmed red roses.   But it didn't look
like anyone she knew behind them "Who is it?" she asked. "FTP ma'am
flower delivery" They must be from someone congratulating her on her
Emmy's. She opened the door, to see a young, tall black man, he gave
her a wide beaming smile she relaxed. "Just put them on the table
please, I'll get my purse."  The man entered the suite quickly
glancing about the room, "I thought you'd still be out partying" he
inquired putting the flowers in a vase. "No Alyssa replied, I had a
headache and came back early".  She handed him a ten dollar bill
"Thanks " he said noticing the single empty glass on the table. He
turned  to leave Alyssa  followed him to the door "Goodnight".  "Yea
it will be" he said, he opened the door a bit smiling at her, then
closed it again, turning the lock on the door knob. Alyssa looked up
at him "ww-what are you doing " she stammered.  "Whatever I want, you
stuck up snotty little white bitch!" he sneered.  Panic and terror
formed on Alyssa's sweet young face, she made a dash for the phone,
the man ran after her , pushing her hard on the back, Alyssa went
sprawling on the carpet. Approaching  the scared girl  she opened her
mouth to scream, as she rolled over on to her back he gave her a swift
kick  in her side knocking the wind out her. Alyssa couldn't scream,
she just groaned in pain as his shoe connected with her in the ribs.
He smiled as her robe had fallen aside showing off her supple white
legs, almost all the way to her pussy. "What do you want? Alyssa cried
, I have money" "I ain't interested in no Fuckin money Bitch!" A look
of disbelief came across her face, this wasn't something that could
happen to her, surely not, she wasn't some bar slut or high school
girl. "Nooooo... Please, she pleaded Not That! you Can't!" The
stranger grinned  "Can and will bitch!" giving her another kick,
lifting her small body off the floor, sending her slamming against the
wall with a thud. "Uuuuoohf!!" Walking over to where she lay, he
picked her up, holding her by the upper arms tightly he slammed Alyssa
against the wall. Her eyes blinked as Alyssa lost focus for a moment,
the wine was beginning to affect her. He kissed her on the lips,
twisting her head in a futile gesture of resistance, she felt his
tongue invader her mouth. Alyssa  tried to hold her mouth closed but
he grabbed her lower jaw squeezing hard forcing her mouth open.  Did
she ever taste sweet he thought, man was he going to enjoy raping her
little twat. Bet she never had no big black cock in her tight high
class Beverly Hills cunt, he was gonna fuck her up good, and wide. But
first he was gonna get one of them Hollywood blowjobs he'd heard
about.  Holding Alyssa against the wall, he groped at her breasts,
yanking her robe open, his hand snaked down over her flat girlish
stomach, coming to rest on her small furry slit. She tried to move her
body away from his exploring hand, he tightened his grasp around her
neck.  He curiously pushed the tip of his index finger into Alyssa,
she squirmed "N-N-NO DON'T, PLEEEEEASE!" "Shut your Fucking mouth
Bitch!" his finger wormed it's way in to her narrow slit coming to
rest upon discovering her cherry. "Shit man, this is gonna be better
than I dreamed, didn't know you was still a virgin". She flinched at
the mention of her chastity, which she had fought so hard to protect,
at the cost of many boyfriends, who thought she was just being a
frigid snotty stuck up tease. He wiggled the tip of his finger around
pawing her mons and lips with the rest of his hand.  Alyssa tried to
wiggle her pelvis away from the mans hand, he grabbed harder, she let
out a low cry, biting her lower lip.

Withdrawing his finger, he pulled off her belt tying her hands
together in front of her, leaving enough of the belt to use as a lead.
As he finished tying the knot, Alyssa attempted to knee him in the
groin, he saw it coming and blocked move with his hip. "None of that
shit now cunt!" he punched her in the face, she collapsed in a heap.
Picking her up, he carried her to the bedroom laying her unconscious
body on the bed he tied the other end of the belt to the headboard.
During the struggle Alyssa's robe had come off one shoulder the left
side of her body was revealed to the assailant. He drank in the view
of her luscious form, pulling aside the right half of Alyssa's robe,
he pawed at her beasts, fondling them in his large hands. He stopped
to unzip his pants removing his thick black penis. Quickly straddling
her fragile form, presenting his thick 5 inches to Alyssa's face. She
started to awake, she startled at the sight of the delivery boy
sitting over her chest, his cock sticking out of his pants an inch
away from her face.  She tried to twist him off of her but he used his
weight to pin her to the bed.  Pulling her arms caused the knot to
tighten around her wrists. "No use struggling slut, now you lie there
like a good little Hollywood whore, and have a suck on my nice big
cock, and if I feel any teeth I'll beat you pretty little face so bad
you'll never make another film again." Realizing her situation was
hopeless, Alyssa thought maybe she could get him to cum with her mouth
before he could take her virginity.  After one of her "I'm the Boss
Special Episodes" most men couldn't get it up again for a couple of
hours. A tiny trickle formed in her eyes, she started to cry.  

Closing her eyes Alyssa leaned forward, and took her rapist's cock
head in her mouth, it was difficult she had no saliva. "Open them eyes
bitch!I want to see the look on your face" She reluctantly opened her
eyes trying not to glare at her him. He looked down relished the site
of Alyssa Milano's  young gorgeous full breasts, the star of Melrose
Place taking his hardening prick between her stretched lips, looking
at her perfectly powdered million dollar face, he began to move it in
and out "Ohhhhh....Man are you good at this sweetie, I guess all those
stories I heard must be true Huh? Babe, you must be a really high paid

By now Alyssa's eye's were so flooded with tears she couldn't see a
thing, but she kept on sucking, letting her tongue glide along the
underside of this monster sex organ. She was just able to stretch her
mouth around the 2 inch diameter cock, it was so thick her jaw ached.
Her mouth was now fully filled by 5 inches of black cock meat, the
head of her rapist's penis pushed open her throat, she gagged fighting
for air, trying to remain calm and relax her throat. The assailant
felt his cock head enter the tightness of her throat, he grabbed the
back of Alyssa's head shoving it into his pelvis holding it there
smothering his victims cries for mercy.  She felt his penis brutally
rammed down her throat, Alyssa's nose smacked against his pelvic bone,
it didn't break but it started to bleed, making it even more difficult
for her to breath. The intruder couldn't hold back anymore, he's cock
jerked in her mouth as his cum erupted into Alyssa's throat,
"Uuuuuuuugh!" She choked back the sticky bitter goo, he pulled back a
bit, Alyssa took the second batch in her mouth swallowing it quickly
for fear of choking. As he let her head drop back onto the pillow, his
organ left he mouth, some residual drops spat across Alyssa's lovely
face dripping on to her lips. She began to sob uncontrollably, her
mascara running down her cheeks, what had she done to deserve this. He
shook his dick, a few droplets spewed off the end landing in his
victim's hair, and neck. Alyssa closed her eyes, sobbing quietly. He
wiped the tip on her lips, and the corner of her mouth.
	 The man got off her his cock now limply hanging like a dead
snake.  "Damn that was Good!" He sat on the bed letting his eyes
travel down her slight body, coming to rest on her feminine charms.
He got off her chest, Alyssa breathed in deeply, sobbing between
breaths. The tormentor moved her thighs apart, putting his knees
between her legs.  Alyssa pressed her thighs together but he was too
strong. Taking his member in hand, he began jerking himself bringing
his cock to another salute. Alyssa watched his organ became rigid
again, how could he do that? She couldn't take that in her virgin
pussy.  She searched his face for a sign of humanity, but saw only
lust and perversion. He rubbed the tip of his enlarged steel hard
dick, at the slit of Alyssa's pussy, using her own saliva to moisten
it. He pressed it forward testing the resistance. She felt him pushing
at the entrance of her untouched flower. "Pleeease I'm Begging you
DON'T DO THIS!!" Alyssa  pleaded, "You'll Rip Me Apart, I Can't Take
You, it's to Big!"  He pressed forward "Uuuughh!" the labia lips
parted under the pressure.  Alyssa screamed, "AAAAAAAAAARRRRRGH!" He
slapped her  cross the mouth  "Thought I told you to SHUT THE FUCK UP
TRAMP!" In a suite this size, at this time of the night there was
little chance in anyone hearing, but he enjoyed the domination.  A
trickle of blood dripped out of Alyssa's mouth and ran down her cheek.
Her head was filled with pain, Alyssa felt the tip his penis now fully
between her tightly stretched cunt lips, just waiting to rip through
the thin tissue like  membrane of her delicate hymen, Alyssa's
preciously guarded maidenhead would be lost forever. Of all the ways
she dreamed she might give her virginity away one day to a special
man, Alyssa had never once imagined it would be taken by brute force.
The rapist was preparing for to ram his way through her cherry.   Shit
was she ever tight, but a few good thrusts and she'd loosen up real
nice. "Okay slut, any last words before I make you a women?" Alyssa
turned her head and cried into the pillow. He pushed himself up for
more leverage as he prepared to thrust into her unused pure virgin

 Alyssa bracing herself for the tremendous pain suddenly felt crushed
under the weight of her attacker.   Before she could react his body
rolled off her his hard penis was yanked from her tender pussy, which
immediately snapped shut like a beaver trap. Opening her eyes she saw
him lying beside her seemingly a sleep. Turning her head to look up
Alyssa saw a blurred figure though the tears, "Are you okay Alyssa?"
She recognized the voice it was Steve, " Oh Thank God Steve... he was
delivering flowers he ..he attacked me...oh God he was about to rape
me...."  she cried tearfully. Steve dropped the ash tray, and rolled
the body off the side of the bed. Sitting down to untie Alyssa.
"Don't worry you'll be just fine soon" he said, hoping to sound
reassuring. He untied the belt from the headboard, Alyssa sat up
putting her arms around him tucking her head into his shoulder.  She
was shaking badly, Steve remove his jacket hugging it around her
shoulders.  He held her head stroking her hair listening to her sob.
"Are you hurt badly?" he asked, Alyssa tried to clear her mind
" I don't think so." 

Suddenly there was a loud knock at the door, Steve carefully detached
himself from Alyssa she hung on.  "You'll be okay, I'll get rid of
whoever it is, and don't worry about him, he won't be waking up
anytime soon." Steve went to the door checking through the spy hole he
saw Jennie Garth and Sara-Michelle Geller, the two other actresses he
had been in the elevator earlier tonight with.  There was a third
women with them, he couldn't quite see her whole face, but she had
shoulder length blonde hair, stood about 5'5", dressed in a silvery
white gown made of some semi metallic fabric, with a deep v-neck, and
thin straps.   Hey ! it was Heather Locklear!  He hesitated a moment
then concluding that Alyssa would need the help of another women, he
opened the door.  The girls looked dumb struck as they saw Steve open
the door to Alyssa's suite.  "Ohh!  Hi it's you,  we're sorry Jennie
said smiling didn't mean to interrupt anything, we Alyssa said she
wasn't feeling well, when she left early so....." She stopped talking,
sensing from Steve's expression something was wrong, he waved them
inside. Sarah noticed the blood on his shirt, and caught Jennies eye
"Where's Alyssa?"  she asked . "She's in the bedroom, but there's been
some trouble..." he replied Jennie took off heading for the bedroom
with Sarah, on her heels. Steve went to the bathroom to get a wet face
cloth and a towel, going by the bar he grabbed the some ice.  Heather
followed cautiously, behind. 

Jennie got to the doorway and stopped in her tracks.  Sarah came up
bumping into Jennie, as she stopped abruptly. "Oh My God, Alyssa."
Sitting nude on the side of the bed, Alyssa's wrists were still tied
together, she was bent forward crying into her hands. She raised her
head upon hearing a gasp from the bedroom door. Alyssa's left eye was
swollen and purple, her nose was bloody, a line of blood extended from
the corner of her mouth, her face and hair were caked with spots of
crusted dried seamen. "What did he do to you?!!"  Sarah turn around
and kicked Steve in the groin as he approached, "YOU BASTARD! how
could you do that to her,  what kind of a sick pervert are you?" Steve
was in too much discomfort to answer, as he rolled around on the
floor. "NO!" Alyssa yelled "It wasn't Steve, he saved me, from him,
she said motioning to the other side of the room. Jennie walked around
the king size bed and saw the prostrate form of Alyssa's rapist on the
floor face down beside the bed. " Oh god is he dead?" Steve got to his
knees "No just out cold" Sarah helped Steve get up " Errr... sorry
about that, I just assumed...." "It's okay " Steve replied picking up
the towels and ice. "Nice kick you have Sarah, glad I'm not a

 Heather came in putting a hand over her mouth, she saw her co-stars
condition.  She brushed past the others, and threw her arms around
shaking girl Alyssa rested her head on Heather's bare shoulder. Jennie
sat down on the other side of Alyssa, took the face cloth wiping her
face, Sarah untied her hands and picked up the ice rubbing it around
her eye.  Alyssa began to regain her self control, and told them all
what had happened that evening, occasionally braking down into tears.
Sarah wanted to call doctor and the police, but Alyssa adamantly
refused both, fearing a news leak would hurt her career.  Steve
checked the unconscious man, searching his pockets, he found a hypo
needle, and a large packet of white powder.  

 Jennie, and Heather, helped Alyssa into the bathroom where they
checked her over and ran a hot bath, the bruises on Alyssa's arms and
sides horrified them but at least she had no broken ribs.  Once in the
bath Alyssa began to calm down, the shock of the attack began to
subside, Sarah came in and gave her a small glass of vodka.  For the
first time Alyssa looked down between her legs, she was relieved to
see no blood, even though it still hurt like hell.  She asked Sarah to
check her vagina, see if her hymen was damaged.  Sarah coated her
finger with petroleum jelly, and knelt by the bathtub. Alyssa spread
her legs, as wide as she could wincing at the soreness, Jennie reached
over and steadied her by the shoulders.  Heather helped Alyssa keep
her legs apart, holding her at the knees. Then very gently with on
hand she opened up Alyssa's labia lips, and inserted the tip of her
finger.  Alyssa's body stiffened with agony, "Uuuuuugh!" Sarah quickly
withdrew, her finger. Alyssa nodded her head for Sarah to try again,
this time she groaned as her friends first digit entered inside her.
Sarah stopped, Alyssa told her to continue, more of her finger went in
until Sarah felt, Alyssa's elastic wall.  She lightly prodded feeling
it push her finger away, then carefully she swept around the surface
and lining of the walls, feeling for rips and holes. Sarah removed her
finger holding it up for Alyssa to see, there was a tinge of red to it
but no real amount of blood. Alyssa was  immensely relieved, her
valued virginity was still hers,  she gave a slight smile for small
mercies. Heather closed Alyssa's legs and pushed her knees back under
the hot water. Jennie hugged her friend's shoulders giving her a peck
on the forehead  "You'll be just fine Scrapper." 

Meanwhile back in the bedroom, Steve stood over Alyssa's attacker, a
deadly plan formed in his mind.   Before leaving he gently knocked on
the bathroom door. Jennie told him to come in Heather threw a towel
over Alyssa in the bath.  Steve explained his plan, all the girls
except Alyssa, objected saying it was too risky. Alyssa just stared
into space. Steve reasoned that since they couldn't call the cops it
was there only choice, if they let him go he'd surely come back for
her or maybe another girl. He also pointed out that since the
assailant hadn't bothered to wear a mask, he probably, meant to kill
Alyssa after he was done with her.  Not wanting to upset Alyssa Steve
neglected to mention the other items he recovered from the mans
pockets, mainly a Swiss Army knife, small tube of Vaseline, a lighter,
and a few alligator clamps. No doubt she would have been brutally
raped, tortured, and left either dead, or lived with sever
psychological and physical scaring.  Steve further surmised that with
the amount of cocaine this guy had, he probably had some kind of
police record for B & E's to support his habit.  No, the cops wouldn't
look too deep into his death, even if he showed up full of bullet
holes. Finally they agreed, it was their only real choice.

Finding a spoon, and on the druggie, he liquefied all the cocaine the
man had on him, pouring it into a plastic bag, and putting it in his
jacket pocket. Then went out and got a laundry cart from the floor
below, which had been left in the hall. Coming back to the suite he
hoisted the man into the cart and covered him up. Then it was just a
matter of taking the service elevator down to a sub basement, and
shooting him up in the stairwell, being careful not to get his own
finger prints on anything. No one in L.A. would ever think twice about
a two-bit junkie turning up dead from an over dose. Steve stayed to
watch the man's heart stop.   Then he got rid off all the other things
the man had with him. He tossed the roses, after checking for any card
or receipt, into a dumpster on another level, being careful to stay
out of sight of both people and security cameras. The knife went down
a sewer grate, and the clips were dropped into a janitors disposal
bin.  On his way up to the 20th floor he put the cart back where it
belonged.  It was 2 A.M. when Steve knocked on the door to Alyssa's
suite Sarah let him in.

Steve flopped down on the couch, breathing a sigh of relief, no one
asked how it went, they didn't need anymore than their consciences
could handle. Yet each girl appeared completely calm, and unfretted,
damn they were good actresses.  After a brief discussion they decided
to move Alyssa to Jennie and Sarah's suite down the hall.  This way
she could sleep better, and the maid could clean the room in the
morning.  Sarah and Heather gathered up some of Alyssa's stuff.
.Jennie went her suite and got a blanket , while Steve checked around
the suite for anything that looked suspicious, damaged, or  just out
of place. When Jennie returned Sarah helped her up from the chair. Her
body ached with pain, Jennie wrapped Alyssa in the blanket, Steve
swooped her up in his arms, Alyssa let out a small groan and clasped
her hands around the back of his neck. Hanging the "Please make up
room" sign on the doorknob, the party left the suite. 

On entering the other suite Steve carried Alyssa into the master
bedroom. Depositing her gently on the bed she leaned up and kissed him
on the lips, "Thanks, for being there." Steve smiled bashfully and
told her to try and rest.  She looked 12 years old again, in her white
cotton pajamas, with little pink teddy bears all over. The other girls
came in with her stuff, dumping it in a corner. Heather came over to
the bed with glass of water and a couple of mild sedatives. "Here
these will help you sleep." Alyssa took the pills and laid back on the
bed.  Jennie unzipped her dress, and kicked Steve out of the room.
Grudgingly he trod out and went into the living room.  Sarah had
disappeared into the other bedroom, only Heather was present.  Steve
took off his jacket and loosened his tie. The girls had told Heather
how they had all met in the stuck elevator, not mentioning exactly how
Steve had calmed their claustrophobia. Alyssa had told them a story of
how she had met Steve in the Lobby later that night, and had given him
a key to come up to her suite later to talk, Steve was currently
living in New York, which was where Alyssa was born. 

Heather and Steve sat there eyeing on another, they began to make
small talk, Steve listening in awe to one of  TV's  most talented
stars, Heather trying to figure out this mystery man, who seemed to
have captured to trust and respect of her friends so quickly. She
liked him, and knew he wasn't a phony, God knows this business was
full of them, and you didn't survive this long without learning to
pick them out.  Sarah came out dressed in a long red t-shirt, which
ended just above her knees. She sat on the couch next to Heather, who
then excused herself going into the same bedroom Sarah -Michelle just
came from. She and Steve talked about the party, she had attended that
night, who was there, who wasn't etc.

After a minute or so Jennie appeared, her face scrubbed, hair down,
Steve noticed that she had put on a nightshirt, white with 101
Dalmations on it.  Jennie made her way to the bar, asking if the
others wanted a drink. Sarah asked for a warm milk, Steve asked for a
brandy. As Jennie brought over the drinks, she walked past a bright
set of track lights. Steve got a momentary glimpse of her slim
silhouette, through her nightshirt. Jennie small perky breasts stood
out firmly, tipped by her small button nipples, her stomach was flat
extending down to a trim pelvic area, backed by a skinny tight ass.
She handed Sarah her drink, then turned to give Steve his, in doing so
Jennie leaned over letting the neckline of her nightshirt bellow out.
Steve got quite an eyeful of a lovely pair of breasts, and was able to
see right down to the little tuft of hair between her legs. Jennie saw
where he was gawking, and pulled his chin back up so he was eye level
flicking her finger across his nose. " Behave yourself, you pervert!"
she chided, and handed him his drink.   She sat on the couch next to
Sarah, tucking her legs beneath her bum.  Sarah was sitting there
sipping her warm milk cross-legged.  Needless to say this opened up
the bottom of her t-shirt like a wide mouth bass.   Steve could see
that she too was without panties, Sarah still had the slit of a
virgin, she couldn't have been  to sexually active.  Jennie nudged
Sarah, "Sit like a lady dear, not like a slut, you'll have poor Steve
drooling in minute." Sarah crossed her legs pulling t-shirt further
down, giving an apologetic smile.

Heather came out of the bedroom, in one of Jennie's nightshirts, this
one was light blue with yellow stripes.  Being bigger breasted than
her friend, made the material snug around Heather's chest, showing off
her small well formed nipples.  Heather made a hot coco for her self
and joined the others, sitting on the other end of the couch , that
Steve occupied.  Since he already knew much about them, they asked
Steve a few questions about himself. He explained he was from
Michigan, two sisters both younger, Lisa 25, Cathy 27, he was 32,
parents dead car accident 1993 , grew up in middle class suburbia.
Graduated  from West Point class of 86, spent the next 5 years in the
Marines, intelligence branch. Then 6 years in with US embassies  over
in Europe. Finally working for "Jane's Defense" magazine as a military
intelligence consultant. The girls were intrigued, none of them had
ever meet a real spy before.  Suddenly there was a loud knock at the
door, Steve checked his watch it was 3AM. The girls stopped talking,
Jennie looked at Steve, they got up and went to the door.  The person
knocked again only louder, Jennie looked through the peephole.  She
could see four longhaired guys in jeans and black cut off t-shirts,
she waved Heather over to the door "it's Richie and the band." Heather
opened the door while Steve and Jennie retreated to the living room. 

>From what they could hear Richie was pissed, both figuratively and
>literally. About Heather leaving the 
party without him, wanting to be with her stuck up, BH friends instead
of him and the band. Heather and tried to assure him it wasn't like
that.  She explained that Alyssa wasn't feeling well, so she decided
to stay with her tonight. Heather had tried to call earlier but
couldn't find him, besides she could spend the night with her pals if
he was going club hopping with the band. Richie pushed past his wife,
going into the room "So let's see whose here, huh?"  The guy's tromped
in behind Richie leering at Heather's breasts. As Richie walked in he
saw Jennie and Sarah sitting on one couch, and some guy in suit
sitting opposite.   Heather caught up with Ritchie telling him to go
home. "Hey girls congrates, on the Emmy's tonight!" He said in a
somewhat slurred voice, the rest of the guys just stood there like
giddy schoolboys leering at Jennie and Sarah-Michelle. "Who's the
suit?" Richie asked. "He's an associate of mine" Jennie responded.
"Accountant huh, let's see how fast you can subtract an get the Fuck
out dude."  Steve got up "I was just leaving anyway" Hoping that his
departure would make it easier for Heather to get the band to leave
also.  Jennie crossed her arms over her chest, and told Steve to stay
put. She was sure Heather could bring Richie to heel, but she wasn't
sure that he would be able, or willing to control his boys if they got
out of hand.  The last thing she wanted tonight was to end up as their
groupie in a gangbang.  "You an the girls have a drink with us Babe,
then we'll go." said Richie "Yea "The band sounded in, though not
quite in harmony.  Heather was fuming mad, she hated it when he called
her "Babe." One of the drug rehab poster boys flopped on the couch
next to Sarah, "Hey Buffy, I gotta stake you can sink your teeth into"
he said letting his arm drop around her shoulder. Sarah grabbed two of
his fingers crunching them together, "Yeeeooooo!" the guy howled,
removing the offending limb from around her neck.  Another wasted
member went over to Jennie grabbing her ass from behind. "Hi sweet
stuff, how's about a little party to celebrate your Emmy?"  Jennie
slapped the brute, and backed away. Steve walked over between them, "
I think you guy's should be on you way." Richie grabbed his wife by
the arm, "Come on Babe we're leavin", Heather struggled, "I'm not
going with you, let Go of Me!" 

 Steve stepped between them and the door, "Hey Dweeb you still here?"
Richie sneered. "The lady said she wasn't leaving" Ritchie smiled at
Steve "She ain't no Lady man, I ain't taken orders from no wimpy
flunky like you." Ritchie took a wild swing at Steve, who neatly
sidestepped the hook, grabbing the mans arm bringing it behind his
back spinning Ritchie around.  The rock star winced in pain "Yer
hurtin me man let go" Two of the band members got up closing in on
Steve, pushing Richie to the floor he decked the first man with right
hook. The other took a blow to the stomach, both going down like
sandbags. The third one went to get up from the couch, as he did so
Sarah tripped him. Heather stepped closer to Ritchie, and in low
voice, that all husbands understand with dredd "leave right now."
Steve released Ritchie, he shrugged his shoulders, "Come on guys,
let's go find a real party." The group left in a huff, Ritchie waved
goodbye as he closed the door, "Later Babes."

Heather turned to Steve, nobody has ever treated Ritchie like that
before. Steve prepared himself for a kind of tongue lashing, he didn't
like. Heather's baby blue eyes softened as she embraced him, that was
gutsy, thank you for standing up for me. Steve let out a sigh of
relief. Jennie came over and joined the hug as did Sarah, "This is
getting to be a habit with us," remarked Jennie. Heather smiled up at
Steve, "And I thought there were no more white knights." After a few
moments the group broke up, the girls finished their drinks, while
Steve look in on Alyssa, who was sound a sleep.  Steve came out of the
bedroom and picked up his jacket and headed for the door, 'I'll call
in the morning to see how things are, okay." Sarah and Jennie exchange
glances, "Er where are you going Steve? " He looked at Sarah, "Back
down stairs to my room." her replied nonchalantly. "Oh no your not
your staying here, I think we'd all sleep better if you were here"
Steve looking at the three sirens, they were unanimous. "Okay" he
agreed "But I have meeting at 10AM." "That's alright "Jennie
responded.  A tiny smile crept across Steve's face "Okay so where do I
sleep?" he eagerly inquired. Heather went to a closet, pulling out
sheets and a pillow, tossing them on a couch.  Steve's smile crept
away.  Now it was the girls turn to smile. They each kissed him
goodnight and headed off to bed, Steve got undressed and settled in on
the couch. 

Later that morning around 5AM, Heather abruptly awoke and got out of
bed to check on Alyssa, who was sleeping in the other room with
Jennie. Silently going from one room to the other, she saw that both
girls were well asleep.  On her way back Heather could see that Steve
had kicked the sheets onto the floor. "Men she muttered. Heather
walked over and picked up the bed sheet, about to put it back she
stopped in mid action. Standing up through Steve's boxers was 9 inches
of the most gorgeous cockmeat Heather had ever seen. In the dim light
of the morning, she looked at the stiff piece of prime cut. The sheet
slipped out from her grasp, she sank to her knees. She looked towards
the bedrooms carefully listening for any sounds of movement. It would
be embarrassing for Steve if the girls came out in the morning and saw
his woody.   Heather leaned forward, shifting her knees apart. Very
lightly she kissed the crown of his cock watching for a reaction she
detected none. Heather grew bolder, take the whole head of his penis
in her mouth, licking it with her tongue ever so gracefully, something
learned after years of practice. Steve moaned but didn't wake, he just
thrust his hips up a little, Heather opened her mouth taking the first
inch of his cock into her hot wet cock taster. Gently she wrapped her
fingers around his organ, slowly moving them stoking the length of his
penis. Her tongue rubbed itself against the bare head of Steve's dick.
In his sleeping state tilted his pelvis towards her, Heather sank more
of his shaft past her full hungry lips, her fingers moved  quicker,
with purpose.  She didn't feel any guilt about cheating on her
husband, he always had a string of  17 year old groupies following him
around, and she knew he was probably banging one of them right now.

Sarah awoke looking at the other bed she realized Heather had gotten
up. She closed her eyes again, then heard moaning from the living
room. "Mmmmgggh" Curiosity got the better of her and Sarah climbed out
of bed, once at the door she could clearly see the kneeling form of
Heather Locklear, by the couch suck Steve's manhood, like a 20 dollar
whore. Sneaking up on Heather, she lay down behind her and wriggled
her way between Heathers knees. Sarah gazed at Heathers full inviting
labia, inhaling the blonde sluts musky scent.  Gently she reached
around and parted Heathers lips, caressing them with her fingers, then
raising her head Sarah flicked her tongue along Heathers slit. 

Heather suddenly felt a presence below her, hesitating for a second
she slowed the pace of her sucking.  She couldn't figure out if it was
Jennie, or Sarah, the figure beneath her pulled Heather's cunt down on
to her face, Heather felt the tongue working it's way into her crack,
poking at her clitoris. She regained her confidence and continued
pulling Steve's cock with her lips. Steve's body began to roll with
Heather's oral ministrations, there was now 6 inches of penis plant in
her mouth pushing out her cheeks worming it's way into the back of
Heather's mouth. She gagged a bit then took a deep breath, swallowing
the head of his cock into her throat. Her lips continued to bring the
rest of his meat into her mouth, until her tongue was licking his

Sarah sucked and probed at Heathers pussy, her tongue absorbing the
juices from Heathers inner lips, nibbling at her clit, teasing the
small organ making it erect begging to be kissed. Heather reaching
down with one hand, pressing the back of Sarah's head, pushing her
pelvis lower, grinding it along Sarah's eager lips.  Sarah easily
inserted one of her fingers inside Heathers soaking slit. Heather
spread her knees further apart rotating her cunt around the exploring
finger. Sarah put her other hand between her own legs, hiking up her
nightshirt, rubbing her mons, sliding a finger tip along her nearly
hairless slit, pressing on her clit.   Sarah slipped a second finger
into Heather, she heard her partner let out a low muffled moan,
accepting the intruding appendage. Sarah own cunt relaxed and accepted
tow of her fingers for pleasure, She drove them deep within in her
vagina, pushing her body on to it's own hand. The girls moved in
unison as Heather rode Sarah oral treat like a bucking pony to a
quivering orgasm, releasing a jet of cum all over the young girls face
and hair. Sarah's body stiffened as she came with three fingers jammed
up her own twat, shaking slightly from the orgasm.   Steve's cock
pulsated as semen hosed though it's narrow opening and gushed into
Heather's slutty mouth, spilling down her throat. She backed off so
just the head was tightly ringed by her lips, Heather held the sperm
in her mouth swallowing only as much as necessary.  When the penis
deflated Heather carefully pulled her mouth off the limp organ sliding
her lips back over the head closing them over the pee hole, keeping
them pursed together. She unstraddled herself from Sarah's cum coated
face, reached down pulling Sarah's head up, cradling the young girls
head in her hands. Focusing into Heather's soft blue eye's, Sarah
whispered, "Save any for me lover?" Heather nodded slightly.  "Then
what the fuck are you waiting for?"  Sarah asked in a gentle tone,
"Feed me his cum, you cock sucking, cheap whoring tramp!" Heather
kissed her forcefully on the lips.  She formed an airtight seal
between them, before Sarah's tongue could force Heather's lips apart,
searching for its share of seamen. As she did so Sarah felt a gush of
sperm and saliva cascade into her empty mouth, superised she pulled
back but Heather's grip was firm. Sarah swallowed the salty milky goo,
licking Heather's tongue clean of sperm sucking it from the inside of
her lovers cheeks, while their hands massaged each others breasts.
They heard Steve groan, Heather quickly placed his penis back inside
his shorts, while Sarah dropped the blanket over him. They returned to
the bedroom, sleeping the rest of the night in each others arms.
Jennie smiled to her self, closing the door to her room, which was
open just a crack, and climbed back into bed with Alyssa.

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