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	Hello there, this is Dimitri, author of various stories here in A.S.S 
and A.S.S.M.  Awhile ago the author of this series e-mailed me asking if I 
would be willing to post these, so that the he/she could retain their 
anonymity.  Obviously I agreed, and here we are now.
	If you want to make some comments about this story, whether it be 
compliments or constructive criticism, send the message to me and I will pass 
it on to the author, who would love to hear some feedback.  The address to 
write to is - - and why not tell me what you 
think of my latest, Celebrity Hypnotist Chapter Six (posted today) as well 
(shameless plug alert!!!!)
	We both look forward to hearing from you!

	- Dimitri -

Part 1 (oral fff/m, ff,m/f, celeb, humor)  

It was 9 p.m., on a Saturday night, Steve was standing in the hall on the 
18th floor waiting for an elevator,
of the LA Hilton Plaza.  It was the Emmy Awards tonight, and he was hoping to 
see a few celebrities.
Finally after 10 minutes, one of the elevators arrived, and the doors chimed 
open. Steve could scarcely
believe his eyes, standing there chattering away together were three of the 
most beautiful, famous and
probably expensive actresses on TV,  Jennifer Garth of  "Beverly Hills 
90210", Sarah Michelle Geller from
"Buffy  the Vampire Slayer", and Alyssa Milano of  "Melrose Place". Suddenly 
they stopped and
noticed him, Alyssa looked at him with her sultry brown eyes "Well are you 
coming, or going?",  Jenny
spoke up "Are you going down?". "Yea, ..Ye..ssss he stammered, all the way", 
Steve got on without
another word, the three girls moved to the back of the elevator. 
Steve couldn't believe his luck, three of Hollywood's most gorgeous babes not 
2 feet away from him,
he could smell the fragrances from their hair, their bodies exuded pheromones 
.  As he was dreaming
away,  he couldn't help over hearing their conversation of how their dates 
had dumped them for other stars.
Which he found utterly unbelievable, suddenly without warning the elevator 
came to a screeching halt. The
lights went out, the girls started to freeeeak,  Steve yelled "clam down it's 
just a minor glitch", Jenny 
looked at him  with the fear of child in a dark room. "I'm claustrophobic!!" 
 The others looked at her with 
blank stares, "so am I" muttered Sarah, "me too" replied Alyssa.  "Well it's 
okay" Steve piped up "I'm not,  
I'll take care that no harm comes to any of you".

For the first time Steve got a good look at each girl, Jennie was the tallest 
of the three, but only by a couple 
of inches at about 5'5", her figure was still that of a slender schoolgirl, 
despite recently given birth last year, 
to a baby girl. Her blonde hair was cut short making her look mature, she 
wore a simple red evening gown, 
cut just low enough in the front, to show off the slight pale white cleft 
between her firm, perky breasts.  
Alyssa was quite a bit shorter than Jennie, about 5'3", plus her 3 inch 
heels. She had big breasts for a small 
figure, but she carried them well, her auburn hair was cut short in a boyish 
fashion, giving her a pixie like 
face, with her cute button nose. Dressed in a conservative light gray dress 
suit that ended at about mid 
thigh, custom cut to her flattering shape, her dark brown eyes made her look 
ready to do business.  Last of 
all was Sarah-Michelle Geller, with the face of an innocent angle that could 
kick butt, her hair was almost 
shoulder length straight light brown.  She and Jennie were about the same 
height, 5'5" Sarah's breasts were 
about the same size as Alyssa's.  She wore a simple yet enticing black dress 
for the evening, with a v-neck, 
and a hemline, which ended about 6 inches above her knees. Thus showing off 
her sexy fit well-trained and 
deadly legs, which were well accentuated by her 4 inch heels.  Wow! they 
looked terrific, and together they 
were indescribably heart stopping.

 Steve towered above these petite, demure, women at 5'8" and at 150 lbs. he 
wasn't exactly a wiener, or a 
pig.  Kind of what you'd call tall dark and handsome, with a pleasing 
disposition.  He started talking in a 
loud voice towards the ceiling, hoping it had an intercom to security.  A 
voice came back telling them that 
the repairman was on the way, but he was at hospital, and wouldn't be 
finished for another hour. The 
security person asked how many people were in the elevator, Jennie answered 
"four, can't you see us?"  
"No ma am, the camera went out weeks ago, you'll be okay just sit tight".  
Steve could see the girls  were 
getting antsy, even though they were acting their best to remain clam cool 
and level headed He wondered 
which one of the three would be the first to break down and go berserk. The 
tabloids would have a field day 
visibly, getting upset, Jennie started pacing the floor like a caged tiger.  
Sarah looked down at her shoes, 
then looking up at Steve,  she said "Hi , my names Sarah Geller, I play Buffy 
the Vampire Slayer on TV". 
"I know he replied, I watch it sometimes, it's quite good, matter of fact I 
have watched each of your shows 
at one time or another."  " My names Steve Colt, I'm a consultant, Janes 
magazine".  The girls seemed 
suitably impressed, even if they'd never heard of it, at least he wasn't a 
creepy fellow. 

 Jennie and Alyssa stepped closer to the other two, hoping a conversation 
with an interesting stranger 
would calm their nerves. Suddenly, the lights went out, all the girls 
screamed at once and threw their arms 
around Steve, he staggered a bit and regained his footing. In the darkness he 
could feel their hearts 
pounding against his chest, smell the subtle aroma of their scents,  they  
trembled with anxiety. After a 
couple of seconds, which seemed like minutes, the emergency lights snapped 
on. The lights cast a soft glow 
over the four, much like that of a table lamp. Sarah shouted up at the 
intercom, but got no response, now 
they were really on their own. Steve looked around, Alyssa was in front of 
him, her head pressed firmly 
against his chest, her arms locked around his waist. Jennie was on his right 
side, with her arms around his 
neck, her eyes shut tightly softly whispering a prayer, Sarah was on his left 
side, her eyes open looking at 
the ceiling, her arms encircled Steve's chest, enclosing Alyssa's head. Now 
even he was getting worried, 
this was going to be a long night.

Slowly Alyssa turned her head looking into his eyes, a smile grew across her 
youthful face.  Steve tried to 
suppress his emotions, but even he knew it was too late. Alyssa giggled, the 
other two looked at her 
puzzled, she stepped back a bit glancing down to see a pup tent form in 
Steve's pant's. Jennie and Sarah 
exchanged brief smirks, when they followed Alyssa's gaze to her source of 
amusement. That was quite a 
tent, "Oops, sorry about that! " Alyssa exclaimed, with a mischievous grin, 
"It's okay " Steve mumbled 
turning four shades of red. Jennie and Sarah politely turned their heads, 
stifling the sounds of their laughter.  
Alyssa sized up the other two girls, then looking at Steve, with an 
expression of guilt she said "Can I fix 
that for you mister ?". By this time Steve was to stunned to answer, but gave 
a slight nod. Alyssa lock her 
eyes on to his as she gracefully kneeled down, Sarah and Jennie watched 
Alyssa's shocking display of 

The young Melrose Place star gripped the tent in his trousers, kneading the 
bulge like a piece of soft dough, 
it came alive responding to her small but strong fingers. She pushed her face 
into rubbing it from side to 
side with her nose, smelling its ordure. Alyssa looked up again, her face 
serene and clam, she reached for 
his belt, unbuckling it, prying open the button on his pants. Stretching up 
she stuck out her tongue and 
carefully lifted up the zipper till it was in her teeth, then Alyssa slowly 
pulled it done all the way.  The 
beast sprang free, like a well you know. Now it was Alyssa's turn to be 
stunned, looking her eye to "eye", 
was a perfectly formed penis about 9 inches long with a substantial body to 
it, talk about biting off more 
than you can chew. Well too late to back out now she thought to herself. 
Jennie was the first to recover 
from the shock of what Alyssa had just done. She reached down grabbed Steve's 
cock gently in her left 
hand and began massaging it up and down. Steve slumped against the back wall 
of the elevator, was this 
getting lucky or what. 

Both Jennie and Sarah were looking down at Alyssa, with challenging stares, 
as if to say "what's a matter 
little girl too much salami for you?"  Well she'd show them "Who was the 
Boss".  Alyssa wrapped her 
small dainty hand around the upper part massive organ, while Jennie's hand 
still pumped the lower half. 
Sarah now reached down with her right hand, and cupped his testicles, 
cradling them in the palm of her 
hand.  Steve closed his eyes, enjoying the triple delights.  Alyssa began 
stroking his cock , feeling the blood 
pulsing along the veins, she firmed her grip bringing it closer to her face 
rubbing her thumb across the tip 
of it's head, she brought it under her nose and inhailed  it's pungent odor. 
  A droplet of pre cum formed at 
the slit of the pee hole, Alyssa looked up into Steve's face, and  deftly 
licked it off with just the tip of her 
tongue, then she gracefully smeared it along the length of her upper lip. 
This made Steve shudder. Alyssa 
proceeded to kiss his penis head once, twice, pushing her carefully painted 
lips tightly over the head 
sucking it into her mouth, where her tongue playfully caressed it's smooth 
dome, sending erotic signals of 
pleasure to Steve's brain.  While moistening the head of Steve's penis with 
her saliva, Alyssa lips reached 
for more cock pulling the first  3 inches into her mouth, her cheek began to 
bulge out as the organ moved
in and out of her warm wet  mouth, "mmmmmghhh" Alyssa's teeth slightly 
grating against it's skin, her  
soft tongue stretching out along the length of  his now rock solid manhood. 

Jennie turned Steve's face towards hers, he opened his eyes seeing a vision 
of pure beauty. She gave him a 
light kiss, then pressed harder forcing his lips apart opening Steve's mouth 
with hers. Jennie pushed her 
tongue through his lips, licking his teeth. Steve open his mouth receiving 
Jennies probing tongue as it 
searched his oral cavity, she licked his cheeks, spared with his own tongue 
sucking it back into her mouth 
pulling it through her teeth, tasting his saliva. The two became one each 
trying to poke and pull the others 
tongue, sucking air from on another's lungs, sealing their lips to form a 
perfect bond.  Steve reached round 
Jennie and Sarah with both arms taking their breasts in his hands, gently 
squeezing each one feeling its size 
beneath their expensive dresses.  Each girl removed her hand form his groin, 
and reached up to pull down 
the shoulder strap of her dress, just enough to let him push his hand right 
inside her bra cup. Steve could 
feel their already hardening nipples, Jennies was small and pointed like 
pencil erasers, while Sarah's was
more rounded and bit fuller.  As he was still French kissing Jennie, Sarah 
leaned closer and started to lick 
his left ear, lightly circling the outside tasting the lobe, pulling it with 
her teeth.  She whispered softly in to 
his ear "After that little cock sucking slut  swallows your cum, I'll make 
your cock feel right at home in my 
nice warm tight pussy."  Grabbing Steve's chin Sarah turned his face to her 
side, kissing his open mouth 
stroking his teeth, brushing along his tongue. He inhaled in her breath 
sucking Sarah's full luscious lips into 
his mouth, "mmmmmgh, Jennie's lipstick tastes delicious".  Alyssa now had her 
tongue 4 inches along  
Steve's dick glanced up accusingly at Sarah .   

Alyssa now had both her small  hands working up and down Steve's  9 inch 
monster, with 4 inches deep in
her  sopping wet mouth , her saliva dripped down her chin. Jennie and Sarah 
looked down at Alyssa, it 
seemed  like  5 inches of  tube stake was all the poor girl could handle 
after all. Jennie gave Sarah a sly 
smile. Both girls each put a hand at the back of Alyssa's head, she looked up 
at them questioningly.
They firmly slowly began to push Alyssa's head forward, Mmmmmmmfgh, 
Agggggggh!, another
couple  inches of penis pole disappeared between Alyssa's stretched lips. 
Steve could feel Alyssa 
struggling for air, the head of his cock pressing into the back of her mouth, 
trying to fit into the tunnel
to her throat.  Jennie knelt down beside Alyssa,  placing her other hand on 
Alyssa's  throat, massaging it 
"Just relax try not to panic, time your breathing, and don't forget to 
swallow, it'll fit".  Jennie leaned 
forward sticking out her tongue licking at the  exposed shaft, lubricating it 
in preparation for  Alyssa's 
throat. Sarah bent over doing the same for the other side. Steve took the 
opportunity to remove his hand 
from Sarah's breast, and slid it up her right thigh under her dress.  Alyssa 
became more visibly settled, she 
concentrated on the task at hand.  Steadily calmly, her throat muscles relax 
Alyssa worked the entire 9 
inches of cock down her slim delicate throat.  "Congratulations, knew you 
could do it " Sarah commented.  
"Way to go girl, Iknew you could deep throat!" Jennie whispered kissing 
Alyssa on her bulging cheek.

This was about all Steve could take, Alyssa was now working all 9 inches of 
cock in, and out of her mouth 
down her throat, kissing the base his cock each time, which by now had a 
bright red ring around it. Steve
felt his balls tighten as, the famous teen starlet took his entire length 
back in swirling her tongue around it 
as she went sucking  at the head with her lips. Looking into her dark 
seductive eyes, her overly stretched 
lips encircling his huge cock, framed by Alyssa's beautifully petite 
features. Steve almost got out "Alyssa
I'm aaaaaahbbout ttooo cuuuu... Arrrrrrgh"  powerful pulsing jet of sperm 
shot out of his penis, Alyssa's  
eyes widened in superise, she pulled back managing to keep the head of 
Steve's bobbing  dick in her 
mouth. She tried to hold his seed in her mouth but it filled with the first 
blast, at moment of hesitation 
flashed in her eyes, as Alyssa realized she'd have to swallow this strangers 
cum, or risk spilling it on her 
couture suit. Like an obedient little kitten, Alyssa swallowed her first 
mouth full of semen. Not knowing 
how much sperm she could take, Alyssa  eyes looked pleadingly at Jennie for 
help.  For all the blow jobs 
she was famous for giving around Hollywood, even at the age of 11, when she 
got her first starring role 
in"Who's the Boss", Alyssa Milano had never, ever swallowed before, or Deep 
Throated, as most directors, 
producers, and managers, only had 3 inch dicks. All they ever wanted to do 
was blow their sticky load all 
over her face, which was okay with her mom as long as little Alyssa got the 

Sarah and Jennie looked on as Alyssa swallowed her first load of sweet salty 
sticky cum, Mmmmuuuugh! 
Jennie took pity on Alyssa and grabbed a hold of Steve's cock, grabbing it 
tightly urging Alyssa to release 
it from her tried mouth. Steve grimaced in pain as pressure built up, like a 
plugged up fire hose, he looked 
down at Jennies baby blue eyes pleadingly. She smiled at him adorably. Kissed 
the tip of his purple knob 
and took his bulging penis into her clean, sperm free mouth, with her lips 
firmly locked around his pecker 
head Jennie Garth, high class socialite, played her tongue around the tip of 
his raging cock, and released her 
iron grip. The flood gates opened up, Steve's second load of sperm shot out, 
and into Jennies waiting 
mouth right down her white delicate throat. Jennie grabbed him by the hips 
taking the first 2 inches of meat 
into her mouth, licking the cum from the end of his cock, sweeping it around 
the insides of her mouth.  
Steve responded, grabbing Jennie by the back of her head and sliding the rest 
of his cock into her oral 
opening, "Aaaaaaah" to his surprise in went in almost effortlessly. He felt 
it nudge the entrance to her 
throat briefly, her gag reflex kicked in Jennie quickly adjusted, and deep 
throated all 9 inches. When her 
mouth got to the base of his dick, she added her lipstick to Alyssa's ring of 
red, her nose nuzzled against his 
pelvis.  Then third load of cum went down Jennie's throat, his cock twitched 
against the side of her throat 
as it constricted to accept his life gift into her stomach.

Sarah lifted Alyssa up on her feet, "let me have a taste of that " she said 
licking some cum which somehow
leaked out the side of Alyssa's mouth.  Sarah pressed her lips on Alyssa's, 
grabbing her by the hips, Alyssa 
responded passionately, letting Sarah pull her in, Alyssa wrapped herself 
around Sarah, her hands groping 
the Slayers ass, pressing her right thigh into Sarah's gyrating pelvis. 
Sarah's leg was  humped by Alyssa's 
pussy, while her own cunt was trapped, between Steve's stroking hand, and 
Alyssa's rubbing thigh. " 
Oooooohhhhh!! that feels so  Fuucking Gooood", Alyssa shut her up by 
inserting her  cum coated tongue 
between her lips. Sarah tongue fought Alyssa's for dominance, but the 
caressing hands slew her confidence 
and she submitted to Alyssa's will.  Sarah slid her hands on to Alyssa's 
buttocks,  massaging  slowly 
pulling up her skirt, inching it higher up her trim smooth thighs. Alyssa did 
likewise to Sarah, carefully 
gently each girl lifted the others skirt up till they were standing arm in 
arm, with their designer dresses 
bunched around their hips. Both stole downward glimpses, checking out the 
others panties, Alyssa's were 
bright white hi cut plain cotton, while Sarah's were sexier black thong style 
satin panties. Both wore black 
stockings trimmed with a wide band of lace, held up by garter belts. They 
pulled down each others panties, 
and tossed them in the corner. 

  As Jennie licked the last sperm from Steve's penis, he pulled her up off  
her knees, and kissed her lightly 
on the cheek. She nodded over to where Alyssa was locked in a passionate 
lovers embrace with the vampire 
slayer. Both girls were now totally involved with each other, their fingers 
probing one another's pussies, 
caressing their buttocks. Alyssa pushed Sarah down on her knees, spreading 
her legs apart, she guided 
Sarah's face to her moist pussy. Sarah resisted, at 20 years old her sexual 
experiences had really been 
limited, and she had never gone down on a girl before. Alyssa gave her a 
reassuring look, Sarah stuck her 
tongue tenativly  giving Alyssa's  clitoris a lick. Alyssa pulled her in 
closer Sarah opened her mouth wider, 
sinking her tongue, between Alyssa's cunt lips, sucking the inside folds of 
her partners labia. Sarah sniffed 
in the smell of Alyssa's musky hole, drinking in her cuntal juices, feeling 
them smearing on her cheeks.
Alyssa rubbed her pussy over Sarah's face, feeling the probing lips and 
tongue kissing her most intimate 
private areas,  "mmmmmmmmhhhhh!, God girl can you eat pussy!!!" 

Jennie gave Steve a look, with her best Daddy's Little Girl eyes, she reached 
down gathering her dress up 
over her hips, revealing her scarlet red 4 inch stiletto heels, long slim 
legs encased in shear tan stockings, 
held in place by a red garter belt, with matching scarlet lace panties. " 
Steve?" she asked teasingly "could 
you please eat my pussy?"  He knelt down, pulled her legs apart pushing 
Jennies right on to the railing
so that her thighs were are right angles. She braced herself against the 
wall, stretching her tiny panties to
the side,  Steve nosed his way into her cunt, sniffing her scent, parting her 
cunt lips with his mouth, sending  
his  tongue  in lapping at her inner walls.  His strong hands gripped her 
buttocks pulling her tender girlish 
vagina, into his face. Jennie tilted her head back in ecstasy, ramming her 
pelvis at his mouth. Steve found 
her clit, sucking on it with drive, her vulva enlarged growing an inch, 
Steve's tongue wiggled it within her 
folds. Jennie tensed pulling his face in suffocating him, she came shooting 
her wet sticky fluids into Steve's 
sucking mouth. "Ooooooooooaaaaaaah .....gaaaawdddd!" He drank selfishly 
cleaning her pussy, licking  
her through her venus mound along her fine blond hairs. By this time Alyssa 
had just released Sarah  from 
her cunt, pulling the slayer to her feet, Alyssa straightened her dress back 
down, and  cleaned off Sarah's 
face with her  tongue.  Steve put Jennies leg down, pulling her gown back 
into place, she wrapped
her arms around his neck , and with great care licked her cum off his face 
with the tip of her tongue, 
finishing with a deep French kiss, sucking his tongue back into her mouth, 
and giving it head.  " Thanks I 
haven't had an orgasm like that in quite a while" Steve smiled reassuringly 
at Alyssa and Sarah, both girls
wrapped their arms around him again, he looked down in to Alyssa's dark 
sparkling eyes, "There now 
didn't I say you would be okay", she smiled back up at him.

Sarah was about to reply when the lights flickered to life. A voice came from 
the ceiling "Hello?  Are you 
all okay in there? Sorry about the lights, a transformer blew in the 
basement. We should have you out of 
there in about 5 minutes, the repairman well send the elevator straight to 
the lobby" The girls scrambled to 
fix their hair, lipstick, and clean their faces best as possible.  Steve 
tided his clothes, as the elevator jolted 

Jennie looked at him glowing with radiance, then she let out a stifled cry 
"Ahh".  The other two girls turned
from the mirror looking at where Jennie was staring.  It was back and bigger 
than ever,  "Damn it Steve, 
can't you do something about that?"  she said in a hushed voice.  His pecker 
was not only hard but it looked 
like it was trying to beat it's way out of his pants. "Oh god muttered 
Alyssa, if this gets in the papers, and 
those nerdy perverts, who put disgusting fake pictures of me on the internet 
get a hold of this, I'll never live 
it  down .  The elevator passed the 16th floor, Sarah rolled her eyes and 
squatted down and pulled open his 
fly, "Buffy to the rescue".  Sarah brought Steve's waving wand under control 
and began stroking it 
like a woman possessed.  She slipped her mouth over the head licking the 
crown, wetting it with her spit, 
she jacked his rod faster. Her other hand groped his testicles, trying to 
coax the semen from his balls.
Steve watched Sarah Michelle, suck his love stick, squatting down before him, 
her gorgeous  thighs
spread wide apart, Sarah's skirt was pushed up close to her hips giving him a 
partial glimpse of her well 
trimmed snatch. The 10th floor when by, Sarah stopped momentarily, "If you 
don't cum by the 4th floor , I'll 
bite this thing off and shove it in my purse"  Sarah resumed her task filling 
her mouth with his member.
Jennie and Alyssa watched the floors pass by, 8...,6..., they saw their 
careers pass by.  Alyssa tore open
the snaps of her  grey suit dress, revealing a white lace push up bra 
encasing a pair of sensual breasts. She 
pulled aside the bra part of her slip, and undid the front of her bra showing 
off her fabulously expensive 
tits, giving an Oscar winning FUCK ME! expression. This did it for Steve, his 
sperm shot into Sarah's 
empty mouth, she started swallowing, more and more cum blasted into her mouth 
poring down her throat, 
filling her stomach, "Slurrrp, Guuulp, Suuuckk!" 4th floor went by. She 
pulled his cock out prematurely, the 
last spurt of semen, hit Sarah Michelle across the bridge of her nose and 
right cheek. She shoved his prick 
back into his trousers yanking up his zipper quickly and forcefully. The 2nd 
 floor wizzd by, Jennie helped 
Sarah to feet and  cautiously licked the jizz off the younger girls face. 
Alyssa quickly refastened her bra, 
dress, brushing the material smooth.  The girls gave each other one last look 
over, the lobby light sounded 
"Ding !" the doors opened. It had been 45 minutes since they had gotten on.

Steve stepped back from the girls to the rear of the elevator, outside the 
hotel Assistant Manager was there
surrounded by a small group of patron's, looking at them aghast. "Madam's I 
had no idea it was you
trapped  in our lift, I'm very sorry please accept our most profound 
apologies!" the Assistant Manager 
humbly pleaded.  Jennie looked at her watch, they had been in there for 
almost an hour, if they had green 
lights all the way they could still make the Emmy's, being only fashionably 
late. She walked past the 
sniffling employee remarking how she intended to lodge a complaint in the 
morning. Alyssa and Sarah just 
gave him icy cold stares as the brushed past him. Steve moved forward to exit 
the elevator, when he spied 
two pieces of cloth bundled in the corner. He stop to fix his shoelace 
swiftly he swooped them up and 
pocketed the items.  Upon leaving the elevator he when in the opposite 
direction of the girls. As they 
headed for the front doors Steve went in the towards a hotel bar. He walked 
over to a column and turned 
around nonchalantly. Jennie several steps ahead of the other two was almost 
to the door, suddenly Alyssa 
and Sarah slowed their pace and looked down, then at each other in horror. 
They glance back towards the 
elevator, half turning in their tracks, they saw Steve standing down the 
lobby, he gave a slight nod patting 
his pocket, both girls gave a small sigh, smiled, and took of to the waiting 
limousine.  Steve went into the 
bar, and ordered a double scotch.

The rest of the evening was a great success to all the girls, Jennie Garth 
wan for Best Actress in a Drama 
Series, Alyssa Milano, received an Emmy for Best Supporting Actress in a 
Drama, and Sarah Michelle 
Geller won for Best Actress in an Action Series.  Alyssa was also give an 
Emmy for Best Oral Presentation,
in something or other, Sarah smiled knowingly. Unfortunately going up to 
receive her second award, 
Alyssa ran up the steps rather excitedly, and the camera jockey crouched at 
the bottom, got an accidental
up skirt shot as she happily jumped up the steps. About 60 million viewers 
got a split second glimpse of her 
tight round bare ass and neatly trimmed beaver, and within 24 hrs. the 
picture was down loaded to the web.

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