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The following tale is, I believe a true story. In my teens, I was
working part time as a janitor at a large accounting firm which
employed a number of secretaries. I was emptying wastebaskets and
happened to see a handwritten letter lying in the trash. (Okay, I was
snooping actually) You see the particular secretary that this
wastebasket belonged to, just happened to be a walking talking sex
doll. I mean she was CUTE!! I used to watch this living dream and
fantasize about her all the time. The fact is, I knew she would have
nothing to do with me since I was not only a highschool boy, but also
a janitor. I knew most of the secretaries had high goals like marrying
the boss. Still, I was always checking her out and as luck would have
it, I found the letter she had written to her friend, but for some
reason, decided not to send it. Let me start off by describing her to
you and then, I will unfold the letter, which I have saved all these
years and which has been a continual source of erotic stimulus to me.

Her name was Kelly, she was about 5' even and had shoulder length
blonde hair and green eyes. She had a very sexy baby face with big
dimples when she grinned. I think it was that innocent sexy face as
much as anything that drove me mad for her. A man couldn't look at her
without imagining his cock in her sweet red mouth. Her lips were full
and very pouty looking. She liked to wear red lipstick and red nail
polish. I could never describe her body and do it the justice it
deserved. She was in her early twenties and was in pretty good shape.
I have always liked girls with plenty of meat on their bones and Kelly
had plenty of that. She was not at all chubby, yet she curved in all
the right spots and her thighs were round and her heart shaped ass was
pert and full. She had two firm round grapefruit sized tits that I
would have given my left nut just to have glimpsed. All in all, Kelly
was to me, the perfect girl and the one to whom I've since molded all
my fantasies and realities around. I ended up marrying a girl that
looks somewhat like her and of course she means so much more to me
than Kelly the unattainable ever could. Still, there are nights, when
I hold my beautiful wife in my arms, that I imagine it's little Kelly
that I'm preparing to ravish instead. 

Below is the letter I found, and which turned me on so much, that my
wife and I play out a little fantasy re-enactment every so often. She
knows of the letter, has seen it, but does not know what a close
resemblance she shares with Kelly.

			The Letter:

Dear Beth,

I'm taking a minute to write you a few lines on my lunch hour. My boss
is in one of his cranky moods so I haven't had the chance to even
think straight today, whether mind sneak in the letter writing time on
the job time like I usually try to do. Oh well, at least I'll save
some calories sitting here writing you instead of stuffing my face.

It's been so long since we talked, I miss the old days of college
where we used to talk over boy problems, and cry on each other's
shoulders. I hope you do come up and see me, and stay for a bit like
we talked about at Christmas.

I've got to tell you about something that happened to me the other
night. I hope you aren't disgusted with me or think I'm some kind of
weird-o or something. I guess I wouldn't blame you if you did, I am
pretty confused myself about what has happened and more, about how I
feel about it.

Anyway, I think you must remember me telling you about a singularly
hateful and disgusting man who heads our division. He's not my boss,
rather he is in charge of our secretarial pool, and as such I have to
answer to him directly every day. I really try to avoid the creep and
so does every other girl who works here. For some reason though, he's
managed to nail a number of the secretaries who work here. Believe me
it isn't because of his looks.

The reason why I'm going into so much detail about him, is that the
little worm, is responsible for the single most erotic, satisfying,
and mind-blowing sexual experience I have ever had or maybe ever will
have. It also makes me hate him even more!!

It all started the other night when we ended up working late. My boss
was out of town and I had to do all the last minute year-end wrap up
stuff with Frank. Frank of course is the name of the creep, as you
might remember me telling you. He's this tall, skinny, slimy looking
guy with big teeth and glasses. I always try to avoid any contact that
I can with him. He makes passes at all of the girl's here, and we all
dread his roaming hands (remember folks this was long before sexual
harassment was an issue on the job, around 1978) and his rubbing up
against us by accident.

I hated to have to work alone with him, but there was no choice since
my boss's absence had put me behind in my own work. Frank was
complaining to me about how this had really inconvenienced him (as if
that were my fault) causing him to have to work late with me. I
noticed however that as soon as the others all left, he didn't seem to
mind too much. He kept trying to look down my blouse as he bent over
my desk to reach for papers, or rubbing his elbow against my breasts
to lean over for a pencil or pen. Finally I had had enough. I very
emphatically told him to go back to his office and leave me alone. He
blustered a bit about that being no way to talk to my superior, but I
was adamant and he got the point finally and left saying that I'd
better hurry up and get the last of the papers done and into his
office. It was a Friday night and he kept saying I was spoiling his
plans for the evening. I had to bite my tongue to keep from making a
crack about that but I held my tongue not wanting to be fired, after
all he's one of the owner's nephews or something.

I was left in peace finally and after an hour, I was done with
everything but one case. I went to Frank's office to see if I could
finish the last of it on Monday on my lunch so we could get out of
there, I was exhausted. I went to Frank's door and without thinking
about it walked on in. I seldom do that, even to my own boss, but it
must have been because I was so tired and not thinking.

Frank was facing the wall standing off to the right so he didn't see
me right away. He was standing with his knees slightly bent in a
peculiar fashion. I was just about to say something, when I realized
what he was doing. He had his cock out and was masturbating! He was
rubbing his hand up and down his shaft and cupping his balls with his
other hand, massaging them.

I was frankly, very shocked to say the least for more than one reason.
One, he had a hell of a nerve to be doing this at work, and while I
was alone with him and two, he had the most enormous prick I have ever
seen in my life! I swear to God Beth, his cock was at least 12 inches!
I'm not kidding and as thick as my wrist!

I was standing there frozen. I had walked all the way across the room
and he was so absorbed in what he was doing, he never noticed me. I
wanted to flee right out of there so he wouldn't even know I was ever
in there and had seen him, but I couldn't move. Every time I started
to move my feet, the fear of my sudden movement causing him to see me
there prevented me from backing out. What's more, I couldn't take my
eyes off that huge ugly club he had for a sexual organ. The big
bulbous head was a dark red and the shaft was covered in thick veins
that stood out all over it.

I must have let out a gasp or something cause Frank suddenly turned in
my direction and instead of being embarrassed like a normal person
would be, he just grinned at my red blushing face and started coming
up to me that impossibly big cock clenched in his fist. He asked me if
I would like some of it since I seemed to be interested in watching
him. I opened my mouth to retort but nothing came out and he kept
coming closer. I should have fled Beth I know that, but my feet would
not seem to move!

Frank just grabbed me and started pushing me up against his desk. I
started to protest and struggle but it was too late. He pushed me back
onto the desk till my butt was on the desk and he pulled up my mini
skirt up around my hips and before I knew what was happening, he tore
off my panty hose, panties and shoes and spread open my thighs!

Geez! His fingers were so rough as he spread open my pussy lips and
worked his cock into my slit. I blushed when he laughingly told me I
was going to get the fucking of my life. He started rubbing the head
of his cock in my slit, up and down between the fat inner lips that
seemed to be jutting out like never before. Before I knew it, I was
getting wetter and wetter and he seemed to be getting harder and
harder. He then managed to squeeze the head inside me. His cock was
even bigger than I thought or at least that's the way it felt inside
me. He managed to get half of it inside me before it began to hurt. I
moaned with the sudden pain but he ignored me and kept pumping that
ugly monster cock up inside me while I squealed and protested. I have
never, ever had anything so big shoved up into me. The crazy part was
he was only half inside, but the girth of his cock was so great, I
felt split open! I kept squealing and moaning the whole time he was
working that telephone pole into my poor cooze. All of a sudden, I
felt his belly against mine and felt his curly pubic hair nest into my
own. I realized with great shock that he had somehow managed to stuff
me full of that damn thing of his! I looked up at his face to see him
grinning in triumph and I blushed red and lowered my eyes.

I could not look at his smug face! Even though I hated him with a
passion (and he knew it), his cock began to feel really good inside
me. And right then, I did not want him to stop. He wasn't about to
anyway, he didn't care whether I wanted it or not, he was ravishing me
and one way or another, I was going to get pronged. He tore open my
blouse, popping off the buttons and then ripping my bra off so hard it
left red marks in my tender skin. He started feasting on my poor
nipples, biting them till they felt as hard as pebbles, sucking first
one and then the other.

He pushed me back onto the desk and I didn't fight it. I even raised
my legs for him when he ordered me to so he could fuck into me even
deeper in my aching cunt. He made me spread my thighs wider apart,
making it easier for him to spear me with his enormous shaft. I had
never felt so filled up before by any cock and I wanted more of this
brutal animal's fuck stick. I am ashamed to admit, I wanted more, and
I wanted it right up inside my hot little pussy.

It was about at this point; I had my first orgasm. I cannot really say
for sure, because I can't ever remember having so many of them at one

I was lying there under him as he rammed me with brute force and I was
screaming and squealing like a pig. My mouth was hanging open and
drool was coming out as I went through a mind shattering cum. It
pulsed right through my whole body, from my fingertips, down through
my toes. I shuddered and shivered and moaned with the most sublime
pleasure I had ever experienced. Then as soon as it ended, it started
again and when that one ended, another began. After 3 or 4 orgasms of
that magnitude, I had had enough. It was just too powerful. They had
worn me out and the last 2 had actually been painful. They were so
strong. I thought I would go insane if I had another.

But Frank was not nearly through with me. I had no way of knowing that
he had actually just started with me. He pulled out of me abruptly and
my poor pussy made a wet sucking sound as his hard shaft popped out. I
felt as if he had just pulled a telephone pole out of me and strangely
I missed it being in there terribly!

Frank made me turn around and bent me over the desk so that my ass
stuck up in the air. I sighed knowing he was going to enter me from
behind this time. I felt his cock in between my ass cheeks as he
suddenly began spreading them apart, mashing my soft ass cheeks in his
big hands. His shaft worked through my crack, lubricating it with my
own pussy juice enough so that he could fuck into my tight anus.

I started to protest immediately when I realized what he intended to
do, thinking of that huge prick going up into my tight virgin asshole
and ripping it apart but it was too late. He had already aimed the
huge knob against my tight puckered rectum and even as I started to
wriggle, he had begun forcing the huge head up inside.

I was crying and blubbering, begging him to stop but he got the head
inside even as I spasmed and jerked, twitching on his shaft and
whining my protest. Once he had the head firmly inside my tight pink
anal ring, he finally let up some, allowing me a bit of rest to adjust
to his huge knob in my ass. I actually thanked him when he allowed me
to rest for a brief moment before resuming his thrusting up into my
asshole and I knew I was utterly conquered by this creep and actually
getting off on the subjugation to him. I couldn't figure out what else
it could be because I hated this cruel sadistic bastard! It's hard to
feel dignified when you're bent over a man's desk with his cock up in
you're asshole and he's easing more and more in. Before I knew it, his
pubic hair was tickling my tender ass globes and I knew he had somehow
managed to force that damn thing all the way up my butt into my poor
bowels. He began to slowly draw it in and out of my stretched anal
ring, fucking my ass leisurely. I couldn't help but make squeals and
whines as he fucked my asshole and I heard him chuckling triumphantly
as he raped my butt with small hard thrusts.

His fingers reached under and he began to finger me and arouse my
pussy, flicking my clit, his fingers wet with my juices. He rubbed my
swollen clit masterfully as he reamed out my asshole. I felt my chest
heaving, my breath coming in high panting. Each time he slammed it
into me fully, his hard hips made a wet slapping sound on the soft
cheeks of my butt and a gasping whimper escaped my lips.

Before I knew it, I was cumming again, Frank's sarcastic
encouragement's in my ear. I couldn't believe I could have ever
enjoyed an ass fucking, especially from a brute like him, but I was
squealing in passion as I came once again. When my orgasm subsided,
Frank reached around and grasped both of my tender swollen nipples
with his hands his fingers sticky with the juices from my pussy. He
tugged roughly on each nipple, arousing it while he twisted it till I
blasted through another cum while he continued fucking my butt.

I was exhausted beyond belief but Frank had not yet cum so he began to
increase his thrusting. His breathing came in ragged gasps as he
really began to slam my poor ass. As I yelped and cried in pain,
Frank's cock began to twitch powerfully in my butt and I could feel
his hot cum jetting up into my poor abused bowels.

He pulled his wet cock out of my ass and I protested again when he
just stuck it right up into my pussy again. He laughingly told me he
wanted to make sure he planted some seed there too. I just lay panting
while he continued cumming, this time in my stretched out sore pussy
hole. I actually had one final weak orgasm as I felt the last of his
cum going into my womb. He finally pulled it out of my pussy and
rubbed it up and down through my ass crack. I could feel jets of cum
on my ass and even on my back where it gushed out of his shaft.

As soon as his cock was out of my pussy I came crashing back to
reality. I stayed that way awhile, too weak to move anyway and not
sure what to do. I half expected to be ordered into a new position by
him. One look at his smug face when he finally pulled me up and I
blushed with embarrassment. He told me I could get dressed now and
actually told me he was done with me for the night so I could go home
now. He sat at his desk watching me with a triumphant grin while I
tried to put together my torn clothing. I looked like hell but he
grabbed me and kissed me, kneading my buttocks in his hands
possessively. He made a joke about next time I wouldn't get away
without licking his cock clean, but that this time he knew I was tired
so he'd let me off easy.

I spent the whole weekend kicking myself for being such an idiot and
letting myself get into that situation with him. I had had a fantastic
sexual experience, but at what cost?

I found out on Monday, having come into work, I walked into my boss's
office expecting him to have returned from his trip. Instead, I found
Frank seated in my boss's chair. My boss had been promoted and sent to
NYC and Frank had been promoted into his spot. Frank was now my boss
and I was his personal secretary. I was so shocked that I didn't say
anything at first as he went and locked the door of his office. He
took my arm and led me over to the sofa. I wasn't really surprised
when he ordered me to kneel as he sat on the couch and unzipped his
fly. The only surprise I guess was that I obeyed and took his cock to
my lips, kissing it and licking it as he began to explain my new
duties. I learned how to deepthroat his enormous cock that afternoon
when he explained that if I was not able to take him down my throat
right to the balls, I was out of a job. I can't explain it, but I got
a great satisfaction when his cock finally went down my throat all the
way and my face was nestled into his pubic bush, my lips around the
base of his shaft. He laughingly told me I was an excellent cocksucker
and that if I kept up the good work; I might get a raise. When he came
in my mouth, he made me hold it there while he finished explaining all
my duties. I won't bother to tell you, that a lot of them are sexual,
by now you would have guessed that. After he finished he smiled and
ordered me to swallow, I did and my pussy was wet as can be.

Beth, I am not sure I have the courage to even send this to you. I
hate this man with a passion you can not believe, yet I am so hooked
on his domination of me. To him, this is no game it's for real and my
job depends on performing for him. He told me that if I ever refuse
any command he gives me, I'm fired. I even signed a secret contract
between him and me that says I agree to do anything he asks. I think I
have gotten in way over my head here. I'm so embarrassed I don't think
I could ever tell any one for fear of what they would think of me.
It's bad enough that Frank calls me a slut and tells me what a little
whore I am. Please don't hate me or think I'm sick. I couldn't bear it
if you hated me.

Please write me and tell me what you think of what I have said. I have
to know if you think I've lost it or what. 

Hope to hear from you soon, all my love,


Prologue: I worked there another year and when I left Kelly was still
working away as his secretary. He treated her like shit in front of
everybody and it was a constant chatter in the office of how Kelly was
some kind of ditzy broad. He treated her like such an idiot that after
awhile, people believed it and just forgot what a bright young girl
she was when she first arrived there. 

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