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Subject: Warren: A Friday Night  2nd in a Series Part 2
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Part 2
"Like it, eh, cunt?" he grunted, nuzzling her neck. "Like my prick in 
your ass, eh?"

"Yes," she whimpered. "Oh god yes!"

Warren began to concentrate on holding off his climax.  He listened 
intently to Gail's babbling and torrent of pleas and promises. 

"Oh baby, you're so good, I'll do anything for you . . . I want to give 
you everything . . . please? Please? I want to be a little pervert for 
you, a slut, a complete slut . . . I want you to spank me, to whip me 
properly, whip me all over . . .Will you do that? Whip me hard?" 

Warren assures her he has every intention of doing just that. Then 
realizing he can't hold off any longer, he begins to berate her, hoping 
it will drive her completely over the edge.

"Come on you cunt, that's what you are ya know, a fuckin' sniveling 
little ass sucking, cunt fisting, cocksucker who'll blow anyone I tell 
you to.  Ain't that right baby?

"Oh, yeah, Warren.  Oh, yeah. I'll suck anything you put in front of me. 
Oh baby, keep that prick movin' like that . . .I'm . . . cumin' again. 
Oh, Christ . . .it's sooooo fuckin' good . . .I never want it to stop . 
. . Oh, God . . . Oh, God!	

Warren made his mind up to finish with a flourish. He unflexed his 
buttocks and slowly slid his brown flaked prick out. Pausing for a 
fraction of a second, he sighed before skewering her anus again. Gail 
moaned thickly, her body swaying and undulating erotically under his.
His hands glided up to her breasts and grasped her hard nipples and 
squeezed hard, as he continued to slide out and in. Gail convulsed and 
spasmed still embedded on his throbbing prick.

"Did you mean what you just said baby? He whispered into her ear.

"Huh?" she responded almost delirious with pleasure.

"You know, about suckin' anything I put in front of you."

 "You bet your ass I will, she answered with a lewd and obscene laugh. 
With that Warren withdrew his cock from her ass with a loud swooshing, 
sucking sound and presented it to her mouth.

"Can . . .can . . . I  . . ."

"Can you what bitch, you fucking whore, are you gonna deny you just said 
you'd suck anything I put in front of you?" he screamed, the veins in 
his neck bulged.  A frightened Karen quickly withdrew her finger from 
his ass and a cowering Gail took his slimey prick between two fingers 
and guided it into her mouth. 

"Ummmph! She gulped as Warren pumped twice and began to ejaculate into 
Gail's mouth.  "Don't swallow it!" he told her, "hold it, I've got a 
surprise for you baby.'  Reaching behind him, Warren grasped Karen by 
the arm and gently pulled her in front of Gail.

A shocked Gail almost spit his sperm out. 

"Waaas disss? Waa . . .ren?

"Don't spill it and don't swallow it, Gail," he admonished.

"Aw, shit, I'm sorry, Gail baby, but she came in just when I was 
stickin' it up your ass. Karen and I . . .well, you must know we've been 
fucking for a while.  And since Karen was watching us and is probably 
hotter than a two-dollar pistol, why don't you just kiss her and swap 
the cum with her.  He gestured with his hands, "Come on, girls get it 

Karen leaned in close to Gail, who was still stunned by this turn of 
events.  Gradually she came around and closed in just above Karen's open 
mouth. To Warren it seemed like a slow-motion film, as Gail cautiously 
allowed the sperm to leave her mouth.  It formed a long thin string mix 
of sperm and saliva and it hung suspended in air for a second before 
reaching Karen's wide-open orifice.  As the last of it entered Karen's 
mouth, they kissed open mouthed for the first time. Karen's tongue 
searched Gail's teeth and gums as Warren's had earlier. Warren chuckled 
as he watched a trickle of sperm dribble from the lips of both women.  
Karen quickly swallowed. The kiss lasted a surprisingly long time.  
Finally, they broke it, but held one another tightly.  Warren ran his 
hand along Karen's leg until he reached her wet pussy.  A moment later 
Gail's hand touched his and recoiled as if shocked.  

"Put it back Gail." Warren ordered. "Karen will take all the fingers we 
have to give her, right Karen?"  

"Right," Karen moaned softly.  "Come on, Gail, touch me."

He guided Gail's hand into position and she inserted two fingers into 

"Oooooh, that feels sooooo good baby!"

"You're sure?" Gail asked tentatively.

"Sure I'm sure . . . do me baby . . .do me!"

Warren's gleaming prick was semi-hard as he offered it to Karen who 
accepted it and after kissing the head, started licking the underside in 
a slow languid fashion.

"Ahhh, that's good.  I've got to lie down.  Let's all move to the 
bedroom shall we?"

Once inside the bedroom Warren asked Gail to make some drinks for 
everyone and she left the room while Karen continued to fondle his balls 
and tickle his ass with her fingernails while drawing his long cock 
deeper into her throat.

"You two ever get it on before?" he asked.  She withdrew his shimmering 
cock, holding it with two fingers, watching a string of saliva hanging 
and stretching longer and longer, failing to snap.

"Not yet we haven't." She reached out and broke the string. "I want to, 
she's . . . kinda prudish.  I think she wanted to, but . . ."

"Let's fix that, shall we?" and he laughed aloud.

Gail returned with the drinks and everyone relaxed on the bed as they 
were consumed.

"Gail," Warren said, "did you enjoy our session?"

"Except for the very last part, yes," she said softly.

"You did come to the bar looking for me didn't you?"

"Yes," she replied in an even softer tone.

"Do you remember making some promises out there?"

Biting her lower lip, Gail paused before answering.  Karen was licking 
her lips, hanging on every word.

"Yes," she said, hardly discernible.

"What? Speak up, I didn't hear you," he said evenly.

She looked up for the first time and answered in a normal tone, "Yes, 
goddamnit I do!" Flushed with anger, Gail continued, "Do you mind if I 
ask where the hell you're going with this?"

"Not at all," he said kindly. "Do you recall saying, 'I'll do anything 
for you . . . I want to give you everything . . . please? Please? I want 
to be a little pervert for you, a slut, a complete slut . . . I want you 
to spank me, to whip me properly, whip me all over . . .Will you do 
that? Whip me hard?' "

"Ohhh Jesus, what have I done?" Gail cried and tears streamed down her 

"Hey, hey," he crooned, "remember you set out to pick me up.  Didn't you 
enjoy every fuckin' minute of it?"

He paused, absentmindedly running his hand along Karen's thigh to her 
mound.  Gail tossed her hair and her small breasts jiggled temptingly as 
she wiped at her eyes. 

"I'm not plannin' on selling you to a white-slaver or anything," Warren 
said, his voice murmured quietly.  "We just had great sex," and he ran 
his fingers lightly across her neck, causing a tremor to course through 
Gail's body.  "And we're gonna have more of the same, if you'll give us 
a chance."

Gail's head jerked up and she stared at the two of them. "Us?" she said, 
feeling a queasiness ripple through her belly.

Warren sensed her reaction and strove to placate her.  "Yeah, us." And 
he gestured towards Karen.  "You live with Karen . . . you just had your 
fingers in her and you two kissed each other for an eternity . . ."

"But I don't wanna fuck Karen . . . I like guys . . .not girls . . ." 
Slowly her head drooped, and the tears resumed falling.

"Okay baby, okay.  Let's try something different here.  I'm gonna do you 
again, Okay?  Just close your eyes, spread your legs and relax," he said 
soothingly, and the emotionally exhausted Gail lay back on the bed and 
spread her legs for him.  Warren carefully placed a pillow under her 
behind and lifted her legs onto his shoulders. Then he bent down to 
place a tender kiss on her labia.

"Oooooooooh," she moaned and placed a finger in her mouth.  Her eyes 
were closed and her pelvic muscles were already twitching.

"Ya know, baby, you're the hottest bitch I've fucked in a long, long 
time.  You relax now.  I'm gonna take my time, cause I'm gonna do Karen 
too.  Just don't go to sleep on me," he teased.

She giggled, mollified now that she and Karen were not going to have 

"Hey, baby," he said softly, I've got an idea, and his finger entered 
her oozing pussy.

"Oooooooh, Warren, that feels sooooo good!"  She sighed, "Soooo good."

I'm gonna do this for a while," and he eased a second finger in and 
reached around to her anus to find that hole still open enough to take 
two fingers from his other hand.

"How's this," he whispered in her ear just before sticking his tongue in 

"Christ!  Ohhh, Warren! That's good! Ohhhh! Jeeze," and her voice choked 
up, it won't be long at this rate."

Warren looked at Karen who was licking her own nipple and winked back at 

"I'm goin' as slow as I can baby," he said softly.  "Would you like me 
to blindfold you?  And then after you cum this time, I'll spank you.  
You've been a bad girl today haven't you?"

"A blindfold?" 

"Yeah, it adds to the excitement," he said to reassure her.

"I haven't been spanked in a long time.  Ya won't hurt me will ya?"

"No. In fact I'll give you a code word. If you want me to stop just say 

"Yellow.  And you'll stop?"

"That's right and Karen will make sure I do, won't you?"

"Of course I will. Don't worry Gail it will go just fine."

Karen had the blindfold in her hand and tied it around Gail's face. Then 
Warren turned Gail onto her stomach and took two Velcro ties and secured 
her hands to the headboard. Before she could register a protest he was 
doing the same to her legs.

"What . . . why tie me up?" She cried.

"Just so you don't move too much. This is gonna hurt a bit you know."

Warren shoveled a hand under her belly and resumed finger fucking her 
moist pussy. Gail scrunched her butt as high as she could to permit his 
hand to roam.

"Oooooo yes, I love that. But, baby . . . don't hurt me too much, 

"No baby, nice and easy.  Remember your safe word." And he glanced at 
Karen and was amused to find her squeezing her breasts together and 
pulling on her nipples, stretching them out and then sucking on them.

He sat on the edge of the bed admiring Gail's firm cheeks, before 
asking, "Have you done this before Gail?"

"No, no, never. But I've thought about it a lot." 

Warren smiled, impressed with her eagerness and stroked her cheeks 
languidly, almost caressing them. He looked over to Karen and raised his 
arm in preparation to delivering the first smack. 

Karen is frantically humping her fingers, and the wet, slurping sound 
carries over to Gail, causing her to ask with some alarm, "What . . 
.What's going on there?  What's that noise?"

"Karen's getting a little carried away with herself," he said 
soothingly, and she's gonna suck me while I do you.  He was smiling at 
Karen, whose eyes were shut. Warren lowered his hand and instead of a 
smack, he began exploring Gail's sopping wet cunt. Gail moaned in 

"I . . . I  . . . promise to be a real good girl . . . real good . . ." 
she whimpered, as she bit her lip.  She's extremely wet, and is 
unconsciously humping up and down with her hips, eager for something, 

Warren suddenly slapped her right cheek hard, then the left.  He 
continued alternating the spanking until a dozen smacks were delivered. 
Then he paused.  Gail was grimacing with the pain, but hadn't cried out.

"How about another round Gail? Are you up for it?"

"Oh, yes please!" she responded quickly.  Tell me what Karen's doing?"

"Is Karen helping you get excited?" He crooned into her ear as he slid 
two fingers inside her and moved them in a circular fashion.

"Oh . . . Oh, God!  Oooooh, Oh, it's so good. Please, please . . . I'm, 
oh, am I going to come?" Gail cried out in astonishment, as Warren's 
hand starting whacking her again.

"Yessssssssss!  I . . is . . . she coming from watching . . . . me?

"Are you cuming Karen?' Warren asked in a hoarse voice.  Karen never 
opened her eyes, but responded as she came.

"Nauggggh!  Naugggggh! Aaaah! F . . .F . . .Fuck yeah!" Karen yelled 
loudly.  "Ooooooh yeah! This is a great cum! T . . . Thh . . .Thank . . 
. you Gail honey!"

That sent Gail over the top and humping up and down, in rhythm with his 
smacks she too started cuming.  

"Oooooooh Christ!  I . . .I . . .don . . .don't believe this!  I . . . 
Can't cum like this!  It's too fucking powerful!" Still, Gail shifted 
her position to present her ass for another round of smacks, letting out 
a long moan filled with lust and craving.

Karen's lying next to her on the bed, legs spread wide apart and 
panting, pleading incoherently, whimpering, "Yes, yes . . ." 

Warren leaned over Karen and kissed her softly on the mouth.  Prompting 
her back to reality.

"Ummm," she sighed.

"I think Gail's ready for you now baby," he said, his voice bearly 

"Uhhhh," she moaned quietly, "Ohhhh yes, uhhh, ohhhh, God yes! Thank you 

Karen reached over and freed her hands and legs. Then she ran her 
fingers around behind Gail's head, removing the blindfold and tossing it 
aside. Karen put both hands on Gail's head, tangling her hair in her 
fingers and eventually pulled Gail's mouth to hers. She kissed Gail very 
deeply for some minutes.  When they pulled back, Gail was rapidly 
changing her opinion on bi-sexual behavior.

"Oooooh, wow! That was soooo nice.  Karen, please . . . kiss me again," 
she asked plaintively. 

Almost by instinct, Gail's hips began moving in a bucking motion, and 
she discovered she was now rubbing her very wet cunt against Warren's 
thigh, soaking his leg thoroughly, pulling it toward her in such a way 
that it appeared she was trying to swallow him with her sex.  Gail felt 
another orgasm approaching.  As she let loose an anticipatory guttural 
scream, she heard Karen off in the distance saying, "She's coming again 
Warren," and felt Karen place the tip of her index finger against her 

Karen's other hand went immediately to Gail's now slightly swollen lips, 
lingering here and there as she stoked them.  She knew how sensitive 
they were from all that had proceeded.  Gail's eyes were closed and she 
was breathing rapidly as her hands clenched the sheet tightly, pulling 
it from its mooring around the mattress.

Warren had gotten up and was dressing.

"Are you okay baby?" Karin asked. 

Gail nodded, and Karin slid a fingertip inside the now very red, swollen 
lips.  Gail opened her eyes, looked up and locked eyes with Karen. The 
finger slowly slid into her cunt to its full length, and fluttered. Gail 

"Muuuuuhh! Muuuh . . . pussy! She wailed.

"What about your pussy baby?" Karen crooned and took a nipple into her 

"Aughhhhh!" Gail moaned joyously. This delightful sensation caused her 
hips to buck again as she stove to compel Karen's finger in deeper. 
Karen, evidently very knowledgeable in this area, withdrew it a bit. And 
Gail's hips settled back down, but she cried out in longing at its 

Karen reverted to stroking and rubbing, going about this much longer 
than necessary.

Warren finished dressing, checked on the girls again and quietly left 
the apartment.

Gail's breath was coming in short gasps and her belly  tightened as 
Karen's fingers found all her hot spots. Her pussy had never felt this 
sensitive before.  Karen's manipulation had every nerve in her pussy and 
stomach screaming. She was verging on combustion.

Gail groaned and writhed, still clutching the sheet tightly in her 

"Would you like me to stop," Karen teased quietly, her fingers still 
busy, sensing Gail's need to be finished off.
"No. That feels wonderful." Gail snorted, as she continued to gasp for 
air. Karen slid two of her long, carefully polished fingers deep into 
the inflamed cunt.  She brought exquisite delight to Gail as she very 
slowly pumped them in and then just as slowly, drew them out and watched 
the strong emotions of lust flicker across Gail's face.

Karen casually leaned down and let her hot tongue run up and down the 
very swollen outer lips. Gail whooped at the touch of the tongue and 
groaned loudly. 

"My God, that's good. Oh, Oh." 

Karen continued to lick.  Gail continued to groan.  This continued for 
some time.

"I want to eat you," Gail moaned. "I want to taste your cunt, Karen . . 
. please?"
"Yes, oh . . . yes . . .eat me Gail.  Put your tongue in me." She was 
almost cuming herself as Gail unleashed this uninhibited display of 
feminine arousal.  Gail swiveled around and rearranged Karen as she 
leaned back resting her weight on one arm.  Gail bent Karen's leg so 
that it would help support her and pushed the other out to the side, 
thereby presenting her cunt as a tempting target. Karen stared at her, 
amazed at the manipulation and then it was her turn to gasp, as Gail 
took Karen's hand and had her start to finger herself.  This Karen did, 
all too gladly. Then without warning, Gail drove her face down onto 
Karen's cunt and started lapping like a dog.  Her groans of passion were 
muffled deep within Karen's cunt. 

As their lovemaking progressed, Gail learned of a repressed desire of 
her own, a fondness for Karen's long, thick, excited, erect nipples.  
And, although she tensed up when Karen cupped and then squeezed her 
breasts, she found it so pleasing she relaxed and discovered herself 
kissing Karen again and again. Slowly and deeply, probing and 
intensifying the heat.  The heat that had both girls ravaging the 
other's pussies using the classic 69 position when Gail's climax hit. 
And Gail nearly threw the two of them off the bed with its force, as it 
flashed from her lower abdomen, then through the lower part of her body 
and ended in her toes.

Karen followed seconds later, cuming with an equally violent force.

Exhausted and sweaty now, Gail collapsed in a breathy heap on the bed, 
throwing her arms over her head. As her breathing returned to normal, 
Karen kissed her softly on the lips, lingering over the tip of her 
tongue as if she were memorizing every taste bud, and said, "I like the 
way you change your mind."  

"Ummmmmm," Gail sighed, "Glad I did.  Hey!  Where's Warren?

"Oh baby," Karen cooed, "we won't be needing him for a while will we?"

They held each other tight as they giggled into each other's ear.

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