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        Celebrity Hypnotist Chapter Six, Part Three Of Four.
        Bart became my operative for that week, doing the work I would
usually entrust to a team of specialists from the Organisation.  I drilled
into him the importance that everything be done just right, or we'd
both end up in jail, where we'd probably meet Gary's 'grieving widow.'
        I spent one full day preparing tapes full of subliminal messages,
and then organized a pass for Gary to get into the studio where they
were engaged in filming for Party Of Five.  Once in it was up to him
to replace the innards of Jennifer's walkman with the special little
device that held the tape.  If he did it correctly, then whenever she
listened to the walkman she'd be hearing my voice placing hypnotic
commands into her head.
        That was just the setup, of course.  If all worked well then we
would meet Ms. Hewitt at a appropriately private place where I would
instill the hypnotic conditioning needed for her to play out her
        After a week of ignoring Bart as he agonized over whether or not
he had done everything right or not, a week in which I meticulously
planned how the scene would run, we went to the pre-arranged location.
        It was an old, abandoned studio building once used by movie
studios for filming car scenes.  The old machinery was still up, the
frame of a car placed in front of a projection screen which would
have a moving road background placed in for each scene.
        Upon seeing this, Bart had immediately announced he wanted to fuck
her on the hood of the car, but I shot holes through this quickly
enough and we got back to the plan.
        Jennifer arrived on cue, and Bart heaved a sigh of relief, then
approached her and made as if to grab her tits.
        "Belay that," I ordered,"Nothing funny until I've instilled her
conditioning and let her sleep a night, so that it imbeds itself in her
        Bart looked more than a little pissed off at my caution, but did
as he was told.
        "Hello, Jennifer," I said to her, standing only a few feet away
from the young beauty, admiring her truly magnificent body.  She was
dressed in jeans so tight they looked painted on, with a tiny little
white shirt that had to be three sizes too small for her... like Bart
had said, she was a tease.
        "Hello," she mumbled, staring at me in a daze, good, that meant
her mind had dropped itself already into a trancelike state that would
make it much easier to hypnotize her.
        Instructing her to sit cross legged on the floor, I sat down
in front of her and fixed my eyes with hers, so that my image was of the
utmost importance to her... as well it should be.
        "Okay Jennifer... do you prefer Jennifer or Jenny?"
        "Love," she murmured,"Call me Love."
        I raised an eyebrow at Bart, who shrugged and then went back to
staring at her tits.
        "Okay Love, how are you today? How are things going on the set?
Are you enjoying yourself?" I was asking her these questions to relax her,
to bring her deeper into a state where I would be able to weave my
tapestry of dreams, desires and fantasies into something that would suit
my... or should I say Bart's?, needs.
        After finally preparing her enough, I began to give her my
instructions, only in such a way so that her mind thought it was
creating the image all by itself, I was willing to go to extraordinary
lengths to make sure I caused no memory suppression.
        When it was done, Jennifer left and I stood up, stretching my
back and grimacing as my knees made popping noises, then I turned
to Bart, who was sitting inside the frame of the car, pretending to be
Bonnie and Clyde perhaps.
        "Oh yeah," he laughed,"This is gonna be sweet."


        It had taken Gillian some time to get over her rape and the
feelings it had forced up within her.  It had cost her her marriage, but
she had begun to recover, taking a lover and coming to grips with
everything.  The human mind had a remarkable ability to deal with
        Then she had come home to find that video of her being butt-fucked
by Gary while she wanked herself, and the note warning her that if she
revealed anything to a man who might be coming around then her child
would be killed.  Now she found the nightmares were beginning to slip
back into her sleep, and she had been pushing her new boyfriend away.
        Sitting on the couch now, her mind had managed to put aside those
problems for more pressing concerns.  Filming was wrapping up on the
X-Files movie and she had begun to hear rumors that the series might
not continue as planned, since her co-star David Duchovney didn't want
to go on unless the show was moved to Los Angeles so he could be closer
to his wife.
        "The no-talent bitch," Gillian murmured out loud, using a rare
curse word safely, as her child was asleep upstairs at the moment,"I
only got a payrise equal to his because they needed me for the movie, and
I'm the one the fans prefer anyway."
        It was true, despite the fact that the show was about Fox Mulder's
quest to find the truth, most fans were only concerned with one thing, and
that was Gillian, Gillian, Gillian.
        There was a knock at the door.
        "What?" she murmured, wondering who the hell it could be, the gate
hadn't been buzzed and her Security Guard hadn't called ahead to tell her
someone was on the way up.  Getting up she made her way to the door and
opened it warily... that was a mistake.
        She should have asked for identification or something first, because
that inch was all that Dave needed to push the door open and slam into
her, knocking her back onto the small rug on the hardwood floor.
        "Ghuff!" she ghuffed, the wind being knocked out of her.
        "Hello, baby," laughed Dave, his face mere inches from her own,
his arms holding hers down, his knees holding her legs in place.
        "What? Who... who the hell are you?" she yelled.
        "Truth be told," laughed Dave,"I'm here to finish the job that
Gary started!"


        Jennifer stood in a small... scratch that, it was a tiny towel,
barely coming down an inch below her ass, and only holding place over her
breasts because of their natural firmness.
        She was on the phone, which was a non-functioning prop, chatting
to her fictional boyfriend.  Hanging up she turned and went back into
the shower, which was filled with steam (the lenses of the cameras we
had sat up were coated with a special lubricant that kept them from
fogging over).  She looked in surprise at the mirror, which was covered
in steam but had words written into it.
        I Still Know.
        Turning about she saw with growing terror that the shower she had
vacated had the glass door closed, and there was a dark shape on the
other side.
        She opened her mouth as if to say something, and then the glass
was shattering as someone dressed in a black slicker leaped through it
and crashed into her, knocking her to the ground... her towel remained
in place.
        "Help!" she called out, and then the man in the slicker was pulling
himself on top of her, effectively pinning her down.
        "Get off me!" she cried.
        The man in the slicker laughed at her, then grabbed at her towel,
pulling it free with a mighty heave and revealing to me for the first
time the body of Jennifer Love Hewitt.
        Her tits were - to say the least - incredible, large and firm,
they held up proud, resisting the call of gravity which should have
pulled them down to her sides.  She had no tan line, her body was a
lightly bronzed color, indicating her natural skin tone was a pale white
and she had probably spent a great deal of time in the sun trying to get
a tan.  Following the flow of those magnificent tits down, I saw that
her waist had that natural inner curve that only seemed to belong to
supermodels, she had a good curve to her hips leading them into long,
luxurious legs that begged to be caressed, licked or massaged.  But it
was the treasure between those thighs I longed to see, and at the
moment my view was blocked by Bart, whom - dressed in the black fishermans
slicker - lay on top of her.
        "Please!" she cried,"We didn't mean to kill anyone, we're so
        "Yeah," growled Bart,"Then how come you didn't tell the cops the
truth after you thought I had died?"
        She looked non-plussed, not expecting such a remark, but she
recovered nicely.
        "We just wanted it all to be over, please, what do you want?"
        Bart laughed,"I killed two of your friends, that was enough for
me, now I just want to fuck the brains out of this gorgeous body of yours!"
        "NO!" she cried, struggling underneath his more powerful bulk.
        His knees slid between her thighs and slowly, inexorably spread
them apart.
        - Lift your body up a little, - my mind cried, as if willing it
would make it so, - I want to see her pussy!"
        Just then, Jennifer saw what I had intended her to see, Bart had
no hook on his hand.
        "Who are you!" she cried out,"You're not him!"
        Bart laughed,"Well, truth be told, he made it out of the sea alive,
but lay delirious in my bed for several days afterwards before dying.  But
he told me everything in that time, and I figure the guy deserves a little
        Suddenly, most likely due to the fact that Jennifer's body was
covered with a mix of water and sweat, she pulled free from him and tried
to scramble away, twisting about and showing us that incredibly smooth,
lightly bronzed ass.  She managed three feet, then Bart grabbed her (as
it had all been planned) by the ankle and pulled her back down.  Her
huge tits pressed against the tiled floor as she collapsed onto her
stomach, and she felt a thrill go through her... surely not excitement!
        Bart dragged her back easily, and then with his one free hand
he ripped the slicker off, revealing his own naked body.
        I don't go in for sharing woman, I never liked the idea of
fucking a woman with another guy, there seems to me to be something
faintly homosexual about it... but I desperately wanted to fuck Ms.
Hewitt, and since I was certainly able to tolerate the presence of
other men (as the Bat-Orgy and my case with Kevin Spacey had proven to
me already) I prepared to make my entrance.
        "Please, don't!" she cried out, but there was something strange
going on, she could feel an acute throbbing in her cunt, a desperate call
for the stranger to plunge in and stuff as much of his meat into her
quim as possible.  How could that be? Sure she had been feeling a little
horny this week, and after talking to her boyfriend only a few minutes
ago she had been getting turned on by teasing him... but this guy looked
all set to rape her.
        "Hold it right there buddy!" yelled a voice, and looking up she
felt a flood of relief (and surely not just a little disappointment, surely
not!) as Stan, the Security Guard came stomping in, but her hopes for
rescue were quickly squashed when Stan (who was of course, me) dropped
his nightstick to the ground and began unbuckling her belt.
        "I've been watching her, like I told you before," I said to
Bart,"This hot little tart has been wanting it bad for weeks, I seen her
wanking through her panties in her dorm room at night," she flushed in
embarrassment, not knowing this was a fabrication, thinking her character
was a real person, that these things were really happening,"And I bet with
the right motivation she'll be begging you to fuck that tight little
snatch of hers."
        "What do you mean?" Bart asked, executing his lines perfectly.
        "I mean, turn her around," I regretted not being able to see
her ass anymore, but looking forward to seeing those magnificent tits
again as well as getting my first glance at that pussy,"Hold her down
and let me take care of business."
        With a suspicious glance at me he did indeed turn her around, to
tell the truth she didn't fight anywhere as near as much as she could have,
being as wet and slippery as she was she probably could have slipped free,
but she didn't.
        - Yes! - cried my mind as I saw her cunt for the first time, as I
had hoped she was shaved, leaving only a rectangle of her strangely brown
black pussy hair over her clit.  Her cuntlips looked pink and ripe for
the plucking, and she also looked extremely tight.
        Bart held her down by the shoulders, taking the opportunity to
lean forward and suck on those beautiful breasts of hers.  His cock, which
was rock hard, was right above her mouth (her head being held in place
by his knees) and I saw her eyes alternating between staring at it and at
me, wondering what each intended to do with her.
        And then, without further adieu, I spread her legs open with my
hands, leaned down and set to work.
        Experimentally, wanting to get an idea on just how tight she was,
I slid one finger in past her cunt lips, then bending it at the last
joint I twisted it this way and that.  I could tell from this that she
was going to be tight, and knew she'd have to be well lubricated if she
was to get the best out of this.
        "Please, I'll give you anything you want, just not this," she
moaned, but there was a finality in her voice, and acceptance of what
was going to happen, and I winked at Bart, giving his the signal for his
next line.
        "Tell you what, darling," he said,"I'll do a deal, I won't fuck
you unless you ask me to, how about that?"
        "Yes! Yes!" she cried,"I've got your word."
        "Damn straight," he laughed.
        I scooped some of her juices out from her pussy, I knew that
chicks were always wet in there, but was sure this was more than normal,
and I spoke from experience.  After pulling my index finger free, I slowly
ran the tip over the stretched skin of her beautiful stomach, then up
to her right breast (the one which Bart hadn't been sucking on), then I
made slow, ever decreasing circles around her tit, until I came up to the
erect nipple.
        "Ahhh!" she gasped, surprised at the incredible pleasure.  Just
like I had when I fucked Drew Barrymore, I had made her mind triple the
sensations of pleasure it felt, so that any pleasure overrode any
reservations she might have.
        After this, I lowered my head down between those luscious thighs
of hers, bringing my hand back down and slowly spreading apart her
pussylips with my index and middle finger.  I gave the innerfolds
of her cunt a quick, light lick before raising my fingers somewhat so
that the top of her cunt was now open, revealing her clitoris.  The little
hood where the lovebutton resides glimmered with water, sweat and what I
hoped was pussyjuice.  I could see a light gleam coming from the
hidden pearl inside, it hadn't come out yet, and I decided to go to work
on her some more, get that clit good and erect.  Extending my tongue to
the utmost, I lightly licked down the inside of one cuntlip, then worked
my way past it down to her inner thigh.  I then began to make light kisses
over her inner thighs, always coming close to her cunt but never quite
reaching it.  By now the sensations of pleasure running through her
body far overshadowed any fear she had had, and her thoughts were being
overtaken by lust.
        As I had instructed him to, Bart loosened his grip on Jennifer's
shoulders, and instantly her arms began to move, her fingers slowly
trailing up her flesh and caressing the massive mounds of mammaries that
stood so firm, water and sweat gleaming from her bronzed skin.  She let out
little moans of pleasure and I decided her pleasure had reached the highest
point possible with what I was doing, so I stepped up the pace.
        Pushing my head forward I nuzzled my face into her delicious
snatch, rubbing my nose against her clit even as my lips pressed past
the pink folds of her pussy, brushing my lips lightly up and down her
cunt was driving the young star crazy, and her hands reached down from
massaging her own tits and grabbed the back of my head, straining in
vain to push my face as deep into her cunt as possible.  Of course I
responded by kissing her gushing quim harder, slipping my tongue past
my lips and sliding it past the lips of her tight cunt, pressing
it up the walls of her vaginal passage and as deeply as I could before
pulling it free from her clasping, wet hole and running my tongue up in
broad strokes over her entire cunt, ending at the clitoris, which was
now stealing it's way out past it's hood, as if to say hello.
        Jennifer Love Hewitt - one of the stars of Party Of Five, I
Know What You Did Last Summer and millions of fantasies - cried out in
ecstasy as a sudden orgasm rocked her body due to the tripling of the
normal sensations she would have been getting.
        "Ahhh! Ooooh!" she cried out, her mouth mere inches from Bart's
cock,"No I!... Can't believe.... so good... do it! Suck me.. ahhh yes!
Lick me... eat me out!"
        I, of course, did my best to do as ordered.
        I started in on the tongue fucking, knowing it would drive the
celebrity female crazy after her orgasm.  Forcing my tongue to go as
hard as possible, making it into a warm, wet little cock, I began to
push it in as deep up her cunt as I could, thrusting my face forward and
breathing deeply the mixed smell of sweat, soap and cum (which lay now in
a pool around her asscheeks) as my tongue fucked the star's cunt for all
it was worth, the tastebuds sending information to my brain faster than
I could sort it out, all I knew was that she tasted good, and I wanted
        "Haah! Sucking my pussy! yes, do it please...." she moaned, her
hands still pressing down at my head,"Lick me, east me, suck me! It's
so good, your tongue is so good!"
        Pulling my head back I parted her pussy lips once more with my
fingers, noting her clitoris was fully erect and looking imminently
        - Time for the big finale, - I thought with a little grin, and
formed a small O with my lips, then leaned forward and engulfed her
lubricated love button.  The reaction was instant, her hips pushed up,
her back arched and I believe if Bart hadn't of tightened his grip she
would have lifted up totally off the ground.  Gently sucking on her
clit at first, I quickly began to increase the pressure of my lips around
the lovepearl, pressing my tongue against the underside of it and sucking
harder and harder.
        "YES! DON'T STOP!" she screamed,"DON'T STOP, IT'S GOOD, I'M GONNA
        And she did, for the second time, her tasty cuntjuices gushing out
of her pussylips and over my fingers and chin.  As she came, her hips
bucking wildly and her ass slamming against the tiles, I continued
sucking hard on the famous beauty's clitoris.
        I pulled my fingers away from her pussylips, changed my angle and
slid them up into her cunt, rubbing the hard tips of both against the
roof of her pussy.  All this time she continued to cum, screaming out
in ecstasy as she was pounded by a series of orgasms in quick successions,
her mind was no longer working straight, her thinking contorted by lust
and she screamed out for someone - anyone! - to fuck her.
        As soon as she cried those words, Bart leaped to his feet with
a quick motion.  I continued to suck on her lovebutton and frig her
pussy with my fingers as she crested the wave of her orgasm and began
to calm slightly.  Then I released her now rock hard clit from my mouth,
nuzzled into her pussy one more time and then pulled free.
        "Oh...oh... oh wow," she gasped,"That was... that was incredible,
        She was cut off as Bart leaned down, grabbed her by the arms and
easily hauled her to her feet.  She looked at him in surprise as he turned
her about and marched her to one of the sinks.  She could see her reflection
in the mirror, breasts heaving up and down as she caught her breath, hair
lank and lying all about, her pussy still dripping cum down over her
thighs and her entire body dripping sweat.  Then Bart slid an arm around
her waist, put the other up to her upper back and bent her over the
sink so that her beautiful ass was pointed up at him, her massive tits
pressed against the tiles of the sink (lucky tiles!).  She struggled to
look behind her, then looked up at Bart in the mirror.
        "What... what's going on?"
        "You were begging to be fucked just a few moments ago, you
remember the deal, right?"
        "Huh? But that doesn't count... I"
        "Deals a deal," responded Bart, sliding his fingers over her ass,
then bringing his fingers up to her sopping pussy and feeling up inside
her.  This illicited a moan from Jennifer, whose body was still alive
with sensation, sensation tripled by my hypnotic conditioning,"Besides,
you really do want it, and you know it."
        She tried to hold his gaze in the mirror, but dropped it finally,
and muttered something.
        "What was that?" asked Bart, this was his favorite bit, the bit he
had personally requested, Jennifer said it again, a little louder but
still mostly inaudible,"Come on," laughed Bart,"A little louder."
        "FUCK ME PLEASE!" she cried,"Please, I don't know why, but I want
you bad," the young lady had no way of knowing that another command I
had placed was installed so the more pleasure she got, the deeper her
need to be fucked.
        "What do you want?" asked Bart, a huge grin on his face.  In the
background I was pulling my pants off, leaving on only my security
guard top.  I surreptitiously kicked the nightstick over so it lay by
Bart's feet, in easy reach.
        "I want," gasped Jennifer, feeling the need grow greater with
every second,"I need as much of that big cock of yours stuffed as deep
into my cunt as you can get it, I want you to fuck me with every inch of
it... please, do it! I want it, I need it!"
        Bart was hardly going to say no to that, spreading her legs with
his feet he grabbed his cock in his hand, and then slowly guided it in
to the velvety, warm tightness of her pussy.
        "Yes!" he growled as he felt his first ever celebrity cunt
around his cock,"So fucking tight, I knew it!"
        I made my way next to where they stood, taking a moment to enjoy
the view of that magnificent ass, and then I slid myself up onto the sink
bench (which was one of the long, tiled ones that stretched across the
room and held two to three sinks) lifted my legs up and scooted in front
of her face.  Bringing my legs down so they were spread to either side
of the delightfully naked Ms. Hewitt, I pushed my back against the
mirror and grabbed my cock in my hand.  Jennifer's face was only a couple
of inches from the tip, and if I scooted forward just a bit she'd be
able to suck on it just fine.
        "I ate you, now why don't you return the favor," I said with a


        Gillian lay helpless beneath him as he straddled her, a huge grin
on his face.  He was a true American, was Dave Hollaway, a mix of many
different races, none holding sway over the others.  He had a mixture
of French, English, Italian and Spanish, even a little African and
Indian somewhere according to his mother, who was crazy about genealogy.
        "And this," laughed Dave, ripping her shirt open so he could
see the t.v (and now movie) stars big tits held firm in their bra,"This
is the American Dream!"
        He unfastened the bra, which had it's clasp at the front and
whooped in delight as he watched her beautiful breasts bounce free,
falling off to her sides.
        "Nice plump ones," he laughed, grabbing one in each hand and
giving them a playful squeeze,"Love those nipples, some guys like em
small and bright pink, but me? I love these big one that kind of fade
into the skin."
        "Just... just do what you want and leave me alone," moaned
        "Oh yeah, I heard about you," Dave said with a grin,"Back before
you were a stuck up, uppity bitch 'star' like you are now, you used to
hang around with punk groups and let them pass you around, even gangbang
you.  Well this ain't going to be no 'stick it in me and I'll just
think of Britain fucks' oh no, you are going to be an active participant
in this one.... I'm gonna make you scream!"
        "Why," she cried, tears starting to run down her cheeks.
        "Just a friendly reminder," said Dave,"That there are powerful
forces out there that can organize this any time they want.  They can
infiltrate your security company with one of their operatives and
get him to let someone like me in.... it's all to remind you to keep
your mouth shut, I believe someone already popped around to give some
of Gary's other conquests a friendly reminder as well."
        As he had been speaking his hands had been roaming over her
chest, now they slid down her waist and past the elastic band of the
trackpants she'd been wearing.  She felt his hands cup her cuntmound
and a finger slide up inside her pussy.
        "Nice and warm in there, wet too, you enjoying this?"
        At that moment a noise came from upstairs, the sound of Gillians
child coming awake with a cry.
        "What the fuck?" muttered Dave,"Rugrats? I hate rugrats, oughta
go up there and smack the little fucker back to slee...."
        "NOOO!!!!" screamed Gillian, thinking he was actually going to
do it.  Until this moment she had let him do what he wanted, fearing
for her childs safety, but now her kid had been directly
threatened.  Bringing up her arm she clawed at Dave's eyes with her
fingernails, scratching him badly.
        "Ahhh! Bitch!" cried out Dave, he brought his hands up to his
face and she pushed him hard in the chest, knocking him off of her.  Thus
freed, she rolled up to her feet, spun about and charged up the
        A half a minute later, Dave followed.


        Jennifer moaned in pleasure around my cock as Bart - as she
had asked him to - got as much of that big cock of his stuffed as deep
into her cunt as he could get it, he was going to fuck her with every
inch of it, he would do it because she wanted it and needed it.
        After getting a couple of strokes in, reveling in the novelty
and erotic sensation of fucking a hot celebrity, Bart slammed as every
last inch of his cock up into her tightly stretched cunt.
        "SHEEIITTT YEAH! DAMN WHAT A CUNT," Bart cried out with the
exuberance of youth,"She is fucking tight!"
        I didn't answer, instead I lay with my ass pushed forward, my
head resting back against the mirror as Jennifer Love Hewitt jerked
off the first five inches of my cock and ran her warm, wet mouth over
the rest, giving me a magnificent blowjob.
        As well as sucking on me, Jennifer was also pounding her ass back
against Bart's hips, getting as much of her unexpected lover's erection
as deep into her gushing snatch as she possibly could.  Her pussy walls
were clasping down on his meat like a hot, wet vice, it was almost as if
they didn't want to let go of his dick.
        Removing her mouth from my cock for a second, she turned her
head as much as she could and cried out in a lust-driven voice,"That's
it, fuck me, slam my pussy with as much of that big dick as you can,
I want more, more!!"
        Bart was going at her like an olympic athlete, his hips slamming
backwards and forwards faster and faster, one arm around her waist while
his fingers played with her clit, the other holding onto one shoulder for
leverage.  He pumped his cock back and forth inside the famous young
woman's pussy with fast, hard strokes, his cock sliding in and out of her
deliciously tight pussy
        "Yeah!" growled Bart,"I'm fucking you, I'm fucking you and
your loving every fucking minute of it... shit this is a tight pussy,
fuck yeah!"
        Jennifer continued to push her ass back as far as she could to
join him, getting as much as his now gleaming cock into her vagina as
she could.  Her body was on fire with pleasure, even her mouth and tongue
seemed to be sending pleasure signals as they continued to move around
my cock, giving me a brilliant mouthjob for someone who was obviously
inexperienced with this kind of thing.
        Bart obviously got a turn-on from hearing woman beg for it, and
this meant Jennifer interrupted my blowjob every couple of minutes to
shout out how good his cock felt inside her cunt, and how she was
desperate for more.  Still, it was (supposedly) his show, so I let
things continue as they were.
        Bart's hips were making a smacking noise each time they connected
with Jennifer's smooth, curved ass, and they were coming faster and
faster now as both approached orgasms.
        Thwap.. thwap.. thwap. thwap. thwapthwapthwapthwapthwap, the
sound never failed to make me smile, nor did the sight of a beautiful
female celebrity sucking on my dick.

	End Chapter Six, Part Three Of Four.

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