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        Celebrity Hypnotist Chapter Six, Part Four Of Four.
     Coming so close to orgasm that he could feel the cum boiling
up from his balls and through his shaft, Bart brought both hands up,
grabbed her by the hips and slammed forward, pushing every last inch of
his cock deep into her steaming, hot cunt.  Holding himself in place for
a second, he then pulled back and slammed back in, once more shoving
in till the base of his cock pressed against her cuntlips and his pubic
hair was tickling her ass.
        Once more Jennifer pulled her mouth away from my cock, arched
her back and let out a scream of passion that I feared would smash the
mirror  behind me.  She had obviously reached her peak, the ultimate
orgasm that her body could take.
        For Bart it was the most incredible sensation of his life, one
moment he was fucking Jennifer with everything he had, the next his
cock was being held in a increasingly firmer and tighter grip as her
cunt clasped down on his shaft with a vengeance and began milking it
for the cum it knew was on it's way.
        "SHIT!" grunted Bart, forcing his way fully into her, and then
he began to grind his cock against her cunt.
        "This is it, this is it!" he yelled, and then his whole body
seized up, every muscle seemed to lock into place for nearly five
seconds... and then everything went loose.
        He lay in a panting heap on top of Jennifer for a few moments,
a lazy grin slowly spreading over his features, and then he slowly began
to fall backwards.  His cock pulled free from her cunt with a sound of
escaping air and then he was on the ground, giggling senselessly like
a guy high on marijuana.
        Jennifer herself lay with her arms spread over my knees, her eyes
glazed over with lust as she gasped for breath.  Sweat ran down every inch
of her body, but she looked satisfied, after all, she had orgasmed and
experienced as much pleasure as it was possible for her to feel.
        - So much for our plans, - I thought, noting the nightstick lying
still on the ground.
        Initially our plan had called for Bart to fuck her cunt for
awhile before buttfucking her.  He was to use the nightstick to fuck her
cunt as he did it.  When he had cum in her ass I was to 'finish' her off
by fucking her cunt.  Of course I knew that a sexual encounter could
never fully be planned out, and so had left sub-routines and backups in
my hypnotic commands... but that didn't help me.
        - I wanted to fuck her cunt, - I thought with something close to
childhood surliness, - No way I'm going to fuck her now that he's just
pumped cum into her a few seconds ago... and I can't even buttfuck her
because her body has accepted it's limit for pleasure. -
        Still, I wasn't going home with a set of blue balls, that was
for damn sure.
        She had slowly been sliding off the bench, finally having the
presence of mind to bring up her arms and stop the fall.  So now I
pushed myself forward so my legs hung over the bench.  I took her head
in my hands and pressed my dick forward.  Without even opening her
eyes she accepted my dick into her mouth and began to slowly and
languidly suck on it.  Despite the fact that her mouth wasn't as
tight around my shaft as it would have been before she came, the
sensation was still incredible.  Her warm, wet mouth felt sensational
as it glided over my cock.
        "That's it," I murmured.  I pushed forward, pushing her back as
I went, and soon stood in front of her, holding either side of her face
while I began to face fuck the beautiful young star of Party Of Five.
        It didn't take long, I didn't hold myself back as I usually did,
this time allowing the sensations to bombard me in the fullest.  The
delicious feel of her moist mouth about my cock, sliding in and out of
the star, making her give me oral sex here in the fake showroom, just
the sight was enough to make you... make you...
        "Guh!" I grunted and shot my cum against the back of her mouth
and down her throat.
        I held her in place for a few seconds more, savoring the moist
warmth of her mouth, and then I pulled loose and allowed her to drop to
the floor.


        Dave charged down the hallway blindly, caring only about catching
the dumb bitch and making her pay.
        - Numb cunt nearly tore my fucking eyes out! - his mind screamed
as he moved to where he suspected the babies room was, based on the crying
he could hear.
        He pushed through the door like a mad bull, his anger getting the
better of nearly eleven years experience as a cop... and hence he ran
right into the baseball bat that Gillian was swinging.


        After cleaning her off in the real shower and getting her awake
enough to drop her back into a trance where we could instruct her on
what to do now, Bart and I watched Jennifer Love Hewitt walk away with
satisfied grins on our faces.
        "Didn't quite work out the way we planned, did it," laughed
Bart as he helped me to take the easily assembled set apart.  We had
been using one of the old studio warehouses that The Organisation owned
but weren't currently using.
        "First times rarely do," I replied with a smile,"Except for mine
of course."
        "Of course," laughed Bart, then he turned serious,"Ummm, I know
you said it wouldn't, but what's to stop the memory of this day popping
back up into Love's head one of these days?"
        "Don't worry," I said,"Tonight she'll go home and re-dream this
entire thing, then pop it into her short term memory as a dream or
fantasy based on when she was in the movie.  Therefore if she does
remember, she'll remember it as a dream or fantasy she had... but
most likely it'll dissipate like most dreams and she'll forget it
even happened, and if she does we have my insurance policy to back us
        "Damn," laughed Bart,"You never make mistakes, do you?"
        - Except for that damned Security Box, - I thought, but smiled
and said,"Remind me to tell you about the Home Improvement fiasco one
of these days."
        And once we were finished and erased all traces that we had ever
been there, we left the warehouse.
        Just as I planned to erase Bart.

        End Chapter Six.

        Next Chapter, Patricia Richardson, Debbie Dunning, Sarah
Michelle Gellar and Neve Campbell (and some more on the Gillian Anderson

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