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        Celebrity Hypnotist Chapter Six, Part Two Of Four.

        "What type were they?" Bart interrupted once more.
        "Geez!" I cried out,"You want to hear this story or not?" To tell
the truth I had been beginning to enjoy telling this story, Heather
Locklear had been a highlight of my career that I hadn't thought about
in some time.
        "Come on man, it's the little things that are important, what
kind of panties did she have?"
        "Plain white, very sensible," I replied, Bart looked disappointed.
        "They weren't like, frilly or something?"
        "No," I said with a grin,"I'd remember anything like that."
        "Damn... I mean, she was married to Tommy Lee and that fuckers
into some heavy shit..."
        - You don't know the half of it, - I thought, at this point Tommy
was still 'happily' married to Pamela Anderson, - If my information is
right he'll end up in jail before the year is out. -
        "..and now she's married to Richie Sambora," he gave a little
sigh,"Damn, figured she'd at least wear a thong."
        "You're not going to go kill yourself over this are you?" I joked
to him,"Or would you like to hear the story first?"
        He smiled at me and my mind cried out in triumph, I was actually
convincing the son of a bitch I was his friend.
        "Sorry, buddy," he said,"Go ahead."

        ...she gripped her panties and slowly, casting what looked to be
a sly, almost expectant look my way, she pulled the sopping material
down over her hips and revealed to me a closely trimmed thatch of pussy
        "Very nice," I commented as she stepped free of the soaking wet
material and stood before me, her beautiful, long white legs presented
for my inspection, for my approval? They certainly passed muster.
        As she began to lower herself down to the ground, getting ready
to spread her legs and let me fuck her, I gave her yet another surprise.
        "Not so fast," I said,"You did that so well you've whetted my
appetite for more... let's see those tits of yours."
        I saw her face turn red, but suspected that she was secretly
pleased, that this was turning her on as much as it was turning me on.
        Getting back to her feet, and flashing the pink pleasure of
her inner pussylips as she did so, she slowly slid the gray jacket off
and carelessly let it fall to the ground, where it lay in a crumpled
pile.  It was soon joined by the tie and then her shirt, which she
unbuttoned slowly, letting me get only glimpses of the white material
of her bra before sliding it down over her back and down to her elbows,
then letting it drop.
        Her breasts weren't as large as some of her co-stars on Melrose,
but they were certainly more than a handful and looked pleasantly plump.
        Reaching behind her back she gripped the clasp of her bra and
released it, unfettering her breasts and letting them free.  There was
a slight sag to them, but they still held up high on her chest, and
they certainly appeared to be real.
        "Like what you see?" she asked with a slight grin.
        "Why Ms. Woodward," I remarked,"If I didn't know better I'd say
you were enjoying this."
        She smiled slyly,"Well Ro... Mr Delgado, I love sex, I always
have... but usually I run things, however I can handle being taken along
for a ride, there's no reason I can't enjoy this."
        "Why Amanda," I laughed, standing up and approaching her, my
now slightly less hard cock bobbed up eagerly when it saw her naked
body,"I must say you have the right attitude, you'll go far."
        Sliding one hand around her neck and the other around her waist,
I pulled her forward and kissed her.  Her mouth opened and before I had
a chance to get my tongue into her she was exploring my mouth, her
tongue sliding over mine and against my cheeks.
        - Well, well, Amanda wants to take control, - I thought, and
pushed my own tongue past hers and into her mouth.  As I did that I
slid the arm around her waist down over one of her beautiful, firm
asscheeks and cupped it, giving it a good squeeze.
        Breaking the kiss I began to kiss down her neck, nuzzling her
shoulder before kissing down the curve of her breasts and taking one of
her erect nipples into my mouth.  For a few seconds I sucked on that
magnificent mammary, then I broke away and stood up, facing her.
        Her body was glistening with a light sheen of sweat and she was
breathing heavily.  Her arms were at her sides but were twitching about,
she wanted to slide her hand inbetween her legs but was obviously
scared to show any sign of weakness.  Happy to be taken for a ride
my ass! I thought, well, she was going to be whether she wanted to be
in the drivers seat or not.
        I came forward quickly and grabbed her by the waist, pushing
her back until she came up against the wall - not hard, I'm not an
animal, unlike that freak Gary Cole (*) I didn't get off on hurting
woman - my arms slid down and gripped the inside of her thighs, then
lifted them up until she was almost doing the splits.  My cock was
pressed up against her belly for a few seconds as I got my balance, then
I slid my hips back, then pushed them against her hot, wet and steaming
        She let out a cry that was half pleasure, half anger at not
being the one in charge, then gave in to the sensations and just enjoyed
the fuck.
        I was extremely relieved to feel that her pussy was not only
not loose, but actually extremely tight.  I found myself wondering if
maybe she'd had one of those operations where women got their boxes
tightened up (like that chick in The Godfather, the one who'd only
been able to fuck guys with monster dicks, like Sonny Corleone), I
didn't see any other way that she could possibly have a cunt this
tight... still, I was definitely not complaining.
        After the initial penetration, I just let myself digest and
sort out all the sensations and emotions running through my body for
a second, then began to slowly pull my cock back out of her tightly
clasping pussy.  I got to the point where it seemed I would pull free
of her beautiful cuntlips, then I plunged back in, letting out a moan
of pleasure as I felt her magnificent cuntlips giving way before my
shaft.  I began to slide my cock in and out of her tight, gushing
pussy even faster, pumping at the star with all my might, letting her
have it.  Each thrust pushed her back against the wall and her face
was contorted in pleasure and desire, her blond hair hanging over her
face, her eyes closed as she let out moans and grunts of desire as
I fucked her harder and harder, faster and faster.
        "Yes!" she squealed,"Huh! Uh! Yes! Give it to me! Yes!" she
squealed, giving in and letting me take control, her body bounced
loosely as I fucked her, my cock slamming to the hilt deep inside of
her cunt.  Her tits were bouncing up and down in front of my face and
with some effort I was able to catch one in my mouth and began sucking
on her erect nipple as I continued fucking the star of Melrose Place
for all she was worth.  She squealed in excitement as I fucked her
again and again, her tight cunt gripping eagerly around my swollen
        I was pumping into the woman who had revitalized Melrose Place
with everything I had, fucking her tight pussy as I sucked on her tits
and pounded her against the wall again and again with every thrust of
my cock deep into her cunt.
        To keep her off-balance and remind her I was in control, I
suddenly pulled her from the wall, my hands sliding under her thighs and
cupping her asscheek, I turned her about and carried her over to the
long, wooden table.  I lowered her down so she lay with her back down
on the table, and then I was fucking her in ernest again.
        Heather moaned in excitement as she felt my thick cock pushing
past her slit, sliding down past the folds of her outer cuntlips.  I
grinned down at her as she cupped her own breasts and began to pinch
her nipples, kneading her firm but pliant breasts as I fucked her on the
        "You are fucking tight!" I growled, shoving my engorged member
deep into her gushing wet pussy, filling her to the brim and then some.
        Her beautiful ass-cheeks were pushing hard against the table, it
was smooth and warm from the sun shining on it (we had used a sunlamp to
make the sensations more real for Heather's 'fantasy').
        Her own fingers, sensitive and experienced, knowing what to do
to make her feel good, were sliding over her breasts, making circles
around her sensitive nipples, down her waist - which sent a shiver of
delight through her body, she shuddered in excitement - and then down
to her clit, joining my thumb, which was pressing into her lovebutton
even as I filled her up with my hard cock.
        As she brought her hands back up and slid them between her
lustrous locks of hair, I lowered my chest down so her beautiful breasts
were pressed hard against my pectorals.
        Now Heather was so far gone with ecstasy that she was thrusting
her hips up hard against mine, grinding them against me so that she
could get as much of my cock into her eager, juicy cunt as she could.
        "Do it! Do it to me!" she cried out,"Please! I want it, I want
it so bad, fuck me! FUCK ME!"
        My cunt clasped down around my dick so hard I thought she
would rip it off, her back arched and her head forced back, her eyes
sealed shut she let out a scream of pleasure that rocked throughout the
boardroom.  To say she had just cum would be an understatement.
        My eyes felt like they were going to pop out of my face, my
teeth were grinding against each other and I could feel all the blood
rushing out of my body and down to my cock, it seemed like I was
swelling up inside of her pussy, her hot, sweet, tight pussy,
and I knew I couldn't hold it much longer.  I began making hard, fast
strokes, my balls slapping against her asscheeks as I fucked the Melrose
Place Star.  She had spread her legs wide and was eagerly slamming her
hips up against my pelvis, crying out for more, begging me to fuck her
even more.
        "GAAAKKKK!!!!" I cried and grabbed her hips tight, pulled her
forward even as I slammed my own hips as far forward as possible,
grinding the base of my cock against her tight, gushing pussy.
        BAM, BAM, BAM, I fired shot after shot of sperm deep into her
pussy, it fired from my cock and into her and I felt all the strength
go out of my body with it.  After my final shot I let out a gurgle
of pleasure and collapsed on top of her.

        "We have a deal?" she asked me, buttoning up the crumpled,
wrinkled mess of a shirt.
        "You have my word, I won't buy up all your stock," I laughed,
then looked her over with a smile,"You were certainly worth it."
        She returned the smile, then walked out of the room.  The
moment she left a post-hypnotic command would make her return home and
forget what had happened until that night, when she would 'dream it',
this would then enable her to store the information in that part of her
brain where unimportant dreams and fantasies were placed, this way there
was no unnatural suppression of memory that could resurface later.
        Still, there was one more thing I had to do.
        I pulled a cell-phone out of my pocket and flipped it open.
        "Mr Rodriguez," I said into the non-functioning prop,"This is
Robert Delgado, have you thought anymore about selling the five percent
of stock you own?"
        I pretended to listen for a second.
        "No? Well, I'll be sending you a fax soon you should see, then
give me a call."
        As I closed up the cellphone I turned to where I knew a camera
would be facing and smiled.
        "After all, I only promised not to buy ALL the stock!"


        "Shee-it!" laughed Bart, slapping the table,"Yes damnit! That's
what I like to hear!"
        I grinned, it was kind of fun, letting down my guard like this
and chatting away about my greatest accomplishments... after all, it
didn't matter, when I was finished with him, he'd be in no shape to
tell anyone anything.
        "You should have done her ass, though," Bart said,"That would
have been fucking awesome!"
        "Yeah, well," I responded,"Back then I didn't even think about
that kind of thing, it was pussy and mouth, mouth and pussy... still,
I've got no regrets, the description doesn't do her cunt justice, it was
fucking tight!"
        Bart smiled,"Shit man, I can't wait till I do my first celebrity,
I wonder who it'll be."
        "That's what I've been wondering," I replied,"You wanta do one,
it'll have to be soon, after what happened to me tonight the Organisation
will probably be keeping me on a shorter leash."
        "Somehow I don't think you're the kind of person who wears a
leash," said Bart.
        I laughed,"Well, if it makes them feel better to think they
control me, let them think they do."
        "Tell me," he said,"What happened tonight?"
        So for the next hour or so I told him about the Bat-Orgy (**)
and he listened, rapt.
        "Man," he said finally, when I had finished,"It's not been a
good day for you, has it?"
        "Forget about that," I replied,"Tell me, who do you want first,
whose going to be your first piece of celebrity ass?"
        He smiled,"Tell you what, pal, have you seen the movie I Know
What You Did Last Summer?"

        Earlier That Day.

        Dave Hollaway was finally able to let his grin free,
but he waited until he was in the car before letting loose his
        He recalled the words Chief Of Detectives Andy Kimble had said
to him on the day it happened, a little over a week ago now,"Don't
worry, Dave, we'll find out who did this... no one kills a cop and gets
away with it! Nobody!"
        "Unless it's another cop, you fat fuck," he laughed out loud,
wiping his eyes.
        "You often crack up at funerals?" asked the man in the car with
        "Sorry buddy, but when King Laugh comes knocking, you have to
let him in."
        "Bram Stoker, eh?" asked the man,"So who are you? Van Helsing?"
        "Nah," laughed Dave,"I always wanted to be Dracula, you?"
        "Ever since I saw that movie I wanted to be Johnathon Harkness,"
said the man,"Just so I could fuck the brains out of Winona Ryder."
        This illicited more laughter from Dave.
        "Oh man, you should have heard it," he chuckled,"All the woman
were in tears, all the guys were trying to be stoney faced, and I got up
and delivered the eulogy... and that got the guys crying too," he
fell into laughter again,"And all the time I was thinking, you dumb
mother fuckers! I killed him! I fucking killed him!"
        The other mans grin remained, but his eyes remained cold and
focused.  Dave, who hadn't become a Detective by accident, didn't fail
to notice this.
        "Anyways," he said as he watched other cars pulling away from the
cemetery where his partner of five years - Rob Anderson - had just been
buried,"Your employers gave me a call, said to meet you, what do you
        "We just want you to tie up some loose ends," replied the man,
pulling a briefcase from the floor and placing it on his lap,"Basically
you'll be wrapping up Rob's case for him, but for our benefit."
        As he spoke the man had opened the briefcase, and now he handed
a thick folder to the Detective, saying,"You'll need to familiarize
yourself with this, then destroy it."
        "Can I keep some of these photos?" Dave asked, seeing who the
subject was.
        "Nope, burn them too," he smiled, and this time his eyes joined
in,"Anything you wanna see, just come down to the Archives we told you
about... we got every tasty bit of Celebrity ass for the last thirty
years or so."
        Dave laughed out loud one more time, knowing that the windows
to his car were tinted and he was safe to let his emotions free,"I
think I'll take you up on that offer, just see if I don't!"
        After waiting ten minutes to make sure the coast was clear,
the man hopped out of Dave's car and was picked up an instant later by
another car which pulled up to meet him.  Dave then pushed his way through
to the drivers seat, buckled up (being a conscientious, law-abiding
citizen) and drove away.
        In the back seat of his car, the folder containing all the
information The Organisation had on Gillian Anderson sat, waiting

        Back To The CH's House, Later That Night.

        I'd had my doubts after seeing the first few minutes of the
film.  Jennifer Love Hewitt was pretty in a waifish sort of way, but
hardly the sex goddess beauty I'd expected from the way Bart had raved
on about her.
        Still, after coaxing me again and again I had agreed to get a
copy of the film sent to me.  I had to call and order it from one of
The Organisation's lackeys to do so, in this age when tabloid 'reporters'
were willing to go through your garbage you had to be careful of
        Bart and I had cleaned up the mess he had made, storing the
photos and journals back in the Safety Deposit Box and hiding it away
in my wall safe (the little fucker even had the combination to that!)
and then Bart hid himself away as soon as the Operative showed up.
        It was remarkable I thought, that already Bart trusted me enough
to leave me alone with an Operative who could easily call in assistance
to take him out... maybe I was as much of a charmer as I knew Kevin
Spacey to be? Or maybe I'd gotten so used to hypnotizing people I was
able to do it without even realizing it.  Whatever the case, I had no
intention of severing our relationship just yet, I was actually enjoying
myself, walking the edge whilst knowing I could pull away at any second
with no ill-effects.
        Anyway, back to JLH.
        As I said, she seemed pretty in a waifish sort of way, but hardly
the incredible, beautiful sex-goddess I'd expected from Bart's
description... and then I saw her body.
        Wow! If ever there was a real-life equivalent to all those comic
book women, this was it.  She had long, smooth legs, an incredibly tight
little ass, an impossibly skinny waist and HUGE TITS!!! Her body seemed
like sex personified.
        The rest of the movie sped by, I was truly surprised by the
revelation of who the killer was... although in my defense they didn't
exactly make him a suspect until the second before he was revealed.  I
didn't really give a shit about any of that, though, I had been hanging
on, waiting to see Jennifer naked, and then finally came the shower
scene at the end.  She stood in a tiny towel, her cleavage alone had
probably caused ten or twenty million adolescents to walk hunched over
for the next couple of hours, talking on the phone.
        - This is it, - I thought, - We're gonna see them, we're gonna
see them! -
        And.... nothing, the scary ending happened, the credits came up
and I sat with my jaw on the floor, wondering what had happened.
        "Pisses you off, don't it," commented Bart finally.
        "After all that," I said after a few seconds,"You don't get to
see her naked at all?"
        "Nope," responded Bart, taking the tape out of the video - the
anti-social bastard hadn't bothered to rewind it I noticed - he grinned
at me,"Not even her ass."
        I slammed my fist into my open palm,"You know what she is, don't
        "Sure do," laughed Bart, leaning back in the couch and munching
up the last of the popcorn,"Used to be a lot of her sort back in my
neighborhood where I grew up, we called 'em cock-teases."
        "When a girl walks around like that in a movie and doesn't show
anything, you know what she's saying," I muttered,"She's saying,'look at
this... well, look at what you can, you'll never have it,' she is a
fucking tease!"
        Even as I said this I had to hide that smirk, because in truth
I respected Ms Hewitt for not showing herself naked.  So she had teased
the country... shit, the world! and not shown anything, that just made
her like me, she knew she was in a superior position to the plebes, and
she knew she could flout as little or as much or herself as she wanted
and damn the consequences.  She wasn't a part of public society, she was
above it.
        - The rules don't apply to people like me and her, - I thought.
        I thought all those things, but I said what I knew Bart wanted
to hear, let him think we were on the same wavelength, let him think
I really was his 'best friend', it would make that final moment when the
trap was sprung just that much sweeter.
        "Nothing for it then," I said, looking Bart in the eye,"You and
I are going to show Ms. Hewitt she can tease whoever she wants, just
not us."


        Of course, it wasn't as simple as all that.
        First off I had to find an old supply of pills I had used before
some of the Organisations specialists discovered a way to make me sterile,
then I had to convince Bart to take them.
        "Listen," I told him,"If I hypnotize her, she'll never remember
what happens... but tongues might start to wag when she gets pregnant!"
        After much grumbling he agreed to start taking the pills (after
making me have one too, to make sure I wasn't trying to poison him), and
he got even angrier when I said he'd have to take them for a week or so
before we could be sure they had taken effect.
        "It'll take about that long to set this all up, anyway," I told
him,"I want to get Jennifer on the pill as well, so all our bases are
covered, plus I've got to set up the hypnotism and plan the way we're
going to do things... you want this to be done quick, or right?"
        And again he assented.
        "And besides," I said to clinch things,"Tomorrow I've got a
meeting with The Head, Tom and Alec that I'm dreading, and I need to get
some sleep!"
        He agreed, made himself comfortable in the spare room and went to
        Despite my protests to needing to be ready for tomorrows meeting,
I was awake into the wee hours of the morning, planning.

        The Next Day.

        "The bit where Kim licks the cum off Nicole's face, and then kisses 
her, that was awesome!" Alec was exclaiming.
        Tom nodded with a grin I found to be more than a little
condescending, although today I knew he was just trying to act like a
little kid whose just gotten a new toy and is trying to pretend he's only
slightly impressed.
        "I must admit," he said,"The bit where Nicole got up and demanded
to be triple-fucked was a real shocker... but I loved it! Especially at
the end when the three of them came all over her," he gave a little laugh.
At that precise moment the guy reminded me of those preppy sons of bitches
who were born with a silver spoon in their mouth and the closest they got
to work was asking the Butler to ask the gardener to trim the hedges,"Why
didn't you tell us you were going to do that?"
        "Well," I replied with a sly grin,"I couldn't expect you to enjoy
the movie if I gave away the ending, could I?"
        We all laughed, and I breathed an inward sigh of relief.  The
taping we had got had been more than enough for the films we were going
to make, and we'd been able to edit out the photographer.  Tom and Alec
shook my hand a few more times and forced us all to smoke cuban cigars
during the second screening of the Bat-Orgy. (I detested any sort of
smoking, but pretended to find them delicious merely for the sake that
my position was precarious.)
        Finally they left, and I was left alone with The Head.
        "It's not good," he said,"Things are bad."
        - Shit, here it comes, - I thought, - Thank Goodness for my
insurance policy. -
        "Yep, we found those two Operatives lying dead in an adjacent
warehouse, their throats slit and their clothes removed."
        - Shit! I was homefree, I wasn't getting any of the blame, the
Operatives had been killed so I was blameless! - it never even occurred
to me till later to think why they'd been killed... maybe some gang
members had stumbled on them and taken exception to a violation of
perceived territory, who cared, I was safe!
        "Thank goodness you acted so quickly or we could have had a major
scandal on our hands," The Head remarked,"And you did a fantastic job
on the Bat-Orgy... I just wish you could have taken all of them at least
        I grinned,"I did remember? In the preparation (***) sequence."
        "Yeah, but for your personal use only, that was the deal you
made with Tom and Alec," he sounded wistful, but if he expected me to
lend him the tapes he was sadly misguided... I hadn't inserted my
special 'insurance policy' in those tapes, as I did with everything
that held evidence of my 'work.'
        "Anyway, will you be available for the Post Academy Award
Orgy? It always works better when you're there... Kim Basinger is going
to win Best Supporting Actress you know."
        "Not this year," I replied,"My cock is willing, my body is
weak, I'm gonna take a week or so off."
        "Typical," he laughed,"I try to get you to go on holiday and you
bring me new ideas, I ask you to be at work you want to go on holiday!"
        But the comments were good natured, the guy obviously didn't
hold me to blame for the events at the end of The Bat-Orgy , and he
understood that after stress like that, any ordinary person would want
a holiday.
        Except I wasn't ordinary.
        As I left the Office I detoured down to Information/Collection,
each Organisation Building had one of these sections, with the information
on most celebrities, stars, politicians etc available on the Closed
Organisation Network (CON), or in files, dossiers and the like.
        I accessed a terminal and used my backdoor password to login
without leaving a record.  From there I instructed the surveillance
cameras to loop back the last five minutes of tape (the system was
fully automated, the tapes being checked every 24 hours, and happily
at this early hour, Information/Collection was deserted) while I printed
out all the information I could on Jennifer Love Hewitt.
        Having finished, I collected all the information up and left,
safe in the knowledge that none were the wiser.
        And up in the fully automated security room, Kevin Spacey had
been watching what I was doing with great interest.

        End Chapter Six, Part Two Of Four.

        Requests, Compliments and Criticisms to :

        (*) For those who haven't read the rest of this series, Gary
        Cole was the infamous Celebrity Rapist, murdered by the
        Organisation after being arrested for attempted rape.

        (**) Ahhh yes, the infamous Bat-Orgy, Chapters Four and Five
        of the Celebrity Hypnotist series, available upon request from :  - along with Chapters 1-3 and any
        other stories I've written.

        (***) Chapter Four Of This Series

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