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        What has gone before -

        Chronologically speaking, this story takes place about a week
and a half before the Academy Awards.  In the last chapter the Celebrity
Hypnotist (whose identity remains a secret... although perhaps not for
long) was in an orgy with the women of the Batman Movies.  Before he
could enjoy sampling each hole on every women he was unexpectedly
interrupted by a tabloid photographer (who had been tipped off by Lisa
Kudrow, who seems to be working against the CH's Organisation) who almost
got away with incriminating evidence.
        Shaken, but determined to put the setbacks behind him and
take control once more, he heads home... where he encounters one Bart
Rice, who has entered his home and plastered the contents of the
CH's 'secret'journals all over the place.  When the CH asks him what
he wants, Bart replies that he and the CH are going to become great

        And with no further adieu, let us proceed....

        Celebrity Hypnotist Chapter Six, Part One Of Four.

        I made to step forward and he brought a hand up, fast, damn
fast, and said.
        "Not so quick there, buckaroo, keep your distance."
        "Hey," I replied with a smile, warm and friendly,"I thought we
were going to be best friends?"
        "Shit, you are as slick as your journal says," he said with a
whistle of appreciation,"But don't be trying any of that keyword hypnosis
of yours on me or I'll blow your fuckin knee off and take this shit to
the tabloids."
        I noted that in his free hand he had a loose grip on a gun, I
didn't know what type, but it was big, and I had already seen how fast
he was.  Even as I registered that, my face was holding the happy, 'great
to see you, buddy' grin, however, my mind was cursing and screaming,
this little fucker knew exactly where to hit me.  If he had said he'd
go to the Feds I would have just laughed, but the tabloids? That was
another story. I had told Tom and Alec earlier that we had to cater
to the faceless masses despite the fact we were so much better than
them, and now my words came back to haunt me.  Without public
support my t.v career would go down the tube, and I'd be hounded by
the media for the rest of my life, which would make me an unviable
option for the Organisation.
        "I read your journals right through in a night," Bart told me
with a grin,"Usually I can't read more than 10 or 12 pages of a book
at night, even with pictures, but this one was the best damned thing
I ever read!"  he dropped the journal and scooped up something... a
film cannister, my heart sank.  He had found the list of locations
around the city where I stashed my copies of my conquests, this was
hard evidence.
        - What the fuck were you thinking, - my mind shouted at
me, - If you were going to keep anything you should have kept it
either here or at the Organisations Archives, where it could be
guarded! -
        "What did you do with the Security Guards?" I asked,"If
you've killed them then we're both fucked, and you know it."
        He just grinned at me again,"Got me a copy of your phonebooks
in that safety deposit box as well, business numbers as well as
celebrities, I've always been good at voices so I rang up and sent
them home!"
        "Rang up!" I sputtered at him,"Do you know what a risk that
was, I don't care how good you think you are, no one is ever as good
as they think they are!"
        He just smiled,"You think? I guess we're in a bit of trouble
then," he smiled as my mouth closed and I frowned, he had just done a
perfect imitation of my voice, right down to nuance and tone.
        "I had a lot of time to perfect it," Bart said,"Being a nameless,
faceless member of the crowd meant I didn't have anything important to
        Now the little bastard was quoting me, not only had he read
my fucking journals, it seemed like he had memorized at least some
of them.
        "So what do you want?" I asked,"Money? a film career? Your own
t.v show?"
        Bart leaned forward and looked at me with a grin that sent a
chill down my spine.
        "None of that happy horseshit, all I want is to be a part of it,
I wanna fuck some of those hot bitches who'd look at me like a piece of
dogshit if they ever saw me, I want copies of the tapes... I want to be
        So that was the fuckers game, he wanted to be on top of it all,
lord it over the plebs and do what he wanted and who he wanted whenever
he wanted... in short, he did want to be me.  Now I was beginning to
feel as happy as I looked, and I was even happier to see his own cocky
grin fade slightly, he could see the difference in my expression.
        - The son of a bitch has me by the balls, - I thought, - But
I'm fine, I'm fine, I know how to handle it so I'll be back in the
Driver's seat. -
        "Hey," I laughed, and he grinned back at me a little uneasily,
still not sure why I was so happy,"Why didn't you say so, I thought you
were going to ask me for something I couldn't give you.  If you've
read those journals, you'll know a celebrities's power comes from
his public popularity, in other words if the public doesn't like you
it doesn't matter whose in your corner, you'll only ever be in
Woody Allen movies.... but what you want I can definitely give you."
        His smile widened and I had to fight an urge to laugh out loud,
he had rocked me for a second, but now I had the upper foot, now I was
pulling wide the jaws of the trap, ready to spring them on the poor,
unsuspecting plebe.
        "So tell me," I said instead of laughing at him,"Where would
you like to start? You want to jump right in and grab a celebrity woman
you've always wanted? Or perhaps see some of the archives? Famous woman
from the last thirty years getting fucked every way imaginable? We've
got romance tapes, rape tapes, parodies of their own programs with sex
thrown in, everything a horny young man could ever want..."
        As I had been speaking I had seen a change come over his face,
his grin had spread wider as I spoke, but instead of a happy, expectant
grin it had become a cynical, contemptuous grin.  Before I knew it he was
up from the table, moving to where I stood and grabbing me by the collar
of my shirt, actually lifting me up off my feet and slamming me against
the doorframe.
        "What the hell...?" I began to gasp.
        "You think I'm one of them, don't you?" he growled at me, his
face inches from mine,"One of those plebes you talk about in your
journal, one of the ignorant, unwashed, faceless masses who you think
you're so much better than, don't you?"
        "What?" I gasped,"What are you...?"
        "I heard you, dropping the tone of your voice, changing the
inflection, you trying to hypnotize me, aren't you?"
        The thought had occurred to me, but the events of the day had
gotten to me, the mistakes that were usually beneath me had shaken
my confidence, and I wanted to take care of this impudent little
fucker myself, without the benefit of my hypnosis.
        "You've hypnotized yourself," I snapped at him, and his eyes
narrowed in suspicious confusion.
        "You heard me," I returned,"You've read my journals, you know
how I hypnotize people, and you convinced yourself to hear me dropping
tone and inflection."
        He stepped back and slowly released me, filled with suspicion
and confusion born of ignorance.
        "Okay," he growled at me,"But just remember, you try that
hypnotism shit on me and I'll make it so you'll have to sit down to
piss for the rest of your life, understand?"
        I smoothed my shirt down and glanced at him in distaste.
        "Yeah, I understand well enough," I said,"Now I'll ask you
again, where do you want me to start?"
        He grinned,"Those archives sound pretty good, but I want to
hear about one of my favorites from you, and I know from your
Journals you've had her."
        "Who is it?" I asked, actually looking forward to this, I could
tell him anything I wanted to because if (when! when!) the trap was
sprung, it wouldn't matter.  For once I could let someone see the
real me.
        "Tell me all about... "

        Heather Locklear.

        I had to admit, I'd been feeling a little low lately, wondering
what was the point of it all.  But then this case had come along, and
suddenly I was excited again.
        We had the Boardroom set up just right, a long wooden table
with chairs at regular intervals along both sides was the central focus
of the room.  Along the walls were landscapes by various artists, some
relatively famous, others obscure... they were simply eye-candy to
keep the walls from having a bland look.
        One end of the Boardroom was made up of a giant window, and
the C.E.O's chair at the head of the table was in front of this.  This
was a psychological trick employed by the C.E.O to give an impression
that he or she was above the others, on a sunny day the light would
shine on his or her back and make him/her appear mysterious and
otherworldly... maybe even a God.
        In short it was the typical boardroom of Corparate America.
        The only thing different about this boardroom was that it wasn't
a real boardroom, it was a set on a specially built stage in an old
warehouse owned by the Organisation.
        The previous night I had bumped into Heather Locklear, who was
at this time gaining back the fame she had once had.  She was now the
bitch everyone loved to hate (and every guy wanted to fuck) on Melrose
Place.  Melrose had come out as a slightly more grown up version of
Beverly Hills 90210, but it had not been a ratings success... until
everyone started screwing around and 'Amanda' appeared on the
scene.  Meeting Heather at a party that an old Player desperate to get
back into the game had thrown, we had struck up a conversation and I
had immediately become attracted to her.  I was most struck by the
fact that she was willing to give some time to me, given that I was
relatively obscure at the time.  However, about ten minutes through
our conversation I mentioned my name and her eyes widened slightly.
        "I'm sorry," she said with a little laugh,"All this time we've
been talking I thought you were someone else."
        Our conversation continued, but now she was dropping hints that
she needed to use the bathroom, wanted to mingle, needed a drink,
anything to get away from me after she had realized that I wasn't who
she thought I was... most likely some Hollywood Exec.  Eventually I let
her go.
        - I was sure she was enjoying our conversation, - I thought to
myself, - Man, I haven't been duped like that since... since ever! -
        I considered wheedling my way back into a conversation and
hypnotizing her into having sex, but in a way it wasn't enough to get
back at her myself... I wanted to dupe her the way she'd duped me.
        Deciding on a course of action, I made my way to the host and
asked him if I could use the phone.  Looking agitated but being
cordial in case I was someone important he didn't recognize, he gave
me directions.
        Soon I was in the bedroom and I sat down by the phone, dialing
the secure number of the man in charge of L.A Operations for the
        "Yes?" came the voice immediately, the phone only ringing
twice,"Who is this?"
        I told him my name and clearance number, he immediately relaxed
and asked how I was.  I engaged in small talk with him for a couple of
minutes, knowing that anything that greased the wheels of the very
rushed job I would be asking him to do would help.  After asking after
each others health and so forth, I got to the point, telling him I'd
need an accurate replica of a Corporate Boardroom ready at the
warehouse where I usually worked in L.A.  He got the little details
from me and then told me it would be ready by Eleven the next day.
        Smiling in satisfaction, I put the phone down and made my way
back to the party.  After half an hour or so I had the perfect
opportunity, working my way into a group conversation by the party,
once more I noted the Host (who was a rotating member of the group,
every so often leaving to tend to other guests) looking at me and
trying to figure out where he remembered me from, was I an executive
or just one of those 'ordinary' celebrities who'd gotten in because they
knew somebody who had an invitation.
        Of course Heather was a part of the group and was constantly
being complimented on not only her beauty at her age (some other women
were in the group and stressed the words 'your age' whilst glancing
suspiciously at their lust-struck husbands) but on her regained
popularity.  Whenever I had the opportunity to talk I did, usually
saying something funny so people would pay attention to me, even
though the only person whose attention I really wanted or cared for
was hers.  As always I dropped my keywords, changed tone, inflection
and used constant repetition to drive an idea into her head.  I made her
want to talk with me in private, somewhere secluded.  After an hour
with the group I took my leave and made my way to the bedroom, I sat
down and waited patiently, listening smugly to the noise of Jason
Priestly and Shannon Doherty fucking each other hard in the next room,
which they thought was soundproof.
        - Geez, - I thought, - They play brother and sister, how can
they do it? - I shook my head with a slight grin, even I was guilty of
blurring the line between t.v and reality sometimes.
        After a couple of minutes Heather popped her head through the
        "Sorry," she said,"I was looking for a private place to lie
down for a few moments, I've got a bit of a headache."
        "Don't worry," I said, happy because I had planted the headache
in her mind and now knew my hypnosis had succeeded,"I know a trick to
get rid of headaches
        She hesitated a second, then came down and sat down next to me
on the bed.  I got onto my knees and moved around behind her, she looked
about in concern, not knowing what I was up to.
        A second later she relaxed as I brought my hands up to either
side of her temple and began to make slow, concentric circles.
        "Just a few minutes of this," I whispered to her,"And you'll
feel good as new, it's all about pressure points."
        I began talking to her about this and that as I gently rubbed
the blonde beauty's head, and she replied without thinking, like I was
a hairdresser making smalltalk... this was just the way I wanted things,
I didn't want her to think about anything I was talking about, but be
receptive enough to answer, she was practically putting herself into a
        And so it went, as it always did, I began planting my instructions
in her head in a roundabout way, taking care first to put in my ever
important insurance policy...


        "I been meaning to ask," interrupted Bart, annoying me,"What is
this insurance policy of yours?"
        - So the little bastard hasn't read it all yet, probably just the
bits where I interact with celebrities or fuck them, - I thought with
        "You'll find out soon enough," I said,"You wanna hear this story
or not?"
        "Yeah, yeah," he replied quickly, and I realized I had the little
fucker spellbound, and I wasn't even trying to hypnotize him... damn I'm
        I continued.

        - insurance policy, once that was in place I set up the idea
in her head that she had always had a fantasy, a dream involving her
character, Amanda.
        When all was in place, when I had created a fragile tapestry in
her mind of her own dreams and fantasies (one that would disintegrate
once enacted, and leave her with no memory of the incident at all) I
told her (she was now deep in a trance) that she could come back to
full awareness now and her headache would be gone.
        "How's that?" I asked, pulling my hands away.
        "Wow!" she exclaimed, raising one hand to her smooth forehead
as if in disbelief,"It's gone, thanks!"
        "Glad to be of service," I replied with a warm smile,"It's even
better for the morning after."
        Her eyes narrowed slightly and I realized with amusement that she
thought that had been a clumsy come-on.  I had actually meant it was
great for hangovers, but let her think that I wanted her if it made her
feel good... she'd be making me feel good tomorrow anyway.
        After politely (but no longer so warmly) thanking me again, she
went back to the party, and I kicked back on the bed and listened
to Jason and Shannon going at with a wry smile on my face.

        The Next Day.

        I sat at the head of the table, dressed in a very, very expensive
suit.  Before me lay papers filled with nonsensical information, it was
all just eyecandy for the various cameras about the room, set behind
pictures, in the ceiling lights, in the plushly carpeted floor, in the
doorknob of the damn door for goodness sakes!  We were going to get every
damn angle.
        The Boardroom was empty, I sat alone at the head of the desk, and
behind me the sun gleamed palely through the windows.  The affect of the
large window was defeated by L.A Smog, which muted the sun (of course
the view through the window was just a painted backdrop, with light being
shone through... but some of the techs involved had complained that
bright light shining through would ruin some camera angles.
        My intercom buzzed and my secretary ( these would be her only
lines) spoke,"Mr Delgado? There is a Amanda Woodward here to see you."
        "Send her in, Ms Pennyweather," I replied, ecstatic knowing that
Heather had shown up at the warehouse on time, her mind subconsciously
working to convince her this was a dream, a fantasy being played out in
her own mind.
        The door opened and she stepped in, a vision of loveliness.
        "Ahhh, Ms. Woodward," I said with a smile,"How lovely to finally
meet you."
        "Mr Delgado," she said with a polite nod,"How are you," not a
real question, just a formality.
        "Fine, fine," I said, then glanced down at one of the papers on
my desk and sighed,"Better, it seems, than your company."
        She let a slight frown mar her beauty for a second, then her
face transformed into the one that struck fear into the hearts of all
her employees... before me stood Amanda The Bitch.
        "I have no idea what you're talking about," she said,"My company
is doing just fine, in fact our figures for...."
        "Your figures for the Quarter just ending are a fabrication," I
broke in,"You deliberately adjusted your profit margins to give your
company an appearance of stability and growth, when in reality your losing
money on nearly everything... how long did you think you could get away
with it?"
        She scowled at me and stepped forward, making as if to move to
my end of the table, she still hadn't sat down.  I raised one hand and
she stopped instantly, for all her posturing and defiance she knew I
held all the cards.
        "Those are serious allegations," she said,"Can you back them up
with proof?"
        I grabbed a folder of my desk and chucked it to her, she caught
it easily and flipped it open... her eyes widened.
        "How did you get these? I shredded every copy of this..."
        "That's the trouble with being a hardnosed bitch," I said with
a slight chuckle,"It doesn't exactly inspire loyalty amongst your
employees.  I have there a copy of every memo, every stock report, every
piece of evidence showing that your company is taking a nosedive."
        "But.. but, with the Tamaguchi Account we could...."
        "I know all about the Tamaguchi Account," I snapped,"I know that's
why you've done such a crazy thing as to bury all this information,
because if you can convince them to do business with you you can turn all
this mess around."
        She looked at me with eyes wide and disbelieving, if she'd been
a man, I would have had her by the balls... as it was I'd just given
her a good squeeze on the tits.
        "Just what do you want from me, Robert?" she asked, using my
'first name' in an attempt to ingratiate herself with me.
        "What I was considering was buying a controlling interest in
your stock... after I release this information to your investors of
        Her mouth dropped open and a small moan escaped, she'd feared
this but somehow hadn't expected it to happen... well tough titty, in
real life real things happen... this wasn't a t.v program.
        "But... but, you can't..."
        "Oh but I can," I said,"I just thought I'd do the decent thing
and warn you is all," I began looking through my papers, after a few
seconds I looked back up,"You still here? You can go now."
        She rushed forward to my end of the table and grabbed me by the
shoulders, she was in full panic mode now.
        "Please Robert," she gasped,"You can't do this! Please, I'll do
anything you want, but please, don't do this...."
        I'd been looking straight into her eyes as she spoke, but when
she said she'd do anything I wanted my eyes 'involuntarily' dropped
down her beautiful body.  Looking back up I saw a new wariness in her
eyes... and maybe a gleam of hope?
        "Anything?" I asked her.
        She swallowed and closed her eyes for a second, then faced me
with new resolve.
        "Anything you want, Robert, I'll do it."
        I reached up and pulled her hands away from my shoulders (to tell
the truth she had gotten a little too much into the part and had begun
to hurt me) then leaned back in my chair and looked at her with curiosity,
as if considering something.  She looked back at me with the most compliant
look she could muster and I found the sight incredibly erotic.  She was
panting and her blond hair had become disheveled, she had been wearing
a gray business suit (only tailored to show off her body) but now the
shirt had pulled loose from her pants, the tie she had been wearing was
coming loose and the jacket was rumpled.
        "Suck my dick," I said.
        She looked at me, not comprehending.  What? Had she thought I'd
ask for dinner and a movie? Hell no, I was only interested in one thing
from her.
        "Suck my dick," I repeated,"Don't make me say it again."
        This time her hesitation lasted only a second, and then she was
down on her knees, her hands grabbing my zip and pulling it down.
Reaching in she felt my half hard cock in her hand and gave a little
        "A bit bigger than you thought, huh?" I laughed,"I'm not your
average C.E.O, Amanda."
        Before it could grow too hard to be pulled loose, she slid my
hot cock out between the zip and stroked it a couple of times.  Now it
was coming to full attention and I knew my fantasy was about to come
true... Heather Locklear was going to suck my dick!
        Without hesitation the beautiful blonde star dropped her head
down and took my throbbing cockhead into her mouth and began to softly
suck on it.
        Had I been becoming disenchanted with my 'work'? I must have
been crazy! I couldn't believe the incredible sensations that ran through
my groin and outward to every extremity of my body as Heather Locklear
mouth engulfed my manhood and gently sucked on it.  The warm, wet O of her
lips felt incredible as she slowly began to inch down the length of my
member, taking in as much of my admittedly above-average penis as she
could.  She fought the gag reflex admirably and took at least eight
inches deep into her throat.
        - Yessss! I'll teach you to snub me! - my mind growled as the
'bitch' sucked on my cock, one of the most beautiful, exciting woman
on t.v today giving me oral sex! Just as it was meant to be.
        It seemed like every nerve in my dick was alive and kicking,
screaming out messages to my pleasure centers, making my already hard
cock swell even larger as I watched her head begin to bob up and down
over my lap as she began to slide her mouth up and down the length
of my shaft.  Her tongue was doing wonders inside her mouth, running
along the underside of my cock, slurping around the head of my penis
as she pulled her mouth almost to the point where it seemed my cock
would come free from her lovely oral orifice.
        Grabbing her by the back of the head, sliding my fingers
inbetween her glorious golden locks and pushing her down, forcing more
of my cock into her more than capable mouth.
        Once I knew I had my cock as far down her throat as possible I
began facefucking her, my ass pressing back into the cushioned seat as I
pulled back, then lifting free of the seat as I pushed her head as far
forward as I could.
        The warm wetness of Heather's mouth was driving me crazy, it
wasn't just the blowjob, it was the fact that it was her giving it to me
and giving it to me because I had willed it to be so.  My legs had begun
to lift and I was stretching out my toes, which seemed to increase the
pleasure even more.  It felt like my entire body was straining towards
orgasm.... shit! I quickly lowered my legs and reversed my grip on her
head, pulling her up of my cock before I reached the point of no return.
        My cock - now gleaming with Heather's saliva - seemed to glare
at me with anger, as if to say,'Hey buddy, who's in charge here anyway!'
        The answer to that one was simple enough, unlike most men I wasn't
a slave to my desires, but rather the master of them... and as a result
I was able to indulge in them more often, knowing I could stop and take
control at any moment.
        Heather was looking up at me in confusion.
        "What's the matter, Robert," she asked,"Wasn't it..."
        "Mr Delgado," I interrupted, she looked confused.
        "I'm the guy in charge here, Amanda," I told her, still referring
to her by her characters name, after all, this was supposed to be her
dream, her fantasy,"You call me Mr Delgado."
        She frowned slightly, then nodded, her fear of losing the
lucrative Tamaguchi Account over-riding her usual superiority complex.
        "That was a fairly average display of cocksucking," I lied, still
feeling the sensation of her beautiful mouth around my meat,"Let's see
what that pussy of yours is like?"
        For a second her eyes flashed fire, her mouth dropped in a frown
and she glared at me with pure hate and anger... but she didn't hold
her gaze for long, dropping her eyes when she saw I was adamant.
        "Listen," she tried anyway, even as she stood up and began to
unzip her pants,"That Tamaguchi Account is going to be huge, if you let
me proceed as planned I'll give you a ten percent share of stocks, you'll
make a mint."
        "Listen up," I said as she stepped free of her pants, I noticed
with interest that her panties were soaking.  As always I had deliberately
left out any specific command for her to be turned on, wanting to see if
she would be by herself, it seemed the answer was yes,"You could walk out
of this office right now and within two hours I could have close to
54% of the stock, and that's only because you've quietly bought up 46%
of it by yourself, and I'd make a hell of a lot more money than you could
ever dream of giving me."
        Her shoulders seemed to droop when she found out I knew she had
been buying up the stock in hopes of holding a controlling interest when
the Tamaguchi Account came through and making a shitload of zeroes in
the process.  But was that red a sign of embarrassment in her face, or the
flush of excitement.
        "Come on, get those panties of," I growled at her,"I've got a
five o'clock appointment."
        Without a word she gripped her panties...

        End Chapter Six, Part One Of Four.

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