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     Please be aware that the following tale of fun and depravity does contain
adult material.
     If you are under 18, or object to explicit sex, then stop reading NOW and
go do something innocent, wholesome, and moral.
     Otherwise, enjoy yourself and let me know what you think!
This material is not to be sold in any way.

"The Exotic Dancers Club"

Part 1:  Jen and Roxy do it right for leg lovers everwhere

It was another long day at work, today I decided for a little treat for
myself and stopped up at the local female dance club for a beer or two and
a look see at what the local gals were shaking.  I sat down just as a
fantastic blonde was finishing her last set of dance music.  She was tall
at least 5'9" with long shapely, athletic legs that wouldn't stop, nice
perky breasts capped with big nipples, a really cute girl next door face
and a bouncy confident attitude.  The joint was really slow with just a few
customers scattered widely in the dark room.

I caught her eye and smiled as she left the stage, she winked and smiled in
return.  After a few minutes she came over and asked "Is this seat taken?",
I replied "Saved for you alone my dear".  She widened her smile and sat on
lap.  Her ample round asscheeks pressed firmly against my crotch and
semi-hard cock.  We talked a bit and I found out she had an athletic
background of gymnastics and track which I'd figured based on the fantastic
legs easily visible under her schoolgirl short skirt.  Her name was
Jennifer and she had the cutest giggle and awesome medium tan that just
screamed summertime at the beach.  As we sat together I couldn't help but
run my hands over her large, curvy thighs and massage the big muscles
there, she wasn't cut like a female bodybuilder in competition, but her
softer and rounder look was only misleading if you thought of her as just
another fluffy blonde bimbo.  We moved to her favorite lap dance spot in a
darker corner of the room and waited for a good slow song that we both
would like.  It wasn't long before a good tune came up for another girl on
stage, Jen faced me with a tanned athletic leg on either side of me and
proceeded to slowly squeeze me between her thighs and pivot her ass driving
her pussy back and forth against my rapidly hardening penis.  She kept
doing this continuously sometimes leaning and arching back with her hands
around my neck showing off her breasts and looking down to her cock mashing
pussy then she would wrap her hands all around my back and hug me while
rubbing her tits on my face.  I let my tongue work her nipples while my
hands squeezed her flexing ass muscles.  I occasionally ran my hands over
her thighs and found that the muscles felt like hard cables, her calf
muscles were expanding so big I couldn't have wrapped two hands around
them.  Needless to say as a big leg fan, especially of athletic women I was
about to cream in my shorts.  She giggled and laughed as I commented on her
pumped legs and how much they turned me on.  I had not control over her
strong hips and my stomach was getting mashed a bit but the good feeling on
my cock over rode any discomfort.  As she was doing this I began
complimenting her on her dance technique both on and off stage and she
smiled and started nibbling my neck.  Feeling pretty lucky and hot I
started talking a little dirty to her and she started moaning.  Her
talented hips had got my hard cock to slide over to my left leg pointing up
toward my elbow, she didn't miss a beat and swung her hips over to continue
pounding her pussy directly on my cock.  I started to swing my hips up to
meet hers which got her more excited yet.  The next time she leaned back
she was alternating between giggling and moaning with the determined look
on her face of a woman who was rapidly approaching and would not be denied
an orgasms.

The music had stopped a minute prior to this unbeknownst to either of us
and just as Jennifer was working up to a explosion between us a thin pale
hand of another dancer grabbed Jen by the hair and necklace and swung her
head back to stare directly into the face of one of the other dance girls.
With a surly look and harsh voice the new girl told Jen that the boss
wanted to see her ass behind the bar now.  Jen uttered a series of
disappointed and frustrated sounds unrecognizable as speech but couldn't
ignore the girl who was cruelly pulling and twisting Jens hare and jewelry.
Jen hopped off muttering "Denea, this better be good" and told me she would
be right back to finish where we left off.  The rude dance girl offered me
a lap dance ,but she was just another thin modelish blonde bimbo with a bad
attitude and gigantic breast implants plastered on her narrow chest.  She
stood around scowling after Jennifer and murmured about "sluts who spend to
much time with one customer and get a little to into their work" before
wandering off to go back to her regular customer, a real loser character.
Jen disappeared behind the bar for ten minutes while the thin bimbo and her
loser pal kept grinning and looking my way for some stupid reason.

I did my best to ignore their childish antics while watching a very short,
finely muscled dancer put on a world class series of gymnastic moves on
stage in time with the music.  After her dance she came over and introduced
herself as Roxy and that Jen sent her over to keep me company til she
returned.  I learned from Roxy that Jen was apparently busy on the phone
and then the boss was going to lecture her for a while.  Roxy sat across
from me in a chair and propped her legs over in my lap.  We talked a bit
all the while she kept rubbing her legs over my crotch as if by accident.
I found out she was an active college gymnast just earning some extra money
for her summer vacation.  She had short dark haired with pale skin,
virtually no tits and a very slender frame standing only 4'2" tall.  Her
athleticism was very attractive I mentioned and she sighed a bit explaining
how most of the customers just ridiculed her small breasts.  We talked a
bit longer and she smiled and laughed at my comments about some of the
other customers present.  Roxy told me about the rude blonde who pulled Jen
off me explaining that the two had some long standing grudge.  Jen the
newest dancer had been taking away customers from Denea (the blonde
silicone bimbo) and lately Denea had been getting ugly about it.

I noticed Denea and her loser friend up at the bar talking with the owner
and gesturing my way occasionally, finally the owner went to another area
where I noticed Jen was standing and talked with her a while.  Finally,
loser and rude bimbo go back to their table, and Roxy explained that Jen
told her that I would appreciate her special assets more than the other
customers, with that I began lightly running my hands up and down her
slender legs and complimenting her gymnastic skills.  Jen had basically
sent Roxy to me to keep me excited til Jen could get back to me.  The sound
of a chair next to me being occupied got my attention, surprisingly was
occupied by loser guy with bimbo watching from the bar.  Loser looks over
and grins a big smile as Jen walks over and plops down on his lap to give
him a dance, she won't even look my way, and the music is so loud I
couldn't hear her if she tried to talk anyway.  Roxy says that Jen usually
gives any customer a lap dance if they are willing to pay so it may be a
few more minutes wait.  Roxy slides over to my lap in a friendly manner and
we chat some more til the loud song is over.

Next song is a slow one and Jen reluctantly lap dances loserguy in her own
special way but with no passion or fire like I remember.  Loserguy doesn't
seem to care as he rudely squeezes and grabs her ass and pinches her
throughout the song.  Jen warns him to stop but he continues anyway only
interested in bruising the beautiful dancer.  I was pretty ticked off by
this time but Roxy told me to cool it as every new dancer has to learn to
deal with lousy customers in her own way and by herself as a right of
passage.  I couldn't do anything to stop the jerk from hurting and pawing
Jen and I saw that bimbo was getting ready to go on stage next and smirking
at how her friend was abusing Jen.  I figured this was one of her little
cruel revenge tricks being carried a little far.  As the next song started
the jerk pulled out another $10 for another lapdance.

Jen sighed and wearily took it, Roxy got up with a smile and whispered a
few words in Jens ear which Jen made her smile a little secret girl smile.
The song was a loud, noisy, fast industrial dance tune.  Jen showed jerkboy
a determined look and started lap dancing like she did with me.  I was
amazed to see to muscles jumping out in her legs as she squeezed his torso.
His hands roamed and gripped but she was sweating so much her muscles
bunched and tightened til he couldn't really get a grip.  Roxy bounced and
laughed on my lap, seeing my look of confusion she whispered in my ear
"just watch this I told her to use her strength to really crush that jerk,
this should be good" she smirked.  I continued to watch mesmerized as Jen's
calf muscles bunched and strained as she thrust herself into losers' lap
simultaneously squeezing his torso with her big thighs and hammering him
with her powerful hips.  I was getting turned on seeing the guy getting
royally abused by the powerful body of the beachbabe Jen.  Roxy noticed my
excitement and used her small, firm ass to rub my cock up along my leg and
use her small hands to massage my cock through my dress pants til it was
obviously at full erection and hard as a steel bar.  Jen looked over with
an excited look surprised at her own strength and noticed Roxy playing with
me.  Since I was looking at her and not Roxy she must have figured it was
ok and she got a lusty look on her face while she stared at my crotch tent.
Jen whipped her hands around and grabbed jerkguys wrists, jumped up and
back landing on her feet forced his hands to his sides with him still
seated.  Then she hopped forward and landed hard on his lap with her
bulging sweaty thigh muscles pinning his hands to his side.  I could see
his mouth moving as he swore and yelled at her, but the noisy music was way
too loud to hear anything over three feet away.  Roxy swung her legs down
straddling my right leg and kept rubbing the large visible projection in my
crotch.  Jen smiled and said something to the idiot and proceeded to
pulverize him with her powerful legs.  As her hips rubbed and rammed into
his hapless gut Jen looked over at Roxy and I she licked her lips noticing
Roxy pulling my cock through my opened pant top.  Jen's bulging thighs were
locked on her customer and her calves looked huge as she dug in the tips of
her shoes straining forward like a sex crazed ballet dancer.  Rocking her
hips on the trapped bozo she was pistoning so hard that his head was
hitting the wall immediately behind him in time to the fast paced music.
Roxy started talking dirty "fuck!  look at that girl go!  she is using that
moron like he was a big dildo, mmmmm, that gives me some nasty hot ideas"
Roxy murmured on about how turned on she was getting watching Jen put the
nasty customer away with a big crush "Fuck it, watch her damn legs, mmmm I
love it, I can't wait til he tries anything with me, god I'm getting so
turned on I might just set the stupid fuckhead up" I felt almost sorry for
the fool as I could tell Roxy's legs while slim were immensely strong based
on how she was squeezing me without even noticably trying.  Jen's face was
contorted with lust as she watched us and continued to pound her powerful
body at the hapless loser and Roxy was frigging her clit with one hand,
rubbing my cock with the other while I massaged Roxy's hard ass and wiry
strong legs with my sweaty hands.

Roxy went on for a while describing some of the sex games she would play
with Denea and her loser, she had quite an imagination and some very strong
feelings against both as they constantly picked on Roxy for her small chest
and slight frame.  The idiot couldn't be heard even if the music was
quieter as Jen wrapped her hands around his back and was crushing his face
into her chest.  The chair they were on could barely take the load as Jen
ground and pounded her way to an orggaasmm, shaking and shuddering on her
"customer" all the while watching Roxy's clever hands bringing me to a
spasmotic orggaasmm, cum spurting in through her hands like a fountain.  We
cleaned up our action a bit and Roxy hugged me for a while as Jen jumped

Denea, onstage was getting ready for her second set wearing a really pissed
look on her face watching as Jen jumped off loserboy and walked over to
Roxy and I while her ex-customer just slid onto his table to keep from
hitting the floor as he painfully caught his breath through some severely
bruised ribs.  Jen triumphantly walked over swinging her ample ass and
powerful hips sat next to Roxy and I.  Shaking her hare and wiping sweat
out of her eyes she looked magnificent and I told her so.  Roxy just jumped
over to Jens lap and started licking the sweat off her chest.  Jen closed
her eyes and sighed "Thank you Roxy your so sweet, and your ideas about
loser dweeb came in very handy, it will be quite a while before he picks on
me again" Roxy jumped of me with a hungry sex glazed look on her face
muttering "I'll be back in a minute after I get a piece of that action.
With that she danced over to idiot boy who merely shook his head and tried
to worm away.  Roxy began her "show" for the very uncomfortable customer.
Roxy smiled and performed a slow leg extension over her head making her wet
crotch obvious to even myself several tables away.  Jerkboy noticed it too
and almost managed a smile thinking maybe he was going to get a lucky

Just then Jen mentioned that we should move closer to get a better view of
the real show as well as blocking Roxy off from the view of the other
patrons the better to give her some "privacy".  Roxy slid into the jerks
lap and slowly rotated and swung her deliciously round hard ass into his
crotch for a few seconds before placing one foot behind his head and then
leaning forward to lick her own taut calf muscles right next to his face.
She was amazing limber as she was still seated on his lap while doing this
manuever.  Next she turned around and rubbed her behind on his lap some
more, as the music got louder and faster her motions increased in
frequency.  She leaned back her head next to the idiots and gripped his
hair in her hands as she began to pound her hard little ass into his gut
faster and faster.  Jen was sitting on my lap and began playing with her
pussy and whispering how turned on she was getting watching Roxy's petite
figure straining and incapacitating the stupid fool.  I was amazed to see
her ass cheeks remaining rock hard while the slob was getting his stomach
pounded.  Next she made a quick move and slid him onto the floor on all
fours.  Keeping him on all fours with both hands on the back of his head
she gracefully lifted a leg over his head trapping his neck between her
gymnastic trained thighs.  She leaned towards the table putting her elbows
down to the tabletop.  It was a real eye opener to see her slowly stretch
and flex her muscles to the music as her customer could only stare at her
petite feet and vainly attempt to pull her sinewy thighs off his neck.
Finally she got tired of this and opened her lethal legs, letting the
idiots head fall almost to the floor as he tried to get his bearings.  The
next song was a fast, loud dance number, and I could see Roxy shaking to
the quick beat.  She sat down and facing the fool on the floor crossed her
feet behind his head trapping his abused neck with her trim ankles.  Roxy
arched her back and lifted her ass of the chair as she proceeded to
strangle the slob with her talented legs.  His hands grasped feebly as he
tried to free himself as he slowly passed out from her tight embrace.  As
the next song started Roxy pushed him to the floor with her feet and did
split right on his face.  Slowly she pulled her legs under herself and
squatted over his face and spoke to him.  I'm not sure what his response
was but based on the fact that Roxy smashed her crotch down on his face
with a quick jerk of the hips, hard enough to bounce his head off the
floor.  Quick as a lick, she trapped his head between her thighs and began
to slowly hump his face.  Grinding her hips, back and forth and jiggling up
and down it wasn't long before she brought herself to a massive orggaasmm,
her quivering thighs and ass muscles standing out prominantly.  Fluid
drenched the losers face and shirt as he lay there on the floor and Roxy
bounded over to sit with Jen and me.

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